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2 Heartland Your Home

Sunday, August 20, 2017

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Heartland Realtors helping enhance city with creation of Signal Park at Lehnis Museum Special to the Bulletin

You probably heard about several hot topic issues being debated at the state Capitol when the Texas Legislature was in session earlier this year. One such hot topic was property tax reform. While lawmakers didn’t ultimately pass legislation in the regular session to reform the property tax process, I’m proud to say the Texas Association of Realtors was engaged every step of the way, ensuring lawmakers understand why taxpayers deserve honesty and transparency when local tax rates are adopted and deserve long-term property tax relief. But some important issues didn’t make headlines, even though they have the potential to affect every Texan. Several bills that benefit real estate consumers—that means everyone who buys, sells or leases real estate in Texas—were passed and have been

signed into law. These successes didn’t happen by chance. Texas Realtors strongly advocated for these pro-consumer bills on your behalf throughout the legislative process. Thousands of Realtors visited with lawmakers during the session and contacted them directly to educate them about the bills’ merits. The Texas Association of Realtors also provided testimony when bills were being debated during committee hearings. Thanks to TAR and Texas Realtors, you’ll never have to pay fees that some cities in other states charge on new construction. Real estate transactions will have more disclosure. Consumers will be protected from misleading real estate advertisements. And buyers will have a way to find out whether properties may be affected by nearby military installations. SEE SIGNAL PARK, 10

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Heartland Your Home 3

Keeping an eye on Texas mortgage debt By Ali Anari and James P. Gaines Special to the Bulletin

Comparing Texas residential mortgage debt to national levels reveals four compelling points: • Texas historically maintains a smaller percentage of homeowners with mortgages • Texans typically incur lower levels of mortgage debt • Texas households allocate a smaller percentage of household income for housing expenses • Texas mortgage rates generally exceed the national average rate. All of these appear to be attributable to lower than national average Texas home prices. Texas residential mortgage status A mortgage is a loan secured by real property repaid from the future steam of income of the borrower household or firm. Since the current income of most households and firms is normally not sufficient to buy real estate for cash, the availability, terms, and cost of

mortgage loans become a main driver of the market. Like real estate in general, mortgage debt categories include all manner of residential or commercial loans depending on the type of the property used as security. This article focuses on residential mortgages, which include second mortgages and home equity loans. Technically, Texas loans are secured by real estate using a deed of trust rather than a mortgage instrument, but for purposes of this

discussion, they are considered the same. According to the Census Bureau, Texas had 3,334,400 housing units with a mortgage in 2015, accounting for 58 percent of the total owner-occupied housing units in the state, compared with the 63.3 percent national average. The state’s relatively smaller percentage of homes with a mortgage is mainly due to lower-thannational-average home prices in Texas that enable

42 percent of Texas households either to finance a homenpurchase using cash or to repay the mortgage sooner. Since 1978, the price of a Texas home purchased with a mortgage averaged $161,000 or 82 percent of the national average price of $196,300. The percentages of homes purchased with a mortgage trended upward in both Texas and the U.S. before the Great Recession (GR) of 2007–08, from 62.7 percent in 2005 to 64.2 percent in 2008 for Texas and from 67.9 to 68.4 percent for the U.S. (Figure 2). In the aftermath of the GR, these figures drifted downward, falling to 58 percent in 2015 for Texas and 63.3 percent for the U.S. Lower mortgage debt and lower mortgage costs in the state also result from significantly less secondary financing in Texas. Approximately 6 percent of the mortgaged homes in Texas in 2015 carried a first loan and either a second loan or a home equity loan, whereas more than 14 percent of the mortgaged homes nationally included either a second or a home equity SEE DEBT, 6

A DOVE HUNT CELEBRATION! We’re teaming up to celebrate our favorite time of year - opening dove season! Join us for fun, food, door prizes, and to speak to our experts about finding your own piece of hunting paradise.


11:00AM - 2:00PM


4 Heartland Your Home

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Luann McCluskey, GRI, Broker/Owner


1515 Austin Ave., Brownwood, Tx 76801

Service with Integrity since 1999


2107 7th —$120,000 4 bedroom home with open floorplan, vaulted ceilings….call Luann !

Marc Followwell

Jackie Randle,

Jeremiah McCluskey

Vicki Brelsford ,







4110 GLENWOOD—$179,900


Call Jeremiah!

517 7th—$17,000

Attn: Investors! Call Jeremiah!

2808 COGGIN— $72,500 2bd/1bth—Call Marc!



3801 CR 271—ZEPHYR—$224,900 Gorgeous home on 1.4 acres totally updated Over 3100 s.f. Call Marc !

4050 LAKESHORE—$89,900 LAKEFRONT 3/1 MOBILE HOME Call Jeremiah!



711 BELLE PLAIN ——$165,000 COMMERCIAL BLDG. ON 1.5 ACRES Previously operated as Smith Roofing Co. Call Luann!

2100 MAIN BLVD. $54,000 2014 MH—Call Luann!

1507 AUSTIN AVE. —$115,000 Call Luann!

8411 RIVER RUN $53,000!


1420 BRADY— $15,000 AS-IS —CASH ONLY!! Call Luann!

621 SPILLWAY—$159,900 Weekender lake cabin on deep water!!! Call Marc!!!!


Call Luann!! 2201 COGGIN—$264,000— COMMERCIAL BLDG. One side currently leased on month to month. Great building for medical/ dentist, professional office. Call Luann! 1511 VINE—$160,900 3BD/2BTH & DETACHED MOTHER-IN-LAW SUITE. Call Marc!

4012 6th—$89,900 4 BD/2BTH—Call Marc!

3912 AUSTIN— $89,900 4BD/1BTH —Call Marc!


BLUEBONNETS & ANTLERS— Call Vicki for showing!


Beautiful home in Early ISD with open floorplan….must see! Call Marc!

681 CR 611— $10,000 UPDATE ALLOWANCE $350,000 $2000 SELLING BONUS! LAKE-FRONT HOME, DOCK, AND SHOP!! Call Luann!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Heartland Your Home 5

What to know about energy-efficient windows By Karin Beuerlein Special to the Bulletin

If your windows are more than 15 years old, you may be putting up with draftiness, windows that stick in their frames, and skyrocketing energy bills. Energyefficient windows would be a great improvement, but replacement can be very expensive. All-new vinyl windows for an average 2,450-square-foot house run about $15,000, according to the “Remodeling Impact Report” from the National Association of Realtors. But that doesn’t mean the numbers can’t make sense for you. For starters, window replacement is one of the best home remodeling projects in terms of investment return: For average-quality vinyl windows, you can recoup 80 percent of the project cost in added home value, according to the “Remodeling Impact Report.” Based on the vinyl window replacement projects in the “Report,” that’s a value add of about $12,000 if you should decide to sell your house. Note that federal tax credits that were previously in place for energy-efficient window replacements have expired. Will you love your new windows? Very likely — homeowners responding to the “2015 Remodeling Impact Report” gave their window replacement project a Joy Score of 9.4 — a rating based on those who said they were happy or satisfied with their remodeling, with 10 being the highest rating and 1 the lowest. Still, think long and hard before committing to new windows. In most cases, you can get

the same energy savings by investing $1,000 or so in insulation, sealing air leaks, and repairing your windows instead of replacing. If, however, you’ve decided your windows definitely need replacing, here are some facts to help you spend your window dollars wisely. What your return on investment will be The range for energyefficient window pricing is wide, but Energy Star-qualified windows start around $120 for a 36-inch-by-72-inch, single-hung window and can go up to 10 times that. With labor, you’re looking at about $270 to $800-plus per window. Typically, windows at the low end of the price spectrum are less energy efficient. You’re also likely to see modest savings on your energy bill. In general, you’ll save up to 15 percent a year on your energy bill if older double-pane windows in a 2,600-square-foot house are replaced with energy-efficient windows with low-E coatings, according to the Efficient Windows

Collaborative, a coalition of government agencies, research organizations, and manufacturers that promotes efficient window technology. Keep in mind, though, that the savings can vary widely by climate, local energy costs, and the energy efficiency of both the windows purchased and the windows being replaced. Finally, you may qualify for lowinterest loans or other incentives offered by your local utility that can sweeten the deal, although fewer of these are becoming available. Price vs. Energy Efficiency The most efficient windows on the market are usually the most expensive, but it’s not necessary to buy the highest-end products to realize utility bill savings or improve comfort and aesthetics. So how do you choose the most energy-efficient models for the price? Thanks to Energy Star, you really don’t have to. Energy Star labels will tell you whether a window performs well in your climate based on

ratings from the National Fenestration Rating Council. It’s also helpful to familiarize yourself with terms that appear on many window labels: Glazing is simply the glass used in the window. The number of layers of glazing (single, double, or triple) doesn’t necessarily equal greater efficiency; the presence or absence of the other items in this list affects a window’s total energy performance. Glazing coatings can substantially affect a window’s U-factor, or degree of insulation against the outdoors. Low-E stands for low emissivity, the window’s ability to reflect rather than absorb heat when coated with a thin metallic substance. Low-E coatings add up to 10 percent to the price of a

window. If your windows are in relatively good shape but you’d like better insulation, you can buy and apply Low-E films to your windows. They’re effective, but not as much as those put between glazing layers during manufacturing. Look for the NFRC rating on these films. Low-E films start at about $0.50 per square foot, but you may want to check into the cost of having them professionally installed for large or complicated applications. Gas fills typically consist of argon or krypton gas sandwiched between glazing layers to improve insulation and slow heat transfer. They often won’t work at high altitudes because differences in air pressure cause them to leak out. Spacers separate

sheets of glass in a window to improve insulating quality; the design and material are important to prevent condensation and heat loss. Frame materials include vinyl, wood, aluminum, fiberglass, or a combination of those. They each have different strengths: Vinyl windows are good insulators and are easy to maintain but contract and expand with temperature changes, affecting the window’s air leakage; wood offers a classic look but is similarly affected by moisture changes and needs regular maintenance; fiberglass is very stable and low-maintenance but can be expensive; and aluminum is lightweight, stable, and a good sound proofer but is a rapid conductor of heat, making it a drain on energy efficiency.

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6 Heartland Your Home



loan. Less reliance on second mortgage financing alleviated much of the housing foreclosures that occurred around the country during the housing collapse in 2008–10. As well as having a lower percentage of homes with a mortgage, Texas homeowners generally incurred less mortgage costs due to lower average home prices. Median monthly mortgage costs of owner-occupied housing units in both Texas and the U.S. trended upward before the GR, reaching $965 per month for Texas in 2010 and $1,090 for the U.S. in 2008. This upward trend reversed during the GR due to falling mortgage rates engineered by the Federal Reserve Bank to help the U.S. economy recover from the GR. Monthly mortgage costs for Texas homeowners fell to $941 in 2013

Sunday, August 20, 2017

and decreased to $995 nationally in 2014. As the state and nation recovered from the GR, average monthly mortgage costs reversed their downward trend and rose to $973 for Texas and $1,009 for the U.S. by 2015. Lower-thannationalaverage mortgage costs enabled Texas households to allocate smaller shares of their incomes for housing costs. Since 2010, the median monthly homeowner costs as percentages of household incomes in owner-occupied housing units in both Texas and the U.S. trended downward. They fell from 23.4 percent in 2010 to 21.1 percent in 2015 for Texas and from 25.1 percent to 22 percent for the U.S. (Figure 4). On average, Texas households with a mortgage allocated 22.6 percent of their income for housing costs compared with a national average of 24.1 percent for the U.S. from 2005 to 2015. Lower than national

average home prices also enabled Texas ouseholds to maintain mortgage debt balances smaller than national averages. Texas per capita mortgage debt in the second quarter of 2010 was $23,999 compared with $36,339 for the nation, or 66 percent of the nation’s per capita mortgage debt burden. Per capita in this context refers to the number of individuals with a credit report. The mortgage loan balances in both Texas and the U.S. have trended downward since 2010, falling to $23,770 in Texas and $31,830 in the U.S. in fourth quarter 2016. Texas’ household share of mortgage loans as a percentage of total household loans fell from 66.4 percent of total loans in the second quarter of 2010 to 60.1 percent in fourth quarter 2016 (Figure 6). The nation’s shares of mortgage loans fell from 72.9 percent to 67.4 percent over the same period.

Texas Mortgage Rates Texas’ average annual contract rate for conventional, single-family mortgage loans tracks close to the national averages, but the initial fees and charges for Texas mortgage loans display four distinct periods of difference compared with national levels. From 1978 to 1991, mortgage lenders harged higher initial fees to Texas borrowers, especially in 1982 when initial fees and charges for Texans equaled 4.4 percent compared with 2.7 percent nationally. From 1992 to 1997, average initial fees and charges in Texas were lower than national averages. Initial fees and charges in Texas coincided with the U.S. average from 1998 and through the GR until 2009. After 2010, average initial fees in Texas slightly exceeded the national average but converged again to the national average in 2015. From 1978 to 2015, the initial mortgage

loan fees and charges in Texas averaged 1.49 percent compared with 1.26 for the U.S. or 23 basis points more. Initial fees and charges reflect various costs and risks associated with mortgage loans as well as generaleconomic and banking conditions. On a micro level, two main factors contributed to higher fees and charges for Texas mortgage borrowers, namely, higher loan-tovalue ratios and longer terms to maturity. Texans experienced higher loan-to-value ratios becausecof lowerthan-national-average home prices. From 1978 to 2015, the average loan-to-value ratio for Texas was 80 percent compared with 76.1 percent for the U.S. The state also had mortgage loans with average term to maturity longer than national averages before 1987. The average term to maturity for Texas mortgage loans from 1978–87 was 27.3 years compared with 26.4

years for the U.S. On a macro level, Texas’ banking system was in turmoil in the late 1980s. Price per barrel of West Texas intermediate crude oil fell from close to $39.50. in 1980 to $13.90 in 1986. The average percent of loan loss reserves to total loans for all Texas banks climbed to 5.4 percent in third quarter 1988 compared with 2.59 percent for the U.S. Net interest rate margin for all Texas banks fell to 2.99 percent in second quarter 1988 compared with 4.03 percent for the U.S. The state’s adverse economic and banking conditions in the late 1980s led lenders to charge higher initial fees. The average initial fees and charges for Texas from 1978 to 1991 totaled 2.69 percent compared with 2.05 percent for the U.S. As the state’s economy recovered from the impacts of lower oil prices, Texas’ mortgage rates and fees converged toward national average levels after 1997.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Heartland Your Home 7

PLEASE GIVE US A CALL IFYOU ARE CONSIDERING SELLINGYOUR HOME, COMMERCIAL PROPERTY OR FARM & RANCH. We offer FREE MARKET ANALYSIS and will advertise your property in local print ads plus online real estate sites zillow, trulia, and many others. We are also a member of the Heartland Association of Realtors and all of our listed properties are available for viewing by Realtors from Dallas, Ft. Worth, Abilene & the Stephenville areas through the NTREIS MLS system. We appreciate your business and will work hard to sell your property and earn your trust with honesty, integrity and Christian principals. Thank you for nominating Texas Goldstar Real Estate as one of the best real estate companies and the Broker, Stan Crawford as one of the best real estate agents in Brown County. Your vote and confidence is appreciated.

Stan Crawford Broker (325) 998-0732

Roland Graves Agent (325) 642-9036

Steve Goodwin Agent (325) 642-2358

Lisa Simpson Agent (325) 998-7370

Donna Howington Agent (325) 660-9855

Mike Edmondson Agent (325) 647-9768

Marie Smith Christy Meinecke Agent (830) 302-6611 (325) 203-2542 Realtor for New Braunfels - Brownwood

325-646-4781 BR-00078079


8 Heartland Your Home

811 Riverside Drive $225,000

Commercial building on acreage with great location close to downtown and the Brown County Courthouse. Office area includes a lg. reception area, 3 private offices, central heat & air, 1 restroom and approx. 1,100 sq.ft. Warehouse area is dock high with 2 roll up doors, drive-up ramp and 1 restroom. Outside area features fenced, 1.36 acres & a lg. concrete pad that is dock high. Perfect building & location for service business, light manufacturing, plus great potential for retail.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

2510 Stephen F Austin

2309 Elizabeth

2309 Elizabeth

Very nice spacious brick home with 3BR, 2B in a great neighborhood. Two lg. living areas both with fireplaces. This home is almost like new with many upgrades and improvements. All new appliances in kitchen including refrigerator, new flooring, new paint, new central heat and air and new roof. Huge fenced yard on a corner lot. This is a must see! MLS# 13619816

Nice 2BR, 1B partially remodeled home in the country, located behind rest stop (geographical center of Texas) between Brownwood and Brady on 17+ acres. Lots of cover creates excellent deer hunting plus small stock tank. Fenced on all sides. Approx. 20 min. to Brownwood and 20 minutes to Brady. MLS# 13485551

Call Stan (325) 998-0732

Call Stan 325-998-0732


Great building with a great location, just a few blocks from Brownwood Regional Hospital. With 2,550 acres and a 4,320 sq. ft. building this property offers many possible uses, including office, day car center, service business, retail outlet, or offices with light manufacturing. Building includes a kitchen with large dining room, plus nine individual rooms that can be used as a reception area, offices & conference Will rent $1200 mo. MLS# 11874914


2615 Vine $79,500

3904 Glenwood Dr $153,000

4306 Mimosa $89,500

3 BR, 2 B with central heat/air. Large living area with fireplace and separate dining room. Inside recently painted and new carpet has been ordered. One car garage and one car carport. Huge fenced backyard.

Great family home priced to sell in an excellent neighborhood with almost 1900 sq. ft. of living space. Updated 3 BR 2 B brick with 2 living areas plus a huge kitchen and dining area. Large covered patio, lg back yard plus nice shop/storage with canopy.

Call Stan ( 325) 998-0732

Call Stan for info ( 325) 998-0732

Very nice brick home with many recent updates including flooring, painting, and crown molding. 2 BR, 1B with 2 lg. living areas, could easily be converted to a 3 BR home. Large kitchen with extra space for oversized dining table. Covered patio, storage building and privacy fenced backyard.

Call Stan ( 325) 998-0732

4415 hwy 377 S Brownwood $100,000 5 acre commercial lot with frontage on a busy highway with heavy traffic. Located across the road from the 3M Plant and Section Hand Restaurant, also close to the Brownwood Hospital. Many possible commercial uses for the excellent property. MLS # 13576498

Call Stan 325-998-0732


Stan Crawford Roland Graves Broker Agent (325) 998-0732 (325) 642-9036

7470 hwy 279 • $184,500

1504 Fm 765 • $849,500

Beautiful Palm Harbor home on 20.19 wooded acres with 2100+ sq.ft. of 3BR, 2B open concept with huge kitchen, lg. liv. & dining rooms with office area. Many new upgrades and improvements. Great kitchen with tile flooring and extra cabinets & storage. Newer C-H & air unit. Nice 24x30 shop. Land is covered in oak trees & features elevation changes, wet weather creek and draws. Also includes 2 spaces for RV parking. Great hunting FHA and VA financing available for this home.

Great Combination horse, cattle & recreation ranch with SIX stock ponds, some stocked with fish, plus fishing piers. Close to Colorado River in San Saba County with great deer, turkey, dove and duck hunting. Horse & cattle barns with pipe pends & corrals. Improved grasses include coastal, morhay & love grass. Beautiful large brick home with 4 br, 3 bath sitting on a hill with views for miles. Bunk house with bath.

Call Stan 325-998-0732

Call Stan 325-998-0732 To view a video of the property please go to the following YouTube address:https://

Steve Goodwin Lisa Simpson Agent Agent (325) 642-2358 (325) 998-7370


325-646-4781 2222 S. Hwy 377 Suite 1, Bownwood, TX

Donna Howington Mike Edmondson Agent Agent (325) 660-9855 (325) 647-9768

Marie Smith Agent (325) 203-2542

Sunday, August 20, 2017

1515 Half Moon $45,000

Heartland Your Home 9

2300 11th in Brownwood

3490 CR 381 $149,500

6922 Dillard

This 8 plus acre home sight located in a restricted gated subdivision is priced to sell. Located close to town with nice views. Check it out today. Call for list of restrictions. MLS # 13632961. Listed by Steve Goodwin 325-642-2358.

BIG, BOLD, AND BEAUTIFUL - This 2,375 sq. ft., 3-bedroom, 2-bath brick home has just been refreshed and looks great. Located in a family-friendly neighborhood near Brownwood High School, this home is a true “keeper.” Call Roland Graves at 325-642-9036.

3 bedroom, 2 bath brick on 2 +/- acres. Double pane windows and laundry room. 1 car garage and double carport. Fenced backyard. MLS 13430575. Call Lisa Simpson 325-998-7370

6923 Ardee $58,900

6926 Dillard $32,800

8080 CR 572. $199,000

3 bdrm 2 bath, 1092 sq ft with attached garage of 616 sq ft. Owner will put on new roof with with full price offer MLS#13611203. Call Mike Edmondson 325-647-9768

3 bdrm, 2 bath,1216 sq ft, Central H/A, Mobile Home. Great income property rents for $600 per mth. MLS# 13613734. Call Mike Edmondson 325-647-9768.


3bdrm,2 bath, 1064 sq ft, Central H/A, Mobile Home, sets on two lots. Great income property rents for $600 per mth. MLS# 13614818. Call Mike Edmondson 325-647-9768.

CR 544

BREATHTAKING VIEWS OF LAKE BROWNWOOD - This fantastic 2,153 sq. ft. brick home has just been updated and features large open living area, 3-bedrooms, 2-baths, c h-a, fireplace with insert, sprinkler system, and 2.45 tree-covered acres. Property includes a winding wooden walkway leading to two 1,300+ sq. ft. bunkhouses, each with c h-a, bathroom, and kitchen-kitchenette.

Beautiful 2.4 acre lot situated a top CR 544 (Country Club Area). Wonderful building site with mature oaks. Electricity/water available. Lot an be divided into 2 separate lots and each sold at half the listing price. Call Lisa Simpson 325-999-7370

8080 CR 572 near Lake Brownwood.

Call Roland Graves at 325-642-9036.

Stan Crawford Roland Graves Broker Agent (325) 998-0732 (325) 642-9036

2100 12th in Brownwood.

BIG HOME FOR A GROWING FAMILY - PRICE REDUCED Attractive and well-maintained brick home featuring 2 large living areas, 3-bedrooms, 2-bathrooms, central heat and air, 2-car carport, privacy fencing, and storage building. Call Roland Graves at 325-642-9036

2708 Grey Fox Trail.

Lovely home on corner lot in quite neighborhood. This three bedroom, 2.5 bath had open living and dining area with high ceilings throughout. Home also boasts a bonus room above garage. Nice low maintenance drought tolerant lawn with privacy fence and storage room. MLS 13660558. Call Steve Goodwin for a private showing today. (325)642-2358.

Steve Goodwin Lisa Simpson Agent Agent (325) 642-2358 (325) 998-7370


325-646-4781 2222 S. Hwy 377 Suite 1, Bownwood, TX

Donna Howington Mike Edmondson Agent Agent (325) 660-9855 (325) 647-9768

Marie Smith Agent (325) 203-2542

10 Heartland Your Home

Sunday, August 20, 2017

What is covered in umbrella insurance? By Richard Koreto Special to the Bulletin

Homeowners insurance protects you if, say, a fire burns your house to the ground. That’s a start. But you also need to think about protecting your home against something equally dangerous: a lawsuit. If a houseguest slips in the bathtub, you could get sued. Lose the lawsuit and you could lose all of your assets, including your home. Umbrella insurance is designed to take over when your homeowners insurance reaches its liability limits. The key to making a decision about whether to purchase an umbrella policy is understanding what’s covered by umbrella insurance and, equally importantly, what isn’t. Umbrella Insurance: What’s Covered Increasing the liability limits on your homeowners insurance can help, but homeowner liability extends beyond the property line. An idle remark can get you sued for slander. A car accident can land you in court. Umbrella insurance

offers the advantage of extending the liability protection on your home and auto policies. Travelers, a provider of umbrella insurance, lists items generally covered in an umbrella policy. While some of these don’t relate directly to homeownership, umbrella insurance is in effect protecting your home, probably your biggest asset, from an unfavorable lawsuit stemming from just about anything. Among what’s commonly covered by an umbrella policy: Personal injury or property damage caused by you, members of your family, or hazards on your property for which you are legally liable. This includes what are called “attractive nuisances� such as swimming pools and trampolines. Personal liability coverage for occurrences that take place off your premises. For example, if your dog bites a neighbor. An additional layer of protection for your vehicles, beyond your auto insurance. Protection against slander, libel, wrongful eviction, or false arrest. Lawyer fees when you have to defend yourself.

Umbrella Insurance: What’s Excluded While umbrella insurance is comprehensive, there are some exclusions, according to Travelers, such as: • Damages expected or intended by the insured. • Liability arising from certain exotic vehicles, such as aircraft and jet skis. (Snowmobiles and golf carts usually are covered.) • Damages to your own property. (Depending on how these were caused, your standard homeowner policy may cover these.) Other key exclusions for typical umbrella policies involve business activities. Bob Gustafson, a certified financial planner in Marlborough, Mass., offers the example of a van driver delivering yarn to a homeowner who makes extra money knitting sweaters and selling them on eBay. This is a business, and your home/umbrella policies probably won’t cover you if the van driver gets hurt on your icy driveway. Riders, costing about $300 to $400 a year, are available for small home-based businesses.


But that’s not all. Texas Realtors engaged on issues that improve Texas in other ways, like supporting legislation that provides clear statewide standards for transportation network companies—also known as ride-hailing companies—and ending the confusing way state and local propositions are named on ballots. While these may not seem like issues directly affecting real estate, they benefit Texas across the board, which keeps the state strong and encourages people to invest in Texas real estate. Texas Realtors also successfully defeated legislation that would have harmed real estate consumers, including bills that would have increased costs when you buy property and would’ve required you to tell the government how much you paid for a property. Real estate is on the agenda every time the Texas Legislature meets, and this year was obviously no exception. That’s why Texas Realtors work hard to ensure that lawmakers see the value in legislation that favors those who buy, sell or lease real estate in Texas. Learn more about how Texas Realtors advocate for you at texasrealestate. com.

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watch the video at

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Heartland Your Home 11


Pipe For Sale 2 3/8 and 2 7/8

• Composition & Metal Roofing • Metal Buildings • Spray Foam Installation

Brushed #1 Tubing

Sale by Joint or Truck Load WILL DELIVER Downhole or Structural 325-642-2399 OR


HARDMAN Construction & Roofing

DNI Well Service


325-217-4982 BANGS, TX HWY 67




• Privac Privacy Fences, Decks, Porc Porches & more • New Construction tion & Repair Workk Re • Specialty Projects By Request

Metal Roofing Pipe Fencing

Scott Mangham Scot ham

325-451-7117 3257117


214-608-3643 2143643

What’s missing?


FREE ESTIMATES Tyler Williams Ty ms


Barns & Shops Mike Grelle


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12 Heartland Your Home

Sunday, August 20, 2017

EARLY OFFICE 111B Early Blvd • Early, TX 325-646-2444

Tootie Kelly 784-5270 Broker 1�800�429�8384 LAKE BROWNWOOD OFFICE • 7551 Hwy 279 • Brownwood, TX • 325-784-5270

See all our properties and virtual tours at



$149,900 3051 CR 139 Bangs

Carolyn Kelly, Realtor 325-642-3596

Nice little hunting or recreational property with 44.32 Wooded acres, tank, lots of deer,turkey, quail, & dove. Possible 2b 1b metal barndominium 1512 sq ft partial built in 2002 is liveable but needs interior finished out. Has insulation. Needs ceiling materials over insulation & trim. Fences in need of repair.Window units & dearborn heaters convey. Appliances are negotiable . 340 Sq ft metal storage building. Priced to sell! Seller needs 30 days after closing to move out. MLS CK13549659


$375,000 4650 CR 139 Bangs

$254,900 7 Brownstone Court Brownwood


$134,500 4471 Shawnee Dr May

***REDUCED*** $37,500 8027 CR 604 Brownwood

Excellent set up for a home or deer hunting property with this 3b 2b very nice double wide on 75 secluded wooded acres. 1440 Sq ft titan dw deck across the front. Small shop. All appliances, tvs, furniture, and small tractor, 4 wheeler, etc in the shop conveys. Seller will take personal items small tank on property. Call for showing today. MLS CK13605425

Charming 2 story brick home 3b 2.5B 2875 sq ft located in a nice neighborhood, in a cul de sac, real wood floors. Open concept, fireplace, master bedroom downstairs. Bonus room for dinning or an office.Large game room with french doors leading to nice patio.Lots of windows with faux blinds, pool table & light, bar stools, ss appl.,Fridge, small fridge (in game room) convey depending on sale price.Newrain birdsprinklersystem,2ch&a2hotwaterheaters.Tonsofstorage.Cedarcloset.Large laundry room & built in ironing board.Small shop & roll up door to store lawn mower.Attic over brick carport & game room. Plumbing & elect. In back yard for a pool. Nicely landscaped! Must see to appreciate!!!MLSCK13565687

Very nice double wide well taken care of 4b 2.5B 2128 sq ft sitting on 3.41 Acres in thunderbird bay, textured walls. Large living room with rock fp, large kitchen. Sun room off the back looking over tree covered lots as like in country. Sprinkler system (might need serviced). Nice landscaping. Double car garage. Chain linked fence. With access to swimming pool & boat ramp. Rv covered parking, 2 storage buildings. Appliances neg. Depending on price. MLS CK13613208







$62,500 9401 CR 456 Brownwood Extremely nice weekend getaway.Fully furnished. Lloyd VanZandt, Move in ready. 2 BR 1 and half bath, 1536 Sq Ft. Has beautiful Trees and boat dock. Boat dock Realtor 325-200-1908 will be upgraded. Fenced back yard. Several out buildings . Green house. All you need is a fishing pole. A must see. MLS LV13611515

$2,495 per acre CR 108 Brownwood

Hunters here it is 239 acres secluded nearly all of covered with trees and shinery to make it excellent for hunting deer and turkey etc. Property has 2 stock tanks, fenced all around. Seller will convey deer blinds and deer feeders. To get to property the road is an old aboundened county road. Seller will convey all minerals owned. MLS CK13445908


$59,970 5140 Tamarack Dr May

Single wide 2 BR & 2B Mobile home that is in excellent shape. Sits on two lots. Has a open concept living area. Covered front and back porch.Storage building in back . Beautiful oak trees perfect for relaxing under with excellent views of the lake. Furniture and appliances negotiable. MLS LV13355878


$58,000 4090 Thunderbird Dr May

Commercial property in lake community of Lake Brownwood. Has been a store, laundromat, game room, storage or many other business. Also has an older mobile home that conveys. MLS LV11919779


$89,500 5828 Taco Trail Brownwood

Super nice Home on .285 Lot on Taco Trail. 3 BR 2 bath. 1820 Sq ft. Has screen in back porch, aerobic septic system. Beautiful views of Lake Brownwood. Easy access to the water. Beautiful trees. A must see. MLS LV13446090




$390,000 231 Avolyn Dr Lake Brownwood, TX


$28,500 308 Pioneer St W Rising Star

$45,000 4160 Tamarack DR May

2 Br one bath with covered back porch home in rising star. Would make a ideal rental property. Has a large front and back yard with beautiful large oak trees. Also has two storage ares in back. The home has been recently remodeled. Motivated seller. MLS LV13511690

Nice 3b2b double wide on 2 lots, central heat and air, wood deck on front of house for entrance, storage building, double car carport, access to boat ramps, boat docks, and swimming pool. 1,344 sq. ft. house. Good roomy house. Paved road frontage. MLS TK13467306

Prime Real Estate location in a high traffic area. Office building is open concept. Large covered parking area and a spacious lot in the back of the building. MLS TK13630999

Awesome 4b 3b brick 2 story brick home on 4.03 Acres 3996 sq ft, 1800 sq ft shop & septic, wood stove. Lots of paella windows. 2 Living areas, wood burning fp, 2 dining areas, solarium, gorgeous wood staircase. Downstairs large master bedroom & bath & sauna. Large walk-in closet. Luxury vinyl hardwood look floors. Metal roof. 4 Ch & a units. Nice quiet neighbor country feel, 1 neighbor & is located at the end of the subdivision.This property is ideal place for a wedding venues or lakefront rentals weekly or by the day. Taxes are with exemptions. MLS CK12142689

This property is extremely spacious. It includes large front area, 3 offices, a supply room, a very spacious kitchen with dining area. The shower is in its own room right next door to the bathroom. Also has a large 5 bay shop with a bathroom, automatic doors, and another bay that opens in the back of the building. There is also plenty of parking in the back. It is a must see and is move in ready. Excellent location.... MLS TK13631093







$225,000 509 Early Blvd Early

$200,000 1501 4th Brownwood

$90,000 7222 Emerald Dr Brownwood


$3,200 Per Acre CR 115 Brownwood

986.594 ac. with Pecan Bayou river frontage. Rolling hill country with large Live Oaks, Post oaks, Mesquite & large Pecan trees on river. Property has a mountain in the interior of the property with scenic views from the top. Approx. 6192.30 ft. of river frontage on Pecan Bayou. Seller has built new fence around most of the property and has put new cross fences in the interior property & an abundance of deer, turkey, hogs, quail, dove & excellent fishing, with 5 tanks. THIS IS A HUNTERS DREAM!!!! MLS TK13033490



$180,000 217 Avolyne Dr. Brownwood

Waterfront 3b 2b brick home quite neighbor hood by Lake bridge. Fireplace,ch&a,ceramic tile floors, fresh paint though out. Covered RV parking, 2 car garage & 2 car carport. Enclosed sun room overlooking Lake. New boat dock. 224 sq ft shop. Nice storage building. All appliances convey. Water under dock at spillway level aprox. 9-10 ft. MLS CK13276103

$79,900 2230 Mountain View Dr May Very nice two story brick home. Has 2250 SQ Ft and two car garage. 3 BR 2 and a half baths . large game room . Vaulted ceiling in the living room. Open concept kitchen area. Metal Roof. Just needs a little Finishing work and TLC . Has beautiful views of the lake. MLS LV13650207

***OWNER FINANCE*** $308,623 Hwy 183 South Goldthwaite

$88,500 1207 Gnatt Bangs

Beautiful 20 acres with great views. Has excellent soil. It has easy access to town only 9 miles from early. Very peaceful place for a building site. Lots of wildlife Mobile homes are welcome. Owner finance with 10% down. MLS LV13373475

104.61 acres with Hwy frontage on Hwy 183, 5 miles South of Mullin, TX. Has large Live Oak and Pecan Trees, some Mesquite, good deer hunting. Good fences. Great building site. MLS TK13480120

This 1707 Sq Ft home comes with 3 BR and 1 full bath and 2 half baths. Has a large chain link fenced in back yard with beautiful oak trees. Small out building. Also a 2 car garage. Just needs a little TLC. motivated seller wanting to look at offers. MLS LV13652952



$92,500 CR 366 May

$1,800 per Acre 8237 Hwy 83 Paducah, TX

1360.65 ac ranch, lots to offer. Over 1mi river frontage. Excellent cow place or for hunting.Abundance of whitetail, mule deer, turkey, quail, wild hogs. Fishing in river, 3 ponds. 2 mi paved HWY 83 frontage. 3b1b 1638 sqft rock home, 3b1b 1240 sqft guest house. 2100 sqft metal implement bldg w-21x66 shed, 8x40 cargo strg, 24x28 metal shed, 5 water wells 50-80ft deep, solar powered. 2 springs in river run year round. 10 1k lb feeders. 10 nice deer blinds. 100 acres cultivation. Wooded rolling hills to river bottom land. Owner will consider financing. MLS TK37685


$49,500 7420 Eagle Point Dr. Brownwood

Beautiful waterfront lot with breathtaking views of the lake. Has lots of trees. Access to Featherbay Golf Course club house. 0.60 ac lot. Would make a great home site. MLS LV13198651

$2,495 Per Acre CR 108 Brownwood

Hunters here it is! 239 acres secluded nearly all covered with trees and shrubbery to make it excellent for hunting deer and turkey, etc. Property has 2 stock tanks, fenced all around. Seller will convey deer blinds and deer feeders. To get to property the road is an old abandoned county road. Seller will convey all minerals owned. MLS CK13445908


$85,000 1400 FM 1467 S Zephyr

Nice 3b 2b on 2.6 acres on pavement, 1 mile out of zephyr fm 1467, 1,300 sq. ft. home, double carport, 180 sq. ft. storage room, 700 sq ft shop with wood burning stove, concrete floor. pond, new paint, new carpet and laminate, new ceiling fans. large oaks beautiful setting. great location. MLS TK135105060

$179,500 4094 Seneca Dr May

This amazing Lake front property sets on half acre and comes with 2 BR 2 Bath 1708 Sq foot home. Has lots of tree coverage and 2 car garage. Incredible views of the lake. RV storage and shed. Closed in back porch. Fishing pier. Sun room and large game room that could be turned into 3rd bedroom. Motivated seller. MLS LV13581538


***ACTIVE OPTION*** $79,500 6922 Dublin Brownwood

Your Home August 2017  
Your Home August 2017