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Midifighter 3D Controller with Gyrosensor and RGB luminous Arcade buttons Feels like a game console controller and creates a one-of-a-kind show effect: The Midi Fighter is the probably most playful way of real-time audio manipulation. A first glance at this controller is not too impressive: Stylish and sturdy but 4 x 4 buttons… well, we’ve all seen that. Things change dramatically once the USB is plugged and the Midi Fighter awakes: It starts flashing like a multicoloured arcade console! In fact, this association is very appropriate. As turns out, this controller is the probably most playful possibility of real-time audio manipulation. It combines well thought-out functionality with a one-ofa-kind show effect and the highly interactive feeling of a game console. Also, it is as addictive as a game console. This is how it works: Additionally to its 16 buttons, the Midi Fighter is equipped with state-of-the-art motion sensors. Tilting the controller forward will create a MIDI command. Tilting it backward will do the same. Tilting it right or lefttwo more commands. Imagine the following scenario: The controller is assigned to a TB303 emulation you opened in Ableton along with your Live project. Pushing a button will trigger a note or a sequence. Tilting it forward and backward will modulate the resonance, tilting it sideward the cut-off…

Was zunächst unspektakulär aussieht, stellt sich als eine der spielerischsten Möglichkeiten der Echtzeit-Kreation von Klängen heraus- mit einzigartigem Showeffekt. Zusätzlich zu seinen 16 Knöpfen und 4 Bänken ist der Midi Fighter mit Bewegungssensoren ausgestattet. Wird das Gerät nach vorne, hinten, nach rechts oder links geneigt, entsteht jeweils ein Steuerbefehl, der via USB-MIDI individuell auf Effekte und Parameter zugewiesen werden kann. Die bunten LEDs der Knöpfe lassen sich ebenfalls einstellen, so dass die Kiste live blinkt wie ein Flipper!

The highly playful and interactive feeling is complemented by a stunning visual effect. The colour of the LEDs around every single button can be edited via a straightforward utility. It can change colour when being pressed, etc.! The Midi Fighter has 4 banks that can be switched on the flow. A rectangular USB cable makes sure it does not pop out during wild shows. The controller works with Traktor, Live, and every other software that supports MIDI commands.


mushroom magazine May/June 2012  
mushroom magazine May/June 2012  

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