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IECEx certified


hazardous area HMI panels Red Lion’s Award-Winning Graphite HMI platform is now IECEx certified for hazardous area installations.

-20° to 60°C operating temp. high shock & vibration proof outdoor models available IECEx certified

The Graphite series provides a rugged HMI solution to combine a range of versatile plug-in I/O & communication modules with drag-and-drop protocol conversion, data logging and web-based monitoring and control. Sizes range from 7 to 15 inches on your choice of standard or widescreen displays. Sunlight-visible UV-resistant displays are available on the 7 and 10 inch models for outdoor use if required.


for more information call 1800 557 705 or email

industrial. electrical. automation.

CLN | ISSUE 03 | OCT-JAN ‘16




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ontinuing the same format, we have retained features and added stories we trust you will find of interest. This year we have seen many challenges within the industry, but also opportunity. It was a year of cost savings and creative strategy, which is likely to continue in 2016. In this edition we investigate and explain harmonics and its importance for business. We also look at GE-IP’s RX3i range as well as explain hydrostatic level and HMI design. It’s not all business - we look at the latest gadgets, technologies & entertainment. Enjoy! Michael Bacon


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Solving harmonics

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Industrial Internet controller

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control logic news

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Energy efficient switchboard cooling now available Promising to reduce energy consumption by 43%, Pfannenberg’s second generation of E-Cool air conditioners features unrivalled efficiency and performance in its class. It utilises the latest generation of intelligent electronics and components, lowering running and operating costs. All water collected is evaporated meaning there is no extra assembly or device needed to remove water.

parts, products and news you need to know about.

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Exoskeleton rig makes factory workers 10 times stronger This exoskeleton prototype designed specifically for industrial work make objects feel up to 10 times lighter. The exo enhances the capabilities of three parts of the human body: arms, back and legs. Researchers say the arm modules make a 10kg car seat feel like 1kg; the back modules protect the spine from slipped discs and twists when lifting heavy items; the leg modules prevent workers from exerting extra energy when squatting, forming a “seat” with stiff stabilizers worn along the inner thighs. Seven European nations and engineers from 12 research facilities have been involved since 2013. Pinpointing moments of particular exertion on the body has helped build this. The ultimate goal is creating a manufacturable prototype. As long as

we can get used to the idea of looking like Iron Man, exoskeletons could give us Iron Man-like strength in the not-too-distant future.

Bacteria killing light Perhaps the fastest way to sterilize anything is to make use of ultraviolet light. However, it is harmful to humans. Indigo Clean have developed a UV light that can sterilize a room without having to leave it. The LEDS can be installed as normal but uses a wavelength of 405nM. Its slightly blue hue kills off bacteria from the air and from any surface exposed.


Efficient redundancy through MOSFET technology The space-saving DIN rail MOSFET redundancy modules from PULS are available for N+1 and 1+1 redundant systems. Available output voltages include 12–18V for 2x20A and 2x40A redundancy and 24-56V for 2x20A redundancy. It offers amazing energy efficiency with only 1.7W no-load losses and very low voltage drop between input and output for 1+1 redundancy operation. The YR40.245 module adds a Hot-Swappable connector which enables the power supply or redundancy module to be exchanged even during operation.

getEXTRFA %OFthe an




Exclusive discount on GE-IP’s new RX3i controller To celebrate the release of the new CPE330 PAC controller, our friends at GE-IP are offering our readers an extra 10% off if purchased before December 31 2015. Easily migratable for users of the 90-30 controller, the CPE330 is their latest iteration for the RX3i series. See page 10 for our in-depth review.

CLN | ISSUE 03 | OCT-JAN ‘16


An adjustable wrench for the trendy engineer So it appears the wrench may have been updated for the modern age making your current one/set obsolete. Developed by American Jordan Steranka, the ‘Aperture’ wrench looks and works like the aperture of a camera adjusting to the focus. It can be adjusted by simply rotating the side dial, then by pressing the lock button to make sure the aperture size is locked according to the nut you are trying to unscrew or tighten. A handy light surrounds the aperture so you can see what you’re doing. In addition to looking space age, it pretty much replaces all your wrenches. It’s just a concept for now, and probably an expensive one at that.

Upgrade your AZ16 safety sensor The RSS16 safety sensor has no mechanical actuator, which means no mechanical wear. It identifies its targets via contactless RFID technology that benefits from high tolerance to misalignment, increased safety levels and extra flexibility to approach the target from three sides. The best part is that it can be used as a 1 to 1 replacement with the AZ16.

Easy-to-change level sensor BD Sensors have released the LMK 358H that features a handy easy-to-change connector. Its ceramic sensor can be easily plugged/unplugged from the stainless steel cable assembly. This level measurement device has been designed to save time and labour costs and is perfect for water and waste water industries.

Assisting for a good cause! In conjunction with 2HM Design, Control Logic is proud to be involved with St. Vincent Industries in the design and safety of a rag cutting machine. Designed specifically for people with disabilities to gain new skills and ultimately employment, Control Logic’s safety expert Aram Dehghani has donated his time to ensure a high level of safety while ensuring optimum machine performance. Go Aram!

Surge protection consultation services now available With the storm season predicted to be the worst we have seen in years, now is the perfect time to ensure your equipment is properly protected from damaging lightning strikes and storms. Control Logic in partnership with Novaris have developed a team of highly trained consultants for businesses wanting advice and a reliable solution put in place. Covered to IEC standards, all areas of design, construction and surge protection specifications are available. Customers interested are urged to book ahead to avoid missing out.

A group of Indian scientists have come up with a battery that features a titanium nitride based photo-anode instead of using a traditional anode for self charging. Led by Dr. Musthafa Ottakam Thotiyl the battery is able to charge itself completely within 30 seconds when using normal indoor lighting and is eventually able to provide enough power so that an LED or a small fan can be run using it. It lasts for a total of 100 charge and discharge cycles and less susceptible of overheating and catching fire.

4G LTE support now built into Red Lion’s cellular products Now combining optional I/O and Wi-Fi with active GPS and multiple serial and Ethernet ports, Red Lion’s cellular automation products can securely monitor remote devices over a 4G LTE cellular network with fallback to 3G. Ideal for deployment in industrial M2M networks such as oil and gas, water/wastewater, utility, transportation and mining applications, RAM and IndustrialPro cellular RTUs and routers provide a seamless network extension to remote locations.

Control Logic add VSD servicing to its service offerings Control Logic is pleased to announce that they now offer Variable Speed Drive servicing to its customers. Partnering up with ABB, Control Logic can assist in installation and commissioning, operating and maintenance, onsite & workshop repair and upgrading and replacement of your VSD to keep your processes and equipment running in the most energy and cost efficient way. Control Logic is an authorised value provider for ABB.

Scientists develop a battery that charges itself using light

Cracked smartphones screens to self-repair within 5 years Researchers from the UK have come up with a new self-heal material – a mixture of different carbon-based chemicals – originally developed for aeroplane wings. The healing agent is poised to revolutionise a number of industries and L’Oreal is already in talks with developers to create some kind of self-healing nail varnish. Car windshields, paint, bicycle frames and wind turbines are other things that could benefit from the material. Much like blood forms a protective scab to heal wounds, millions of microscopic spheres crack and release liquid. The liquid moves into the newly formed cap and a chemical reaction causes it to harden like glue. The technology has been developed by a team from England’s University of Bristol.


solving filtration harmonics H

armonics are a by-product of non-linear loads, a load which draws a non-sinusoidal current.

In our increasingly technology-reliant society, harmonics are a growing concern when it comes to the management of electrical systems in both industrial and commercial sites.

Despite the omnipresence of harmonics, a general lack of understanding – particularly in terms of how best to mitigate them – still exists. It is something that engineers and electricians must be mindful of. Not only is it important in order to optimise the performance of devices, but also with a view to energy efficiency and changing electrical environments.

“A 370 or higher Kilowatt fan or pump load running at 5% voltage distortion, can cost upwards of $15,000 per year.”


CLN | ISSUE 03 | OCT-JAN ‘16


Power Tripping The presence of harmonics in electrical systems means that current and voltage are distorted and deviate from sinusoidal waveforms. Put simply, they place added strain on electrical networks. This can lead to the potential damage of – often crucial and costly – equipment. They threaten to disrupt the regular functioning of devices which leads to increased operating costs, namely through downtime and the cost of ongoing maintenance. Additionally, harmonic currents increase the RMS current and compromise the quality of the supply voltage. This, in turn, causes power supply failures, such as tripping of circuit breakers or causing fuses to blow. Harmonics not only cause plant down time and additional running costs, but in extreme cases can lead to being disconnected from the network.



“Harmonics not only cause plant down time, but can also lead to financial penalties for failure to comply with utility provider harmonic limits.”

Non-linear loads and distortion So where does the problem arise? Essentially it boils down to the equipment such as switchedmode power supply (SMPS) equipment or variable speed drives, otherwise known as nonlinear loads, of which there are an increasing amount. A linear load is one where voltage is applied across a constant resistance resulting in a sinusoidal current. In contrast, non-linear loads occur when the resistance is not a constant and changes during each sine wave of the applied voltage waveform, resulting in a series of positive and negative pulses. Equipment such as computers, printers, variable speed drives, chargers and TVs etc. tend to make up a

significant percentage of non-linear loads in most electrical distribution systems. Too much harmonic distortion can result in progressive damage to sensitive devices that rely on quality power. There are two types of non-linear loads: singlephase and three-phase. Single-phase nonlinear loads are most commonly found in office buildings or hospitals whereas three-phase non-linear loads feature more often in factories and industrial plants.

SMPS systems draw their current in short, highamplitude pulses. This kind of pulse creates harmonic distortion that flows back into the power source, affecting any devices connected to the same point.

Control Logic in partnership with ABB have harmonic specialists to help manage your electrical infrastructure to not only protect your electrical assets, and contribute to a ‘greener’ environment but also help improve a return on investment and boost the intrinsic value of your facility. Free consultations are available by calling 1800 775 705.

will eventually lead to maintenance problems. The engine runs hotter, works harder and loses efficiency. It may cost less but in the long run you end up spending a lot more.

This process has been likened to the function of water pipes if you were to take a shower while someone turns cold and hot water on repeatedly Costs associated with harmonics at the sink, alternately burning or freezing you. The principle of harmonic distortion is the same, There are numerous areas where harmonics can causing significant stress and interference to cause inefficiencies, depending on your electrical the equipment involved. power system. For example in a manufacturing setting, unmanaged harmonics can cause a 10°C Harmonic distortion over time often leads to higher operating temperatures to maintain output. greater wear and tear on equipment such as Ultimately this can reduce the life of a motor by 50%. transformers resulting in higher maintenance For every percent of harmonic voltage distortion costs. Similar to filling your car with bad fuel, it


CLN | ISSUE 03 | OCT-JAN ‘16


Filtering the harm out of harmonics The challenge comes in being able to mitigate the issues created by harmonic distortion against a backdrop of vastly increasing numbers of non-linear loads in commercial and industrial buildings, such as variable speed drives and UPS systems in industrial buildings and office equipment like computers and photo copiers in commercial environments. With an increasing amount of sensitive equipment and numerous ways to measure efficiency, the problem isn’t just affecting the business as a whole but employees collectively. Gaining a better awareness of electrical inefficiencies can help control capital expenses, gain AS/ NZS61000.3.6 compliance, increased uptime and profits, and of course reduced energy expenses.

So how do you limit harmonics? If the cause of the harmonics is widespread then an active harmonic filter may be the most cost effective option. An active harmonic filter is installed on a network and measures the network current and injects an equal and opposite harmonic current to what it measures thereby cancelling out the harmonics such that the line current remains sinusoidal.

If restricted to just a few pieces of equipment such as variable speed drives, then the placement of passive filters in series with this equipment may be a more cost effective solution. A passive filter consists of a series circuit of reactors capacitors that have a low impedance path compared to the rest of the network for the harmonic currents to flow into.

Example of a distorted waveform caused by harmonics.

When designing new installations where large non linear loads will be used such as variable speed drives then using active front end drives offers another method of reducing harmonics without having to allow space for additional filtering equipment. So what’s next?

involving motors, an equal 1% of efficiency is lost each time. The rise in temperature dramatically reduces the lifespan as a result. Large HVAC systems with a 370 or higher Kilowatt fan or pump load running at 5% voltage distortion instead of 1%, can cost upwards of $15,000 per year at 10 cents per kWh. This is in addition to the reduced lifespan of equipment caused by the heating effects of the harmonic currents.

If you believe that your site may be experiencing harmonic related issues, the first step is to have a power quality survey carried out. Once the non-linear loads that are causing the majority of the harmonics have been identified, then the most appropriate harmonic mitigation strategy can be implemented. Potential solutions range from an active harmonic filter designed to mitigate harmonics from multiple non-linear loads to the placement of a passive filter if the problem is restricted to just a few pieces of equipment to provide a more cost effective option.





RX3i series

PAC controller

A new model sporting new features, the new CPE330 controller from GE-IP is the latest iteration joining the PAC RX3i series.


dding to their top of the range RX3i platform of PAC Controllers, GE-IP have introduced the brand new CPE330 CPU. Much more than a regular programmable logic controller (PLC) GE-IP claims it boasts the best migration path on the market. So if you would like to migrate a 30-year-old PLC to the latest processor? No problems! In most cases it will only take an hour or two. Well that certainly sounds impressive.

The new CPE330 PACSystems RX3i controller provides the foundation for Industrial Internet connectivity. It has a strong focus on high availability and at first glance has an easy-to-configure range of I/O options. It joins the existing CPE305 and CPE310 models in this range. Is it as good as we think? Let’s investigate.

Performance Switching it on, we find it is very quick thanks to its multiple processing core CPUs. The large working memory helps it store more data and access it faster.


lan at a g

r ocesso switch 2-port Core Pr l a a g u D in lud b AMD ANs inc • 1G ver 2 L ory o ) m 0 e 0 m 0 /1 Mb (10/100 STRP • 64 t ports P, EGD, e C n r T e s h u t E Modb • 3 estore ofinet, ckup/r a -UA, Pr b C k P ash) ic O • for qu mpactfl t o r C o p d e t spe B hos y high • US ge (ver a r o t s t as p • CF cy setu dundan e r y s a • E

We found it especially quick when handling a complex application right at the source with very minimal downtime. Gigabit data access across the backplane or over fibre kilometres away should prove no problems here.


Go to p specia age 4 for a l offer produ on this ct.

offer 10

There has been a lot of talk on the advantages of Profinet, and certainly GE-IP are the torch bearers of this technology. Proven to be resilient in high-noise environments, the CPE330 supports a large amount of I/O without compromising system performance. In fact one of the CPU processing cores is completely dedicated to communications - meeting expectations in a high speed operation.

CLN | ISSUE 03 | OCT-JAN ‘16

High availability The CPE330 can be easily scaled to a high availability redundant system by simply adding a second controller. Gigabit speeds were possible with bumpless (0ms) switchover by combining RX3i redundancy and PROFINET, which is a far cry to current controllers often taking up to ten milliseconds or more to switchover in the event of a fault or other system event. Other systems are often limited in real I/O connections due to bottlenecks in overall data collection.


i’d like you to meet... Applicatio

n Engineer Brisbane

redun d

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ant ar chitec


lty: PLCs HMI SCADA Profinet & great cust omer service ;-) Call me: 0437 820 31 9

Jason Lee

Migration Perhaps its greatest asset, the migration process in this range is pretty much flawless – it’s quick and pain-free, and can be executed in as little as a few hours. GE has created migration tools like automated application conversion that are designed specifically to provide a rapid granular overview of system architecture and allow for a rapid transition to new technology. Anyone with a 90-30 (and I’m sure there’s alot of you) will have no trouble updating to the CPE330.

The tech stuff There are two separate LANs (Gigabit) and a two port switch, on-board communications include OPC-UA Server, PROFINET, Modbus TCP/IP, EGD and SRTP Client/Server. Did we also mention that it includes a huge 64Mb of storage, dual core processor for lightning fast speed, program backup and restore via USB, internal web server for firmware updates and energy pack for volatile memory backup? I guess you would, considering its their top of the range system.

With t he final v a herit PACSystem erdict age of s RX3 i CPE3 excell releva enc 30, nt proce for future re e in control we have a system ssor u q u ir e ments and reliabil sing p that b the low it . r y o It rings , v bu is e e for sp st cost, high n technolog an extreme t remains ecialty ly y a t fast an vailab hat als co respec il tive co ntrollers, ju ity process o happens d flexible st put ors on to be mmun on tw th ication s card o CPE330s e market. N e of s and togeth o need away you go er with the .

Interviewed by Gray Williams, Marketing Guru, Control Logic headquarters.

ja so n. le e2 @g

e. co m

Our GE-IP correspondent and all round nice guy Jason Lee talks to me about life in automation and why Australia is awesome. So Jason, I often see you around Control Logic headquarters and was just curious as to what an Application Engineer for GE-IP does? Well one of my main responsibilities is providing information and training on new and existing automation products released by GE Intelligent Platforms to all our customers Australia-wide. This takes me across many industries and keeps my job extremely interesting. This can range from running a PLC course to helping design a new control system or prototyping new requirements. So with all this in mind, what in particular tends to draw people to your products? GE has a substantial amount of products, but in the Automation area we are actually simplifying things - for example our RX3i range only has 3 controllers. Having a common software platform across our PLC and HMI range from small to large systems is a definite draw card. Ok so it’s the year 2020+ what’s happening? More data is being collected off machines than ever before, and more machines are connected to the Industrial Internet to run their businesses better. More data and the right software will be the focus for more productivity and less downtime. The Internet has alot to answer for... Ok, completely off topic now... Favourite Aussie destination? Picking a single destination is impossible. I love the outdoors, from skiing in Perisher to four wheel driving on Stradbroke Island - even camping west of Brisbane. We are lucky to have so many things at our doorstep. Although on the weekends I do enjoy lazing about on my back deck relaxing while my kids play. That does sound good. Thanks for your time Jason - much appreciated. No problems, enjoyed it.




robots of



hey have mastered the art of poker, helped write a cookbook and can cope with a basic conversation. The decision by a Japanese bank to staff their front-desk with a bevy of robots is just the latest in a series of advances and predictions that at times appear to suggest we will all be replaced, professionally and socially, by automatons.

Before mourning or rejoicing over the imminent demise of the entire legal and other professions, it is worth noting that these machines only do well at responding to certain predictable questions. Like the iPhone’s Siri, if you ask the right things, it sounds quite competent, but a lot of the time the responses are plain silly.

Ray Kurzweil, director of engineering at Google, has estimated that robots will reach human levels of intelligence by 2029, purportedly leaving us about 14 years to reign supreme. So, how far are we along this trajectory?

The next step, elusive thus far, is developing a program that actually understands the meaning of words and phrases. Computer scientists generally concede that jokes and sarcasm are still utterly beyond computers.

The increase in computing prowess during the past decade has expanded the kinds of tasks computers can undertake independently. IBM’s Watson computer, which won the US quiz show Jeopardy! in 2011, is being successfully applied to medical diagnosis. By mining medical research papers available online and analysing diagnostic images, it can outperform doctors in some tasks. Most recently, the same machine has been transformed in to an “artificial lawyer”, which can search legal databases and correspondence for possibly relevant information.

Beyond purely intellectual tasks, the physical capability of robots is also rapidly advancing. Improved processing of visual information means that driverless cars are now on the horizon and a glance at some of the galloping and armoured machines developed by Boston Dynamics gives a sinister hint of the military potential. But the best technology today still performs far worse on skills such as dexterity and balance – attributes that come naturally to humans. Engineers can just about build a robot capable of loading a dishwasher or taking out the rubbish, for instance, but at

>> timeline: what events does the future predict will happen?


3D printing becomes a mainstream consumer technology.



Consumer devices are now seen with 100Gbit/s transfer speeds.



Sales of electric and hybrid trucks reach 100,000 annually.



The mining industry is starting to become highly automated.





Holographic TVS are now available for purchase.

CLN | ISSUE 03 | OCT-JAN ‘16


#fact... The average episode of Game of Thrones costs HBO $6 million (US) dollars to make.

The famous Windows start up sound was composed using a Mac.

almost, but not exactly, like humans.

Perhaps with this in mind, when Japanese scientists developed a robot to provide emotional support to the sick and elderly, they chose to There is also the question of what we make it in the shape of a baby seal, called Paro. want our robotic companions to look Similarly, scientists at the University of Lincoln like. While films, from Terminator to Ex went for plain white plastic features when Machina, tend to portray essentially designing a “printable companion”, Marc, that “souped up” humans, in reality we may can be screwed together from 3D-printed be more comfortable with entities that components. Previous research has shown that look a bit less like us. humans readily interact with not much more than a pair of eye brows and a smile, so our The so-called “uncanny valley” effect aesthetic requirements may be the easiest to means that many people find robots meet. creepy when their features look and move

More people speak English in China than the United States.

Blue whales are so enormous that a small child could swim through its veins.

Meet YuMi

The puppeteers who animated the raptors in ‘Jurassic Park’ had to take a 6 week long class on how to move like a dinosaur.

ABB are about to release ‘YuMi’ a sophisticated dual-arm drone robot designed for a ‘new era of automation’. YuMi, short for ‘You and Me’ is so accurate that ABB claim it can easily thread a needle. Very fancy. YuMi could be used during small parts assembly, where people and robots work hand-in-hand on the same tasks.

Borneo’s rainforests have been completely wiped from the map.



Nanotech clothes are growing rapidly in use. It’s both water and stain resistant.



Mind reading technology is being deployed for security purposes.





According to a study, Twitter and Facebook are harder to resist than Tabacco and alcohol.

Several animal species are now threatened for extinction including the African elephant.



colossal expense, making such machines a very distant prospect in the home.

Vertical farms are a common sight in cities.


product brief LEVEL SENSOR LMK307 T Designed for continuous level measurement in water or waste water applications, the LMK307T features a flush mounted ceramic sensor with the ability for simultaneous measurement of level and temperature with separate independent 4 to 20mA outputs. This is sure to reduce maintenance and wiring costs.

LEVEL SENSOR LMK 806 The LMK 806 features a ceramic sensor with a diameter of only 21mm and has been specifically designed for continuous level measurement in confined spaces. Suitable for waste water and aggressive media such as acids and lyes. Many different cable materials are available in order to achieve maximum media compatibility.

LEVEL SENSOR LMK 358H The separable stainless steel probe LMK 358H with HART comms has been designed for level measurement in water, waste water and higher viscosity media. In order to facilitate stock-keeping and maintenance the transmitter head is plugged to the cable assembly with a connector and can be changed quickly and easily saving time and money.

PANEL METER PAX2A Featuring a universal analog meter, DC current, DC voltage, process signals and more, the PAX2A has built-in Modbus communications and a universal power supply. With a dual line display and increased update rates, the main display can be programmed for red, orange, or green; while the bottom display is green.

shut-up & take my




1 TL3 Racing Simulator Control pads are for kids. Real men use the TL3 Racing Simulator, one of the world’s most advanced and realistic racing simulators money can buy. The system utilises three calibrated projectors to display a massive 5760 x 1080 image across the screen for real-world racing.

2 Wavekat P70 Personal Watercraft Why settle for a jet-ski or boat when you can standout with something that drives like a car on water. The Wavekat has a steering wheel and throttles just like a car which makes it exceptionally easy to pilot over waves. A stable ride at 65km/h. Yes please.

3 Stump Stool This is not just any stump stool off the old block - this one is made from salavaged stump and fitted with internal LED lighting which disperses light spectacularly through the natural cracks of the log. Designed to be used both indoors and outdoors.


4 B-Unstoppable Hybrid Tank Quadcopter Destined for use in the military is a new take on all-terrain RC vehicles and airborne drones. Go Beyond is the Kickstarter team behind this cool gadget, which promises to cross or fly over any terrain. Built-in camera and MicroSD slot included for those sneaky missions.

5 SensorWake Smell Alarm Clock

Still waking up to a ringtone? Try rising from slumber to the smell of hot croissants or chocolate. Guillaume Rolland has created the world’s first scented alarm clock that uses intense smells rather than sound. There’s already a number of smell capsules available.

levw iet hlm e CLN | ISSUE 03 | OCT-JAN ‘16


ou or possibly your kids may have heard the urban slang ‘on the level’. It’s used to be completely honest or above-board... givin’ it to you straight with no exceptions, you know what I’m sayin’? Ahem… Basically they are asking if the information is accurate. Engineers with a large tank can relate because they need to know if their media is ‘on the level’. What is hydrostatic measurement? Hydrostatic level measurement is a really simple and reliable method of measuring level. A submersible pressure transmitter is lowered into the media to a specific depth typically known as the zero level.


The first step to accurately measuring ‘level’ is to understand it.

The transmitter then measures the pressure caused by the weight of the liquid directly on top of it. Due to the hydrostatic paradox, the pressure sensor does not measure the complete volume in the tank, but only the liquid column vertically above it therefore it’s completely unaffected by the shape of reservoir or vessel.

either reach the bottom of your tank or to your desired zero level. Run the cable to your control system to connect the level probe. Use an additional sink weight for a turbulent medium to stabilise the level probe in order to get a stable pressure reading.

“Hydrostatic level measurement is extremely tolerant to disturbances unlike many non-contact technologies...” 2



How to select the right product for your hydrostatic level measurement

How to compensate for temperature effects

There are 4 main areas to look at which include the measuring range, type of media, accuracy and the electrical connection.

The medium temperature changes the specific gravity of the media. A simple solution would be to add a Pt100 temperature probe or even an integrated temperature sensor within the submersible pressure transmitter. By measuring the temperature of the medium you can easily compensate for the changes to the specific gravity in your control system and correct the level calculation accordingly.

The measuring range should be on the level you want to measure. Stand-alone tanks would be based on the height while underground basins or reservoirs are on how deep you want to submerse the level probe. Consider the media that will be measured and the compatibility of the sensor material and cable type. If the wetted material is not compatible, your sensor will degrade over time and could contaminate the media. Industry standard accuracy of <0.5% will give you a possible error of max. 5mm per metre of level, while highest accuracy variants with <0.1% will be as accurate as max. 1mm per metre of level.


This leaves the electrical cable, all you need to consider is the appropriate length to allow wiring from the transmitter to the control system and to allow for the immersion length as well. How to install and set up a hydrostatic level transmitter Lower the unit via the cable until you

How to cope with steam, foam, dust, build-up and other disturbances Hydrostatic level measurement is extremely tolerant to disturbances unlike many non-contact level measurement technologies. Submersible pressure transmitters positioned in direct contact at a measuring point below the surface level are not affected by any disturbance above the surface level. Even with direct contact, any buildup or contamination does not disturb the sensor as long as they remain wet with the medium. If the tank or basin is emptied and build-up is allowed to dry, simply clean using a cloth or rinse it with water. For these reasons, hydrostatic level measurement is one of the most reliable technologies you can find on the market.



eror ? filtdivert

Phillip Tompson

The difference between surge diverters and surge filters may be more than you think...


ightning strikes commonly cause surges of several thousand volts to appear across mains power lines. Surges of these magnitudes can cause catastrophic damage to electronic equipment. Surge protectors are designed to clamp surge voltages to a value that electronic equipment can safely endure. This value is called the let-through voltage or clamping voltage of the surge protector.

SURGE FILTERS Complete solutions The Novaris range of surge filters is extensive, they range from 2 Amp DIN rail mount units designed to protect sensitive PLCs and process equipment; plug in units for final circuit outlets and up to 2500A per phase filters designed to protect major data centres.

SURGE DIVERTER SD MULTIMOV Series The new SD MULTIMOV surge diverters offer unsurpassed safety, quality and reliability in protection for your electrical system. MULTIMOV surge diverters are an ideal pointof-entry protector for all industrial, commercial and communications applications.

PROCESS CONTROL SL Series The slim-line range of plug-in signal line protectors provide surge protection for most twisted pair signalling schemes. Ideal for the protection of PLCs, fire and security systems, telecommunications and telemetry systems, railway signalling, SCADA and other industrial monitoring and control equipment. NBN approved product.

CCTV PROTECTOR SFD Series Protection for both power and signal is provided in one compact and economical DIN compliant package. Ideal for security and CCTV camera protection.

product brief 16

CLN | ISSUE 03 | OCT-JAN ‘16

The let-through voltage is the most important measure of performance of a surge protector. Obviously the lower the let-through voltage, the better chance connected equipment has of surviving a surge. Australian and international standards provide us with standard testing procedures for measuring let-through voltages. The most common test (and one used for this report) is the 3kA 8/20us, 6kV 1.2/50us combination wave test. This test involves injecting a combination of voltage and current surges into the protector and measuring the resulting voltage across the terminals of the protector.

“...surge filters have three stages to a surge diverter’s one, they tend to have a much longer lifespan, as well as increased reliability due to component redundancy.”

did you know Damage costs from lightning are estimated at $6-10 million each year in Australia, with approximately 80,000 thunderstorms annually. A lightning strike may hold 100 million to a billion volts.

Surge Diverters Surge diverters are connected in parallel. They consist of surge arresting components, usually metal oxide varistors (MOVs) and gas arresters. They work by diverting surge energy to ground. 1000


800 600 400 200 0 -200


The let through voltage shown here is just under 900V. Whilst this is low enough to protect most equipment, more sensitive electronic equipment would still be damaged. Surge Filters


Effect of shunt-connected leads Because surge diverters are connected in parallel, the let-through voltage experienced by the connected equipment depends not only upon the performance of the surge diverter, but also on the inductance of the connecting leads. Even if the inductance of the connecting leads is low, the extremely fast time of a lightning induced surge will create a very large voltage across them. In a practical situation, the actual let-through voltage experienced by connected equipment can be around 400V greater than that stated in the technical specifications for the surge diverter. Lifespan and reliability Eventually, surge-diverting components are fatigued by repetitive and/or substantially sized surges. Because surge filters have three stages to a surge diverter’s one, they tend to have a much longer lifespan, as well as increased reliability due to component redundancy.


Surge filters are connected in series. They employ three-stage protection consisting of surge diverters at the input and output, and a low-pass LC filter in the middle. The low pass filter not only suppresses surges, Novaris have performed extensive laboratory tests on surge but also provides filters that show the stage 1 surge diverters absorbs around some filtering against 95% of the surge energy. This leaves only 5% of the surge harmonic noise. In energy for stage 3 surge diverter to absorb. For multiple loads Typical values would be a 900V let-through the event of a surge, this is especially important to ensure that stage 3 diverters are voltage for stage 1 and a 600V drop across the majority of the generously rated. stage 2. This leaves only 300V at the surge energy is output of the filter. A let-through voltage diverted to ground this low will protect even the most sensitive What’s the result? by the stage 1 of electronic equipment. surge diverter. Surge filters provide far superior protection against lightning induced As a result, the 400 surges on main power lines. Unlike surge diverters, their performance voltage at the 300 200 is not installation dependant. On top of these points, they have a input to stage 2 100 longer lifespan and are more reliable than surge diverters. is clamped. 0


-200 -300 -400



how safe is your


improve your machine safety Risk assessment

Safety requirement specification Validation


Safety system design

Implementation SAFE MACHINE

Design verification

legally compliant increase productivity improve safety lower costs

Understanding the risk levels of one machine or an entire plant floor can be daunting and time consuming. Control Logic have TUV-certified safety engineers on hand that can help at any step of a safeguarding project from risk assessment and training through to validation and startup.

CALL NOW FOR YOUR FREE CONSULTATION* *To claim your free one hour safety consultation for your workplace simply quote â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;SAFEMACHINEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; by phone or email.

for more information call 1800 557 705 or email

industrial. electrical. automation.

CLN | ISSUE 03 | OCT-JAN ‘16


machine safety Compliance to the standards, using engineering improvements and leading edge safety technologies to implement the technical requirements is the first step.

Aram Dehghani


change S

afety at workplace studies have • shown that the long term success of any organisation is dependent on • providing a safe workplace. To achieve a safe workplace, a corporate culture needs to be created in which safety is understood to be the number one priority. It comes • down to three components:

With a IP65 environmental protection rating, the rugged ZQ 900 range of safety pull wire switches can cover a distance up to 75m on a single switch. It includes an emergency stop button located on the top cover of the device with the added benefit of wire pull and breakage protection.

Organisations with a positive safety culture are characterised by communications founded on mutual trust, by shared perceptions of the importance of safety and by confidence in the effectiveness of preventative measures. Key elements for creating a safety culture are:

The next step is involved in focusing on lost time injury, reporting, audits, competency, policy, procedure and training. It is essential to understand that safety is part of the management system, together with financials, production, quality and environment. Safety should not be kept separate but integrated into the decisionmaking process at the highest level in the organisation.

Many organisations reach this point but fail to implement the third component which is creating a Positive Safety Culture.

Ready to embrace change? Control Logic’s safety engineers can help provide guidance and insight into what works best for you.

Commitment of the senior management to safety; Culture of trust which in turn promotes reporting culture, where people are encouraged/rewarded for providing essential safety-related information (errors, near misses & violations); Continuous organisational learning through practices such as feedback systems, monitoring and analysis.

Standards & Technology; Safety Management System; A Positive Safety Culture.



The Panasonic SF-C21 Configurable Safety Controller, can do the work of up to four safety relay units. Simple to wire, the units are compact and can be installed in a narrow space of only 45 mm wide. They are equipped with 8 single or 4 dual safety inputs and 4 Single or 2 Dual PNP Transistor safety outputs. The unit is capable of safety functions incorporating two hand control, parallel muting, sequential muting, category 0 stop, category 1 stop and logic utilising AND/OR functions.

product brief

Aram Dehghani


SAFETY SENSOR RSS 260 Series Gain optimal integration for surrounding architecture of removable, hinged and sliding covers and doors. The RSS 260 series offers a high level of tamper resistance as the RFID-based sensor technology permits individual actuator coding. It allows connection of up to 31 RSS 260 safety sensors in series and evaluate them with a single safety module without compromising the safety level and the diagnostic capability.

With over 18 years of safety experience, Aram Dehghani is a Safety Consultant at Control Logic’s Safety Services division. A Control Systems engineer, he holds a TUV certification for functional safety of machinery specialising in the design, installation, commissioning and validation of safety control systems including risk assessment and hazard analysis.

LIGHT & SOUNDER Patrol Series Carrying an impressive sound level range from 100db to120db and a light intensity from 5 to 15 joules, the Patrol range from Pfannenberg can be used up to 170 metres away. It can hold up to 64 different tones that can be custom selected to suit any type of installation. It features a IP66 rating and is an ideal solution from machine pre-start to fire evacuation alarms.





arketed as “the race that stops a nation”, the Melbourne Cup attracts the greatest thoroughbreds from around the world for the richest ‘two-mile’ (3,200metres) race for three-year-olds and over. Hosted in Flemington Melbourne, its $6.2 million total prize money firmly attracts the international sporting spotlight every year. With attendance over the 100,000 mark, the Emirates Melbourne Cup is held on the first Tuesday in November at 3pm (ESDT). With a long history since 1861, find out why it is the pinnacle of the Australian racing calendar today.

To qualify for the Melbourne Cup, the horse must be 3 years old and over, with a minimum handicap weight of 49kgs. There is no maximum weight, but the top allocated weight must not be less than 57kgs. The VRC Handicapper declares the weight allocated to each horse in early September. Weights were theoretically calculated to give each horse an equal winning chance in the past, but in recent years the rules were adjusted to a ‘quality handicap’ formula where superior horses are given less severe weight penalties than under pure handicap rules.

Fees Entries for the Melbourne Cup usually close during the first week of August. The initial entry fee is $600 per horse. Around 300 to 400 horses are nominated each year, but the final field is limited to 24 starters. Following the allocation of weights, the owner of each horse must on four occasions before the race in November, declare the horse as an acceptor and pay a fee. First acceptance is $960, second acceptance is $1,450 and third acceptance is $2,420. The final acceptance fee, on the Saturday prior to the race, is $45,375. Should a horse be balloted out of the final field, the final declaration fee is refunded.

Balloting conditions The race Directors retain the absolute discretion to exclude any horse from the race, or exempt any horse from the ballot on the race, but in order to reduce the field to the safety limit of 24, horses are balloted out based on a number of factors which include the following:


• • •

Prize money earned in the previous two years. Wins or placings in certain lead-up races. Allocated handicap weight.

However in the past, far larger numbers were allowed. The largest field ever raced was a staggering 39 runners in 1890.

the trophy

CLN | ISSUE 03 | OCT-JAN ‘16



Six grey horses have won the Cup including Subzero in 1992. a horse

World War I and II did not stop the Melbourne Cup from going ahead.

3 wins | Makybe Diva (‘03, ‘04, ‘05). 2 wins | Think Big (‘74, ‘75). 2 wins | Rain Lover (‘68, ‘69). 2 wins | Peter Pan (‘32, ‘34). 2 wins | Archer (‘61, ‘62).

No horse has won from barrier 18 since barriers were introduced in 1924. a jockey

The saddlecloth numbers 4 and 12 have won the Cup a record 11 times. Lucky numbers! a trainer

In any given year, there are about 32,000 active racehorses in Australia. More than half of them have never won a race. an owner


sports calendar OCT to JAN ‘16.


Grand Final | MCG, Melbourne | 3 Oct

4 wins | Bobby Lewis 4 wins | Harry White


12 wins | Bart Cummings 5 wins | Etienne de Mestre 5 wins | Lee Freedman 4 wins | John Tait 4 wins | Etienne de Mestre 4 wins | Dato Tan Chin Nam 4 wins | Lloyd Williams

Grand Final | ANZ stadium | 4 Oct

Rugby + wallabies fixtures Wallabies vs Eng. | Twickenham, Lon | 3 Oct Wallabies vs Wales | Twickenham, Lon | 10 Oct Quarter Finals | Lon | 17-18 Oct Semi Finals | Twickenham, Lon | 24-25 Oct Final | Twickenham, Lon | 31 Oct


The total prize money for last years race was $6,400,000 (AU), not forgetting the trophies valued at $125,000. Only the first 10 past the post receive prize money, with the winner being paid $3.3 million, and tenth place $115,000. Prize money is distributed to the connections of each horse in the ratio of 85% to the owner, 10% to the trainer and 5% to the jockey. Not bad for a single event.

HISTORICAL TIMELINE A new trophy is struck each year and becomes the property of the winning owner. In the event of a dead heat a second cup is on hand. The current trophy is made by Hardy Brothers from 34 pieces of gold metal hand beaten for over 200 hours. Close inspection of the inside of the Cup will reveal small hammer imprints. As of 2008, the trophy values were increased and the Cup now contains 1.65 kg of 18-carat gold valuing the trophy at $125,000. The winning trainer and jockey also receive a miniature replica of the cup (since 1973) and the strapper is awarded the Tommy Woodcock Trophy, named after the strapper of Phar Lap.

OTHER RECORDS Fastest time: 3.16.30 Kingston Rule (1990). Heaviest weight: 66kgs, Carbine (1890). Favourites record: 34 of 150 have won.


The Victorian Racing Club introduced the 4 day Spring Racing Carnival format.


The youngest jockey to win was Peter St. Albans on Briseis aged 13 (officially).


The Melbourne Cup was first filmed.


The first radio broadcast was made by the Australian Broadcasting company.


The photo finish camera was first used, but was later found incorrectly aligned.


The first Cup start from starting stalls.


The first sponsored Cup and the first million dollar Cup with $650K for the winner.


First female jockey to ride in the cup was Maree Lyndon on Argonaut Style.


Makybe Diva became the only horse so far to win the Melbourne Cup 3 times.


150th anniversary. Americain becomes the first French-trained horse to win the race.


French based horse Dunaden wins from Red Cadeaux in the closest finish ever.


Is 2015 set for another historical event?

Aus VS NZ | 1st Test | GABBA | 5-9 Nov Aus VS NZ | 2nd Test | WACA | 13-17 Nov Aus VS NZ | 3rd Test | Ade. Oval | 27 Nov- 1 Dec Aus VS W.I | 1st Test | Hobart | 10-14 Dec Aus VS W.I | 2nd Test | MCG | 26-30 Dec Aus VS W.I | 3rd Test | SCG | 3-7 Jan Aus VS Ind | 1st ODI | WACA | 12 Jan Aus VS Ind | 2nd ODI | GABBA | 15 Jan Aus VS Ind | 3rd ODI | MCG | 17 Jan Aus VS Ind | 4th ODI | Manuka Oval | 20 Jan Aus VS Ind | 5th ODI | SCG | 23 Jan Big Bash League Final | 24 Jan


Australian Open | Melbourne | 18-31 Jan

Motor sport V8

Bathurst 1000 Mount Panorama | 8-11 Oct Gold Coast 600 | 23-25 Oct ITM 500 | Auckland | 6-8 Nov Phillip Island Super Sprint | 20-22 Nov Sydney 500 | 4-6 Dec


Australia Moto GP | Philip Island | 16-18 Oct


Aust. Short Course Championships | Syd | 5 Nov


Quiksilver Pro France | Landes | 6-17 Oct

Moche Rip Curl Pro Portugal | Peniche | 20-31 Oct

Billabong Pipe Masters | Hawaii | 8-20 Dec

Horse racing

Caulfied Cup | Caulfield | 17 Oct Cox Plate | Mooney Valley | 24 Oct Victoria Derby | Flemington | 31 Oct Melbourne Cup | Flemington | 3 Nov



HMI design more


pretty pictures Human machine interface (HMI) design. When boring reigns supreme...


n order to ensure successful implementation, effective HMI design should start with some proper planning. Just making a HMI look cool is not always the best answer. HMIs are present in a great deal of applications, leading to multiple lessons to consider when starting a new design project. More often than not, programmers overlook what they could have learned from past designs (and even mistakes) until itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s too late. It is imperative that accidents from the past are used to ensure success in the future. Arming yourself with simple rules from lessons learnt to communicate to operations is extremely important to the success of your project. Remember the need of your audience The primary HMI design concerns are not for Colour selection engineering, maintenance or management, Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s for the main line of control; the operator. Evaluate Keep it simple and boring, in this case boring means effective. It is all about being what would or should be showing to operations. able to show the anomaly in the process. Background colours should be kept Not that other groups should be disregarded but monotone using grey scale if possible. Primary colours such as red, green, or blue they should be secondary. Operations will spend should not be used as a background colour. Black and white show great contrast, most of their time watching the same things over and over again. Issues such as eyestrain are a large part to design consideration. Screen layout Alerts to changes should stand out, process A third layer may be used with additional holdups should be able to be evaluated piping detail and process representation Screen layout is important for quickly and all systems that are the same but should be done sparingly. Device good HMI interaction. Screens should look that way. Control functions information is ideal and accessible from should have set layers, as too many should be standard and the same across this third level. Remember operators drill downs will lead to distraction. the board. The secondary group will will do this every day and know the Good design does not have a lot of probably want to see a different layer of the equipment. What one thinks is important process detail, but more red light, system. For management it will be high when doing the initial design will change green light indication for the areas level overviews and production graphs with exposure. Single quick navigation that are built underneath. From the & data. For maintenance, help points should be used when possible. Menu overview within one tap the secondary should exist to navigate into the PLC or bars and active alarm banners help keep main layer of detail should be shown DCS to make troubleshooting easier. the process within one tap. Screen popincluding device control. ups need to be kept to a minimum.


product brief

HMI DISPLAY Graphite Series

Available in eight different models in sizes ranging from 7” to 15” indoor and outdoor models. The IECEx certified Graphite series provides the industry’s first rugged HMI solution to combine a range of versatile plug-in modules with protocol conversion, data logging and web-based monitoring & control. Features a built-in web server to monitor and control their application via PCs, tablets or smart-phones.

HMI DISPLAY Kadet Series With Red Lion’s powerful Crimson software included, the Kadet series HMI operator panels provide best-in-class communications capabilities with up to three serial ports and one Ethernet port capable of supporting four protocols simultaneously. Choose from 4.3” or 7” widescreen displays, that seamlessly integrate with PLCs, drives, motion controllers and other automation devices.

HMI DISPLAY QuickPanel+ Series The QuickPanel+ is an all-inone device: an OI/HMI, a PLC/ process controller, machine gateway and data historian. It supports 5 IEC programming languages including relay ladder, sequential function chart, structured text, instruction list and function block diagram. Configuration is easy, with a common database reducing development time by eliminating the need to re-enter tag names, and an extensive library of preconfigured animation objects is provided.

HMI DISPLAY GT03 Series Perfect for the outdoors, the tough and low cost GT03 series HMI features a high brightness, high contrast screen with an anti-glare coating that provides exceptional viewing characteristics. The front panel has a protective structure rated IP67 that can withstand exposure to harsh UV environments. With a operating temperature range of -20° to +55ºC and low power consumption, the GT03 series can be used in a wide range of applications and environments.

elpmis ti peeK“ ”gnirob dna

but it will be too much for long periods of monitoring. Grey on grey is very effective for both eye fatigue and contrast. Three-dimensional graphics are fun at first with cutaways and moving parts but these are all distractions. Pick a format and stick with it. In most cases: Red – Stop, Green – Good, Yellow- Warning, Blue – Mandatory Operation are the core colours to use. Looking towards the future

Displaying data or setpoints The data value when evaluated should be easily checked against the normal range without having to look up or remember what is acceptable. Detailed device information shown on the third level of display may include drawing references or PLC information. Other effective data representation can be graphical in nature with health gauges (similar to a car speedometer) that go back to the green is good red is bad style representation.

Poor HMI colour and graphics.

Just as phones have become mainstream there are plants that are starting to lean to remote HMI view only access. Tablets or phones are mobile and effective in the field. These applications will take a change in the approach to the current model just as web pages first started out they had to adapt for the phone user. So keeping the page layout and data informative with effective layers will make the transition an easier step as they are the building blocks to effective representation. Good luck!




road s you have to drive E

veryone loves a good ol’ fashioned road trip. It’s the stuff of legends, immortalised in countless films and song lyrics eulogising the virtues of the open road. It’s the ultimate freedom: sky above, asphalt below and nothing holding you back but your sense of direction. What you need is quality time with your car and a tale to tell when you come back – something that’s a little more feelgood buddy flick and a little less National Lampoon. Here’s a rundown of Australia’s most thrilling must-drive roads.



| NT

With striking 360-degree views of uninterrupted horizon, this is road tripping at its finest. The 244 km Lasseter Highway connects Uluru east to the Stuart Highway through some of Australia’s most aweinspiring landscapes and famous sights, including Uluru and Kata Tjuta. Roll down your windows, slip on your aviators, turn the tunes up and cruise through the Northern Territory’s rugged natural beauty like you don’t have a care in the world.




There are two options when you travel the Black Spur. The first is to pretend you’re starring in Speed Racer (the anime version, not the live-action disaster) and let adrenaline take charge. The second is to take a more leisurely cruise down its 30 km path between Healesville and Narbethong, so you can enjoy the spectacular surroundings. If you want a relatively clear run, tackle it on a weekday. Weekends are notoriously busy.

The Great Alpine Road got its moniker because it’s considered the mountain equivalent to Victoria’s famous oceanside route. Take this one slowly, piece by piece, to make the most of the towns, wineries, restaurants, fishing spots and scenic stops you’ll find along the way. The Alpine National Park is particularly worth a visit if you’re into Instagram-worthy flora and fauna.




The winding road out of Queenstown is so famous for its twists and turns that it’s unofficially known as the 99 Bends. Formally called Gormanston Road, it’s by far the most fun and frightening stretch of black-top you’ll encounter on Tasmania’s West Coast. The curvaceous route over a mountain range is great if you want to put your car through its paces and pretend you’re a pro. Targa Tasmania’s talented rally racers can drive its 6 km in a touch over four minutes.



CLN | ISSUE 03 | OCT-JAN ‘16




Head to Queensland for another opportunity to drive like a pro. The Gold Coast 600 Street Circuit is a temporary track at Surfers Paradise, the third of three major racing circuits that have existed in the area. The main event is a week of show stopping celebrations and three action-packed days of V8 Supercar street racing, but during the rest of the year the circuit is regular city streets on which anyone is free to take a spin.



The Great Ocean Road’s National Heritagelisted, 243-km stretch was built in honour of soldiers killed during WWI. Today it’s a beloved tourist destination that takes travellers by world-class surfing breaks, through pockets of rainforest, over sheer limestone cliffs, past picturesque seaside towns and under koala-laden tree canopies. If you’re willing to stop, pay a visit to the wineries and fine dining options along the way.


The Adelaide Hills have been made famous by Targa and Classic Adelaide tarmac rallies, and the annual Tour Down Under race for cyclists, not to mention the hundreds of enthusiasts who hit them each weekend. Their network of winding roads will leave you feeling spoilt for choice, but you won’t go wrong with any option. Rolling gradients, sinuous bends and a beautiful backdrop make for a pure driving experience to please any keen car fan.

MOUNT PANORAMA | NSW Despite its reputation as a famous Aussie racing track, Mount Panorama is actually a public road with an unusual 174 m vertical difference between its highest and lowest points, and grades as steep as 1:6.13. On non-race days, cars are welcome to drive in both directions around the circuit at no charge. However, lest you be tempted to pretend it is a race day, a strict speed limit of 60 km/hr is enforced and police regularly patrol the area.


LAKE MOUNTAIN ROAD | VIC Lake Mountain is a popular destination for skiers looking to enjoy its family-friendly resort, but the road to and from is also favoured pavement for gearheads. Top Gear Australia named Lake Mountain one of Australia’s best driving roads for a reason. It’s not the most difficult drive, but it’s a stunner. Its calm ascent through the Yarra Ranges National Park gives you plenty of time to relax and enjoy the unique scenery left behind by the Black Saturday bushfires.

If drivers had playgrounds, this would be it. Macquarie Pass is a treasure trove of features that make car lovers go weak in the knees. Narrow roads? Check. No centreline? Check. Limited visibility? Check. Dangerous drop-offs? Check. Hairpin bends and steep roadways? Check and check. All that adds up to a reputation for serious accidents that may deter more timid drivers, but thrillseekers can’t miss it.


tech: motoped survival bike

tech: knight rider’s K.I.T.T talking usb charger

Remember that Flux Capacitor USB car charger that kind of turned your ride into the DeLorean from Back to the Future? If for some reason David Hasselhoff is more to your liking, there’s now an alternate version that will turn your vehicle into K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider instead. The charger is designed to look exactly like

K.I.T.T.’s voice box from the original TV series, complete with flashing LEDs that stay perfectly synced to 11 different phrases it speaks. When plugged into a 12-volt power socket it unfortunately won’t make your ride look like a 1982 Pontiac Trans Am. But it will let you charge a couple of smaller mobile devices like smartphones from its pair of USB ports, so for $40, it’s more than just an awesome ’80s novelty. BRB I’m buying one.

The Survival Bike is your tactical blank canvas. A utilitarian, military-inspired super-hauler, it comes outfitted with a universal rack that accepts a myriad of bolt-on mounts, harnesses, and fitments so you can pack along darned near anything you can imagine. With a primary fuel tank plus an option to add two more side-mounted fuel tanks, this thing can take you 400-480 klms without filling up. Fancy a desert trek?

the esca pe

cinema: spectre (2015) Spectre will be the 24th James Bond film in the series so far, and once again features Daniel Craig in his 4th film as Bond... James Bond. Rumour has it, that it will feature more action, stunts and kills (oh my), as well as showcase the latest Aston Martin.

While the story is a little vague at this stage, what we do know is that a cryptic message from the past sends James Bond on a rogue mission to Mexico City and eventually Rome. He meets Lucia Sciarra (Monica Bellucci), the beautiful and forbidden widow of an infamous criminal. Bond infiltrates a secret meeting and uncovers the existence of the sinister organisation known as SPECTRE. Bring on the action! Spectre has a release date of November 6 in Australia.

Conquer your fears and push yourself to do something different. Whether you want to add an element of danger to your travels, have promised yourself to tick off a few entries on your bucket list, or want to update your Facebook page to impress your friends, then one of these adventures should do the trick.

1. Sky Diving, Hawaii


“Just cha ng when I se ed my Facebook e n say “No stupid posts I ca ame to ‘No one’ one likes so n click ‘lik this’.” e’ and it will I used to think the brain Difference between was the most important Mechanical and organ. Then I thought, Civil engineers? look what’s telling me that. Mechanical build weapons; Civil build targets.


recent movie releases

Newlywed couple Ted and Tami-Lynn want to have a baby, but in order to qualify to be a parent, Ted will have to prove he’s a person in a court of law. Angry and dejected, Ted must now seek legal help.

Susan Cooper is an unassuming, deskbound CIA analyst. When her partner falls off the grid and another top agent is compromised, she goes deep undercover to infiltrate a deadly arms dealer.

apple “watch” | due early 2015

travel: extreme adventures

It’s the ultimate rush - flying above the clouds, then falling through the skies at 190km/h before letting your parachute open and coasting slowly to earth. A sky-dive over Oahu on a clear day lets you see other Hawaiian islands, and 2. Rafting, Zambia whales if you’re lucky. Hidden rocks, sharp drops, rough currents - it’s all part of white water rafting in this gorge below the Victoria Falls. Churning and plunging rapids flow into Lake Kariba. Rafting is graded between 1-6, with 6 considered unnavigable. Zambesi River is grade 5.

Purchase as a fully-assembled bike (including stock 49cc or 125cc engine), as a partially assembled kit (supply your own engine), or assemble yourself. The cost? $4,300-$5,000.


5. Death Road, Bolivia

3. Everest trek, Nepal

This classic trek in the Himalayas will give you gasp-worthy views of the 8848m Mount Everest. You’ll trek past some of the world’s most remote mountain paths, glaciers, valleys and high passes to reach the foot of the beast.


4. Bungee Jumping, NZ

Jump from the immense 109m high platform, free fall vertically alongside the cliff face for 60m then swing in the canyon for 200m. This is the world’s highest cliff jump. The Shotover Canyon Swing is based near Queenstown in New Zealand.

The name is a perfect fit to this famous Bolivian road. 300 passengers die each year as their vehicles attempt to pass through this 70km stretch. There is not enough room for overtaking and the terrain itself is very steep and rough. I’d cycle instead.


CLN | ISSUE 03 | OCT-JAN ‘16

tech: 360fly

Have you ever looked at your GoPro footage and wished you could have gotten footage behind you as well? Say hello to 360fly. This new HD sportscam has an ultra-wide-angle lens that captures 360 degrees of horizontal video and 240 degrees of vertical video at the same time. That means when you re-watch your video, you can actually turn the camera around in a full circle and see what’s going on in every direction. The 360fly is waterproof, gets about 3 hours of battery life, and will be priced around $399US or $540AU. Available now in the US, with the Aussie release to be confirmed.


toyota hilux 2016 | review Due in local showrooms any day now, this eighth generation HiLux expands its prowess with a stronger frame, four powerplants, increased towing capacity up to 3.5 tonnes and payloads of up to 1240 kgs. Toyota describes the new HiLux’s cabin as an SUV-like space highlighting the popularity of high-riding utilities. Comfort and convenience features found in cars and SUVs are fitted to every HiLux, including user-friendly touch-screen audio displays, factory-fitted air-conditioning, cruise control and power windows, mirrors and door locks. Other available car-like features include multiinformation displays and keyless smart entry and start.


The new HiLux delivers a considerable improvement in suppression of noise, vibration and harshness, starting with an improved body structure that helps prevent road and mechanical noise entering the cabin. Australian engineers took global responsibility for developing the rugged suspension package for better ride and handling. The HiLux is sleeker and more muscular. It’s 70mm longer and 20mm wider with a lower roof-line than current models, and it can be optioned with daytime running lights.

The range will include a massive 31 variants, with the choice of two petrol and two diesel engines, six-speed manual and automatic transmissions, regular and Hi-Rider bodies, 4×2 and 4×4 drive layouts, three body styles, and three equipment levels. Spoilt for choice.

tech: jibo family robot

Jibo, your family’s first robot friend and personal assistant, is obviously in demand. Just two days into its crowd fund launch, it had raised over $500,000 more than its target. The key to its explosive success? For one thing, it has been created by MIT Media Lab’s Cynthia Breazeal, an associate professor of media arts and science. Then there’s its cute

Star Fox Zero

demeanour and whimsical noises. The Wi-Fi connected, Linux-based helper comes with a “core set” of six skills, for now. These include: assistant to help with reminders, messenger to help deliver messages to people in your family, cameraman, storyteller, companion and telepresence avatar. Its two hi-res camera’s recognise and track faces, capture photos and enable immersive video calling. Jibo is set to be a world first for social robots at home.

game release schedule

The world of Star Fox Zero is loosely based on Star Fox 64 (Lylat Wars here), originally released in 1997. Nintendo says it has built a wide range of new planets for players to october explore. The developer behind the Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance | PS4 project ‘Platinum Games’ is the Rock Band 4 | XB1, PS4 Transformers: Devastation | All sys. same studio behind Metal Gear Uncharted: Nathan Drake | PS4 Rising and Bayonetta 2.

Need for Speed

Developed by Ghost Games and published by Electronic Arts it is the 21st major installment in the longrunning series, and a full reboot of the franchise.


Anno 2205 | PC Need for Speed | XB1, PS4, PC Call of Duty: Black Ops III | XB1, PS4, PC Fallout 4 | XB1, PS4, PC Rise of the Tomb Raider | XB1 The Crew: Wild Run | XB1, PS4, PC Star Wars Battlefront | XB1, PS4, PC One Final Breath | PC, MAC, XB1, PS4

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tech: R2-D2 tiny RC

In a remarkable feat of miniaturised engineering, Takara Tomy has created a tiny R2-D2 toy that stands just over 2.5cm tall but can still be steered around your desk using an equally small lightsaber remote control. Using the lightsaber controller as its charging base, R2-D2 needs just 10 seconds of recharging for around 40 seconds of exploration that includes rolling forward, and turning while reversing. Takara Tomy has even managed to squeeze an extra motor in there so that Artoo’s dome swivels back and forth while he rolls around, complete with beeping, blooping sound effects and lights. Everyone loves Star Wars right? Pick up for about $40.


CLN magazine prices quote: “MAG”

Pfannenberg PA 1 Series

• • •

10 to 57VDC powered 80 selectable tones IP66 protection

Electrex Femto 96 Series

• •

23310630000 | $125 ex gst

5 digit, red LED display Universal inputs (4-20mA, 0-10VDC + more) Dual 5A form C relay output

PAXLA000 |



• •

$195 ex gst

$360ex gst




3-phase panel mount power meter 1 digital input & 2 outputs RS485 Modbus comms

PFA6C1112 |





Red Lion PAXLA Series




POSITION SWITCH Schmersal PS116 Series • • •

Plunger type 2 pole N/O + N/C snap action Robust thermoplastic IP67 body

PS116-Z11-LR200-S200 | $55


ex gst

CLN | ISSUE 03 | OCT-JAN ‘16


SURGE DIVERTER Novaris SDD Series • • •

3 Phase, 100kA, 3 mode Fail-safe metal enclosure For domestic MSB & Industrial DBs

SDD3-100-275 |


SAFETY RELAY Schmersal SRB Series • • •

E-Stop, interlocks & light curtain inputs EN ISO 13849-1 level 2, (up to) Cat. 4 Auto/manual reset

SRB 301MC |


$185 ex gst

Diffuse type w/ 300mm sensing distance 12-24VDC supply w/ PNP output IP67 rated w/ 2m cable

CX-421-P |

$70 ex gst

5A POWER SUPPLY Puls Piano Series

$65 ex gst

PRESSURE TRANSMITTER BD Sensors 26.600 Series • • •

$125 ex gst

Unmanaged Slim-line DIN-rail mount Ultra reliable 1,000,000+ hrs MTBF

SL-5ES-1 |

$98 ex gst

2 POLE RELAY Relpol R2 Series • • •

24VDC coil w/ 12A changeover contacts LED, mechanical indicator & test button 2 Pole DIN-rail base included

851468 (R2 relay) | 856048 (R2 base) |

$4.50 ex gst $1.85 ex gst

DIN-RAIL Klemsan MR Series • • •

2m length MR 35mm x 7.5mm slotted Mild steel

500604 |



5 PORT ETHERNET SWITCH Sixnet SL Series • • •


ready to ship

0 to 10bar pressure range Ceramic sensor w/ SS housing 4/20mA output, 1/4” BSP

26600G1002R151003001000 |


ev ery budg

5A, 24VDC, DIN-rail mount Only 39mm wide! 3 years warranty

PIC120.242C |




• • •


es sentials

PHOTOELECTRIC SENSOR Panasonic CX-400 Series • • •


$195 ex gst


60 x 80mm size 2 m lengths c/w lid Pre scored for easy & clean breaking of ribs

552018 |

If you can’t find what you are looking for, be sure to contact us for a no obligation quote. We stock everything locally for quick delivery with same day dispatch for all stocked items. Don’t forget that every product we sell comes with complimentary technical support.

$4.40 ex gst

WIRING DUCT Klemsan Premium Series • • •


et us ease the process of finding the right product at the best price with these offers. Quality does not always equal expensive.

$8.70 ex gst

LED LIGHT TOWER Pfannenberg BR 50 Series 54mm diameter 6 colour lenses to choose from Indoor or outdoor use BR50-3C-RYG |

• • •

$290 ex gst



navigate discover More than just products... Hopefully by now you are familiar with our range of products that span over 18 categories from relays and timers through to thermal management. However you may or may not know we also offer a growing list of services, with many of them completely complimentary for our customers. Machine safety consultation While most people are aware of the risks and importance of industrial safety, many do not know where to begin or how to start. Implementing safety has shown to not only improve safety and productivity, but lower the cost of ownership and improve morale. With risk level exposure higher to those working with heavy machinery, it’s important to be aware of the dangers and ensuring every company is within regulation. Our certified safety experts can provide support throughout the life-cycle of a project, assisting with solutions relating to designs, specifications and installation. All-encompassing services including risk assessment, reduction and validation of outcomes are on offer.

What service is best for me? TUV-certified engineers can help tailor machine safety outcomes specific to your unique setup - one that’s fully compliant, easy to maintain and includes official validation documentation for future safety audits. Whether you need assistance for risk assessment only or training, our team can help. Make use of the free hour consultation to determine what is best for you. How do I arrange a free consultation?

Where to start? On the home-screen click on ‘Services’ which will take you to the services page and a quick rundown. From there you have a smaller sub-menu with all services listed on the left-hand side. Click on ‘Safety Services’ to take you to our machine safety page and a summary of the types of services you can expect. Training can be arranged for your team to fully understand the safety procedures in place. Simply call for options.


The easiest way to arrange a consultation is by calling the 1800 557 705 number or by asking your Control Logic representative. Alternatively you can send an email to sales@ and your enquiry will be forwarded to the next available consultant. You’re done!

CLN | ISSUE 03 | OCT-JAN ‘16

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CLN Magazine | Oct-Jan 2016  

Control Logic presents 'CLN'. We investigate harmonics and what it means for business, test out the new GE-IP RX3i PACSystem, what makes awe...

CLN Magazine | Oct-Jan 2016  

Control Logic presents 'CLN'. We investigate harmonics and what it means for business, test out the new GE-IP RX3i PACSystem, what makes awe...