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How to care for curls Straight after dyeing hot, severely damaged hair, so it made deep repair care hair film, a Remy Hair Extensions Wholesale week or two at a time, insist on after a short period of time, can slowly to repair damaged hair, make hair more bright, more flexible. What are the curling tools? Curling irons or curling irons are suitable for all curly hair techniques, and are able to complete all kinds of curls from large waves to black Caribbean rolls. Roll serve, curling, curling, apply to a single roll, small damage to the hair, and generally short duration. 1. The curling iron: look at the length of your hair. It is usually better to use a thicker effect. The MM in the picture is in size 38, if the hair is shorter, you can use 25.

2. Clip: common and durable, the clamp is a little stronger. Tighten your hair. Self-posted: the kind of magic stick that is recommended by the individual. It is convenient to roll up your hair without having to hit the shelves. 4. Comb (brown comb and) : the special texture and shape of the brown hair comb can better protect the curl of the hair, and strengthen the curl of the hair. But general wooden, plastic comb itself does not have brown hair to comb that kind of dimensional sense, cannot hold up the hair, so do roll modelling or hot roll modelling is not full.

The sharp end of the sharp tail is more conducive to picking out the thread, and looking at the top of the hair will feel fuller. How to choose the right curly hair? 1. Choose the type of curly hair to consider your face shape first. People with square, round, pear-shaped (smaller forehead) faces are not fit for large wave curls and tend to be sloppy and unemotional. Frame (wide forehead, pointed chin) is suitable for "Ί type" hair; , high cheekbones, the diamond face (narrow) is suitable for "Ί" hair style, but also notice will be at the top of the hair fleeciness rounded up; Square face should thin the hair on the top, curly hair to cover both sides appropriately; Oval face, also known as "goose egg face", is the most beautiful standard face shape in China.

2, hairstyle and figure also have a big relation. Petite female, with small curl hairstyle is more suitable, and should not have long hair. 3. Different hair quality directly affects the effect of curly hair. According to the characteristics of hair can be divided into the first (elastic, healthy hair), dry hair (lack of oily), cotton hair, thin, soft, oily hair), sofa (crushed) straight, curl (commonly known as selfinvited roll), which just is most suitable for hot curly hair, dry hair, sofa is not suitable for hot big waves, curls can "throwing" straight. 4. The nature and temperament of work is one of the factors to be considered. Office white collar is the most suitable for medium length, hair end local curly hairstyle, both suit the

job and can be convenient to change hairstyle after work. 5, color is also the important element of hairdressing in recent years, if can be skillful to add a variety of color to curl, can make hairstyle more outstanding. But choose to dye what color to want to be subject

to individual skin color limits, the color that colour red is lubricity of colour of colour of color of color of color is more appropriate; If your face is cold, you should choose to dye purple. Generally speaking, Chinese dyed purple hair is not the wrong choice.

How to care for cur  
How to care for cur  

The bangs in the middle of the design beautifully decorated the face, more delicate and small. The big wave of fashionable wave hair adds an...