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Floating Production Systems Capability & Experience

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Corporate Overview WorleyParsons is a leading provider of project delivery and consulting services to the resources & energy sectors and complex process industries. Our services cover the full asset spectrum both in size and lifecycle – from the creation of new assets to services that sustain and enhance operating assets. Our business has been built by working closely with our customers through longterm relationships, anticipating their needs, and delivering inventive solutions through streamlined, proprietary project delivery systems. Strong growth continues to characterize our performance both through organic development and through strategic acquisition as we strive to provide tailored services wherever our customers need us.

EcoNomics™ is our enterprise-wide framework that ensures profitable integration of environmental, social and financial sustainability into our customers’ projects and operating assets. It is a seamless extension of our established project delivery capability, providing customers with competitive business advantage by enhancing project risk management and improving sustainability performance. We are committed to working with our customers to turn their sustainability objectives, commitments and opportunities into profitable business outcomes.

Zero Harm is our corporate vision for health, safety and the environment (HSE). We are committed to our vision; it applies to all of our operations, at all times, in all locations, and at all levels of responsibility. We will actively work to align our expectations and behaviours with those required to achieve our vision through a dedication to continuous improvement. The launch of our integrity management framework, OneWay™, enables us to further align and consolidate our global systems and procedures and continue to work with our personnel to reinforce a culture that underpins our drive to achieve our corporate differentiator of industry leadership in HSE performance.

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4 | Floating Production Systems Capability & Experience

►►Hydrocarbons Power Minerals, Metals & Chemicals Infrastructure & Environment

Floating Production Systems WorleyParsons and INTECSEA can provide customers with comprehensive specialist engineering and project delivery services for all floating offshore field development options.


We have been involved in all phases of more than 70 FPSOs/FSOs/FPUs projects in 22 countries. WorleyParsons/INTECSEA is recognized as a world leader in the design of TLPs, SPARs and semi-submersibles. With more than thirty years’ experience in this industry, the WorleyParsons/INTECSEA floating production systems (FPS) team has been responsible for many achievements and the development of some important leading techniques. This includes the active participation in the design of sixteen of the twenty-one TLPs sanctioned to date.


More often than not, our customers see the benefit of acquiring our input early in their project’s lifecycle. WorleyParsons regularly consults on concept screening studies that help to determine the optimal solution for a particular development. To help with this process, we maintain a world-class cost database based on data from real projects. This is used to assist our customers in the economic evaluation of all offshore field development options.

years of experience

conventional FPSOs/ FSOs/FPUs

WorleyParsons’ FPS, FEED and EPCM capabilities include: • Hull – new-build design or conversion engineering, including acquisition assistance. • Topsides – process system design, long-lead item identification, equipment

specification, tender and procurement assistance, plan approval, construction/ conversion supervision and installation and commissioning. • Mooring – system selection, design, long-lead item identification, specification,

tender and procurement assistance, plan approval, model test supervision, construction supervision and installation and commissioning. We do not supply equipment nor provide direct fabrication or installation services. Consequently, our customers can be assured of an unbiased, independent assessment resulting in the best development solution for their project.

WorleyParsons Project Phases

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Capability Overview WorleyParsons holds an comprehensive capability in all areas of floating production systems and utilises world class execution skills in all phases of project delivery. Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) WorleyParsons specializes in “fit-for-purpose” design for FPSO projects. The FPS team have an extensive track record in managing design that incorporates regulatory compliance, severe metocean criteria and operational requirements. Value is created through optimizing hull sizing, stability, motions and seakeeping. Interface management and risk management are at the forefront of all our design, planning and execution activities.s.

Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) The rapidly emerging FLNG market seeks to monetize resources from stranded and remote gas fields . FLNG offers several development, operations and commercial advantages, including offshore access, cost savings from onshore infrastructure and pipelines, and a potentially shorter construction schedule. WorleyParsons is well positioned to support customers. Our technology neutral approach ensures an optimal solution for the customer. WorleyParsons’ extensive experience in marinization and modularization, together with offloading and containment systems ensures risks are known and quantified early in the conceptual design phase. Through our relationship with Norway’s Kanfa Aragon we can offer field-specific FEED engineering, detailed design, procurement and commissioning of FLNG topside facilities.

Floating Storage and Regasification Units (FSRU) Our experienced team has played key roles in a variety of LNG terminal/ regasification projects including those with novel concepts, such as LNG storage and regasification units (FSRUs) and side-by-side/tandem LNG transfer from/to an LNG carrier. WorleyParsons understands the demands, scale and integration requirements of developing LNG regasification facilities. Our specific service areas include hull integration of regas process equipment and vessel hydrodynamic analysis for design of mooring systems. WorleyParsons supports customers in determining optimal contracting strategy pathways by providing a comprehensive understanding of the CAPEX, OPEX and lifecycle costs. Through our alliance with Sofregaz, we have also developed marinized and offshore maintenance-friendly regas modules for use on FSRUs and we can offer these to our customers on a lumps sum EPC basis.

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Semi-submersibles Our team has completed more than 20 successful semi-submersible projects including three new-build, designs. Our capability covers all design phases and includes hull and deck, process topsides, mooring systems and riser systems. This capability extends to construction support, transportation analysis and operational brownfield support services. The team uses a unique and proprietary integrated design suite that links the hydrodynamic load generation models with the structure models and then with the 3D design models. WorleyParsons is recognized for innovative design including dry tree and CentrePontoon (CP) semi-submersibles. CP semis offer a very efficient hull structural design, by comparison to conventional semis. Our customers have access to a range of six standard CP semi-submersible designs.

Tension Leg Platforms (TLPs) WorleyParsons is the world leader in TLP design, having been instrumental in the design of sixteen of the twenty-one currently sanctioned tension leg platforms. Our hull configuration is considered to be the most efficient structural design in the market and we are recognized for setting new industry standards. The SelfStabilised Integrated Platform (SSIP) TLP is a good example of this. The SSIP TLP blends standard TLP design with the MOSES porch which allows quayside topsides installation. Services extend beyond engineering into the construction and installation phases of projects. In-service inspection is also provided resulting in key roles in maintenance and expansions programs.

Spars WorleyParsons is a global leader in spar design, having participated in major portions of the designs of Genesis, Diana, Medusa, Devil’s Tower, Front Runner, Constitution, Red Hawk, Holstein, Mad Dog and Mirage spars. We are the only engineer with execution experience in all three spar types and have designed spars to record setting water depths. We are very proud of the fact that we currently hold the world record for water depth with the Perdidio spar.

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Select Floating Production Systems The combination of WorleyParsons and INTECSEA in Select has produced a world leading partnership in the conceptualization of floating facilities and associated subsea, umbilical, riser and flowline systems.

• Deepest subsea production system

Our experience includes all types of floating systems including FPSOs, FPUs, TLPs, spars and semi-submersibles. Our customers can benefit from this partnership when selecting and detailing the appropriate floating unit either as a standalone or

• Longest oil and gas tiebacks

an integrated development.

• Deepest spar and TLP

Technology Leadership WorleyParsons is a technology leader in the field of floating systems, and we have worked to mature many different technologies into real projects. These include the Moses TLP, Moses SSIP TLP and deepwater Tender Assisted Drilling (TAD). We have also developed technologies to ‘project ready’ status such as the CP Semi, Ring Spar and a near surface completion concept.

• First SCRs on an FPSO • First tender assisted drilling on a TLP • Most TAD/TLP projects

Full Field Development Solutions WorleyParsons has a reputation for providing leading solutions across the full range of floating production and subsea systems. The combination of floater, topsides and subsea expertise, together with recent real project cost and schedule data, ensures that our customers select the optimal full field development solution. This may be as simple as a subsea tie-back to an existing facility. Select brings a clear methodology and framework for executing front-end work. The group has a successful track record of working with the major fabrication sites, specialist integration dockyards and leading shipyards in the delivery of floating facilities. WorleyParsons and INTECSEA Select brings this expertise together to deliver contemporary solutions to the industry.

8 | Floating Production Systems Capability & Experience

Project Shtokman Floating Production Unit Customer Gazprom Project Location Russian Arctic Shelf Phases WorleyParsons performed the pre-Front End Engineering Design (FEED) services for the Shtokman Development in the Barents Sea. The Shtokman gas/condensate field is in the Russian sector of the Barents Sea about 600 kilometres northeast of the city of Murmansk. The selected concept wasbased upon a ship-shape FPSO capable of withstanding the sea ice conditions that may occur at the site and topsides capable of processing 70 million cubic metres per day of gas plus associated liquids. The FPSO’s mooring system can disconnect to allow the vessel to navigate away from any approaching ice-bergs.

Project Rosebank FPSO Customer Chevron North Sea Limited Project Location United Kingdom, West of Shetlands Phases Rosebank Field is operated by Chevron North Sea Limited. It is located in approximately 1,130 m of water north-west of the Shetland Islands in a very harsh environment. WorleyParsons completed an extensive pre-FEED of the entire facilities for Rosebank including topsides, hull, marine, mooring, subsea and gas export systems. A Class 2 cost estimate and Level 2 EPCI schedule were also developed to support Chevron approvals. WorleyParsons developed a UK compliant, fully integrated FPSO model on 3-D using PDMS showing details of the topsides process, utilities, hull, marine turret, mooring and offloading systems. We are currently undertaking the FEED of the FPSO, complete with topsides, mooring and riser systems and associated subsea systems.

Project Equus Offshore Facilities Customer Hess Project Location North West Shelf, Western Australia Phases WorleyParsons performed the pre-FEED services for the Equus offshore facilities off the North West Shelf of Western Australia. The facilities comprise a semi-submersible production facility including risers and moorings. The pre-FEED phase was executed by the WorleyParsons/ INTECSEA Select team in Australia. The offshore development is located in a cyclonic region, 180 km north of Exmouth in Western Australia, in water depths over 1000 m. The facility design flow rate is 325 MMscfd and includes gas/liquid separation, glycol regeneration, gas dehydration and gas/condensate export. We are currently undertaking the FEED of the production semi and its topsides.

Project Pyrenees FPSO Customer BHP Billiton Project Location North West Shelf, Western Australia Phases This was a pre-feasibility (phase 2) study to determine the optimum solution and viability for the Pyrenees development, located in 200 m of water off the North West Shelf of Western Australia. The study included selecting the optimum development solution between a new-build FPSO, conversion of an FPSO and various FPU solutions (semi-sub, TLP and ship-shaped hull). The scope included all facilities from the mud-line up, to trees, flowlines, manifolds, risers, turret, mooring, swivel, vessel, topsides and detailed flow assurance studies. The final deliverable was the technical basis for the next phase, as well as CAPEX and OPEX estimates (Âą 25%) and the project execution schedules.

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Deliver Floating Production Systems WorleyParsons has a long history of successfully delivering shorter project schedules, advanced technologies to enhance project economics, reduced interface management requirements and, most importantly, a level of project delivery certainty that comes from an experienced team.

• World’s largest FPSO • Winner of the OTC Distinguished Achievement Award for the Marco Polo TLP • Winner of the OTC 2007 Spotlight on Technology Award for the MOSES SSIP TLP • First integrated refrigerated LPG and condensate FSO

Proven Delivery Successful delivery of large floating production units requires an experienced team, excellent systems and outstanding project delivery practices. WorleyParsons can combine the skills of our deepwater specialists in INTECSEA with our world leadership in megadeck design. WorleyParsons has the size and experience to provide services in all phases of project development. Understanding Our Customers We are committed to not only understanding our customers’ key goals on every project, but to gearing our execution plan and performance measures around meeting these. An insight into an Operators’ needs and the optimum full life cycle solution is something we strive hard to achieve. Our independence from equipment manufacturers and fabricators ensures the optimal solution is delivered on every project. Full Range of Services WorleyParsons is one of the world’s largest providers of Program Management Consultancy (PMC) and Program Management Team (PMT) services. We are proud of our record in providing project management, detailed design, procurement services, construction support, decommissioning, naval architecture, and hook up and commissioning on major FPS facilities world-wide.

10 | Floating Production Systems Capability & Experience

Project Oveng & Okume TLPs Customer MODEC Project Location West Africa Phases WorleyParsons undertook the detail design of the Oveng and Okume TLPs, with full drilling capability using Tender Assisted Drilling. WorleyParsons was responsible for the detail engineering and design of the hull, the tendon mooring system, the preliminary design and analysis of the production and drilling riser systems and the engineering management and supervision of the riser system detail design. We also produced MTO and AFC drawings, and were responsible for fabrication support, installation analysis and support.

Project Gumusut Kakap FPU Customer Shell/ Malaysian Marine and Heavy Engineering (MMHE) Project Location Offshore Sabah, East Malaysia Phases Shell’s Gumusut Kakap development employed the region’s first deepwater production semisubmersible, with a processing capacity of 150,000 barrels of oil per day. WorleyParsons delivered the preliminary design of hull and deck, detailed design of hull structure, consultancy services on naval architecture and mooring system design and installation and fabrication support. We also provided production engineering services to the shipyard (MMHE).

Project Perdido Spar Customer Shell Project Location Gulf of Mexico Phases Perdido is moored in 2,450 metres of water and is the world’s deepest direct vertical access spar. It acts as a hub and enables development of three fields: Great White, Tobago, and Silvertip. Significant levels of innovation were applied to the hull’s preliminary design. Additional services included acting as owner’s engineer for the hull and riser systems, deck transportation analysis, hull structure verification and construction support.

Project Agbami Field Development Customer Chevron Project Location Nigeria, West Africa Phases The Agbami Field Development is located about 70 miles offshore Nigeria and comprises a newbuild FPSO system and subsea wells. The FPSO is a spread moored monohull vessel with a storage capacity of 2.3 mm bbls. It has a process facility designed for 250,000 bopd and 245,000 MMSCFD of gas. WorleyParsons’ FEED included concept development field layout, equipment design of the hull and mooring system, preliminary design and selection for FPSO and subsea production system. Our customer support services included technical bid evaluation and interface management.

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Vivamus Production Convallis Capability Systems& Capability Experience& Experience 12 | Floating

Project Front Puffin Customer Sea Production Management Project Location Timor Sea, Australia Phases The Front Puffin FPSO conversion project involved converting an existing Aframax-sized product carrier into a Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) facility. Sea Production Management engaged WorleyParsons as the consultant responsible for topsides FEED, detailed design, project and interface management for the 40,000bbl/d crude oil topsides. We also provided module fabrication supervision and hook-up and commissioning support at the conversion yard in Singapore. The FPSO was installed in 100 m water depth at AED’s Puffin Oilfield in the Timor Sea, offshore north-west Australia.

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Improve Floating Production Systems WorleyParsons can offer its customers a breadth of project and portfolio delivery experience rarely found in the offshore and deepwater markets.

US$2b+ per year brownfields offshore facility Capex

2 long term FPU contracts

WorleyParsons has an extensive track record of delivering value enhancement services to operating assets across a broad range of sectors, including Floating Production Systems. These services, invariably provided through long term agreements, are part of the WorleyParsons Improve offering to customers. Improve is an execution approach which uses a suite of tools and systems for sustaining capital programs on complex processing facilities that has been proven to make a direct impact on profitability and sustainability of customers assets. It has been created over the past twenty years by WorleyParsons teams of experienced operations personnel who have been leaders in implementing optimized approaches to project portfolio management. WorleyParsons holds several long term contracts for the provision of Engineering and Project Management Services (EPMS) contract to support offshore and deepwater production facilities. In each case the priority is to safely deliver projects with technical integrity and high long term operating efficiency. Key capabilities that underpin this Improve offering include: • Risk based Inspection program build & management • Emergency response readiness assessments • Floating Systems Integrity assessments & management • Maintenance support and planning • Brown field upgrades and de-bottlenecking

14 | Floating Production Systems Capability & Experience

Project FPSO “Ming Zhu” Customer ConocoPhillips Project Location Bohai Bay, China Phases WorleyParsons carried-out topsides FEED, detailed engineering and construction, installation and commissioning management for the brownfield upgrade of FPSO “Ming Zhu” from crude production capacity of 27k to 50k bopd. The upgrade was carried-out at Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., in Shanghai.

Project BP Improve Contract Customer BP Project Location Gulf of Mexico, United States Phases WorleyParsons is the sole contractor to be awarded BP’s onshore, offshore and deepwater EPMS contracts that were designed to eliminate inconsistency in project delivery and inefficiency in portfolio management. The contract provides for engineering and project management services on BP’s eight deepwater offshore facilities in the Gulf of Mexico. The work being undertaken by WorleyParsons consists of a portfolio of multiple EPCM brownfield topsides modifictions projects, across all project phases and simultaneously across all eight facilities.

Project FPSO “Whakaaropai” Customer Shell Todd 1996-2006 Project Location New Zealand Phases WorleyParsons provided concept selection, engineering, procurement and construction management for the converted Maui B FPSO ”Whakaaropai”. The FPSO had a capacity of 31k bopd, 14k bwpd and 30 mm scf/d gas. Following installation, WorleyParsons also provided on-going maintenance support.

Project FPSO “Cossack Pioneer” Customer Woodside Energy Limited Project Location North West Shelf, Western Australia Phases WorleyParsons provided 10 years of support services for 100k bopd FPSO “Cossack Pioneer”, including brownfield upgrades, debottlenecking, project management and campaign maintenance. Significant projects included mooring system studies, processing and gas export facilities on the FPSO, life extension assessment along with ongoing maintenance and construction works were carried out. We also provided support to Woodside in evaluating options and carrying-out vessel inspections which eventually led to the replacement of FPSO “Cossack Pioneer” with the newly converted FPSO “Okha”. FPSO “Okha” reused the FPSO “Cossack Pioneer” disconnectable Riser Turret Mooring system, which was a first for the industry.

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Hydrocarbons Capability WorleyParsons’ floating production systems capability is complemented by the following Hydrocarbons sub-sectors. Arctic and Cold Climate WorleyParsons and INTECSEA are world leaders in design and construction of oil and gas production facilities located in remote, hostile environments. Innovative solutions are required to solve unique challenges associated with projects, above and below the ice. Gas Processing WorleyParsons has designed and built more than 400 gas processing plants around the world. Locations have ranged from deserts of the Middle East, the jungles of South-east Asia to the Arctic regions of Canada. Heavy Oil and Oil Sands As the world’s oil resource is getting heavier, producers worldwide must find production solutions for heavy oil and in-situ bitumen production. WorleyParsons is a leader in this area with nearly 40 years of experience. INTECSEA INTECSEA is a global company within the WorleyParsons Group and combines all the group’s capabilities for offshore pipelines, subsea production, marine production risers and floating production systems (including all types of deepwater hulls, tendon and mooring systems). LNG WorleyParsons’ track record in LNG / FLNG production and LNG regas extends from opportunity evaluation studies and concept/technology selection, through front end engineering design (FEED), and detailed engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) for both greenfield and brownfield LNG developments. Onshore Developments With much of the world’s easy to produce oil already recovered, WorleyParsons increasingly assists customers on projects employing a range of secondary and tertiary Enhanced Recovery (ER) techniques.

16 | Floating Production Systems Capability & Experience

Pipeline Systems WorleyParsons’ dedicated Pipeline and Terminals group operates from centres of expertise in onshore pipelines, compressor and metering stations, Geomatics and SCADA systems. Offshore Topsides WorleyParsons has designed offshore topsides ranging from less than 100 tonnes to large integrated topsides with float-over weights exceeding 35,000 tonnes. Our Floating Structures experience (Semi’s, Spars, TLPs, FPSOs and more recently FLNG systems) includes topside tonnages in excess of 50,000 tonnes per facility. Petrochemicals With expertise gained over 600 projects in over 30 countries, our experience covers the manufacture or processing of over 65 types of chemicals and petrochemicals (from Acetic acid to Xylene crystallization). Refining With over 55 years of experience we have completed 23 grassroots refineries including supporting utility systems, product terminals and offsite facilities ranging in capacity form 5,600 bpd to 272,000 bpd. Sulphur Technology Our sulphur recovery units account for approximately 60 percent of the world’s production of recovered sulphur. These facilities include the world’s largest single-train units and apply processes developed and patented by WorleyParsons. Unconventional Oil & Gas Using standardized modular designs known as “field in a box” , WorleyParsons’ is developing solutions to the unique logistical challenges associated with Tight Gas, Shale Gas and Coal Seam Methane projects across the globe.

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Overall Capability WorleyParsons’ Hydrocarbons capability is complemented by the following customer sector groups. Infrastructure & Environment Complete solutions for the transportation, coastal & marine, water & wastewater, resources & energy, municipal and urban infrastructure sectors..

Power Renewable energy, clean coal, nuclear and natural gas generation, transmission networks and retrofit project solutions from pre-feasibility to asset operation and maintenance.

Minerals, Metals & Chemicals Delivering comprehensive “mine to markets� projects and solutions in base metals, alumina, aluminium, coal, iron ore, steel and chemicals across the world.

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Our Vision

WorleyParsons will be the preferred global provider of technical, project and operational support services to our customers, using the distinctive WorleyParsons culture to create value for them and prosperity for our people. Leadership


• Committed, empowered and rewarded people • EcoNomics™ – Delivering profitable sustainability • Integrity in all aspects of business • Energy and excitement • Minimum bureaucracy

• Smallest assignment to world-scale developments • Local capability with global leverage • Responsive to customer preferences • Optimum solutions customized to needs



• Rapport with all stakeholders • Open and respectful • Collaborative approach to business

• Zero harm • Results for our customers and employees • Creating wealth for our shareholders • World-class resources, capability, and experience

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Floating Production Systems Capability Brochure  

WorleyParsons and INTECSEA can provide customers with comprehensive specialist engineering and project delivery services for all floating of...