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DRAGONFLY BALL Gem Appeal celebrity fundraiser



WOMAN OF THE YEAR Ladies who lunch

4 6-8

Colin Meredith


COMIC TURN Dave Spikey exclusive





CHEF'S DELIGHT Nutters Restaurant plays host

LITERATURE FESTIVAL International star tops the bill


16-17 MUSIC EXCLUSIVE Chart-toppers Scouting for Girls


22-23 FUN IN THE SUN Ten Summer days out



REWARDING WORK Spotlight on volunteering

CELEBRATING 125 YEARS At Rochdale Lacrosse Club

28-29 THE DALE ARE UP Rochdale AFC gain promotion 32-33 STAND UP FOR PAUL Paul Chowdhry talks to Style

LIFE'S A BEACH Holiday beauty solutions

50-51 ALL THAT JAZZ Harriet Eaves exclusive




WELCOME A message from Style's Editor

40-41 FESTIVAL OF FASHION Summer fashion advice

10-11 ON YER BIKE Le Tour de France visits Rochdale




ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS Littleborough station history

NOT TOO SHABBY Nelly Nora's crafty blog

BLOOMIN' MARVELLOUS Michelle’s summer gardening tips

THE WRITE STUFF Local author Gail Campbell

SHUTTLE SUCCESS Local badminton awards

68-69 KID'S PAGES Jokes, puzzles & more!


WHAT'S COOKING? Andrew Nutter's latest recipe HOSPICE NEWS Fundraising at Springhill

78-80 COMMUNITY Catching up with life in Rochdale

36-37 HOT HATCHES Mark's motoring tips



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DRAGONFLY SUMMER BALL The Gem Appeal's 20 year celebration took place on Saturday 14th June at The Riverside, Whitworth. Guests enjoyed a four course meal and live entertainment. Celebrity supporters included Denise Welch, Katie McGlynn and Jason Done. The event raised over ÂŁ4000 for the charity. The spectacular winter Bollywood themed ball is on Saturday 22nd November 2014. TO BOOK A TABLE SPEAK TO GARRY WHITWORTH ON 07972381887.

Women of Rochdale Luncheon

Over two hundred ladies attended this

year’s Women of Rochdale Luncheon,

held at Rochdale Town Hall, in aid of

Springhill Hospice.

Friends and dedicated charity fundraisers, Wendy Mills and Joy Whitworth, were

GEM Appeal, which helps to fund

research into genetic disorders.

Katie Bowmer was also announced as

Rochdale’s first ever Young Woman of the

year, in recognition of her services to

local businesses, education and the

announced as joint winners of Rochdale


the duo’s work for charities including the

summer fashion show, by Denis Hope.

Woman of the Year. The award recognised

Guests enjoyed a four-course lunch and a

Message from the editor

dear readers,

Welcome to our summer edition of Style as we look forward to Wimbledon, strawberries & cream and plenty of sunshine… fingers crossed!

Rochdale has a great line up of events for us all to look forward to this summer.

On 6th July one of the world’s biggest sporting events comes to Rochdale when stage 2 of the Tour De France passes Blackstone Edge Reservoir. The riders are preceded by a fantastic carnival of colour so make sure you get up to Blackstone Edge before the riders flash by (more on pages 10 & 11).

The Feel Good Festival makes a welcome return in August with Scouting for Girls as the headline act and Ainsley Harriott offering live cookery demonstrations.

Rochdale is certainly the place to be this summer, with activities galore for all the family. Turn to pages 22-23 for more inspiration.

This edition is packed with exclusive celebrity interviews including comedians Dave Spikey and Paul Chowdhry, chart-toppers Scouting for Girls and jazz singer Harriet Eaves. We’ve included Summer Days Out ideas and a Good Food Guide, plus all the usual features including motoring, gardening, fashion, beauty, local history, community events and much more.

2014 marks ten years of Rochdale Style Magazine and we offer our sincere thanks to the local businesses who have supported our family-run publication since day one.

We are planning to celebrate our tenth birthday with a Style Christmas Ball on the 13th December at our majestic town hall. If you would like to celebrate with us, plus a few celebrity guests, then please get in touch ( Tickets are priced at £50 per person, which includes a fivecourse dinner and live entertainment with a 13 piece soul jam band and Rochdale jazz singer Harriet Eaves. Proceeds in aid of Springhill Hospice and the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Last but not least, the Style team would like to send a huge congratulations to Rochdale AFC on their recent promotion (more on pages 30 & 31). The Dale Are Up!!

Thank you for your continued readership and I hope you enjoy this edition,

Colin Meredith, Editor

200 2014 4 D a l


e ten y








Plans for the town’s second Literature and Ideas Festival in October are also well underway with a prestigious array of talent already lined up.

of sty




Double British Comedy Award Winner Dave Spikey will return to the Middleton Arena later this year during his 2014 national tour.

The much loved stand up and star of the smash hit Channel 4 comedy 'Phoenix Nights' appears at the Middleton Arena on Friday 24 October as part of Rochdale Literature & Ideas Festival. 6

dave is one of the most sought-after comedy talents in the UK. With a career spanning two decades, he has numerous television appearances to his name as a stand-up comedian, presenter and actor, and behind the screens, as an acclaimed comedy writer. as well as starring and co-writing in 'Phoenix Nights', he also co-wrote 'that Peter Kay thing' and was team captain on 8 out of 10 Cats (Channel 4).

style caught up with dave to discuss his current stand-up tour, 'Punchlines'; he suggests that you don't always need a punchline for a joke to be hilarious… and if you doubt him, you should ask the bloke with the big orange head!

We’re looking forward to catching you at Middleton Arena in the autumn… what can we expect from your tour ‘Punchlines’? We all love a good punchline - the final part of a joke that provokes laughter and/or thought. Punchlines are so called because they get the laughs from being unexpected; ‘punch’ indicates that the ‘line’ should always come as a real surprise or shock. So I had this idea of examining the many types of punchlines and the ways of delivering them because when you think about it, they aren’t restricted solely to the pay-off to jokes are they? Any story or speech or monologue will have a punchline. Journalists quite often write a news story then think of a punchline which they use as the headline – “Zip me up before you go-go”, “Headless body found in Topless bar” are famous examples and recently after fish and hens were killed at a local beauty spot “Otter Devastation”, that sort of thing.

Then I had another idea - some might say a crazy idea; it’s an idea I’ve had for quite a while now but have never been confident enough to pursue – until now! So, the major school of thought suggests that very few, if any, punchlines are inherently funny out of context. BUT there is another school of thought (which worryingly might just be mine!) that the opposite can be true. I will present evidence to support this!

Who is your comedy aimed at? Everyone who likes to laugh. I mean proper enjoys laughing. I am really fortunate and

proud in a way that I seem to attract a fantastically diverse audience from teens to senior citizens. Some will be fans of Phoenix Nights and other stuff I’ve written and appeared in, some will be fans of 8 out of 10 Cats and Bullseye and others may have seen me on Countdown, Loose Women, Titchmarsh or the various panel shows I do. It’s a great mix, which, I might say, has helped me grow as a comedian.

Be honest, how many punchlines does your wife Kathleen hear in a day?! Oh quite a few! She is my sounding board. If I tell her a story or an idea I’m working on and she smiles a bit and gives a little chuckle – it’s a winner! She doesn’t laugh much normally so even a smile is a good indication. The only time she laughs out loud at me is when I fall over and hurt myself. THAT for some reason is hilarious. She only watches You’ve Been Framed to see kids falling off stuff and grannies’ spinning out of control into the buffet at weddings and breaking a hip.

What is the best thing about live stand up? The immediacy and intimacy of it all. Getting the laughs for a line or story you’ve just thought up and worked on in your head on the way to the gig. Seeing a theatre full of people (I say hopefully full – we are in a triple dip) smiling and laughing out loud. Writing for TV is rewarding but you write a great line and twelve months down the line it’s aired on telly and somebody in Todmorden smiles and chuckles, maybe even laughs out loud a little

and says “Ha that’s good”. (That wouldn’t be my wife by the way. Unless I fall over looking for the remote that she’s obviously hidden).

How do you deal with annoying hecklers? Generally I ignore them. I think that’s best. My theory is that the people sitting around them will police them, give them the death stare, maybe say with the power of eye – “You’re a bit of a pillock aren’t you mate?” that sort of thing. If a comedian engages with a heckler nothing good will come of it UNLESS it is a heckle that is so bizarre you can’t really ignore. I had a woman heckle me rather madly at my last show in the big tent at the Bollington Festival. I say ‘a woman’ - it sounded a bit like that noise a wildebeest makes when she’s on heat but deeper, scarier. After a slight pause during which the audience and I stared into the darkness open-mouthed I instinctively said “Here’s a tip love, put a few consonants in there! Try making a word or two.” So she did it again and I thought and said out loud “I’ll tell you what, if you were alone in the forest late at night and you heard that, you would definitely mess your pants”. I owe her a couple of drinks for providing constant laughs for a full five minutes.

Which comedians make you laugh? Current favourites are Lee Mack and Jason Manford. I was privileged to be asked to perform at the Royal Albert Hall for The Teenage Cancer Trust and it was incredibly daunting looking out from the stage at the vast empty hall at the sound check...


sitcom with the BBC at present and a comedy drama I’ve written with a mate about a hit man and his apprentice that’s under consideration with other broadcasters.

How will you be spending the summer? Loads of writing for scripts and the tour, a few work-in-progress gigs to work and mould the material and a holiday. I’m also doing a big charity show in Spain for the local animals charity.

If you could choose three dinner guests who would they be? Woody Allen - an inspiring writer, director and actor plus one of the best stand-ups ever.

.... Jason compered the event and I was totally impressed by his great style and confidence in front of such a huge audience. He relaxed them and got them laughing easy – that is pure class and particularly great on the night because I was on first.

You presented More4’s TV Book Club… are you a secret book worm? What are you reading at the moment? I’ve always been a book worm. My parents encouraged us kids to read from a very early age. My dad was a painter and decorator – selfemployed, no job too small, who left school with no qualifications, but he was an inspiration to us. He wrote short stories and poems and wouldn’t have a television in the house until I was about ten and we spent family evenings listening to the radio or records on the gramophone and reading and writing.

I’m currently re-reading “Under the Skin” by Michael Faber which is a stunning, surprising and thought provoking book especially if you are vegetarian or into animal welfare as I am. They’ve just made a film of it with Scarlett Johansson as the lead but they’ve messed around with it too much – read the book.

Are you still writing? I never stop. I wrote a sitcom last year with Neil Fitmaurice about ballroom dancing at grass roots level. Set in a Blackpool hotel it was as much about relationships between the dancers and hotel staff than it was about the dancing. We got as far as casting it and having a table read with the fab Alison Steadman as the lead and Jill Halfpenny, Keith Barron, Pierce Quigley, Jane McDonald and other top names in the cast but it fell at the last hurdle so, hugely disappointing as it is, you just get your head down and move on. So I’ve got another 8

Sarah Lancashire - one of my favourite actresses, who also seems to be totally downto-earth and funny, and was amazing in Happy Valley recently.

My late Dad (if that’s allowed) who would give them both a run for their money.

What are your thoughts on tv talent shows such as Britain’s Got Talent? Do you tune in? I don’t tune in usually. I wouldn’t actually mind them if the emphasis was on talent but I have a problem with the media hype surrounding the contestants – stories appearing everyday about bullying, dying relatives, drug problems etc – let it be about the talent, please. My prime concern and worry is that I think it is morally wrong that producers put the no-hopers on stage in front of the judges, a large theatre audience and on our screens to be humiliated in front of millions. I think that’s incredibly cruel and damaging to the individuals. The acts have been auditioned briefly before they get to appear so there is every chance to protect them from the loud booing, sneers and jeers which will in many cases destroy them.

What advice would you give to young aspiring comedians? Of course it goes without saying that you have to be funny. I know that’s stating the obvious but I’ve seen hundreds of new acts in my time and many of them (and I mean many) aren’t actually funny! They might be funny at work, funny in the pub, funny at home; but it is both a difficult and daunting task to transpose your home-spun ‘funny’ onto that lonely isolated place that is the stage.

So let’s assume that you have the gift and the bottle, where do you start? Go to a few local comedy clubs, and I mean go a few times. See which club, which audience, if any, you see yourself comfortable with. When you’re ready, ask to do an ‘open spot’. This is usually five minutes and if you have any hope of ever being an accomplished stand-up comedian you

should be able to put together an impressive five minutes. If they like you, they’ll ask you back to do a ten, then onwards and upwards hopefully. You’ll make contact with other comics. You compare notes, get a helping hand and advice from established comedians.

Only perform material that you think is funny, so funny that when you wrote it, it made you smile or laugh yourself. Talk about personal experiences that you found funny or things you’ve noticed about life. Write about news items, political events, showbiz news, what’s happening on telly - because if you find something funny, bizarre or strange about them the audience will too, but the art is reminding them about it, exaggerating it to the nth degree and most importantly, putting your unique twist on it. That is the comedian’s art; jogging memories and funny bones. Final note… be yourself. Be natural. You have to connect with your audience. If you do they’ll remember you. Woody Allen said “Rule number 1. Make them like you”.

go on, give us a punchline… or three… “Bob!? Who the hell’s Bob?” “Alright then! But don’t push me past my mothers.” “No nurse!! I said slip off his spectacles!”

dave spikey - 'Punchlines' visits the Middleton arena at 8pm on Friday 24 october. tickets (£17) are available from by calling 0844 855 4020. or collect in person at the arena box office. early booking advised.

Ruth Meredith




With the Tour de France finally upon us, excitement around the world famous race is reaching fever pitch! On Sunday 6 July around a kilometre of the route passes into the borough – along a section of B6138 and the A58 adjacent to Blackstone Edge Reservoir, during Stage 2 from York to Sheffield. The route includes a sharp bend which will slow the tour down and maximise viewing opportunities. Thousands of spectators are expected and it will take more than two hours for the racing cyclists, caravan, support teams and media to pass through. Anyone intending to watch the race is being advised to arrive early, and be in position by 10.30am. Although the route is set in breath-taking countryside, the area is surrounded by open moorland, so racegoers are recommended to wear appropriate clothing. Council Leader Richard Farnell said: “The Tour de France is one of the most exciting sports events in the UK this year and it is fantastic that we are part of it. We are encouraging people to get all the information they’ll need from and make the most of this unique event. I hope the Tour de France will encourage more people to get on their bikes and get active.”

early, and keep journey distances to a minimum: "The Tour de France is the world's biggest annual free sports event and it’s on our doorstep! We hope that as many people as possible really enjoy it… and whilst there will be some disruption, having such a prestigious race visiting is very exciting. We will keep the borough moving but roads across the region will obviously be busy, so think ahead and preferably take public transport. We are strongly advising that you only travel locally on the day - cycle or walk if you can, but most of all enjoy the events and attractions here in Littleborough.”

unusual in that it stayed completely in France! The last time the Tour came to Britain was in 2007 when there was a prologue in London, followed by Stage 1 down to Canterbury. WHAT IS THE CARAVAN? The Caravan is a terrific spectacle and a great family attraction. A procession of 180 elaborate floats and vehicles precedes the racing action. The caravan sets off two hours before the start of the race and takes 40 minutes to pass. Publicity material including caps, badges and bags are thrown to the crowds as the caravan passes by as a great way to catch yourself a souvenir of Le Tour!

Although only a kilometre of the race is in the borough, the stretch is recognised as one of the most fascinating sections of the route - the culmination of the longest continuous hill climb in England, up from Cragg Vale.

“Working closely with Calderdale Council we will of course reopen roads as quickly as possible once the Tour de France has passed through and it is safe to do so.” he added.

If you're unable to travel to the route itself there will be additional spectator viewing on a big screen in Harehill Park Littleborough. You'll be able to watch the race as well as enjoying other family entertainment in the park.

Mark Widdup, Director of Economy and Environment, says everyone intending to watch the race should plan ahead, arrive

Although associated mainly with France, it’s normal for the Tour de France to dip into neighbouring countries. In fact, last year was

Other events are also being planned on the day, in the build-up to the Tour de France coming to the borough of Rochdale - visit


Food and drink will be available from local businesses in Littleborough town centre and also the public houses on the route up to the race site. Alternatively why not bring a picnic! ROAD CLOSURES From midnight on 3 July stopping will not be permitted on the A58 Halifax Road from its easterly junction with Blackstone Edge Old Road to the borough boundary including Turvin Road. Both sections of road will be closed completely from 6:30 am on the race day.

drivers are advised to park in Rochdale town centre car parks and take the bus to Littleborough. Hollingworth Lake car park (590 spaces) will be open. All council owned car parks and on street metered parking in Rochdale town centre are free of charge every Saturday and Sunday. For locations visit Parking will be prohibited in locations where it is considered dangerous and likely to cause obstruction. These locations will be coned out and it will be an offence to park there. Temporary waiting restrictions will be in place up to 48 hours in advance of the race on certain roads. PARK AND CYCLE You can also park on Kingsway Business Park and cycle to the race along the scenic canal towpath. The distance from Kingsway is approximately 5 miles. for details. GETTING THERE WALKING/CYCLING Walking and cycling routes from Hollingworth Lake, Littleborough Rail Station and along the Rochdale Canal will be signposted. BUS There will be additional buses from Rochdale Transport Interchange to Littleborough from 7am on 6 July. Visit for the timetable. Free shuttle buses will be operating from Littleborough train station, taking passengers to the White House pub. From there it is a short 10 minute walk to the route the Tour de France will take.

FREE PARKING PERMITS AVAILABLE The closed section of Halifax Road between Blackstone Edge Old Road and the White House pub will be made available for parking but by permit holders only, with priority given to Blue Badge holders. You can apply for one of the permits free of charge on a first come first served basis by emailing your name, address and badge number (where applicable) to and placing ‘Tour Parking Permit’ in the subject box. These permits will have strict conditions applied to them. TOILETS Temporary public toilets will be signposted and be situated close by the race location, and on the Coop Foodstore Car Park next to Littleborough Railway Station, and at the Rake, Moorcock and White House Public Houses. FOOD AND DRINK Racegoers are able to bring their own food and drink, although it will also be available for sale.

The A58 Halifax Road up to Turvin Road will be closed completely from its junction with Blackstone Edge Old Road from 6:30am on Sunday 6 July. The remainder of Halifax Road and the B6225 Hollingworth Road will close midmorning. All other roads in Rochdale will remain open to traffic, however they will likely become more congested the closer you travel to the race time. At 6:30 am on Sunday 6 July Turvin Road( B6138) and the A58 Halifax Road from its junction with Blackstone Edge Old Road will be closed to all traffic. Travel between Rochdale and Ripponden / Halifax via the White House will not be available, nor will you be able to travel through Hebden Bridge as this also forms part of the race route. There will be no entry at the westerly junction of Blackstone Edge Old Road (The Rake) from 6:30am on the race day creating a circulatory route clockwise via Halifax Road and into Blackstone Edge Old Road to exit back onto Halifax Road at The Rake. In Calderdale the A646 between Todmorden and Hebden Bridge will be closed early morning on 6 July. The A6033 Todmorden Road will remain open to Todmorden at all times. All other roads in the Lancashire area such as the A646 Todmorden to Burnley road will remain open. PARKING RESTRICTIONS Parking restrictions will be introduced along Halifax Road, Blackstone Edge Old Road, Canal Street and Hollingworth Road from midnight on 5 July. Once all available on street parking is taken and to prevent congestion, the remainder of Halifax Road, Hollingworth Road and Church Street under the railway viaduct will be closed. This closure is likely to commence from 8am. It is essential that access is maintained along the A58 from Rochdale town centre to the race location for emergency services. Any vehicle that obstructs the passage of others will be removed.

METROLINK Metrolink will be adding extra carriages to its Rochdale services from 7am, with passengers advised to travel to Rochdale Town Centre (Transport Interchange) and then take a direct bus to Littleborough. For those who want a longer walk, you can depart at Milnrow, Newhey or Kingsway. Visit for the timetable. TRAIN Northern Rail will be adding extra capacity to trains in the area, there will be a more frequent service running from Manchester to Littleborough via Rochdale, and free shuttle buses from Littleborough train station to the White House pub, a short 10 minute walk from the race. Visit for the timetable. CAR PARKING Car parking in Littleborough will be extremely limited, so 11

Nuts About Cabaret!

Nutters Restaurant recently hosted a night of utter magical food and entertainment. Andrew Nutter teamed up with Simon Murray and some of the best North West theatre singers from All Saints Musical Production to perform an evening of hits from the West End and Broadway. Guests played their part too; looking very

elegant in their themed Broadway glamour outfits. As the meal was served the immersive musical theatre experience kicked in as twelve of the singers had been planted amongst the 120 guests. There were tears of joy, standing ovations and a resounding cheer at the finale of Encore Encore.

Ladies who lunch Rochdale Inner Wheel Club recently held their annual charity lunch at Nutters Restaurant to raise funds for the President's charity, which this year is the Motor Neurone Disease Society. The sell12

out event included raffles and stalls, which helped to raise a grand total of ÂŁ1200 for the charity. Guests were kept entertained by singer and actress, Patti Gold, who spoke about her life in showbusiness.


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CAPTIVATING: Jackie Kay will be talking about her writing and looking back at her fascinating life at Rochdale Literature & Ideas Festival on Saturday 25 October.

International festival star confirms Rochdale performance Multi award winning writer and poet Jackie Kay MBE has confirmed an appearance at Rochdale Literature & Ideas Festival later this year. Jackie, a prolific writer of short stories, novels, poetry and a sell-out guest at festivals across the UK will perform at the three day festival on Saturday 25 October.

FAMOUS FACE: Bill Turnbull.

Kay's awareness of her different heritages inspired her first book of poetry, ‘The Adoption Papers’ – which won the Scottish Arts Council Book of the Year. Subsequent collections and her celebrated first novel, ‘Trumpet’, have continued to explore issues of cultural and sexual identity. She’s also written

critically acclaimed stage plays, children’s poetry, and her work has been broadcast on BBC Radio. The trip to Rochdale won’t be a long one for Jackie, now living in Manchester, who is also Professor of Creative Writing at Newcastle University. In 2006 she was awarded an MBE for services to literature. The festival runs from Friday 24 to Sunday 26 October, with a feast of events covering drama, comedy, dance, music, theatre, films, visual arts and children’s shows. Preview events will also be held across the borough earlier in October. The captivating speaker joins the line up alongside the previously announced singer/songwriter Lucy Spraggan, comedian Dave Spikey, television presenter Bill Turnbull, poet Ian McMillan, novelist Chris Manby . The festival will include guest speakers,

authors, writers and local arts organisations and is aimed at encouraging more people to engage in reading and philosophy. It will include events at venues in Rochdale town centre and boroughwide, aimed at all ages. More authors, acts, performers and workshops will be confirmed later in the summer. The festival is due to the generosity of Annie and Frank Maskew, a Rochdale couple who shared a passion for reading and thinking, and originally met in Rochdale Library. They left a sum of money to be used on resources and events related to literature, and philosophy to ensure classic works are available for future generations.

For information about appearing at the festival or getting involved in other ways, email For festival updates on Twitter connect with @RochdaleLitFest The festival is organised by Rochdale Borough Council, funded by the Maskew Bequest.




Scouting for Girls are set to headline the Rochdale Feel Good Festival this summer. The Elvis Ain't Dead singers will hit the stage for a free gig on 30th August. Scouting for Girls have notched up 10 top 40 singles, and four top 10 albums, releasing their Greatest Hits album earlier this year. She’s So Lovely, Heartbeat and This Ain’t a Love Song are just a few of their most popular tracks.

One of the biggest pop bands in the UK, Scouting for Girls have headlined Wembley Arena, sold more than two million records and been nominated for four Brit Awards, as well as an Ivor Novello Award. They will warm up for their appearance in Rochdale with a huge concert in London's Hyde Park! Linda Fisher, Acting Chief Executive at Rochdale Borough Council said: “Scouting for Girls are a fantastic live band with great feel good hits loved by millions, so we are very excited to have such a popular act for the seventh 16

Rochdale Feel Good Festival.” Style caught up with the band’s lead singer, pianist and guitarist, Roy Stride… The band formed long before you became well known... how did you first get together? Pete (drums) and I met when we were 7 at Cub scouts. Greg and I met on the first day of secondary school. We started playing together at 15… 12 years and several lines ups later we got a record deal. Sometimes good things come to those who wait.

Where was your first ever gig? Our first gig together was probably at our old school murdering some Oasis song. The first ever SFG gig was in Glastonbury. A very cool way to start. What’s the story behind the band name? It came to me in a dream… Pete and I met in through the Scouts. The original Scout handbook by Baden Powell was called Scouting for Boys, so it’s a play on that. Describe your music in three words Un-ashamed indie pop.

Aside from your shows, how will you each be spending this summer? Monday to Friday I’m in the studio. I’m a songwriting gun for hire these days. What has been the highlight of your career so far? This Ain’t a Love Song reaching Number One! And your most memorable gig? Headlining the Royal Albert Hall last year was very special. Pretty immense aftershow too. Favourite lyric? ‘It ain’t gonna happen, with me and the Strachan’. Do you have any tips for young musicians or bands out there who are hoping to get signed? Keep writing, writing and writing. It’s all about the song. You can catch Scouting for Girls at this year's Feel Good Festival on Saturday 30 August. The two-day festival (Fri 29th-Sat 30th Aug) will be packed with food, cultural activities and live entertainment. Celebrity chef Ainsley Harriott has already been announced as one of the stars set to host live cooking demonstrations at the festival.

Ruth Meredith

Who are your musical influences? Britpop (Blur, Oasis, Suede, Stone Roses), The Classics (Beatles, Stones, Beach Boys) and REM. I’ve spent my life trying to be 1% as good as Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson. If I reach 2% I will die very happy. Any plans for a new album? If so, will you be going in a new direction? Yes - We’ve got a busy summer of shows but I think we’ll start back in the studio in September. We want to keep the record very real, organic and honest. Everything live. No fake drums / midi - no matter how good they sound.


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,ĂǀĞĨƵŶƚŚŝƐƐƵŵŵĞƌ Get ready for the holiday with the Link4Life Big Games

The Big Games returns for 2014 with even more adventure and fun for children and families. Favourites such as the climbing ƚŽǁĞƌĂŶĚĨĂĐĞƉĂŝŶƟŶŐƌĞƚƵƌŶĂůŽŶŐǁŝƚŚůŽƚƐŽĨƐƉŽƌƚƐ͕ĂƌƚƐĂŶĚ games for all to enjoy – and all free. Don’t miss the chance to take the challenge of the High Ropes course – new this year. The ŝŐ'ĂŵĞƐǁŝůůďĞĂƚ>ŝƩůĞďŽƌŽƵŐŚ^ƉŽƌƚƐĞŶƚƌĞŽŶ^ĂƚƵƌĚĂLJ Ϯϴ:ƵŶĞ͕DŝĚĚůĞƚŽŶƌĞŶĂŽŶ^ƵŶĚĂLJϮϵ:ƵŶĞ͕dŽƵĐŚƐƚŽŶĞƐ ZŽĐŚĚĂůĞĂŶĚƌŽĂĚĮĞůĚWĂƌŬŽŶ^ĂƚƵƌĚĂLJϭϮ:ƵůLJĂŶĚYƵĞĞŶ͛Ɛ WĂƌŬ͕,ĞLJǁŽŽĚŽŶ^ƵŶĚĂLJϭϯ:ƵůLJʹϭϭĂŵͲϯƉŵ͘


dŚĞ>ŝŶŬϰ>ŝĨĞ'Žϰŝƚ,ŽůŝĚĂLJůƵďƐĂƌĞĂŶŽĂƐŝƐŽĨĐĂůŵŐŝǀŝŶŐ you a chance to hand over the baton to the Go4it highly trained ƚĞĂŵ͘/ƚ͛ƐĂŶĞdžĐĞůůĞŶƚǁĂLJŽĨŬĞĞƉŝŶŐƚŚĞĐŚŝůĚƌĞŶƐĂĨĞ͕ŚĂƉƉLJ ĂŶĚŵŽƐƚŝŵƉŽƌƚĂŶƚůLJĂĐƟǀĞĂŶĚŝŶǀŽůǀĞĚǁŝƚŚĂĚǀĞŶƚƵƌĞ ĂĐƟǀŝƟĞƐ͕ƐƉŽƌƚĂŶĚŐĂŵĞƐ͕ĂƌƚƐĂŶĚĐƌĂŌƐ͕ƉŽŽůƐĞƐƐŝŽŶƐĂŶĚ lots more. Our six week Go4it programme is now online.





Big Screen Movies at Middleton Arena

,ŝŐŚĚĞĮŶŝƟŽŶĐŝŶĞŵĂŝƐŶŽǁĂƌĞŐƵůĂƌĨĞĂƚƵƌĞŝŶDŝĚĚůĞƚŽŶ ǁŝƚŚƚŚĞŝŐ^ĐƌĞĞŶDŽŶĚĂLJDŽǀŝĞƐ͘dŚĞƉŽƉĐŽƌŶĂŶĚŝĐĞĐƌĞĂŵ will be ready as some of the latest blockbuster movies bring you ƚŽƉĨĂŵŝůLJĞŶƚĞƌƚĂŝŶŵĞŶƚĂƚĂŐƌĞĂƚƉƌŝĐĞǁŝƚŚĂĨĂŵŝůLJƟĐŬĞƚŽĨ ƚǁŽĂĚƵůƚƐĂŶĚƚǁŽĐŚŝůĚƌĞŶĐŽƐƟŶŐũƵƐƚάϭϭ͘





Even the youngest of visitors will enjoy the hands on arts and ĐƌĂŌƐĂĐƟǀŝƟĞƐĂƚdŽƵĐŚƐƚŽŶĞƐZŽĐŚĚĂůĞ͘dŽƵƌƚŚĞŵƵƐĞƵŵ͕ ǀŝƐŝƚƚŚĞĞdžŚŝďŝƟŽŶƐʹŝŶĐůƵĚŝŶŐƚŚĂƚƌĞĂůĐƌŽǁĚƉůĞĂƐĞƌWĞŽƉůĞ͛Ɛ ƌƚͲƚĂŬĞƚŚĞƉƌŝnjĞƋƵŝnj͕ĐĂůůŝŶƚŽƚŚĞĐĂĨĠĂŶĚƐŚŽƉĂŶĚǀŝƐŝƚƚŚĞ 'ŽϰŝƚĐƌĂŌǁŽƌŬƐŚŽƉƐƌƵŶŶŝŶŐŝŶƵŐƵƐƚ͘

Grease is the word this Summer!





events guide MIDDLETON


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See our Summer Special 16 Page Link4Life Preview Events Guide at Link4Life is the trading name of Rochdale Boroughwide Cultural Trust. Registered Charity No: 1118610



One of the strengths of our town is the sheer number of people who, unpaid and often unsung, regularly volunteer. I wanted to find out more about volunteering opportunities in Rochdale so I spoke to three different people in the borough about voluntary work. sara, a retired teacher, volunteers in a primary school in the Littleborough area. she began volunteering by telephoning a nearby school and going in for an informal talk with both the headteacher and deputy, telling them all about herself and what she had to offer. The school asked Sara what she wanted to do and they discussed what would be most appropriate and useful, agreeing on mutually convenient days and times for the volunteer sessions. Sara’s main role is working with pupils on their literacy, hearing them read aloud and assisting in the library. However, over time, her role has developed and expanded and Sara has taken part in school trips and special events where an extra adult would be useful. Sara commented that the staff have always been very positive and appreciative. Terry, on the other hand, came to voluntary work through a much different route. This is now his second year of helping on the Growth Project, an initiative set up by Rochdale and District MIND, the mental health charity. Terry was already a keen and skilled amateur gardener so had much to offer the project. The Growth Project has an allotment off Entwisle Road where about two dozen clients are involved in a gardening scheme. Their produce of vegetables


is shared amongst the growers and also donated to the Rochdale Food Bank. Terry told me that there are a small number of voluntary supervisors who work alongside the clients. As well as the clients gaining useful gardening skills, the Growth Project also helps them with socialising and dealing with their specific issues. Clients and volunteers can work up to 16 hours a week without this affecting any benefit entitlement. MIND also run the Compleat Café at Nye Bevan House. Both Sara and Terry explained how much they themselves benefit from regular volunteering; it gives them a couple of fixed points in their week, they meet new people, gain new skills (or refresh existing ones) and they are helping empower other people. If you are completely new to volunteering, your best bet is to contact Rochdale Council for Voluntary Service (CVSR), a registered charity, which was set up in 1975. CVSR’s mission is “to work with not for profit organisations to enhance the quality of life for Rochdale borough residents by supporting and developing voluntary and community action.” Kelly Dawson, Volunteer Development Officer at CVSR, gave me a fascinating insight into the voluntary sector in the borough. The service has more than 250 different volunteering

opportunities available on their database, ranging from dog walking and charity shop work to speech therapy. Kelly emphasised that the charity’s role is to find out what each volunteer has to offer and wants to do and then match these skills and interests to a specific voluntary role. CVSR will organise the insurance and CRB checks that may be necessary. CVSR can be contacted on (01706) 631291 or by e-mail: Their opening hours are Monday – Friday 9.30am- 1pm and 2pm to 4.30 pm; they close 30 minutes earlier on Fridays. CVSR are now based at the Unique Enterprise Centre, Belfield Road, Rochdale OL16 2UP. Give them a call and they will be only too happy to help you take your next step towards becoming a volunteer. richard Lysons



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ART WORKSHOPS Wednesday evening 6.00 -8.30pm FIRST SESSION IS FREE Portrait drawing group or general art group Models always needed for the portrait drawers take home your own portrait by one of our talented artists EXHIBITIONS & EVENTS JULY 5TH -AUGUST 2ND Photographic Art by John Cooke (preview eve Fri 4th July) AUGUST 16TH -SEPT 13TH 'Pennine Places’ photography by Robin Haslan & John Brierley (preview eve Fri 12th Sept)


Contact Steven on 01706 646851 Sandy Lane Rochdale OL11 5DR (next to Rochdale Football Club)

Number Ten Art Gallery, 10 Baillie Street, Rochdale OL16 1JG

Telephone 01706 354076

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124 Church Street Littleborough TEL: 01706 374303 OPENING TIMES Tuesday 9am - 5pm Wednesday 9am - 5pm Thursday 10am - 8pm Friday 9am - 6pm Saturday 8am - 4pm

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SEPT 26TH - NOV 7TH The Crompton Painters (preview eve Thurs 25th Sept) FRIDAY 14th NOV….CHARITY AUCTION 'I Say It As I See It ‘ Photographs and Poetry Veiwing from Tuesday 11th Nov


t U o s Y a d r e M M U s 0 1

on sunday 6tH July around a kilometre of the stage 2 tour de France route will pass into Rochdale along a section of B6138 and the A58 adjacent to Blackstone Edge reservoir. e caravan - a procession of 180 elaborate floats and vehicles - will arrive at 11.30am and the race is scheduled to arrive at approximately 1.45pm. It is the largest free sporting event in the world – no one needs a ticket. A spectacle of entertainment and a sporting occasion for all the family to enjoy and remember forever.

Overlooking the beautiful irwell valley, BleakHolt animal sanctuary (Bury Old Road, Edenfield) is a charity committed to caring for rescued dogs, cats, farm animals and small pets. e sanctuary is open to visitors everyday 10am4pm. ere is also an open day on the 13th July 12 till 4pm. log on to or call 0844 257 0411 for more information. Take a journey back in time on the east lancasHire railway. e service operates between Heywood and Rawtenstall, with stations at Bury and Ramsbottom. Popular event ‘Raise the Roof ’ returns for its third year at e Trackside on 18th July at 6.30pm. Let the good times roll with a quirky selection of live music, homemade local food and real ale. visit for more details/tickets.

Get ready for the holidays with the Link4Life Big games. e Big Games returns for 2014 with even more adventure and fun for children and families. Favourites such as the climbing tower and face painting return along with lots of sports, arts and games for all to enjoy. All Link4Life activities are free and the events run from 11am-3pm. The Big games will be at Broadfield Park on saturday 12 July and Queen’s Park, Heywood on sunday 13 July. 22

is year’s Feel good Festival (Fri 29tH-sat 30tH aug) will be packed with food, cultural activities and live entertainment. Celebrity chef Ainsley Harriott has been announced as one of the stars set to host live cooking demonstrations, with charttopping band Scouting for Girls headlining the festival on the Saturday evening. e free event takes place on the Esplanade, with a big main stage outside the town hall.

Queen’s Park, in Heywood, is packed full of things to do, with an activity centre, visitor’s centre, cafe, tennis courts and plenty of wildlife. is Grade 2 listed park is of major landscape and historical importance, with gardens and a lake to enjoy. Events are held every weekend and the park can also be the starting point for walks into the Ashworth Valley and along the River Roch.

Healey dell nature reserve sits in a picturesque part of the Spodden Valley. It is rich in wildlife, with delightful scenery, spectacular waterfalls and a fascinating archaeological history. A disused railway line is now a nature trail, with magnificent views from a 100-foot high viaduct. Please visit Rochdale’s award winning Arts and Heritage Centre, toucHstones (e Esplanade) has something for everyone, with a ‘hands on’ museum for all the family, four exciting art galleries and a local studies centre. In Local Studies, families can research their family history together, find out the history of your house or the area you live in. open 7 days a week.

e yesteryear Festival, organised by Springhill Hospice, will be held at at Collop Gate Farm, Heywood on Sat 2nd and Sun 3rd August. With a fairground, cra tent, beer tent, games, raffles and over 50 military exhibits, including a 52 tonne Centurion Tank in action, this weekend is set to be a great weekend for all the family.

HollingwortH lake, Littleborough, is a popular picnic spot! e Visitor’s Centre is home to a small museum, cafe and gi shop, plus lots of guides to help you explore the area. e Water Activity Centre also provides a range of activities for all abilities, including sailing, windsurfing and canoeing. “Pop, Rock and all at Jazz 2”, by Littleborough Arts Festival, takes place at the Rakewood Sports Centre, Rakewood Road, Hollingworth Lake on Saturday 5th July, at 7.30pm. Tickets at £5 each are available from Framework (30 Hare Hill Road), the Coach House and Rakewood Sports Centre.


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CHARITY CATWALK Littleborough NSPCC recently held a fundraising luncheon at the Bella Vista, Rochdale, with a fashion show by Denis Hope. The event raised over £4000.

The Great British Summer


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Rochdale Lacrosse Club Celebrates 125 Years The 2013 -14 lacrosse season ended with bittersweet emotions at Rochdale Lacrosse Club; with four teams represented in the Northern Flags Finals, the season was one of their most successful on record, however, all four teams lost their respective finals and they were left with little to celebrate at the end of their 125th season. The Northern Flags Finals have been held at Rochdale’s Bridgefold Lane ground for several years and for a weekend, the club is transformed into a carnival of lacrosse, with hundreds of players and spectators descending on the club from all over the North of England. Beer tents, hot food, raffles and equipment sellers all add a festive atmosphere which belies the very serious business of winning one of the many trophies at stake.

Described as the ‘fastest sport on two feet’, lacrosse is also one of the world’s fastest growing sports, especially in the UK where there are now men’s and women’s lacrosse clubs in most universities. This rapid expansion will be seen at the Denver World Championships where 38 nations will be competing. The championships were hosted in Manchester in 2010 and will be back in the Northwest in 2018.

Established in 1888, the Rochdale club is reckoned to be the 10th oldest lacrosse club in the world and has a proud history of providing international players for England, Scotland and Wales. Added to that record, former Rochdale player and current England international Nicky Watson is now plying his trade at Adelphi University in the USA and Glen Humphries who started playing at Rochdale, aged 9, has booked his place in the England side heading to the World Championships in Denver this summer.

During the last 12 months the club has provided lacrosse coaching into nearly 30 local schools, utilising an England Lacrosse initiative to bring established coaches from the USA to work in local clubs and for the first time, taking on Chris Birchenough as their first locally based coach which enables the club to offer year round coaching. For the 2014/15 season, Chris will be joined by Matt Ramsey, who is currently coaching at Wingate University in North Carolina. Rochdale run under 10, U12, U14, U16, U19 and three senior

lacrosse teams and are hoping to start developing girls teams during next season, although girls under the age of 14 are permitted to play in the junior teams.

U14s face off

The U12 team celebrates

If you would like to know more about taking up lacrosse you can contact the club secretary Ian Madeley by email on: 26

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When Keith Hill decided to return to Rochdale as their manager in January 2013 there were many fans wondering if this was the club going forward or going backwards.

On Saturday 26th April at 4.50pm the doubters were clearly silenced, after a terrific season of results saw Rochdale AFC gain automatic promotion with a 2-0 home win over Cheltenham Town. to say the fans were overjoyed would be

an understatement as the fans flooded onto

the pitch at the final whistle. i was a guest of

director graham rawlinson to witness a

great celebration on the pitch as players

posed for selfies with fans as players were

crowd-surfed by the ecstatic supporters. it

proved to be a culmination of arguably the

finest season in the clubs history seeing

rochdale top of the league for long periods

together with a convincing home win against the once mighty Leeds United in the Fa cup

ups and downs over the years. The die hard

fans are to be congratulated on their never

failing support of a club definitely on the up

and going places with their in the pink manager

Keith Hill. The players celebrated their

promotion with their annual end of season

awards ceremony at The Ratcliffe Suite that

evening. Scott Hogan was named as supporters

player of the year, Players Player of the year

went to goalkeeper Josh Lillis for a second

year in a row. Ian Henderson won Goal of The

Season for his cracking finish against Leeds

on the 4th January 2014.

United in the FA Cup.

positive boost to fans who have endured many

clubs success by organising a victory parade

This promotion will prove to be a really


Rochdale Borough Council shared in the

and celebration at Rochdale Town on Tuesday 6th May. The open top bus left Rochdale stadium on its way to the Town Hall where it was greeted by a noisy and excited crowd along The Esplanade. Camera crews from Granada Reports and Look North West were there to talk to the manager, players and fans. The light rain did not dampen their spirits as they cheered their manager, back room staff, directors and players onto the Town Hall Balcony. The outgoing Mayor Peter Rush gave out the players medals and congratulated the Manager and players for making his term in office such a fantastic year of sporting success in the town. Colin Meredith



Over 30 years serving the community

Winne er of the 2013 Rochdale Business Award for the Environment

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We’re looking forward to catching your tour, PC’s World, when it comes to Middleton

arena in september, what can we expect? any


It’s a show of two halves and a structured show. I

don’t have any support acts. My audiences know

I like to improvise; I like to incorporate people

into my act sometimes and I never ever back

away from a heckler. The show contains my best

material to date. PC’s World is my world and my

connection with every single audience member.

But the ultimate question I tackle in the show is,

what is PC? one of the most in demand stand-up

comedians is coming to Middleton arena this

autumn during his extended 2014 tour.

Paul Chowdhry, host of Channel 4’s

‘stand Up For the Week’ and star of BBC1s

‘Live at the apollo’ brings his biggest ever live

tour to the arena for one night only - on Friday 19 september.

Winner of the 2013 ‘Lafta Funniest stand

Up’ award, Paul is one of the hottest comics on

the circuit – next month he’ll be performing on the Channel 4 Comedy gala in front of

thousands at the 02 in London in aid of great ormond street Hospital.

His ‘PC’s World’ tour, which has already

You’re straight-talking, sometimes controversial and often ‘politically

incorrect’… would you have it any other way?!

No. Anything goes, its just comedy. Everyone

has a different limit in life and in comedy. Who

judges these limits? You are the judge on stage

and the audience is the jury.

is your comedy purely about making people laugh or do you hope to alter perceptions?

You should be able to pick it up online for around

99p. Maybe that’s why it’s still in the charts. Best and worst things about your job…

The best thing about my job is that I’m in a great

position - I'm humbled by having an audience

and the adoration of my fans at the tour shows.

complimented me on how I’ve changed

such great crowds. I’m able to travel the world

Sometimes after a show, an audience member has

preconceptions with some of the jokes

performed. I didn’t even have that intention in

mind when I wrote them, so it’s quite a

human psyche with his razor sharp wit. PC

everything from my personal life, to different

may be his initials, but the relentless world he

can’t believe it’s still in the comedy DVD charts!

People can interpret jokes in very different ways.

been selling out theatres across the country, tackles everything borderline within the

been captured in time with Universal Pictures. I

compliment. Within my shows, I talk about

I’m thankful to always be working and having

and make people laugh.

But the worst thing about my job is the travel. I

think I’ve been on every motorway this country

has to offer, hundreds of times over. Other people

who travel as much as comedians are truck

cultures and that’s probably why my crowds are

drivers, gypsies and escaped convicts.

controversial - it’s just a label that some people

any tips for aspiring comedians?

lives in definitely isn't! Why has tackling the

so diverse. I personally don’t consider myself as

so offensive? Paul promises to tackle these

attach to me. It’s ultimately all about perceptions.

attracting the opposite sex, non-existent

How do you rehearse for a tour? do you


I just test the material out at comedy clubs and

Middleton arena at 8pm on Friday 19

friends and family, I probably wouldn’t have any, phone 0844 855 4020 or

preconceptions of political correctness become with hard-hitting subjects like the fine art of

customer services and the now infamous style caught up with Paul, whose highly

charged dry observational humour taps into the multicultural diversity of contemporary


When did you first realise you could make

practise material with friends/family?

small theatres. If I practiced in front of my

friends or family left to talk to. The best judges of

material are a room full of strangers. If it goes

wrong, you’ll probably never see them again.

You have to face your friends and family again at

people laugh?

some point.

school, at the age of around six and the entire

What has been the highlight of your career so

I said something completely serious in class at

classroom erupted into laughter.

Who makes you laugh?

Just normal, everyday people. I’m a people

watcher, but some people call that staring.


Probably the recording of my debut DVD in

2012, ‘What’s Happening White People?’. That’s

when I recorded my concert movie, which has

Be prepared to travel alongside truck drivers,

gypsies and escaped convicts.

Paul Chowdhry - 'PC’s World' visits

september. tickets (£14) are available from

collect in person at the arena box office.

ruth Meredith

CoMPetitioN! We’ve teamed up with Middleton arena to offer readers a chance to win a pair of tickets to see Paul Chowdhry on 19th sept. the lucky winners will be able to relax and enjoy this Friday night of comedy from two of the best seats in the house. For your chance to win email with your name, address & tel no. Closing date 15th august 2014.


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SOME MIGHT SAY THEY ARE OUTDATED IN A WORLD OBSESSED WITH CARBON DIOXIDE EMISSIONS AND CONSERVATION OF NATURAL RESOURCES, BUT ANYONE WHO GREW UP IN THE 80’S LIKE I DID WILL STILL HAVE A LITTLE SPACE IN THEIR HEART RESERVED FOR THE HOT HATCH. DAD’S LOVED THEM AS THEY HAD ALL THE PRACTICALITY OF THE 1.3 LX BUT ADDED SPORTING PROWESS, SEAT-OF-THE-PANTS THRILLS AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, THE ABILITY TO BOAST ABOUT 0-60 TIMES IN THE PUB. SO AS A TRIP DOWN NOSTALGIA LANE, WE LOOK AT THE GREAT GRANDCHILDREN OF THOSE 80’S LEGENDS. PEUGEOT 208 GTI Many anoraks have spent countless hours debating whether the Peugeot 205 or the original Volkswagen Golf was the best car ever to wear a GTi badge. For what it’s worth, I come down in favour of the 205, although the one with the 1.9 lump rather than the 1.6. We’ve been though a few generations to get to the latest incarnation of Peugeot’s souped up supermini but it was almost worth going through the bloated 206 GTi and unrefined 207 GTi to get to the new 208 GTi. Peugeot have really gone back to basics and concentrated on driving pleasure with this new car.


Power comes from the turbocharged 1.6litre engine found across the Peugeot range tweaked to produce 197bhp. Peugeot have done well to iron out any turbo lag, which means there is consistent power delivery throughout the rev band.

Little things like a smaller steering wheel and a snappier gear change make all the difference in adding to the experience as much as the stiffened suspension and keener brakes.

But as trends change the Clio has followed, moving from big engines to sophisticated turbochargers to increase power as well as economy. Those of you with experience of older Renaults may shudder when the word ‘sophisticated’ is used in connection with this marque but recent reports suggest those dark days are well and truly in the past.

The peppy 1.6-litre turbo, 180bhp engine is as eager and energetic as an excited Jack Russell puppy whilst the handling has been nicely balanced to give a modicum of comfort around town whilst giving confidence and entertainment when the going gets twisty. Out of the three cars tested, the Fiesta has the best interior with the intuitive instrument layout and figure-hugging Recarro seats.

RENAULTSPORT CLIO 200 If there was a lifetime achievement award for the hot hatch, I would award it to Renault. They have never taken their eye off the ball. When the 5 GT Turbo died, in stepped the Clio Williams, which was succeeded with the Renaultsport editions which have been suffixed with increasingly large numbers denoting their power output. The nutcase mid-engined rear wheel drive 3.0-litre V6 edition was a particular highlight.

This latest incarnation is, in my opinion, the best looking of the three cars here. The beefy bodykit, side sills, discreet rear spoiler and twin exhausts under the rear diffuser all add to the aggressive and purposeful appearance. This is backed up by a grunty engine with the same 197bhp output as the 208 GTi. What lets the driving experience down is the lack of a manual gearbox option; the dual-clutch automatic box is perfectly OK but as a keen driver I always like to swap cogs myself rather than when the computer wants to. Whilst this generation of cars have been bloated with side impact bars and other safety devices aimed at achieving the coveted top-rating from Euro NCAP, the engines have kept pace with clever suspension tricks ensuring that they are as much fun as their illustrious ancestors… although at least now there is a good chance some electronic wizardry will kick in before you run out of talent and disappear through a hedge backwards!

Mark D’Apice Motoring Expert

FIESTA ST Back in the hot hatch heyday, Ford and Vauxhall dominated the British car market and people generally favoured one or the other. Personally, I have always favoured Dagenham over Luton so it was always an XR2 I wanted when I grew up. I did scratch the itch a few years ago but unfortunately the tin worm had worked its way through many vital suspension components and the car ended up giving its life so that another could live. When the joyriders and insurance companies abruptly ended the hot hatch era, Ford really went back into its shell. The RS1800 was the final fanfare before a baron era of run-of-the-mill superminis’ took hold. Thankfully, Ford is back in the game and even though the latest ST isn’t the RS version we all wanted, it’s a fantastic way to get back to the spirit of its successors.




WEDS 13TH AUG - FRI 15TH AUG 2014 St Andrews Church Entwistle Road OL16 2HZ 3 full days of fun working towards a performance on Friday afternoon 10am - 4pm each day (drop off from 9am)


Annie 2014

Flowers Weddings Funeral Corporate Home 01706 521252 / 07966415933

TEL COLIN ON 0774 152 620


2 Roefield, Rooley Moor Road, Rochdale. OL12 7BG

GOOD NUTRITION DOESN’T NEED TO COST YOU THE EARTH Want to lose weight but still maintain a healthy lifestyle ? Or do you want to simply make the change to a healthier new you? JUICE PLUS+ IS THE WAY FORWARD. Whatever your objective, whether it be weightloss, muscle gain or a healthier diet,

Products include 27 varieties of fruit, vegetables and berries. You will also receive the support of a mentor, group support, daily online recipes from the Juice Plus community and access to the group page. If you require further information or would like to join me on my journey to a healthier lifestyle, get in touch: Georgie - Direct distributor 07762052685 38

Just For Looks


Hair Cut & Colour

BOT & FIL OX LER by Sy ed Ha w d edhad er k

Facial Half Price





657 Edenfield Road Norden Rochdale OL11 5XE



01706 868669 *T & C’S APPLY


675 Edenfield Road, Norden, Rochdale, OL11 5XE



Festival Fashion

It’s that time of year again; the nights are longer, the days are warmer (although not always drier!)… summer is officially here!! That means festival season is upon us too, along with the ubiquitous ‘what to wear’ dilemma. Luckily, here at Style we are on hand to help with some festival fashion inspiration!

FESTIVAL HAIR Why not style your hair a little differently from your usual ‘do for your festival experience? You could experiment with a temporary colour change; hair chalk is a great way to add colour (or colours!) without commitment, as it will shampoo out easily when you get home. Violets, pinks and pale aquas look amazing on blonde or red hair, while deeper colours such as red, bottle green and deep blue compliment brunettes. Coloured extensions are also a great way to create a different look, by adding a flash of colour which can be removed when you get bored of it. Braids and plaits are always in vogue for festivals, allowing you to create a boho, relaxed look that will last all weekend, while ensuring your hair still looks good in whatever the British weather decides to throw at you. 2014 festival hair essentials: dry shampoo, kirby grips, hair chalk 40

FESTIVAL CLOTHES Denim is always a festival fashion staple, whether in the form of cut-off shorts, dresses or dungarees, and looks great accompanied with this season’s style of 90’s crop tops or crocheted vests and waistcoats, or the classic festival uniform of vintage band t-shirts and checked shirts. Basketball jerseys worn as dresses fit in with this year’s sportluxe trend, or for the more girly fashionistas among us, maxi dresses are always a safe bet - to achieve a comfortable, casual boho look. Maxis’ look great at beach festivals where the sunshine and warm weather is pretty much guaranteed, although a maxi dress may be a risk at events such as Creamfields, where you may end up knee-deep in mud! At Beatherder festival (18th-20th July, Lancashire) there is always a ‘fancy dress’ day on the Saturday; the theme this year being the letter ‘H’, so again pretty much anything goes! Some of the suggestions my friends came up with when I asked for inspiration were hock of ham (?!), harlot or hula girl! 2014 festival clothing essentials: denim shorts, basketball jerseys, crop tops


The British weather is not always kind to us, bringing rain more than shine more often than not, and as a regular festival-goer, I have come to realise that wellies are the way to go concerning footwear! Although not the most glamorous attire, they do ensure your feet are kept warm and dry, and they won’t be swallowed up by the mud! Wellies are sold everywhere on the high street too, with every colour or pattern that you could imagine, from polka dots to stripes, to cats, or just simple black patent ones,

and designer wellies by brands such as Havianas or Hunter are popular at festivals such as V (16th-17th Aug, Essex). For the risk-takers among us, brightly coloured Converse All-Stars or Nike Blazers were some of the fashionable shoes of choice I spotted on both boys and girls at Parklife… albeit covered in mud by the end of the day!! 2014 festival footwear essentials: wellies, long socks

FESTIVAL ACCESSORIES There are a multitude of accessories available on the high street which are just made for festivals. Pretty much anything goes at events such as Electric Daisy Carnival (5th-6th July, Milton Keynes), where the dress code is ‘neon rave’, translated as ‘the brighter the better’! Leg warmers, floral headdresses, face paint, rhinestones, temporary tattoos, baseball caps and as much jewellery as you can pile on were just some of the fashion looks I saw at the local Parklife festival at Heaton Park last month, with the 90’s appearing to be the decade of fashion inspiration for festival goers. 2014 festival accessory essentials: wayfarer or aviator sunglasses, floral headdress, chunky gold 90’s-style necklaces

FESTIVAL CALENDAR ELECTRIC DAISY CARNIVAL UK – Sat 5th-Sun 6th July, Milton Keynes Bowl, Milton Keynes (Hardwell, Tiesto, Pendulum, Steve Aoki) T IN THE PARK – Fri 4th-Sun 6th July, Balado Airfield, Kinross (Pharrell Williams, Ellie Goulding, Arctic Monkeys, Tinie Tempah) BEATHERDER - Fri 18th-Sun 20th July, Gisburn, Lancashire (Happy Mondays, Boney M, Paul Taylor, Timo Maas) KENDAL CALLING – Sat 2nd-Sun 3rd Aug, Lowther Deer Park, Kendal, Cumbria (Suede, Tom Odell, Razorlight, Clean Bandit) V FESTIVAL – Sat 16th-Sun 17th Aug, Chelmsford, Essex (Justin Timberlake, Ed Sheeran, Example, Blondie, Rudimental) LEEDS FESTIVAL – Friday 22nd-Sun 24th Aug, Bramham Park, Yorkshire (Arctic Monkeys, Macklemore, Jake Bugg, Blink 182) CREAMFIELDS – Fri 22nd-Sun 24th Aug, Daresbury Park, Cheshire (Calvin Harris, Deadmau5, Avicii, Fatboy Slim) UNKNOWN – Mon 8th-Sun 14th Sept, Rovinj, Croatia (Chic ft. Nile Rodgers, Disclosure, Chvrches, Jamie XX) So there you have it, festival fashion made easy! Just don’t forget your smartphone, so you can take plenty of selfies’ to record your fashion forwardness! Rachel Clarke


The Hairdressing Room relocated from Littleborough to St Marys Gate, Rochdale, in early December 2013. It has since grown in business by adding The Beauty Lounge on the first floor offering all beauty treatments. All of the team at The Hairdressing Room and Beauty Lounge are self employed and have at least five years experience in their field. Their aim is to create a professional, yet friendly vibe in the salon, and they are constantly keeping up to date by mastering new techniques in hair, nails and beauty. In April they held a fundraising evening for Springhill Hospice and raised £550. The evening included a raffle and fashion show by The Clothing End on Cheetham Street; Brown’s Cakes donated their special cupcakes and Carousel Cards donated balloons for the event. The event proved to be a great success and we look forward to welcoming customers old and new.

l Waxing l Facials l Nail enhancements l l Manicure Pedicure l l relaxation and holistic therapies l l Microdermabrasion l reflexology l Hd Brows l

Hair serViCes

l Hair l event hair l Bridal l Keratin Blow Wave l Hair extensions l l treatments l

the Hairdressing room 18 st Marys gate rochdale oL16 1dZ 01706 341311



BeaUtY treatMeNts






MB Recycling offer a confidential document and data shredding service, to handle all your destruction needs. We can provide you with all the solutions you need including:

SECURITY SACKS AND TIES LOCKABLE SECURITY CONSOLES WHEELIE BINS - LOCKED or UNLOCKED HARD DRIVE DESTRUCTION LOCKABLE SECURITY We offer a flexible collection service CONSOLES to meet your requirements - whether you need one off or weekly, fortnightly, or monthly collection, on site or off site, simply a one-off clearance, we can help you. A Certificate of Destruction is issued for each customer, providing you with peace of mind, that all your confidential documents and data are securely destroyed, which is a legal requirement as part of the 1998 Data Protection Act.

MB Recycling Consultants Manchester Road Rochdale

SAFE AND SECURE SHREDDING SERVICES ON SITE OR OFF SITE, DOCUMENT AND DATA DESTRUCTION Areas covered include Lancashire, West Yorkshire Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Liverpool. For information of this service, please contact us.

m 07734 946418 t 01706 660989 e w

e l b a c c e Imp

cialists e p S g n i n a e The Dry Cl


off wi this advth ert


• £10 FOR A HOME VISIT • PLUS A ONE OFF FEE OF £12.50 for a personal set of nail cutting equipment ALL STAFF ARE TRAINED BY THE NHS

Reliable family ironing service available Free collection & delivery Service for ironing & dry cleaning Unit 11 Cutgate shopping precinct Edendfield Road Rochda;e OL11 5AQ 01706 356 320

If you are interested in the service, or have a relative or friend who would benefit from this service, please call us on

0330 660 0458 43

The Riverside a w ar m w elcome aw aits you...

Still taking Wedding bookings for 2015 T he Ri veR Sid e, Market Street , Whit wort h, OL12 8dP TeL: 01706 854130 email: riverside- w w w.w hitw or thriver side.

CHR RISTMAS 2014 F FUN FRIDAY Friday 12 2th December 2014 £19.95 Buffet, artist Dean Pilkington & disco Local artist Dean sings hits from the American songbook along with more up to datee swing classics. A must for Michael Buble fans.

FABULOUS FRIDAY Friday 19 9th December 2014 £29.95 4 course dinnerr, artist The Jackson Kay Band & disco The Jackson Kay Band play ay feel-good, party vibe, get up and dance tunes ranging from funky disco & ssoul to up to the minute chart pop and indie anthems.

SPARK KLING SATURDAY Saturday 2 20th December 2014 £29.95 4 course e dinner, artist Lareena & disco Talented local artist Lareena reena is sure to blow you away with her tribute to Adele in her first performance, followed by soul & motown in herr second performance of the evening.

NE EW YEAR’S EVE Wednes sday 31st December 2014

CHR ISTM M A S PA RT TY Y NIGHTS The Riverside Whitworth hitworth worth Civic C Hall, Marke et Street, Whitw worth h, L Lancs, OL1 OL L12 8DP Te el: 0170 706 6 854 854130 3 Email E : riverside-whitworth@zen.c th ww ww.w whitworthriversid uk


7.30pm till late ate - party games, disco, hot supper Tickets £15.00 15.00 adults £10.00 children, under 2s free Tickets on sale le Saturday 11th October 2014 10am - 12noon then available from the office Moon-Fri 10am - 3pm - closed Tuesday

YOUR PERFECT DAY.... Make those memories special at Rochdale Town Hall images

No matter how small or large your wedding party Rochdale Town Hall is able to cater for all your needs with a personal and individual approach planning your perfect wedding reception


Hire charges with choice of rooms available e Cake Stand & Knife e Changing facilities for bride & groom e Seating of guests e Wedding announcements e Fully inclusive price including sherry reception, wine & sparkling toast drinks if required.




SUN LOUNGE Mon - Fri 10-8pm Saturday 10-6pm

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Summer holiday BeaUtY esseNtiaLs Holiday season is here – finally! But it also means that us

ladies are faced with the dreaded task of having to narrow

down our beauty essentials when jetting away. This usually

means buying hundreds of tiny, hand luggage friendly bottles

and tubs to squeeze our products into…nightmare! But fear not

- these, stress-free tips are guaranteed to keep you looking radiant, even after the holiday blues have kicked in.

First up is your holiday prep. Be sure to book into your local salon for these fabulous treatments before you take off…

Waxing is a godsend when it comes to a holiday. This method of hair removal takes the hairs from the root, which means they can take as long as 6 weeks to grow back, and eventually start to grow back finer and sparser. Another bonus is that you don’t have to worry about taking a razor away with you, or about shaving rash, cuts or grazing.

Another treatment that is fantastic for holidays is LVL Lashes. This up and coming treatment is one of the best eyelash treatments currently in the beauty industry. LVL stands for lift, volume and length, which speaks for itself! This treatment will leave you looked wide eyed and awake without the use of lash curlers or mascara, and no damage to your natural lashes. Your new beautifully dark lashes will last for around 6 – 8 weeks, or even longer with the use of a lash serum.

So now, a couple of hand luggage must-haves…

Every woman needs a great moisturiser. Steamcream is my all time favourite cream, which you can use on your hands, feet, body and

even face! It’s super moisturising, sinks in straight away, and the best part is the wonderfully unique, hand luggage friendly tins they come in! Steamcream contains a combination of beautiful essential oils, such as chamomile and lavender, which makes it perfect for even the most sensitive of skins. Have a look online for other things you can use your Steamcream for – such as mixing it with salt to make a gorgeous body scrub, or oats to make a nourishing facemask.

And finally, a saviour from tired, dull looking skin on your journey… Darphin have recently launched a brand new CC Cream. This is an allin-one skin care solution, using natural looking pigment and light reflective pearl - and it’s perfect for holidays as it has SPF 35. This light, nourishing coverage will leave your skin looking refreshed no matter how long your journey is. And if you can’t go without your skin care on holiday, Darphin also do their most popular products in great little travel kits.

So that is your holiday beauty routine sorted, relatively stress-free! Now it’s time to relax and enjoy the sunshine…

REBECCA O GORMAN Salon Manager, The Retreat.

the retreat, Nails and things. To find out more or to book your appointment please Call 01706 868 898. 46




Family Run Business Established 1935.


Seeley’s Bathrooms Ltd 16 St Marys Gate Rochdale OL16 1DZ

01706 643116




REMOVES FAT from difficult areas NON- INVASIVE and pain free REDUCE BY A DRESS SIZE in one single treatment

ONLY £55

22-24 St Marys Gate Rochdale OL16 1DZ

Opening hours: Monday CLOSED Tuesday 9-5pm Wednesday 10-7pm Thursday 10-7pm Friday 9-6pm Saturday 9-4pm Sunday CLOSED

Book your appointment today 01706 868 898



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BKC Trophies Ltd

Quality Trophy & Engraving Services


• Travel • Home • Motor • Commercial • Plus all types of business

rochdale's Premier trophy and engraving specialist.

We supply all types of trophies and sports awards. School Awards and Medals / Crystal Corporate Awards Supplied / Memorial Plaques Supplied / Office Signs

TAILORED INSURANCE CATERING FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority

246-252 Yorkshire Street, Rochdale. OL16 2DP tel: 01706-631776

HAPPY CAR WASH SERVICES in conjunction with Rochdale Exchange Shopping Centre


We offer the best cleaning solutions to your property PENSIONERS & ensuring that work is carried out at a very DISABLED £5 DISCOUNT professional standard.


Wash, Wax, Dry Off, Hoover, wheel clean, tyre shine, air freshener & Polish

• Custom designed plaques printed with your club/school logo • Glass awards printed with your club/school logo • Perpetual trophies engraved • Personalised Gifts • Discounts for large and repeat orders shop online Fast turnaround

569 Oldham Road • Rochdale • OL16 4SU Tel: (01706) 650363 • Fax (01706) 647278 email:


We also supply custom designed plaques and awards using our sublimation printing.

YOU CAN ALWAYS RESERVE YOUR BIKE/SCOOTER! LARGE range of MTB –Road-Hybrid BMX& kids bikes from: Cannondale - Scott – GT – Mongoose.

Call Now for a quote...



Open Air car Park Rochdale Exchange Shopping Centre Open Mon -Sat 8-4 Sun 10-4 Call 07944 444 562 48


CHRIS PAULSON CYCLES 246-252 Yorkshire Street, Rochdale, OL16 2DP. TEL: 01706 633426 SHOP ONLINE

FREE DELIVERY * subject to status.

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Speeedy Rep pairs

“Diamo onds For o ever” J & D ALEXANDER Rochdale’s Trriple Aw ward Winning Premier Jeweeller Alladins Cave Of Unusual Quality Jeweller y 2 The Waalk a Rochdale OL16 1EP sales@ 01706 656021

Fabulous Tiffanyy Lamps

Re-m model your jewelller y


Jazz Singer




Rochdale-born Jazz singer and session artist, Harriet Eaves, has performed to sell out audiences all over the world.

Harriet, now based in London, originally trained as a classical musician at Chetham's School of Music and has performed in some of the UK's top venues, including the Royal Albert Hall, MEN Arena, Cardiff Millennium Centre and Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. recently, Harriet was a guest vocalist for

gareth Malone's new choir 'Voices' including televised performances at the Classic Brits

(royal albert Hall), Children in Need rocks

(Hammersmith apollo), royal Variety show

(London Palladium).

Youth Choir which has been a massive part of

my life, singing in both their training choir and

their main choir in some amazing venues. I was

something right as I kept getting asked back!

We’ve also performed at Children In Need Rocks

and The Royal Variety Show so it’s been a very

also very lucky to appear on four recordings with

exciting thing to be part of!

studios all over London - it was a great

You've had a varied and exciting career so

NYC which were recorded at famous recording

experience! I now work for the National Youth

Choir helping to encourage the next generation of

singers in the same way that I was. Where did you train?

At Oulder Hill School - My singing teacher,

Stephanie Ball, encouraged me to continue my

far... what has been the highlight?

My career highlight has been touring with the

band James three times. Last year I was asked to

sing a duet with the lead singer on ‘She’s A Star’

at the MEN to a sell-out crowd of about 23,000

people! James are also my Dad’s favourite band

(as well as mine!) so it was great that he got to

musical training by auditioning for Chetham’s

see me perform with them.

two years and then moved onto Manchester

We hear you've sang for the Queen?!

School of Music in Manchester. I was there for

University to study Drama but was still heavily

involved in the music department there - singing

with the Big Band, Chamber Choir and taking

part in operas and concerts. I also had a lot of training through The National Youth Choir.

Who inspires you?

I have listened to Amy Winehouse since I was 14

and she was a massive influence on my singing

and musical style. She opened me up to listening

Chetham’s School were involved in a charity for

the leading music schools in the country, and the

opportunity came up to apply to perform in the

Caribbean for 50 Heads of States for the Bi-

Annual Commonwealth Conference. I was the

only singer selected to perform for the event on a

cruise ship singing in front of our very own

Queen and the other delegates. It was an amazing

experience - whilst there, I also led a series of

music workshops in children’s hospitals and

to other artists that had inspired her such as Ella

schools in Trinidad and Tobago. It was great to

female voices of jazz. More recently I have been

alongside them.

album and performing for the Queen…

Krall and Natalie Cole.

Which is your all-time favourite venue?

When did you first start singing?

You've just finished touring with gareth

style caught up with Harriet to discuss her

exciting career, including her latest tour with

gareth Malone, the release of her second

I first started singing when I joined Rochdale

Borough Junior Choir, conducted by Jill Hamnet

at Rochdale Music Service, at the age of eight.

Singing in the choir really helped me gain

confidence and I sang my very first solo with

them - a gospel number called ‘Wade In The

Water’ which shocked everyone that such a big

voice came out of such a small person! Jill also

encouraged me to audition for The National 50

Fitzgerald, Nina Simone and all the other great

influenced by other jazz singers such as Diana

Malone's 'Voices' tour... how did it go?

meet musicians from different cultures and play

I have performed at the Royal Albert Hall nine

times - it is one of the most important venues in

the world and always feels very special to

I finished last night after a very busy three weeks

perform at such a prestigious venue.

absolutely amazing venues such as The

Your second album 'the one For Me' is

Birmingham Symphony Hall. I originally joined

you describe it? and which track is your

concert at the Classic BRIT awards as they

My album ‘The One For Me’ is a mixture of

touring the UK. We performed at some

Bridgewater Hall, Hammersmith Apollo and

the choir on a temporary basis for just one

needed another Alto and I must have done

available to download on itunes... how would favourite?

original jazz songs, ‘standards’ and covers with a

twist! My favourite track is ‘Love, Love, Love’ which is

News and videos of Harriet can be found at

Director/Pianist especially for me so I feel really happy

twitter @harrieteaves or on Facebook at ‘Harriet

the first track on the album - it was written by my Musical and you can follow her on

that it’s on the album! When we released the album, it

eaves Music’.

an amazing thing to happen!

Harriet will be appearing at the style 10th

managed to reach #10 on the UK Jazz Charts which was What would you love to be doing in ten year's time?

anniversary Ball at rochdale town Hall on 13th dec 2014 - more

I want to still be making my living through singing - it

details on page 4.

own jazz band and with millions of records sold, but as

ruth Meredith

obviously would be lovely to be touring the world with my

long as I’m still making money through singing I will be


if you weren't singing, what other career path might you have taken?

I probably would be trying to pursue acting as a profession - it was one of my favourite subjects at school and

Chetham’s which is why I ended up choosing to do my

degree in Drama at Manchester University.

What do you think of tv talent shows, such as Britain's got talent... are they a good idea?

I think people have to remember that they are TV

entertainment shows, not necessarily about who is

the most talented. I also get very tired listening

to people just singing loud and high - singing

isn’t just about that! I always find it amusing

when the judges say “you made it your own”

as I know full well that these shows have Musical Directors who do most of the

arrangements and then tell the singers what

to do! I’ve enjoyed watching Harry

Connick Jr on American Idol as he is an accomplished musician and if he thinks

something wasn’t very good, he will

explain why he didn’t like it in musical

terms (and he certainly has the

qualifications to have an opinion on


What advice would you give to aspiring singers?

Practise, practise, practise.

Be nice to everyone - you never know

who you might be talking to and how

they might be able to help you in the future.

Treat every gig with equal importance

- there could be someone in the audience

who you need to impress!

Have fun and keep trying no matter how

much rejection you may receive.


July 4th is meaningful to Americans for celebrating their Independence Day. For the people of Littleborough the date has a much more local relevance. On July 4th 1839 the first public trains ran from Manchester to Littleborough. 2014 is the 175th anniversary of trains coming to Littleborough Station and on July 4th a plaque at the station commemorating this will be unveiled by Simon Danczuk MP. Littleborough Station has a very active friends group who are behind the celebrations. Founded in 2005, The Friends Of Littleborough Stations (FOLSs) work voluntarily to improve and maintain facilities at both Littleborough and Smithy Bridge stations. Their acting secretary, Sheila Wild, has researched and written a short history of Littleborough Station which will be published in time for the anniversary.

opened until 1841. Once the tunnel was opened, trains were able to travel along the Calder valley through to Leeds. Many famous people have travelled through Littleborough Station over the years; from the composer Franz Liszt to the novelist Charlotte Bronte. Littleborough was well-placed to cash in on the excursion trade to nearby Hollingworth Lake which became known as “The Weighvers Seaport”. As many as 30,000 visitors would go to the Lake on gala days, most of them travelling by train to Littleborough. Smithy Bridge Station did not open until 1868 and was designed to relieve the overcrowding at Littleborough.

Sheila has uncovered a wealth of details about the various stages of development at Littleborough Station. On July 3rd 1839 there was a gala opening ceremony at the station with over 500 guests including local civic leaders; military officers; shareholders of the railway company and the principal engineer himself, George Stephenson.

At the start of the First World War when the Ealees Valley was used by the Manchester Regiment as a camp, the soldiers – and their visiting families – would have used Littleborough Station. Many soldiers set out for Gallipoli from Littleborough never to return.

For the first two years, the terminus of the Manchester and Leeds Railway was Littleborough as the Summit Tunnel was not

In recent years the station buildings have become Littleborough History Centre, a small museum and teaching space set up


by Littleborough Historical and Archaeological Society. The Friends Of Littleborough Station were delighted when access ramps were installed at Littleborough in 2012, allowing the elderly, the disabled and passengers with pushchairs to easily reach both platforms. However, they are still campaigning for weatherproof waiting facilities at the station and more attractive landscaping. They also support the wider call for the electrification of the Calder Valley line. Friends of both stations have tirelessly planted bulbs and maintained flower tubs over the years. The friends group work closely with Northern Rail; Transport for Greater Manchester and Network Rail on improving rail services. New members are always welcome. Please contact Sheila Wild on if you need further details about FOLSs or how to obtain the history of the station. Richard Lysons

Restoring a classic…

After much searching, I finally managed to get my hands on some fabulous milk churns, which are quickly becoming the must have floral accessory for a rustic or vintage wedding. The churns were desperately in need of a little TLC and came to me looking shabby, but not very chic! Milk churns have become quite a rarity nowadays and in good condition can have quite a hefty price tag. Don’t be put off by those rusty little gems; there is plenty of life left in them yet…

Most churns are made of steel or aluminium and there are different techniques needed to restore these metals. Aluminium is probably the easiest, in that you will be able to complete the restoration yourself with a large amount of elbow grease is required. The steel churns will have been exposed to the elements and will probably be badly rusted… don’t worry, there is still hope. I found a local sandblaster specialist hiding away in the back of a little industrial estate and the rust was no more. I decided to spray the two churns with a metal spray paint to protect them from future rust when being used outside. These churns turned out beautifully and would be a fantastic addition to any wedding! Visit for a full tutorial on successful paint removal and many more craft, DIY wedding and interior ideas.

Vintage crockery...

Castlefield Artisan Market

is all the rage currently and I fully understand why; it brings to life to your table decorations and can be the perfect foundation for a vintage or shabby chic themed wedding or party. Who doesn’t love an afternoon tea?

Manchester’s biggest monthly fine food, craft and vintage market is held on the first Sunday of every month 10am-4pm. It is set in the fantastic Upper Campfield Market Hall on the corner of Liverpool Road and Deansgate, Manchester. It was built in the 1870′s and is located in the hub of Castlefield, which was the heart of Manchester’s industry.

And what a perfect excuse to visit markets, antique stores, junk and charity shops. My favourite places in the world! If you are considering vintage crockery for your own wedding or event then here are a few top tips to help keep you on track…

PLAN WHAT CROCKERY YOU WANT AS A MINIMUM SETTING. You may just want cups and saucers for each person and perhaps a few cake stands, or you may decide to have full settings. This is a personal preference and depends dramatically on time, budget and a willingness to search high and low.

serious cup shortage and we wouldn’t want that!

KEEP TRACK. This is especially important if you have friends and family helping, otherwise you may end up with saucers coming out of your ears… but could have a

STORAGE SPACE. Consider somewhere dry where you could keep all of your lovely items, and pack with bubble wrap and newspaper.

SET YOUR BUDGET If your eyes light up at the first sign of china, there is a chance of getting carried away, either by paying too much or buying too many. Be sensible about your overall budget.


QUALITY. A lot of the crockery you will buy is old and it will all need a good clean but don’t let that put you off, unless it is badly stained or chipped the rest will come up sparkling with a good bit of elbow grease!

What’s next for

There are a variety of stalls, from vintage clothes to up-cycled furniture and a variety of delicious food and wine treats. The next markets will be held on 6th July and 3rd August… head down to find a variety of crafts and artisan treats and marvel at the gorgeous building!

Nelly Nora x

Our beautiful milk churns are now available for hire throughout the Lancashire, Cheshire and Cumbria areas; these will soon be followed by our vintage china hire and bespoke wedding decoration services. If you are interested in hiring milk churns or our wedding services then visit or contact us at

Wedding Show Returns to Rochdale SUNDAY 28 SEPTEMBER, ROCHDALE TOWN HALL

Rochdale Town Hall’s Wedding Show will return later this autumn. The town hall will stage the event on Sunday 28 September promising everything you need to organise a perfect wedding with the help of more than 50 of the region’s finest suppliers.

Last held in 2010 and organised by Rochdale Borough Council, the event will feature a vast range of exhibitors from venues to bridal boutiques, florists to photographers, caterers and cake-makers to entertainers, to give you endless information and inspiration for your big day.

Visitors will also be able to take a look inside the Register Office, view the ceremony room and take a tour of the Grade 1 listed building.

Event Manager Sue Milne said: “rochdale Wedding Show will be a fabulous showcase for some wonderful local companies and a great day out for brides and grooms, their friends and families. We are very excited to see it returning in 2014. Visitors will get the chance to meet a wide range of the finest local wedding professionals to see what they have to offer and we’re planning a catwalk fashion show too.”

If you are a local company interested in taking part in the event, email Sue Milne on or For more information about events across the borough visit

DATE FOR YOUR DIARY: Rochdale Wedding Show is on Sunday 28 September, providing everything you need for your big day.


GARDENING WITH MICHELLE Welcome to summer, let’s hope it’s going to be a sizzler. We have all waited long enough for this precious time of year… BBQ’s, nights on the patio and lots of relaxation! Gardening needs lots of hard work throughout the year, but summer is the season you actually reap the rewards of your effort. Now is the perfect time to plant out your annual bedding and

compost may look moist on the surface but it may not have

fill those containers and baskets with an explosion of colour. There is a vast choice of colour on offer at this time of year and whether you have a colour theme or just throw it all together and hope for the best it is a matter of personal choice. If you are proud of your effort and it makes you smile that’s all that really matters. My personal favourites are begonias with their big showy blooms in orange and yellows – they’re low maintenance, need less water than many other annuals and bloom until first frosts. The key to successful, healthy plants is the watering; it’s an art in itself - too much is as harmful as too little and every plant needs a different amount. Sometimes the

actually soaked through to the root. Also remember drainage holes are important in your containers to allow free drainage and prevent water logging. Feeding your plants is vital throughout the growing season to maintain continuous flowering use a soluble fertiliser every week to ten days and don’t exceed the recommended amount. We use slow release fertiliser in our own compost, which gives fantastic results but is very expensive. When buying your compost, whether it be a budget brand or high quality growing material, the amount of fertiliser is what makes a substantial difference in the cost.

JOBS FOR THE SUMMER MONTHS Plant out summer bedding plants, baskets and containers. Lawns require feeding, moss killing, weeding and regular mowing. Prune flowering shrubs to maintain shape, size and increase flowering. Deadhead (removal of flowers when fading or dead) bedding plants regularly to encourage continuous flowering. Feed and deadhead roses after their first flush of blooms. Keep on top of weeds by using the correct weedkiller for the area to be treated. Always read the label. Keep ponds clean and topped up with rainwater if possible when required. Check regularly for aphids - signs are often visible on flower buds. Curled leaves and distorted growth are also signs of an attack. Spray both top and underside of leaves. Keep a look out for blackspot on roses and mildew on your climbers - spray at first signs of attack with an appropriate fungicide. Try to encourage wildlife to your garden to help with those pesky critters - the dreaded slugs and snails. GROW YOUR OWN Now is the time for tomatoes, peppers, chillies, cucumbers, lettuce and other warm season vegetables. Check daily for slugs, snails and caterpillars as they have a voracious appetite and can quickly strip all foliage from a plant overnight. KIDDIES’ CORNER Let’s hope the children are still showing interest and enjoying their garden. Why not try your hand at growing giant sunflowers - a great experience and lots of fun for the family. They are easy to grow, as long as you water and secure them as they grow. Have a family competition to see whose sunflower grows the tallest! Remember, the key elements to maintain a healthy, beautiful garden this summer are… watering, feeding, weeding, and spraying. Most of all, enjoy time in your garden, make the most of the evening sunshine and make your garden a pleasure, not a chore. “A GARDEN IS NEVER FINISHED… IT’S AN ONGOING ADVENTURE“

MICHELLE BELL Michelle’s Garden Centre, Lloyd Street Heywood OL10 2BP 01706 360648





Now Stocking Camaro Luxury Design Flooring Collection

T: 01706 644 877

Ensor Mill, Queensway, Rochdale OL11 2NU (Just Off The A627M) FREE CAR PARKING



Email: Tel: 07970221216 JACKIE MEREDITH Creative Wedding Photographer

MOVE OVER STEPHEN KING AND LEE CHILD… A NEW AUTHOR IS IN TOWN! “Only joking laughs Gail, but those are the writers I admire most, to be in their league is the dream of most novelists.” But when we caught up with the local lass recently we were left in no doubt she means business. THIS IS YOUR DEBUT NOVEL… CAN YOU TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT IT? “Fractured Minds is a fantasy/horror set in the present day. Melissa, my main character, is close to a breakdown with mounting troubles in her personal life, but things take a turn for the worse as she steps into a world


where nightmares and reality become


mysteriously entwined. A dark force has

“I’ve always loved writing and have written

TELL US A BIT ABOUT YOURSELF? “At 17 I joined the Women’s Royal Naval Service (Wrens). It was something I’d always

taken Rebecca (the subject of Melissa’s

short stories and poems from being a young

wanted to do; I loved the idea of travel and

dreams) from the real world and acting on

girl. I tend to have strange dreams which can

meeting people from other walks of life. In

instinct she sets about investigating the

be quite random and weird. I would explain

those days women didn’t go to sea like the

disappearance. Shockingly, Melissa

my experiences to my husband who said I

men, so it was just shore base for me. I did

discovers that Rebecca actually did

should write a book about them, so I thought

have a fantastic time though and loved

disappear over five years ago and is lost

why not?”

wearing the smart uniform comprising of

without trace but now it seems the dark force


pencil skirt, fitted jacket, court shoes and little

wants more, he wants her too.”


handbag. I then moved into sales, something

SOUNDS INTRIGUING… WHO IS THE BOOK AIMED AT? “It’s suitable for young adults upwards

“The novel can be read as a complete story, but has the potential to carry on. I’m

I’m still doing and love. I have a passion for travel and have a great family life; my children

working on the next already!”

and grandchildren Macy, Louie, Max and

and a must for anyone interested in this


Hallie along with my husband Ian and our

particular genre.”


Norwegian elkhound are my life.”


Cameras for all occasions... ... and most weather conditions!

K5II „ New SAFOX X AF module „ 16.3 Megapixel stabilized CMOS sensor „ Weatherproof body with 77 independent seals „ Sensitivity range: ISO 80 to 51 200 „ 7 fps high-speed continuous shooting „ CMOS-shift shake reduction „ Live View on a 3’’ LCD monitor, 921 000 dots „ Video recording in Full HD format

K50 „ Weather resistant body „ Stabilized 16 MP CMOS sensor „ ISO up to 51 200 „ Continuous shooting 6fps „ 100% Pentaprism viewfinder „ Video recording in Full HD format

K5II plus 18-55mm WR



K50 plus 18-55mm WR


Ricoh WG-4

„ SAFOX IXi+ AF module „ Stabilized 16 MP CMOS sensor „ ISO up to 51 200 „ Continuous shooting 6fps „ 100% Pentaprism viewfinder „ 3” 920k dot LCD screen with 170° extra-wide viewing


„ Heavy-duty construction for underwater shooting to 14 metres deep up to two continuous hours „ Dual anti-shake protection for sharp images „ Built-in GPS functions and pressure/altitude/ depth gauge to facilitate outdoor shooting „ Full HD movie recording for extended shooting of high-quality movies „ 4x optical zoom lens (equivalent to 25-100mm in 35mm) „ 16 megapixels 1/2.3” CCD sensor „ Dustproof, shockproof to 2m, coldproof to -10°C, crushproof to 100kg


K500 plus 18-55mm AL


„ 16MP ‘Bridge’ digital camera „ 26x Megazoom lens, 22.3-580mm equivalent „ Large 3.0” tiltable LCD screen „ 260K Dot electronic viewfinder „ Full HD 1080p widescreen video „ Triple shake reduction technology „ Super macro mode focuses to 1 cm „ Auto picture and fast face detection „ HDMI Output for HDTV screening

£149 PENNINE Photographic & Binocular Centre


74, Drake Street, ROCHDALE. OL16 1PQ. Where you see this symbol, the camera is weatherproof as per description given. E&OE.

01706 524 965 Tel:


Debbie and Gary, from The Best of Rochdale, are all about making the borough of Rochdale better for everyone and giving people a say in what matters to them: “Buying locally helps to strengthen the economy of our communities and town, keeping more people in jobs. We need local independent businesses to thrive in Rochdale to ensure we have choice and preserve the character of our town. By shopping locally, we can help our town to flourish.” There are some fantastic businesses in Rochdale and Debbie and Gary’s vision is to be a one-stop-shop for finding the best local businesses,


events, offers and guides in Rochdale. If you need a new accountant, want to find a great hairdresser, or if are you looking for somewhere to eat out, check out the business reviews on The Best of Rochdale. Whether you’re looking for online or offline help to shout about your business, if you’re good at it The Best of Rochdale can probably help you. They will act as your personal marketing consultant and agree with you the

perfect solution for your business. Debbie commented: “We’re local, passionate and committed and we will work with you to find the best way to tell your story and raise awareness of your business. If you want to get your business noticed in the Rochdale borough, The Best of Rochdale can help you be part of our vision and together let’s shout about how great you are.”

NOW OPEN - fantastic new garden at the Crimble

Come and enjoy Chuchulain’s Secret Garden...

Food service times:

...the Crimble’s new outdoor dining area is a beautiful spot for a casual meal or a drink in the summer sunshine. If the British weather lets us down, enjoy the comfortable surrounds of the Cuchulain’s Bar. New menu now available with extended dining times.

Monday-Friday 12.00 - 2.30pm & 5.00pm - 8.00pm

Crimble Lane • Bamford Rochdale • OL11 4AD

Saturday & Sunday 12.00 - 8.00pm

Tel: 01706 368591

DINE iN Style the Good  Food gUide aNNaBeLLas

Ann and Karl are now back at the helm at Annabellas, and you are always guaranteed a warm welcome.

They now have a new extensive menu offering great choice, experience fine dining in a relaxing and attentive atmosphere. Mid-week specials 3 courses for £10.95pp Children eat free from the children’s menu on Sundays.

restaurant open tues - sun from 5pm 142 Market street, Whitworth, rochdale oL12 8sZ 01706 550303

tHe Waterside Bar restaUraNt

The restaurant is nestled in the heart of the Pennines; a fantastic venue with beautiful views of the surrounding Littleborough countryside, newly refurbished Rochdale canal and a small walk from the scenic Hollingworth Lake, yet the ambience is relaxed and continental. The restaurant portrays an intimate and relaxed lounge feel, with a comfortable sofa seating area for drinks on arrival or just to socialise with friends and family. Using only the finest ingredients and produce, Lisa & Kristan have combined traditional cooking with a passion for Mediterranean and Continental cuisine, creating exciting and extensive varied menus, from Lunchtime to A'la Carte. Now with their new outdoor al fresco dining area, it is the perfect place to enjoy al fresco dining when the sun shines. Open Tues - Sunday

tHe HeaLeY

The Healey has undergone a truly magical transformation yet still retains its traditional local public house feel and is featured in The Good Beer Guide & Cask Marque. Proud of its quality home cooked food served 7 days a week. Why not try them for a daily roast, beer battered fish & chips or the Lancashire cheese selection. The Healey is the ideal place to start and finish a walk through Healy Dell Nature reserve which is just on its doorstep. Steeped in history The Healey, like its sister pub The Baum, has a real welcoming feel.

Food served Mon -sat 11.30am - 9pm, sun 12pm - 6pm. 172 shawclough road shawclough, rochdale oL12 6LW Book on 01706 645 453

tHe gaLLoWs

rose N BoWL restaUraNt

The Rose 'N' Bowl is Rossendale’s longest established Carvery Restaurant & Bar based in Stacksteads with panoramic views to rear complete with heated decking area and private bowling green. It has been owned by Lords Caterers Whitworth (est 1934) for over 20yrs. Family friendly eatery from pub food to full famous carvery all from fresh local produce. You can opt for the 3 Course Carvery with unlimited vegetables at £14.95 or a main course for only £9.15.

Wed Eve - Two dine on 3 course carvery with a bottle of wine £29.90 served 7-9pm

Thurs Diamond Diners (over 60's) 2 course Lunch 12.00 1.30 pm £7.50 Early Eve Specials 5.30 - 6.45pm only £8.60.

Food available tue - Fri 12.00 - 2pm & 5.30 - 8.30 pm sat & sun 12.00 - 8.30pm Newchurch rd stacksteads oL12 0Ug 01706 879555

They have a great party atmosphere... so why not celebrate your special occasions without breaking the bank!

occasional live music nights by popular demand. 5 the Butts avenue rochdale oL16 1es. 01706 713400

Purveyors of Quality Food, Wine & Real Ale.


La Mancha was established over 10 years ago and has stood the test of time thanks to the quality and authenticity of its menu. Along with their lunchtime specials, they also have an extensive specials board with dishes from all the regions of Spain.

Closed Mondays. Food served Tuesday to Thursday 12 2.30 and 6-9.30, Friday and Saturday 12-10.30 and Sunday 5-9.

tHe BaUM

£5 pp. 33-37 toad Lane, rochdale. 01706 352 186

La Mancha is Rochdale's only specialist tapas restaurant serving authentic Spanish cuisine in atmospheric surroundings. Situated in the very heart of Rochdale, the restaurant is easily accessible with lots of local parking.

New take-away service (collection only. not available Friday or Saturday evenings or busy periods).

Book on 01706 376 250 No1 inghams Lane Littleborough oL15 0aY

Situated next to the CO-OP museum in a conservation area, The Baum has a welcoming oldie world ambience, with wooden floors and old enamel adverts. The quality bar menu, served all day 7 days a week, consists of light lunches, traditional dishes and tapas. The Baum offers an excellent selection of world beers on draught & bottles plus 8 ever changing guest cask ales & cider. Featured in ‘The Good Beer Guide’ for the last six years, winning CAMRA’s National Pub of the Year 2012. Rochdale Ghost Walks start from outside The Baum every first and third Thursday of month.

La MaNCHa taPas Bar

Situated within easy reach of Hollingworth Lake, this family friendly pub is open all day every day, serving excellent value for money sandwiches, hot bites and main meals. You will not find a warmer welcome anywhere else in the Rochdale area, from Peter and Judith McCorrnick. The Gallows offers a large selection of real ales, with guest beers, plus a selection of fine wines and lagers. Now showing all Sky & BT Sports. Food served Monday to Saturday midday - 7pm Sunday midday - 6pm (inc Sunday Roast)

Wildhouse Lane Milnrow oL16 3JW 01706 642898

Moss Lodge HoteL

Rochdale’s premier 5 star luxury guest accommodation, wedding, conference & events venue. The Moss Lodge restaurant is now open for dinner to non-residents.

Using only the finest of locally sourced and freshly cooked ingredients to create a monthly table d’hôte menu as well as regular Chef’s specials, all reasonably priced at just £30 for 3 courses followed with coffee. Prior booking is essential.

For reservations & all enquiries please Kings road, rochdale. oL16 5HW tel: 01706 350555 e.mail:

tHe PeaCoCK rooM

The Peacock Room at The Crimble has now placed itself amongst the regions fine dining culinary elite. With 2 AA Rosette's and 2 Michelin Knives and Forks it has become the Deckers Group’s premier fine-dining restaurant. The Peacock Room uses the finest ingredients featuring the best cuts of meat prepared in their own butchery department to create a variety of sumptuous dishes. The extended wine list will provide you with the opportunity to combine our dishes with a variety of wines from around the world. The Peacock Room are passionate about the quality of ingredients they use. They work closely with local suppliers to ensure the dishes they serve are to a consistently high standard. The constantly evolving menu encapsulates modern English cuisine with a contemporary twist. Watch out for their regular special offers and themed evenings, details of which can be found on the website: Bookings can be made online or over the phone on 01706 368591. Crimble Lane, Bamford, oL11 4ad

tHe HiNCHLiFFe arMs

Nestled in the valley of Cragg Vale situated south facing, with two rivers crossing under the bridge leading to the village church, you could not find a more idyllic setting. Their aim is to run a country pub where everyone feels comfortable whether it be to eat some of their home-cooked dishes or to sit in the bar and drink from the ever-changing beer line-up. The food is traditional with a continental feel. They offer several menus, all seasonal and prepared freshly by their chefs. Food served Tues 5 -8pm, Weds & Thurs 12-2pm eve 5 - 8.30pm, Fri & Sat 12 – 9pm, Sun 12 6.45pm

tHe oXFord

Closed Mondays but open bank holidays. the Hinchliffe arms, Cragg Vale , Hebden Bridge. HX7 5ta 01422 883 256

Alison and her family along with Teammcneeney are now in their second year at The Oxford.They have a great selection of cask ales and a wide range of spirits on offer,great pub food with a modern twist.A large attractive beer garden with ample parking and now with the addition of an extended food service,food served until 9pm Monday to Saturday.Quiz Night on the first Wednesday of the month and Band and Burger Night on the last Wednesday of the month.Not to be missed our specials board.

the oxford 662 Whitworth road rochdale oL12 0tB

deMetris CaFe & taVerNa

01706 345709

Situated within the Coach House in Littleborough you will find Demetris Cafe & Taverna. It is a cafe during the day, but on Friday and Saturday evenings, you can also experience fantastic Greek Nights. The night’s include Greek Mezze, 15 courses, plate smashing, free ouzo and a live bouzouki band.

The venue is also available for private Greek nights and can seat up to 36 people. If you want the total Greek experience then book your table now. Evening bookings only. Now open Sundays.

Littleborough Coach House Lodge street Littleborough 01706 378481 / 07889 868 954


tHe CoFFee HoUse at Horse Carrs

The delightful historic Horse Carrs is now open as a Coffee House Thursday & Friday 10.30am - 4pm. Serving fresh coffee and a variety of teas, home made cakes, sandwiches, lunches and light snacks. Morning Bakes, choice of drink with Croissant, fruit loaf or tea cake only £2.50 served 10.30 - 11.45 am. Hot drink & cake only £2.50 served from 2.00pm -3.30pm. Afternoon tea only £7.50 pp or £14.00 for two. Served 1.30 – 3.30. Prebooking essential. Offering free wi-fi and large free car park in a secluded spot this is the ideal place to relax and meet friends and business colleagues.

There are a choice of rooms available for private functions which can be booked by calling Hannah on 07583883684

Coffee House shawclough road rochdale oL12 6Lg 01706 345477

TOUR DE FRANCE WEEKEND 5TH - 6TH JULY 2014 If you are going to watch the Tour de France, then there are some great places to eat and drink over the busy weekend in Littleborough and Cragg Vale. Waterside Restaurant on Haugh Lane and Demetris at the Coach house (Lodge Street) are both serving all weekend. Toppos Bar on Church Street is open for drinks. The Hinchliffe Arms, in Cragg Vale, have a live band, outside bar and barbecue on the 6th July.

FaLLeN aNgeLs

Fallen Angels Continental Ristorante has captured the style of 14th century Italy by using genuine relics and sculptures for its interior, combining the finest authentic Mediterranean cuisine with the excitement and ambiance of the Renaissance.

Many of the dishes are made or have been adapted from traditional family recipes.

The continental staff are extremely knowledgeable and will gladly advise guests as to which dish best suits their tastes. They will also advise on the type of wine which best compliments a meal, choosing from a selection of finest continental bottles. Whether you are looking for a pizza, a pasta or perhaps something a little more adventurous, the Fallen Angels is an unforgettable experience. Watch out for their weekly specials and also their special reduced choice menus, which offer superb value for money.

Menu details can be found online at Bookings can be made online or over the phone on 01706 861861.


CUCHULaiN’s & seCret gardeN

Cuchulain’s at the Crimble is a warm welcoming pub. It is a perfect spot for a casual meal or leisurely drink. It now includes the Secret Garden, an outdoor dining and drinking area. If the British weather allows, relax outdoors and enjoy the rural countryside location in which the Crimble sits.

The new menu includes: traditional favourites, salads, sandwiches, deli boards and burgers, as well as some freshly made great value kids meals. These use the same quality ingredients you expect from the Crimble, including meat direct from Deckers own Butchery. Cuchulain’s & the Secret Garden are first come, first served. Just order and pay at the bar, and your food will be delivered to your table. 01706 368591


The Rochdale branch of the NSPCC held its tenth annual 'Ascot at Nutters' event on Thursday 19th June. The event was attended by 150 ladies, who dressed to impress as if they were at Ascot for the races. Guests were treated to a drinks reception before sitting down to a three course meal prepared by Chef Andrew Nutter.

As well as a three course meal, guests got to enjoy the races as well as taking part in a raffle whilst enjoying the surroundings of Nutters Restaurant. The event raised ÂŁ6,001 and Fisherfield Farm Nursery, who are big supporters of the NSPCC, also donated a cheque of ÂŁ8,617 to the charity after fundraising throughout the year.


The restaurant has many national & international acolades ranging

ingredients, authentic Indian cooking techniques with a relaxed and

from 'Curry Chef of the Year' to "Best Indian Restaurant'

comfortable environment, an ultimate dinning experience in our

'Why Not join us on Cooking Master Classes' - ask for details (ideal

beautiful restaurant.

gift for birthdays, hen or stag parties or team building?)

There's a lot on offer at the Veenas Restuarnt – our spacious, family-

'We use only the best Ingredients'

friendly restaurant, the stylish bar and lounge area, live music & Dj's

We welcome you to the Veenas – the true taste of the Indian

entertainment on most weekends.

sub-continent where you dont need to travel abroad!

We serve authentic Indian and Bangladeshi Cuisine, as well as many

Over 13 years we've been offering the people of Rochdale, Heywood,

recognisable favourites like Balti's and Tikka Massala's, produced in

Middleton and the North West delicious curry served perfectly - and

our fully equipped kitchen, by the region's top Indian chefs and our

we’ve got the awards to prove it! Combining quality & fresh

friendly staff are always on hand to cater to your every need.

VEENAS RESTAURANT Heywood (opposite Heywood Market) (01706) 366 822 Visit us on Facebook & twitter COME AND JOIN US AT THE VEENAS INDIAN AND EXPERIENCE THE BEST CURRY IN THE NORTH WEST! 66

FIRST CLASS SERVICE The Oldham & Rochdale Badminton League (ORBL) recently held their annual presentation evening at the Manchester Golf Club. The event was well attended, with representation from many of the league clubs. The evening proved very successful for Rochdale based clubs and players, with many receiving trophies and awards for achievements throughout the season. the biggest success on the night came from alpha, who collected 11 different trophies and awards. in the Mixed division, alpha a (Janet Beardmore, angela Lister, Laura ashworth, Paul shiel, John Nutall, stan Lister) won the title, with shawclough a claiming runners-up spot. alpha also had a successful season in the open divisions, with alpha B (gary Harrall, daniel Harrall, rick ashworth, Peter ashworth, Usman ali, Pasha riley, John, Neal Butterworth) winning the division 3 title. in the Mixed team Handicap event, alpha B (david

Columbine, Craig Leedham, Martin Wolfenden, Janet Heywood, Charlotte Leedham, Ve Nutter)claimed top spot.

In the Open Championships, there was more success for Alpha, with Janet Beardmore and Angela Lister claiming the women’s doubles title. The individual handicap tournament saw wins in all three disciplines for Alpha – Paul Baker & Lee Pover (men’s doubles), Janet Beardmore & Angela Lister (women’s doubles) and Lee Povey & Charlotte Leedham (Mixed doubles).

Other awards presented on the night included the Open Team Handicap trophy, won by Balderstone (Anthony Boughton, Rod Collins, Damon Conway, Bill Darling, Andy Gilmartin, Simon Jukes) and the award for the Young Player of the Year, which was jointly won by Daniel Harrall and Pasha Riley (both Alpha.)

The new season starts in September and clubs are always looking for people who are interested in playing league badminton. If you are interested, then you can check out the league website at

THE MURDER ROOM ST ANN'S PLAYERS 6-9TH MAY 2014 The spring production from St Ann's Players was The Murder Room, written by Jack Sharkey. The Murder Room has all the elements of a classic English ‘whodunnit’, however this piece was not for the faint hearted… with gunshots, a complicated plot and so many twists and turns it left the audience dizzy. It does have a great comic plot, with some barmy characters, which the actors carried off with great conviction. The plot involved poisoned cocoa, a killer window seat, a deceased cat and a murder victim who turned up later disguised as a policeman to investigate his own death! All the characters were handled brilliantly by the sixstrong cast; Judith Mansfield as the scheming bride, Dave Stopford as her husband and the policeman, Annette Nodwell as the gossipy housekeeper, Joanne Frost as the dim daughter, Tim Keiley as her American fiance, and Peter Dignan as the sinister detective. They

kept the action and clever dialogue fast moving throughout the piece and the result was highly amusing. By the end of the play I was still attempting to work it all out, as were most of the audience, however, it proved to be another very entertaining evening by the St Ann's Players!

Colin Meredith

THE ORIGINAL WAG: A second offering from local author Graham Ashworth As a summer of sport fast approaches the (WAGS) wives and girlfriends of the England football players will no doubt hit the headlines as they head off to party and shop till they drop on the exotic vibrant shores of Brazil. It is a long way from the days of old England when the world was still in black and white, but as Graham set out to pen his second novel he found that the whole idea is nothing new. “As I began my research I found that footballers have always had a certain magnetism that has attracted an abundance of female admirers, this is a tradition that goes back a long way.” 70

In this, his latest fast paced book we follow the life of ‘Lily Bright’ who falls ‘foul’ of the scheming Cliff Simpson when she and two friends visit the nearby football stadium. The ill-fated liaison is set to spell disaster when her innocence is stolen, but tragedy of a different nature is also on the cards along with someone in the shadows who has become obsessed with her every move. The Original Wag can be found at Amazon UK books (paperback £8.99, Kindle version £2) and also at most online bookstores.



• Digital curved LED Smart TV Res 1920 x 1080 Model UE55H8000STXXU Built in wifi


• Its important to have a fridge freezer thats not only reliable and energy efficient, but convenient as well. Model RB29FSJNDSA

ONLY £1999.99

ONLY £399.99





• Model WF80F5EDW4XEU This brilliant washing machine is A+++ energy rated the highest grade available.

WAS £479.99 NOW ONLY £449.99

TEL: 01706 344 110

FREE local delivery on all orders over £250 E: KEN@TAYLOR303.FSNET.CO.UK


Fine jewellery and gifts store, Sandifords of Rochdale, on Drake Street, is set to close its doors early July, after 45 years of trading. Owners Ian and Janet Sandiford plan to retire and spend time with their family, including their two young grandchildren. Ian said: “We have had such a good time for the last 45 years. We have had great customers and made many friends and I would like to thank everyone who has supported us over the years.”

Ian and his dad Ernest opened the first Sandifords store on Oldham Road in 1969, before moving to Drake Street 30 years ago.

The store became well known for its selection of beautiful jewellery and quality gifts; every customer was also offered an Uncle Joe’s Mintball!

We would like to thank them for supporting style since 2004 and wish Ian and Janet a very happy and well-deserved retirement.



Caught around the Scottish coast and waters of the North Pacific the halibut is the largest of all flat fish with an average weight of around 11-13½ kg, but they can grow as much as 272kg. When the halibut is born the eyes are on both sides of its head so it has to swim like a salmon. After about 6 months one eye will migrate to the other side of its head, making it look more like a flounder. Halibut can be found at depths as shallow as a few meters to hundreds of meters deep, and although they spend most of their time near the bottom, halibut will move up in the water column to feed. If bought really fresh simply pan sear and serve with just a squeeze of lemon and grinding of sea salt and pepper, or try this simple salad which showcases how tasty the fish can be. SERVES 4


1 tbsp olive oil 1 clove garlic – crushed 4 x 200g halibut steaks – filleted, skinned and boned

1. Mix together the olive oil and garlic and drizzle over the halibut steaks

1 punnet roma vine tomatoes – halved 100g fresh garden peas – podded and blanched briefly 1 punnet baby herb shoots Mixed salad leaves

2. Heat a non-stick frying pan and seal the halibut on both sides until lightly coloured 3. Remove from the pan and place in a hot oven 180°c and cook for 5 minutes or until cooked through


4. Whilst cooking start to arrange the roma tomatoes, peas, shoots and leaves on plates

50g parmesan cheese 1 tbsp white wine vinegar 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1 tsp caster sugar

5 Remove the fish from the oven, finely grate some parmesan over the top, mix the vinegar, oil and sugar together, season, drizzle over the salad and finally top with the halibut CELEBRITY Rochdale Chef Andrew Nutter



Rochdale based Recruitment Company, Recruitment Solutions (NW) Ltd celebrated their tenth year in business this month. The company opened in 2004, providing services in specialised recruitment sectors such as Accounts and Finance, Administration, Human Resources and Customer Service. All founding members are experts within their division, having held senior positions elsewhere in the industry. They joined forces to create a business dedicated to traditional and productive recruiting. An event to celebrate the milestone was held on Friday 23rd May at the famous Baum Pub with a guest list of local businesses, clients and the Mayor of Rochdale. Guests were welcomed with a drinks reception and array of canapés to toast the company, who previously won the Rochdale Business of the Year award in 2012. Managing director, Karen Reynolds, said “I am so proud of what we have achieved – we have a fantastic brand and business. We also have a very dedicated and hardworking team. The last 10 years have passed in a flash and I am full of optimism and drive to ensure that the next 10 years are just as successful”.

recruitment solutions (Northwest Limited) 35 Church stile Rochdale OL16 1QE teL 01706 712 388




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Friday r 29 & S Satur day 30 3 August

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Festival a Market

roch hdalefeelgood






Tales of Terror

Horrifying Hauntings

Join us through the narrow alleyways and hidden courtyards as we delve into rochdale's murderous past !

scHool Holiday sPecial


ghost walk suitable for adults & children.

kids go Free when accompanied by a paying adult ursday 7th august & ursday 21st august 2014


all children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

3rd July 17th July 7th august 21st august 4th september 18th september 2nd october 16th october Family Halloween walk at 7pm Friday 31st october adult walk at 8.30pm (not for the faint hearted) 6th november 13th november 4th december 18th december Book a Private gHost walk For any nigHt oF tHe week


as featured on

( minimum cHarge oF £50 aPPlies)

walks start 7.30 pm the first and third ursday each month. e Baum Pub 33-37 toad lane rochdale ol12 0nu no need to Book Just turn uP.

tHe only ProFessional regular gHost walk in town. Book on 0777 4152 620 Book online @ 76


rochdale News & events

It's been a great start to the new financial year for

Springhill Hospice, with a bumper Hospice to Hospice Walk at the end of April raising over £8000, and their inaugural Go Green being a huge success across the community.

Lillie Winterbottom, Community Fundraiser, commented: “Thank you so much to everybody who took part in Go Green. We were really nervous about how successful it would be, but the community really came out for us and showed us the special place that Springhill has in their hearts. We’re hoping the good start is a good sign for the busy year ahead. With £3 million a year needed to keep our doors open and to keep providing free of charge services to the community, we try to make sure there is something for everybody.”

These are exciting times, not only for the fundraising team, but for the Hospice as a whole. Following the success of the Hospice at Home scheme, Springhill is extending the services that they offer in the community and from 1st July, Springhill will be co-ordinating all community palliative care, including working with Macmillan and Marie Curie. All of the new services need space and so the fundraising offices have moved their offices to a former pub, The Craven, just a minute’s walk from the Hospice. “We have our fundraising office upstairs and are very soon going to be opening tea rooms and a coffee shop downstairs. The Craven is available to hire for private parties and with lots of car

parking and reasonable prices - you can enjoy yourself knowing you are raising money for Springhill!" said Lillie.

Alison McGuigan, Fundraising Lead, commented: “Our first event from the new fundraising hub, is going to be our brand new walk - The Pyjama Parade. We've taken all the good bits of our old Midnight Walk and mixed it up a bit! The Pyjama Parade will be shorter, at 10k, and start earlier, at 9.30pm from The Craven on Saturday 12th July. We're going to limit numbers this year but we’re opening the event up to over 12's and to both men and women. We're including the usual bacon sandwich, tshirt and medal, and of course, just like the Midnight Walks of old, it's going to be a cracking night.” If the Pyjama Parade isn't your thing, then why not enjoy a day out with the family at the Yesteryear Festival at Collop Gate Farm in Heywood on 2nd & 3rd August. Last year saw 4,500 people through the doors to have fun with tank rides, 60 traditional summer fair stalls, food, wine, re-enactments and lots more - even a funfair! Last year the event raised £22,000 for the Hospice in just one day, and this year it's going to be extended to two days of fun...! To add to the excitement, the Hospice’s Business Buddies scheme is now up and running. Local businesses are getting on board and supporting the Hospice by making a yearly financial commitment in support of Springhill; a great way of working together to spread the word about the Hospice. The Hospice’s final piece of good news is that they are welcoming a new part-time Community Fundraiser to the fundraising team. The team go out to schools, colleges, work places, pubs and community groups to tell them about all the services that Springhill provide to the people of Rochdale. Exciting times for the Hospice… if you would like to get involved with fundraising or volunteering, book a talk, or get involved in an event - give the team a call on their new fundraising number 01706 641790.

Springhill Hospice, Broad Lane, Rochdale, OL16 4PZ. For further details about any of the above, please contact the fundraising department on 01706 641790 or by e-mail




BROWNIES BLAST OFF ON STAR QUEST On Sunday 18th May, Brownies from Rochdale embarked on a cosmic Star Quest adventure to celebrate the 100th birthday of Brownies. The girls, all aged seven to 10, joined more than 500 Brownies from around Manchester at The Bridgewater Hall to mark The Big Brownie

Hindle Wakes were recently guest performers at the monthly concert held at Littleborough Coach House. A packed house enjoyed a range of traditional, contemporary and selfpenned folk songs including "The Village That Drowned" about Watergrove reservoir and an atmospheric version of "And The Band Played Waltzin' Matilda" recounting the Gallipoli campaign of WW1. Organised by Dorothy Pedder the concert programme for 2014 covers a variety of

Birthday with a musical, space-themed spectacular. The all-girl celebration saw the young stargazers travel through three time zones in the hunt for missing stars - taking part in challenges and enjoying new and exciting adventures en route. The Star Quest story began with a trip to the past to learn more about the 100-year history of the Brownies, followed by an Out of this World Lunch and activity sessions based on the present day, including song writing and dancing. Finally they journeyed to the future, where they launched rockets

music from folk to classical with soloists, choirs and

before ending the day all nervously gathered in the hall hoping that they


had gathered enough stars and written enough song words to light up the night sky.

Street Celebration

Residents of Vandyke Street in Norden, recently got together to throw a good old street party. The party marked the 60th birthdays of two residents, Carol and Stuart Moore, and also Stuart’s retirement. The celebration included Hebden Bridge Brass Band, Keith Swift as Frank Sinatra, Tony Moore as DJ and even a bouncy castle! 78


The Independent Schools equivalent to the BAFTA's was recently held at Coombe Abbey, Warwickshire. Nobody was more surprised and delighted than Headmaster Kevin Sartain, when guest host, TV Presenter Juliet Morris, announced Beech House School, Rochdale, as the winner of 'School of the Year'. Kevin received the trophy from Lord Lexden (OBE), the Independent Schools Association President.

Kevin has been Headmaster of the school since 1996, and during that time has seen the school's stature rise on a local and national level. It is the first time that a school in the North West has won such a prestigious accolade.


One hundred and fifty guests, including the Mayor of Rochdale, Cllr Peter Rush, packed into Screen 9 at Rochdale’s Odeon Cinema, to watch the ‘All Across The Arts’ premiere of ‘And She Cried’; a film about Sophie Lancaster, made by Rochdale-based Leaky Shed Films. The film’s production supervisor, Steve Cooke said: “It is remarkable that a powerful film of this quality has been created with no budget. This has been possible because of the dedication of a very talented cast and crew, the generosity of businesses, and the support of RMBC”. A collection amongst the audience raised £200 for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation, with a further £200 to be shared between the Odeon’s nominated charities the NSPCC and the Variety Club.


Now one of Rochdale’s most successful small businesses, this year The Retreat is celebrating its 21st year of business! Starting small, with just a single desk at the back of a hairdressing salon on Baillie Street, Rochdale, owner Laura Prime worked alone. Originally named ‘Nails and Things’, she slowly began to build up her business. In 2002, the business moved to much bigger premises on St Mary’s Gate and is currently spread over three floors, including eight nail stations, five beauty rooms and a day spa; with thirteen highly qualified therapists. The award-winning salon recently opened the doors to all of their clients for a night of champagne, canapés and lots of entertainment to celebrate their 21st milestone. Owner Laura Prime commented: “We would like to say a huge thank you to all of our clients, old and new, for helping us build the business to what it is today. Here’s to another 21 years of making Rochdale beautiful!”.

TIME FOR TEA The CommuniTea Room is a tea house, snack bar and community hub run by CommuniTea CIC at 234 Yorkshire Street, Rochdale. It is a Community Interest Company, which means any profit will be invested into projects to help the local community and service users. The management team share mutual interests in the health and wellbeing of local people, and have a particular and helpful fascination with the health benefits and nutritional value of tea. It is CommuniTea’s ambition to become a one-stop shop for tea drinking and welfare support in the community. The CommuniTea Room has been open for just over a month and has already proved popular. The aim is to provide a space for all, especially to members of the community who are isolated and often do not meet many people. The CommuniTea Room is currently open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm and at weekends 12 noon to 6pm (there are plans to increase the opening times very soon). To find out more visit their website at


Business leaders from across Rochdale and Greater Manchester flocked to a networking event to hear inspirational advice from a seasoned local entrepreneur, honoured by the Queen. The conference suite at Hopwood Hall College, Middleton, filled to capacity with over eighty business guests, eager to hear Bill Holroyd CBE and Director of give a motivational speech about his business highs and lows. The event, organised and hosted by Rochdale’s Solicitors Molesworths Bright Clegg, aimed to inspire and motivate ambitious business leaders from across the region. 80


Award winning Brown’s Cakes, St Mary’s Gate, have been shortlisted for yet another accolade, ‘Celebration Cake Business of the Year’ at the national Baking Industry Awards. The sweettoothed judges recently visited the Rochdale shop, to test out a special cake, based on the theme ‘Best of British’. There is an awards evening at the Hilton Hotel, London in September for the top three finalists who are yet to be confirmed… watch this space! SPRING COMPETITION WINNERS Straighteners - Kay Hill, Heywood / Anti ageing facial - Sheila Golden, Littleborough Edenfield scrolls - Hilary Parry, Stockport / Photoshoot voucher - L Jones, Castleton Planter - Mrs J Ainsworth, Rochdale / M & S voucher - Mrs Blackwell, Milnrow

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Karndean Knight Tile is available from your local Karndean retailer:

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