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emps are starting to drop, which means it’s time to bundle up with soft blankets, layer on the patterned scarves and maybe pick up a gift for someone special. On our recent search for what’s trending in textiles, we found Malibu-based, luxury home and fashion accessories line Caviar & Cashmere (C&C), which is sure to satisfy all of your cozy winter wishes. This motherdaughter duo, Marilyn and Caitlyn Chase, are the founders who shop the globe for the fine materials used in their collections. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Caitlyn, the face of this growing empire of design culture. She immediately had me floating in soft scarves and beautiful throws, all with C&C’s signature detailed prints and vibrant colors. The Caviar & Cashmere collection is nothing short of luxurious and perfect for home décor, personal style or travel. Q: How is Cashmere made? C&C: Caviar & Cashmere’s luxurious cashmere comes from the

Q: What is your busiest time of the year? C&C: My busiest time of the year is the holiday season. This upcoming

underfleece of the Cashmere goat found in Mongolia and Kashmir. In order to survive the harsh winters and torrid summers, the Cashmere goats develop an undercoat beneath their longer and rougher outer hair that consists of the softest and finest fibers in the world.

season we are not only busy fulfilling online orders and servicing our wholesale accounts, but planning trunk shows and private shopping events.

Once a year during springtime, when the weather in Mongolia and India is milder, the nomadic goat herders harvest this underfleece by means of delicate combing, which is harmless to the animals. About 250 grams of this underfleece is obtained every year, which after careful hand-removal of coarser outer fibers, becomes less than 100 grams. It takes about four years for one goat to produce enough cashmere to make one throw. This is why cashmere is so precious and valuable — the intricate and difficult way in which fine cashmere is obtained. Caviar & Cashmere uses only the best and finest fibers, which have gone through various processes and testing to ensure the highest, purest, and richest quality. Our cashmere is transformed into luxurious lifestyle products, all of which are produced through a combination of sophisticated technology, skilled artisanship, a profound knowledge of luxury, and a commitment to the highest possible quality in the final product.

Q: How do you properly store your cashmere? C&C: If taken care of properly, cashmere can be passed down from

Q: What’s the one item in your closet that you wouldn’t dare give up? C&C: I will never let go of my grandmother’s floor length mink coat she gave me for my 18th birthday. It is one of the most beautiful pieces I own and definitely the most sentimental.

Q: What is your one item that you could never live without? C&C: I could never live without my Caviar & Cashmere classic cable-knit throw. It goes everywhere with me!

Q: What is your favorite winter trend right now? C&C: I am loving all of the animal prints. My absolute favorite are reptile prints such as python, especially when it is printed on fabric such a cashmere and silk – the juxtaposition of hard and soft is so unexpected.

Q: What is your favorite Clothing brand? C&C: My favorite clothing brands right now are Rag&Bone, Theory and The Row. For shoes, I love Lanvin, Christian Louboutin and Chloe, and my latest handbag obsession is definitely Celine.

Q: What is in your bag with you at all times? C&C: I try to keep my handbag light and organized, so I usually just have

generation to generation; it is timeless. The best way to store cashmere is in a sealed plastic bag or box, away from heat, dampness and light. And to be safe, dry cleaning cashmere is always recommended.

the essentials with me: wallet, keys, lipstick, hand sanitizer, sunglasses, business cards, pen and paper.

Q: Where is the most interesting place you have traveled for business? C&C: My trip to India at the beginning of this year was life changing. Prior

Q: What is your guilty pleasure? C&C: Ice cream and massages.

to visiting, I had no idea what to expect and may have been a little jaded by preconceived notions of what India was like. Every negative idea was immediately debunked from the moment I stepped off the plane. India is the most beautiful and inspiring place I have ever visited and I cannot wait to return next year.

Q: What is your go-to cocktail? C&C: I am not a big drinker, so when I do drink, it is usually wine. I recently

Q: What has been the most exciting experience for you in your business? C&C: Starting a business and watching it continuously grow and transform has been the most exciting experience thus far. I wake up every day enthusiastic to imagine, learn, and create new pieces and watch the transformation from idea to an actual, tangible piece of beautiful product.

Q: What is the next step for your business? C&C: The next step for Caviar & Cashmere is to expand into different categories. I would love to add men’s and women’s ready-to-wear into the collection within the next year or two.

Q: What would be your top goal as a business owner? C&C: To provide the best quality products at accessible price points so that everyone has a chance to experience a piece of luxury.

Q: How has it been working with your mother as your business partner? C&C: I couldn’t ask for a better partner, mother and best friend. We have so much fun together, and it never feels like work when I am with her.

Q: How does it feel to be your own boss and the face of the company? C&C: I always knew I wanted to be my own boss; I value freedom of creativity and being in control of my life.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration for your products? C&C: Every piece I design is inspired from my travels. I started traveling with my family at an early age, and was always very inspired by the art, architecture, textiles, culture and landscapes I saw.

Q: What do you do to keep a balanced between business and your personal life? C&C: Running your own business is unlike any 9-5 job, it’s more like 24/7. Although I work a lot, I also enjoy my free time with friends and family. I make an effort to be present when I am with them, turning off my “work mode” and simply relaxing and appreciating their presence.

Q: Where can I go to find your products? C&C: My products are sold on the Caviar & Cashmere website and in specialty stores around the country.

visited Napa Valley, and fell in love with Bryant Family Cabernet. I also like Domaine Ott Rosé and Chateau Saint Michelle Riesling.

Q: You’re a girl, on the go. What is your go-to caffeinated beverage? C&C: I usually start my day off with a latte and muffin from Teuscher. Q: Where is your favorite place to day trip? C&C: My favorite place to take a day trip is definitely Laguna. A perfect Saturday afternoon for me is perusing the boutiques and galleries in Downtown Laguna and then having lunch overlooking the ocean at the Surf & Sand.

Q: Do you have any television series that you’re currently hooked on? C&C: I don’t watch a lot of television, but when I do, I like to watch Dexter, The Daily Show and Modern Family.

Q: You now live in Beverly Hills, but where is “home” for you? C&C: Home will always be where I grew up, which is Malibu. Right now, Beverly Hills is the most convenient for my work and social life, but I would love to end up on the beach in Malibu after I settle down.

Q: Do you have any pets? C&C: My parents have a Maltese named Pablo, which I love. I would like to have a dog, but am going to wait until I can devote enough time to him or her.

Q: What’s your favorite type of music? C&C: My music taste is wide ranged. I enjoy live music, so I often go to concerts. I’ve seen everyone from Jay Z, Kanye West, Passion Pit, Gotye to Elton John.

Q: Where are your favorite places to dine in the OC? C&C: Favorite breakfast: Montage Laguna Beach. Favorite lunch: The Cannery. Favorite dinner: Javier’s.

Q: Where do you like to shop? C&C: I love shopping at the boutiques in Newport and Laguna. Some of my favorite boutiques are A’maree’s, Westerly, H Laguna and Muse. | Follow C&C on Twitter @Caviar_Cashmere and Facebook

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