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REALLY? Trawlers in a

Sailing Magazine? Captains Chris and Alyse Caldwell.

By Captains Chris and Alyse Caldwell


f you are curious about living the dream aboard a trawler, then “TrawlerTalk” is just what you’ve been looking for! Come on over to the dark side with us. We are Chris and Alyse Caldwell, a husband and wife team of USCG-licensed captains—married forever—living aboard a 44-foot Gulfstar Motor Cruiser named Sandy Hook…and yet we still like each other. Amazing isn’t it? Must be something about the trawler lifestyle that makes it so easy. We tried sailing. We really did. In fact, Chris raced a Luders 16 in Lake Pontchartrain back in the day, and Alyse spent summers at the Jersey Sandy Hook, Alyse and Chris’ 44-foot Gulfstar Motor Cruiser. shore uprighting her Snark more times you’d like to learn more about trawlers, then stay tuned than is imaginable. We were even rail meat on a 41 Morgan each month for future topics, such as: “How to Choose a Out Island one racing season, but failed miserably, dropTrawler”; “How to Walk a Boat Show”; “Snowbirds In ping the time clock overboard on a particularly exciting Migration”; “What To Expect At A TrawlerFest”; and start. So, we settled into trawler life. “Below Deck Systems.” Let us hear from you and tell us the After years of cruising aboard our trawler, we began things you want to learn more about. training new trawler owners, offering tricks and tips for Here is how we’ve accumulated our history. Chris maneuvering, anchoring and basic owner maintenance. earned his first USCG captain’s license at age 18, working in Now, we invite those who are considering the lifestyle and charter and scuba boats, initially in the Gulf of Mexico and don’t yet have their own trawler to join us aboard Sandy more recently in the Florida Keys. Operating oilfield service Hook for liveaboard training. Instructing people on our boat vessels, Chris developed a strong marine background, in Florida, or on your boat anywhere, is a great way for us including maintenance and repair in some unique settings. to ease your learning curve. Plus, we give seminars on They say cruising is fixing your boat in exotic places—and trawler life at boat shows, TrawlerFests and boating renthey are right! Sometimes, Alyse is in awe that the simple act dezvous. About half our students are sailors who are movof having the right parts aboard keeps us away from the ing over to the “dark side”—or intrigued by the trawler dreaded boatyard, extending our cruising time. In addition community. Many boaters in the Southeast tell us that they to his marine know-how, Chris also enjoyed a successful read SOUTHWINDS, which led us to contact Steve Morrell, the professional sales career while living in New Orleans, LA. magazine’s editor. Knowing that many sailors migrate over Years of boating—and he’s got the gray beard to prove it! to trawlers, and that the trawler lifestyle has many similariAlyse worked in the nursing field as an administrative ties to the sailing world, Steve invited us to do a regular director. She still maintains her Louisiana RN license but hasmonthly column on trawlers. n’t really worked in medicine for a while. Since we’ve spent So, we will be bringing you an article each month in the so much time cruising, Alyse earned her captain’s license, coming year. We’ll share our experiences with those of you too. Although, we lived aboard our trawler since 1995, we who aren’t ready to commit to the stinkpots, but who just recently moved ashore as CLODS (Cruisers Living On Dirt) might want to keep an open mind, you know, for when you in Vero Beach, FL, and our full displacement trawler is now get older. But then some of us never really grow up. So if


November 2012


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Southwinds Nov 2012

Southwinds Nov 2012