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Hadra Festival 30.08. – 02.09.2012 • Lans-en-Vercors, France Organic and diverse like Mother Nature Held in a spectacular alpine scenery, ­Hadra festival became one of the European open air highlights with a remarkable diverse and international concept Deeply rooted in the psychedelic culture and therefore bearing some of the most delicious Trance fruits, but also sprouting sound flowers of experimental, unheard beauty: This is the philosophy of the Hadra Collective. Their annual open air became the crystallization point of their creative work. Obviously a fascinating and sparkling one, as growing visitor numbers and very good feedback from both guests and performing artists prove. The setting of Hadra Festival in the French Alps is an essential factor for its unique atmosphere. Surrounded by forests it has a very peaceful and natural vibe that is taken up in the infrastructure of the event: With good reason it received the Greener Festival Award in 2010 and 2011! The high eco-responsibility is noticeable throughout the festival, which integrates a lot of natural elements. Another factor is the committed support of a global culture. After collaborations with Mexico and Russia, this year casts a spotlight on the blooming scene of Croatia: More than 15 artists from the fields of music, decoration, and video are invited. Also the party people, of course: All Croatian citizens will receive free entry on production of their passport! The Hadra guys announced an “entirely digital, interactive decoration concept”. Considering the innovative designs of the last festivals, visitors might look forward to being sucked into an audio-visual vortex… In terms of music, the main stage has a deeply Psychedelic programme, from nocturnal hypnosis to uplifting day sound. Whereas the second stage explores the sonic horizons of Ambient, Dub, World Music, Dubstep, and inspiring Electronics. For convenient arrival, shuttle buses run from the international airports of Lyon and Geneve as well as from the nearby train station Grenoble. Roberdo

pic: Bobby C. Alkabes

Tief verwurzelt in der psychedelischen Kultur trägt Hadra immer wieder feinste Trance-Früchte, treibt gleichzeitig aber auch exotische Klangblüten von ungehörter Schönheit. Das in den französischen Alpen abgehaltene Festival bekam in den letzten Jahren haufenweise gutes Feedback. Die natürliche Harmonie der hügeligen Waldkulisse wird im Konzept aufgegriffen - mit guten Grund gab es dafür 2010 und 2012 den Greener Festival Award! Der Mainfloor setzt psychedelische Akzente, der Second Floor verfolgt dagegen ein sehr offenes Konzept. Das Team hat eine „komplett digitale Deko“ versprochen, man darf also auf einen audiovisuellen Mahlstrom gespannt sein… Entspannte Anreise dank Shuttle Bussen vom Bhf. Grenoble und den Flughäfen Lyon und Geneve.


mushroom magazine May/June 2012  
mushroom magazine May/June 2012  

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