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November 6 , 2015 (no.1 in November)

Under the Church

Vanden Plas



Cauterized (WA state)

Night Viper

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Under the Church Rabid Armageddon Pulverised Records release: 30 October 2015

They did not like what they were hearing as “death metal.” Every time they would read about a “death metal” band, they would listen to the music and they would wonder why anyone would call that “death metal.” Since when did emocore, hardcore and metalcore become “death metal”?! Really, who can blame these old men? Under the Church was formed by Erik and Lars from the old Swedish death metal band Nirvana 2002. There’s no two ways about it, it’s how they understand death metal. They cut their teeth on the founders of the genre in the 80s, such as Death, Master, Repulsion, Carcass and Autopsy. That old death metal sounded ugly, cavernous and barbaric. Politically and musically incorrect, this band also sounds just as horrible, the way that death metal is meant

The themes are violent and horror-driven. Unsophisticated by design, the songs will impress by sheer old school charm of primal death. Well, they will impress the people that use terms like “real death metal.” Everybody else will run away in disgust, which is how the band wants it. Stay away, fakers, you are not wanted on this land. “Get off my lawn, whippersnappers!”, says Under the Church.

Ephyra Along The Path Bakerteam Records release: 20 November 2015

Somewhere between power metal, folk metal, and extreme metal the band is carving up its own territory, marking it as they go along. This is the band’s second album, which comes after the 2013 album “Journey.” The band rejects ideas for songs that are not instantly memorable and that’s why the album hits the ground running and works tirelessly to convince you to mosh or to party like every day is Oktoberfest. My goodness, those German crowds will eat this up! The vocals consist of a two-voice mode of melodic, traditional singing, which is backed up with growling. The growling is present throughout the album, and it’s there as an

important contrast of the various elements of the uptempo, melodic band. Depending on a particular moment, you will hear some very folky segments or some “melodic death metal” vibes or symphonic clouds or huge sing-along choruses that call you out to rise and bang your head. The band has a made a professional recording, with a clear production that allows the songs to be heard in full.

What would happen if folk metal, power metal and extreme metal got together for an Oktoberfest party or for a Lord of the Rings marathon or just a normal Wacken mud party? The answer is Ephyra.

TAOS (The Arrival Of Satan) Passion Sodomy Terror Osmose Productions release: 27 November 2015

These people are just not right in the head. Something went wrong, really wrong in their life and they took a wrong turn, met the wrong people, went to the wrong places and they never came back. They have stayed in that headspace of postmodern black metal of nihilism and worthlessness. Technology and negativity, fury and ineptitude, self-hatred and the loathing of all, black metal and 3

chaos, the necro and the cave.

These French people are out of their minds. You might wonder why the French black metal bands are such lunatics. Black metal is disgusting because the world is disgusting and that’s the way TAOS sees the world. Nothing makes sense to them and they don’t even bother. It’s black metal, it’s sick and neurotic. Be grateful for TAOS. Expect ugliness and the lunatic fringe of black metal. I don’t have a link to the new music yet, but go here and begin the process of losing your mind. booking:

review by Matt Spall, Man of Much Metal Artist: Vanden Plas Album Title: Chronicles Immortals: Netherworld II Label: Frontiers Records Year Of Release: 2015



Those familiar with my blog will know about my admiration for Germany’s Vanden Plas. During a career that has stretched over an impressive 20-plus years and eight studio albums, I’m not convinced that Messrs Stephan Lill (guitars), Andy Kuntz (vocals), Andreas Lill (drums), Torsten Reichart (bass) and Günter Werno (keyboards), have

released anything short of brilliant. As a result, they have to be considered to be one of the very best within the progressive metal genre. It’s something of a treat then to be presented with another full length album, less than two years after their last, particularly when Vanden Plas are one of those bands that historically prefer quality over quantity and generally take several years to create new material.

and a sureness of purpose that is quite rare these days. Choirs, female vocals, intricate and subtly complex, Vanden Plas create a great mix of the challenging and the instantly accessible.

‘Chronicles Of The Immortals: Netherworld II’, as the name suggests is the second and concluding part of a two-disc concept. I offered my thoughts on ‘Chronicles Of the Immortals: Netherworld’ at the time of its release, so if you’ve yet to check it out or if you want to put the following review into context, click here: ‘Chronicles Of the Immortals: Netherworld’. The first thing to say is that, stylistically, there’s very little difference between this record and the last. But then, as they are intrinsically linked, that’s hardly surprising. What is equally unsurprising and will have readers shouting ‘broken record’ in my direction, is the unquestionable quality of the material on offer. As with the last album, the Kaiserslautern quintet continue to work with German author Wolfgang Hohlbein in an effort to bring his ‘Chronicles Of The Immortals’ novels to life via the medium of music. But not just any music; in the hands of lesser musicians, this concept could have been rendered gutless, cheesy or half-hearted. Thanks to an increased love of the theatre within the Vanden Plas ranks and an innate flair for the dramatic and cinematic, the concept is brought to life beautifully and concluded in real polished style. This is nine tracks of superb melodic progressive metal, full of subtlety, bombast 4

With that very much in mind, I must admit that on a first, second and even third spin through, I felt just a little underwhelmed. The first album in this duo was so great right off the bat that I was in danger of dismissing this record as being, rather ineloquently ‘not as good’. I cannot put my finger on why this was because I’m now more spins into this album than I care to admit publically and it is nothing short of magnificent. It contains everything that fans of the band should want and have come to expect. There aren’t really any surprises but then surprises and curveballs aren’t always necessary, not when the standard fare is so palatable that’s for sure. The rich orchestration that came to the fore beautifully in ‘Part I’ is present in abundance here on ‘Part 2’. Günter Werno plays an absolute blinder, embellishing the music with lush atmospheres and depth that just takes the breath away on several occasions. In fact,

to call the keys and synths an ‘embellishment’ is both unfair and inaccurate. Unlike many bands of a similar ilk, the keys are not just present because that’s what you have to do if you’re a prog band. At least that’s how it often feels. With Vanden Plas, the keys are an integral part of the compositions and weave in and out to add grandeur or subtle nuances that require great attention to notice. Just listen to ‘Vision 16teen: Diabolica Comedia’ as the perfect example. The intro to the track is majestic and powerful whereas large parts of the song are more subtle, guided by understated keys that give the appearance of a film score on several occasions. Once again, the rhythm section fails to miss a beat however simple or complex the backbone of the music is. Andreas Lill’s drums are wonderfully thunderous when required and I could listen to Reichart’s clever bassplaying all day. Stephan Lill then adds his unique guitar tones and personally speaking, this is one of my favourite aspects of the Vanden Plas sound. The riffs are deliciously crunchy and aggressive, equal parts complex and simple and when the composition demands it, can offer something altogether more poignant and beautiful. The riff within ‘Vision 15teen: Monster’ is indeed a monster, whereas the pinched harmonics and lead solo within ‘Vision 17teen: Where Have The Children Gone’ are superb. So damn catchy is that riff within ‘Monster’, that I cannot stop myself banging my head along to it, even when on a packed train full of commuters. Speaking of catchy, the melodies on this record are stunning. Not perhaps as immediate as other Vanden Plas albums, but they’re nevertheless there and with patience and attention, they blossom beautifully to the point where you’ll wake up to find yourself 5

humming any number of the tracks on the record. Part of the reason why the melodies work so well is down to the strength, commitment and abilities of vocalist Andy Kuntz. Where other vocalists go through the motions, Kuntz give it everything; he steps into character and delivers his lines in his unique tones and phrasings as if his life depends on it. Just check out the chorus on ‘Vision 18teen: The Last Fight’. Seriously, if you don’t get goose bumps, you’re probably never going to be a Vanden Plas fan. Everything combines to majestic effect – the keys are prominent, the rhythm section pounds, the guitars open up with epic chords and Kuntz sings his heart out. If there was a small gripe from a few fans with the last record, it was that the output was a little too cinematic and as such, it lacked sufficient ‘prog’ within the compositions. Whilst ‘Part II’ is unlikely to fully appease this minority, it would be a churlish fan not to recognise tracks like the ‘Vision 14teen: Blood Of Eden’. At nearly 14 minutes long, it weaves, twists and turns from theatrical, to all out heavy metal bombast, cramming just about every facet of the Vanden Plas sound into one epic composition. And, in keeping with the entirety of the record, the chaps make it sound so damn effortless. As a really nice touch and to cement the link between the two records, the aforementioned ‘Vision 15teen: Monster’ reintroduces some of the melodies from Part I and ‘Vision 19teen: Circle Of The Devil’ comes full circle and closes the concept by returning to the orchestral and cinematic musical themes of the opening track on ‘Part 1’. The fact that it opens up into a cracking full-on metal crescendo is simply the icing on the cake.

As I had no doubt, ‘Chronicles Of The Immortals: Netherworld II’ is a killer slab of adventurous, anthemic and sophisticated progressive metal. It cements the band’s place as a genre leader and shows what is possible when five musicians come together with a shared vision as well as the hunger, desire and willingness to produce something that clearly comes from the heart. I adore this band and you should too. Glorious stuff. The Score Of Much Metal: 9.5

I’m not sure where in Washington they are located, but they say that their home is Seattle. If you would like to get with this metal music, start on the Facebook and tell them that Metal Bulletin Zine sent ya. Tell them to stop being so mysterious, too. email:

Night Viper Read more of Matt Spall’s works at his blog:


This week I want to bring to your attention Cauterized from the state of Washington. Unfortunately, I do not have a whole lot of information about them because I have not met these fine gentlemen nor witnessed them in concert nor seen them eating a burrito at the local taco truck down by the river, where I live. If you force them to give you a label for the barrage of extreme metal that they play, they will probably answer you with “We are a death/grind band.” From what I see, the band is: Jullian “Jules” Rhea: guitar abomination Zach “The Z” Nehl: drum basher Samuel “Ozzy” Osborne: guitar obstruction and angry animal growls Chelsea “Cheezit” Loh: bass reconfiguration


Traditional heavy metal band Night Viper from Sweden have been making a little bit of noise, but things are about to get louder now because they have a new full-length album to feed to the hungry metal masses. They are from Gothenburg, a city that they have been working to bring under the hammer of Night Viper. To Metal Bulletin Zine this band is completely new and just found about them in last couple of weeks. I like what I hear! Come get some heavy metal and let the Night Viper show the metal way. The band is: Tom, Jonna, Sofie Lee, Ruben, Emil. They are on Svart Records. The band has some shows that are upcoming. Dec. 4: Karlstad, Heaven & Hell Dec. 12: Jönköping, Kulturhuset (with Nocturnalia) Dec. 19: Göteborg, Truckstop Alaska (with Nightmare City, Night, Indian Nightmare) email:

the music and the impact they made on music and pop culture. I tend to like things over the top and KISS certainly does that. Favorite KISS songs-'Love Gun', 'I Just Wanna' and 'Black Diamond.' I've seen them 57 times and counting.

TOP BANDS of Seamus from the metal music show Excuse All the Blood Excuse All the Blood is on air Fridays at 11pm Seattle time. Below you will find the relevant information. Hi, Seamus. I have noticed that you are metal list maker. I don't know if you have actual lists or whether they are mental lists, but you often say interesting things about your lists. Can you name your top bands of all time and can you say a bit about why they are top bands for you? --MMB Seamus: I love answering these so thanks for the opportunity! My top 5 bands: 1.KISS The greatest band of all time. Far from a metal band (although Revenge and Carnival of Souls get somewhat close) but the band that has meant the most to me since 1992. I love 7

2.Alice Cooper For some of the reasons I like KISS so much. I enjoy his music a lot and the macabre imagery (not the band Macabre, although 'Dahmer' is a masterpiece). I'm not a fan of the hits so much but think he is an underrated lyricist. Favorite Alice songs-'Hes Back', 'Roses On White Lace' and 'Dwight Fry'. I love every era of Alice but prefer the Kane Roberts/metal years of 'Constrictor' and 'Raise Your Fist and Yell', my two favorite albums of his. 3.Judas Priest The final metal band of all time. I'd rather listen to the worst Priest album ('Rocka Rolla') over the best Maiden album (the debut) any day. Rob is the finest metal vocalist ever. Part of this is nostalgia for me since I got into them at the same time as I got into KISS and Alice but every time I hear 'Painkiller' I'm pumped up. They can do fast ('Painkiller'), slow ('Out In the Cold'), poppy ('Turbo Lover'), anthemic ('Take On The World'), gothy ('The Ripper'), etc. They touch all bases and touch them well. I consider them the true originators of the genre and the best the genre has to offer. Favorite Songs: 'The Green Manalishi', 'Jawbreaker' and 'Hell Patrol'. 4.Mercyful Fate It's interesting since I don't like King's solo material much at all. 'Dont Break The Oath' is the finest metal record ever recorded, while 'A Dangerous Meeting' is the finest metal song ever recorded ('Princess of the Dawn' is probably the second best ever). I like all the Fate albums but the first two are perfect. They

have the perfect mix of technicality, macabre (again, not the band), occult and King's vocals (in Fate at least) are incredible. I'm in my 30's and 'Satans Fall' still creeps me out but in a good way. Favorite songs: 'A Dangerous Meeting', 'Desecration of Souls', 'Is That You, Melissa?' 5.Dokken They're not a metal band (pretty close sometimes) but I love, love, love Dokken harmonies. As with many of these bands there is an element of nostalgia here. I got into them in third grade with 'Dream Warriors' but still really enjoy most of their music. I like Don's voice and how easy the songs are to sing a long to. They're the best band to drive to. Favorite songs: 'Breaking the Chains', 'Kiss of Death', 'Into the Fire.' As for Dokken on the show-I don't play them much because most of their material isn't particularly fast ('KISS of Death', 'Tooth and Nail' etc aside) nor heavy. The Blood tends to focus on newer, heavier bands, or at least newer releases. I don't consider Dokken metal, but do consider Lizzy and WASP metal bands. Lizzy is favorite band number 6. Although he/they certainly got glammed up they didn't resort to love ballads so much like Dokken. That era of music, the mid 80's metal scene, is my favorite. I love Lizzy, Cirith Ungol, Cloven Hoof, Tyrant, etc. I wasn't into them then but sure appreciate them now. The first WASP album is in my top 5 albums ever and I love it every time I listen to it. Blackie has an amazing voice, is a hell of a lyricist and I like that they can get somewhat horror ('Tormentor') and violent ('The Headless Children'). There are some bad WASP albums but the debut, 'The Headless Children', 'The Crimson Idol' and 'Still Not Black Enough' are all gems. I own every thing Blackie has ever released-albums, 7 Inches, etc. Although KISS isn't metal they're my favorite band and it bothers me when 8

people simply dismiss them as schlock or poppy. 'Strange Ways' is a heavy fucking song. 'Creatures' has the vibe of a metal album. 'I Stole Your Love' was really fast for the time and Lick It Up/Animalize/Asylum all feature some fast 80's style songs. 'I'm Alive' is a metal song as is 'Exciter' and 'Ive Had Enough'. My favorite KISS album is 'Revenge''Unholy is a metal song. 'Thou Shalt Not' is pretty heavy, for KISS anyways. On Carnival of Souls'-'Hate' and 'In My Head' are metal. Overall I prefer the Paul songs but Gene's songs tends to be the heavier/more metal ones. I hope that works! Thanks, I had fun and keep them comin'!


Pessimist (U.S.) Slaughtering the Faithful [reissue] Obscure Musick release: 31 October 2015 The underground death metal veterans have returned and they say that their next album will be called “Keys to the Underworld.” However, before that happens, the band wants you to know that they have the 2015 reissue of the 2002 album “Slaughtering the Faithful.” The album nowadays stands as strong documentation of everything that they can do in their own twisted version of influences coming from their predecessors like Morbid Angel and Deicide. In particular, Pessimist music sounds very close to the blastattack death metal of Krisiun or Hate Eternal around the late 90s, when death metal was on the upswing again. Pessimist is the band of founder guitarist Kelly McLauchlin, who has toured and recorded with Diabolic, Angelcorpse, Unholy Ghost and Possessed.

You also might find it useful to know the official information: This special CD release also includes bonus tracks, “Summoned to Suffer” 2000 Demo and a live in-studio performance on WNYU's (89.1 FM) widely recognized Hellhole show. The digital-only release includes 3 additional bonus tracks; live rehearsal tapes from the “Slaughtering” demos, featuring recentlydeceased drummer, John Grden (RIP).

Slaughtering the Faithful is the first of three PESSIMIST reissues coming your way from Obscure Musick. Reissues of 1997's Cult of the Initiated and 1999's Blood For the Gods are scheduled for 2016 in March and September, respectively. Un The Tomb of All Things Black Bow Records Release: 4 December 2015 This death doom band is from the state of Washington and they have their album scheduled for December 4th, just in time to 9

prevent you from getting too happy during the holidays. Expect slow-motion growled doom. The band is rather uncompromising in its approach to the funeral doom, and that means that there is virtually nothing that a doom fanatic will not like here. They have the slow melodies, which they make sure that do not sound too joyful because melancholy is the mode of operation. The album sounds fully professional, and that means that it’s not garage/stoner nor basement drone, either, in case that matters to you.

Also, you might be interested to know that vocals and guitars are done by Monte “MacDaddy” McCleery from Samothrace. As of today, November 5th, I don’t have a link to the new music for you, but below you can hear some of the older recordings in order to get an idea about the band. Welcome, hopelessness. Shadowkiller Until The War Is Won PURE STEEL RECORDS RELEASE: 28th August 2015 Supporters of traditional heavy metal should give Shadowkiller a chance. This 2015 album is called “Until the War Is Won” and it has the following tracks: 1.Flames of War


2.Generation Strong 3.Legacy 4.A Price for Freedom 5.Staring into Oblivion 6.Survival 7.The Blood of Many 8.Until the War Is Won 9.We Stand Unbroken total time 54:30

06:02 05:21 05:44 07:10 05:54 05:17 05:05 07:10

The band is a heavy/power metal band with catchy songs with melody and with headbanging riffs. The band is not a soft type of traditional metal. It’s melodic, but with war themes and with a keep-it-true attitude. This is the band’s second album. The first one was called “Slaves Of Egypt“ and it was released in 2013. The album is a professional recording and the band certainly shows expertise in its chosen field. If you support traditional heavy metal metal and you not have heard Shadowkiller, then it’s about time to correct that situation. Obscene Entity (UK) Lamentia Tridroid Records release: 27 November 2015 Just a quick note right before this new issue of Metal Bulletin Zine is ready. This band is old school-minded death metal for the diehard supporters of the genre. This album will be out on November the 27th, 2015. In 2012 they released their first EP and now in 2015 they have their debut album. To my ears the band sounds loyal to the pounding/blasting style of death metal, but they also show just a bit of 10

melody, a tiny bit, in some places. They also have some black metal-like riffing, within the production of death metal. It’s the kind of album that if you try to find something wrong with it, you will fail. The band has its act together and it sounds like they have been practicing their craft a lot. They are still relatively young as a band, but they show a lot of promise. Now, get in contact with them and tell them to let you hear this music now. Blast! Necrocosm (USA) Damnation Doctrine self-released release: 4 September 2015 Can you ever mix brutal death metal with melody in the right way? Lots of “melodic death metal” gets criticized for sounding like metalcore or emocore or hipstercore or for being, you know, not metal. A lot of “melodic death metal” just sounds weak, especially to the underground extreme metal people, in particular to those are cranky and angry and jaded. (By the way, I’m not talking about me.) I want to propose an exception to you. This band sounds like real metal to me, but it’s just that the guitar playing shows an ability to bring some melody. The band, overall, sounds like headbanging, intense metal. The vocals are gruff and stay on the side of brutality. The vocals do not like hardcore at all, to me.

The only thing I would tell you is this: If you really do not like guitar players that know how to play their instruments, then definitely stay away because the guitar playing is not twochord chugga-chugga stuff. I have been listening to the album and I think that if you like old “melodic death metal,” before the Americans defecated on it with their metalcore and kidnapped it and hijacked it, then this band will be interesting to you.

Don’t take my word for it. What I do know? Just go listen for yourself!


Here are these week’s free metal music recordings. These are free when last checked on the 6th of November, 2015. Lifeproof free black metal from Ohio, USA: Lifeproof "Lifeproof" by Lifeproof Release date: November 4th, 2015 1.Thick Skin Bleeds Thin Pt.1 07:29 2.Thick Skin Bleeds Thin Pt.2 02:41 3.Cradle of Withdrawal 06:49 4.Glorification of Depression 05:10 total time 22:09 11 roof Oceans of Flesh free extreme metal: Oceans of Flesh "Eternal Desecration" by Oceans of Flesh Release date: August 29th, 2015 1.Rituals of the Damned 05:23 2.Anguish Eternal 04:10 3.Throne of Desecration (Live) 03:44 total time 13:17 "Longtime veterans of the Maryland underground music scene, Oceans of Flesh have been assaulting audiences with their ferocious brand of blackened thrash metal since 2010. Formed from the ashes of the cult metal band Recourse, (and long before that, local hardcore stalwarts Blatant Disregard), the members of OoF have spent years honing their metallic attack to a razor's edge. Blistering, discordant guitar riffs collide with a pummeling rhythm section. Meanwhile, frontman Troy bellows his discontent with the universe, pushing the material into new realms of darkness and terror." /eternal-desecration Nydeshka free black metal from Michigan, USA: Nydeshka "Carrion" by Nydeshka Release date: September 24th, 2015 1.Remnants of the Fall 05:45 2.Jade Spell 07:06 3.Beneath the Waves... 02:02 4....of White Frost 07:38 5.Nydeshka 04:27 total time 26:58

Aberathiedeus free black metal from Mexico: Aberathiedeus "The Mourning of the Satan's Slaves" by Aberathiedeus Release date: October 27th, 2015 1.Spiritus Sancte 01:27 instrumental 2.Romance in Graves 05:20 3.Around of Thousand Souls 04:50 4.Angeli Mali 03:57 5.Sons of Light 05:27 6.Mourning 09:04 total time 30:05 Ice Sword free power metal demo from USA: Ice Sword "Demo" by Ice Sword Release date: October 15th, 2015 1.The Birth of Legend 04:15 2.Abysmal Dreariness 04:04 3.Wizard's Facade 02:48 4.Dragon Clash 05:17 5.Tormented Rebirth 02:38 6.Dispatch the Human Plague 04:33 total time 23:35

"Come unto Me" by Diabolic Storm Release date:October 29th, 2015 1.In the Light of Deviance 04:30 2.Come unto Me 03:26 3.False Heavenly Glory 04:00 4.Expiation 01:42 5.Humiliations in the Past 03:28 6.Blinded by Faith 03:38 7.Under My Black Wings 04:01 8.Tartarean Shelter 02:20 9.Angyalok képében 03:19 10.Halálon túl 03:17 total time 33:41 Consilium free black metal from Finland: Consilium "Tulkoon Limeys" by Consilium released October 29, 2015 1.I - Syntymä ja Verenneito 12:46 2.II - Pelko 13:54 3.III - Ikuisuus ja Ykseys 11:04 4.IV - Kuolema 12:44 total time 50:28

Vilkun free thrash metal demo from Chile: Vilkun "Rise" by Vilkun Release date: October 22nd, 2015 1.Demencia 04:01 2.Arrepentimiento 05:40 3.Anagrama 04:44 4.Ritual 04:13 5.Leftraru 04:38 6.Rio de sangre 06:03 instrumental total time 29:19

Stealclaw free thrash demo from Holland: Stealclaw "Time of Evil" by Stealclaw Release date: October 25th, 2015 1.On the Run 03:04 2.Death Rites 03:43 3.Collision of Worlds 03:55 4.Deathtrap 03:57 5.Fear in the Night 03:38 6.Sacrilege 03:38 7.War Machine 04:34 total time 26:29

Diabolic Storm free symphonicblack metal from Hungary: Diabolic Storm

Sepulchre Sepulchre is "progressive death blues" or "progressive death metal" from California, U.S.


The band says: This is the first quality recording release of the Santa Rosa death metal trio. Formed in the wake of 2012, Chris Burnett on guitar and Luis Olguin on bass jammed for a while and talked about starting a project, eventually getting the insanely fast Forest Giulietti on drums. "The missions has always been to keep the spirit of OLD SCHOOL metal alive with their own spin on it. One of the fastest bands around. Come see for yourself." "Sepulcher" by Sepulchre October 22nd, 2015 1.Destiny Destroyer 08:37 2.Crucial End 08:24 3.S.C.S.F. - feat. Alex H. of "Amnesia" 01:30 4.Maleficence 04:59 total time 23:30 ases Asarhaddon Asarhaddon is black metal from Germany. The band is: Christian K. Drums Christian K. Guitars Vigard Vocals "Furstere" by Asarhaddon release date: October 18th, 2015 1. Die See 04:51 2. Das Licht 03:39 3. Der Wind 03:25 4. Die Ferne 05:02 total time 16:57 stere Delphos Delphos is heavy metal in Spanish from Madrid, Spain. The band says that this is a live recording. "Vente Aquí A Volar" by Delphos 1.Intro 01:35 2.Ícaro 05:14 3.Primo Victoria 04:28 (Sabaton cover) 13

4.Sueños Pasajeros 05:18 5.Maldito Sol 04:37 6.Renacer 05:39 7.Digimon (Opening) 02:00 =p Them Vultures Them Vultures is death metal from Sweden. They are "horror themed old school Death Metal. Raw, noisy and heavily distorted." "Weird Tales" by Them Vultures Release date: November 1st, 2015 1.The Tale of Nathaniel W. Peaslee 02:24 2.To Reanimate 03:10 3.The Rats in the Walls 03:10 4.Innsmouth 03:40 5.The Madness from the Sea 04:08 total time 16:32 Lord Gallows Somewhere in the state of New York, in a place called Pittsburgh, New York, there is a one-person project by Lord Gallows. "Grave Desecrator" by Lord Gallows released September 2, 2015 1.Fog & Moonlight 00:55 2.Grave Desecrator 05:15 3.Crushed by the Tombstone 03:24 4.Mausoleum Fuckfest 03:07 5.Casket Fire 02:57 6.Cemetery Blaze 04:17 7.Death Defied 09:13 White Bones This is a raw, necro demo black metal recording by White Bones from Poland. "White Bones" by White Bones Release date: October 17th, 2015

1. Ruined Deity 03:45 2. When the Wind Is Cold and Violent 05:03 3. Vanity of the Rotting 04:04 4. White Bones 05:22 5. Reborn Buried 05:13 total time 23:27 GutterSkull GutterSkull is crust black metal from Croatia. "Crawling in Disgust" by GutterSkull release date: October 25th, 2015 1.Silent Avenger 02:39 2.Disaster Never Ends 01:31 3.Bleed 01:32 4.Undead Torment 03:02 5.Darkest Armies 01:26 6.Terror of Tomorrow 01:59 7.Slaughterlords 01:28 8.Vast Merciless Lands 02:07 9.Another Mournful Dawn 02:00 10.Thermonuclear Devastation (Onslaught cover) 01:26 11.Sick World 03:01 total time 22:11 Mattugur Mattugur is black metal from Poland. "Legions of White Hand" by Mattugur October 3rd, 2015 1.To The Stars 04:07 2.Uruk-Hai Warmaster 04:08 3.Seer Dark Tower 02:01 4.Grand Magus 02:56 5.Arc Warden 02:44 6.Palantir 04:30 7.Divided We Stand 02:42 8.Undiscovered Arctic 03:22 9.Storm On Horizon 02:19 total time 28:49 14

Tyler Hutson instrumental shred Tyler Hutson (USA) is an "Aspiring musician. I hope you enjoy what you hear! Album in progress... titled Foreign Grounds." "Foreign Grounds" by Tyler Hutson October 28th, 2015 1.Golden Sands 03:53 2.Worlds Apart 05:17 3.The Hero in Me 03:54 4.Reborn 03:21 5.Halcyon 04:16 6.Citadel 03:27 7.Deceiving the Masses 04:00 8.Harbinger 03:46 total time 31:54 This zine is available at:

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Metal Bulletin Zine 62  

metal music zine in the state of Washington, USA

Metal Bulletin Zine 62  

metal music zine in the state of Washington, USA