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The aesthetic of Pittsburgh Pride 2012 is a reflection of the headlining performer. This tattooed, alternative rock style was a nod to Melissa Etheridge, who’s folk rock hits were the largest and gayest hits of 1990s Top 40 radio. The black and white image of her in a leather fringe jacket further tied all the creative together. Branding tie-ins to this were also custom designed. One example were temporary tattoos of the logo given away to patrons at all of the gay bars in the metro area. Also, the t-shirt design was the second fastest to sell out in Pittsburgh Pride history. Fun note: The pattern in the background of all the marketing pieces is an edited photo of the wallpaper in my parents’ dining room. It was perfect.


Jonathan Fobear Portfolio April 23 2015  
Jonathan Fobear Portfolio April 23 2015  

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