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December 2014 | East Michigan Edition |

Scoliosis Activity Suit™ Offers Comfortable Treatment for Childhood Disease The Scoliosis Activity Suit™ is a new type of functional scoliosis activity suit that acts upon the spine much differently than conventional rigid-style scoliosis braces. It can be easily concealed underneath clothing, and has shown immediate correction of the scoliosis curvature. The Scoliosis Activity Suit™ was developed by Mark Morningstar, DC, PhD, who also co-founded the ScoliSMART Clinics treatment system. “As an active member of SOSORT, a European based medical society focused on exercisebased treatments for scoliosis, I’ve been fortunate enough to be exposed to all types of scoliosis treatment worldwide. Having seen the benefits and disadvantages of various types of bracing both in the US and abroad, I tried to create a design that incorporated as many of the advantages as possible without the drawbacks of conventional bracing,” says Morningstar. According to preliminary reports, the Scoliosis Activity Suit™ is more comfortable than hard braces, yet it still provides substantial support, while also being thin enough to conceal under clothing for daylong wear. A big advantage of the Scoliosis Activity Suit™ is that it can be worn exclusively at home, thereby minimizing the impact of treatment on a child’s selfesteem and confidence. Since it is comprised of multiple pieces, the Scoliosis Activity Suit™ can be fully customized to each patient, depending upon the location and severity of the scoliosis.

The Scoliosis Activity Suit™ is designed to be used in conjunction with an exercise-based scoliosis therapy, such as the exclusive Scoliosis BootCamp™, Small Curve Camp™, or the adult ScoliPAIN™ treatment programs. This enhances the significantly increases the effectiveness of the Scoliosis Activity Suit™ compared to wearing the Scoliosis Activity Suit™ alone. Because it is not a hard brace, but made instead out of neoprene (a stretchable yet durable material), it does allow some give over the course of time over each wear period (2-6 hours per day). The Scoliosis Activity Suit™ material allows the patient to maintain his or her flexibility, and can be worn while participating in sports and other athletic activities. However, it still maintains a high level of support to allow the muscles of the spine to work less while still stabilizing the spine. Preliminary research suggests that the average initial correction of the spinal curvature ranges between 15-35%. Over 90% of patients wearing the Scoliosis Activity Suit™ for one year saw their curvatures stabilized or corrected. For more information on the Scoliosis Activity Suit™, or to schedule your free initial phone consult, please contact Dr. Morningstar at 810-694-3576, or email him at: drmorningstar@treatingscoliosis. com. For more information, or to request a free information packet, you can also visit the ScoliSMART Clinics website for more details at

WYANDOTTE Total Health Foods 2938 Biddle Ave. Wyandotte, MI 48192

CLAWSON Healing House 1311 N Main St. Clawson, MI 48017



Acupuncture • Colon Hydrotherapy • Massage YIN YANG BALANCE

Do you suffer from one or more of these health problems? • Musculoskeletal Pain • Headaches

• Depression • Sleep disorder

• Weight control • Addictions

Healing House can help you with weight loss, body detoxification, clearer skin, brighter eyes, increase your energy, improve your mental clarity, and radiate a youthful glow. Enjoyment of great health is the key to enjoying life. When your body is balanced and healthful, you are naturally happier. We are dedicated and commitmented to your total radiant health – inside and outside -- is our fundamental philosophy.

Our Services:

• Acupuncture • AcuGraph® • Facial Acupuncture • PH & Heavy Metal Testing • Detoxing Foot Bath • Foot Massage

Alice Thomas

• Colon Hydrotherapy • Herbal Remedies • Hot Stone Massage • Swedish Deep Tissue Massage • Thai Massage • Cupping & Gusha

For more information or to schedule appointment at either locations - call 248.278.6081 or 313.418.8161 Try Colon Hydrotherapy

Restoring Health • Relieving Pain • Renewing Energy

A gentle irrigation of the colon (large intestine). The process uses filtered, gravity-fed, UV sanitized, temperature controlled water. Much more extensive and gentler than an enema, assists in the clearing of stagnant toxins and waste from the colon, which effects your whole body.

00 $10. off $5.

Acupuncture OR 1 Hour Massage 00 off Colon Hydrotherapy

First time clients only.

natural awakenings

March 2014


contents of Birmingham

Therma-Scan Reference Laboratory is the best choice for your breast health • Over 40 years of experience and over 1,000,000 studies analyzed • Each study is reviewed by the leading thermology specialist in the country • Certified by the American Academy of Thermology (AAT), the only recognized national organization • Imaging Clinic On Site • Your images are read and analyzed on-site • Low cost • FDA listed as an adjunctive modality for non-invasive breast screening Your breast health is our primary concern. Early detection saves lives.

34100 Woodward Avenue, Suite 100 Birmingham, Michigan 48009

(248) 593-8700 phone Learn more at

Natural Awakenings is your guide to a healthier, more balanced life. In each issue readers find cutting-edge information on natural health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, creative expression and the products and services that support a healthy lifestyle.




by Tom kenyon

24 ToxIN-fREE


Pure Pampering Feels Natural and Safe by Sarah Tarver-Wahlquist

26 CAN-Do kIDS

Changing Our World at Any Age


by Ellen Sabin


Tasty Rituals that Deepen the Holiday Spirit

by Lane Vail


USED FURNITURE Come Explore the Possibilities



Gabrielle Bernstein on Creating More Happiness


by April Thompson

34 fIND youR


Workouts that Suit Your Personality

by Wendy Worrall Redal

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East Michigan edition

• New & Used Furniture • Buy & Sell Estate • Antiques Liquidations! • Consignment • Estates 3360 HIGHLAND RD. WATERFORD Between Cass & Elizabeth Lk. Rd.


Love in Action Can Change the World by Judith Fertig


by Robert Rabbin


Is Sleeping Together Healthy?

by Erik J. Martin


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We offer professional, licensed counseling for depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, addictions, sexual compulsivity and more, using: • Yoga for stress management, • Holistic Postpartum Depression Support group • Neuroemotional Technique • Reiki • EMDR • Craniosacral Therapy • NADA acupuncture for addictions • Somatoemotional release Call about our • Fine arts meet up groups ongoing Yoga, • Therapeutic creative writing group fine arts and • Dance for women early morning • Early morning recovery program recovery groups. • Therapeutic acrylic painting classes • Gluten-free support group

For a confidential discussion and to find out more about help available call 248-250-9105. Integrated Counseling Services 2265 Livernois Rd, Ste 260 • Troy


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SOUL: A Revolutionary New Product! Black Cumin Seed – Chardonnay Grape Seed – Black Raspberry Seed and D-Ribose • Reduced Inflammation For First Order: • Increased Energy Satisfaction • Amplified Immunity Guaranteed Money• Improved Clarity & Focus Back 30 Day Trial • Greater Endurance Testimonials at:


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id you know that, depending on where you get the figures, there could be as many as 90,000+ people in Michigan who are at some stage of homelessness? We heard that statistic on the radio a few weeks ago and were astonished. In doing a bit of online research, it looks as if somewhere around 20% could be children, and most of those are under the age of 11. Many others are veterans, disabled, have a chronic mental illness, and there seems to be a growing number of seniors. I'm sure we've all heard, or asked, the question, "How can this happen in a country like ours?" According the website, in its 2014 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development said that Michigan had a 6.1% increase from 2013 to 2014, one of the highest in the nation. And this doesn't even address the issue of wellness and nutrition, another topic altogether, and one that we're sure is not at the forefront of concerns for those simply needing a warm place to stay for themselves and/ or their family. If you want to read some of these startling statistics, take a few minutes and visit websites like or As we head into the winter and holiday season here in Michigan, it makes this issue especially concerning. Granted, there are shelters and other organizations striving to help, but they all need support...and it won't take much from each of us to help in the battle. So, as you read through this month's issue, which contains many articles on social consciousness, activism, creating miracles and the spirit of loving and sharing, we encourage you to keep the homelessness issue in the back of your mind and find a way to support a local organization dedicated to this issue. These groups aren't hard to find. Visit the websites mentioned above or simply open up your web browser and do a search on "Homeless in Michigan." You'll find an abundance of organizations that are working to provide shelter, food and other resources to help tackle the issue of homelessness in our state. Do something, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. "Every little bit," as they say. So until next month, stay happy and healthy...naturally...and find a way to help those in need!

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East Michigan edition

newsbriefs Wellness Center Relocates to Rochester Hills Free NSA talks and demonstrations planned


r. Lawrence Bell, D.C., of the Integral Life Center,has recently relocated his offices to Rochester Hills. For over 12 years, his practice has utilized a wide range of gentle and cutting-edge chiropractic techniques with no “cracking, sudden popping or twisting" of the spine. Dr. Bell also offers nutritional support. "One technique in particular," Dr. Bell explains, "is Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), which has been the subject of academic study, research and publication for its unprecedented effect in wellness and quality of life, adaptability to stress, enhanced life enjoyment and facilitation of constructive lifestyle changes. Dr. Lawrence Bell All of Dr. Bell's techniques are gentle in nature, and care is personally customized for each individual, addressing a host of symptoms including, but not limited to, back, neck and joint pain; headaches; fibromyalgia; Scoliosis, and many neuromusculoskeletal conditions. "It is common to experience increased energy, improved posture, a reduction of tension/pain/ physical stress, increased flexibility/range of motion/ease of movement, and an overall sense of peace and emotional/mental clarity," says Dr. Bell. On Thursday December 18th, Dr. Bell will be hosting a free NSA talk and demonstration from 7-9 p.m.


Integral Life Center is located at 1460 Walton Blvd., Suite #210, Rochester Hills. New patients who sign up for care will receive a special initial visit offer for $49 (includes consultation, exam, report of findings and first session). For more information, or to reserve a spot at the free seminar, call Dr. Lawrence Bell at 323-804-2155 or visit See ad page 50.

St. Clair Shores Holistic Practitioner Announces New Product Line


ecky Stevens, of Becky Stevens Holistic Alternatives, LLC, located in St. Clair Shores, is pleased to announce that she is now utilizing LaVie de la Rose Flower Essences. Stevens offers safe and effective options for hands-on healing and wellness through medical intuition and energy healing. "I have assisted numerous clients with a variety of health challenges," Stevens explains, "including people with back pain, depression, cancer, autism, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, allergies and numerous other conditions. The LaVie de La Rose essences allow me to offer an additional unique gift... Becky Stevens Accelerated Spiritual Growth." “My average clients are well educated adults in professions including nursing, teaching and psychology,” says Stevens. “They’ve done their research and understand the benefits of the services I can provide. I found I have a gift and at first was unaware of what to do with it. It has expanded and grown over the years through study and practice. Assisting people on the path to wellness is not just my job, it is my passion.” Becky Stevens Holistic Alternatives, LLC is located at 29700 Harper Avenue, #4, St. Clair Shores. For more information or an appointment, call 586-294-6540 or visit her website at See ad page 51.

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newsbriefs Free Holiday Open House Event in Downtown Rochester Old Library Building


David Ewing DDS Licensed Professional Counselor


Leslie Crandall-Ewing Psychoanalyst

30 Years of helping families look and feel their best!

Ho l i s t i c De n t i s t ry _____________________

pDog Yoga is hosting a free event on Friday, December 5 from 4-9 pm inside the Old Library Building in downtown Rochester. The open house will include free community yoga classes all evening and a "yogi-to-yogi" sale with sustainable gift ideas from local artisans. Other hosts include Kee Realty who will serve refreshments, and the Friendship Factory who will have activities for kids of all ages. “Healers are welcome to tour the beautifully appointed Downtown Wellness Union (a.k.a. Soul Space) as we are seeking professional healers to rent space,” says Tina Pautz-Troshynski, general manager of UpDog Yoga. “This is our first annual holiday event with every tenant in the old library participating. We call it Bhakti Bliss, the art of giving and receiving.” UpDog Yoga and the Downtown Wellness Union is located at 210 West University, Rochester. Call 248-608-6668 or visit See ad page 55.

Cosmetic Dentistry for Your smile Composite Fillings (pure white and Mercury FREE!) Dentures, Crowns and Bridges Extractions and Root Canals TMJ (jaw related headache relief) Applied Kinesiology for Pain and Anxiety Relief

Counseling _____________________


We use Psychological Energy Techniques for Powerful and Effective

Pain Control Pain Control Techniques for Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Nerve, Muscle & Joint Pain & Fatigue

Our Techniques include: Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)

Get the Skinny on Fats with New Book


r. Brownstein and Sheryl Shenefelt announce a new book release called The Skinny on Fats. “We are excited that we have written a new book on a health topic that many people worry about and wonder about that is whether or not to eat fat, says Sheryl Shenefelt, co-author of the book. “We feel it will help people make proper health decisions. Because many people face health challenges, especially around weight issues, and they are misinformed about eating a high-carbohydrate, low-fat diet, we can inform them about the real deal about fats." “This is my 5th book on a topic with much controversy and has recently been in the press as people have realized we do need fat to live,” explains Shenefelt. The cost of the book is $18. Contact 248-766-2425 or visit and for more information.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Laser Light Therapy Biogenesis Technique Essential Oils Nutritional Food Supplements

Gateway Dental 5321 Gateway Centre Flint, MI 48507

810-235-7300 8

East Michigan edition

newscorrection Michigan Business Has the Essentials


n last month's NewsBrief on page 11 announcing the new Essentials line of products for Madge & Gert, we incorrectly listed the street address for the Aubergine Gallery. We should have given their new address at 105 W. Huron, Milford. Our apologies! For more information, call 248-240-2918 or visit

Genesee County Athletic Club Offers Senior Membership Discount Hailan Sun, MD (China), Dipl. Ac. State of Michigan Registered NCCAOM Certified 28 Yrs. Experience


enesys Athletic Club (GAC) now offers a discount on memberships for those age 55 and older. The two membership options are the GAC Gold limited membership which includes full use of the club, Monday through Friday from 11 am to 3 pm. The cost is $50 to join GAC and then $65 a month for one person; $85 for a couple. The GAC Gold full membership includes full access to the club, Monday through Friday from 5 am to 10 pm and weekends from 7 am to 9 pm. The cost for this membership is $99 to join and then $99 a month for one person; $142 for a couple. Cindy Ficorelli, Genesys marketing, explains that “Genesys Athletic Club also offers GAC Gold, programs for older adults. This includes group fitness classes for GAC members, Lunch and Learn with Friends (health talks for members and non-members); and GAC Gold On the Go (day excursions for members and non-members). The upcoming Lunch and Learn with Friends is Wednesday, December 3 and features Staying Fit Through the Holidays. Cost is $6 for GAC members and $10 for non-members, and includes lunch. The next GAC On the Go Trip is to the Whiting for the Holiday Pops concert, Sunday, December 21. Cost is $21 a person.” For details, call 810-606-7509. The Genesys Athletic Club is located at 801 Health Park Blvd., Grand Blanc. For more details on the memberships or club, call 810-606-7523 or visit their website at

Unless we make Christmas an occasion to share our blessings, all the snow in Alaska won’t make it ‘white’. ~Bing Crosby

Imagine your fat cells shrinking... like grapes to raisins. Try a safe and effective alternative to liposuction and cosmetic surgery. Painless, non-surgical & non-invasive lipolaser body sculpting using the Yolo Curve can help you achieve the look you desire.

Our proven protocol also tightens, tones and firms while reducing cellulite. 65 S. Washington Downtown Oxford Female Age 48


35.5” Before Treatment

Results like this are available for arms, abdomen, mid-back, lower back and thighs.

After 8th Treatment

For more information, or to schedule your no-obligation free consultation, call 248-628-4886. The YOLO Curve is an innovative low level laser that was designed to specifically address problem areas such as belly fat and create a healthier you! Using advances in laser science, this technology can target fat cells and shrink them with no pain, no surgery and no downtime. In relaxing 30 – 40 minute treatments you can now lose inches and belly fat and feel great, while embarking on a lifestyle changing program that also tightens, tones, and firms.

The YOLO Curve Lipo Laser is so effective for inch loss, EVERYBODY sees a real, measurable reduction after a single treatment! December 2014


A New Paradigm in Natural Health Find out why our 10 years’ experience helping people get healthy can make a difference for you! • Weight Loss • Allergies • Cleanses • Digestive Disorders • Anxiety • Sleep Issues • and more Affordable programs, no gimmicks Ethical approaches with better results

Call 248-920-6595 today to discuss your health concerns...and get on the path to improved health!

— Troy Farwell —

newsbriefs Learn How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays


oin guest speaker Dr. Bence, D.C., C.C.W.P., recognized national key note speaker, physician, and leading wellness coach for this exciting, unique health talk. The talk will take place on Tuesday, December 16 at 6:30 pm. He will highlight many topics including how to reduce your most harmful stresses, naturally increase your energy, achieve the true “mind-body” connection, what your symptoms really mean, keys to becoming and staying well, recognizing potential health problems before symptoms appear, sleep better naturally, sharper mind, enhanced immune system, and obtain true health and wellness for life. Dr. Pavel Bence There will be a complimentary dinner along with the health talk at Ike’s Restaurant, 38550 Van Dyke Ave, Sterling Heights. Call 586978-9900 to reserve seats. Bence Chiropractic Wellness Center has two locations at 39573 Mound Road, Sterling Heights and 46857 Garfield Road, Macomb. For more information on Bence Chiropractic Wellness Center visit See ad page 33.

Doctor of Natural Medicine, Registered Ayurvedic Practitioner, Master Herbalist

115 S. Washington • Oxford

Yoga Shelter Celebrates 10 Years

T Visit our Health & Wellness Store Offering the best in whole food supplements, herbs and homeopathy.

For information call

248-236-0027 or visit


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en years ago Eric Paskel opened the doors of Yoga Shelter in West Bloomfield. Since then Paskel, along with co-owner Hannan Lis, has opened studios in Birmingham, Royal Oak, Southfield, Grosse Pointe, Midtown, Rochester Hills (affiliate studios) and Los Angeles, serving more than 1 million students and counting. Nicole Yoder, COO of Yoga Shelter has been working with yoga guru Eric Paskel and the rest of the Yoga Shelter team to have a big line up of events celebrating year 10. “We are so excited that each studio will be highlighting a special class from Aerial Yoga to Glow Yoga and an Inversion Workshop,” stated Yoder. Eric Paskel Yoga Shelter has had national attention of late, with Founder of Yoga Shelter, Eric Paskel leading workshops and classes at this year's Yoga Journal Conferences and most recently with Yoga Rocks Ford Field as over 2000 people spent the day being healthy and taking a yoga class all on Ford Field. Preparations are already underway for the 2015 Ford Field event to take place on March 7th. Yoga Shelter has 8 locations in Michigan. Their West Bloomfield studio is located at 6363 Orchard Lake Road. Call 248-538-0200 or visit for more information about the studios or events. 10

East Michigan edition

For even more late-breaking news and announcements visit

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Healthy Smiles Don’t Bleed It’s not OK if your gums bleed when you brush your teeth. That’s a sign of something wrong.

mouth that could have an adverse impact on your health. So while we’ve been making smiles beautiful since 1979, we’ve been helping you stay healthy, too.

• Mercury-free fillings

• Mercury safe removal

• CEREC 3D same-day crowns

• Invisallign invisible orthodontics

• Homeopathy

• TMJ/TMD Bite Imbalances

• Non-surgical gum therapy

• Implants

• Lumineers, too!

Holistic General Dentistr y Since 1979

David W. Regiani DDS PC

248-627-4934 •

Participant of most dental insurance plans, including Delta and Traditional BCBS. 12

East Michigan edition

No Insurance?

Neither do most of our clients, so we have Membership Plans just for you!

communityspotlight West Bloomfield's Loya Organic Middle Eastern Foods, Sourced from Local Michigan Farmers


s a Wall Street analyst at age 22, Moiz Habib had no plans to open a restaurant. After a trip to Pakistan to visit relatives, his career path took a turn as he became more interested in the foods and diets of the Middle East. Habib realized that after eating a Middle Eastern diet for several weeks he had more energy, mental clarity, slept better and he didn’t gain weight. They ate foods there like organic, grassfed lamb or beef, herbed eggplant, chickpea salad and organic rice. In the spring of 2013, Habib, along with family and supporters, opened Loya Organic Middle Eastern Grill in West Bloomfield, Michigan. The mission of the restaurant is to serve fresh, nutritious, organic food. At Loya, the lamb and beef is certified organic and grass-fed. The chickens are free range and raised without artificial hormones. “Each week we make a trip to the local markets and pick out the freshest, naturally grown produce for both our family and yours,” states Habib. The restaurant is connecting with good, ethical, local farmers. All of the lamb and beef is sourced from local Michigan farms where animals are raised in pastures using organic practices. The juices and salads are also locally sourced, according to the Loya website. The grill offers a vast array of colorful dishes. They offer a vegan and gluten free menu and promote a “peanut

and soy free” facility. For lunch they offer baby eggplants cooked in a spicy tomato broth, garnished with peppers or a Garbanzo Crunch Salad with chickpeas soaked in a tangy goji berry sauce along with tomatoes, potatoes and onions. Main entrees include a variety of chicken or lamb kebabs marinated in herbs and seasonings or a Beef Nihari with green chili, garlic and ginger. Traditional organic brown rice or goji salads compliment the main dishes. On the menu for dessert is organic homemade ice cream. “At Loya, we only use the high quality, fresh ingredients,” states Habib. They list Bob’s stone ground whole wheat flour, raw honey, organic extra virgin olive oil, Himalayan pink salt and organic whole-grain basmati brown rice as ingredients used regularly in their dishes. You can also purchase the Loya Organic Himalayan Pink Salt, which comes from the Himalayan Mountains, right at the restaurant. The pink salt contains less sodium per serving and its consumption is said to provide essential minerals which may lead to improved health. The restaurant offers catering and carry out for people on the go. For more information, call 248-681-9640 or visit Loya Organic Middle Eastern Grill is located at 4284 Orchard Lake Road, West Bloomfield. See ad page 29.

Attention All Yoga Teachers! Attention All Yoga Teachers! Attention All Yoga Teachers!

YIN YOGA YOGA YIN Teacher YIN YOGA Teacher Training Teacher Training Learn to Teach Learn to Teach Training from Yin Yoga from Yin Yoga Michigans Most Learn to Teach Michigans Most Successful Teacher! from Yin Yoga

Successful Teacher! Michigans Most Lynne Baum,ERYT Successful Teacher! Lynne Baum,ERYT Register NOW! Class size Lynne Baum,ERYT

Register Class size is limited for NOW! quality assurance! is limited for quality assurance! Call- 248-520-1011 Register NOW! Class size isCalllimited 248-520-1011 for quality assurance! Jan. 9th-11th Call248-520-1011 Birmingham Unitarian Church Jan. 9th-11th Birmingham Unitarian Feb. 13th-15th Jan. 9th-11th Church Blossoming Lotus Yoga, CAN Feb. 13th-15th Birmingham Unitarian Church See Course Outline @ Blossoming Lotus Yoga, CAN Feb. 13th-15th See Course Outline @ Blossoming Lotus Yoga, CAN See Course Outline @ Yoga JungleAdventure YogaJungleAdventure

Costa Costa Rica Costa Rica Rica Yoga, Beach, Fun!


Yoga, Fun! marchBeach, 23-29th,2015 marchBeach, 23-29th,2015 Yoga, Fun! march 23-29th,2015 Come To Beautiful Vanderbuilt MI only 25 rooms available! Come To Beautiful Vanderbuilt MI only 25 rooms available! Come To Beautiful Vanderbuilt MI

2015 2015Yoga New 2015 Years Retreat New Yoga only 25 rooms available!

Years New Retreat Yoga Song of the Retreat Morning Years Jan. 16-18th

Song of the Morning $225 includes: Jan. 16-18th Song of the Morning daily morning & evening * $225 includes: Jan. 16-18th yoga classes morning & evening **daily $225 includes: fresh vegetarian meals yoga classes guided outdoor adventures daily morning & evening *fresh * visionvegetarian boardclasses classmeals yoga * guided outdoor * fresh vegetarianadventures meals *Callvision board class 248-520-1011 * guided outdoor adventures * vision board class *Call- 248-520-1011 Call- 248-520-1011

When we fulfill our function, which is to truly love ourselves and share love with others, then true happiness sets in. ~Gabrielle Bernstein December 2014



Calcium Supplements Raise Risk of Brain Lesions


Duke University study published in the British Journal of Nutrition this summer found that calcium supplements taken by elderly persons may increase the risk of brain lesions that are identified as hyperintensities on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) brain scans. The researchers studied 227 adults over the age of 60. The patients were assessed for supplemental calcium intake and received brain scans via MRI. Those taking calcium supplements had more lesions of a volume typically associated with hypertension. They noted no dose-dependent relationship between lesion size and the amount of calcium being supplemented. The scientists commented that other studies have found calcium supplementation also associated with greater risk of artery disease. Hyperintensities are observed in normal aging, plus several neurological, psychiatric and autoimmune disorders that affect the brain. They constitute damage to brain tissue caused by restricted blood flow and have been linked to mild cognitive deficits and disturbances.

Hip Fractures Decrease on Weekends and Holy Days


new study published in the Israel Medical Association Journal found that older adults are more likely to have hip fractures in the wintertime, except during weekends and on religious holidays. The study’s authors checked the records of 2,050 patients that were at least 65 years old and had suffered a hip fracture. Analyzing the dates of each fracture revealed that significantly more of them occurred during the wintertime; the injuries corresponded directly with lower temperatures and greater rainfall. Fewer fractures took place on the Sabbath and during weekends in general, as well as on Yom Kippur and other holy days, with the exception of Passover.

Have you ever been told…

Mistletoe Extract Benefits Pancreatic Cancer Patients


study published in the European Journal of Cancer revealed that a mistletoe extract may lengthen life for patients with severe pancreatic cancer. German researchers tested 220 patients with advanced stage pancreatic cancer, an aggressive, often fatal disease. The patients were divided into two groups; one was given up to 10 milligrams of Viscum album (European mistletoe) three times a week for up to 12 months. Both groups received supportive care throughout the study period. The average length of survival for those taking the mistletoe extract, 4.8 months, was nearly twice that of the other group, 2.7 months; a survival period typically dates from the original diagnosis. Within a group considered to have a good prognosis, the survival period for those that consumed the extract, averaging 6.6 months, was more than double that of the no-extract group, which averaged 3.2 months.

…there is no cure for your condition…or…that you will have to take certain medications for the rest of your life?

50% off

• Do statements like these create uncertainty and fear?

Learn what a Dr. of Ňedicine with over 30 years’ experience as a registered nurse can do for you. ®

first consult for new clients

If you experience: nervousness/irritability • ongoing fatigue • depression • insomnia • inability to concentrate • confusion • weakness • intestinal issues Call Hilda Lauderman, D.H.M, Ph.D, N.M.D., R.N. licensed as a Dr. of Ňedicine®, Natural Medicine, Homeopathy and R.N., to discuss your issue and determine if one of her programs using natural approaches can help with conditions such as nutrition, thyroid function, osteoporosis therapy and much more.

Serving the Greater East Michigan area • 810-503-4056 14

East Michigan edition

Acupuncture for Side Effects

yoGA PRACTICE Integrative approach for chemo/radiation therapy PuMPS uP cupuncturist, Karen DeBruyn, founder of DEToxIfyING A Michigan Oriental Medicine, reports that, ANTIoxIDANTS "according to the National Cancer Institute and the latest clinical trials, acupuncture has been found to relieve the side effects of chemotherapy and enhance the function of the immune system. Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting are some of the most common side effects of treatment. Acupuncture has been shown to greatly reduce both the intensity and frequency of nausea and vomiting episodes. In some cases acupuncture has been reported as working better than the prescribed anti-nausea medications. Acupuncture has also been shown to relieve fatigue, anxiety, hot flashes, and pain associated with the treatment of various types of cancer." "Major cancer treatment centers across the country," she explains, "have provided acupuncture as an integrative option for battling the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Centers like Memorial Sloan Kettering, MD Anderson and even Spectrum Health of Michigan are offering acupuncture in tandem with more standard options." Karen DeBruyn, PT, MSTOM, Dipl.OM (NACCAOM), R.Ac. (MI) and the other practitioners with Michigan Oriental Medicine are located at 8308 Office Park Drive, Suite 2, Grand Blanc, MI. For more information or to schedule an acupuncture session call 810-694-3500. For more information on the National Cancer Institute, visit their website at See ad page 50.


ndian researchers recruited 64 physically fit males from the Indian Air Force Academy for a three-month study of yoga’s effect on detoxification. For three months, 34 of the volunteers practiced hatha yoga with pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation. The other 30 volunteers underwent physical training exercises. At the end of the study, blood tests found significantly higher levels of antioxidants, including vitamin C and vitamin E, among subjects in the yoga group. These participants also showed lower levels of oxidized glutathione and increased levels of two important antioxidant enzymes, superoxide dismutase and glutathione reductase, all indicating better detoxification. Meanwhile, the exercise-only group showed no changes in these parameters.

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Many symptoms are the result of restrictions in the flow of energy through the nerves to your body's systems and tissues, caused by Trauma, Toxins and even Thoughts. I believe your body is innately intelligent and has the power to heal long as it is free of these restrictions. My gentle approach has helped with: Pain • Numbness/Tingling • Sciatica • Headache • Allergy Symptoms Postpartum Depression • Emotional Balancing • and many other issues. These unique, gentle and painless techniques include: • KST - the Koren Specific Technique: A different approach; no twisting or cracking. • BEST - the Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique: Energy-based and painless. • Botanical, homeopathic and nutritional products to help you achieve wellness. • Also offering Craniosacral Therapy and Therapeutic Massage

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Cell Phones and Router Microwaves Stress Plants


vidence of the effects of wireless technologies on human health continues to be controversial, with agreement on results remaining elusive. Now a new study published in the Journal of Plant Physiology found that humangenerated microwave pollution can potentially be stressful to plants. Researchers from Romania’s Estonian University of Life Sciences tested three common garden plants—parsley, celery and dill weed. They exposed each to the types of microwave radiation equivalent to those produced by cell phones and wireless routers. Then these radiation-exposed plants were compared with identical plants not exposed to the radiation. The scientists noted that the irradiated plants had thinner cell walls; smaller chloroplasts (cellular sites of photosynthesis); smaller cell mitochondria (centers of energy production); and greater emission of volatile compounds, particularly monoterpenes and green leaf volatiles, which are protective, life-promoting components of the plants’ essential oils. The effects were stronger for the type of radiation produced by wireless routers. While essential oil production overall was increased by the frequency of the microwaves produced by cell phones, it was decreased by the frequency emitted by the routers.

Organics Boast More Nutrients, Fewer Toxins


onventionally grown foods contain pesticide residues that are three to four times higher than those found in organic foods (traces may be due to atmospheric drift from other fields or soils), according to a review of 343 research studies published last June in the British Journal of Nutrition. The review, which included studies of food grown in different regions and seasons, also determined that organic foods contained higher levels of healthy nutrients such as minerals, vitamins and antioxidants (specifically polyphenols), compared to conventional foods, which also contained significantly higher levels of cadmium, a heavy metal toxin. The study’s authors found evidence that the higher antioxidant and lower cadmium concentrations are linked to specific organic growing practices such as avoiding mineral nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers, respectively. They commented, “Results indicate that switching from conventional to organic crop consumption would result in a 20 to 40 percent increase in crop-based antioxidant/polyphenolic intake levels.”

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Natural Approaches for Asthma


sthma is a condition of the lungs whereby, the small air sacs in the lungs are unable to expand and contract. When this occurs wheezing can be heard with a stethoscope and sometimes audible. The chronic inflammation of the bronchi tiny air sacs in the lungs cause the constricting spasms and wheezing. Hilda Lauderman, who is licensed as a Dr. of ® ˇ Nedicine , Natural Medicine, Homeopathy and an R.N., explains that "Asthma can be the result of vaccinations, coming in contact with an allergen or a stressful event." "According to The Natural Remedies Encyclopedia," she says, "the allergen, or other irritant, could be chemicals, drugs, dust mites, feathers, food additives, pollutants, fumes, mold, animal dander, tobacco smoke, anxiety, fear, laughing, stress, low blood sugar, adrenal disorders, temperature changes, extremes of dryness or humidity or respiratory infections. Asthmatics are frequently very sensitive to foods containing additives such as sulfites. Many other fumes and/or strong odors may also be an allergen." "The first approach in natural medicine, "Lauderman explains, "is to try to determine the root cause. If it is due to allergies, homeopathics remedies will be used to help decrease the allergic response. Low cortisol levels may also be a problem. In this case, an adrenal stress test will be done to check for low cortisol levels. Cortisol is an anti-inflammatory that helps decrease inflammation in the body, including inflammation in the lungs." "The goal," she says, "is to decrease the inflammation and expand the tiny air sacs in the lungs. This can be done by using an herb to decrease inflammation Boswellia is the herb of choice. Magnesium Complex can also be used for asthma conditions. Magnesium dialates, or expands, the tiny air sacs in the lungs and breathing becomes easier." Dr. Hilda Lauderman serves the east Michigan region from her offices in Davison, MI. For more information, call 810-503-4056 or see her ad on page 14. Ref: Vance H. Ferrell, Harold M. Cherne M.D., The Natural Remedies Encyclopedia: Asthma (Altamont, RN: Harvestime Books, 2010) 852.

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Bye-Bye Birdie

230 Avian Species on the National Watch List

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Scientists from 23 organizations, including the federal government, universities and conservation groups, have spent years on the State of the Birds Study, looking at 230 species of birds from different habitats compiling its watch list. Peter Marra, a migratory bird specialist at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Zoo, in Washington, D.C., attributes the population drops of the birds in the most trouble to disappearing habitat or reduced range. Some coastal birds are doing better, and previously endangered wetland birds are recovering due to laws that are protecting them. Marra says, “These populations come back when we create the habitat. The report emphasizes that it’s better to focus on birds that aren’t yet in decline and keep them that way.” Ken Rosenberg, a bird biologist at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, in Ithaca, New York, and an author of the report, says that hunters, as well as conservationists, deserve credit for preserving ducks. He acknowledges, “We’ve put a tremendous amount of resources and money into wetland and waterfowl conservation because of the hunters that contribute financially.” But lots of songbirds are in trouble, and Florida, where bird habitat is disappearing fast, is a crucial stopover for migrating birds. It’s the kind of place that birds both common and endangered urgently need to survive. Source: National Public Radio

Cultural Roots

Status of Religious Diversity in the U.S. The United States is often described as a religiously free and diverse country, but a new Pew Research Center study reveals that 95 percent of the populace identifies itself as either Christian or unaffiliated (atheist, agnostic or having no particular religion). This ranks the U.S. 68 out of 232 countries and territories in the Pew Religious Diversity Index. Singapore is the world’s most religiously diverse country, followed by Taiwan and Vietnam. The study treats Christian denominations as members of the same religion, which if counted separately, would increase the ranking. But Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism all have internal diversity, as well, and are considered as single religions in the study. There’s an important distinction between religious diversity and religious freedom, which the report does not measure. The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to free exercise of religion, which is not always the case in other countries. Source:

Planet Power

Scientists May Harvest Energy from Earth’s Infrared Emissions Physicists at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) are developing a device described in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that would harvest energy from Earth’s infrared emissions into outer space. The power is modest, but tangible. Steven J. Byrnes, a postdoctoral fellow at SEAS, points out, “The device could be coupled with a solar cell, for example, to obtain extra power at night without extra installation costs.” Heated by the sun, our planet is very warm compared to the frigid depths of space. Thanks to recent technological advances such as plasmonics and nanofabrication, and new materials like graphene, the researchers say this heat imbalance could soon be transformed into direct current (DC) power, taking advantage of an untapped, virtually limitless energy source.

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Green Envy

Don’t Be So Quick to Bash the Rich A survey at social research site reveals that stereotypes of the richest class of society as being uniformly selfish individuals are not entirely accurate. It seems that having money does not necessarily mean that a person has an overactive ego. Actor Will Smith, with an estimated net worth of $200 million, observes, “Money and success don’t change people; they merely amplify what is already there.” Queendom data shows a difference of only a few percentage points between respondents of varying income levels in matters of altruism such as doing and returning favors, putting themselves in others’ shoes, sympathy and empathy. The area where those in a higher socioeconomic status rank at the top is in charitable contributions. Ilona Jerabek, president of parent company PsychTests AIM, says, “Our personality impacts every aspect of our life—the choices we make, the people we surround ourselves with, the career we pursue, the way we respond to life experiences, the way we manage our finances and whether or not we share our good fortune.” Take the survey at

Feeding Hope

Recognizing Restaurants that Support the Homeless Food Recovery Certified is a new program that rewards restaurants that donate their extra food to those in need with a sticker on their front door. It’s a project of The Food Recovery Network, a national system of college students that takes cafeteria leftovers to homeless people. Founder Ben Simon started the group in 2011 at the University of Maryland, and the network has saved more than 320,000 pounds of food from the dump in its first three years. If a restaurant donates unsold food to the hungry at least once a month, it can apply for the certification. Then Food Recovery Certified verifies with local nonprofits that the donations actually occur before awarding its approval. Simon states, “Every food business should be donating its extra food.” For more information, visit

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globalbriefs Youth Activists

Bamboo Bamboozle

The World Peace Caravan, founded by the nonprofit D. Gary Young Foundation, is a global peace movement scheduled to conduct a 12-day camel caravan from Petra, Jordan, to Jerusalem, Israel, from December 15 to 26, 2015. It will be spearheaded by a delegation of 12 youth ambassadors, ages 16 to 24, selected from a worldwide pool of candidates. Their goal is to foster an online youth community to provide young people everywhere a platform to share ideas, voice opinions and educate and learn from their peers. The youths intend to collaborate on solutions-centered projects to help eradicate poverty and hunger, ensure environmental sustainability and attain healthy lives for all. Inspired by a recurring vision, D. Gary Young, CEO of Young Living Essential Oils, chose the ancient Frankincense Trail upon which the Queen

Bamboo is rapidly renewable and requires few pesticides to grow. However, bamboo fabric manufacturing is a chemically intensive process that doesn’t provide clear and legitimate product labeling. Misleadingly using the terms eco-friendly and green becomes greenwashing when applied to items such as bamboo clothing. As the Fair Trade Commission

World Peace Caravan to Travel in the Middle East in 2015

‘Green’ Clothing Made with Toxic Chemicals

of Sheba once journeyed to bring peace offerings to King Solomon. This modern-day journey for peace invites people of all cultures, faiths and backgrounds to retrace the steps of that pioneering peace movement, culminating in a blockbuster World Peace Caravan Concert for Peace in Jerusalem. For more information, visit

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describes the overall process, “Most bamboo textile products, if not all, are actually rayon, which typically is made using environmentally toxic chemicals. While different plants, including bamboo, can be used as a source material to create rayon, there’s no trace of the original plant in the finished rayon product.” This example points out the public vigilance required to secure more sustainable, environmentally friendly products. Third-party verification of all claims is recommended. Products made of the bamboo stalk itself, such as poles for furniture or planks for flooring, remain true to their naturally sustainable source. Source: BambooFraud

If you haven’t got any

charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.

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ecotip Tweet Treats

Trim a Tree, Feed the Birds From December 14 through January 5, citizen scientists of all ages will participate in the National Audubon Society’s Christmas Bird Count ( Count), the country’s longest-running wildlife census. Audubon and other organizations use the data collected by volunteers to monitor population trends and guide conservation efforts. Whether or not families plan to help Audubon volunteers keep track of feathered visitors, they might consider providing backyard birds with gifts of food during the winter, when natural food sources can be scarce. Adorning outdoor trees with edible decorations can also help brighten landscapes, reduce kitchen scraps, creatively involve children in nature and make yards more bird-friendly. Salvage citrus rinds for feeders. Poke holes along the edge of hollowed halves of grapefruit and orange peels and run twine through them so they can hang from a branch. Fill with bird seed or suet. Create ornaments from bread heels or stale loaves. After cutting out shapes with a cookie cutter, spread them with unsalted nut butter and cover with birdseed. Bagels, rice cakes and pinecones can be frosted and sprinkled

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in the same way. Avoid using anything moldy. For more colorful ornaments, hang orange and apple slices. Drape edible garland around tree branches. Thread unsalted popcorn (stale popcorn strings more easily), fresh cranberries, citrus slices, unshelled peanuts, dried apples or grapes into a garland. Use natural string, wool or raffia for hanging decorations. Wild Birds Unlimited suggests selecting these materials so they can be used by birds as nesting materials in the spring. Collect seed heads and berries to tuck among the branches. According to the National Wildlife Federation, good food sources include seed heads from flowers such as goldenrod, sunflower, coneflower, sumac and mullein; seed heads from grasses such as millet, wheat, foxtail and switchgrass; and berries on sprigs of holly, juniper, cedar, hawthorn and mountain ash. Make sure decorations are hung on a tree or shrub near a window so the whole family can enjoy watching the wildlife they attract. Contributing source: The Humane Society

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Singing the World Awake


by Tom kenyon Article adapted from the film, Song of the New Earth

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hen I was a Music and sound ing my neurophysiology. youngster, I Brain research shows clearly remember are the language that when we experireading a book, The Boy and architecture ence pure sound without Who Sang to the World, language, the right side of although I later learned it of the cosmos. the brain lights up like a doesn’t exist. I read it in Christmas tree. I’d worked some other realm of consciousness and in brain research for about 13 years that’s what I became. when, while meditating, I received new I sang to the world, sun, moon, information about brain geometry that stars and all life. I sang in church and I recognized as the geometry of conchoirs and later took up guitar and sciousness in its relationship to sound piano. One day, a visitor to our house and emotion. said, “You’re going to heal many people I understood that if I taught this to in this world with that voice.” others, I would observe rapid change When I attended the University of and improvement in brain function North Carolina, I discovered that neuro- and creativity, which took place when physiology could be used as a language I conducted beta testing at three sites. to explain mystical experiences. The One day, I was in California doing a whole time I was engaged in scientific workshop when these sounds just came training, I was also going deeper into through me. That’s what spawned my the mysticism of the East, the yoga current sound work. of India, Taoism of China, Egyptian I become like a tuning fork to the alchemy and Tibetan Buddhism. I was information that is coming to me. In practicing every meditation from every shamanism, this is called being the tradition, sometimes for five hours a hollow reed. I step out of the way. In day. Without realizing it, I was changterms of brain frequencies, I go into an

Photo by Adrienne Koteen

 Complete

ing. His 25 years of practicing psychoalpha state, in which a new world. Sound opens therapy led to the formation of Acoustic I can attend to what I The boy who sang to consciousness. Brain Research to scientifically study need to do vocally, but the world has grown up neuropsychology and psychoacoustics. for that moment surto sing a space that allows If consciousness He teaches Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, render my voice to the people to create their is higher, life on hopes and dreams into Hinduism, Egyptian high alchemy and energy. esoteric Christianity. He has authored When I work shaexistence. Earth will change. Brain States, many manically with drums, CDs and the new documentary about animal spirits come Psychologist and musician his journey, Song of the New Earth through my voice, as do beings from Tom Kenyon is trained in Ericksonian ( other traditions. I feel like a doorway, or medical hypnosis and whole brain learna chauffeur looking in the back seat to see who I’m driving. I live in two diametrically opposed worlds. I’m logical in how I look at things and am fascinated by brain neurology. Then there’s this other side that’s off the charts. I never know when the whales are going to appear. As I operate in an altered state, I can see humpbacks Welcoming New Patients psychically approaching until one of Other Onsite Call for an appointment today them enters my energy field. SubjecServices Available: tively, I become as large as a whale, • Applied Kinesiology Jason C.C. Wills, D.C. at the same time I’m aware of my • Pediatric & physical body. I have dual realities, Pregnancy Care • Nutritional Counseling and then the whale sounds emanate 5885 S. Main St., Ste. 4 • Clarkston • Massage Therapy through me. Most insurances accepted In a visionary experience on my 40th birthday, the question arose, “Will you sing the song of the new Earth?” I believe that we’re not going to survive much longer as a species if we don’t change how we are living, and that’s what my work is about. Many people are having spiritual emergences, yet we n Wishing you were feeling much better? don’t, as a culture, have a place to harn Concerned about your long term health? ness its potential. What I do with groups n Perhaps you are planning a family? is a type of sound healing, working n Tired of being tired? collectively with the energy of a large gathering. Each person responds in ways n Disgusted about having to take medication daily for unique to them, breathing into some high sugar or high cholesterol when you know inner emotion and making a sound that lifestyle changes are what you need? matches how it feels inside. n Athletes: want to get the competitive edge by Something happens with people optimizing your nutrition status? that attend these events. It’s about the n Sleeping only one hour at “Within days of starting my transformation and beauty of being a time because of pain? new diet and supplement able to step into the unknown to comprogram, I felt better than n Suffer from digestive issues mune with a knowledge and intelI have in the last 10 years!” that never get better, ligence that’ll sing through my voice. —P.M. Farmington Hills, MI no matter what you do? Together, we’ll see what will come forward. A major message I’ve received is To Find Out How I Can Help that if we are to survive, we must raise the feminine out of the ashes created by millennia of cultural traditions and have the male and female meet Sheli Tinkelman, MS, PA-C, RD, CCN, ABAAHP together, not one above the other, but in equality, and with that union, create 34024 W. 8 Mile Rd. Ste 105, Farmington Hills •


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Go Green G0 GREEN

organic ORGANIC

by Sarah Tarver-Wahlquist

HAIRcoloring COLORING hair

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hen clients walk into New York City’s Swing Salon, they may be surprised by what they don’t smell—the range of chemicals usually wafting around hair salons. That’s because the owners have decided to use only natural and organic products. While many people may assume that all salon hair and body treatments are regulated and safe, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has no authority to require companies to test cosmetic products for safety, due to loopholes in the Toxic Substances Control Act. So, people are being exposed to dangerous toxins through salon products like nail polish, hair color processors and hair straighteners. Be aware that while labels of overthe-counter body care products are required by law to list ingredients, with the exception of the chemical soup often hidden under the term “fragrance”, the loophole for salon products is large. Jamie Silberberger, with the Women’s Voices for the Earth’s National Healthy Nail & Beauty Salon Alliance, reports, “Products sold for professional use in spas and salons are not required to be labeled with ingredients.” Fortunately, healthy alternatives are available, either by patronizing a green salon or using natural beauty treatments at home.

Hair Straighteners One salon treatment—Brazilian Blowout hair straightening—can continue to expose customers and salon workers to toxic fumes even months after application. It’s among the conventional straightening products that contain formaldehyde, a known human carcinogen. “Exposure to formaldehyde doesn’t end with the treatment—the fumes are reactivated every time heat is applied to the hair,” says Jennifer Arce, a San Diego, California, salon worker who became sick after applying a single Brazilian Blowout treatment. “So, when a client who’s had a Brazilian Blowout done elsewhere comes into the salon to get a haircut or color and has her hair blow-dried, flat-ironed, curled or processed under the hood dryer, the fumes that come out of her hair make me and several of my coworkers sick all over again.” Solution: Avoid chemical hairstraightening treatments. Sign on to the Women’s Voice for the Earth letter campaign petitioning the FDA to remove Brazilian Blowout from U.S. shelves by visiting BanBrazilianBlowout.

Hair Dyes and Extensions About two-thirds of conventional hair dyes in the U.S. contain para-

phenylenediamine (PPD), a chemical banned for use in such products in Germany, France and Sweden. Exposure to PPD can cause allergic reactions ranging from skin irritation to death by anaphylactic shock, which happened to a teenager in 2010. When Spain’s University of Santiago de Compostela researchers conducted a metastudy examining the risk of cancer among hairdressers and related workers, all reported that employees had a higher risk of cancer than the general population. Hair extensions also warrant attention. Many adhesives used on extensions may contain 1,4 dioxane, listed as a probable carcinogen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and styrene, a neurotoxin and suspected endocrine disruptor. Solution: Look for a clean, green salon that uses natural hair color treatments free from synthetic chemicals, ammonia or PPD.

Nail Polish When getting a manicure or pedicure, beware of the toxic trio of dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde and toluene. Used to help nail products hold color, they’re linked to reproductive and development problems, plus dizziness and eye and lung irritation, according to the Environmental Working Group. Facing pressure from consumer groups and salon workers, some polish companies are now producing so-called “nontoxic” nail polish, although their labels aren’t verifiable. California’s Department of Toxic Substances Control recently tested 25 nail polishes sold to salons, 12 of which claimed to be toluene-free, including seven said to be free of the toxic trio. The researchers found toluene in 10 of those, and one or more of the three ingredients in five out of the seven.

For example, a large network of independently owned “concept salons” across America are connected with the Aveda Corporation (, a national leader in developing hair and body products that are free from the most dangerous ingredients. More than 90 percent of Aveda’s essential oils and 89 percent of its raw herbal ingredients are certified organic. Also look for members of the Green Spa Network, a nationwide coalition of spas that pledge to be energy efficient and sustainable in all of their practices ( If a green salon hasn’t yet arrived locally, bring nontoxic products for appointments and ask the stylist to use them. Visit the Skin Deep Database at to find the least-toxic products for at-home use. Sarah Tarver-Wahlquist is a freelance writer in Tucson, Arizona.

Solution: Customers should bring their own safe nail polish and only patronize well-ventilated salons.

Find a Green Salon Many conventional body products like shampoos and massage oils contain a litany of ingredients that add to our chemical exposure. Ask questions to ensure all of a salon’s products are nontoxic or as low in toxicity as possible.

Let our New Year’s resolution be this: we will be there for one another as fellow members of humanity, in the finest sense of the word. ~Goran Persson

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Can-Do kids Changing Our World at Any Age by Ellen Sabin

■ A good place to start is to think about what’s important to you. This will help you find a way of giving back that you’ll enjoy and want to do again and again. For example, if you love taking care of animals, offer to walk an elderly person’s dog for them. If you get sad when you think about someone being lonely, visit a neighbor that lives alone or send a special card to a relative as a way to show your love. ■ It’s nice to help strangers, but you can also do little things close to home that’ll make life easier and better for your family. You can call your grandma to say hello, help your mom or dad with the dishes or play a favorite game with your little sister or brother. ■ You can also use your own special talents to help others. If you are a good cook, bake a healthy holiday treat to bring to someone that is feeling sick. You can read out loud a story to a younger child. If you’re strong and have lots of energy, you can help your neighbor take out the trash or do other household chores.

This article is written especially for young readers eager to embrace the true spirit of the holiday season. Sharing it with them can help cultivate a lifelong practice of giving.


ave you ever seen someone do something that changed a situation from bad to good? Maybe your parents helped someone whose car broke down, or a teacher spent extra time after class helping you with schoolwork.

No matter your age, where you live or what you own, you have the power to do good, too. What you do can make other people happy and make the world a better place. Here are some ideas to help you figure out how.

■ You can have fun and make an even bigger difference by doing good things with others. One way to get your friends excited about joining you is to plan a “Giving Party”. Ask your parents to help you download a free guide ( parents.html) that has fun ideas and activities for creating a holiday-time or birthday party or rainy day get-together. ■ Giving to other people is important, but the planet needs us, too. You can

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practice giving by picking up litter, recycling and even turning off lights when you leave a room. When we pay attention to the environment around us, we can learn how to respond in a giving way. Ellen Sabin is the founder and president of Watering Can Press (WateringCanPress. com), a publishing company committed to growing kids with character. Her series of award-winning books include The Giving Book: Open the Door to a Lifetime of Giving; The Greening Book: Being a Friend to Planet Earth; and The Healthy Body Book: Caring for the Coolest Machine You’ll Ever Own.

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Fun Activity Who’s Been Giving to You?

Whether it’s time, love or things, the people around us give to us all the time. Sometimes we don’t stop to think about what people do for us, so we forget to say, “Thank you.” Appreciating what people give us is just as important as giving to others. Here are some questions to ask yourself. After you have answered each question, think about what you can do to thank people for their kindness. Who shared with you? What did they share? Who taught you something? What did they teach you? Who showed you love? How did they show you love? Who made you happy? How did they make you happy? Source: Adapted excerpt from The Giving Book: Open the Door to a Lifetime of Giving by Ellen Sabin.

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our heritage and our culture,” says May. Heather Evans, Ph.D., a Queen’s University professor and a holiday culinary history expert in Ontario, Canada, suggests creating a food diary of traditions to reinforce a connection with the past and support a holiday food legacy for the future. Ask grandparents about their childhood culinary memories, peruse family recipe books or discover new dishes that honor everyone’s ethnic heritage. Then create an heirloom holiday cookbook with handwritten recipes arranged alongside favorite photos and stories.


Tasty Rituals that Deepen the Holiday Spirit


then accept them without judgment. Strategize ways of satisfying the need and take a small step toward change.

According to pagan philosophy, sharing seasonal food with loved ones during the winter solstice on December 21 symbolizes the shared trust that warmth and sunlight will return. Eating warm foods provides physical comfort and eating seasonally and locally connects us to the Earth, observes May. Sync body and spirit with the season by stewing root vegetables, baking breads, sipping hot cider and tea, and nibbling on nuts and dried fruits. “The repetition of predictable foods is reassuring,” remarks Evans, and it celebrates nature’s transitions.



by Lane vail


he holiday season is ripe with an array of spiritual, cultural and family rituals. We celebrate, reflect, give gifts and, of course, feast. Fortunately, the media also teems with tips on how to avoid high-calorie holiday goodies, says Dr. Michelle May, author of Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat. For our diet-driven culture to resolve its struggle with food, she says we must learn to honor its intrinsic value. Ritualized eating can help; a recent study published in the journal Psychological Science found that engaging in food rituals evokes mindfulness that enhances the enjoyment of eating.


Hunger, the body’s fuel gauge, manifests in physical symptoms like a growling stomach or low blood sugar, says May, citing a useful analogy. “You wouldn’t drive around and pull into every gas station you see; you’d check your fuel gauge first. Before filling up with food, pause and check your fuel gauge. Am I actually hungry, or is this desire coming from something else?” May suggests practicing FEASTing: First, focus on physical sensations, thoughts and emotions; perhaps we’re thirsty, rather than hungry, rationalizing that holiday foods are special, or feeling stressed or lonely. Next, explore why the feelings or thoughts are present, and 28

East Michigan edition

Complex preparations for a major holiday can provoke anxiety and impatience, and likewise, feelings of longing or disappointment when it’s over. Sarah Ban Breathnach, bestselling author of Simple Abundance and Peace and Plenty, recommends allowing Christmastide to unfold at its own pace and celebrating all of December with a homemade Advent calendar. Craft a tree-shaped tower of tiny boxes or a garland of burlap mini-bags clipped with clothespins. Place an almond covered in organic dark chocolate in each container and use the treat as a daily mini-meditation. “Drop into the present moment, fully savor the luxurious, small bite and experience the pleasure of eating,” suggests May. Consider it symbolic of the season’s sweetness.


“Food connects us with one another,

Stir-Up Sunday is a Victorian amusement filled with fun, mystery and mindfulness, says Ban Breathnach. Some December Sunday, have each family member help stir the batter of a special Christmas cake while stating a personal new year’s intention. Drop a clean coin, bean or trinket into the mix and bake. Serve it with a sprig of holly on Christmas Day, and the person with the piece containing the lucky charm will be rewarded with a prosperous, wholesome and positive new year, according to tradition. Evans remarks, “This is a wonderful ritual for nurturing the health and spirit of the family.”


Boxing Day offers something far more meaningful to celebrate than postholiday sales. Originating as a tradition that thrived during the 19th century, “December 26 was a chance for landowners and homeowners to give back to

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household staff and local tradespeople,” says Evans. “It’s a tradition worth reviving to pause, reflect on our own good fortune and contribute to others’ comfort.” Consider serving a meal at a local soup kitchen, collecting items for a food drive or offering a box of healthy culinary treats to community stewards at a fire station, post office or library. On Christmas Day, says Ban Breathnach, “Our kids have the world lying at their feet.” Boxing Day, she says, provides a natural transition to reach out in charity. Lane Vail is a freelance writer and blogger at

Courtesy of Teresa Cutter,

for moistness and vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and orange essences for a perfect mingling of flavors. Prepare the cake with the whole family as a StirUp Sunday ritual, and keep it tightly sealed in the refrigerator until Christmas Day. Serve in small portions at room temperature or warmed in the oven and alongside vanilla bean custard or plain yogurt swirled

with orange blossom honey.

HEALTHY HOLIDAY TOPPERS Creating a repertoire of delicious wintery foods can help evoke health, mindfulness and delight during the holiday season. Dr. Michelle May advises approaching the entire process of eating, including the menu planning, shopping and food preparation, with a spirit of mindfulness, which adds a deeper dimension of pleasure to the experience. “Cake becomes more than just cake,” she says. “It becomes something the family creates and enjoys together.” Savor these rituals and recipes with loved ones.

Memory-Making Christmas Cake

This nontraditional, healthy Christmas cake is alcohol-, sugarand gluten-free. It relies on fruit for sweetness, almond meal

Yields 20 servings 2½ cups (600 grams) mixed and chopped dried fruit (raisins, prunes, figs, apricots, currants, sultanas and/or dates) 1 tsp ground cinnamon ¼ tsp nutmeg 1 tsp vanilla bean extract Zest and juice from 1 organic orange 3 Tbsp olive oil 3 organic free-range eggs 2 cups (200 gm) ground almonds (almond flour) ¼ cup (50 gm) walnuts Preheat the oven to 300° F. Line the sides and base of a 7-inch round cake tin with parchment paper. Combine the dried fruit, spices, vanilla, orange zest and juice, olive oil and eggs. Mix in the almond flour and walnuts, then spoon the batter into the baking tin. Bake for an hour-and-a-half. Insert a skewer or toothpick to see if it comes out moist, but clean; if not, bake for up to 30 minutes more. (Cover the top if necessary to prevent overbrowning.) After cooling, remove from the tin and store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to one month. Courtesy of Teresa Cutter, author of The 80/20 Diet and founder of

Melody Moonlight’s Magical Monster Loving Potion Yields 4 servings Melody Moonlight’s story, which birthed the potion 32 oz apple juice ½ cup dried holy basil leaf 2 Tbsp dried orange peel 2 Tbsp dried rosemary 1½ Tbsp crushed cardamom 1½ Tbsp dried ginger root 1 Tbsp dried peppermint leaves ½ Tbsp ground nutmeg photo by Carl Hogg 1½ cinnamon sticks 13 drops each of essences of chicory flower, beech flower and rose quartz (all available at natural grocers) 30

East Michigan edition

In a large pot, bring the apple juice to a near boil. Add all the other ingredients and turn off the heat. Read Melody Moonlight’s story at to infuse it all with magic and meaning. Courtesy of Andy Bottagaro, potion maker at Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place, in Boulder, CO. Editor's note: For more Healthy Holiday Toppers, read the online version of this article at



nyone who reads this publication is keenly aware that the past few years have been financially challenging. From Wall Street to Main Street, layoffs, cutbacks and financial hardship have been hitting close to home.

mouth. If more people considered their mouth to be the gateway to the rest of the body and its overall health, then choosing between undergoing periodontal (gum) disease treatment and buying a new cell phone would become a no-brainer.

Do you know anyone who isn’t trying to save money by postponing purchases that they may have taken for granted just a few months ago? Although being frugal in an uncertain economy is not a bad thing, there are some things that should always remain on the “must have” list unless the financial situation is critical.

Our office is primarily focused on prevention and achieving total wellness with every patient. However, many people wait until emergency conditions, such as pain, prevail. By this time, the course of treatment is more invasive and costly. Oral healthcare is a perfect example of an “ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure.”

One such example is oral healthcare. For many Americans, maintaining proper oral health via regular dental visits and compliance with a dentistrecommended treatment plan are given a very low priority.

A Revitalizing Ritual for the New Year Start the new year with a tabula rasa (clean slate) by hosting a New Year’s Eve Good Riddance Tea Party. Gather family and friends over warm ginger tea, spiced apple cider, hot chocolate and festive finger foods. Guests write down on slips of paper any mistakes, disappointments, regrets, hurts or failings they wish to be forgiven or forgotten. One by one, put them into a crackling fireplace or bonfire to symbolize surrendering of the past. “This ties the heart strings in a comforting bow,” comments author Sarah Ban Breathnach. Then, inscribe fresh intentions for the year to come and tuck them away in a special place. “This is the most mystical part, because so many prayers get answered,” Ban Breathnach says. Lastly, toast the new year with optimism and joy.

Many people still believe that the only time they really need to see a dentist is when they feel pain or something is cracked or broken. Nothing can be further from the truth! In fact, the latest medical research indicates that maintaining optimum oral health is vital for one’s overall health and well-being. For example, recent studies have linked undiagnosed and untreated periodontal (gum) disease with increased risks and complications for patients with heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and other systemic health conditions. We also know from studies that 3 out of 4 Americans experience some form of gum disease in their lifetime. If your eyes are the windows to your soul, then your mouth is the window to your body and your overall health and wellness. Many people do not realize that more than 90% of all systemic diseases have signs and symptoms that we can see in the

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Opening Up to Miracles Gabrielle Bernstein on Creating More Happiness by April Thompson


otivational speaker and bestselling author Gabrielle Bernstein knows the gravitational pull of addiction firsthand. Although introduced to spiritual practices from an early age, she turned away from that upbringing in her 20s, pulled instead into a vortex of drugs, alcohol and unhealthy relationships while running a public relations firm promoting Manhattan nightclubs. After hitting rock bottom at age 25, Bernstein made the unwavering decision to seek spiritual help and change her life. The entrepreneurial young woman found her groove as a spiritual teacher, introducing millions to new ways of thinking and living through her books, lectures, blogs and videos. Her no-

nonsense approach to spirituality and knack for making practices like meditation and prayer accessible to beginners and cynics have attracted a new generation of seekers. Bernstein’s latest book, Miracles Now:108 Life-Changing Tools for Less Stress, More Flow, and Finding Your True Purpose, offers simple, yet powerful tips to short-circuit unhealthy thought patterns and take a shortcut to transformational change.

Why do you reframe a miracle as simply a shift in perception? Shifting your perception and choosing again is a core principle from A Course in Miracles, a metaphysical text that I study and teach from. When you choose

to reorganize your belief system and align it with a loving, forgiving perspective, rather than a fear-based reality, that’s when miracles can happen.

Some people shift away from a harmful relationship with addictive drugs and alcohol like you did, while others take such unhealthy behaviors to the grave; what makes the difference? Often when we get caught in unhealthy behavior, we aren’t willing to ask for help. I think the reason I was able to leave those behaviors behind and create a new path was my willingness to live a different way. I was able to witness my life and see that it wasn’t working. It’s an ongoing process; I’ve been on my current path of turning to spiritual principles for many years, but I’m still constantly working to apply them throughout my moment-tomoment experiences.

How does meditation help create radical change? I think meditation is a key tool for health, happiness and well-being. It can help reorganize the nervous system, lower stress levels, calm the mind and recalibrate energy. It can help us experience more synchronicity in our lives and a greater sense of interconnectedness, as well.

What do you struggle with the most and what personal

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miracle are you still trying to realize? I’m in constant conversation with myself over my thoughts and beliefs about judgment and separation. People are programmed by society to believe we are separate and to judge ourselves and others. My practice suggests a reinterpretation of that general belief system in order to perceive things differently. I also try to forgive limiting thoughts I was holding onto; for example, judging myself for not performing well at a lecture. Talking too much in conversations is a big challenge for me. A practice in my Miracles Now book called WAIT, for “Why am I talking?” reminds me to notice when I’m saying too much, commenting unnecessarily or not supporting the greater good.

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How do you think about money, and has that proven helpful in broader terms? I believe that we have the power to attract healthier relationships in our financial circumstances in the same way that we have the power to attract healthier relationships with people in our lives. Some people think that you can’t both be spiritual and secure financial abundance; I think that’s nonsense. When you start to reorganize your beliefs around your self-worth and capacity to earn, and open up to your intuitive voice and the creative possibilities for earning, then your financial situation can change dramatically. I have lived that principle fully. I was brought up in a poverty mindset, but with a shift in perception, I was able to release my fears of financial insecurity.

Do you have a go-to practice that you reach for first when faced with a difficult situation? When I’m faced with a complicated situation or feeling powerless, I say a prayer in stillness. Such a practice asks through prayer and listens through meditation. It’s in that stillness that I can hear the voice of intuition and the voice of forgiveness, and love can come forward. Connect with freelance writer April Thompson at

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Find Your Fitness Style

Workouts that Suit Your Personality


by Wendy Worrall Redal

hile some people find repetitious workouts boring, others like doing predictable routines at regular locations. Ensuring that our fitness regimen jives with our “fitness personality” is integral to making exercise a consistent part of our lifestyle, a concept that has traction among exercise experts. Jonathan Niednagel, founder and director of The Brain Type Institute, in Mountain Home, Arkansas, and an athletic consultant for professional teams, explains in his book, Your Key to Sports Success, that understanding our inborn brain type can help us to determine which sport is best suited to motivate us. In Suzanne Brue’s book, The 8 Colors of Fitness, she applies principles from the Myers-Briggs personality inventory to help readers develop a personalized exercise program. Susan Davis-Ali, Ph.D., in St. Paul, Minnesota, a professional coach for working women, created a Fitness Interest Profile survey for the Life Time Fitness health club chain. She points to research that suggests people that engage in activities appropriate for their personalities enjoy their workouts more and are likely to stay with them longer. Identifying our fitness personality can help us find a program that suits our rhythms and interests. Based on composites from growing research, here are six categories that assess and capture the way we may feel about exercise; more than one can apply to any individual. Disciplined and driven. This is an image


East Michigan edition

to which many of us may aspire, even though not everyone fits the mold. These exercisers are self-motivated and goal-oriented. Commitment and consistency go hand-in-hand. They like to use devices to track progress, maintain a training log and/or work with a personal trainer in systematic workouts geared to measure improvement. Disciplined types are often early risers; starting the day with regular exercise is second nature. Compatible fitness regimens include cardio workouts, interval and weight training, running, swimming and martial arts. Relishes routine. While these folks are disciplined and driven in some ways, they tend to be more relaxed about regimens. The key to success here is consistency. They like order and familiarity in exercise settings and practice and may enjoy reading or watching a screen during workouts. Whatever the preferred approach, whether it’s a favorite training video, Wii Fit video game, favorite teacher or memorized Pilates moves, these exercisers like to stick with it, even working out at the same time every day— often first thing in the morning or after work—finding that regularity can be habit-forming. Conscious contemplative. Reflective individuals enjoy quiet, solo activities like long-distance running, biking, hiking and swimming, that allow opportunities to look inward, often without thinking too much about the physical details. Exercise offers a chance to clear the mind and renew the spirit while strengthening the body. These

types naturally gravitate to outdoor pursuits, but some indoor practices may also suit them, like yoga, Pilates, tai chi or even karate, which incorporate a strong mind-body component. Workouts are often soothing, rather than intense. Plays well with others. For many people, exercise is best enjoyed with others, combining the social and fitness benefits of both. Connections and camaraderie get them off the couch, revved up and ready to go. Whether it’s a committed group of friends chatting during water aerobics or a highpowered cardio class that compares notes, motivation comes primarily from the presence—and accountability factor—of others. A lunch-hour class at a nearby studio or gym may be a fun break in the workday. On weekends, consider golf, tennis, dance or a local recreation team. Compulsive competitor. While the communal aspect is appealing, the greater gratification for this type comes through the thrill and challenge of competition. Trying to win is the great motivator, unlike driven and disciplined types that are happy to push through to their personal best. Team sports are a natural outlet, including soccer, rugby, lacrosse, basketball or swimming, plus disc golf, tennis or racquetball matches and running events. Avid for adventure. It’s tough for any formal exercise program to keep the attention of adventurers. They crave freshness and spontaneity in fitness venues, activities that engage their interest and animate enthusiasm. It’s crucial for adventurous types to mix things up and not rely on any one exercise practice. Outdoor endeavors such as snowshoeing or cross-country skiing, inline skating or mountain biking have appeal. They may gravitate to the variables of Nia, Zumba’s high-energy Latin dance groove, kickboxing, exercise balls or hot yoga. A midday exercise escape can break the work routine. Their key to keeping active is to keep things stimulating. Wendy Worrall Redal blogs at Gaiam Life (, from which this was adapted.

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Sacred Activism Love in Action Can Change the World by Judith fertig


he butterfly, a universal symbol of transformation, reminds us that becoming our best selves is an ongoing process. Yet these delicate, fluttering creatures are suffering a decline, especially the vivid orange and black monarch butterflies that depend on milkweed flowers for sustenance during their migration to and from Mexico and Canada. “When I heard about the monarch butterfly crisis, I also noticed that I had milkweed vines all along my back fence,” says Karen Adler, a Kansas City, Missouri, gardener. “In years past, I would have pulled them out because they can strangle other plants. But I talked it over with my neighbor and we agreed to let them grow. This year, we had more monarchs than ever.” These two women might not realize it, but they had engaged in spiritual activism. They became aware of a problem, approached it with compas-

sion, learned about the issue, realized life’s interdependence and committed themselves to positive action for a result that is good for all. It’s a process that Andrew Harvey first described in a 2005 talk he gave at the Santuario de Guadalupe, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, that’s also reflected in his book, The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism. Born in India, educated at England’s Oxford University and in the religious traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity, he now resides in Melbourne, Arkansas, where he’s founder and director of the Institute for Sacred Activism. The goal of his international travel is to bring concerned people together to proactively face global crises. Says Harvey, “Sacred activism is a fusion of two of the most powerful fires of the human psyche—the mystic’s passion for God and the activist’s passion for justice.”

Hallmarks of Spiritual Intent The Awakening – Progressing from concerned citizen to spiritual activist is a gradual process. It may begin with an issue to which one feels called. “Our life in the world is a continual call and response,” observes Kabir Helminski, of Santa Cruz, California. He authors and translates books on the Muslim Sufi tradition, which tends to have an open relationship with other religions, and is a core faculty member of the Spiritual Paths Institute, which encourages seekers to find the sacred traditions that speak to them. “Sometimes events are a waking dream calling for interpretation, and sometimes the heart is directly addressed from within,” says Helminski. Compassion – Once an event moves us, prayer can be a pathway that opens our hearts to compassion, according to Jagadish Dass, of Granada Hills, California. The healer and teacher wrote The Prayer Project: The 3-Minute, 3 Times a Day Solution for World Change, which encourages involvement with something bigger than ourselves. Dass maintains that praying for three minutes, three times a day, will help us transmute into expressing a quiet power. “As we take responsibility for our lives, a transformation occurs within,” he says. We begin to inspire others to also take up the cause of working for change and bringing more peace, joy and love to the world. Likewise, Harvey urges each of us to make a real commitment to daily spiritual practice on the road to spiritual activism. He suggests, “Start with a short prayer that aligns you with the pure deep love that is longing to use you as its instrument in the world.” Options include prayers from many of the world’s spiritual traditions shared in Dass’ book; a free download is provided at Interconnectedness – Just as everything in the universe is connected by the simple act of being, like-minded people can connect to do good in the world. Sacred activists pursuing their own spiritual paths need to work with others, according to Harvey. “They form empowering and encouraging networks December 2014


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East Michigan edition

of grace—beings of like heart, brought together by passion, skill and serendipity to pool energies, triumphs, griefs, hopes and resources of all kinds. When people of like mind and heart gather together, sometimes miraculously powerful synergy can result.” Harvey has found that groups of six to 12 people become the most efficient and productive, whether joined together through a profession (such as physicians on medical missions), a passion for animal rights or the environment, or a strong sense of social justice. Knowledge – Knowledge, both inward- and outward-seeking, is another key to doing good for all. Carla Goldstein, JD, chief external affairs officer at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, in Rhinebeck, New York, and cofounder of its Women’s Leadership Center, used her interest in women’s empowerment issues as a springboard to spiritual activism. “For the first 20 years of my professional life, I focused on public policy and politics,” she says. “But something was missing in the rhetoric of taking care of each other.” Practicing yoga and meditation and receiving support during a personal health crisis prompted what she terms “an awakening understanding of a gap between personal change and systems change.” Goldstein came to question her own “rugged individualism” versus the interconnectedness she felt when people took care of her. “Can we actually move towards integrating these two ideals?” she asked herself. Knowledge about issues is readily available from experts and organizations that experts recommend; she observes, “The big question is: What is needed for us to be of help?” Sometimes listening and understanding can be powerful. Under the auspices of the Omega Women’s Leadership Center, Goldstein invited women on both sides of the reproductive rights issue to meet in 2005. They had been part of the Public Conversations Project in the Boston suburb of Watertown, Massachusetts, begun after medical staff members were killed and wounded at an area women’s health clinic providing abortions in 1994. “Women from the divided community initially came together to tell their

stories,” Goldstein relates. “Over time, they developed a deep love for each other. Nobody changed their positions, but they did change how they interacted with one another.” They experienced a shift from emotional and verbal turbulence to, if not agreement, feelings of peace and understanding. Since then, the project has grown to facilitate such conversations in 38 states and 15 countries ( Positive Action – While many thorny issues take long-term, dedicated efforts to be resolved, others only need smaller individual or collaborative actions for positive outcomes. For Mark Nepo, a New York City poet, philosopher and author of the New York Times bestseller, The Book of Awakening, kindness is the force behind positive action, no matter how modest at first. “Kindness reveals kinship. It gives us connection to everything greater than us and everything else that is kind in the universe,” he says. “I think it’s powerfully effective, yet it’s such a small thing.” Nepo is active in Bread for the Journey, an international nonprofit that encourages community grassroots philanthropic projects that generate microgrants. One involved a small town in northern New Mexico that sought to improve the lives of local teenagers when the town’s elders wanted to open a youth center as a positive alternative to the drug scene. Just before the center was scheduled to open, the project ran out of money for required floodlights, so Bread for the Journey funded them and the center opened. “Within a few years, the whole culture shifted,” reports Nepo. This small contribution made a big difference to the whole community. Once awakened and nurtured, spiritual activism can become an omnipresent part of our lives. Says Goldstein, “When you put spirit and activism together, you realize that all actions are connected to spirit. It makes you think about your duty in every instance—from how you treat people throughout your day to how you treat the environment. It becomes a satisfying way of living.” Judith Fertig is a freelance writer from Overland Park, KS.


Hymn to Living in Silence by Robert Rabbin


here’s one truth, and Celebrate the Then, by letting everyit is silence. All truths thing go the second it dawn of the occurs, we return to clarity, come from, exist as and return to silence. and eternal openwinter solstice freedom Silence is behind every ness. We live in silence. For holy thought, word and on December 21 it is in silence that God is act. All holiness is silent. working, playing and loving. in nature and In silence, we become per This is what all sages know and say: Enter silence fectly one with that divine in silence. and we leave behind the working, playing and loving. rubble of self and no-self, time and When absolutely all has been given death. Enter silence and we see the up and only emptiness remains, even world that God created; that we are the then, take one more step towards silence. created. God, the world and being are Give away the emptiness. Hold back one. Life is suddenly real—beautiful and nothing. Even the giver is given away. perfect in each curve and angle. In silence, we transform and are This awakening into truth hapreborn. We become real with more joy, pens as we surrender everything pleasure, peace and contentment than to silence. We must give away our we ever hoped for. Our highest purpose inventory of unreleased thoughts and is fulfilled, our greatest longing is realcherished beliefs, undigested experiized in ways we know not. ences and dogma, disappointments, In becoming nothing, we become fears, worries, resentments and soreverything. We need nothing, and thus rows; even personal desires and joys. have everything. With nothing to pro If it’s difficult to do: throw it away, tect, only peace remains. It cannot be fling it off, kick it out. Just don’t let it controlled or fathomed, only lived. We stay. We must empty our storehouses of love this about the holy ones, the sages. past, present and future, and then burn No one knows how it happens, only them down so that nothing can ever that it does. accumulate again. In silence, we are moved by what Now give more. Let go of ego, will moves all else without knowing how, why and humility, ignorance and knowledge, or when. This is freedom, love and truth. the body and its faculties. Surrender what is and is not yourself. Give away Robert Rabbin is a self-awareness meaning, purpose and happiness, even teacher and author. Connect at precious life itself. Nothing can remain. December 2014 39

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Pet Bed-Buddies Is Sleeping Together Healthy? by Erik J. Martin

T For details, guidelines and other information, visit


East Michigan edition

here was a time to go out and sometimes Staying in close when Eliska, go to the bathroom in contact makes it the bed if you don’t wake a three-pound Prague ratter, would easier to pick up up.” curl up and sleep next fleas, ticks or skin Make a to owner Krista DeAnChoice gelis, and most of the mites a pet may Good time, she and the “Having your pet sleep dog enjoyed a peaceful in the bed with you carry, and can night’s slumber. is a personal choice,” worsen allergies. says holistic VeterinarThen DeAngelis married, and her husian Patrick Mahaney, of ~ Roger Valentine, band banned the dog California Pet Acupuncholistic veterinarian from the bed for fear of ture & Wellness, in West unintentionally squashHollywood. By discouring Eliska in his sleep. After enduring a aging this behavior, “Your pet will be few sleepless nights of canine whining less likely to confuse your bed with and barking, the Salt Lake City couple theirs, and therefore prevent potential successfully curbed their pet’s protests territory-related problems.” By failing by simply spraying Eliska with a misting to discourage it, “You not only face the bottle every time she acted up. After possibility of behavioral problems, you two nights of this routine, the pocketcould also face adverse effects to your sized pooch was fully trained to sleep own sleep and health,” he notes. by herself in another room. According to results published in “I originally thought letting my dog a survey of 300 sleep disorder patients sleep in my bed was a good idea,” says conducted by Dr. John Shepard, then DeAngelis, a communications director medical director of the Mayo Clinic at Westminster College. “But I realized Sleep Disorders Center, in Rochester, that they can keep you up when they Minnesota, nearly 60 percent of the pet rustle around, wake you up if they have owners in the study slept with their pets

inside the bedroom. Twenty-two percent of the patients were likely to have pets sleeping on the bed with them. Plus, 53 percent said their sleep was disrupted to some extent every night. Twenty-one percent and 7 percent of their dogs and cats, respectively, snored. Yet, a British study of 420 UK cat owners conducted by the nonprofit Cats Protection revealed that 44 percent of respondents (including 51 percent of women polled) said they enjoyed a better night’s sleep with a cat in bed with them than with a human companion. Benefits listed included an absence of snoring, more space on the bed and soothing purrs. “The advantages of letting your pet share your bed include companionship, warmth and a sense of security,” advises Mahaney. Among the drawbacks, he notes lack of space for people to sleep, interruption of normal sleep patterns and the pet’s confusion about its expected place to sleep.

Nip Problems in the Bud

To break a pet of a bed-sleeping habit, Mahaney recommends applying persistence, consistency and the

A pet’s companionship can reduce levels of stress hormones while enabling people to deal with their emotions and stressful situations. or call 888-822-0246

Wholesale Pricing Available to Stores and Practitioners

If a family member decides to share a bed with a pet, Mahaney offers the following recommendations: ■ Let it sleep on top of the covers, instead of under them. ■ Be aware of the need to remove environmental debris, including fecal material, on its coat before bedtime.

■ Establish a separate area or bed for the pet to sleep. A cat or dog bed can be as simple as a clean, soft blanket placed nearby. ■ Use positive reinforcement techniques. Offer a tiny training treat, “gooddog” clicker noise or praise when the animal is comfortably resting in its own bed, to reinforce this desirable behavior. ■ Immediately address any territorial aggression when co-sleeping with a pet, such as growling or nipping. First, authoritatively say, “No!” Then put the pet on the floor or into its own bed and

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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

following tips:

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■ If problematic behavior persists, seek consultation with a veterinary behavior specialist.

~ American Heart Association journal, Hypertension

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give the command to sit and stay.

■ Give the dog an opportunity to void itself within a reasonable timeframe before going to sleep. A typical healthy dog should not have to get up in the middle of the night to urinate or defecate. ■ Allow a cat the opportunity to exit the bedroom throughout the night to play, eat, drink and use the litter box. Cats are nocturnal animals and are more likely to be active during lights out. Erik J. Martin regularly contributes to, from which this was adapted.


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We are a small, personal one-doctor practice offering both alternative and conventional medicine. WE OFFER THE BEST WE WELCOME OF BOTH WORLDS! DIFFICULT CASES

• Medicine, surgery, dentistry • Nutritional and herbal therapy • Acupuncture IVAS Certified • Spinal adjustment: AVCA Diploma • Homotoxicology • Laser & PulsedMagnetic therapy

• Recurrent vomiting and diarrhea • Allergies and chronic scratching • Seizures and incontinence • Chronic lameness and paralysis


Dr. John M. Simon

Author of 4 pet care books, certified veterinary acupuncturist, past president of Oakland County Veterinary Medical Association

It will always be our policy to treat your pets as though they were our own! 27452 Woodward Ave. • Royal Oak 3 blocks N. of 11 Mile • December 2014


petcalendar Submission deadline: The 12th prior to publication. Online submissions only. For guidelines and submission form: - Event days and/or times may change for a variety of reasons. Please call to verify all events before attending.

sundays Sundays

Best Buddy Dog Rescue - 12-4pm. 2nd & 4th Sundays. Pet Supplies Plus, 8020 Cooley Lake Rd, White Lake. 248-360-1400. Devoted Friends Animal Society - 11am-5pm. 4th Sunday monthly. Pet Supplies Plus, 22 N Ortonville Rd, ORTONVILLE. 248-627-7900.

Cat's Cradle Adoptions - 12-4pm. 1st & 3rd Sundays. Pet Supplies Plus, 41660 W. 10 Mile Rd, Novi. 248-380-0007.

tuesdays Tuesdays

Senior Citizen Day - 9am-9pm. Every Tuesday. Seniors (55 and older) will receive a 10% discount on total purchase. Excludes sale items and live animals. WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP Pet Supplies Plus, 64920 Van Dyke. For more information call 586752-2800.

Idyllic Cat & Dog Sanctuary - 1-5pm. 1st & 3rd Saturdays. Pet Supplies Plus, 11525 S Saginaw, Grand Blanc. 810-694-1771.

Heaven Will Wait Adoption Event - 12-4pm. 2nd & 4th Weekend monthly. Pet Supplies Plus, 31029 Harper, St. Clair Shores. 586-771-3277.

Rejoiceful Animal Rescue - 3-7pm. 2nd & 4th Saturdays. Pet Supplies Plus, 42241 Garfield, Clinton Twp. 586-228-0090.

Forget Us Not Rescue - 1st & 3rd Saturdays 124pm. Pet Supplies Plus, 42241 Garfield, Clinton Twp. 586-228-0090.

petresourceguide Connecting you to the leaders supporting healthy and happy pets in our community. For more info: visit

adoption / rescue

A Rejoyceful animal rescue

Mt. Clemens email only:

A Scooter's Resq

Macomb 586-774-4738 •

Adopt A Pet Fenton


Senior Citizen Day - 9am-9pm. Seniors (55 and older) receive 10% discount on purchase. Excludes sale items and live animals. ORTONVILLE and Lapeer Pet Supplies Plus, For more information, contact store at 248-627-7900 and 810-245-2200.

saturdays Saturdays

K-9 Stray Rescue League - 11am-3pm. 2nd Sat. monthly. Pet Supplies Plus, 22 N Ortonville Rd, ORTONVILLE. 248-627-7900.

Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society Adoptions - 1st & 2nd Saturdays (5th Saturday, if applicable). PetSmart Utica, 45050 Northpointe Blvd. 586-323-7030; 3rd & 4th Saturdays. PetSmart Roseville, 32074 Gratiot Avenue. 586-294-0519


East Michigan edition

Guardian Angel Animal Rescue - 1-4pm. 1st & 3rd Saturdays. Pet Supplies Plus, 1170 Walton, Rochester Hills. 248-650-5385.

Homefurever Dog & Puppy Adoptions - 12pm4pm. Every other Saturday adoptions at PetcoTroy 1217 Coolidge, Bet 14-15 Mile 248 6430694 & Petco-Roseville 32074 Gratiot 13 1/2 Mile. Info: Homefurever, Marilyn 313-897-4931.

Roseville • 586-260-0650


Elizabeth Lake Animal Rescue - 1st Saturdays: 10am-2pm; 3rd Saturdays: 1-4pm. Pet Supplies Plus, 8020 Cooley Lake Rd, White Lake. 248-360-1400.

Paws Animal Rescue - 12-4pm. 1st & 3rd Saturdays. Pet Supplies Plus, 22 N Ortonville Rd, ORTONVILLE. 248-627-7900.

A Hopeful Heart Animal Rescue

Adoptions - 12pm-4pm. We do adoptions each Sat. & Sunday every month. FREE. PetSmart, BRIGHTON.

13575 Fenton Rd, Fenton 810-629-0723 •

rehab & therapies Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Therapy for Pets 1894 Star Batt Drive, ROCHESTER HILLS 248-564-0309

Our veterinary facility provides exclusively rehabilitation, physical medicine and pain management care for pets. Our services include acupuncture, laser therapy, hydrotherapy and more. All patients are managed by a rehabilitation certified veterinarian.

furry friends rescue Brighton/South Lyon area 248-860-5688

GRACE Greyhound Rescue 734- 347 5061

humane society of livingston County 2464 Dorr Rd - howell 517-552-8050

Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society 13569 Joseph Campau St, Detroit 313-891-7188 Adoption line: 313-891-1088

Michigan Humane Society

3600 W. Auburn Rd, Rochester Hills 248-852-7420 •

Veterinary Woodside Animal Clinic

27452 Woodward Ave, Royal Oak 248-545-6630 Dr. Simon is the owner of Woodside Animal Clinic in Royal Oak, where he practices both alternative and conventional medicine on dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and rodents. He is the author of 4 pet care books. See ad page 41.

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calendarofevents Namaste Yoga embraces everyone, regardless of age, flexibility or the size of your body. Our teachers come from a variety of traditions; our students hail from all walks of life.

Yoga Classes:

We offer a variety of Yoga classes. Whether a novice or seasoned practitioner, you’ll find a home at Namaste Yoga.

Yin Yoga w/Beth Thursdays, 5-6pm

"Sweet Surrender" w/ Linda & Ronda - Dec 14th Yin, Restorative & Massage Holiday Yoga! Call for details.

309 S. Troy St • Royal Oak

248-399-YOGA (9642)

NOTE: All events must be submitted using our online form by the 12th of the month prior to publication. No mail, phone, fax or email submissions, please. Visit for details and guidelines.

MonDaY, DECEMbEr 1

Gluten Free Cooking for Families - 12-1pm. Marilyn Smith shares her experience of how to cook gluten free main dishes and snacks for the family. This lecture is part of the gluten free support group that meets weekly at ICS. $10. Integrated Counseling Services, 2265 Livernois Rd Ste 260, tROy. Kathie Schofield 248-250-9105. See ad page 5. Winter Seasonal therapeutics, immunity & Mood - 6:30-7:30pm. This community workshop will focus on being proactive as the season changes in regards to lifestyle, nutrition and supplement strategies that can be incorporated into daily life right away. FREE. Shelby Township BetterHealth Market, 14105 Hall Road, SheLBy tOWNShiP. 586-884-6160. See ad page 55.


VegMi Presents: Vegan 101 Cooking Class 7pm. Join VegMichigan for this monthly event, which will include a cooking demonstration and samples. Long-time VegMichigan members will discuss how easy it can be to transform a standard meal to a delicious, vegan option. Registration is required at our Customer Service desk. Whole Foods, ROCheSteR hiLLS. 248-371-1400. See ad page 30.


Winter Seasonal therapeutics, immunity & Mood - 6:30-7:30pm. This community workshop will focus on being proactive as the season changes in regards to lifestyle, nutrition and supplement strategies that can be incorporated into daily life right away. FREE. Plymouth BetterHealth Market, 44427 Ann Arbor Rd., PLyMOUth. 734-4551440. See ad page 55.

FriDaY, DECEMbEr 5

Team Success!

Natural Awakenings is looking for one TOP PERFORMER to join us as a Sales Consultant in the Oakland county area. Commissions scale up to 50%, plus incentives.

If you are, personable, motivated and have a strong desire to succeed, contact Jerry Neale at:



East Michigan edition

yoga Nidra - the Art of Relaxation - 7:308:30pm. A powerful form of meditation done lying on your back in Shavasana (final relaxation pose), it induces deep relaxation physically, mentally & emotionally, helping insomnia, PTSD and other imbalances. $15. Santosha Yoga, 48774 Gratiot Ave, CheSteRFieLD. Theresa May 586-949-5515. See ad page 54. yin yoga with Carolyn Lyons - Yin Yoga targets the connective tissues, such as the ligaments, bones, and even the joints of the body that normally are not exercised very much in a more active style of asana practice $10. The Yoga Path, 1086 N Irish Rd, DAVISON. Maria Burnash 810-919-9642.

Whole Body Ladies Night - 7pm. Join us and some of our favorite vendors in our Whole Body Department for some well-deserved pampering. Complimentary samples and snacks. FREE. Whole Foods, ROCheSteR hiLLS. 248-371-1400. See ad page 30. yoga Nidra Meditation with tracy Flynn - 7:309pm. Yoga Nidra (sleep) is a deep and restful guided meditation. We'll practice some gentle yoga postures first to prepare our bodies to rest. And then we'll

stretch out & be guided deep into our psyche. $20. Strongheart Yoga, 8373 Old 13 Mile Rd, WARReN. Pattie McCann 248-563-8615. See ad page 54.

satUrDaY, DECEMbEr 6

Bio-Meridian Screening - 12-3pm. Using a Biomeridian computer, participants will receive a basic and mini assessment to determine gluten sensitivity related to wheat, whole wheat and whole grains. FREE. Shelby Township BetterHealth Market, 14105 Hall Road, SheLBy tOWNShiP. 586-884-6160. See ad page 55. Restorative Cradle yoga - 6-7:30pm. The principle of restorative yoga is that support creates release. Every pose is a variation on that theme, and the aim of each pose is the same: Relaxation call to save a cradle $15. The Yoga Path, 1086 N Irish Rd, DAViSON. Maria Burnash 810-919-9642.


Leadership Development - 8-9:15pm. Learn how you can improve your leadership ability, people skills, and conflict resolution. This is a personal development program that can help in all areas of Life - family, finances, fitness. FREE. Wheeler Community Center, CLiNtON tWP. Life Leadership, Alice Goodall 586-646-0066. See ad page 53.

Winter Seasonal therapeutics, immunity & Mood - 6:3o-7:30pm. This community workshop will focus on being proactive as the season changes in regards to lifestyle, nutrition and supplement strategies that can be incorporated into daily life right away. FREE. Frandor BetterHealth Market, 305 N. Clippert St., LANSiNG. 517-332-6892. See ad page 55.


Digestion issues?–Nothing Working? - 7- 8:15pm. Dr. Richard Sowerby D.C., Clinical Nutritionist will discuss hidden causes of Acid Reflux, Crohn’s, Gas, Bloating, Diarrhea. Don’t let digestive problems rule your life. Attend this seminar and learn drugless solutions. FREE. Whole Foods, ROCheSteR hiLLS. Call 248-879-1900 to register

sha kriya: A Free Guided Meditation - 6:307:30pm. Learn a simple yet powerful 15 minute practice which creates enhanced clarity, improved health and a state of peacefulness and joy. This practice is offered by Isha Foundation, an international, non-profit, public service organization dedicated to cultivating human potential. FREE. Ferndale Public Library, 222 E. Nine Mile Rd., FeRNDALe. Isha Volunteer 313-451-4742. See ad page 53 isha kriya: A Free Guided Meditation - 7-8pm. See description from 6:30pm event directly above. FREE. Bacon Memorial Library, 41 Vinewood, WyANDOtte,. Isha Foundation. Isha Volunteer 313-451-4742. See ad page 53.

tHUrsDaY, DECEMbEr 11

isha kriya: A Free Guided Meditation - 6-7pm. See description from 6:30pm event 12/10. FREE. Whole Foods Market - Midtown, 115 Mack Ave,

DetROit, Isha Foundation. Isha Volunteer 313451-4742. See ad page 53.

FriDaY, DECEMbEr 12

Vitamix Demonstration - 11am-7pm thru 12/21. Stop by the demonstration booth any time during the five day event to see the Vitamix in action. Any Vitamix purchased during this great five-day demo event will include 7-year warranty, Bound, full color cookbook/recipe book and Free “filtration bag” for making nut milks, etc. Demo FREE. Whole Foods tROy. 248-649-9600. See ad page 30.

satUrDaY, DECEMbEr 13

Sugar Free holiday Goodies - Noon. Presented by MacroVal. Using the healthiest sweetener, brown rice syrup, Chef Val will teach you how to create festive, desserts. Come learn all about brown rice syrup, and how to use it in your holiday goodies. Made from whole grain brown rice, it will not spike your blood sugar level. Spaces limited so sign up today. FREE. The Better Health Store, 2875 Grand River, NOVi. 248-735-8100. See ad page 55.

A taste of the Season - 12-3pm. Join us as we sample delicious items from our Holiday Menu and offer tips to make this a most memorable holiday. FREE. Whole Foods, ROCheSteR hiLLS. 248-371-1400. Gingerbread house: 101 - 10-11am. Let us help you put an all-natural spin on a holiday favorite. Join us fun gingerbread house decorating event to inspire your creativity. Kits for sale that you can take home and decorate using your newly learned techniques or, purchase one and decorate with us. FREE demo.Whole Foods tROy. RSVP Dawn at 248-649-9600. See ad page 30. holiday Lunch with Santa - 11am-1pm. Join us for lunch and pictures with Santa. Children will receive a gift from Santa. Pictures and visits with Santa will be held between 11 am and 12 pm and again after lunch. Lunch will begin promptly at 12 pm. Children must be accompanied by an adult. $10 each/residents, $12 non-residents. Pictures $3 each. Hart Community Center, DAViSBURG. Must RSVP by Thu, 12/11. No tickets sold day of event. 248-846-6558. holiday Gifts From Mi event - 12-3pm. Support what makes MI great and give a unique gift made with love right here in MI. Stop in for TONS of gift giving ideas, from body care baskets to fabulous gourmet food baskets; give the perfect gift and show your LOCAL Love for MI products. Whole Foods tROy. Info Dawn at 248-649-9600. See ad page 30.

sUnDaY, DECEMbEr 14

Live Music and yoga with Jeremy Arndt - 1-3pm. Jeremy brings instruments from his travels around the world to create a unique musical experience. Restorative Yoga class by Nancy Grzeszak All levels welcome. limited to 20 please call for a space $25. The Yoga Path, 1086 N Irish Rd, DAViSON. Maria Burnash 810-919-9642. isha kriya: A Free Guided Meditation - 5-6pm. See description from 6:30pm event 12/10. FREE. The Dailey Method, 34665 Woodward Ave, BiRMiNGhAM. Isha Volunteer 313-451-4742. See ad page 53.

taste the holiday Cheer - 1-4pm. Traditional holiday dishes will be sampled by our Prepared Foods Department, as well as some new twists on

conventional favorites. Stop by our Holiday order table sample and place your order for the holidays. Last day to place holiday orders. Whole Foods tROy. Info Dawn 248-649-9600. See ad page 30.

Mound Rd, SteRLiNG heiGhtS. See NewsBrief page 10 and ad page 33.


Living Gluten Free - 7pm. Suffering with gluten or other food allergies? Join us for our monthly support group with instructors Lee Rossano and Andrea Behe. FREE. RSVP Whole Foods, ROCheSteR hiLLS. 248-371-1400. See ad page 30.

The Amazing Thyroid. 7-8:15pm. Learn how to support this incredible gland. Discover the link to heart health, digestive issues, weight gain and more. Dr. Richard Sowerby D.C., Clinical Nutritionist demonstrates how Nutrition Response Testing addresses these issues. FREE. Vitamin Shoppe, tROy. Call 248-879-1900 to register.

tUEsDaY, DECEMbEr 16

tHUrsDaY, DECEMbEr 18

MonDaY, DECEMbEr 15

how to Stay healthy During the holidays -6:30pm. Join guest speaker Dr. Bence, D.C., C.C.W.P., recognized national keynote speaker, physician and leading wellness coach for this exciting, unique, class. Bence Chiropractic, 39573

Network Spinal Analysis talk & Demo - 7-9pm. Dr. Lawrence Bell will discuss NSA, a very gentle & advanced Chiropractic technique that improves

Choose The


Better U Fitness


Class that Fits U Best!


• Firm, Elongated Muscles • Defined Seat & Hamstrings • Sculpted Chest, Arms & Legs • Strong, Flat Abdominals • Extended Youthfulness • Increased Stamina • Reduced Body Fat Women Only


• Improve Posture & Core Strength • Pranayama (energy breathing) • Improve Concentration • Pain & Tension Relief • Body Detoxification • Unlock Energy Flow

• Improves Balance & Coordination • Reduces Pain & Stiffness

Senior Stretch & Tone • Improves Range of Motion • No Experience Needed • Relaxing Movements • Renewed Energy • Sleep Better • Peaceful • Non-Impact

• Using Hatha Yoga Postures

Tai Chi

Martial Arts

• Improves Balance & Coordination • Courtesy & Respect • Focus & Concentration • Group Activity • Gain Self Confidence • Better Grades • Ages 4 to 110 • Relieves Stress

Self-Defense Class January 5th 6:30pm - 8:00pm

• Lowers Blood Pressure

$20/person or $30 for two people

• More Restorative Sleep

• For Women Only • Ages 14 and Up •

• Increases Energy • Reduces Stress

Leave your jewelry at home and wear comfortable clothes.

Bring a Great Attitude!

• Non-Impact

Best Rates Around! Find us on


935 Baldwin Rd. • Lapeer

Call 810-667-2101 For More Information

Where Life Gets Better! December 2014


the body’s responsiveness to all forms of stress. This may be witnessed in real time during the demo. FREE. Integral Life Center, 1460 Walton Blvd, #210, ROCheSteR hiLLS. Lawrence Bell 323804-2155. See ad page 50. Joint holiday Celebration - Come and celebrate the holiday season with the Kaleidoscope and the Fifty Plus Active Adult Groups. Hart Community Center, DAViSBURG. Info: 248-846-6558.

isha kriya: A Free Guided Meditation - 7-8pm. Learn a simple yet powerful 15 minute practice which creates enhanced clarity, improved health and a state of peacefulness and joy. This practice is offered by Isha Foundation, an international, non-profit, public service organization dedicated to cultivating human potential. FREE. Summit on the Park, 46000 Summit Parkway, CANtON. Isha Foundation. Isha Volunteer 313-451-4742. See ad page 53.

satUrDaY, DECEMbEr 20

yin yoga w/ Live Music by Vishnu Blue - 7-9pm. Open your body with a Yin Yoga practice with Dawn Young. Open your mind with the soothing, ambient sounds of live music by Vishnu Blue (Abby Hoot & Dave Tomascewski). An unbeatable combo to feel great $20. Strongheart Yoga, 8373 Old 13 Mile Rd, WARReN. Pattie McCann 248-563-8615. See ad page 54.

sUnDaY, DECEMbEr 21

Winter Solstice CandleLight yoga - 7:30-9:30pm. Join House Of Yoga as we celebrate 9 years in Berkley. Candle Light Yoga led by Stacey, with live music by Vishnu Blue. Afterglow in lobby with tea and treats. Space limited, please pre-register. $20.

House Of Yoga,, 2965 W. 12 Mile Rd, BeRkLey. Abby Bechek Hoot 248-556-0992. See ad page 54.

New year’s Appetizer & Wine tasting - 5pm. Also Monday December 29, 4-6pm. Whether you’re planning a cozy stay at-home celebration this New Year’s or, a night out, stop in for a fabulous array of appetizers and complimentary wines. Ring in 2015 with some NEW elegant and easy to make appetizers and wines. Happy New Year from Whole Foods Market in tROy. See ad page 30.

tUEsDaY, DECEMbEr 23

Leadership Development - 8pm-9pm. Learn how you can improve your leadership ability, people skills, and conflict resolution. This is a personal development program that can help in all areas of Life - family, finances, fitness. FREE. Wheeler Community Center, CLiNtON tWP. Life Leadership. Alice Goodall 586-646-0066. See ad page 53.

Women's Self-Defense Class - 6:30-8pm. For women only, ages 14 and up. Leave jewelry at home and wear comfortable clothing. $20/person or two for $30. Korean Martial Arts Institute, 935 Baldwin, LAPeeR. Info: Janet 810-667-2101. See ad page 45.

satUrDaY, MarCH 7

ROCC Holistic Health & Wellness Expo - 10am3pm. The Royal Oak Community Coalition annual Holistic Health & Wellness Expo is offering early bird discounts for booths reserved before 1/5/15. Space limited. RSVP today. All proceeds go to benefit Royal Oak Community Coalition efforts & Royal Oak Schools. Royal Oak High School, 1500 Lexington. Info: 248-546-7622. See ad page 20.

satUrDaY, MarCH 21

Fine Arts Meet Up Group - 1:30pm-pm. Explore the art of Diego Rivera at the Detroit Institute of Arts with Kara Asbury leading the tour. Meet at Integrative Counseling, car pool to the museum, and enjoy refreshments on return to ICS. $25. Integrated Counseling Services, 2265 Livernois Rd Ste 260, tROy. Kara Asbury 248-250-9105. See ad page 5.


eal happiness doesn’t come from getting, but from giving. ~Gabrielle Bernstein

FriDaY, JanUarY 16

Fine Arts Meet-up Group - 6:30pm. Join with others in exploring the fine arts in a small group setting. This month the group will attend The Village Players: Brighton Beach Memoirs. Car pool from ICS Refreshments served upon return. $25. Integrated Counseling Services, 2265 Livernois Rd Ste 260, tROy. Darci Neely 248-250-9105. See ad page 5.

Integrative and Complementary Medicine Ann Y. Burton, MD

Primary Care Internal Medicine

Appointments: 810-344-4365

12741 S. Saginaw, Suite 402 • Grand Blanc (located inside the Grand Mall)

Office: 810-344-4635 Fax: 810-695-4622

Natural Awakenings Green PowderTM Paleo profile dietary supplement, made with certified organic non-GMO ingredients, supplies your body with essential vitamins and minerals you might ordinarily be missing from your regular diet.

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East Michigan edition

9.5 oz jar $54.99 (30-day supply) Shipping - $5 for up to 3 jars! Or Call: 888-822-0246

ongoingevents NOTE: All calendar events must be received via our online submission form by the 12th of the month and adhere to our guidelines. No phone or fax submissions, please. Visit to submit online.

Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous – 6pm. Recovery program for people who suffer from overeating, overweight,, undereating and bulimia. Based on the twelve steps of AA. No dues, fees or weigh-ins. FREE. Royal Oak Church of Christ, 115 S Campbell Road, Royal Oak, Contact Grace 586-808-2148. Meditation & Study Group - 6p-7pm. Learn how to start or keep your meditation practice, while also learning ancient yogic teachings & how they apply to modern life. Everyone is welcome. Donation. Santosha Yoga, 48774 Gratiot Ave, CHESTERFIELD. Theresa May 586-949-5515. See ad page 54.

Essential Yoga w/Meditation - 6:30-7:45pm. Dan Gwinn will be teaching. $15. Namaste Yoga 309 S. Troy St, Royal Oak. Linda K. Makowski 248752-3431. See ad page 44.

Short Form Ashtanga - 7:30-8:30pm. The shortened primary series class open to students with some yoga experience & and advanced students, synchronizing the breath with movement. $13. Santosha Yoga, 48774 Gratiot Ave, CHESTERFIELD. Theresa May 586-949-5515. See ad page 54.

Kick Boxing - 6:15-7:15am. Also Wed & Fri same time. Janet Wassmann, ITA Certified Black Belt. 14 years' experience. $6/Class with 10-class card, $8/ class drop-in. KMAI, 935 Baldwin Rd, Lapeer. 810-667-2101. See ad page 45.

Barrobics - 9-10am. Also Tue & Thurs same time. Janet Wassmann, ITA Certified Black Belt. 14 years' experience. $4/Class with 10-class card, $6/class drop-in. KMAI, 935 Baldwin Rd, Lapeer. 810667-2101. See ad page 45.

Hypnotherapy with Cheryl Beshada, C.M.Ht. 9:30am-7pm by appt. Also Wed’s. Cheryl teaches and specializes in Personal Empowerment, Releasing Blocks and Patterns of Negative Behavior, Higher Self Communication. Free Consultation. Warren. 586-751-7500. See ad page 27.

La Leche League of Lake Orion - 10am. Daytime Series meeting: 3rd Monday. FREE. Christ the Redeemer Church, 2700 Waldon Rd, Lake Orion. Tawnya 586-604-4074. Breastfeeding Info/Support: La Leche League of Warren - 10:15 am. FREE. 1st Mon. St.John-Mac. Hosp. Med.Educ.Ctr, 12000 E. 12 Mile. Enter pkg lot @ Main Hosp. drive & bear L. Mtg in 1st bldg. on L. Aud.A. WARREN. Info: Ginny 586-940-1634. Gluten Free Support Group - 12-1pm. Eating gluten free has many social adjustments which create difficulty in maintaining a GF diet. Come for

support, education, plan menus, etc. $5. Integrated Counseling Services, 2265 Livernois Rd. Ste 260, TROY. Kathie Schofield 248-250-9105. See ad page 5.

Chair Yoga - 1-2pm. A yoga style that adapts yoga positions and poses through creative use of a chair, which replaces the yoga mat & becomes an extension of the body. $13. Santosha Yoga, 48774 Gratiot Ave, CHESTERFIELD. Theresa May 586-9495515. See ad page 54.

We Survived Cancer...Now What? - 2nd Mondays, 6-7pm. Gretchen Fleischmann, Nurse Practitioner and breast cancer survivor discusses what causes cancer, protecting the body during treatment, detoxification, prevention/healthy lifestyle, gut health, environmental risks and support. FREE. Rebekah's Health & Nutrition Source, 588 S Main, Lapeer. 810-660-8585.

Intermediate Vinyasa Flow Yoga - 6-7:15pm. A place to get comfortable with strong yoga practices, a good slow burn. $12. Strongheart Yoga, 8373 Old 13 Mile Rd, Warren. Pattie McCann 248-5638615. See ad page 54. Ashtanga Yoga - 6:30-7:30pm. Join Dave on Monday nights for a short form led Ashtanga Yoga Practice. Ashtanga is the root practice of Vinyasa. Walk-ins welcome $14 or class pass. $14. House Of Yoga, 2865 W. 12 Mile Rd, Berkley. Abby Bechek Hoot 248-556-0992. See ad page 54.

Tai Chuan Chuan, The Basics - 6:30-8pm. Beginning Tai Chi Chuan class. Come see if Tai Chi Chuan is something you would like to try. $20. Orchid Leaf Energy Arts, 2290 E. Hill Rd, GRAND BLANC. Dawn Fleetwood 810-235-9864. See ad page 53. Weight Management/TLS - 7-8pm. One FREE Introductory Evening. Transitions Lifestyle Solutions. This is NOT a diet. There are 'Five Solutions' to Weight Management. 12 week program. FREE. Center for the Healing Arts, 38245 Mound Rd. Bldg E, STERLING HEIGHTS. Diane Simmons 586-268-5444. Gluten/Food Allergy Support - 7-8pm. Join Lee Rossano, CNC at Rochester's Whole Foods the 3rd Monday of each month, for new and exciting ways to cope with food allergies. FREE. Whole Foods, 2918 Walton Blvd, ROCHESTER HILLS. Lee Rossano 248-652-4160. See ad page 21.

Guided Meditation - 7:45-9:30pm. A facilitated journey through breath,focus, and deep states of well being. Gain powerful insights into the self and in life. No experience necessary. $20. Integral Life Center, 1460 Walton Blvd, #210 , ROCHESTER HILLS. Lawrence Bell 323-804-2155. See ad page 5.

Senior Stretch & Tone - 8-9am. Also Thur same time. Taught by Janet Wassmann, ITA Certified Black Belt. 14 years' experience. $4/Class with

10-class card, $5/class drop-in. KMAI, 935 Baldwin Rd, Lapeer. 810-667-2101. See ad page 44.

Barrobics - 9-10am. Also Tue & Thurs same time. Janet Wassmann, ITA Certified Black Belt. 14 years' experience. $4/Class with 10-class card, $6/class drop-in. KMAI, 935 Baldwin Rd, Lapeer. 810667-2101. See ad page 45. Hypnotherapy with Frank Garfield, C.M.Ht. Also Thurs 9:30am-7pm by appt. Frank teaches and specializes in all aspects of hypnotherapy, Medical Hypnotherapy and hypnotherapy for Pregnancy and Childbirth. Free Consultation. Warren. Call 586-751-7500. See ad page 27.

Yoga Classes At Alice's - 11:30am-12:30pm. Hatha Yoga class. Previous experience not required - all levels. $15 or 6wk rates. Alice Huang's Chinese Natural Therapies, 1311 N Main, Clawson. 248-278-6081. See ad page 3. Fifty-Plus Active Adults Group - 11:30am1:30pm. Lunch served at noon ($5). Enjoy a fun and friendly atmosphere filled with activities such as weekly lunches, guest speakers, musical performances, field trips, holiday parties, movies, bingo, games and much, much more. 50+ or open to any age with disabilities. Yearly membership $8/person or $14 couple. Hart Community Center, Davisburg. Info: Sara 248-846-6558. Natural Postpartum Moms Group - 1-2:30pm. Are you adjusting to life with a new baby and could use some emotional support? Come with your baby and learn about PPD and natural support. $10. Integrated Counseling Services, 2265 Livernois Rd, Ste 260, TROY. Kathie Schofield 313-658-7225. See ad page 5. Therapeutic Belly Dance - 6-7pm. Strengthen the core, reduce pain and enjoy the health benefits with Instructor Kimberly. All fitness levels welcome. $10/ class with Class Card, $12/Drop in. Healthy Happy Whole, 317 S Elm, OWOSSO. 989-720-HEAL. See ad page 50.

Yoga - 420 with Lynne- 6-7pm. This all levels yoga class is a mix of Yin and Yang, with hip openers, standing & balancing postures, ending with deep relaxation. Chill environment. $10. Law Firm, 2930 E. Jefferson Ave, DETROIT. Matthew Abel 313446-2235. See ad page 13.

Tai Chi - 6:30-7:30pm. Eric Scott, 23 years' experience. $10/Class with 4-class card, $11/class drop-in. KMAI, 935 Baldwin Rd, Lapeer. 810-667-2101. See ad page 45.

Jivamukti Yoga - 6:30-7:45pm. Abby, certified Jivamukti teacher, guides you through a vinyasa practice based on Ashtanga, infused with spirit from ancient texts, mantra and music. $14. House Of Yoga, 2865 W. 12 Mile Rd, Berkley. Abby Bechek Hoot 248-556-0992. See ad page 54. Lyme Disease Support Group - 7pm. First Tuesday monthly (except Jan, July & Sept). Open to anyone in the Detroit metropolitan area who has, thinks they might have, or cares about someone who has Lyme Disease. Northwest Unitarian-Universalist Church, 23925 Northwestern Highway, Southfield. 248-354-4488.

Young Living Essential Oils - 7-8:30pm. First Tuesday of every month: Essential Oils & supplements that may work for you. Zyto scans by appointment. For Topics or changes see ylmiclasses. co Donation $5. Pamela's Salon, 60460 Mt. Vernon, ROCHESTER. Pamela Visser 248-931-2710. See ad page 52.

December 2014


yiN with Lynne - 7:45-8:45pm. Starts Jan. 6th. Yin yoga is amazing. It gently opens your hips, low back and sacrum and leaves you feeling relaxed and focused. Upcoming trainings at our website. $15. Birmingham Unitarian Church,38651 Woodward Ave, BLOOMFieLD hiLLS. 248-520-1011 See ad page 13. Macomb County homebirth Circle - 7-8:30pm. Social gathering where women are supported for their choice to birth at home. FREE. Thrive In Line Chiropractic, 51309 Mound Rd, SheLBy tOWNShiP. Erica Michaels 248-881-0836.

Vinyasa w/Michael Duerr - 6-7am. $15. Namaste Yoga 309 S. Troy St., ROYAL OAK. Linda K. Makowski 248-752-3431. See ad page 54. Slow Flow Yoga - 9:15-10:15am. Enjoy the friendly environment of Balance Yoga Therapy. Join Lynne Baum for a nice slow flow yoga class including alignment, breath and a little heat. $15. Balance Yoga Therapy, 758 Wing St, PLYMOUTH. Patricia Ptak 734-258-8779. See ad page 13. Adult Women’s and Children’s Domestic Violence Support Groups - 10-11:30am. LACASA: Comprehensive Services Center, 2895 W. Grand River Avenue, hOWeLL. Info: 517-548-1350.

yiN with Lynne - 10:30-11:30am. Yin yoga is amazing. It gently opens your hips, low back and sacrum and leaves you feeling relaxed and focused. Upcoming trainings- on our website. $15. Balance

Yoga Therapy, 758 Wing St, PLyMOUth. Patricia Ptak 734-258-8779. See ad page 13. Northern Macomb Caregiver Support Group 1pm. 1st Weds. Crittenton Home Care invites the community to the WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP Senior Center. Lead by an Alzheimer’s Association facilitator, an opportunity for caregivers to discuss how their lives have been affected as they care for someone with Alzheimer’s.Info: 248-656-6757. Chair yoga - 1-2pm. A yoga style that adapts yoga positions and poses through creative use of a chair, which replaces the yoga mat & becomes an extension of the body. $13. Santosha Yoga, 48774 Gratiot Ave, CheSteRFieLD. Theresa May 586-9495515. See ad page 54.

Barrobics - 6:30-7:30m. Also Fri same time. Janet Wassmann, ITA Certified Black Belt. 14 years' experience. $4/Class with 10-class card, $6/class drop-in. KMAI, 935 Baldwin Rd, LAPeeR. 810667-2101. See ad page 45. POSA Support Group for Women - 7-8:30pm. If you are in pain due to the betrayal of an intimate partner by out of control sexual behavior, this is a place to start your healing journey. FREE. Integrated Counseling Services, 2265 Livernois Rd, Ste 260, tROy. Connie Hutchinson 248-990-6959. See ad page 5.

Senior Stretch & tone - 8-9am. Also Tue same time. Taught by Janet Wassmann, ITA Certified

Black Belt. 14 years' experience. $4/Class with 10-class card, $5/class drop-in. KMAI, 935 Baldwin Rd, LAPeeR. 810-667-2101. See ad page 45.

Barrobics - 9-10am. Also Mon & Tue same time. Janet Wassmann, ITA Certified Black Belt. 14 years' experience. $4/Class with 10-class card, $6/class drop-in. KMAI, 935 Baldwin Rd, LAPeeR. 810667-2101. See ad page 45. Smoking Cessation Class - Noon-1pm. Doreen Sigman, RT, leads the group in the American Lung Association program for smoking cessation. Groups begin when 3 or more participants enroll. Donation. Integrated Counseling Services, 2265 Livernois Rd, Ste 260, TROY. Doreen Sigman 248-250-9105. See ad page 5. Yoga - 6-7pm. All fitness levels welcome. Certified Instructor Meagan Duggan. $9/Class with Class Card, $12/Drop-in. Healthy Happy Whole, 317 S Elm, OWOSSO. 989-720-HEAL. See ad page 50. Yoga - 6-7:30pm. Instructor Chris Duncan, RYT. 13 years' experience. $8/Class with 10-class card, $12/ class drop-in KMAI, 935 Baldwin Rd, LAPeeR. 810-667-2101. See ad page 45. Ashtanga Mix - 6-7pm. A short-form of the energetic Ashtanga practice, beginning with Sun Salutations to warm up and then mixing it up. First week free at Strongheart. $12. Strongheart Yoga, 8373 Old 13 Mile Rd, WARREN. Pattie McCann 248-563-8615. See ad page 54.

Alzheimer’s Association Support Group - 6:308pm. 4th Thur. Open to public, FREE and attended by families, caregivers, and friends of persons with Alzheimer’s disease and other related dementia disorders. LAPeeR Library- Margurite D. Angeli Branch. FREE. Info: Amy DeNise 810-732-8500.

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East Michigan edition

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Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous – 7pm. Recovery program for people who suffer from overeating, overweight, undereating and bulimia. Based on the twelve steps of AA. No dues, fees or weigh-ins. FREE. Saint John Health System, Oakland Hospital, 27351 Dequindre Rd, Madison Heights. Contact Grace 586-808-2148. Pregnancy/Parenting Enrichment - 7-8pm. Doulas from all over Michigan discuss a wide range of exciting topics about pregnancy and parenting. Call to find out more about the weekly topics. FREE. Journey to Health, LLC., 34770 Dequindre Rd, STERLING HEIGHTS. Margaret 313-673-6342. See ad page 22.

Isha Kriya: A Free Guided Meditation - 7-8pm 3rd Thursdays. Learn a simple yet powerful 15 minute practice which creates enhanced clarity, improved health and a state of peacefulness and joy. FREE. Summit on the Park, 46000 Summit Pkwy, Arts Rm 2, CANTON. Isha Volunteer 313-4514742. See ad page 53. Pregnancy/Parenting Enrichment - 7-8pm. Essential oils on the 4th, Microbirth film screening on the 11th at Touch of Life Chiropractic, and Placenta encapsulation on the 18th. No class: 25th. FREE. Journey to Health, 34770 Dequindre Rd, STERLING HEIGHTS. Info: Margaret Rodeghier 313-673-6342. See ad page 22 La Leche League of Lake Orion - 7:30 pm. Evening Series Meeting: 2nd Thursday. Toddler Meeting: 4th Thursday. Babies and children welcome. FREE. Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 1950 S. Baldwin, Lake Orion. Tawnya 584-604-4074.

Basic Hatha Yoga + Meditation - 8-9pm. Relax and unwind in this Basic Yoga class led by Lisa. Class concludes with a short meditation. $14. House Of Yoga, 2965 W. 12 MIle Rd, BERKELY. Abby Bechek Hoot 248-556-0992. See ad page 54. YIN with Lynne - 8:15-9:15pm. Yin yoga is amazing. It gently opens your hips, low back and sacrum and leaves you feeling relaxed and focused. Upcoming trainings at our website. $15. Shine On Yoga, 22751 Woodward Ave, FERNDALE. 248544-0044. See ad page 13.

Acrylic painting class - Noon-2pm. Develop your creativity as you learn to paint with acrylics on canvas from local artist Kara Asbury. Come learn in a safe and supportive environment. $20. Integrated Counseling Services, 2265 Livernois Rd, Ste 260, TROY. Kara Asbury 248-250-9105. See ad page 5.

Jen's Warm Slow Flow Yoga- 6-7pm. Connect with your breath and still your mind in this moving meditation. $12. Powerhouse Gym Yoga Studio, 400 East Brown Street, Birmingham. Jen Cooper 248-563-7300.

Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous - 6pm. Recovery program for people who suffer from overeating, under-eating and bulimia. Based on the twelve steps of AA. Open to all. FREE. Crossroads Presbyterian Church, 1445 Welch Rd, Commerce Township. 248-277-0628. Yin Yoga - 6-7:15pm. A perfect way to wind down the week. Yin invites a deep release in connective tissue which assists the body and mind to relax and

release. All levels. $14. House Of Yoga, 2865 W. 12 Mile Rd, Berkley. Abby Bechek Hoot 248-5560992. See ad page 54. Barrobics - 6:30-7:30pm. Also Wed same time. Janet Wassmann, ITA Certified Black Belt. 14 years' experience. $4/Class with 10-class card, $6/ class drop-in. KMAI, 935 Baldwin Rd, Lapeer. 810-667-2101. See ad page 45.

Emotions Anonymous - 7-8:30pm. The only requirement for EA membership is a desire to become well emotionally. Donations. Renaissance Unity, 11200 E. Eleven Mile Rd, Warren. Info: Rosemary 586-776-3886.

Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous - 9am. Recovery program for people who suffer from overeating, under-eating and bulimia. Based on the twelve steps of AA. Open to all. FREE. Central Methodist Church (park/enter at back of church), 3882 Highland Road, Waterford Township. 248-277-0628. Certified Hypnotherapists Education and Networking Meeting - 1st Sat/9:30am-12pm. Certified Hypnotherapists graduated from a state licensed school of hypnosis welcome. Includes educational presentation, workbook and computer disk. First visit FREE. Clinical Hypnosis Professional Group, Warren. Register 586-751-7500. See ad page 27.

Overeaters Anonymous - 10-11am. OA is a fellowship of individuals who, through shared experience, strength and hope, are recovering from overeating, anorexia, or bulimia. Donation. Grand Blanc United Methodist Church, 401 Bush Avenue, GRAND BLANC. Susan 949-445-0493.

Historic Tours - 11am-12pm. Meet at the front gates for a tour of the buildings at the Packard Proving Grounds automotive history site. Albert Kahn designed & built in the 1920s. FREE. Packard Proving Grounds, 49965 Van Dyke Ave, SHELBY TWP. Mary Anne Demo 586-943-5785. Cafe Saturday - 11am-4pm. Saturdays offering organic coffee and tea, with variety of gluten free organic vegan and raw treats to purchase to make your visit like a family visit. WiFi available. Bernie's Best, 3370 Highland Rd, Waterford. 248-738-3734. Chair Yoga - 12-12:45pm. Yoga has proven benefits for MS, COPD, healing from injuries and aging. And you can enjoy the benefits seated or chair-supported. Yoga for Everybody. $12. Strongheart Yoga, 8373 Old 13 Mile Rd, WARREN. Pattie McCann 248563-8615. See ad page 54.

Wine Sampling Saturdays. 2-4pm in December. Featuring Top 10 Holiday Wines. Each year our Whole Foods Market Wine Buyers travel the world seeking the best wines for our Top 10 holiday program. Stop in Saturdays and indulge on a variety of our Top 10 wines that will fit every palate at fabulous prices; try before you buy, take home and enjoy. Whole Foods, Troy. 248-649-9600. See ad page 30.

classifieds For rates, guidelines and to use our online submission form, visit help wanteD Chiropractic AssIstant needed. Part-time. Associates Degree preferred. Call Gramzow Chiropractic: 586.468.5500. Looking for professional Colon Hydrotherapist part-time to help with existing clientele and growth of Naturopathic clinic in Southfield. Submit resume: info@CutlerIntegrativeMedicine. com Cutler Integrative Medicine: 248-6630165. RN wanted for IV Therapy Position - 1 day per week (Monday) and for back up for vacations. Will work in a physician-supervised medical office in northern Oakland County. Fax resumes to: 248-625-5633 or email RNpostion@ Yoga Teachers Wanted for Strongheart Yoga in Warren. New or experienced, contact Pattie @248-563-8615 office space for rent Sublease Opportunity at a professional Rochester Office. Perfect “turnkey” opportunity for healthcare professionals with an established practice. For Info: ty-Sublease-2014. Vitamins natural Way Vitamin Store 31398 Harper, St. Clair Shores. North of 13 Mile, East of Harper. 586-421-1546. volunteering . HOSPICE VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES - Grace Hospice is seeking compassionate individuals to provide companionship to terminally ill patients and family. SE Michigan. Training provided. For information call the Volunteer Coordinator 888-937-4390. Seeking compassionate individuals to provide companionship and emotional sup.port to the terminally ill patients throughout Lapeer, Oakland, Macomb, Genesee, Wayne, Livingston, and Monroe county. Info: Volunteer Coordinator, Hospice Compassus 248-355-9900. December 2014


beauty / skin care


Daisy Blue Naturals

Natural Networking at its best! Connecting you to the leaders in naturally healthy, sustainable living. To find out how you can be included in this directory each month, call 248-628-0125 or visit our website for more information:

Acupuncture Acupuncture

Clarissa Dawn Guest, RN, Dipl. Ac 2359 W. Shiawassee, Suite E, Fenton 810-750-2004

Massage • Nutrition • Counseling Korina St. John, Dipl.OM, L.Ac • 989-720-HEAL Wi t h o v e r 1 4 y e a r s experience in Integrative Medicine, Korina offers painless acupuncture and compassionate care for all ages. Treatment plans designed to meet your specific healthcare and financial needs.

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

State of Michigan Registered, NCCAOM Certified. Former MD in China served North American people for over 28 years' with acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. Specializing in various pains and intestinal problems. See ad page 9.

Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic Acupuncture • Massage • Nutrition Michal Kelly L. Ac., Dipl. O.M. 12272 Fenton Rd., Suite 3, Fenton 810-714-5556 •

Offering personalized natural health care that focuses on treating the root cause of the illness, not just the symptom. A safe and effective alternative for children, adults and seniors. Specializing in infertility, internal medicine and pain management.

Acupuncture health alliance Susan Burke, OMD, L.Ac 1890 Southfield Rd., Birmingham 248-582-8888

Specializing in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology Nutritional programs, QiGong and Physiognomy. See ad page 18.

Christmas is, of course, the time to be home—in heart as well as body. ~Garry Moore 50

East Michigan edition

100% Natural Products. No parabens, phthalates, silicones or sulfates. Lotions, soaps, make-up, deodorant, lip balms, cleansers, skin rejuvenation and healing. Have a Spa Party or buy direct. Business opportunities available.


Transform your health with Acupuncture. Start feeling better today. Specializing in insomnia, depression, pain management, infertility, painful periods, menopause, headaches and migraines. Also offering Nutrienergetics™ and Neuromodulation Technique™.

Chinese Health Clinic • 248-276-8880 Hailan Sun, MD (China) Dipl. Ac 3075 E. Walton Blvd., Auburn Hills

Karen Moffitt, Independent Consultant 810-869-5190

Jing Fei Huang, CAC, OMD

The Downing Clinic • 248-625-6677 5715 Bella Rose Blvd., Ste 100, Clarkston

& 19.

Jing Fei Huang is a certified Acupuncturist (CAC) and a certified Traditional Chinese Medicine specialist (OMD). She has been with the Downing Clinic since 1999 and has helped many people with a variety of conditions. Wednesday appointments available. See ads pages 17


Karen DeBruyn, PT, MSTOM, Dipl.OM, R.Ac Henry Buchtel, MMed (China)Dipl.Ac, R.Ac 8308 Office Park Drive, Ste 2 Grand Blanc, 810-694-3500 Providing acupuncture and herbal medicine to optimize your health and wellness. Specializing in pain management, sports injuries, women's health, immune support, insomnia, and stress management.

Allergy Treatment New Life Allergy Treatment Ctr. Terry Robinson, RPN, Natural Therapist Advanced NAET Practitioner 725 S. Adams S-185, Birmingham 248-792-2229 •

Computerized sensitivity testing and Natural Allergy Treatments. Certified in NAET with 13 years of experience. Specializing in environmental allergies, food allergies/sensitivities, digestive issues, skin problems, headaches, fatigue and Candida.

Bowen Therapy MARK ROGERS

1775 E. 14 Mile Rd., Birmingham 248-761-4135 “The alternative, alternative therapy!”‑ Unique, gentle and effective pain relief technique. Not massage. Back/neck pain, Fibromyalgia, migraines, TMJ, carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder and more. 15 years bodywork experience. See ad page 33.

Silence is a true friend who never betrays. ~Confucius chiropractic Family, pediatrics & preganacy Cafe' of Life Chiropractic Dr. Erica Peabody • 810-629-6023 521 North Leroy St., Fenton

Serving the Exceptional Chiropractic Experience. The Café of Life ® is a unique concept. A place that thinks radically different about health and wellness, and provides a healthy environment. Please visit our website:

Integral Life Center

Dr. Lawrence Bell • 323-804-2155 1460 Walton, Suite 210, Rochester Hills Very gentle & advanced techniques (NSA, SRI, Sameta, and nutritional support) personally customized to help the body clear deep stress patterns, improve symptoms, retrain the nervous system, revitalize, & energize.

Journey to health, llc

Dr. Rachel and Dr. Aaron R. Rice Sterling Heights • 586-264-9470 Full-spectrum chiropractic care helping you reduce stress and improve health with whole food nutrition, gentle chiropractic adjusting, massage therapy, and biofeedback exams. Unique and customized since no two people are the same! See ad page 22.

Natural wellness & Pain Relief Centers

Grand Blanc • 810-694-3576 Richmond • 586-727-7500 Dr. Morningstar is the developer of the TornadoSuit and ARC3D Scoliosis Therapy. His treatment approach has already received national media attention for it's long-term effectiveness. Preventing scoliosis surgery in children, and maximizing pain relief function in adult scoliosis patients. See ad page 2.

Synergy Wellness

Dr. Laura Vanloon Birmingham • 248-408-8183 Unique, gentle, painless techniques for pain, numbness, Sciatica, allergies and much more; using KST, BEST; and botanical, homeopathic & nutrition. We also offer Craniosacral therapy and therapeutic massage. See ad page 16.

wills family chiropractic Dr. Jason Wills • 248-922-9888 5885 S. Main St., Suite 4, Clarkston

Wide range in care choices, from low force adjusting techniques to traditional Chiropractic. Dr. Jason Wills specializes in Applied Kinesiology, a technique not widely found in North Oakland, that assesses the functionality of each individual. See ad page 23.

coaching / Counseling Chris Sarris ~ Soul Space Rochester • 248-761-6390

Soul Coaching is a unique approach to personal growth, healing and transformation. Integrating e l e m e n t s o f t h e r a p y, coaching and spirituality for Individuals and Couples. We offer training and certification for the Soul Coaching process and program.

The Mental Fitness Center

850 W. University, Suite C, Rochester 248-601-3111 A natural approach to mental and physical health, offering counseling, behavior analysis, coaching, nutrition and physical fitness training, for individuals, couples, families and persons with special needs. See ad pg 16.

Colonics/Detoxification Total health colon care 38245 Mound Rd, Bldg E Sterling Heights • 586-268-5444

Colon Hydrotherapy is not intended to be a cure-all but colonics are a valuable procedure for treating intestinal malfunctions which could result in many illness. Inside the Center for the Healing Arts.

Craniosacral therapy guided touch • denae tait Lapeer • 810-614-7582

Pain/stress relief and more with Craniosacral therapy, aromatherapy and holistic nutrition. 11 years experience. See ad page 27.

Michigan Craniosacral Therapy Magda Girao, ORTL-CST-D West Bloomfield • 248-561-6048

We are committed to the premise of progressing skills forward for all individuals. We make the difference that has you get back into your life faster!!!

Service is the rent we pay for the privilege of living on this Earth. It is the very purpose of life, and not something you do in your spare time. ~Shirley Chisholm Dentistry David Ewing, DDS, LPC

Gateway Dental 5321 Gateway Centre Blvd., Flint 810-250-7191 General Dentistry, including root canals, dentures, extractions, bridges, composite (white) fillings, crowns, TMJ, N.E.T. for pain control, anxiety and more. Nutrition and ZOOM teeth whitening. See ad page 8.

David W. Regiani, DDS, PC

Holistic General Dentistry since 1979 101 South Street, Downtown Ortonville 248-627-4934 • Beautiful, natural looking Mercury free/Mercury safe, fluoride free fillings and restorations. TMJ/TMD/ CranioFacial Pain diagnosis & treatment, Non-surgical periodontal therapy, cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign & whitening. Founding member IAOMT and IABDM. See ad page 12.

HPS Advanced Dental care, PC Heather Pranzarone Stratton, DDS 4741 24 Mile Rd., Ste. C, Shelby Township 248-652-0024 •

Our Family and Cosmetic Dental Practice is committed to practicing dentistry with a biocompatible approach. We perform mercury free/ mercury safe dentistry in a friendly, caring atmosphere for the entire family. See ad page 31.

Digestive health

Dr. Christine Kaczmar 47729 Van Dyke Ave. • Shelby Township 586-685-2222 Founder of "14-Point Digestion Discovery System" Solutions for Diarrhea, IBS, Constipation, Colitis, etc. When the source of stress is known, the treatment becomes obvious. Dr. Christine uses 100% natural digestive formulas to nourish your body back to health. See ad outside back cover.

Energy healing Becky Stevens Holistic Alternatives, LLC

586-294-6540 29700 Harper Ave., Ste. 4, St Clair Shores

Safe, effective options utilizing medical intuition to assess the root cause of disease or dysfunction in the body. Also herbal, homeopathic, JMT and vibropathic remedies. Physician testimonials available.

December 2014




Annette R. Richards, LMSW, AAMET Level 3 Advanced Practitioner 248-334-9214 •

CATHERINE HILkER, oWNER Creating Sanctuary 248-547-4965

Life Coaching, Feng Shui and Space Purification services. Call today and make permanent positive changes in your home, business and life.

Experienced EFT Practitioner offering regular EFT groups to borrow benefits and individual sessions, weekdays, evenings and weekends to learn EFT for personal use; affordable fees.


karen Malone, Ind. Dist. # 840674 810-938-9099 • Curious why Wise Men brought Frankincense and Myrrh to the Baby Jesus? Why essential oils are mentioned 200 times in the Bible? Call for FREE "Missing Link" CD. (Income opportunities also available). See ad page 38.


Marlene Wiegers, Ind. Dist. # 1000995 Facebook: Marlene Misiak Wiegers Become an Independent Distributor! Discover Young Living Essential Oil's healing properties for enhancing health--yours, as well as others who seek holistic options. Free training. 810-252-9807. See ad page 38.

I long to see you, so that I may impart unto you some spiritual gift. ~St. Paul fELDENkRAIS® METHoD LISA PoNICHTER • 248-321-0358

Feldenkrais® Method, Physical Therapy 1775 E. 14 Mile Rd, Birmingham A physical therapist specializing in this powerfully effective method helps improve posture, strength, flexibility, balance. Decrease/eliminate pain by exploring gentle movement patterns which optimize performance ease, power and comfort.


East Michigan edition


Rain International Independent Distributor 586-727-6302 Go beyond ordinary nutrition with SOUL, a revolutionary new product combining black cumin, black r a s p b e r r y, a n d chardonnay grape seeds. A powerful antiinflammatory supplement in a simple, portable 2 oz shot. See ad page 5.




67315 S. Main St • Richmond 888-855-PURE (7873)

Award winning Bar H2O™ Alkaline Wa t e r i s p r o f e s sionally handcrafted PREMIUM PURIFIED WATER using a 25-step Be Alkaline. Thrive! proprietary process. This pharmaceuticalgrade pure water is remineralized, restructured and energized for maximum hydration.


31 North Saginaw Street, Pontiac 248-475-5805 Farm-fresh and organically grown food for your family or business. Featuring MImade products thru Buying Club. Local CSA produce programs. "Bringing the Best of Michigan to You."

LuCky’S NATuRAL fooDS, LLC Since 1974, 248-693-1209 101 S. Broadway, Lake Orion Historic Business District

W h o l e F o o d Vi t a m i n s , Minerals, Herbs, Homeopathy. Supplement Savings Card, Organic Groceries, Wheat & Gluten-Free Products, Amish Poultry & Eggs, Fresh Amish Turkeys for the Holidays. Personalized service, knowledgable staff, special orders.


880 W. Dryden Rd., Metamora 810-678-3131 We are helping "take Transfer Factor to the World." We also carry top quality herbal and nutritional supplements.


Susan Miller, CBP, CNHP • 248-953-9402 Essential Oil Executive Consultant/Teacher Weight Loss and Pain Programs Help your Body heal Itself with Certified Health Professional - Holistic and ALL Natural Approaches to Heath for Chronic and Acute symptoms including: Pain - Chronic and Acute, Digestive, Headaches, Sleep, Sleep, Attention, Concentration, Brain Fog, Food Issues. The list is practically endless. DETOXIFYING IONIC FOOTBATH.


248-931-2710 • Rochester Area Young Living EO Dist. #1125514 C e r t i f i e d R AW F o o d Instructor, Award Winning Hairdresser, custom Salon w/Aromatherapy, ZYTO Compass Nutritional Assessments, Health Classes, Rain Drop Therapy/Free training. Facebook: Pamela Perry Visser. Ezekiel 47:12.

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. ~Albert Einstein

HyPNoTHERAPy THE PATTERSoN CENTER 1520 S. Lapeer Rd., Ste 212 Lake Orion • 248-884-7288

Licensed Counselor can h e l p w i t h a n x i e t y, depression, guilt, grief, phobias, stress, smoking, weight and more. Seek relief! Call now, become a better you. Proudly serving the area for 10 years.

integrative medicine


Cutler integrative medicine

Orchid Leaf Energy Arts

A premier Naturopathic health and wellness center dedicated to providing solutions not helped by our current medical paradigm. As a Licensed Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Cutler has the highest training, and gets to the root of your problems. See ad page 11.

Iridology, Herbs, Organic Chinese formulas. Full Energy Analysis: Chinese face, tongue and pulse reading. Tai Chi Chuan, Medical Qigong, Acupuncture, Tunia. Thirty-six years experience.

29350 Northwestern Hwy • Southfield Inside Franklin Athletic Club • 248-663-0165

The Downing Clinic

Laura Kovalcik, DO, FACOI 5715 Bella Rose, Ste 100, Clarkston 248-625-6677 • Integrative Internal Medicine practice owned by Board-Certified Internal Medicine physician. Practice emphasizes natural treatments where possible and uses special testing to determine health and nutritional status. Support services onsite include:Acupuncture, Bowen Therapy, Rolfing® Structural Integration, Massage, Healing Touch, IV Therapy. Clinic specializes in primary care, natural treatments for menopause and andropause symptoms, Osteoporosis, cholesterol management, Candida, Fibromyalgia. See ads pages 17 & 19.

Longevity Health Institute Madison Heights • 248-548-3060 Rochester Hills • 248-459-1139

A Functional, Regenerative Holistic Medical Approach. We l l n e s s ; H o r m o n e Replacement Therapy, IV T h e r a p y : Vi t a m i n s , Chelation, Detox, Adrenal (Cortisol) support; HBOT - Hyperbaric O2.

Natural wellness & Pain relief Centers

Grand Blanc • 810-694-3576 Richmond • 586-727-7500 • Comprehensive treatment options to maximize your results. Bio-identical hormones, IV nutritionals, HcG weight loss, manipulation under anesthesia, decompression therapy, exercise with oxygen therapy, and cancer therapies. See ad page 2.

Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken. ~Frank Herbert

Dawn Fleetwood MH, CId. 2290 E. Hill, Grand Blanc 810-953-9500 •

massage therapy Vickie Evans, CMT

The Downing Clinic 5715 Bella Rose Blvd., Ste 100, Clarkston 248-625-6677 • Certified in Massage, Reiki and Healing and T h e r a p e u t i c To u c h . Certified in Bowen T h e r a p y. P r o v i d e s combination of therapies as needed or requested by patients. See ads pages 17 & 19.

Meditation Isha Foundation • 313-451-4742 Learn a simple yet powerful 15 minute practice which creates enhanced clarity, improved health and a state of peacefulness and joy. Isha Foundation is an international, non-profit, public service organization.

Natural/Holistic health Biblical Health

Hilda Lauderman, DHM, Ph.D, NMD, RN Serving East Michigan • 810-503-4056 "Dr. Hilda" offers programs using natural approaches to help with conditions including nutrition, thyroid function, osteoporosis and more. Also licensed as a Dr. of Nedicine, a branch of natural medicine. Call for more information. See ad page 14.

Goodalls Herbs

Alice Goodall, RN, BSN Life Health Coach 586-646-0066 Nutritional counseling/ herbal remedies based on the COMPASS® nutritional assessment. Identify deficiencies in your body in the comfort of your own home. Serving SE Michigan. Goodallsherbs@

nutritional counseling advanced nutritional solutions Lee Rossano, CNC Rochester Hills • 248-652-4160 whysuffer.NET

Lee brings 10 years of clinical experience, the most advanced assessment techniques, and a lifetime of intuitive healing with personalized health plans to help cease suffering. That means better sex, energy, and a greater sense of happiness! See ad page 21.

Jody Tenjeras, D.C., C.C.N.

Lakes Area Family Chiropractic 10635 Highland Road, White Lake 248-698-8677 Illness is a sign something is out of balance. I use Nutrition Response Testing, diet & supplementation to determine how to restore the balance that leads to good health. Chiropractic & Laser Therapy also available..

Organic Lawncare A-1 Organic Lawns, L.L.C.

Complete Natural Lawn Application Products & Programs PO Box 874, Highland 248-889-7200 • We believe in protecting and preserving your family and home environment with natural fertilizers that use the power of nature to beautify your property. See ad page 24.

organic mattresses Down to Earth Home

Showroom by Appointment/Farm Hills 866-720-7222 Sleep on a Green Dreams™ O rg a n i c a n d N a t u r a l Mattress as part of your healthy lifestyle. No fire retardant chemicals, made in the U.S., try locally before you buy. Sizes crib through king.Organic bedding and furniture also.

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive. ~Dalai Lama December 2014


oxyGEN/HyPERbARICS LoNGEvITy HEALTH INSTITuTE Madison Heights • 248-548-3060 Rochester Hills • 248-459-1139

A Functional, Regenerative Holistic Medical Approach. HBOT (Hyperbaric O 2), We l l n e s s ; H o r m o n e Replacement Therapy, IV T h e r a p y : Vi t a m i n s , Chelation, Detox, Adrenal (Cortisol) support.


8293 Office Park Dr. • Grand Blanc 810-694-3576 •

Comprehensive treatment options to maximize your results. Bio-identical hormones, IV nutritionals, HcG weight loss, manipulation under anesthesia, decompression therapy, exercise with oxygen therapy, and cancer therapies. See ad page 2.

YOGA Santosha (Sanskrit): Contentment, peace, gratitude

Holiday Blessings from

Santosha Yoga! See the calendar in this magazine for December classes and special events.

586-949-5515 48774 Gratiot Ave. Chesterfield MI 48051 (just south of 22 Mile Road) 54

East Michigan edition


1900 S. Telegraph Rd Ste 102 Bloomfield Hills • 248-758-9100 We work together with practitioners and patients to solve medication problems and meet specific needs. Hormones, veterinary, allergen-free medications are great examples. Pharmaceutical grade supplements. Consults available. Call us with your questions or for a quote!

yoGA HouSE of yoGA

2965 W. 12 Mile Rd., Berkley 248-556-0992 Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin and J i v a m u k t i Yo g a classes. Our space offers a warm, safe and peaceful environment to explore your practice. Teacher Training (RYT 200).

koREAN MARTIAL ARTS INSTITuTE 935 Baldwin Rd., Lapeer 810-358-1419

Adult enrichment classes in Yo g a , K i c k - f i t a n d Women’s self-defense. Traditional TaeKwon-Do training for ages 5 through seniors. Visit website for class schedule and offering. See ad page 45.

PHySICAL THERAPy NEIL kING PHySICAL THERAPy Rocheser Hills • 248-853-7555 Novi • 248-513-3730

From Pediatrics to Geriatrics, our advanced, hands-on physical therapy techniques are so effective that physicians, chiropractors and even other physical therapists refer their most difficult cases to us. See ad page 35.

All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence. ~Martin Luther king, Jr.


Grand Blanc • 810-694-3576 Richmond • 586-727-7500

People under Dr. Strauchman's supervised HcG protocol are losing 20-30 pounds a month and keeping it off. Mention Natural Awakenings Directory and receive $50 off your HcG Program. See ad page 2.


309 S Troy St., Royal Oak 248-399-9642 (YOGA) We embrace everyone, regardless of age, flexibility or size. Our teachers dome from a variety of traditions; our students from all walks of life. See ad page 44.


8373 Old 13 Mile Rd • Warren 248-563-8615 Whether you are practiced or new to yoga we offer yoga f o r e v e r y b o d y, nearby. Check our schedule for classes on our website.

Put Natural Networking to work for you in the Natural Awakenings Directory


Charlyce Walsh, RN, BSAH, NP 3965 Telegraph Rd • Bloomfield Hills 248-792-5168 •

Losing weight doesn't have to be hard when you unlock the knowledge from your DNA. Capture your roadmap to successful weight loss. DNA report + Personal step by step system + Proven Weight loss/maintenance. See ad page 25.

Continuous visibility at affordable monthly rates. For examples, details and rates visit our website:


2420 E. Stadium Blvd

Ann Arbor

2053 S. Telegraph Rd

Bloomfield Hills

Lansing (Frandor)

Grosse Pointe Woods 19850 Mack Ave

42875 Grand River Ave

30679 Southfield Rd

17825 Eureka Rd

(734) 975.6613 Belleville

(248) 334.9500 Dearborn

(517) 332.6892 Lansing (W. Saginaw)

(313) 885.5000 Livonia

(248) 735.8100 Plymouth

(248) 645.5500 Sterling Heights

(734) 374.1973 Shelby Township

(586) 498.0525

(586) 884.6160

305 N. Clippert St


10792 Belleville Rd

1330 N. Telegraph Rd

6235 West Saginaw Hwy

20432 Farmington Rd

44427 W. Ann Arbor Rd

(734) 699.2929

(313) 724.6000

(517) 323.9186

(248) 471.9600

(734) 455.1440


We believe that natural & organic is always better.


We’re committed to lower the cost of healthy living.


33452 Van Dyke


We bring you the best products from the best brands.

BETTER ADVICE Trust us to help you make better choices.


14105 Hall Rd

BETTER REWARDS We give you more ways to shop for less.

Visit one of our 14 Michigan Owned & Operated Market & Vitamin stores. For a location near you visit


For over five years, UpDog’s Downtown Wellness Union (DWU) has helped unite an incredible range of healing professionals in a luxuriously appointed, tranquil suite of professional spaces. And now, you can be part this “space for the soul.” Located adjacent to UpDog Yoga in the Old Library Building, the Wellness Union offers:  Dedicated space for a variety of integrated modalities, including counselors and therapists, massage therapists (Thai and table), Reiki masters, Acupuncture and Acupressure Physicians, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Shamanic Healers, Reflexologists, Aesthetiticians, Qi Gong Masters, EFT Trainers and more.  A calm, relaxing, professionally-appointed and intensely meditative space for likeminded healers to practice, teach and learn.  A range of flexible space options, from hourly, daily, weekly or annual, with a full complement of logistics supports that provide a clean, inviting and professional work atmosphere to work, train or host.  Unique room configurations of 150-750 SF accommodates groups of 5 to 50 or more.

Downtown Wellness Union 210 W. University, Suite 6 Rochester, MI 48307

To start finding your heart in the heart of Rochester: Come to our annual holiday open house, Friday, December 5, 2014. FREE Community yin yoga class from 5:45-7:00pm, followed by Open House from 7:00-8:30pm. Stop by any time or contact Ask about our Winter/Spring Package Room Rate Specials! Buy 20 hours, receive 5 hours free! Perfect for multiple-session workshops and special events.

December 2014


You Have Options Your M.D. May Not Be Telling You About.

IBS • CROHN’S • COLITIS • CONSTIPATION “After the first week, I now can wake up, go to the bathroom (or not) and actually leave my home. I am not living my life according to my bathroom schedule.” ~Terry U. “I was in the hospital with a headache that would not go away, swollen legs and a blood pressure reading of 235/119. My neighbor told me about Dr. Christine. In just 24 hours, Dr. Christine found more than my medical doctor did in 4 days of major testing! Amazing!!! ~Irene K.

Dr. Christine’s 14-Point Digestion Discovery System • • • • • • •

Fat Digestion Score Carbohydrate Digestion Score Protein Digestion Score Bowel Toxicity Measurement Thyroid and Pancreas Stress Spleen and Liver Stress Kidney and Adrenal Stress

• • • • • • •

Acid/Alkaline Count Yeast and Candida Electrolyte Imbalances Colon Stress: Ascending and Descending Antioxidant Performance Cell Energy Utilization Tissue Breakdown Presence or Catabolism

21 Mile


7 Initial $

Van Dyke

Join Dr. Christine’s VIP Email List By Visiting:

H 22 Mile

Consultation Save $143 Valid thru 12/31/14

Dr. Christine isn’t kidding! TheDigestionDoc

Christine M. Kaczmar D.C., L.D.H.S., L.I.H.S.

Specializing The Past 8 Years In Natural And Drug-Free Solutions For: IBS, Crohn’s, Colitis, Diarrhea, Chronic Constipation, Metabolic Syndrome

47729 Van Dyke, Shelby Twp. 56

East Michigan edition


December 2014 Natural Awakenings East Michigan  

Natural Awakenings interview with Gabrielle Bernstein, Toxin-free beaty salons, Find Your Fitness Style and more. December 2014 Oakland, Mac...

December 2014 Natural Awakenings East Michigan  

Natural Awakenings interview with Gabrielle Bernstein, Toxin-free beaty salons, Find Your Fitness Style and more. December 2014 Oakland, Mac...