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Defining a Lifestyle of luxury and adventure

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The Horizon Group, Exceeding the Standards dedicated to bringing your dreams to life For over 25 years, the Horizon Group has defined, perfected and consistently exceeded the standards for design and craftsmanship with its range of 46 to 160-foot luxury motor yachts. As one of the ten largest yacht builders in the world, Horizon focuses on eight specialized series, each unique in style and function, and each designed and built to the highest standards to suit every customer’s individual yachting lifestyle. The Horizon Group employs the most advanced technologies, finest materials, and most talented designers in the world. Encompassing four manufacturing facilities—each ISO 9002 certified— the Horizon Group provides a strong foundation for yacht building within a customer-oriented environment, where management and employees share a common goal. Horizon is committed to exceeding customer expectations and continuously improving upon the safety, design and construction of its yachts, while also keeping an eye on the future with new product development. With customer satisfaction, quality, durability, safety and value as the absolute minimum standards, the Horizon Group is dedicated to bringing your yachting dreams to life.

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The Horizon History the Horizon group was founded in Kaohsiung, Taiwan by John Lu, a successful naval architect with a lifelong passion for boats and the sea. Lu’s mission was clear and remains unchanged to this day: to build the ultimate dream yachts for his clients. Soon after the Horizon Group was founded in 1987, Taiwan’s prospering yachting industry experienced an unexpected recession. Undeterred, Horizon’s founder and CEO John Lu made critical decisions over the next decade that have served to keep this builder at the forefront of the very competitive yacht building industry. In 1989, Horizon shifted its business strategy to target the European, Australian and Asian markets. The company then redeveloped its yacht construction process, voluntarily complying with the stringent quality and safety requirements set by Europe and Japan. As a result, Horizon quickly earned a distinct reputation for building yachts of exceptional quality and value compared to its European counterparts. In 1993, Lu capitalized on the increasing demand for quality megayachts at a competitive price and made the critical decision to begin building yachts over

80 feet. When the shipyard encountered limits on the production scale, Lu focused on increasing the yard’s capacity through implementing specialized processes and improving overall product quality. Over the years Horizon continued to expand, securing a position as the leading Asian yacht brand in the luxury megayacht market. Between 2000 and 2005, Lu focused the company’s attention on building a comprehensive range of yachts while assigning a build concentration to each of Horizon’s four subsidiaries under the Horizon Group umbrella: Horizon shipyard, Vision shipyard, Premier shipyard and Atech Composites. Today, the Horizon Group continues to be known for its wide range of award-winning yachts designed and constructed with sophisticated craftsmanship, superior build techniques, and innovative technologies. define your horizon | 7

The Horizon Philosophy The Horizon Group’s talented team utilizes the most advanced technologies available in the design and construction of each Horizon yacht.

Advanced Technology Horizon was the first authorized yacht builder in Asia to utilize SCRIMP (Seemann Composites Resin Infusion Molding Process), a process originally developed by the U.S. Navy as a means to increase a vessel’s strength and durability without adding weight or affecting performance.

Extraordinary Design The Horizon design team utilizes 3D CAD visualization and design programs to provide clients with expert exterior and interior design advice that fulfills lifestyle requirements and ensures the reliability, safety and performance of every new Horizon motor yacht.

In 2004, Horizon developed an improved resin infusion technology that enables the infusion of far larger structures than previously possible.

Horizon has partnered with experienced designers and naval architects worldwide to create a wide range of stylish yachts. The Horizon fleet currently consists of eight model series, each of which features a distinct style and addresses a specific onboard and cruising lifestyle.

In 2009, Horizon was authorized by EADS (The European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company N.V.) through SAERTEX and also received authorization to implement another advanced technology called VAP (Vacuum Assisted Process). Horizon now utilizes VAP in conjunction with SCRIMP. The result guarantees a strong, light and durable hull and superstructure.

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Excellent Engineering Flexibility in design and construction is one of the distinctive features that sets Horizon apart as a yacht builder and allows the customization of each yacht to fit the owner’s lifestyle. No two Horizon yachts are exactly the same.

The experienced R&D team is skilled at producing semi-displacement hulls; fulldisplacement hulls with or without bulbous bows; and semi-planing, fully planing and high performance racing hulls. Horizon uses both the traditional tank test simulation and the computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analysis technique for all vessels to assure the maximum efficiency of each hull design. Sophisticated Craftsmanship Horizon’s yacht interiors are designed and crafted on site by master craftsmen, many of whom have over 20 years of experience. Quality Assurance Every Horizon yacht is subject to stringent, continuous inspections at each stage of the build to ensure that the finished product showcases Horizon’s Quality Commitment to its customers. From tank testing of the hull design to material testing of the hull strength to sea trials and power and equipment operations testing, Horizon’s ERP computer system manages this process for each new build.

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State-of-the-art Facilities Each of Horizon’s four facilities is independently ISO 9002 certified and utilizes the most advanced building and design technologies to assure the highest quality throughout each build. The Horizon Group facilities encompass the Horizon, Premier and Vision yards, which build yachts in fiberglass and steel/ aluminum in specific size ranges. Atech Composites is the company’s SCRIMP lamination facility. Horizon builds to the standards of the world’s leading classification societies, including Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Bureau Veritas (BV), Lloyd’s Registry (LR) and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). Horizon also builds to Flag Code with MCA (LY2 and LY3), USL (Australia), NK (Japan) and CNS (China), and adopts SOLAS, MARPOL, CORLEG and MLC construction standards.

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The Horizon Commitment The Horizon Group is committed to executing its clients’ visions while maintaining a very high standard of quality. Each Horizon yacht is a unique reflection of its owner’s lifestyle and personality. Each of Horizon Yacht’s eight series is designed and engineered to the highest standards and provides a platform upon which each client can customize his layout. To allow this level of customization means that challenges may be encountered, but Horizon’s dedicated and inspired team addresses any such situation as an opportunity for improvement. Horizon customers take comfort in the knowledge and experience that the Horizon team brings to the table. Innovative thinking coupled with careful planning backed by over 25 years of quality yacht building experience is what sets Horizon apart from any other yacht builder. “Define Your Horizon” is not only a motto; it’s a philosophical commitment.

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The Horizon Lifestyle Owning a Horizon allows you the freedom to relax and enjoy the yachting lifestyle you have always dreamed of. With a Horizon, the boundaries are limitless. Not only will your custom Horizon embody your style and personality, it will give you peace of mind. When you build with Horizon, you can rest assured that your yacht will allow your family and friends to cruise in safety and comfort. Each Horizon yacht is backed by the Horizon Group’s pedigree and commitment to quality of the highest standards, and protected by a worldwide network of service centers. It’s time to cruise off into the sunset and Define Your Horizon.

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The Horizon Experience Whether you are a first-time owner or a seasoned yachtsman, the Horizon Group is committed to creating your dream yacht. Discover why so many owners return to Horizon to build their next dream yacht. Each of the Horizon Group’s eight series models presents a platform to suit your cruising lifestyle that you can build upon and customize to your preference. From the early stages of design through the build process and final fit-out, the Horizon team is at your service to ensure your satisfaction during each step of the process. Once you take delivery of your Horizon, you have become part of the Horizon family and can enjoy exceptional service and maintenance provided by Horizon dealers and service centers located across five continents.

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The Horizon Series e | ep | P | pc | rp | sc | t | v The Horizon Group has remained on the cutting edge of yacht design and construction for over 25 years. While it has expanded to become one of the most respected yacht brands in the world, Horizon has continuously refined its product line to ensure that each model it designs provides maximum enjoyment to its owners. Each of the eight series in the Horizon Group portfolio is unique in its style and intended use. Whether your passion is pleasure cruising, sportfishing or offshore exploring, there is a Horizon series model designed with you in mind.

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E Series SLEEK and stylish E56 | E60 | E62 | E66 | E70 E73 | E78 | E84 | E88 | E94 Designed for both luxury and function, the E series blends elegant styling with practical design in classic flybridge motor yachts from 56 to 94 feet. Both open and enclosed bridge versions are offered on select models along with a multitude of layout options, allowing the E series to satisfy virtually any cruising lifestyle.

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EP Series defining exploration EP69 | EP77 | EP92 | EP110 | EP148 The EP series features expedition yachts designed for efficient and comfortable cruising. The series ranges from the EP69 to the iceclass EP148 and is built in both FRP and steel in select models. Offering remarkable interior volume and an extended range, the EP series sets the standards for safety, luxury and quality in long-range expedition yachts.

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P Series elegant and luxurious P105 | P136 | P163 The tri-deck P series combines industryleading design with advanced construction technologies to create a yacht of extraordinary style and luxury. Built to DNV classification, the P series provides safe, comfortable cruising wherever your travels may take you.

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PC Series power catamaran | PC58 The PC series is designed, engineered and built as an advanced luxury cruising power catamaran series and is perfectly suited for the cruising connoisseur. With features normally found on much larger motor yachts, the PC series offers elegance, comfort and space on a yacht of a manageable size that is suitable for owner operation.

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rp Series modern and spacious RP97 | RP110 | RP120 The RP series offers increased entertainment areas on the flybridge in addition to an interior helm station. Modern exterior styling contributes to the sleek RP series profile, and a variety of interior layout and design options are available. An RP is perfect for sun worshippers, families and active cruising enthusiasts.

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SC Series solar powered | SC23 | SC46 A foray into the world of green technology, the SC series features completely solarpowered yachts in both passenger and motor yacht versions. Utilizing solar panels and the power of the sun, the SC series is truly zeroemission boating, providing peace of mind for the eco-conscious cruiser.

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T Series sportfishing journeys | T52 The T series features a light yet strong hull with a pronounced flare for a completely dry ride. The T series provides a reliable and stable platform for any fishing expedition, ensuring safety and comfort when it counts most.

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V Series TIMELESS AND VERSATILE | v68 | v74 A breakthrough in design and functionality, the V series has a timeless style and fluid lines, demonstrating the versatility and craftsmanship of the series. Featuring a 20foot beam, the V series is built to be run by an owner/operator but can also accommodate crew. A choice of open or enclosed flybridge configurations accommodate virtually any cruising lifestyle.

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The Horizon Group, Dedicated to Excellence The Horizon Group’s dedication to quality and excellence in build has assured high retention rates with second, third and fourth-time Horizon owners. From its foray into environmentally sustainable yacht design and construction to its low-VOC, patented SCRIMP resin vacuum infusion technology, Horizon continues to be a pioneer in environmentally sound and efficient design and construction methods. Safety of life onboard and at sea is never compromised, as each Horizon yacht is rigorously tested to ensure it meets ISO 12217 stability requirements as well as ISO 6954 vibration and harmonics standards. Horizon’s workforce and in-house team of designers, naval architects and engineers are some of the best in the business, each highly skilled and most with advanced degrees in their field of expertise. Many of Horizon's yachts are built to DNV class certification and MCA compliance, and all are subjected to stringent quality control procedures as part of Horizon’s Quality Commitment to its customers.

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Horizon’s Customer Service CUSTOMER SERVICE IS IMPORTANT IN ANY INDUSTRY, BUT IN YACHTING IT IS PARAMOUNT. THE HORIZON GROUP provides EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE THAT WILL STAY WITH YOU THROUGH THE LIFE OF YOUR HORIZON YACHT. Once you take delivery of your custom Horizon yacht, you will see why so many owners return to Horizon to build their next dream yachts. Not only will Horizon dedicate a professional representative to work alongside you through every step of your build, from the initial design to the interior finish and final sea trials, the global network of Horizon dealers and service centers will ensure you are never far from assistance no matter where you roam. With superior design from the hands of leading naval architects to expert craftsmanship and construction under the strictest of classification, to a global service network that is available to take care of your needs wherever you may be, once you become a Horizon owner, it’s easy to remain a part of the Horizon family.

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Horizon Achievements

2006 “Best Asian Super Yacht” and “Best Asian Yacht Builder”—Christofle Asia Boating Awards 2007 “Best Asian Yacht Builder (under 100 feet)” —Christofle Asia Boating Awards

Superyacht Builders Association SYBAss unites and represents the world’s leading superyacht builders and emphasizes the unique values of each member. Horizon is the only qualified megayacht builder in the Far East to have become a member of SYBAss to date.

asia boating awards The aim of the Asia Boating Awards is to recognize the best of the maritime industry in Asia. Horizon has been named “Best-Asian Motor Yacht Builder” every year since 2006.

2007 “Taiwan Superior Brand”—Taiwan External Trade Development Council 2008 “Best Asian Motor Yacht Builder (70–100 feet)”—Christofle Asia Boating Awards 2008 Australian Marine Awards—Horizon 65 Flybridge Motor Yacht 2009 Finalist —Horizon P130 “Miss Rose” — The World Superyacht Awards 2009 “Best Asian Motor Yacht Builder (86 feet and up)”—Asia Boating Awards 2009 2009 “Taiwan Yacht of the Year” —Horizon RP120 “Espresso”

taiwan excellence Taiwan Excellence is the greatest accolade for Made in Taiwan products. It is presented to Taiwanese products that are revolutionary, high quality and high value-added. In 2010, Horizon's P130 tri-deck, E88 luxury yacht and SC46 solar yacht were awarded the “Taiwan Excellence” Awards for their outstanding performance and features. In 2011, the Horizon P136 tri-deck was awarded as well. TaiwanExcellence/en/index.aspx

the world superyacht awards The World Superyacht Awards—dubbed the Oscars of the superyacht world— recognize the finest new superyacht builds delivered to their owners. In 2009, Horizon’s P130 “Miss Rose” was selected as a Finalist. In 2010, Horizon RP120 “Espresso” was Finalist and in 2012, the Horizon RP120 “Muses” and P136 “Angara” were both Finalists.

2010 Taiwan Excellence Awards—Horizon E88 motoryacht and SC23 solar power boat 2010 Finalist—Horizon RP120 “Espresso”— The World Superyacht Awards 2010 “Best Asian Motor Yacht Builder (51–80 feet)”—Asia Boating Awards 2011 Taiwan Excellence Award—Horizon P130 2011 “Best Asian Motor Yacht Builder (81 feet and up)”—Asia Boating Awards 2012 Finalists—Horizon P136 “Angara” and Horizon RP120 “Muses”— “The World Superyacht Awards 2012 “Best Asian Motor Yacht Builder (50–100 feet)”—Asia Boating Awards

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Discover Your Horizon LET HORIZON HELP YOU CREATE YOUR DREAM YACHT Dedicated to customer satisfaction, Horizon strives to continuously improve upon every aspect of the boat-building process. Horizon also invests in the future, developing new models and series as well as focusing on more environmentally friendly yacht designs and manufacturing processes. As one of the world’s top 10 luxury yacht builders, Horizon will continue to evolve and provide luxury yachts that better serve the needs of discerning yachting customers worldwide.

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Horizon Yachts Corporate Catalog  

A beautiful 44 page catalog showcasing the history and philosophy of Taiwanese yacht builder Horizon Yachts through photography and design....

Horizon Yachts Corporate Catalog  

A beautiful 44 page catalog showcasing the history and philosophy of Taiwanese yacht builder Horizon Yachts through photography and design....

Profile for studiorod