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Volume 1 - Issue 12

FOXY LADY The Master

Sanctum Spiritus


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Artwork by SylentWhysper

Contents FEATURES 6 Foxy Lady 14 Modern Mafiosi 18 I’m Your Puppet 24 Fall Into Autumn 36 Good vs Evil 40 Timeless Desire 48 The Master 56 An Affair To Remember 62 Apocalypse Couture

Volume 1 - Issue 12


Editor’s Note & Contributors

10 Designer Showcase Shake Productions

30 Model Creator Spotlight Jaedub

44 Geek Chic 66 Beauty

Light and Shade


HOMES & INTERIORS 72 World Showcase Oahu by Jasumi

76 Sanctum Spiritus


80 Dormitory



24 3

Staff Editor in Chief & Executive Director M a d i 1909 Senior Design Editor and Production Director Allium Senior Fashion Editor & Editorial Development Director & Writer AsiaShaMecca Senior Fashion Photographer and Senior Men’s Editor and Stylist SuperPogimon Minraed Executive Interior Design Director and Contributing Photographer & Writer Kementari Contributing Interior Design Editor & Fashion Photographer Aikea-Guinea Contributing Fashion Photographer and Stylist SylentWhysper Contributing Fashion Photographer and Stylist Dustydreamer Contributing Fashion Photographer and Stylist Circa Contributing Fashion Photographer and Stylist Jasumi Contributing Fashion Photographer and Stylist My-Sim-Style Associate Interior Designer & Photographer Ninjon Associate Photographer and Men’s Stylist DrMusix Mens Fashion Stylist & Writer

Contributors Adverts SimEve KateSterling JadedCat Vintage

Writing SomeSimGuy Pseudo-Sim

With summer officially waning and the fall fashion scene now in full swing, many of us have began the lamentable task of preparing ourselves for the new season and all the transitions that it may bring. To many, the fall season is one of sadness as we seem to have nothing to look forward to but the upcoming holiday season - which , lets face it, is just still too far away to pull us out of our funk. BUT to the well heeled Fashionista, Fall brings about a much anticipated revitalization of ones self - a new beginning if you will - that can at times be as euphoric as the ushering in of the summer heat. So don’t despair - there is STILL plenty to look forward to! This seasons’ fashion world isn’t the only thing going through a “transition” . SF Magazine has also been going through a few changes and some much needed growth. With that said, we are happy to announce the arrival of several new staff members: Dusty Dreamer, Aikea Guinea, Jasumi and SylentWhysper - all multi-talented members of our community who graciously agreed to join our little family and whose presence will no doubt help enrich the content of our magazine even further. So as you flip through the pages, don’t miss out on their inaugural pieces as they help bring you the best there is to offer in our lil’ SIM fashion world - SF Fall Fashion Trends with a twist of the macabre, just in time for the Halloween Season! Also, make sure you read along as Asiashamecca takes a moment to sit down with the creative mind behind Shakeproductions and Model Creator sweetheart, Jaedub, to find out a bit more about their passions for designing and creating for such a demanding community and some of their exciting upcoming projects. Also featured in this months issue, the creative styling of Circa Sim and Model Cassidy Williams in their aptly named spread “Good vs Evil”. And for the gentleman...(no, we did not forget you!) don’t miss out on Pogi’s “ The Master” spread! It will surely delight! So, go ahead, and do what you REALLY came here to do...flip to your hearts content. And enjoy the eye candy prepared just for your viewing pleasure - an early treat for your eager Trick or Treaters!

Cover Photography by Circa


Editors Notes


Madi xxoo




LORANDIA SIMS 3 Lingerie and Accessories

Words and Images by AsiaShaMecca




ld is still new, and retro continues to stampede down the runway in season after season. The Seventies got a light makeover in Fall of 2010 with the return of the Halston halter dress and flared pants. They’ve been unstoppable ever since. But, let’s not forget that there are several variants. And that means; all the more ways for your Sim to get lots of wear out of her key seventies pieces, by taking them from Summer ’70s bohemian to a more sophisticated Fall look. For Fall, in the evening that means dresses that fall like water. By day, elegant blouses and high waisted tailored pants with just the right amount of flare.



Sophisticated Seventies needs confidence. The look has a vibrant sexuality and in-yourface attitude that not just any pudding can carry off. Super-high platforms and bold accessories are not recommended, they are required! Look for those high-waisted flared trousers; neat bow blouses in soft silks or shining satin. Hot pants are a great statement item for the daring Sim. A smart printed jump suit in a fierce retro pattern is another can’t miss. Funky flips and afro hair are out there. Seek them out and wear them with pride. You got to be all mine... All mine... Oh! Foxy Lady!





ome CC creators are mesh masters... some excel in photo-skinning. If it’s well done, at SF we love them all! But some stand out as masters of both. ShakeProductions makes some of the most beautifully skinned Sims clothes out there. If you somehow managed to miss his amazing uploads take a look. You won’t regret it. We’re thrilled to have a chance to talk with him and play “getting to know you” and photograph these all new items made exclusively for this feature! Shake, thank you for taking the time to make these GORGEOUS creations for us and to talk with us. Tell us about a bit about yourself? My name is Talha, I’m 16 years old and I live in Izmir, Turkey, but my homeland is Veles, Macedonia (Ex-Yugoslavic country). Sims is my fun and I love Sims!

Feature by AsiaShaMecca your TSR page. How would you describe your personal style? What do you want to do in fashion? I have crazy and transparent style. There is nothing to change about fashion now, so I like the way the changes people, not fashion. But Versace and Roberto Cavalli are giving me inspiration to create some things on my mind. But like I said before, mostly I don’t have inspiration, I just match the colors and pieces witch fits each other. By the way I have a more casual style, the opposite of my creations.

What prompted you to start creating for the Sims? And where do you find the inspiration for your creations?

When you are making content, what is most important to you? What makes you say “This is it! This is the one I want to show the world”? I design a lot in a day. But I just delete them instantly. Because there must be something very affective and fascinating to say ‘’this is it’’. I don’t love creating jeans and something very affective and fascinating to say ‘’this is it’’.

I’ve been holding a place in Sims for 6 years yet I’m more active since 2008. Successful designers prompted me in designing clothes and more. Of course my friends helped me. I’m so grateful for the people who have helped me out. You mentioned an interest in fashion on

I don’t love creating just jeans and blouses, I love trying different styles. When I match different things with each other, and understand that there is nothing wrong with Photoshop CS2 -which is the old version-, are indispensable. For creating the mesh of the clothes, I prefer



using Milkshape 3D. I say: I have to show it to the world. In summary, difference is very important for me. What tools do you use to create your content? How long on average does it take? TSR Workshop 2.0 and Photoshop CS2 -which is the old version-, are indispensable. For creating the mesh of the clothes, I prefer using Milkshape 3D. Do you have any tips on for aspiring creators? For the aspiring designers, I suggest not to create a lot at first. It might be cause to find new meshes. They should find new meshes to make different. So I think they mustn’t create so much the first time. Hence, two creations in a week are enough. Are there any special projects coming up that we should look out for? What’s next for you?


Actually, for the Simmers, we have special project. We are thinking on starting a blog which will be free. If you click the link below

and click the yes button, you can support us.

In closing, what would you like to see more of in the Sims and the Sims community as a whole? I want to see more extra packets for Sims 3, and I really wonder if Sims 4 will be out on market. On the other hand I want to see more innovation for Sims 3. And finally special thanks to you for a sincere interview!

Advert by Vintage


odern afiosi

Movie night and the theme is Asian Gangster; Young & Dangerous, The Incorruptible and Infernal Affairs -Google ‘em... better yet, do yourself a favor and GET them- just to get me started. Ah the seedy atmosphere, the beautiful disenfranchised youth... the gun-play and crazy martial arts acrobatics. The mind reels. The thoughts turn, but before I can say “Hey SF! We need a Asian Mafia spread!” here I find we already got one! NUTZ!

Images by Jasumi Words by SomeSimGuy



Oh, I am LOVING this spread though. Its all here; the spiked hair, sexy cool guy and tough girl looks... the androgyny... the SMOKING. Smoking IS bad boys and girls but whooo they do a lot of it in Asian gangster flicks, so this is actually pretty authentic. Savor the flavor. We captured the authentic spirit of AG here. Better yet go download the looks, crank up the Sims and make your own. Or ignore me. Fine. But when you’re sitting around bored on movie night without a great AG, don’t say SomeSimGuy didn’t try to help you out!

I’m your

Puppet. . .

When style has a hold on you, the designers pull your strings like a puppet. As the marionette, manipulated by desire




expression, you can taunt convention the


theatrical trends an



experiment crepes,








baby-doll with


the with



vintage lace


dusty velvets inspired by the theatres of days gone by.

Photography by Allium Words by Minraed Poses by Circa


“In or out, there’s never a doubt just who’s pulling the strings.”


“I’m all tied up in you, but where’s it leading to?”


Advert by Jasumi


Fall into Autumn Photography by Aikea Guinea Words by AsiaShaMecca


e love Autumn. There is a certain tang in the air. The weather turns crisp and the colors seem brighter. The mood lightens and before you know Summer is done and Autumn is here! Time to break out those warm snuggley jackets. Or maybe snuggley isnt your thing. If you’re more the no-nonsense professional type, or better yet a take no prisoners hell bent for leather rocker we’ve got your outerwear.

Blue is making a major comeback this season. And of course browns and tweeds will always say Fall. Military styling is still a huge winner for Fall - 2011 outerwear, so look for more belted double breasted jackets with big brass buttons. Boots seemed have a military flair as well on most runways. Scarves are here to stay. For leather styling, keep the lines simple and remember you can never have too many zippers. Enjoy the change of season in style!


Advert by JadedCat

Interview & Images by AsiaShaMecca Answers by Jaedub 30



When you’re going for that ethereal Sim I can think of no better place to start than Jaedub’s Sims blogs. Her beautiful Simmehs just seem to have this... other-worldly quality. Even the non-fantasy ladies (and gents) just seem to have this glow about them. You literally can’t tear your eyes off her pics. We’re so pleased that Jaedub decided to have a word with us. Without further ado.... ASM: Thank you for agreeing to talk with us Jae. Tell us a bit about yourself? JAE: Hi guys! First I would like to say thank you for giving me this really cool opportunity to show case myself and my Sim creations. I feel so honored to be a part of this issue. Well, there’s not much to say about me, I’m a pretty Simple person. My name is Jess, I live in Canada, Friendly Manitoba! Haha! I love the outdoors! Hiking,camping and gardening are a few things I really enjoy doing. Aside from Simming I like to play World of Warcraft, I guess I could say its my “off” game.I also really love animals, I have two dogs and one cat. Busy busy! are also published on TSR.

ASM: I noticed you call Sim making your addiction. I’m certainly addicted to downloading them. How did you get started making these lovelies and what made you

decide to share?

JAE: Well, I’ve been making Sims for myself for a few years now, I only started to upload them about 8 months ago. For the longest time I had no clue there was such a huge Sims community! I sat here creating pudding Sims until one day I discovered TSR and other various sites. At that time I didn’t know how to share Sims but I enjoyed my new found world of cc, skins and hack sliders and just had fun dressing them up and decorating houses. Seeing all this beautiful cc and the wonders you can do with it really got my creative juices flowing! I found blogs by Eva Ter, Miss Lochness, and Ladyfrontbum and thought how fun it all looked so I started sharing my Sims and lots at TSR. That’s where I met Tranced, he really inspired me and helped me get started at creating my own blog. I felt having a blog would let me be more creative with my Sims and let me customise the style more to my personality.

ASM: How long does it usually take you to create a Sim? And when creating Sims, what advice would you give to avoid the dreaded Pudding look? JAE: Sim making can take me anywhere from several hours to weeks. It really depends on whether I have a specific goal in mind, and how much downtime from “real life” I have.Special Sim’s take a little longer, since I like to take more time getting nice photos to go with them. The best advice I can give is use sliders and range hacks, explore with different skins, makeup and contacts. It’s amazing what extra sliders and range hacks combined with different skins can do in terms of customising. Simple things like playing with makeup colors, and changing the contacts can have a drastic change in the look of your Sim. Most importantly is the having extra sliders, I would be lost with out them!

ASM: I noticed you’ve also joined the gang at CStyles. This is a fave go-to-spot for us at SF as well. How did that come about and how are you liking it?

JAE: Ahhh, C Styles! I first joined C Styles after meeting Eva. She either mentioned it or I saw it on her blog and I checked it out. I’m really glad I joined, I was still fairly new to blogging and the Sims world and I really learned a lot of new things and met some really great people. I think its a great site to go to,every one is very talented, friendly, supportive and helpful. Its a must if your looking for beautiful ethnic Sims, Cece makes the best I have seen!

ASM: Do you have any favorites among your Sims also do you have any special Simmehs we should watch out for in the future?

JAE: Ooohhh, I have lots of favorites! It’s really tough to pick! Sura, one of my newer Sims, she looks great in all different styles of hair and makeup. Quinn, my super baby faced gamer nerd, Jewel is another favorite of mine, I use her often for pics and banners. Ephany, Soleil,and Echo are a few others. I am currently doing a project with Chobits, a fellow creator, based on a show called Game of Thrones. I’m not sure how long that will take us, I really just started, we don’t have a time limit either so you’ll just have to keep watch! Eva and I are also planning some sort of project to do together in the near future, the focus will be on seasons, I’m very excited about this! Maybe I’ll do something for Halloween. Other than that I don’t have anything planned, just whatever that may come along and inspire me on the whim. :D

ASM: In closing, what would you like to see more of in the Sims and what would you like to see in the community as a whole?

JAE: I’m actually quite content with the Sims, the soon to be released pets expansion is something I’ve been wanting for a while, so I’m pretty excited about that. I wouldn’t mind more fantasy/mythology type stuff for the game. Otherwise I think it’s great! I’m pretty happy with the Sims community as a whole. I’ve met lots of nice people who share the same interest and add to my experience, my game is rich and diverse because of them, what more can I ask for?! Every day I’m so impressed by all the talent and hard work from all the cc, Sims and lots creators. Keep up the good work everyone and thank you all so much for sharing! It’s all of us that keep this community going so be kind to your fellow Simmers, share your creativity, and don’t be afraid to be yourself. We are all unique in our own way and that’s what adds the flavor!


palette new fall lineup

Advert by KateSterling


It’s true. A Sim has many moods and a girl doesn’t have to carry the “Evil” trait to just want to be bad sometimes. Witness “Exhibit A”... Cassidy. A face like an angel and a body for sin. You never know who you’re going to get.


‘Tis the season for tricks and treats. Whether your Sim diva is feeling good... or less than, we have a look here to rock the Halloween hot-spot. Black and red is always a show-stopping combination. Pure white sends the exact opposite message. Innocence unquestioned and personified. Whatever your Sim’s mood (or mood swing) consider these glamorous frocks before she heads out trick or treating. Better yet pack a spare outfit in case she changes her mind.


Photography byCirca Words by AsiaShaMecca

S evil

29 37





Pictures by DustyDreamer Text by AsiaShaMecca

T imeless D esire Dark,



made its way onto many a Fall runway — Rich black velvet lined in blood red, black leather, jewel encrusted accessories, and generous helpings of lace. Ah, swath it in sultry black chiffon, elbow-length leather gloves, and neglect not the severe It’s








glamour girl is one of mystery, subtle seduction, and quiet confidence. If it were a scent, it might be described as a heady mix of mysterious



yearning and slightly Victorian repressed desire. The look is called Gothic Romance.


Is your Sim the governesses or new bride, who goes to live in a large gloomy mansion populated by




precocious children and presided over by darkly handsome man with mysterious past?

Is she

the Vampire queen in search of an eternal paramour? Whatever the need you can find your Goth glam inspiration here.


Does your Sim thrill to the warming glow of

a high-def screen? Is he or she a “gadget geek”? Building the ultimate tech palace can be tough in Sims. We want the best for our pixelated friends and the usual PCs and TVs can be... somewhat lacking in style.

Being a tech-obsessed geek has never been more fashionable, as Trendanistas line up for the latest finds. So if your Sim has an eye for style and an affinity for gadgets, grab one of these trendsetting high-tech downloads. They may not walk the red carpet, but they’re certain to elicit the envy of gadget addicts and style mavens alike. No man (or woman) cave is complete without a few of the perfect gadgets lying around. These bits of hi-tech eye candy are sure to please even the most technologically discerning Sim.

X-Box 360 Elite Set by Nayara


Feature by AsiaShaMecca

Gadgets finds for THE “Computer Whiz” LIFE IN High-Definition

Dual & Quad Screen HDTVs by Morphhead

HD Refrigerator TVs by cemre

Wall Mounted Beosound 9000 Music System Set by eryt96

EAR & EYE CANDY iPhone Music Center by Angel

Dell GeekTops by Anglaia

Portable iPod by clement_37



20 iPad Apps by One billion Pixels



Chace Powers wears


Creamy texture for lustful lips





Images by SuperPogimon

Words by Minraed

Warning: the Master of the Night is on the prowl once again. Though usually tantalizingly elusive, his presence has been noted of late. Once in his gaze he will hold you rapt with uncontrollable lust. 49

“ They had forgotten the first lesson, that we are to be powerful, beautiful, and without regret. � Armand-Interview with A Vampire

You will recognize him surrounded by seemingly willing female “victims� who are in fact under his hypnotic spell. His voracious appetite for the forbidden is insatiable and it is said that humans cannot resist his trance. Avoid him at all costs. You have been warned.



“ You’re intoxicated by my very presence... ” Edward Cullen-Twilight

“ Her blood coursed through my veins sweeter than life itself. ” Louis-Interview with A Vampire


An Affair to Remember 36

uinea G a e k i A y b s h Photograp Captions by Pseudo-Sim

Another secret meeting. Is it time ?

Will he be here... will she let him be? Her heart races and then... she sees him. Him. And all her doubts fade away.

When they are together every second counts. It is as if there is no one else. As if there has never been anyone else. 57

For those special stolen moments.

For that precious time away with that special someone... these are the looks make yours an affair to remember. 58

SULK . fall 2011


Advert by KateSterling

G 60

d n a s ' Ruabpyhires Leaf S Lemon by


Opals Pegg by y Zo ne


y b z a Sims p o T ose R

are a girls best friend Pictures by DustyDreamer Words by Pseudo-Sim

The must have of this seasons dazzling Jewels!

For some Sims the party never stops. Every night is full of Paparazzi and every door is not just a door... but an entrance. Whatever your celebrity Sims event, whether she is crashing the party... or... she IS the party, these timeless accessories will make her outfit unforgettable. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but Opals, Rubies and Sapphires are always more than welcome. After all, every girl loves... Gems.





Photography by SylentWhysper

COLLIDEOSCOPE Modish Kitten Remember when all a pregnant Sim had todress lookbyforward to was a distinctive waddle and a boring sweatsuit or shapeless dress? RL maternity wear

Words by Pseudo-Sim

A cold wind blows on the day after...



not just any bomb. It’s the bomb... the big one. But fashion is eternal. Stride through the wreckage in these take-no-prisoners couture looks. These outfits feature a timeless (and if you follow runway trends, very timely) 70’s flair.

The dress is in the details. The couture choices on these pages are beautifully finished with subtle crystal touches and great classic lines. Patterned tights are another highfashion hottie for Fall 2011. Glam is all about polish and eye catching style. These looks are extinction level events!

Completo sposa pantaloni by Altea127


One sleeve dress by Natalis

“It's not just any bomb. It’s the

bomb... the big one.”

Top 5311 by ES3C Armani Trousers by All About Style



It’s is all about the eyes. They captivate and capture. A glance can start a relationship, open doors or pull you from across the room because you simply have to speak with that mysterious someone. Eyes are the window to the soul. The first thing we notice. So play them up. Way up. How much time do you spend on that perfect outfit for your Sim diva, only to toss on a little dark liner and a bit of shadow and pop out of CAS? The party season is almost upon us. If you count Halloween -and we do- its already here. If you’d like your Sim wear special makeup for an event, party, Samhaan festival, or even if you call it plain old Halloween. The ultimate fantasy look takes a little preparation. The makeup is the perfect finish and this is the perfect time to decide on her ultimate total look.

66 54

Pictures by SylentWhysper Words by AsiaShaMecca



For Sim makeup, since you can’t brush on layers, color and matching up the right eye-shadows and eyeliners is key. Make sure that you pick colors that compliment each other. Light and dark tones make a powerful eye catching contrast and provide visual interest. By combining subtle colors with more dramatic ones it’s possible to create a variety of looks.


Experiment with different shadows and liners to see which work best or toss it all go bold black! Bold black eye make-up compliments a couture look. Little details like brows, nails and accessories give your look a huge step forward. In a world of puddings, it’s all about making a statement. These eyes definitely have it. Now go forth glam Sim and shine!


Advert by Jasumi

World Showcase


Oahu, one island of several which collectively form Hawaii, is well-known for its lush country-sides, soothing beach waters, and stunning nightlife scene. But beneath its swaying canopies lies a troubled world, and amidst its sparkling waters a fading civilization which once ruled sovereign. The local boys aren’t too happy about all the tourists and their tax rates and overpriced goods, Poipu Beach is their territory, and you’d best stay clear of it. Then we have the Yakuza, who’ve managed to misplace themselves and all their banned bubble blowers all over Waikiki. When a bunch of guys in shades show up to the pool, you’d best let them have it all to themselves.

Oahu 56 72


Let’s not forget that Oahu’s jungles offer a wide variety of fruits--from families with clothes the color of the rainbow, to homeless Sims with a few screws loose. Trouble in paradise isn’t just a book anymore...


Advert by Aikea Guinea


AG Furniture

Found at all major stockists from October 2011 in Sunset Valley, Twinbrook, Shang Simla, Champs Les Sims and Al Simhara.

The New

Elegance Range

Call toll free: 0100 123 SIM 500

2 Regent St - Sunset Valley - Simland

Words & Images by Minraed

S anctum Spir ituS Martini Bar and Late Night Lounge

76 42

A crumbling gothic cathedral was relocated and reconstructed brick by brick on the site then given a classy, dark and mysterious makeover. The massive dance floor and state-of-the-art sound and lighting promises an all-night clubbing atmosphere like no other.


Homes & Interiors

High in the south hills overlooking Bridgeport the long-anticipated Sanctum Spiritus martini bar has opened its doors. Vampire owned and operated, this night-only safe house welcomes vampires and mortals alike.

You’ll see no cost-cutting in the décor here – plush velvet chairs, quality leather poufs and banquettes, polished marble surfaces, and rich damask drapery ensconce patrons in lavish opulence. The VIP lounge brings the luxury to even higher-ground with antique chandeliers, genuine gothic artifacts and a pair of end tables topped in pure gold. VIP members will enjoy the privacy of a separate entrance, high-end bottle service and access to the blood-letting lounge which is the only area of the club where biting will be allowed.


Homes & Interiors




Words by


Images by



Away from home again for another school year? Feeling boxed in by your less-than-spacious dorm room? The cubicle you now call home might not be the most spacious, but with a little space-saving and organizational prowess you can create a haven out of your closet-sized universe without the claustrophobia.

Floor to ceiling shelving is key to creating space for all of your personal belongings, make the most out of all of the vertical space, don’t let any go to waste. Storage cubes keep clutter at bay, with plenty of room yet for the quirky touches that express you as a person. Add colour and whimsy with a few fun accents and you have yourself a stylish sanctuary.

Pottery Barn Owl @ GardenBreeze Sims3

Dani Office set by Living Dead Girl @ TSR

Large Owl by Sixtyten @ Living Sims Forum

Scrabble Pillow by enrosadira @ AnnoSims

Pillow @ Chicago Creations

Pulp & Arsène Pillow @ MangoSims

Teen Bedroom by Deeiutza @ TSR

Painting and Cube @ Aglaia’s Anything

Ikea Asker Pots converted @ Camillie’s Blog

Cube by lpvinyl21 @ BlackPearlSims


Homes & Interiors

Cat & Dog toy by Baufive @ b5Studio

links Inside Cover Page 5

Artwork by Sylent Whysper

Page 6-9

Foxy Lady - Images by AsiaShaMecca

LorandiaSims Advertisement by SimEve Models by EvaTer & Jaedub

Models Summer by Loverdag Lucy Liu by Emmzx Bianca Lourdes by AsiaShaMecca Image 1 Micro Jumpsuit by Cbon73 D&G Platforms by JB and IC Afro by Cheryl Mason Bracelets by Cosplay Image 2 Ruched Halter Dress by ernhn Necklace by Peggy Bracelets by Lorandia Multi-Rings by Lorandia 70’s Flip Hair by Cazy Image 3 Silk Dress by CBon73 Cavalli Inspired Sandals by Gosik Bangles with Gems by tantra Tattoos by XJonesX Bob Hair by Shymoo

Image 4 FS 51-Top 02 by Katelys Armani Slacks by Judie Platform Sandals by Judie Glasses by LorandiaSims Hair by Rosesims Image 5 Versace Turtle Neck by Judie Armani Wide Legs Slack by Judie Big Hoops by Luchness Link Necklace by Tomislaw Bangles by Liana Mega Afro by Baby Blue Bug

70’s Vintage Jump Suit by simroni


6-9 Cont.

Necklace & Earrings by Peggy

Gold Link Sandals By NataliS Bracelet by Rose Clutch by NataliS Hair by RoanSims &

I’m Into You Dress by sims2fanbg Sodalite Stone Necklace by Tomislaw Big Round Bright Earrings by Lushness Afro-Knots Hair by aikea_guinea Sandals by EA Late Night Expansion

Page 10-12

ShakeProductions Interview - Models Pricilla by Loverdag Francisca by Loverdag Cassidy by Loverdag

Page 14-17

Modern Mafiosi - Images by Jasumi Image 1 Collared Shirt by RustyNail Shiny Pants by trunksgirl101 Male Piercing by Heiret Cigarette Accessory by Rose Sunglasses by Lilisims Spring Flower 2011 by Lemonleaf

Image 2 The Undone Gentleman Jacket by EA Shiny Pants by trunksgirl101 Creeper Shoes for Males by Sim Dump Male Piercing by Heiret Short Nails by Aikea_Guinea Image 3 Slacks by RustyNai Tank Top by Heiret Bracelet by TumTum

Summer Vacation High Heels by Breyete Boyfriend Blazer by Modish Kitten Stockings by Lemonleaf Long Nails by NataliS Cigarette Accessory by Rose

Image 4 Long Pant Rolled Up by AllAboutStyle Necklace by TumTum Bracelet by TumTum Male Piercing by Heiret

Page 18-21

I’m Your Puppet - Images by Allium Model Parvati Miller by LemonLeaf Seal It with a Kiss Top by simseviyo Leather Shorts by Harmonia09 Model Alice XX by ManGa_Ka Seal It with a Kiss Top by simseviyo Leather Dress by NataliS Model Vanilla by Pralinesims


18-21 Cont.

Red Top by annflower1

Page 23 Page 24-27

Pumpkin Spice Nails Advertisement - Image by VINTAGE

Page 28-29

Gothic Jewellry for Men Advertisement - Image byJadedCat

Mad World Shorts by miraminkova Model Vanilla by Pralinesims Americano Dress by miraminkova

Fall Into Autumn - Images by Aikea-Guinea Image 1 Riot Jacket by EA Store Jeans by Club Crimsyn Female Military Jacket by Judie High-waisted Jeans by Icia23 Image 2 Slap Dash Outfit by EA Store Default Replacement Chunkier Boots by Club C Coat by EA Base Game Boots by Parsimonious Image 3 Aviator Coat by EA Store Female Coat by EA World Adventures EP Image 4 (left to right) Top Athletes Only by EA Store Jeans by Club Crimsyn Break Your Dark Heart Jacket by EA Damaged Boyfriend Jeans by Judie Sweat in Style Jacket by EA Store Women’s Leather Pants by EA Runway Collar Jacket by EA Store Jeans by Club Crimsyn Image 5 Faux Fur Accent Jacket by EA Store Pocketed Skirt by EA Store Boots by EA Late Night EP Fashion Set 54 by katelys Boots by katelys Image 6 Top & Scarf by EA World Adventures EP Skirt by katelys Bag by LorandiaSims Jacket by EA Late Night EP Bunchy Style Jeans by EA Store Male Earing by manasama 2

Page 34-35

Hosiery Advertisment - Image by KateSterling Hosiery and Undies by EA Base Game

Page 36-39

Good Vs. Evil - Images by Circa Sim Cassidy by CircaSim Image 1 - Good Oscar Celine Dion’s dress by Judie Image 2 - Evil One Shoulder Ruffle Top by Judie Mini-Skirt by EA Late Night Expansion Leather Thigh High Boots by Judie


36-39 Cont.

Zipi Gloves by Miraminkova Image 3 - Evil Tan Flower Bust Gown by Cbon73 Nails by Rosesims Image 4 - Good White night dress by Sims2fanbg Image 5 - Evil Madonna’s Dress by Sims2fanbg Net leggings by Rosesims Image 6 - Good Dress by Rusty Nail

Page 41-43

Timeless Desire - Images by DustyDreamer Saturday by Loverdag GG Christina Aguilera by Judie Lace Gloves by Icia Ayanna by Ariz Couture Evening Dress by Zamok Lace Mask by aniaorazova Lana Bleu by DustyDreamer Silver Mandalay Evening Gown by Zamok Valentina by Loverdag Couture Evening Dress 024 by Zamok Diamond Mask by Aline1272 Pricilla by Loverdag Couture Evening Dress 024 by Zamok

Page 44-45

Page 46-47

Geek Chic 20 iPod Apps Images by One Billion Pixels Fashion Headphones by Lemonleaf

Dolce & Gabbana Lipstick Adevrtisement - Image by AsiaShaMecca Model: Chace Powers by Sisaly

Page 48-55

The Master- Images by SuperPogimon Models by SuperPogimon HABIBI MCSTEAMY - MASTER VAMPIRE Hair “Rain” by aWT Tops Tees- 3in1 Pack by Saliwa David Beckham Tank Top by Darko Cutting Edge Suit by EA Store Accessories & Shoes Neon Snake Tattoo Set Kittyklan Amulet of the Vampire by Astra Neck Choker by Heiret Claw Finger set by Annihilation Square Toed Boots by Club Crimsyn Makeup Blood Splatters by Club Crimsyn Winged Eyes by Astraea Nevermore Cutting Edge Suit by EA Store Confetti Shadow by Lady Fb THE FIVE LADY VAMPS Hair NewSea Holic Retextured by ageiha


48-55 Cont.

Born This Way by Newsea Flora Hair 29&30 Retextured by Anubis Tops Most by EA Late Night EP Memoirs of Gaga by Anubis Shoes Shoes by EA Base Game Boots by EA Promotions Accessories Net Stockings by LorandiaSims Stockings & Garters by Lorandia Lace Mask by aniaorazova Arm Gloves by EA Base Game Nails by Lorandia Neck choker by Rose

Page 56-58

An Affair to Remember - Images by Aikea-Guinea Image 1 Outfit by EA Base Game Nails by Club Crimsyn Rings by Club Crimsyn Bracelet by Lorandia Tea Set by VitaSims Image 2 Belle Blossom Jeans by EA Store Female Top Unknown If its yours please let us know on our forum so we can credit Sporty Male Sweater by Judie Jeans by Club Crimsyn Image 3 Violet Dress by EA Men’s Suit by EA World Adventures EP Bracelets by Lorandia Sims Image 4 Top by Katelys Strockings & Undies by EA Base Game Unbuttoned Male Shirt by RustyNail Necklace by My Blue Book Image 5 Lace & Chains Dress by Meronin Shirt Minus Stupid Swirly Thing by Club C Men’s Shoes by Club Crimsyn Jeans by Club Crimsyn

Page 59

SULK Jewellry Advertisement - Image by KateSterlin Cross Earrings by Meronin

Page 60-61

Gems Are A Girl’s best Friend - Images by DustyDreamer Model is Sage by Jaedub Image 1 Diamond Jewelry II by LemonLeaf Image 2 Earring #000772 by PeggyZone Necklace #000773 By PeggyZone Image 3 Dangling Diamond Earrings by Rose


60-61 Cont.

Image 4

Page 62-63

Apocalypse Couture - Images by Sylent Whysper

Page 52-55

Beauty: Light Or Shade - Images by Sylent Whysper

Diamond Jewelry by LemonLeaf

Renee by SerpentRogue No Longer Available Image 1 COLLIDEOSCOPE dress by Modish Kitten Queen Wedge Boot by Parsimonious Image 2 Completo sposa pantaloni by Altea127 Modern bracelet YA-FA by Natalis Shoes Laura by Altea127 Image 3 One sleeve dress 045 FA by NataliS Sue Sandals by Ernhn Image 4 Top 5311 by ES3C Armani Style Straight Leg by Judie Leather boots deco by Birba32 Inside Of Star Necklace by Tomislaw (Blonde) Angelina by SerpentRogue No Longer Available (Brunette) Hanna by SerpentRogue No Longer Available

Look 1 Eye - Crystal Eyes V2 by LemonLeaf Shadow - Confetti by Lady Frontbum Liner - Emo Eyeliner by PralineSims Blush - Chinese Rouge by LemonLeaf Lip - SoftSubtleLipgloss by Shyne Look 2 Eye - Crystal Eye V.6 by LemonLeaf Eyebrow - Goth-Alien 3 by Simmiller Shadow - Disco Dal by Lady FB Liner - EA Base Game Blush - EA Base Game Lip - Refreshing Lipgloss by PralineSims Look 3 Eye - Crystal Eyes V2 by LemonLeaf Shadow - Smooth Multicolor 3.0 by PralineSims Liner - Mystery Swirls by Spychip Blush - Chinese Rouge by LemonLeaf Lip - Barbie Lip Gloss by PralineSims No Longer Available Look 4 Eye - Crystal Eye V.6 by LemonLeaf Eyebrow - Goth-Alien 1 by Simmiller Shadow - Disco Dal by Lady FB Liner - EA Base Game Blush - EA Base Game Lip - Refreshing Lipgloss by PralineSim

Page 62-65

Community Lot: Casablanca Couple’s Retreat - Images by Madison1909 South China Lot by Annflower1 Tropical Hotel Apartment Set by Vitasims Moroccan set by Around the Sims 3


62-65 Cont.

Morocco Mystique by EA (store)

Page 71-72.

Fall Homme Advertisement - Images by Jasumi

Art Nouveau Set by Shino&KCR

Male Look New Earrings by LemonLeaf Accessories Set 006 by TumTum Clever Cardigan by EA Store Long Pant Rolled Up by Judie Boots by myos Accessories Bangles With Gems by Tantra SCrystal Sequins Nails by Lemon Leaf Skirt by EA Town Life Stuff SP Tpp by EA Town Life Stuff SP Tights by EA Base Game

Page 75

AG Furniture Advertisement - Image by Aikea-Guinea Sim Oscar-Miley Cyrus Dress by Judie Cross Ring by Club Crimsyn Short Nails by Club Crimsyn Bracelet by Lorandia Hair by Cazy Dresser/Decorative Things Art Nouveau Living Cabinet by Shino&KCR Art Nouveau Living Clock by Shino&KCR Mirror by b5Studio Candle by RepulsiveDesire

Page 76-79

Sanctum Spiritus - Images by Minraed

Nairobi lighting by Pilar Luffy dining chair by Aloleng VIP chairs - Contrafitti Club Chair EA Pretty Queen end table by SimCredible Vintage metal spiral stairs by Gosik Joa wall separator by SimCredible Aladdin’s Treasures coffee table by Cashcraft LUMP chandeliers by SR’s Deep Thoughts Morroccan Living pouf by ATS3 Bistro banquette seating by ATS3 Wall Mural set by Summer at Medicated Stained Glass windows by Abuk0 Large Wall Murals by Repulsive Desire No Longer Available



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SF MAGAZINE Vol 1, Issue 12  

A Sims3 Fashion Magazine brought to you by Sims Fashionista & Sim Interior Designs Fansites. FIND US ON FACEBOOK HERE: http://www.facebook.c...

SF MAGAZINE Vol 1, Issue 12  

A Sims3 Fashion Magazine brought to you by Sims Fashionista & Sim Interior Designs Fansites. FIND US ON FACEBOOK HERE: http://www.facebook.c...