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metal programs (these are Pacific Times) Mosh Pit (Madison, WI): Monday night 9:30pm12am WORT 89.9 fm

The childhood memories and subconscious of RAM is filled with a 24/7 prime time, big time Judas Priest-Mercyful Fate constant rotation of anthems. What is big heavy metal? RAM is big heavy metal! Huge, catchy riffs straight from the Tipton/Downing and the Shermann/Denner schools of guitar mastery, with a sound to match. It’s for those of you that live for the classics of the genre: Judas Priest and Mercyful Fate. The album sounds catchy from the moment it comes on because that’s exactly how RAM works. You want the big tunes? Come and get it, it’s hot and ready for headbanging all day, every day.

Sweet Nightmares (Houston, TX): Thursday night 9pm-12am KPFT 90.1 fm Excuse All the Blood (Olympia, WA): Friday night 11pm-1am Metal Shop (Seattle, WA): Saturday 11pm3am KISW 99.9fm — RAM Svbversvm Metal Blade release: 30 October 2015 RAM will make you think that they have, through the power of spells and magic, channeled the spirit of “Don’t Break the Oath” and “British Steel” into their album. This thing rolls out with “Return of the Iron Tyrant,” which is so good to make you wonder if they ate up the whole pie on the first song and now there’s no way that the rest of the album can be good. If you run of juice at the beginning, how can the action continue, right?

What about the vocals? There are shades of the young and the mature Rob Halford, some of the twisted King Diamond vocalizing, but overall RAM sounds like RAM. After a bunch of listens, I’m convinced. I had my doubts about this album, about RAM. I don’t have doubts anymore.

Wrong! I thought these cowboys had fumbled the ball and shot themselves on the foot. Then, they ride out with the second song “Eyes of the Night” and they are back on the horse. I see, things are about to get interesting. Game on, RAM. We can’t get along, let’s get it on.

The band makes its intentions clear: “RAM was created back in '99 by Harry Granroth, who wanted to form a real heavy metal band; he was sick of the misinterpretation of metal that ruled the scene back then and had a pile of material that he wanted to bring to life. He soon found Daniel

Johansson, a young but experienced and very talented guitar player who welded a traditional metal guitar style. The two started working on some of Harry's earlier material and began to write new songs. After a long and tiresome search, Harry then found Oscar Carlquist; a powerful heavy metal vocalist with a mutual hatred for the current metal scene. Oscar quickly became involved in the song writing process and quickly crafted interesting lyrics to accompany the music. The backbone of RAM was formed. Oscar brought in drummer Morgan Pettersson, one of the few drummers left who still played the 70/80's hard and heavy drumming style. They then recruited the legendary Leif Larsson, an icon in Gothenburg metal as he had previously been a member of Frozen Eyes.” As you can see below, the band has been working the metal ways for years now. This is what they do. Just in case you are curious, this is what Metal Archives says about the band’s 2005 debut: “RAM from Sweden is a relatively new upcoming band that play basic and classic Traditional Heavy Metal, all according to the metal school-book. Heavy riffing, good vocalist with a lot of high-pitched screams, melodies with great hooks, lots of guitar solos. If you mix some Accept, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Mercyful Fate – you have what RAM’s concept is all about. And as you (perhaps) already has started to think, I can say this: Hell yeah, what a great debut album “Forced Entry” is!” discography Sudden Impact EP 2003 Forced Entry Full-length 2005 The Devil's Pathway / Sea of Skulls Split 2006 I Pounding Metal Fest Split video 2008 Lightbringer Full-length 2009 Under the Scythe Single 2011 Death Full-length 2012 3

Under Command Split Svbversvm Full-length


Thus, the years have passed, but the spirit of RAM remains the same. Don’t miss out this time. Go listen to “Eyes of the Night” here.

Grave Ritual Morbid Throne Dark Descent Records release: 30 October 2015 Kids, grandma has a story for you about death metal. However, before the little story, let me introduce to you this band called Grave Ritual (USA). This band must really, really detest the current state of what people call death metal. This band used to be called “Meathole Infection” from 2006 to 2009, and from then on they have been Grave Ritual. In 2010 the sickos at Dark Descent released the debut “Euphoric Hymns from the Altar of Death.” Now the band is back with this new disease.

What are the fundamentals of the original death metal? Well, there was once a young man from Switzerland named Thomas Fischer whose band was so vile that it was universally

hated for being so disgusting. The young Thomas’ vocals were utterly cavernous, like a tortured animal possessed by evil spirits. So hated was the band that eventually Thomas and his friends ended the repugnant band called Hellhammer. Thomas and friends then started a new band called Celtic Frost, which was more refined and more postmodern yet still heavy. Oh, but Hellhammer. Kids, that’s something different. To Grave Ritual death metal is Hellhammer, Mantas/Death, Autopsy and that filthy metal: it’s not melody, it’s not showing off that you can play the guitar really well, it’s not making the music so that the masses can understand and it’s sure not making the songs palatable for anyone. It’s about making genuinely ugly sounds. Grave Ritual goes so far into the side of ugliness and terrible music that it reaches the other side where it sounds beautiful to other ugly souls, hateful souls that for some reason did not turn it off. The vocals here are as incomprehensible as it gets. It is low growling that sounds recorded in a deep, deep cave, where animal grunting is the expression. The drumming sounds terrible, too. It’s savage banging away by a soul possessed by the need for barbarian brutality. The sounds coming from the guitars won’t bring you peace nor beauty. Grave Ritual is not so cavernous because these fellars did not actually use a cassette tape deck to record their songs. It looks like they used those darned computers and a bit of that technology that you young kids love. Regardless, this band is death metal the original way. Lookit, pumpkin, you like this band, you like death metal. Sonny boy, if this bucking bronco is too wild for you, it’s ok, but just know that this ain’t gonna pretty up nothing in your life, boy. Stick around or run home to mama. Now get off my lawn rat 4

now. C’mon, git!

review by Matt Spall, Man of Much Metal Artist: Phantasma Album Title: The Deviant Hearts Label: Napalm Records Year Of Release: 2015 When you consider the clientele involved in this record, I’m genuinely surprised that there’s not been more of a buzz about ‘The Deviant Hearts’ by Phantasma in rock/metal circles. Ok, so it may have been voted by readers of as the release of November 2015 but aside from this, a smattering of reviews and a few mentions across various forums, it seems to have flown under the radar somewhat. But why is this surprising, exactly? Phantasma is the brainchild of Serenity vocalist Georg Neuhauser and Everon multiinstrumentalist Oliver Philipps. Neuhauser has always been interested in historical-based themes as is consistently borne out by the lyrical content of Serenity. However, partnered by Philipps, he has been granted the opportunity to create a more story-based concept album. With the addition of Delain’s Charlotte Wessels as the third principal member of Phantasma, perhaps my surprise begins to make some sense. These are three well-known and respected musicians within the rock/metal world and would, I’d have thought, created a bigger stir than they have to date by coming together in such a way. When you factor in the cast of guest musicians, the consternation only grows.

Joining Neuhauser, Philips and Wessels is none other than Evergrey’s Tom Englund, Dennis Schunke (Van Canto) and Cloe Lowery (TransSiberian Orchestra) on vocals as well as drummer Jason Gianni (Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Neal Morse Band), Randy George (Neal Morse Band) on bass and guitarist Tom Buchberger (ex-Serenity). As line-ups go, it’s a pretty heavyweight affair and one that, on paper, promises much. As I downloaded the promo, I wondered whether it may have something to do with a lack of quality within the music itself. I therefore pressed play with slight trepidation. Within the space of a few songs however, this hypothesis was blown out of the water; the music is of a standard you’d readily expect from the personnel involved and has provided me with much enjoyment to put it mildly. ‘The Deviant Hearts’ is a slick and professional 12-track album that’s grandiose, ambitious and suitably varied throughout. Those familiar with the artists involved will immediately notice strong accents of their day jobs within the album. The big key/guitar walls of sound that dominate Everon’s output make several appearances as do the familiar chord progressions and Philipps’ thickly accented vocals. The melodic power metal sensibilities of Serenity play an active role, as do Neuhauser’s unique and powerful vocals, whilst Wessel’s contribution will have Delain fans purring thanks to another strong and committed performance. However, for all the echoes and similarities, Phantasma offers something different to all three. From all-out metallic bombast to subtle ballads, to more modern touches, ‘The Deviant Hearts’ features it all whilst managing to maintain the feeling that this is a proper rock opera with all the pomp and circumstance that accompanies such a thing. 5

The album kicks off with ‘Incomplete’ a piano and vocal ballad featuring Philipps and Wessels behind the mic. If I’m honest, it isn’t the strongest of beginnings but I understand its inclusion in terms of the concept. Following hot on its heels however, is the title track and it’s here that the magic begins. The keys create a hugely opulent introduction before the drums and guitars add a sense of drama. It all drops away and an acoustic guitar is joined by the soulful and utterly beguiling vocals of Tom Englund as he makes the first of two guest appearances on the record. And then there’s the chorus which is, frankly, enormous and hook-laden.

‘Runaway Gray’ produces another bombastic chorus within a quieter, more ballad-like number dominated by Wessels’ heartfelt vocals. ‘Try’ is another ballad that features Cloe Lowery on lead vocals and is one of my favourites on the record. I love the way it grows and in true Everon style packs a huge melodic punch, although Lowery’s voice at the beginning and end of the song is what draws me I for repeated listens, such is her fragile and absolutely beautiful delivery.

My all-time favourite metal voice returns in the more openly bombastic and up-tempo ‘Enter Dreamscape’ but Tom Englund’s wonderfully unique tones are this time joined by Neuhauser’s equally familiar timbre. It’s not a bad combination as I’m sure you’ll agree. ‘The Lotus And The Willow’ slows the pace again with absolutely beautiful results, mainly thanks to the excellent songwriting and another commanding performance by Wessels in particular. ‘Crimson Course’ has more of a Serenity stamp all over it, albeit with added rock opera pomp and some wellplaced modern synth effects. It is here that Neuhauser reminds me forcefully why I consider Serenity to be one of my all-time favourite melodic metal bands. ‘Carry Me Home’ is a slightly quirkier, modernsounding track that benefits greatly from Randy George’s elegant bass playing and Schunke’s rich timbre. Again, that satisfying Everon wall of sound re-enters the fray helping to build momentum into the composition. For me though, one of the best moments on ‘The Deviant Hearts’ is reserved for the final act, in the shape of ‘Let It Die’. Arguably the most grandiose and over-the-top of all the compositions, it is a delight. Wessels shares the mic with Philipps principally with great results but it is the chorus that sends shivers down my spine as it’s irresistibly melodic and as a big Everon fan, its overt bombast and epic overtones strikes a real chord with me. So there you have it. This is a very solid and nicely put-together record with some real knock-out moments, meaning that overall, there’s very little not to like about ‘The Deviant Hearts’; strong songwriting, heartfelt performances and a slick production from an impressive group of musicians means that Phantasma have delivered a grand melodic 6

rock opera that offers a very high level of enjoyment time and time again. The Score Of Much Metal: 8.0

Read more of Matt Spall’s works at his blog:

Fight the Demiurge The War at the Edge of Existence release date: May 1st, 2014

In case you have not seen this before, this is a free recording. It's a brutal death metal solo project by Samantha Michelle Smith. Metal Archives gives the following list for her activities: Ennoea, ex-Broken Anatomy, exGuttural Slug, ex-Break the Sky, ex-Five Years Into Forever, ex-Flesh, ex-Suffer, ex-Tenebrae, ex-Unknown and Broken. The bio states: Fight The Demiurge is a Brutal Death Metal band. Fight The Demiurge was formed as a Southern Deathcore band by Samantha Smith and Tim Saveall in 2011. Tim left the band January 30, 2012. In June of 2012, Samantha started recording new material alone for Fight The Demiurge, taking the music in a very different direction and playing brutal death metal. The Demo Mandated was released in early 2012, with artwork designed by Giovanni Jeckler of DR. JKLR DESIGNZ. The EP Hypostasis of The Archons was recorded at Broken Anatomy Studios and released on 11/13/2012. Fight The Demiurge

ceased to be a solo project for a time in 2013, when Zach Krauss of Whore Torture and Stabbing Ritual fame joined on the drums, taking over from Samantha who continued to focus on guitar, and vocals.

In late 2013, Sam and Zach put out the split album Wallowing in the Depths of Humanity's Depravity with Whore Torture before Zach left the band. Fast forward to May of 2014. Fight the Demiurge was back with a new logo and a new sound. The War At The Edge of Existence was released May 1 2014 to rave reviews, with metalsucks saying "The songs featured on the project’s debut full-length, The War at the Edge of Existence, aren’t just the kinda tunes which will demand mandatory moshing; they’re also flypaper catchy." Fight The Demiurge is now working on the as yet untitled followup, with a possible release date of late 2015-early 2016. 1.The End of All Things 03:03 2.The War at the Edge of Existence 3.Annihilation 01:30 4.Torn 01:56 5.Parallax 02:03 6.The Coming 02:11 7.Blinded 01:39 total time 15:31 7


Police State Mind Collapse Grimoire Records November 06 2015

Police State is a grind band from York, Pennsylvania, USA. The band is Paul (guitar), Kasey (bass, vocals), Tyler (drums), and Cole (vocals). The recording is about 19 minutes of an angry critique of the U.S. government, with all the barrage of noise that the angryanticapitalist-hobo-hippy-squatter punks from hell can squeeze into their music. They rant and rave and blast like it is your obligation to mosh or move or do something, don't just stand there. Or, maybe you can go join a protest or form a protest or something, don't just sit there. This is grind, it's obnoxious, it's not fancy, it's rather ugly because, well, capitalism is so ugly that this is the art that it produces. "Mind Collapse" by Police State release date: November 6th, 2015 1.Intro 00:59 2.Consumed 00:46 3.Oath 00:55 4.Karma 01:10 5.Pure Filth 01:57 6.Blinding 01:02 7.Propaganda 01:26 8.Cease to Exist 02:54 9.Resolution 03:01 10.Shallow Grave 05:00 total time 19:10 /mind-collapse

Stars Eat Worlds Stars Eat Worlds Demo release date: August 25th, 2015 Stars Eat Worlds (Arizona, U.S.) is a metal solo project by a person named Nikoletta, who takes care all of the instrumentation, according to Metal Archives. The music is available for free at Bandcamp. It is instrumental, progressive extreme metal, with a clear melodic black metal influence. You may call it post-black metal or you may call it "Lovecraftian Surfer Metal" as Nikoletta herself does.

"Stars Eat Worlds" by Stars Eat Worlds 1.That Is Not Dead 04:51 2.Which Can Eternal Lie 06:52 3.And With Strange Aeons 05:54 4.Even Death May Die 07:15 total time 24:52

Conceived by Hate

This is an extreme metal band from El Salvador in Central America. This interview provides an introduction into the band’s history and events going on currently. Their latest recording is called “Coalition of Death” and it’s a split with Akheron, a Colombian band. This interview is answered by Morbid (guitars and vocals). The band is from San Salvador, the capital. Hello, how is life for Conceived by Hate in San Salvador in 2015?

When you listen to the music you will notice that it is meant to be music for interstellar voyages or for contemplation. The fact that there are no vocals allows the listener to concentrate on the music more, and as such, it's a different type of mental exercise. As you can see from the song titles, Nikoletta also has a sense of humor. That, or she hates lyrics and giving titles to songs. Anyway, let's hope that this is just the beginning and that there's lots more coming our way. Very interesting demo. 8

[Morbid] Well, I cannot speak for the other guys, but in general I think this place is fucked up. I mean, in my humble opinion, every year that passes the situation related to quality of life is getting worse, a lot of corruption, bad governments and a lot of criminal acts. I think you get used to it. That is what I can say about the context of our city and maybe the whole country, on the other hand every member has a different personal life so I cannot speak too much about it. The band has released recordings in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. Does the band make its own independent recordings every year? [Morbid] Yes, I own a recording studio which mainly I use for the recordings of the bands on which I am involved as member, that has

made it easy to keep recording stuff at our own timing without getting extra costs. Do you play many concerts in El Salvador? [Morbid] I guess we play like one or two shows in a month in average and we try to go out to play other places outside the capital but lately it has been more difficult since it seems due to violence and organized crime those places are not so safe for people to come to a show, so I have seen that shows outside San Salvador are less than other years so we cannot do much about it.

The band has a recording in 2015 called "Coalition of Death," which is a split with Akheron (Colombia). What can you tell us about the musical direction in comparison with the past recordings? [Morbid] Of course, there are some differences, but I think I tried to keep a more simple structure for the songs a more in your face riffing. In a way, I guess there is more of a death metal vibe, but that is just my impression, I certainly tried to keep it simple, but the songs always came of naturally so I did not tried to force the sound to be similar to X or Y band. You have a cover Dissection's "Thorns of Crimson Death." What were the reasons for doing the Dissection cover? Morbid] Dissection is one of my all time favorite bands because of the music and the philosophy its applied on it, on this band it was not just music it was a persecution to find a way of an answer to the unknown.

The band started in 2002 as Spiritual Demise. In that time, were there opportunities for the band to play shows in other countries of Central America? Has the band played shows in Mexico or the U.S. or South America? [Morbid] Yes, that was my original name for the band that was lately changed to get a long better with other member's vision, unfortunately we have not been able to play neither Mexico nor Central America and I think it is because we are not used to be bootlickers, most of the things for big shows are like that here, so I guess that is something not in our favor ha ha, but we got confirmed for our first mini-tour in Europe for next March 2016 supporting Nargaroth. 9

The cover shows a bit of different side of Conceived by Hate, it shows a bit more of a melodic black metal. Therefore, Conceived by Hate can play different styles of extreme metal. Do you have any predictions about the sounds of music by Conceived by Hate?! Morbid] Thanks for your words, not sure if we are good on playing different styles I just try to play with the heart instead of emulating a music genre, but I do have a strong background influences mainly on the old death and black metal bands. I did not have any prediction but I was sure that the music will have to be aggressive and sometimes melancholic in the early days. Where do you see the music going in the

future? Morbid] I think the frontiers between countries in the music industry will get shorter and shorter due to Internet, I guess there is a revival of the old times, but it certainly is a cycle so I see that metal could be depressed again in some years if no new bands are coming and staying making honest music. Metal Archives and Facebook says that the band is six persons. Carlos Basagoitia (bass), Morbid (guitar/vomits), Tulio Mata (keyboards), René Vega (guitar), Iosif Najarro (drums), HellBastard (vomits). Is this information correct? Morbid] Currently we are a 5 piece since HellBastard is no longer a part of Conceived By Hate. For recordings we are currently a 5 piece, but a good friend of ours Aldair Mejía is doing the live vocals. Are the members of the band in other musical projects in El Salvador? What are some bands from El Salvador that you like? What are the styles of metal that are popular in El Salvador? [Morbid] Yes, some of the members are working in other projects and so do I. Not sure which styles of metal are most popular, but I guess the black metal is well received and very popular but not sure, I try to keep me isolated in a way from the scene in order to keep my compositions not influenced for what is “successful” or not locally, but there are certainly good bands out there specially from young people that has the passion and still not the fashion. What can you tell us about Morbid Skull Records? Is it difficult to have a record label in El Salvador? Is this company your own record label? Morbid] Of course, it’s difficult, but it’s my new 10

baby ha ha. Yes, I own Morbid Skull Records and basically I manage it on my own so its quite demanding some times when all comes together. I always had that intention to have a label since I remember, in my early days my label was called P.U.S. Records. Does Conceived by Hate have political themes in the lyrics? Do you personally have strong opinions about politics in El Salvador, about the political parties Arena and Fmln? [Morbid] Yes, some lyrics could be considered political, but I think they are just ways of describing a reality that we all see but in a way cannot do much about it to change it without getting in trouble, killed or in jail. This reality on the gap between the ones that has it all and the ones that do not have much is always present especially in Latin America. I really do not care much about the local political parties. I am tired of the same shit. How do you see the problems of violence in El Salvador? Here in the U.S. there are violent shootings at schools and churches and some people call it terrorism and things like that. What is your opinion about the situation in El Salvador? [Morbid] I think we are fucked up. This is a complex problem and I certainly do not have all the information since there are faces behind that are controlling and know exactly why this is happening, we are just the people in the middle. The original name of the band was Spiritual Demise in 2002, correct? How was the situation for metal bands in El Salvador at the time? [Morbid] Yes, that was the original name of the band and the concept was a medium to express the obscure side of the soul. I think

those were the golden days of metal in El Salvador ha ha, I remember there was a lot of passion in the music and there were not many bands in the 90s, about the 2000s I think because of Internet more bands were emerging and international bands started to come to El Salvador for shows so I think the movement started to grow but in my humble way passion was not the same than in the 90s. It was rough to find recording studios and that is why I started to save money to buy my own recording gear.

more opportunities and maybe things are easier than in the past. What are your future plans for the rest of 2015 and for 2016? Do you have new music planned?! [Morbid] We are currently recording our new full-length that will be released on 2016. My plans is to keep creating music for this and other releases and in March we go to the mini-tour supporting Nargaroth and I am working in another stuff so I will continue moving forward. How can people find out about the news about Conceived by Hate? [Morbid] You can follow us in the below links and yes I use FB also: What are other things that you would like to mention in this interview?!

Why did you change the name? Was it because the music changed? [Morbid] The name was changed because some of the members I think will not like it because it was against their personal beliefs. How are things different for metal bands in 2015 in El Salvador, in your opinion? [Morbid] Now there are more ways on how to promote your music and your band using INTERNET, also there is more information in the web to get influenced by. There are much 11

[Morbid] Thank you for your interest and for the questions and maybe if there are some European readers check out the small tour we will be doing on March 2016. Support Nargaroth maybe we can meet there, cheers! Friday 18-Mar Arlon (BEL) "L'Entrepot" Saturday 19-Mar Apeldoorn (HOL) "Gigant" Sunday 20-Mar Erfurt (GER) "Club From Hell" Monday 21-Mar Bratislava (SVK) "Randall Club" Tuesday 22-Mar Vienna (AUT) "Viper Room" Wednesday 23-Mar Rostock (GER) "Alte Zuckerfabrik" Thursday 24-Mar Leiden (HOL) “Gebr. De

Nobel" Friday 25-Mar Oberhausen (GER) "Helvete" NARGAROTH (Germany) CONCEIVED BY HATE (El Salvador) NOCTEM (Spain) FAANEFJELL (Norway) Thank you for your time! THE END

Isenblåst Altars of Blood release date: October 2015 This Michigan, U.S. black metal squad has announced that they will have a new recording in 2016. While they do that, the band has something else for you: the “Altars of Blood” demo that serves as a road sign for what’s to come in 2016. The demo is: 1.I; Lucifer 04:37 2.Altars of Blood 05:01 total time 09:38 The band has several recordings since their formation in 2009. The “Altars of Blood” demo is available for free at Bandcamp. The two songs give the impression of a band that wants to play traditional black metal, from the vocals and screams to the guitar work and to the drumming. I know that it is only two songs, but this demo sounds very promising and supporters of traditional black metal will find it to be a good addition to their library of demos. You like black metal. You like free. How about you like both of them at the same time?


NEWS & UPDATES Vhöl Deeper Than Sky Profound Lore release: 23 October 2015

Members of Agalloch, Hammers of Misfortune and Yob got together and formed, of all things, a rather psychedelic speedy heavy metal band. Really, your guess is as good as mine. Space rock + psychedelia + heavy metal + punk/thrash/black = Vhöl, or something like that. It is not noise experiment music, it’s not super strange, it does sound like metal music, but it is its own little quirky world of West Coast modern hippy metal rock thrash space rock. Actually, my description makes it appear weirder than it really is. Most of all, the band is an avenue for these musicians to play metal music that is more traditional and fun than perhaps they can in their other bands. There

are headbanging, guitar-hero finger tapping soloing and riffing moments. There's a speedy, thrashing energy, too.

At any rate, the official information about the band explains: Vhöl was forged from the ashes of Pentagram cover band, Parallelogram, which featured Mr. Hate of Noothgrush on vocals, Cobbett on guitar, Sheie on bass, and Dekker on drums. They disbanded when the real Pentagram arose from the grave. Finding themselves unable to keep the tempos under control anyway, they took to thrash and started penning originals. Eventually, Scheidt took over vocals. When their self-titled debut album was released in 2013, the effort was a surprise to many who didn’t expect what VHÖL would initially sound like from their pedigree alone. Crowned, “…a generative force with an unpredictable will of their own,” by Pitchfork and hailed by Metal Assault for delivering, “seven neck-breaking slabs of crusty, swinging, dark heavy metal,” the offering bore the sounds of a true musical exploration where each of its members would experience something innovative during the composing process while simultaneously rediscovering their oldschool metal roots.


Apparatus Apparatus Lavadome Productions release: 20 October 2015 This is ritualistic and experimental extreme metal. It’s thick, sludge, with fast moments, and with plenty of atmosphere and weirdness, as if Incantation and Deathspell Omega made an album together, with blasting heaviness and with sludge/absurd components as fundamental parts of the sound, for some 47 minutes.

The band requires patience from the listener as they make their way through long segments of non-music and churchlike atmosphere of the absurd. It’s not really about songs, but more like a participation in an occult religious mass of sludge growl metal experimentation. Enter if you dare to explore. aratus

Kill Ritual Karma Machine Scarlet Records release: 18 September 2015 This band is not goregrind, not slam death metal, not deathcore and not brutal death metal, despite their extreme metal-sounding name. Kill Ritual is all about the shredding and guitar mastery, thrashing riffs, pounding rhythms and traditional metal singing. The band started in 2010, but there’s more to the story here. The band is led by Steven Rice from Imagika, the thrash/power metal band from California, U.S. that lasted from 1993-2010. As you can see, this is Mr. Rice’s post-Imagika adventure, but fear not: the idea is basically the same, to concentrate on that thrash/power/prog area of metal music.

Kill Ritual has two previous albums, ‘The Serpentine Ritual’ (2012) and ‘The Eyes Of Medusa’ (2014). The album is recommended for people that prefer more sophisticated forms of thrash (not the punk/hardcore stuff), with more skill and higher standards, and that also like the prog metal elements. Evilheart Quinquaginta (Re-Release Sept 15, 2015) Test Your Metal Records release: 15 September 2015 Some people have observed that Evilheart is Mexico's answer to Austria's black/death 14

mongers Belphegor, and from the sounds of the album, it is difficult to argue. It just goes to show that this sound has spread far and wide, and bands are incorporating the black metal blasting and guitar work with death metal vocals and heaviness for a combination that seeks to have the best of both worlds, while eliminating what the bands consider the weaker elements: the low-budget sound of black metal and the uncreative/formulaic death metal.

The band is actually not a new one. They say that they formed way back in 1999. They have three full-length albums now, including this one. They have also done their share of touring, including a recent tour in Canada in September. Is this band on the rise? With an album like this, then it’s safe to assume that the supporters of the genre will take notice of the Mexican band.

Nightfell Darkness Evermore 20 Buck Spin release: 11 September 2015 In 2014 the band delivered “The Living Ever Mourn” an impressive work of nebulous, foggy pastiche in the area of death/black/doom metal.

annoying, like many modern extreme metal recordings can be. The band is anchored by Todd Burdette (Tragedy, His Hero Is Gone, Warcry) and Tim Call (Aldebaran, Mournful Congregation, Sempiternal Dusk, Saturnalia Temple): this means that they are very knowledgeable and skilled at the Nightfell sound. Another success for the band. Mirror Mirror Metal Blade release: 13 November 2015

Now in 2015 they return with another album that once again manages to do the improbable: work different genres in a very smooth, non-jarring, non-irritating and very pleasant way. The melancholy and the melody once again take over as the indispensable elements of the music. The vocals tend to be on the low end of growling, and the vocals sound like an additional instrument and mesh very well with the strong atmosphere of the album. The pace is sometimes slow, very much in the doom vibes, but then it will pick up to headbanging rhythm with black metal guitar work within the production of a thick death/doom album. The sound quality is more on the side of old school primitive spirit, and not the clinically perfect sound of modern/extreme metal. The band gives the listener control of the volume: if you want to really hear everything, you can turn it up to a high volume and it will not be 15

Mirror’s metal is the transitional sound from the 70s to the 80s. The band pays tribute to metal’s past in various ways. You might hear a bit of Zep/Sabbath/Purple, a bit of Uriah Heep or Rainbow, or some Witchfynde or Diamond Head, including song quotations from Sabbath’s “Country Girl” or Diamond Head’s “Am I Evil?,” so on and so forth. Overall, they come across as a young New Wave of British Heavy Metal band that is making a clear statement in defense of the heavy metal. In 2015, the music is basically making the same point about the days when heavy metal was

much younger, more demanding of talent, but looser in terms of genre definitions and limits; more swagger, higher standards, less stylistic stiffness.

about the recording and the discography.

You might find it strange that this music is from people who come from an extreme metal background: the band’s leader is Tas Danazoglou from black/thrash band Satan’s Wrath (Greece). You wouldn’t think that Matt Olivo from 80s grind foundational band Repulsion (U.S.) would be involved, too. So is Satan’s Wrath guitarist Stamos K. The singer is Jimmy Mavromatis, who is a new name to me.

1.Ballade 05:07 2.Pourrir en paix 05:00 3.La dèche des ruelles 02:50 4.Champs de ciment 02:58 5.Les âmes du quartier 04:21 6.Sorcier des rats 05:47 total time 26:03

Mirror’s idea is that the past is alive. I believe it.

FREE METAL MUSIC Pluie Pluie is a black metal band from Canada. They have a free recording. The music, while raw, has a certain melody that makes it more approachable than you would think. Overall, the recording is underground black metal. The vocals, however, are probably the most extreme element in the sense that they are very intense and harsh, and grating on the ears, more than the normal black metal vocals. In other words, they do not attempt to tone down the vocal agony by making the vocals sound closer to death metal or closer to something else. It's cave black metal vocals all the way. The music goes fast most of the time, but here and there some slower moments are present. Anyway, the band's music is for the fanatic black metal listener that likes to hear about underground bands. Below is information 16

"d'Hochelaga" by Pluie Release date: December 22nd, 2014

discography Démo-démo Demo 2013 La dèche des ruelles Single 2014 d'Hochelaga EP 2014 Imperious Epic black/death band Imperious (Germany) has a free album and it is a full-length, professional, quality recording. You will not believe that this album is actually available for free/name-your-price. This album is definitely worthwhile to investigate and to listen to fully. It sounds like it was a lot of work for the band. I'm glad they are feeling very generous by making the album available for free. What a lucky day! This is the band's bio. “Nescire autem quid ante quam natus sis acciderit, id est semper esse puerum.” “Not to know what happened before you were born is to remain forever a child.” (Cicero; 46. B.C.) IMPERIOUS, hailing from Franconia, Germany regard the words of rome's most famous philosopher as a principle: They want to tell stories of the past, of legends and myths for bringing them back into the memory of their

listeners. Forced by a close affinity to history, the ancient world and epic poetry, the lyrical focus of IMPERIOUS lies on developing concepts out of those substances. For composing their words they unite different styles of Metal, particularly an atmospheric and epic kind mixed with rushing Black and Death Metal elements and rounded off with looming parts of DoomMetal. Clear and acute vocals paired with catchy solo guitar melodies give this music an own and special character with a recognition value. Through live shows at the “Ragnarök Festival” or the “Walpurgis Metal Days” amongst others, the band was able, aside to underground club gigs, to persuade also on the bigger stages and to guide the audience into their own epic world. The debut album “Varus” was released in April 2011 through Twilight Distribution. "Tales of Woe (The Journey of Odysseus, Part I: From Ilion to Hades)" by Imperious release date: May 16th, 2015 1.At the Shores of Ilion 02:30 2.To Abjure Temptation 08:21 3.At the Cave of Polyphemus 01:30 instrumental 4.The Sharpened Pale 09:56 5.Insidious Winds 14:51 6.At the Bay of Telepylos 01:11 instrumental 7.The Feasting of the Laestrygonians 03:04 instrumental 8.Celestial Tunes of Moral Fraud 06:44 9.At the Realm of Hades 01:40 10.Where Cimmerian Darkness Dwells 12:44 total time 01:02:31 Metal Archives gives the following information about the members: Iluaar: guitars 17

Kalmesh: guitars, vocals Sertorius: bass, vocals guest/session musicians: Martin Sollik: Narration, Guitars (acoustic) Nadine Badewitz: vocals Michael Seifert: vocals Angela Carofiglio: vocals Roman Kazmerovski: vocals Astigarraga Thrower Astigarraga Thrower is death metal from Spain. The band's name and logo is a clear reference to their love of Bolt Thrower death metal, which is expressed on this recording. The band's lyrics are in the Basque language. "Aiako Harria" by Astigarraga Thrower release date: November 3rd, 2015 1.Aurpegi Beltzuak 02:05 2.Harria Sutan 05:20 3.Oiartzun 02:22 4.Burdinbide 03:24 5.Añorgako Kantina 05:32 total time 18:43 on this recording the band is: Xavier - vocals (Kamorrah, Ósserp, ex-Crani Sèptic) Albert - guitars (Insulters, Akocedakor, exCrani Sèptic, ex-Cruz, ex-Deftan 70) Rambo - bass (Kamorrah, Helde, Ancient Emblem, Logical End, ex-Iron Batasuna,exAnosognosia) Michel - drums (Morbid Flesh, Tort, Cuerno, exLa Matanza, ex-Diseased, ex.Storm of Diseased) contact:

Seattle region concert calendar

November 17th at 07:00 pm at Studio Seven: Blind Guardian with Grave Digger November 18 at Highline: Mgła, Buried at Sea, Unearthly Trance, Sempiternal Dusk, Weregoat, Samothrace November 19 at Highline: Amarok, Addaura, Badr Vogu, Hissing November 20 at Highline: Lesbian, Usnea, Beneath Oblivion, Un, A God or an Other November 21 Fallen Angels Olympia; 4th Ave Tavern November 23rd at Neumos Venom Inc. with guests Necrophagia November 27 Ocean of Obsession, with Stollintyde and The War Within. at Tony V's Garage in Everett December 3 Kamelot + Dragonforce at the Showbox December 4 Maiden Seattle at Flight's Pub in Everett December 5 at Louie G in Tacoma: Otherworld, Kill Closet, American Wrecking Company, Massacre at the Opera, Salem Knights, JesusWearsArmani, Ocean of Obsession December 10 at Highline: Abhomine, Necroholocaust, Weregoat, Crurifragium December 11 at Highline (Hail Santa VI VI VI Fest): Witchaven, Xoth, Sarcalagos, Raptor Thrash, Substratum, Progenitor December 11 at El Corazon: Black Sabbitch, Witchburn, Zero Down December 12 at Highline (Hail Santa VI VI VI Fest): Wolvhammer, Atriarch, Ghostblood, Rhine, Brain Scraper December 12 Sarcalogos at McCoy's Tavern Olympia, WA December 17 Black Breath at Neumos January 30 Nile at El Corazon January 31 at Studio Seven: Warbringer, 18

Enforcer, Exmortus, Cauldron, Oxygen Destroyer February 19 Fleshed Apocalypse at Studio Seven - Seattle, WA February 6 Black Sabbath at Tacoma Dome March 6 Halloween at The Showbox March 7 Delain, Sonata Arctica, Nightwish at Showbox SoDo March 24 Y & T at Studio Seven April 11 Iron Maiden at Tacoma Dome

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