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2018 media kit


families We ARE the go-to resource for local families. As the longest running, largest family publication in the Greater Vancouver area, we’ve built trusted relationships with our dedicated readers, connecting them to a community of families, businesses, and organizations through engaging and valuable content.


families why advertise in westcoast families magazine? Magazine advertising engages: Consumers are more likely to find magazine ads acceptable and enjoyable, and less interruptive. Magazine advertising is considered valuable content. Multiple studies show consumers trust and value magazine advertising. Magazine advertising moves readers to action. Numerous studies prove that magazine advertising drives web visits and searches more than other media. Magazine advertising improves overall advertising ROI: Allocating more money to magazines in the media mix improves marketing and advertising ROI. Magazine advertising sells—and it delivers results consistently: Several studies show that magazines are the strongest driver of purchase. Magazine advertising is relevant and targeted: Consumers consider magazine advertising more relevant than advertising in other media. Magazine audiences accumulate, with lasting impact: Consumers refer to magazines multiple times, even saving them, for multiple exposures. Magazines give credibility: Consumers trust and believe magazine advertising more than advertising in other media.

targeted reach genuine

Our audience is all about the WestCoast family lifestyle: Mom, Dad, Grandparents, Educators, Caregivers. More than 100,000 readers each issue – in print and online: Picked up at nearly 700 locations from Vancouver to Abbotsford. The WestCoast Families team is also our audience, so we’re personally invested in finding the best products and services for our readers, and ensuring that our partners connect in an authentic way with our audience.


Without big offices, shareholders, or big expenses, we can offer you the best rates possible.


Our content is written by local professionals and skilled journalists.

options versatile

From event coverage and online advertising, to social media campaigns and dedicated email blasts, we can customize a program that fits your marketing objective. We can customize campaigns, and evolve easily over time as your business changes.




95 % %

with children at home

45,000 copies each issue



98 %

families read


86 %

post-secondary education


% 71 home


pickup locations from vancouver to abbotsford

each issue

100 %

caregivers and educators who care about local information

distribution is key To ensure we reach as many families as possible, we partner with key locations like McDonald’s, CEFA, Oxford Learning, Kumon Math & Reading, Sylvan Learning, Kids & Company, Arts Umbrella, Kids Only Market, PDG Pediatric Dentistry, Reach for the Stars Montessori, Toys R Us|Babies R Us, VanCity, and more to ensure WestCoast Families is always easy to access for our readers to pickup. In total, our magazine is available at more than 700 locations, including community and recreation centres, children’s stores, medical and dental centres, hospitals, and more.



beyond print


Sometimes it is difficult to know which form of advertising is right for your product. Your options are limitless, but your budget isn’t. That means you need to make some hard choices about where to put your advertising dollars

button and banner ads, enhanced listings, email blasts, and blogs

events and profiles wcf onsite coverage, and business profiles

digital issue

full page ads in our digital issue, seen by thousands of targeted, engaged readers

social media

campaigns for brand awareness, events, product videos, and more

“Advertising in a target specific magazine that is read by a specialized demographic of consumers can help you realize your company’s potential.”

4.6K 2.9K 1.5K



marketing programs multiple issue buys

We can put together a group of issues that match the goals and timing of your marketing plan, with content that suits your message. We have options to communicate your message and can create customizable campaigns to meet your marketing needs.

event coverage

Have a special event, grand opening, seasonal offering, or new service you want to tell our readers about? We can come to your business and take live video and photos for social media. Combine this with an advertorial feature online or in print for maximum effect.


Provide prizing and let us do the rest. Your contest appears in print, online and on social media. We handle the promotion and the administration, and you get the attention!


An opportunity to tell a story about your business in a way that readers can relate. Use in conjunction with Event Coverage or Social Media campaigns.

business profiles

Our Family Resource Guide includes opportunities to profile your business with Q&A, images, contact information and more.

listings programs digital advertising social media

Get maximum exposure in our listings with guaranteed, highlighted placement in print and online.

We can send E-Blasts to our more than 3000 subscribers, and create online button and banner ads. Guest blog posts and digital issue only ads are also available.

We can create campaigns to reach new audiences around the Lower Mainland through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

“By advertising in magazines, you can reach your target audience, educate them about your products or services, and move them closer to making a purchase.“


families content is key In Every Issue

Editorial Calendar

• Contests

January/February Education, Field Trips, Fundraising » Annual Family Resource Guide

• Cool Finds • Family Travel • Community Calendar of Events • Resource Listings • Last Look: Nutrition and Recipes • WestCoast Mom|Dad Profiles

March/April Spring Break, Camp Guide part I: Sleepaway Camps » Special Pull-out Feature: Family Travel & Adventure Guide May/June Preschool & Daycare, Kids & the Arts, Camp Guide part II: Day Camps July/August Families with Special Needs, Summer Fun, Women in Business, Early Bird Fall Program Guide September/October Fall Fun, Families at Home, Back to School, Tutors and Learning Centres, Fall Sign-Up » Special Pull-out Feature: WestCoast Baby Guide November/December Winter Fun, Healthy Families, Party guide, Holiday Gift Guide

always local always valuable We only work with qualified journalists and professional experts. Regular contributors include: Alyssa Bauman Holistic Nutritionist and owner of Claire Newell Travel Expert, Author, and owner of Jubilee Travel|Travel Best Bets Michele Kambolis Child and Family Therapist, Author, Writer, and founder of ChiKids. Jen Murtagh CSO, BC Women’s Hospital Foundation Minerva Foundation Arts Umbrella

special issues westcoast

babyguide westcoast

travel &adventure FAMILY

resource guide

Baby Guide 10,000 extra copies printed & distributed independently. Family Travel & Adventure 10,000 extra copies printed & distributed independently. Family Resource Guide 40,000 distributed all year


families meet the westcoast families team What do you love most about working for WestCoast Families? I like the flexibility of being able to work from home, it allows me to be present for my family. I also love building relationships with clients and helping them grow their business. What’s your guilty pleasure?


Taking new routes to and from my regular destinations. I love driving down new streets and browsing homes. Also, trashy TV - but don’t print that. What inspires you? Living next to the ocean in the vast beauty of the Pacific Northwest inspires me daily. Coffee? Noooo. That stuff makes me crazy, I switched to tea.


What’s the best thing about working for WestCoast Families? I love coming up with new story ideas and then seeing them come to life in print. Interviewing and then sharing the stories of our profiled WestCoast Moms/Dads has been a rewarding experience, as well as working with such a knowledgeable and passionate team to put the magazine together each month.


What’s your favourite meal? It’s a tie between a good steak dinner, and a delicious assortment of sushi. What’s your favourite local activity to do with your family? Camping! I grew up with it and it’s still one of my favourite things to do with our kids now. We thrive on a good outdoor adventure! What’s your favourite meal?


Creative, tasty vegetarian food… but I also LOVE a really good burger and fries. What’s the best thing about working for WestCoast Families? I get to work from home and still be there for my kids - especially my new baby. What’s your idea of the perfect day?


There is nothing like a great day spent with family - talking, laughing, and listening, and enjoying a nice glass of red wine too! What inspires you? My family, and overcoming the challenges of having gone deaf. I have a cochlear implant, but I still have hearing difficulties because it’s not quite perfect. What’s your idea of a perfect day?


My husband and I go on “transit adventures”, sometimes joined by our son. When we get to our destination, we hike the whole day, stopping for lunch or dinner at a pub. It’s our staycation-style day.


families deadlines & specifications January|February 2018 Available Jan 16 Ad booking Jan 5 Ad materials Jan 8 March|April 2018 Available Feb 15 Ad booking Feb 19 Ad materials Mar 2

Full Page Bleed 8.625 x 11 No bleed 8 x 10

3/4 Page 5.5 x 10.1875

1/4 Page Vertical 3.9 x 5 Horizontal 8 x 2.5

1/6 Page 3.9 x 3.3

1/2 Page Vertical 3.9 x 10.25 Horizontal 8 x 5

1/3 Page Vertical 3.9 x 6.8 Horizontal 8 x 3.3

1/8 Page 3.9 x 2.5

1/12 Page 3.9 x 1.6

May|June 2018 Available Apr 19 Ad booking Apr 23 Ad materials May 4 July|August 2018 Available Jun 29 Ad booking Jun 14 Ad materials Jun 18

Ad Requirements

September|October 2018 Available Aug 15 Ad booking Aug 19 Ad materials Aug 30

Release: All advertising and copy are subject to approval by the publisher. It is the advertiser’s sole responsibility to obtain permission for use of all photographs, art and logos used in their ads. Any costs incurred for copyright infringement will be directed to the client.

November|December 2018 Available Nov 2 Ad booking Oct 18 Ad materials Oct 22

Proofing is the responsibility of the advertiser, WestCoast Families is not responsible for errors within published artwork.

January|February 2019 Available Jan 15, 2019 Ad booking Jan 4, 2019 Ad materials Jan 7, 2019

Ads must adhere to the above size specifications as a high resolution PDF, .eps, or .tiff. All fonts must be converted to curves, and layers removed. Files must be a minimum of 300 dpi, black & white or CMYK format.

Print-ready files can be sent to: and will be published as received.

Profile for WestCoast Families magazine

WestCoast Families 2018 Media Kit  

Information about marketing programs offered by WestCoast Families magazine, based in Vancouver BC.

WestCoast Families 2018 Media Kit  

Information about marketing programs offered by WestCoast Families magazine, based in Vancouver BC.