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“It is still a joy to drive to work knowing this is the perfect location.”

Their business is delivering costeffective automated gating systems as either DIY kit sets that can be customised to fit new or existing gates, or the complete package of a set of automated aluminium gates and the control system of your choice. They pride themselves on carrying a wide range of stock and being able to receive orders and dispatch within a day or two. So location, access to main arterial routes and efficiency are key prerequisites for EasyGate.


• Innovative gating systems • DIY or custom to fit • Solar powered gate openers for lifestyle blocks

CASE STUDY EASYGATE EasyGate know the measure of Tauriko. They moved into the Estate in 2011 after an extensive search for a new home for their fabrication and importing business.


• Lowest priced automated gates in Australasia Managing Director Ray Sperling, says it made good sense to buy and build in the Tauriko Business Estate. “Now over 3 years down the track we have watched the surrounding empty lots filling fast, transforming the area into a thriving business hub. In that time EasyGate has gone from strength to strength and it is still a joy to drive to work knowing this is the perfect location. Someone asked me the other day if we had any regrets moving to Tauriko Business Estate I said yes, there is one, I should have brought the property next door as well!”

Tauriko Business Estate Brochure  
Tauriko Business Estate Brochure