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Photo courtesy Seattle Housing Authority / Robert Wade

Affordable Housing Design Studio

Hello, W E A R E W EB ER TH O M P SO N .



Our Firm Since our founding, Weber Thompson has designed over 10,000 residences in low, midand high-rise structures. Every day, people from all walks of life come home to one of our designs. From young to old, individuals to families of all kinds, from those with lower incomes to the affluent, we are proud to serve the full breadth of our community. This work motivates us; it’s sparks our passion to create. We want to make a difference in people’s lives and in the community. For these homes to be successful, every detail matters. We understand the intimate role these spaces play in people’s lives. To that end, we work with providers to meet the needs of their residents, designing homes that support them in their daily lives by providing healthy places; places of safety and respite that are flexible enough to allow for a wide range of living styles, ages, family sizes and configurations. Equally important, and perhaps more difficult to capture, is the level of personal commitment Weber Thompson, and this team in particular, brings to serving our affordable housing clients. Whether it’s organizing a book drive for the Raven Terrace lending library, building a Tiny House for LIHI, or working through a gazillion permutations of the tax credit programs with Bellwether, Weber Thompson approaches affordable housing as part of our mission. We understand how difficult these projects are and how hard our clients work to serve their communities. We share our clients’ passion and work hard alongside them to create something exceptional for the diverse community that will call each project home. Everyone deserves a stable home that they can be proud of and a place in their community. We understand that we have a chance to make a difference in someone’s life through our work. Designing homes of dignity is a job we take very seriously.


Raven Terrace Lending Library

LIHI Tiny House




Our Team Jeff Reibman AIA, NCARB, LEED® AP BD+C PR I NCI PA L

For over twenty years, Jeff has been working in the Seattle area with a focus on residential design. He has a particular interest in working with senior and affordable housing developers and organizations to help them maximize their financial capabilities and turn them into safe, healthy affordable homes.

Mindy Black



Mindy is Weber Thompson’s foremost Project Manager of complex affordable housing projects. She has a history of developing successful projects with Seattle Housing Authority and Bellwether Housing, managing all phases of design and construction. Mindy is also an active member of the Housing Development Consortium and participates in their Practical Development Solutions committee.

Kirsten Clemens



Associate Kirsten Clemens is a strong designer with the ability to create a visual story to explain her design to a wide variety of populations. Whether it is a school for girls in Rwanda or an affordable housing project in Seattle’s U-District, Kirsten applies her design skills to create happy, healthy environments.

Carey Dagliano Holmes



With more than fifteen years of design practice, Carey Dagliano Holmes brings a dynamic range of project type experience spanning from multifamily and commercial work, to custom residential and low-income housing. At Weber Thompson, she employs her design and project management strengths to advance the design development and permitting of complex urban projects. 5

Raven Terrace at Yesler Terrace 6

Project Experience


Arbora Court S E AT T L E , WA

Arbora Court is a housing development aimed at mitigating Seattle’s desperate need for affordable housing units large enough to accommodate families. University Christian Church and innovative, affordable housing developer Bellwether Housing teamed up to develop an energy efficient affordable housing community with 40% of the units designed with two or three bedrooms. It includes corner retail dedicated to non-profit businesses and social service agencies, resident and church/public parking, grade-level residential flats and a lush streetscape. The design coalesced through a series of meetings with Bellwether and the Church’s architecture committee and general membership. A sense of home, pride, safety and stability permeates the building in small and large ways. A courtyard for kids is elevated off the alley, bounded by family units and community space, and centered around a significant tree preserved on site. An artful entry ‘legacy’ panel welcomes residents and tells the story of the partnership that made the building possible. Wood-like slats and natural materials create a long-lasting, durable building with a residential feel. The residential flats along 15th Avenue are pulled back from the street to create a vibrant pedestrian-scaled environment with landscaping, entry canopies, patio screens and benches.

Seven story building with 133 residential units 40% of the units were designed to accommodate families Mix of studio, open one, 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom units 113 above and below grade parking stalls SERVICES Architecture Interior Design



Raven Terrace at  Yesler Terrace S E AT T L E , WA

Seattle Housing Authority’s Raven Terrace is their first affordable multifamily building completed in Seattle’s Yesler Terrace master planned neighborhood, a community rich in history perched on a hill just minutes from Seattle’s central business district. The residents of the building come from diverse backgrounds with unique needs that were accommodated within the design. To better understand and serve the residents, WT’s design team met multiple times with the neighborhood community group where interpreters helped us dialogue with the many ethnicities present. Through the meetings we were able to tailor the design to the residents. Kitchen openness was adjusted to reflect cultures’ desire to screen cooking from living spaces. Multi-bedroom units were grouped around common areas so residents with families can be near other families. Residents also had a voice in color selection for the building, expressing a preference for muted colors to blend in with the community rather than standout.

95,000 SF with 83 units total First low-income housing in Yesler Terrace Phase 2A Seattle Housing Authority project with HUD funding Complies with Evergreen Sustainable Development Standards and Enterprise Green Communities criteria SERVICES

Architecture Interior Design Landscape Architecture 11

Photo courtesy Seattle Housing Authority / Robert Wade


Community Kitchen & Walkway




Allegro at Columbia City S E AT T L E , WA

Fundamentally, this is a plug and play design. With an eye on the lower construction costs inherent with repetition and a requirement for variation in the community home design variation, Weber Thompson designed three townhouse plans that could be configured in innumerable ways creating a diverse portfolio of buildings for this Rainier Vista Phase Two neighborhood. This design approach created built in construction efficiencies, while the neighborhood still maintains an appropriate degree of visual variety along the street. The site plan flexibility was achieved by detaching the alley loaded garages, creating grade related homes with front and rear yards. The added benefit of private outdoor space – supported with strategic landscape design – differentiates this project from the typical tight urban sites in Seattle. The modular basis of the design also went hand in hand with the more contemporary style of the architecture and playful paint colors. Clean, elegant lines, juxtaposing angles, sustainable materials and a saturated color palette all work together to appeal to a younger, entry-level market.

41 townhouses in 10 buildings A six block, 2.2 acre component of Rainier Vista Phase Two All buildings meet Built Green 3 Star All homes in the first building sold out before construction completed SERVICES

Architecture Community Design Landscape Architecture



Mixed-Income High-Rise Housing Feasibility S E AT T L E , WA

In 2014 Weber Thompson worked with Bellwether Housing and Gerding Edlen on a conceptual study to determine the feasibility of a mixed-income high-rise project developed in a non-profit and for profit partnership in downtown Seattle. Several design options were considered resulting in a variety of programmatic combinations ranging from 90 to 200 marketrate apartment units, and 170 to 260 affordable housing units. Additionally, the building would contain offices spaces for Bellwether Housing, program and performance space for Cornish College of the Arts, an arts school adjacent to the site, and an extension for Recovery Café, a non-profit support center serving victims of homelessness and addiction. The study’s most promising configuration placed Cornish programming and office spaces in the podium. Affordable units were located on the lower levels of the tower, and the more desirable upper levels were earmarked for market-rate units. Ultimately, although conceptual, the study determined that a project of this type could indeed prove financially viable.

Conceptual mixed-income, highrise residential feasibility study Study funded in part by HUD, and conducted with partners Bellwether Housing and Gerding Edlen Considered a mix of units ranging from 90 to 200 market-rate apartment units, and 170 to 260 affordable housing units Study also included programmatic area for Cornish College of the Arts and an expansion of nearby Recovery Café SERVICES

Architecture Feasibility Study 17


Southeast Economic Opportunity Center S E AT T L E , WA

The Southeast Economic Opportunity Center (“SEOC”) Campus (“the Campus”), located at the Othello Light Rail Station in Seattle, Washington, is a unique opportunity to create an integrated, multicultural center combining multiple partner organizations to offer educational and business development opportunities, family wage jobs, health care, social services, early childhood education and care, low-income rent-to-own and workforce rental housing, and small business enterprises for shopping, eating and entertainment. The goals of the Campus are to prevent displacement of the historic residents and businesses of Othello, to celebrate and embrace the heritage of the different cultures that comprise the community, and to provide tools and opportunities to guarantee the long-term health and success of the entire community. Weber Thompson is proud to be working with HomeSight, Barrientos | Ryan and the various program partners to provide conceptual design for this exciting project.

Located at the Othello Light Rail Station in Seattle, WA. Buildings include the Southeast Economic Opportunity Center building, including the Multicultural Community Center, Wellness Center and Early Childhood Education Housing, comprised of both 80120% AMI Rental Housing and 60% AMI Rent-to-Own housing and Secondary Education SERVICES

Conceptual Design



South Kirkland TOD K I R K L A N D, WA

The South Kirkland transit oriented development is the first of its kind for the City of Kirkland. It is a public, for-profit, nonprofit partnership utilizing a combination of land use incentives, varied financing and wide reaching partnerships to realize specific public and private development goals. Rising from a concept of community integration, this project brings Kirkland affordable and market-rate housing and wider access to the greater regional transportation system. Weber Thompson worked closely with King County Metro to create the new Park and Ride, including a 530 stall garage, Polygon Northwest on a 181 unit mixed use retail/residential building, and coordinated with Imagine Housing and SMR Architects who designed a 58 unit affordable housing building that incorporated into the mixed use podium. A network of pedestrian linkages, plazas, courts and sidewalks anchor the project to the neighborhood and provide activities for residents and surrounding neighbors. Retail lines 38th Street and activates the gateway plaza which serves as a focal point for the project.

Market rate, mixed-use residential/retail building contains 184 units. The Bellevue / Kirkland boundaries cut through the site, necessitating approval from both jurisdictions, as well as King County Metro Winner of Puget Sound Regional Council Vision 2040 Award SERVICES

Architecture Landscape Architecture Urban Design 21


4730 California

Mixed-Use Residential



Sunset Electric S E AT T L E , WA

Sunset Electric is a twentieth century courtyard building. Expanding on an existing 1926 brick building, this project is a mixed-use residential and commercial structure, wrapped around an open courtyard. The design preserves the original building’s entire masonry façade pairing it with a quieter, non-competing frame; it provides a neutral foil to the historic masonry. Taking cues from the past, the building’s form promotes natural daylighting and passive cooling by organizing a single loaded structure around an open-air courtyard; an extension to an openair lobby that connects to the pedestrian street. A prominent exterior stairwell encourages walking between levels. These strategies create a social focal point for the building while eliminating mechanically-conditioned corridors and common areas promoting through-unit ventilation and allowing operable windows at both ends of most units for daylighting.

Seven story mixed-use apartment building over one level of (original) sub grade parking. Building integrates a 1926 brick façade from original building LEED Platinum certified for Homes SERVICES

Architecture Interior Design Landscape Architecture


Model Unit

S U N S E T ELEC TR I C I NTER I O R D ES I G N Echoing its history, the lobby features concrete floors, glass walls and heavy metal work reminiscent of a mechanic’s lair. A commissioned piece by Claudius Phaedrus covers a wall, made by layered (specific) newspaper much like the building’s former poster art. The artist was inspired by the forest like feeling of the open air courtyard, and created a mural to reflect the feeling of trees, distortion, animals and the ‘urban jungle.’



2014 DJC Building of the Year 2014 NAIOP Night of the Stars: Multi-Family Mid-Rise Development of the Year

A monochromatic palette predominates with jolts of electric yellow in the lightning bolt mosaic at the back of the lobby, and marking unit doors. The courtyard and roof deck are populated with furniture featuring low, clean lines in an array of grays with pops of yellow.

2014 Northwest EcoBuilding Guild 10x10x10 Green Building Slam Project

Wood details strew the building – bedroom barn doors, kitchen shelves, coat hooks and mailroom details – all made locally by Montana Originals from reclaimed wood from the original building. Units are cleanly designed to take maximum advantage of the oversized windows and provide ample fresh air, as many of the units have windows on both the outside of the building and on the courtyard, enabling natural cross-ventilation.

Featured in Interior Design Homes magazine LEED for Homes Platinum Certified

Rooftop Amenity

S U N S E T ELEC TR I C L A N DSC A PE A RC H ITEC TU R E At Sunset Electric, residents are seldom enclosed. An airy lobby leads to an innovative courtyard, open to the skies with lush landscaping visible at every level. In the residences, large windows – in some units on both the exterior of the building and facing the courtyard – forge a connection with the elements. Above, a rooftop deck with wide vistas of downtown Seattle, Mt. Rainier and Capitol Hill allow residents to dine and play alfresco. With such a connection to the outside, the landscape needed to pay careful attention to creating elegant, welcoming spaces and supporting the project’s ambitious sustainability goals.

Interior Courtyard



4730 California S E AT T L E , WA

We love it when a project extends the fabric of a neighborhood and is welcomed with open arms. After working closely with the community, and receiving their overwhelming support, we designed an 88-unit building that brought new retail to a retail Mecca. The new building will continue the existing retail pattern, reflecting the materials and proportions of the surrounding buildings but interpreting them in a modern way with brick and black steel storefronts. The nearly 5,000 sf of retail wraps around the north corner of the building and extends into a new mid-block pedestrian connector. This pass through is generously widened and activated by holding the building back at ground level and lining it with retail, the building’s main entry and activity spaces such the tenant amenity and lounge area. A strong corner tower marks the entrance to the connector, with a base that allows for ample seating, and overhead weather protection creating a small enclave that welcomes pedestrians and residents. A second element, above the retail bays, steps back to create landscaped amenities for the apartments at the third level.

A seven story apartment building located in West Seattle 88 market rate apartments with a mix of open one bedrooms, and true 1-, and 2-bedrooms 5,000 sf feet of retail lines California Avenue and wraps the north corner of the building Building expands existing midblock pedestrian connector Certified LEED Gold for Homes, Mid-Rise SERVICES

Architecture Interior Design Landscape Architecture 29



Pike Motorworks S E AT T L E , WA

Pike Motorworks creates a focalized mixed-use community within Seattle’s greater Capitol Hill context by emphasizing public open space to create strong ties between the buildings and the surrounding street life. For this project, the site drove everything. A jumble of properties cobbled together to span a full block – touching each street yet controlling only one corner – the architecture needed to create urban passages to be a cohesive development. To that end, our designers turned the project inside out, developing two internal, public, mid-block connectors, north/ south and east/west, lined with live/work, commercial, residential entrances and focused retail, all destined to draw residents and passersby through the project and become a new gathering, shopping space for the greater neighborhood. On Pike Street, the south connector entrance is the former BMW Showroom, a brick and timber structure from 1926 that features a curved entry re-purposed as a focal point for the entire project. Incorporating this structure into the development largely made the project possible by allowing the building to rise an extra story above what the existing zoning would allow.

A two building, seven level, 259 unit market rate apartment complex Unit mix includes studio, 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom units Approximately 12,000 – 15,000 sf commercial space for retail use Pursuing LEED Silver Certification SERVICES

Architecture Interior Design



Elan Uptown Flats S E AT T L E , WA

An important driver of an urban project is how the building engages the street and its pedestrians. The design team for Lower Queen Anne’s Elan Uptown Flats prioritized the sidewalk experience by strategically carving the building’s base to provide breathing room and ample space for landscaping buffers along the live/work units. The design takes security and privacy into account creating graceful transitions between the public street, private stoops, and socially-focused porch where residents can gather.

182 apartments and 14 live/works in two buildings ranging from studios to 3-bedrooms Amenities include a fitness center, roof deck, conference center and private guest suite

This urban porch is the driving concept of the building’s main entry. It creates a welcoming feature entry for the building, reinforces community building and actively and passively engages the public realm at the street corner.

Located in Uptown, a few blocks from Seattle Center and the Space Needle

A clean, modern design marks Elan Uptown Flats. A sophisticated material palette includes stack bond brick masonry, fiber-cement panels in neutral colors, and vertically oriented windows. Interior design, also by Weber Thompson, incorporates rich natural materials and colors.

Architecture Landscape Architecture Interior Design



Other Relevant Projects

UCSF Mission Bay Student Housing S A N F R A N C I S CO, WA

This project, named ‘Conspicuous Consumption,’ is all about encouraging creative and feasible approaches to zero net energy (ZNE) building, specifically for mixed-use student housing on a site on the UCSF Mission Bay campus. Weber Thompson partnered with energy consultants at WSP Group to empirically demonstrate that the design would meet ZNE. It does so through reduced loads and intensified user engagement, which is encouraged through highly visible, easy-touse integrated feedback systems. The budget for net-zero energy is tracked and displayed in real time. At an individual level, a smart phone app aids in tracking; at a building level, dynamic color LED lighting highlights the top performing floors; and at a campus level the three buildings’ relative performance is displayed, encouraging competition and conversation. As a result, students and their families actively manage their energy with continual feedback.

Received an Honor Award in the 2015 Architecture at Zero Competition Competition presented by Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and the American Institute of Architects, California Council (AIACC) Site is located on the University of California, San Francisco Mission Bay campus SERVICES



S EN I O R H O U S I N G Aegis of Bellevue Assisted Living Facility BELLEV UE, WA

Along with the 18 Memory Care units, Aegis of Bellevue has 68 residential units and programmed amenities including full-service dining, wellness & fitness facilities, a brain gym, activity rooms and a salon. Staff and housekeeping functions are integrated into the design of this fully-licensed facility.

Aljoya Thornton Place SEATTLE, WA

Formerly an underutilized, auto-centric shopping district, Thornton Place today is a vibrant, pedestrianfocused community with homes, shops, transit and entertainment. Aljoya Thornton Place is an active senior living complex that engages the greater neighborhood. This is the sister to Aljoya Mercer Island and is targeted towards seniors looking for sophisticated living paired with amenities not found in traditional retirement communities.

Aljoya Mercer Island M ER C ER ISLA ND , WA

Alijoya features boutique hotel-inspired spaces and spa-quality amenities, to the residential floors plans with details worthy of an upscale condominium, all are part of the Aljoya world. Spaces were created with a focus on respecting the residents. Indoor and exterior spaces enrich their lives and reflect the surrounding affluent neighborhood. Bringing the unexpected to market; Aljoya is an innovative residential community for active seniors desiring sophisticated living.




425 Fairview





Cristalla finds a balance between a glassy, modern high rise and an ornate, highly detailed historic building. The original terra cotta facades of the Crystal Pool Natatorium were identified as a cherished icon by the Belltown community who clamored to have them restored. Honoring this history and neighborhood context were two key driving forces in Cristalla’s design.

425 Fairview Avenue will provide much needed housing in a neighborhood that is suddenly dense with new commercial office buildings. These office buildings contain large-scale tech and biomedical companies slated to add thousands of jobs every year. The current challenge for these employees however, is finding convenient, walkable housing.

LUMA’s clean, modern design works hard to be a good neighbor. A simple, elegant tower rises from the ground at the corner, while a podium wraps the east and west corners extending the lines of the adjacent and nearby lowrise buildings. A heavier, darker element hugs the back of the tower, grounding the project and setting off the lighter, more dominate structure.


Interior Design The world sees the outside of a building. The individual is enriched by the inside. Comfortable, beautiful and highly functional spaces are created by keeping the future inhabitant front of mind, and understanding how they live their life – are they a family? Single? Disabled? Muti-generational? Solid research and grounding in spatial relationships, while not exciting, represent the depth of thought that goes into making a unit a home, and common spaces an inviting extension of that home. Interior design can foster interaction, bring people together and enhance safety, but also create quiet oases of solidarity. Weber Thompson’s Interior Design Studio has a long history of creating spaces people want to come home to.

Raven Terrace at Yesler Terrace Lobby 38

Leadership Bernadette Rubio NCIDQ, LEED




Bernadette is Weber Thompson’s Interior Design Principal. She has more than twenty years of experience in hospitality, restaurant, tenant improvement, and retail/mixed-use project types, both domestically and overseas. Bernadette has a passion for fashion and works her love of color, texture, and line into all her inspired interiors.


Retail & Hospitality

Raven Terrace at Yesler Terrace | Seattle, WA

Willows Lodge Renovation | Woodinville, WA

Arbora Court | Seattle, WA

A La Mode Pies | Seattle, WA

Cirrus | Seattle, WA

Rival Fitness | Seattle, WA

Sunset Electric | Seattle, WA

John Howie Steak | Bellevue, WA

Pike Motorworks | Seattle, WA

Seastar Seattle | Seattle, WA

4730 California | Seattle, WA

Seastar Bellevue | Bellevue, WA

Bellevue Park | Bellevue, WA

Spaahh at Hotel 1000 | Seattle, WA

Junction 47 | Seattle, WA

Le Caviste | Seattle, WA

Gunbarrell Apartments | Denver, CO The Whittaker | Seattle, WA


Stratus | Seattle, WA

Talking Rain Offices | Preston, WA

LUMA | Seattle, WA

Weber Thompson Offices | Seattle, WA

2nd & Pine | Seattle, WA

W. L. Gore Offices | Seattle, WA

Elan Uptown Flats | Seattle, WA

PMF Investments | Mercer Island, WA

Radius | Seattle, WA Viktoria | Seattle, WA Coppins Well | Seattle, WA 39

Landscape Architecture Go outside. Weber Thompson believes in landscapes of exceptional creativity and thoughtfulness that are sensitive to the earth and respond to the built world around us. Environments that are beautiful to the eye and designed with the user in mind. Connecting new development with the urban and environmental context, our landscape design becomes an integral part of the overall vision.

Raven Terrace at Yesler Terrace Courtyard 40

Leadership Rachael Meyer RLA, GRP, LEED




Rachael has over 13 years experience in commercial, residential, and public projects. She is passionate about green roofs, urban agriculture and sustainable strategies, and integrates these passions into each of her designs. She regularly speaks and writes about her research, which ranges from water management practices to living landscapes.

Residential Projects Raven Terrace at Yesler Terrace | Seattle, WA

316 Alaskan Way | Seattle, WA

Yesler Terrace Pedestrian Path | Seattle, WA

Uptown Flats | Seattle, WA

The Post | Seattle, WA

Old Town Mixed-Use | Redmond, WA

LUMA | Seattle, WA

Harbor Crossing Rose Garden | Gig Harbor, WA

8th & Columbia | Seattle, WA

Memory Garden at Chateau | Bothell, WA

Bellevue Park | Bellevue, WA

9th & Lenora | Seattle, WA

Premiere on Pine | Seattle, WA

2nd & Pine | Seattle, WA

4730 California Avenue | Seattle, WA

Sunset Electric | Seattle, WA

500 Terry | Seattle, WA

The Meadows | Seattle, WA

2030 8th | Seattle, WA

Potala Tower | Seattle, WA

400 Boren | Seattle, WA

Lake Boren | Newcastle, WA

South Kirkland TOD | Kirkland, WA



Jeff Reibman AIA, NCARB, LEED AP BD+C P R I N C I PA L Jeff is a Principal and Senior Project Manager at Weber Thompson focusing on affordable and senior housing. For 20+ years Jeff has been working in the Seattle area with a focus on residential design of every kind. His projects at Weber Thompson have ranged from custom homes to large condominiums and market rate, affordable and senior housing projects. In addition to building design, Jeff focuses on project management, firm marketing and operations, including human resources and production standards. Arbora Court

Throughout his career, Jeff has developed his expertise in creative land use solutions and complex entitlement processes. In addition to using those skills to serve his clients, he also channels them into volunteer advocacy and public outreach work. Outside the office he is actively involved in Leadership for Great Neighborhoods, an advocacy organization, and holds the development representative seat on Seattle’s Urban Forestry Commission. E D U C AT I O N

Aljoya Thorton Place

Bachelor of Architecture – University of Oregon,   School of Architecture and Allied Arts PRO J EC T E X PE R I E N C E Arbora Court | Seattle, WA Southeast Economic Opportunity Center | Seattle, WA Westlake Steps – Lot 4 | Seattle, WA Westlake Steps – Lot 2 | Seattle, WA

Pike Motorworks

Pike Motorworks | Seattle, WA Mixed-Income High-Rise Housing Feasibility | Seattle, WA WeWork SLU | Seattle, WA True North | Seattle, WA Sunset Electric Building | Seattle, WA Terravita | Seattle, WA

Sunset Electric Building

Aljoya Mercer Island | Mercer Island, WA Aljoya Thornton Place | Seattle, WA Bellevue Park II | Bellevue, WA

Mindy Black Associate AIA, LEED AP BD+C S E N I O R A S S O C I AT E Mindy Black joined the firm in 1999 with strong background in custom single-family homes. She now oversees all phases of design and construction, expanding her expertise to include urban mixed-use, affordable housing, senior housing and attached single-family homes within planned communities. E D U C AT I O N Raven Terrace at Yesler Terrace

Bachelor of Architecture, Minor in Art and Architectural History School of Architecture and Allied Arts – University of Oregon,   Palazzo Pio Program, Rome, Italy Recipient of the Richard A. Campbell Traveling Scholarship, Studies in Sense of Place, Dalmatian Coast, Croatia E X PE R I E N C E

South Kirkland TOD

Raven Terrace at Yesler Terrace | Seattle, WA Arbora Court | Seattle, WA South Kirkland TOD | Kirkland, WA Talisman at Suncadia | Cle Elum, WA Sweetwater | Hailey, ID Aljoya Mercer Island | Mercer Island, WA


Crofton | Issaquah, WA Bagley Lofts | Seattle, WA PU B L I C A F F I L I AT I O N S Design Review Board Queen Anne/Magnolia, Chair, emeritus

Arbora Court

Associate Member, American Institute of Architects Telluride Design Review Commission – Board Chair 1996-1999

Kirsten Clemens ASSOC. AIA, LEED AP A S S O C I AT E

1300 Pike

As a Project Designer and Associate in Weber Thompson’s Mid-Rise Design Studio, Kirsten supports the Design Principals with stellar 2-D and 3-D design and organizational skills. Kirsten has a broad spectrum of local and international experience in Seattle, Rwanda and China. Having worked on many diverse, mixed-use residential and hospitality projects ranging from seven to forty stories, Kirsten is most passionate about helping to bring large, complex projects to fruition. Her passion, positive attitude, absolute dedication to project goals, and client-centric focus is highly valued by the design teams and clients that she supports. Kirsten’s passion for Architecture spills over into her free time, where she gives back as a vital contributor to the Seattle Architecture Foundation for over six years; she currently serves on SAF’s Board of Directors as the Chair of Youth Programs and on the marketing committee. Kirsten is also involved in the Expanding Your Horizons Conference, which encourages young women to pursue science and math subjects. E D U C AT I O N Bachelor of Architecture, Minor in Art History – University of Oklahoma

Evergreen Plaza

E X PE R I E N C E 1300 Pike | Seattle, WA Arbora Court | Seattle, WA Howell & Terry | Seattle, WA 2nd & Pine | Seattle, WA Evergreen Plaza | Bellevue, WA Potala Tower | Seattle, WA Premiere on Pine | Seattle, WA

Arbora Court

Mixed-Income High-Rise Housing Feasibility | Seattle, WA 8th & Pine | Seattle, WA 2nd & Virginia North | Seattle, WA Radius SLU | Seattle, WA

Carey Dagliano Holmes RA, LEED® AP BD + C S E N I O R A S S O C I AT E With more than fifteen years of design practice, Carey Dagliano Holmes brings a dynamic range of project type experience spanning from multifamily and commercial work, to custom residential and low-income housing. At Weber Thompson, she employs her design and project management strengths to advance the design development and permitting of complex urban projects.

Westlake Steps Lot 2

Prior to Weber Thompson, Carey acquired extensive experience in groundup custom residential design in Washington and New York. Space planning, building design, drawing set and design detail development are just a few of the areas within which Carey excels. She has a strong design background including professional work experience with Cutler Anderson Architects, Bosworth Hoedemaker, and John Pawson Design. She cares deeply for community work and has volunteered extensively for many community non-profit agencies including Habitat for Humanity, A Li Mi A for the Crow Indian Reservation, Auburn University’s Rural Studio, AIA Seattle, and Architecture 5 Cents. Carey is a licensed architect in Washington. She also serves an appointed position on the Southeast Design Review Board, which reviews private development projects for Seattle’s Department of Planning and Development. E D U C AT I O N

One Lakefront

Bachelor of Architecture – Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University PRO J EC T E X PE R I E N C E Westlake Steps | Seattle, WA One Lakefront | Seattle, WA Southeast Economic Opportunity Center | Seattle, WA Roskind Residence | White Plains, NY* 40 Bond Penthouse | Manhattan, NY**

Southeast Economic Opportunity Center

*project architect for this Cutler-Anderson Architects project **project manager for this SPanN project

Bernadette Rubio NCIDQ , LEED AP I N T E R I O R D E S I G N P R I N C I PA L Interior Design Principal Bernadette Rubio joined Weber Thompson in 2012 with 20 years of experience in interior and architectural design and was promoted to Principal in 2016. She started her career as an architect, but shifted to interior design in order for her designs to have a more direct impact on people’s lives. For her projects, Bernadette believes in understanding who it is one is designing for and seeing the importance of both aesthetics and functionality. For her, that process of analysis, problem solving and collaboration is one of the most enjoyable aspects of her job. Raven Terrace at Yesler Terrace

E D U C AT I O N Bachelor of Science, Architecture – Portland State University E X PE R I E N C E Raven Terrace at Yesler Terrace | Seattle, WA Arbora Court | Seattle, WA Sunset Electric

Sunset Electric | Seattle, WA Pike Motorworks North | Seattle, WA Second & Pine | Seattle, WA Radius SLU | Seattle, WA Le Caviste | Seattle, WA Stratus | Seattle, WA

4730 California

4730 California | Seattle, WA Pike Motorworks LTD | Seattle, WA BOKA | Seattle, WA Ian | Seattle, WA WeWork Office Tenant Improvement | Seattle, WA Elleven | Los Angeles, CA*

Pike Motorworks LTD

Luma | Los Angeles, CA* Riva on the Park | Portland, OR* *designed while at Ankrom Moisan.

Rachael Meyer RLA, GRP, LEED AP L A N D S C A P E A R C H I T E C T U R E P R I N C I PA L Landscape Architecture Principal Rachael Meyer has over 13 years experience in commercial, residential, and public projects. She excels at communication, a talent that helps her build consensus while accepting input from her clients, consultants and other key stakeholders. Rachael is passionate about green roofs, urban agriculture and sustainable strategies, and integrates these passions into each of her designs. She regularly speaks and writes about her research, which ranges from water management practices to functional landscapes.

Stackhouse Apartments*

Active in the community, Rachael has served on a variety of professional boards, including the UW Landscape Professional Advisory Committee, Architects Without Borders, and the Washington Association of Landscape Architects Executive Board. In 2008, Rachael was the recipient of the King County Housing Development Consortium’s Unsung Hero Award. E D U C AT I O N Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, BA, Scandinavian Studies – University of Washington Emergent Leadership Training – Emerge Leadership Project R E L E VA N T E X PE R I E N C E 1300 Pike | Seattle, WA

1300 Pike

Ballard Blocks II | Seattle, WA Modera First Hill | Seattle, WA Marketplace 1+2 | Seattle, WA* Rainier Beach Urban Farm and Wetlands | Seattle, WA* 1001 Broadway Mixed Use Development | Seattle, WA* 1319 Dexter Apartments | Seattle, WA* Block 45 | Seattle, WA* Bullitt Center | Seattle, WA* McGilvra Place Park | Seattle, WA*

Bullitt Center

Stackhouse Apartments | Seattle, WA* Expo Urban Mixed Use Development | Seattle, WA* Joseph Arnold Lofts | Seattle, WA *designed while at Berger Partnership.

Thank you.

Weber Thompson Affordable Housing Brochure  

Our philosophy at Weber Thompson is quite simple: we seek to understand our client's vision, to excel at teamwork, and believe that our succ...

Weber Thompson Affordable Housing Brochure  

Our philosophy at Weber Thompson is quite simple: we seek to understand our client's vision, to excel at teamwork, and believe that our succ...