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` 120 WEST MAIN STREET, NEW HOLLAND, PA 17557 Church Phone: 717-354-0226 Church Fax: 717-354-7942 Website: Pastor: Ray Voran Pastor Email:

SEPTEMBER 2013 For a smaller church, we are blessed with quite a few teen-agers in our church family UMC. Mark and Liz Lennon have done a great job and continue to do a great job working with the youth during Sunday school time and taking time with the teens at special events. In addition to this, teen-agers from our church have joined with the teens from EUM Church and are participating in the youth group that meets down the street. I imagine many of us have seen the pictures of the various activities on the church’s Facebook page. After being asked several times in the past couple of weeks about the youth, I realized I have been remiss in explaining all that is going on with them, so……. The youth ministry program is open to all students in grades 7-12. We meet regularly on Wednesday nights during the school year at 6:15. We generally have some game time and then eat supper around 6:30, usually open with a time of music at 7:00 and then have some sort of Bible study/lesson/discussion or maybe a large group activity. We finish things off with a snack and wrap it all up at 8:00 p.m. (sometimes it goes a bit longer if Pastor Ray is talking). In addition to the Wednesday night meetings we have activities about once per month (last year this included 2 overnight trips, roller skating, Christmas Party and a game night with Ranck’s UMC, among other things) and service projects (food drive during NH parade, Lumina Christmas project). While we do not meet every week during the summer, the youth have participated in several activities (days at Hershey Park, the Lake at Mt Gretna and also the circus in West Earl Park). A number of the youth helped with Vacation Bible School at EUM Church. Naturally, many of these activities include a cost and we try to keep that cost as low as possible for the youth and their families. We have had good success in fundraising the past few years (primarily through soup sales and parade night activities) and hope this is another good year in that regards. We will give everyone here the opportunity to order soup when that time comes. Most of the time we ask the youth to pay less than half the cost with the youth group picking up the remainder (the youth who help with fundraisers have money placed into their personal “youth account” that may be used for the bigger activities).


As we make plans for the coming year, we would like to have more events here at New Holland UMC (a lock-in planned for Aug 23 rd will include activities at several locations including both of the churches). We are happy that the youth from New Holland and Evangelical UMC churches have been able to join with several teen-agers from the neighborhood to make up a vital youth ministry program. I will make an effort to keep everyone here informed of the different youth activities and ministry opportunities but feel free to contact me with any questions. We appreciate your concern and your prayers. Pastor Ray

Our Worship Service starts at 9:00 a.m. every Sunday. Sunday School is at 10:15 a.m. ~~~~~~~~~~ Saturday IGNITE service starts at 4:00 p.m. with fellowship; service at 4:30 p.m.

Burgers-n-Bibles –First Thursday, 11:30 am, at Wendy’s Restaurant LUMINA ministry – Second Thursday ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Special September Events Labor Day – Monday, September 2 IGNITE services resume – September 7

Contacting Pastor Ray ~ email: Home: (717) 656-0812 Cell: (717)333-6939 Look for me on Facebook: Ray Voran

Regular Events Knepper Care Group – First and Third Mondays, 7:00 p.m. Naval Care Group – Second and Fourth Tuesdays, 9:00 a.m. Bazaar Workshops – Second and Fourth Tuesdays, 1:00-3:00 p.m. Community Senior Center – Second Thursday, 10:00 a.m. Seniors meet at Yoder’s Restaurant – Third Saturday, 11:15 a.m. 2

Choir Practice Resumes … We will be starting the first Wednesday of September. Rehearsal that night will be at 8:00 due to other meetings that night. Anyone is welcome to join us if they have a love for singing and wish to be a part of worship. – Juliet Mitton

Coming Events Ad Council meeting changed to September 17 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Spiritual Growth Campaign Starting September 29 (see article on page 6)

Farm Show Dinners October 3, 4, and 5, 2013 (see article on page 5)

CROP Hunger Walk October 20, 2013 (see article on page 7)

Eastern Pennsylvania Conference Unfunded Pension Liability I imagine that an activity that almost no one enjoys is to sit down and pay bills. Unfortunately, we all have that experience, probably at least once or twice a month. And, of course, we would be in trouble if we ignored our financial obligations. 3

While it may not be any more enjoyable, paying the bills as a church and denomination is also a necessity. We, in the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church, have had a bill hanging over our heads for many years. We never fully funded the pension fund for pastors (and their spouses) who served in our conference prior to 1982. Of course, many of these individuals are now retired and dependent on these funds that were promised to them years ago. There are 147 active clergy members, 314 retired clergy and 130 widow(ers), who are receiving or will receive a pre-82 pension. In addition, a significant number of these pastors who served with their families during this time spent their entire careers living in parsonages; so they are retiring without a home or any equity in a home which adds to their financial burden. I know that my life has been enriched by those who served during this time period. I am sure that many of us feel the same way. Of course our church was blessed to have folks like Dave Dickson, Gerald Ihle, Dan Unrath, Mike Alleman, Mike Roney, and others who shepherded this congregation and will be affected by our actions now. We owe it to them to make sure that their pensions are secure and fully funded. Our conference is not alone in this situation, but we do have a larger bill to pay than many conferences in the country. The good news is that we have slowly been chipping away at this unfunded liability which stood at 26 million dollars back in 1982. The drop in the stock markets of 2008 certainly made things worse, but recent gains mean that the situation is a bit more encouraging. The total liability was $14 million in 2012 and stood at $12 million as of March, 2013. (at a meeting in July, we were told the most recent figure is actually $9 million, but, of course, that number fluctuates along with the markets, so it is a potential problem until it is totally paid off). And remember that retiring this liability will free up

4 funds for current ministries and could mean that our Connectional Ministries obligation decreases. Now, the General Conference of the United Methodist Church has determined that this unfunded pension liability must be totally paid off by 2021. In November of 2012 we voted in the Fall Session of our Annual Conference to fully pay off this unfunded liability by using a three part strategy: 1. Reduce Expenses to the Conference and Connectional Ministries Budget: This has already begun. A number of cost cutting steps have been implemented at the conference and district levels and $202,000 was applied to the pre-82 pension liability from the conference budget surplus in 2012. Naturally, this will continue until the pension liability is retired. The surplus amount is projected to rise in 2013 and the coming years. 2. Use a Portion (50%) of the Proceeds from the Sale of Closed Churches outside of Urban Areas as Described in the Book of Discipline: We certainly do not want to see churches being closed but unfortunately it does happen. A number of churches closed in 2012 and 2013 and as the properties are sold, some of the proceeds will be used for new church development but 50% of the proceeds will be applied toward the pension liability. As of now, four of the buildings have been sold and $183,987 applied to the pension liability. 3. A Conference Wide Financial and Stewardship Campaign: This is where we have the opportunity to be involved. The total goal for all the churches in our conference is to raise $3 million over the next 3 years. While the bill must be paid, participation is voluntary and there are several options and levels of commitment for churches to choose from. Our church council voted in July, 2013 to participate in what is cleverly titled….Plan # 4. This 4

means that, sometime during the next three years, we, as a church, are pledging to provide an amount equal to 5% of our average giving over the past 4 years- an amount that comes to $5950.00 (I have all the actual numbers if anyone is interested in them). While we could come up with this money in many different ways (including using current offerings), it might be wise to consider designating certain fundraising efforts, or maybe adding additional fundraising efforts for this program in the coming months and years. Discussions will continue at church council and finance committee meetings. While I am convinced that amassing worldly wealth is seldom, if ever, a motive for those who serve the church, I do believe that we owe it to everyone who faithfully served along with their families during this time period to take care of this situation once and for all. I trust that our church will do our part in this program. Hopefully, you find this article helpful in explaining where we stand and our obligation regarding this issue- feel free to contact me with any questions. Blessings, Pastor Ray

Free Community Meals 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. September 19, 2013 Third Thursday of every month Ranck’s United Methodist Church at the New Holland United Methodist Church Dinner is served with all ages welcome. -- Dee Kopicz, Outreach Chair at Ranck’s United Methodist Church (610-223-8207)

 Congratulations

to the Education Committee for planning and conducting another successful Vacation Bible School for our children and guests. I hope you had time to visit the castle room and the Sunday School area to see a sample of the learning that occurred throughout the summer months. -- Cathy Williams ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Memorial Gift Our church has been blessed to receive a gift from the estate of Vernon Reynolds totaling $136,461.70. At the recommendation of the Trustees and Finance Committees, the Ad Council decided to use a portion of these funds to reimburse the endowment fund for the parsonage painting, and then divide the remainder into one fund for capital improvement and another fund to generate income for the ministry of the church. We will have more details after the funds are established, but this decision was made so that the gift is used in accordance with Mr. Reynolds’ wishes.

2013 Farm Show Dinners School has just begun, signs of fall will soon be in the air and preparations for the annual New Holland Farm Show will be in full swing. The annual parade will kick off on Wednesday night, October 2, with marching bands, floats and much, much more, including food stands, games and rides on the midway. For three days, beginning Thursday, October 3, to Saturday, October 5, from 3:00 to 7:00 5

6 p.m., Ranck’s United Methodist Church will join with New Holland UMC in serving their famous Pork and Sauerkraut and Chicken Potpie dinners. The menu includes mashed potatoes, applesauce and a roll with the Pork and Sauerkraut dinners; green beans, pepper cabbage and a roll are part of the Chicken Potpie menu. A child’s hot dog dinner featuring a hot dog, mashed potatoes and green beans will be available. The ticket prices are $12.00 for adults; children 4 to 10 are $5.00, with children under 4 free. For dessert, pie or cake will be available, plus coffee, iced tea or water to drink. All tickets will be sold at the door. The church is handicapped accessible. Each year the community looks forward to this annual event. So come and bring your friends and family. Take-outs will be available. The work schedules will be placed in your church mailboxes by the first week in September. There are some changes so, everyone, please check your mailboxes!


Sept. 1 Sept. 8 Sept. 15 Sept.22 Sept. 29

Shirley Givler & Marvin Mondesir Jane Keene & Florence Petit-ton Liz, Mark Lennon & Guy Petit-ton Barb Mask & Sharma Menard Donna Sandoe & Nesta Petit-ton Lay Readers

Sept. 1 Sept. 8 Sept. 15 Sept. 22 Sept. 29

Hank Wells Jim Boose Shirley Givler Marie Boisrond Julie Mitton

-- Betty Hostetter, Publicity

Farm Show Servers And All Kitchen Workers The food inspector requests that no bracelets, wristwatches, dangling earrings, rings with stones and fake nails be worn while serving Farm Show dinners. Head coverings for women are provided; or men and women may want to wear their favoite ball cap. Please wash hands before putting on gloves. -- Fred Naval


Discovering God’s Calling On My Life Starting this October, we all will have the opportunity to participate in a Spiritual Growth Campaign: Live Your Calling: What on Earth

Am I Here For? Together, our entire church family will learn about our personal calling in life and life’s big question: What am I here for? The series will look at five dimensions of God’s calling on our lives. The program includes small groups, daily readings and special experiences and is designed so anyone can participate. People in the community are welcome and everyone is encouraged to bring friends, relatives and neighbors to the worship services and small groups. We will all have many opportunities to take steps of growth in our lives of faith. To receive the full benefit, there are several aspects of this program that we can participate in: 1. Hear the seven messages in the series. 2. Read the 40 daily readings in the updated and expanded Purpose Driven Life book by Rick Warren. These will guide us in our personal journey of discovery. 3. Join a Live Your Calling small group. We plan to have one group meet as the Adult Sunday School option on Sunday mornings during these weeks. We can build other groups to meet on the days and times that suit those who participate. 4. Practice the Action Steps provided. Will you commit 6 weeks of your life to participate in a great spiritual journey? Imagine the impact on our church and community if we were all on one page, committed to living out God’s purpose for our lives in our neighborhoods! There is no better investment of your time. Prepare to be enriched, transformed and blessed!


KICK-OFF MESSAGE: September 29. SMALL GROUPS BEGIN: Week of Oct. 6 DAILY READINGS BEGIN: October 7. Sign-up sheets for small groups and order forms for materials are in the back of the sanctuary and on the Literature Table. -- Pastor Ray ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Prayer and Praise

• Norece Richwine, recovering from broken wrist • Family of Michael Steffy, Shirley givler’s son-in-laws’s brother, killed in bicycle accident • Judy Burkholder, friend of Shirley givler, cancer • Barbara Lyman family, at her recent death • Bill Aaron, Barbara Lyman’s brother, death of his wife in July • Alice Weiler, for health and continued recovery • Carson Jones, 4 years, relative of Julie Mitton, recovering from car accident • Veronica, granddaughter of Betty and Gordon Heal, medical concerns • Shirley Givler, recovering from surgery • Thomas Stauffer, III, age 15, recovering from heart surgery • Mitch Kraeling, 22-yr. old nephew of Diane Artus, who is fighting bone cancer • Victims and family of the Oklahoma tornado • Retea Pagdanganan (a senior at GSHS), daughter of Yvonne Stolzfoos’ coworker, brain surgery treatment • Ron White, neighbor of Sandi Rapp, receiving cancer treatment


Birthdays and Anniversaries Why I’m Walking The New Holland Crop Walk was started in 1978. I have been a part of this walk since the beginning. I just read a book that said if you give back, God gives back to you. So, that is why I decided to set a goal of $100,000. Although that sounds like a lot, it really isn’t. If I can locate 100,000 folks to give a dollar, I’m home free! One of the BIG needs is for water. It cost approximately $10,000 to drill a well, so this amount will drill 10 wells. Think of all of those folks who will no longer have to walk six, twelve, or more miles each day to get the water they need for everyday living. Available water is something you and I are fortunate to take for granted – we go to the fridge and there it is; walking no more than a couple of steps! If a community has approximately 5,000 folks and we drill 10 wells, we have helped 50,000 people. If you wish to give to this cause, make your check payable to “New Holland CROP Hunger Walk” and put in Roy Schroll’s church mailbox or mail to Roy at 3001 Lititz Pike, P.O. Box 5093, Lancaster, PA 17606-5093. Those of you who receive this newsletter by email may click on the link below to make a contribution. – Roy Schroll Click here to visit my personal page.


Birthdays: Sept. 1 Hank Wells Sept. 2 Bob Phillips Sept. 8 Christopher Trostle Sept. 10 Regina Boose Sept. 12 Mitchell Good Sept. 14 Arline Widders Sept. 17 Jane Webster Sept. 17 Harold Wright Sept. 18 Charlotte Maclay Sept. 18 Daisy Jackson Sept. 18 Sarah McLean Sept. 21 Nicholas Mitton Sept. 23 Judy McLean Sept. 26 Terry Shaffer Sept. 29 Virginia Meck Sept. 30 Bobby Bell, Jr.

Anniversaries: Sept. 4 Bill & Carolyn Middleton Sept. 7 Mervin & Yvonne Stoltzfoos Sept. 8 Bob & Kathy Phillips Sept. 13 Tim & Sheila Arment

Sept. 14 Sept. 14 Sept. 15 Sept. 18 Sept. 22

Jeff & Karen Miller Harold & Bets Wright Darryl & Deb Smith Fred & Pat Wissler George & Millie Grubb

Please call the church office (354-0226) so we can update our records if your name was missed.

Jesus Cares by Linna L. Lyle

When your heart is heavy and burdened And you can’t see your way through, While you’re going through trials and testings And you don’t know what to do, There’s a Friend above Who watches And He cares what happens to you; This wonderful One is Jesus And He will see you through. He cares when your heart is troubled And the tears come falling fast; He will come and heal your broken heart And make it a thing of the past. When the battle seems too great to win And hard the enemy’s blast, Remember, the battle’s not yours, but the Lord’s

And against Him Satan can’t last. So keep your eyes upon Jesus And your troubles on Him roll; He will fight your battles for you And His love to you unfold. He is a great and wonderful God And His love, as pure as gold; Put your trust in Him today And you will find rest for your soul.


Lumina’s SuperCupboard Stock Is Very Low Our cupboard is not as bad as Mother Hubbard’s; but to avoid this, we are asking our District Churches to consider collecting items on our SuperCupboard “Wish List” as soon as possible and making a donation. SuperCupboard kitchen items can very often be purchased at the local Dollar Stores.

10 Alternatively, you can make a monetary donation to LUMINA that is designated for SuperCupboard. We thank you in advance for your help in replenishing our cupboard so that we can continue this vital ministry in Lancaster County. – The LUMINA Office NHUMC – The complete LUMINA “Wish List” will be posted on the bulletin board. A box for your donations will be in the foyer. Some items


they need are dish cloths, dish soap, ziploc bags, paper towels, specific canned goods, granulated sugar, vegetable oil, vinegar, plain bread crumbs … Please check the complete list for more ideas.

9 september 2013 newsletter  
9 september 2013 newsletter