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Hadra resisting any standstill The newest compilation from France’s No. 1 label for quality music is a double strike: 2 CDs packed with solid grooves and a clear vision of modern Psytrance More than 10 years after the creation of Hadra, five after the release of ‚Fantasia‘, now Driss, architect of both association and label, presents his new double compilation composed of 19 mind-blowing tracks demonstrating his predilection for ‚Psychedelic Full On‘. Internationally acclaimed artists such as Psysex, Loud and Rinkadink as well as Hadra producers Barak, Lunarave and Sine Die, and others contributed to ‚Resistrance‘ which is a condensed selection featuring some of the best producers at present. While also paying homage to the hard work of a few dedicated individuals throughout the world who, for the past twenty-five years, have been fighting daily to promote, enrich and perpetuate the existence and recognition of our culture. It is a tribute to artists, organisers and devoted still increasing audience. ‚Resistrance‘ is a reverence to the inventors of a new world, in which humans occupy the central place. We are counting on you and on your support for continuing growth of the quality and diversity of our musical culture.

Driss Resistrance

Zur neuen DoppelCompilation “Resistrance” von Hadra haben Künstler wie Psysex, Loud, Rinkadink sowie die Produzenten Barak, Lunarave und Sine Die beigetragen. 19 Tracks umwerfender Full On.


mushroom magazine May/June 2012  
mushroom magazine May/June 2012  

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