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Season’s Greetings Hello all— the holidays are upon us and we are very excited to launch

another member-driven guide!

Each summer and winter season, we bring all of the wonderful diverse parts of our network together to compile these gift guides that showcase the members who are apart of our ten (yes, 10!) national chapters. It is truly amazing to see each unique guide that gets created from the women of this growing network. This year, we hope to inspire you to make the most of this holiday season. Inside this year’s guide you will find how to keep in touch with loved ones during the hectic holiday season, how to THRIVE in your life and at work this new year, healthy food options for all the parties you’ll be attending, and super delicious hot chocolate recipes— all on top ofs the beautiful gifts submitted by our members. I hope you and your loved ones enjoy our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide and all the gorgeous gifts. Discover all of the tips, ideas and positivity in the pages that follow, and make every day count during this festive season.



Holiday Essentials

02 — Season’s Greetings: Welcome Letter

04 — Contributor Showcase

10 — Keeping in Touch during the Holidays

12 — How to THRIVE in Your Business & Life this New Year

14 — Revival of the House Party

32 — Holiday Spirits: Boozy DIY Gifts That Will Warm Their

Hearts & Spare Your Wallet

34 — Healthy Eating During the Holidays

38 — A Sweet Tradition: Homemade Cookies are the Best

Part of Christmas 40 — Pure as Snow: How to Find Natural Ingredients for Radiant Skin

43 — Hot Chocolate Recipes: How to Spice Up a Winter Classic

44 — Dazzling Holiday Inspired Hair & Makeup

54 — Cottage Home Getaway

Themed Guides

80 — Beauty Gifts

82 — For the Book Worm

84 — For the Bling Queen

86 — For the Fashionista

88 — Feel Good Gifts

90 — Gifts for the Home

92 — Treat Yo Self Gifts

94 — Gifts Under $25


Special thank you— to all of the amazing members and businesses that


helped contribute to create this year’s Holiday Gift Guide which is truly out of this world! jen brister

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Keeping in Touch During the Holidays

Holiday Gift Guide Event Venue

Elizabeth collins

Katie Corcoran

of Balance Acupuncture & Infinity Apothecary

of She Makes it Work Book & Katie Corcoran Lifestyle Coaching

Pure as Snow

How to THRIVE in Your Business & Life this New Year

Jessica Cording

gaia cornwall

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Healthy Eating During the Holidays

Hot Chocolate Recipe Illustration & Opening Pages Background Pattern

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Hair & Makeup Artist: for Dazzling Holiday Inspired Hair & Makeup

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A Sweet Tradition & Holiday Spirits

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A child’s dream is in your hands. Give the gift of education this holiday season.

With CollegeBoundfund®, Rhode Island’s 529 college savings plan, you can give a gift that lasts a lifetime. Open an account and invite family and friends to contribute through the online gifting tool.

You should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of CollegeBoundfund carefully before investing. For a free copy of the Program Description, which contains this and other information, visit our website at, or call your financial representative or AllianceBernstein Investments at (888) 324-5057. Please read the Program Description carefully before you invest.

Chrystina Cappello

“The Holidays” is a distinctly American phrase which ref-

erences that wonderful stretch of time from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve. It’s a time of festivities, holiday cheer and new beginnings. It doesn’t quite feel like The Holidays without being surrounded by the people, the celebrations and the traditions we love. But with the bustle of the season, it’s easy to lose sight of the people that matter most. Here are six ideas that make it easier to stay in touch with those important individuals in your life and enjoy the holiday season: teer at the local food shelter, places Make a Resolution of worship or nonprofits. There are The beginning of the year is a great always opportunities to help out time to remind yourself to do better at keeping in touch with the people and bring extra cheer. you love leading up to the next holTurn Your To Do List into iday season. Make a list of people to put next to your computer, buy an Adventure The holidays come with a mile- birthday cards in advance, or set a long to-do list – shopping, send- reminder on your calendar to call ing cards, wrapping gifts, mailing your friends. Whatever it takes. gifts – but each one of these can be turned into a social activity. Host a My final advice… If you’re “going wrapping party and have everyone home” for the holidays, think about Send Mail to Friends bring a different type of paper or who you’d like to see in person. If & Family write holiday cards together with a you’re staying put, think about who Reach out to old friends – and new! bottle of wine or two (start with the has meant a lot to you that you’d like to spend the time with. Make a card for Aunt Sally whom family cards first). you haven’t talked to in months, Gather addresses early to get cards write a letter to your favorite high Schedule Time to Relax school teacher, or send a care pack- There’s no better way to relax than out in time and instead of looking age to your best friends. There are to actually build time into your at your to-do list as a burden, think all sorts of sales, cards and adorable schedule. Invite someone over to about how you can turn it into an holiday stamps you can buy to help watch a favorite holiday movie adventure instead. you out. (any other Love Actually fans out there?), invite a friend over for hot So enjoy the bustle of the holidays. Bring People Together chocolate and to read together, or Take some time to enjoy the pumpIf you have a group of friends from find a partner to run with to help kin lattes and peppermint mochas. college or your first job nearby, con- keep off the holiday pounds. What- And don’t forget to stay in touch sider planning a brunch or dinner. ever relaxing means to you, share with the people you love, because if you can’t say how you care during You could also bring people togeth- the joy with someone else. the holidays, when can you, eh? er for a cause by signing up to volun-

Host a Party This is a great time to host parties, be it a Friendsgiving, cookie swap, gingerbread house making soiree or New Year’s Eve party. If you’re feeling fancy: cook a meal, decorate the house and send formal invitations. If not, send an evite, have everyone bring a dish, and use your nicest paper plates-- the point is to spend time together, the perfect setup comes in different packages..

How to

THRIVE in your business & life this new year Katie Corcoran

Tis' the season to think about new beginnings for us hustlin' ladies. There's

nothing better than filling up on those journals with personal growth wisdom and also filling our calendars with goals and events galore. But— occasionally— as over-achievers and "do it all"-types, we tend to go go go without giving our bodies and minds the opportunity to chill out and measure if we are still on the grind to achieve our happy… or just on the grind because everyone around us is “busy” so we should be busy and stressed too. No thank you!

So how do we ensure we are still doing what we love and loving what we do with an important focus on maintaining work/life balance? We learn and embody how to T-H-R-I-V-E every day! You can THRIVE by:


Being THOUGHTFUL, care for yourself and be thoughtful toward others.


Incorporate that HUSTLE. Be an action-taker and allow yourself to ride the busy wave every now and then. Do, however, take care of yourself in the process and be proud of your accomplishments.


Incorporate RESIDUAL GROWTH into each day. Read an uplifting article, listen to a podcast and commit to remaining curious.


INSPIRE others with your story. You are uniquely you and this is important.


Know you are VALUABLE and that you are perfect the way you are.


Feel EMPOWERED to make decisions that make you feel uplifted and powerful. Step into this today.

How are you going to THRIVE this new year?

Photography by Brister photo Wardrobe Sponsor by Leota New York Partyware Sponsor by Susty Party

Holiday hosting tips by Alex Dickinson

I had a blast hosting my fellow NYC Lady Projects gals at my home for this special photo shoot! Inviting my friends and family over for a meal is one of my favorite things to do any time of year but during the holidays I like to take it up a notch. Here are three tips for making your next gathering an extra special success:

1. Prep ahead So you can join the fun, too. I like to plan out my menu, shopping list, and cooking schedule a few days before the gathering. Try to choose dishes that you can make in advance or that you can complete before guests arrive. (Remember to ask your friends if they have allergies or dietary restrictions!) For this brunch, I made something sweet - jumbo cranberry-orange muffins, something savory - scallion and celery quiche, something easy to assemble - blackberry compote yogurt parfaits and a centerpiece the french toast platter.

2: Have a signature cocktail Give it your own special touch.

I love using Susty products because they’re guilt-free: I can save time, help the environment and serve my dishes in style. Find Susty products We’re drinking mimosas, which is a at your local Whole Foods Market classic combo of OJ and sparkling this holiday season. wine like prosecco or champagne. I added cranberries to ours to make them festive!

3: Garnish + displayMake your dishes insta-ready.

Our french toast platter is finished with a light dusting of powdered sugar and some raspberries and cranberries heaped generously in the all corners. Good garnishes add a pop of color, hint at the ingrediI also like to strategize my outfit to ents that are included in the dish, be both cute and comfy. (Who says and most importantly, are edible! you can’t have it all?!) With easy to We enjoyed our brunch on Susty wear fabrics and fashion-forward Party’s NEW festive Holiday Colsilhouettes, Leota dresses are femlection compostable tableware. inine, sophisticated, and effortless. After cleaning, cooking and hosting, Perfect whether you are hosting the the last thing I want to do is dishes. party or attending.

Sierra Barter ceo + Co-Founder of the Lady project

On Sierra: Combo Perfect Wrap Mini Ebonized Maroon / Chevron Jewel by Leota New York.

On julie: Ponte Fit and Flare in Black by Leota New York.

Julie Sygiel Co-Founder of the Lady project

On joy: Linked Knit Fit and Flare in Peacock Geo by Leota New York.

Joy Liu

City manager of NYC Lady project

Alexandra Dickinson

Social Media Manager of NYC Lady project

& M i d g e! On Alexandra: Perfect Wrap Mini in Burgundy Canopy by Leota New York.

On amber: Savanna in Rendered Windowpane by Leota New York.

Amber Davis events Manager of NYC Lady project

Jennifer Dopazo graphic designer of NYC Lady project

On jennifer: Combo Perfect Wrap in Black / Illuminescent Blue by Leota New York.





Holiday Spirits Boozy DIY gifts that will warm their hearts & spare your wallet Julie Tremaine

When it comes to the holidays, DIY gifts are a way to give thoughtful,

handmade things to people you care about. But unless you’re a craft pro, your handmade treasures are probably going to cost you more in supplies and sweat equity than just buying something would. And let’s face it— even your mom probably won’t wear your hand-knit gloves that are missing two fingers. One foolproof DIY gift, though, is booze. Infuse your own flavored concoction for an inexpensive gift that wows every time. Here’s how: Start with your supplies All you need is a spirit, a flavoring, a bottle to put it in and a label to put on that bottle. I like the $3.49 Korken glass bottles from Ikea, and the Martha Stewart for Avery labels, which are pretty enough to be all the decoration you need. The best part is that because you’re adding the flavor, you can choose inexpensive spirits to play with. Infuse your booze The flavor combinations are endless. Make your own spiced whiskey with a bottle of bourbon, a vanilla bean and some cinnamon sticks. Cranberry vodka is as easy as simmering sugar, water and fresh cranberries, and adding that to vodka. Think about what will taste delicious, and what will look pretty in a bottle. Meyer lemon and rosemary-infused gin? Gorgeous. My go-to is the deceptively simple, two ingredient recipe that’s included. It’s a huge crowd pleaser, and people ask for a bottle (or the recipe) year after year.

Pumpkin Pie Vodka 1-750ml bottle of vodka (Svedka works well for this) 1 can Libby’s Pumpkin Pie Mix 1. Combine the two in a pitcher or plastic jug. 2. Let sit for 2-3 weeks, shaking daily to maximize the surface area exposure. 3. Strain through a fine mesh sieve. 4. Discard pumpkin. 5. Strain a second time into your gift bottle. 6. Serve chilled in a martini glass, with or without a graham cracker rim.

Healthy Eating

During the Holidays Jess Cording

A packed social calendar means

If you’ll be noshing on appetizers, After Party Eats lots of dress-up and glass clink- opt for something lighter but still Make it easy to eat smart when you ing, but as anyone trying to stick to filling, like: stumble home hungry. To keep healthy eating habits knows, it also from accidentally plowing through means lots of opportunities to overa box of cereal or bag of chips, • Broth-based veggie soup indulge. No need to sit home sipping pre-portion out items that come • Sliced veggies with hummus green juice, though. These tips will in large containers and store in an • A few rolled up slices of turkey help you navigate the scene this easy-to-reach place. You can even holiday season with feel-good, lookleave a snack on the counter so you good confidence. Undecided? Stash a some jerky, have something healthy waiting nuts, or dry roasted edamame in when you get in. Just make sure to Before You Go your purse so at least you have eat away from the fridge to avoid abDecide ahead of time whether to options. sent-minded munching. eat a meal before or afterwards—or rely on whatever might be avail- During the Party If convenience store snacks are able there (“light refreshments” for Scope out the snack selection. If your downfall, keep a list on your dinner, anyone?). Either way, don’t there’s a buffet, see what’s available phone of some healthier choices. show up starving—hunger makes before grabbing a plate. Fill half Try yogurt, nuts, a cheese stick, clear-headed choices tough. Plus, with veggies and the rest with lean fruit, instant oatmeal, or popcorn. it’s hard to relax and have fun when protein and carbs. Go slow with you’re hangry. Also important: you fried appetizers and puff-pastry If your crew likes to hit up the dincould get drunk more quickly on creations. Rather than tasting ev- er after an event, there are tons of an empty stomach. Speaking of, it erything, pick one or two “must-try” great options. Try cereal with milk, helps to decide ahead of time how desserts. eggs, or toast. A cup of soup can also much you plan to drink. be soothing if your throat is sore Instead of stationing yourself near from shouting over the party noise. Eat before you head out, have a pro- the food, walk to another part of the tein-rich, fiber-filled snack like: room to eat. This helps your body Not sure where the evening will take register that you’ve actually con- you? Stash a snack in your purse. A • Greek yogurt with ground flax sumed something and helps you feel few good options: trail mix or a proor chia seeds tein bar. satisfied. • An apple with some nuts, nut butter, or a hard-boiled egg Pace yourself. Alternate alcohol with Above all else, smile and have fun— • Half a PB & J or turkey cheers! water or seltzer. A few smart sips: sandwich on whole wheat • A green smoothie with protein • With ~ 80 calories per glass, powder champagne and prosecco are • A protein bar lower in calories than wine & beer • Try calorie-free club soda as mixer with hard liquor • Try your whiskey on the rocks or neat


Introducing Chloe Prosecco. Brimming with fine bubbles and notes of peaches, apples and flowers, this classically styled Prosecco is opulent yet balanced with elegant acidity. Š 2015 Chloe Wines, Livermore, CA


A Sweet tradition

Homemade cookies are the best part of Christmas Julie Tremaine

My family’s most cherished holiday tradition started out as a way to

save money. In the ‘80s, my endless need for Barbies and Nintendo games claimed all of my young mother’s Christmas budget— which was great for me, but there was that little issue of giving to the rest of my family. Always resourceful, her solution was: those who can’t buy, bake. So she started baking Christmas cookies. Dozens and dozens of cookies, in varieties ranging from Chocolate Chip to the old New England favorite Lumberjacks , savory Peanut Butter Cookies and lesser-known recipes like almond-based Greek Kourabiedes . There was one tin for every branch of the family tree, handed out on Christmas Day and never opened until people got home, lest the vultures descend to devour someone else’s cookies. Seriously. They’re that good. We all have our favorites: mine is a Raspberry Coconut Bar ; Uncle Buddy’s is the molasses Lumberjack ; Aunt Norma Jean’s is Santa’s Whiskers , which are shortbread cookies with nuts, cherries and coconut that are a delicious 1950s throwback. But the secret to the cookies isn’t any one recipe— though most of my mom’s come from a battered copy of the Woman’s Day Cookie Cookbook from the 1960s. It’s the combination of all of them together. When the flavors meld, they all take on a little bit of each other, creating better versions of every individual cookie. It’s a lot like Christmas itself: being together is the best part. Three decades later, those cookies are as important to our celebration as our well worn and well loved Christmas stockings. As time went on, we handed them out with gifts,

and then, when we decided as a family that we would scale back the largess of our exchanges, in place of presents entirely. Only now, my family understands that the three days of mixing, chopping, rolling and kneading are the best gift they could receive: because we do it every year; because families change, but some things, like these cookies, stay the same; because they’re baked with love (and, let’s face it, some wine).

Beth-Anne’s Santa’s Whiskers Yields 60 cookies 1 cup butter, softened 1 cup sugar 2 tablespoons milk 1 teaspoon vanilla or rum extract 2 1/2 cups flour 3/4 cup finely chopped red and green candied cherries 1/2 cup finely chopped pecans 3/4 cup flaked coconut 1. In a mixing bowl or a mixer with a whisk attachment, cream together butter and sugar, then add milk and extract. 2. Add flour, cherries and pecans. 3. Form dough into two 8 inch rolls, and roll in flaked coconut to coat the outside. 4. Wrap in waxed paper or plastic wrap, and chill several hours or overnight. 5. Cut into 1/4 inch slices and place on ungreased cookie sheets. 6. Bake at 375F until edges are golden, about 12 minutes.

Pure As Snow

How to find natural ingredients for radiant skin

Elizabeth collins

Fun fact: The skin is the largest organ of the body.

It is responsible for protecting you, regulating your temperature, and it is indicative of what you put both on and in your body. But when it comes to skincare, how do you know exactly what you’re using and how it can benefit (or harm) you?

I spent the better part of my 20’s and early 30’vs exhaustively researching makeup and skincare products to verify that I was supporting natural and ethically responsible companies whenever possible. Here are some helpful tips when looking at your skincare product labels: Ingredients and Preservatives Certain natural ingredients may look complicated but often have their common name in parentheses. Usually a Latin qualifier such as “radix,” “fructus” or “rhizoma” is contained in the name. Infinity Apothecary’s Moisturizing Veritas Serums contain Glycyrrhizae Radix extract which is noted on the label as “Glycyrrhizae Radix (Licorice root) extract.” Other examples are “Aloe barbadensis (Aloe vera),” and “Hippophae Rhamnoides (Sea Buckthorn) Fruit Extract.”

cellular mutations. It also has a detrimental environmental impact on ocean wildlife. Badger SPF 30 Unscented Sunscreen contains zinc oxide, a natural alternative that provides a barrier to UV rays while carrying a significantly lower risk of absorption and cellular reaction. As an added bonus, it is also biodegradable.

Preservatives are necessary to prevent microbial growth. Microbes - harmful bacteria and fungi - can not only ruin shelf life; they can also cause illnesses or skin reactions. However, several companies manufacture preservatives derived from sources such as radishes, elderberries and kimchee. They are all natural and they ward off unwanted microbial growth while still being gentle on skin. Look for preservatives that are ECOCERT approved. Preservatives to avoid include all parabens, Chemicals to avoid often contain which mimic the behavior of the phrases and/or numbers, such as hormone estrogen, and triethanol“poly-, “propyl-“ “peg-100,” “phe- amine, which is used to adjust pH nol-” or “benzo-.” One exam- but can cause allergic reactions. ple is propylene glycol, a petroleum-based chemical also found in Ask questions + access antifreeze that acts as a neurotox- available resources in. Another is oxybenzone, which Manufacturers should be able to is used as a sunblock. Among its answer exactly why they’ve formuharmful qualities, it can accumu- lated a product the way they have late in the body over time, causing without giving away trade secrets.

If you can’t get answers from the manufacturer, one of the best ways to determine an ingredient is to research it. A basic explanation or simple chemical analysis should come up right away, but make sure to check reliable resources. The Environmental Working Group has a site called Skin Deep [ skindeep] that also has a mobile app. It has a great deal of information, from which ingredients to avoid to how different ingredients affect the various body systems, and the risk level of each. PETA [] has a fantastic resource for finding companies that are cruelty free. It has lists of both companies that do and do not test on animals, so you can cross reference if you don’t see the company you’re looking for. We all want radiant skin, and the best way to do that is to nourish it with natural products free from synthetic chemicals. Here’s to happy, healthy complexions and a vibrant holiday season!

Pads and tampons are what homeless women ask for most often. That’s why Amenity Aid pioneered Lady Care Collection, a campaign to bring awareness and action to the immense need for feminine care products in homeless and domestic violence shelters.

Host a Lady Care Collection

We are looking for social or corporate events, workshops, parties and other gatherings in Rhode Island to run a Lady Care Collection. Simply ask every attendee to bring a donation of a feminine care product to your get-together. We provide promotional material to help you spread the word about the collection drive and bins to store the donations. Ready to get started? Send Liz Duggan an email at for more details.



Amenity Aid is a Rhode Island based 501(c)(3) charity that provides essential hygiene products to organizations that assist homeless, at-risk, low-income individuals and families as well as victims of violence.




residential innovative workplace healthcare retail hospitality concept development autoCAD & design drawings finish & fixture selections project management furniture planning art procurement

1168 Middle Rd, East Greenwich, RI 02818 I I 802-989-8113

Dazzling hol i d ay i ns p i r e d ha i r + m ake u p

Photography by Painted foot photography Hair + Makeup by Luniac Glamour Models Toyin Omisore + Megan Billings

look one : ste p b y ste p

Step 1: Start with a fresh moisturized face.

Step 2: Even out eyelid skin tone with concealer, which also helps to hold eyeshadow in place. Add a sheer wash of iridescent gold over lid from brow to lashes.

Step 3: Then use a fluffy round brush to blend a copper color to contour in the lid crease in a V shape to outside corner of lash line.

Step 4: Then use the same color to tight line your top lash line, your upper + lower waterline (inside line of your eye). Apply mascara to top + bottom lashes. Use a half of a lash strip for each eye, for a subtle glam look. Apply lash glue to strip and wait 5 secs for it to get tacky before applying. Look down, but don’t close your eye when applying lashes. (side note: the diameter of your lash line gets smaller when they are closed) Re-apply mascara to top lashes to blend the fake with your real lashes!

Step 5: Use concealers as color correctors to get the your skin tone even before applying foudation. (side note: color correctors follow the color wheel, where opposite colors cancel each other out. for example: green concealer cancels reddness, orange tone concealer cancels blue tones under eye) Then apply foundation, set with translucent powder.

Step 6: Add a cheek color + a nude lip!

Step 7: Use a teasing brush or comb to make a straight deep side part.

Step 9: Use flat iron to straighten, reduce frizz + add shine for the sleek look!

Step 8: Use the comb or brush to smooth hair + pin back the side with less hair. Use your non dominant hand to hold hair while using dominant hand to place bobbi pins (for an even more fun look try fashion pins, colored or glittered bobbis!) in desired design!

Step 10: Spray into place with your favorite hair spray.

Step 11: Knock their socks off, You Fine LADY!

look t w o : ste p b y ste p

Step 1: Start with a fresh moisturized face.

Step 2: Even out eyelid skin tone with concealer, which also helps to hold eyeshadow in place. Add a sheer wash of iridescent gold over lid from brow to lashes.

Step 3: Wet angled liner brush and coat in black eyeshadow. Gently hold end of brow to make lash line taught. Smudge color into lash line, called tight lining. Repeat until lash line is defined. Tight lining the lid ensures no space between lashes and liner!

Step 4: Apply mascara to top + bottom lashes. Use a half of a lash strip for each eye, for a subtle glam look. Apply lash glue to strip and wait 5 secs for it to get tacky before applying. Look down, but don’t close your eye when applying lashes. (side note: the diameter of your lash line gets smaller when they are closed) Re-apply mascara to top lashes to blend the fake with your real lashes!

Step 5: Use concealers as color correctors to get the your skin tone even before applying foundation. (side note: color correctors follow the color wheel, where opposite colors cancel each other out. for example: green concealer cancels redness, orange tone concealer cancels blue tones under eye) Then apply foundation, set with translucent powder then add a pop of color to your lips to complete this look!

Step 6: Start with day old (or more) dirty hair. Use dry shampoo (we love R+Co Badlands + Death Valley) to help with absorbing any grease and to add texture. Use a curling wand to add gentle waves to the front section of your hair. Hold wand pointed down and wrap hair from shaft to end curling away from the face on either side.

Step 7: Lightly tease hair in the back of your head. Hold section with tension and use teasing brush to tease from end of hair towards root. Your hair might look crazy but leave the tease in. (side note: do not brush out teasing before showering, just get your head wet, add conditioner and comb through in shower before your normal hair care routine)

Step 8: Tousle hair then sweep back into low pony at nape of neck and twist. Wrap excess hair around non-dominant hand. Use hair pins (side note: chinese hair pins from Sally’s Beauty are the bestest!) to grab hair and slide in to hold on head. Repeat until it feels secure.

Step 9: Use a mirror to check out what the back is looking like and don’t be afraid to use your fingers to guide the hair where you want it to be.

Step 10: Put on your Dancing Shoes for a night out with the LADIES!

Photography by Brittanny taylor Wardrobe Styling by Olivia Rodrigues Set Styling by Amber Wilhelmina Design & Interiors Hair Styling by Hair by sjv Makeup by Ello pretty Models Erica Campanella, Tyrene Jones, Jo-Anna Cassino, Ashley McMullen, GIL

On Jo-anna: Gray Chunky Scarf from Calico $22, Rebel Rousing Cardigan from Calico $75, Bronte Blouse from Shoppe Pioneer $88, Stay High Skinny Jeans from Calico $55. On Tyrene: Stripped Dress from Calico $72, Gray Cardigan Sweater from Queen of Hearts, Red + Gray Scarf Queen of Hearts, Gold + Real Tassel Necklace from Queen of Hearts $32.95.

On gil: Petco. On ashley: Gray Beanie from Queen of Hearts $18, Dream Catcher Necklace from Queen of Hearts $24, Lace Blouse from Shoppe Pioneer $88. On Erica: Lumber Jackie Coat from Shoppe Pioneer $98, Denim Shirt Dress from Calico $65.

On ashley: Sheer/black lace dress & earrings from Lumiere Boutique.

On Tyrene: Red Jumpsuit from Lumiere, Gold Cage Butterfly Cuff from Lumiere, Gold Star Earrings from Domaine Designs $10, Gold Chain Bracelet from Domaine Designs $15. On erica: Soft Sparkle Bow Back Dress from Zuzu’s Petals $355, Tusk Earrings & House of Cach Studded Bracelet from Lumiere, Geometric Ring from Domaine Designs.

On Jo-anna: Erik Fetherson Hi-Neck Black Dress from Zuzu’s Petals $355, Gold Cuff Bracelet from Lumiere Boutique, Gold pearl earrings from Domaine Designs $10.

On ashley: Cream Knit Sweater Dress from Calico $89, Handmade Knit Shawl by Lucille Rose from Queen of Hearts $88. On tyrene: Just Female Teal Sweater from Shoppe Pioneer $138, Salmon Maxi Skirt from Queen of Hearts $89. On erica: Pattern Play Swing Dress from Calico $58, Burgandy Skinny Jeans from Queen of Hearts $62, Brown Hat from Queen of Hearts $54, Cream + Grey Scarf from Shoppe Pioneer $38, Square Mineral Necklace from Queen of Hearts $22.95, Clear Quartz Bracelet from Domaine Designs. On jo-anna: Forrest Green Hi Low Dress from Shoppe Pioneer $134, Long Nordic Collar Sweater Jacket from Queen of Hearts $124, Circle Scarf from Calico $18..

On erica: Pattern Play Swing Dress from Calico $58, Maroon Pants from Queen of Hearts $62, Brown Hat from Shoppe Pioneer $54, Cream + Grey Necklace (Look Collection) from Shoppe Pioneer $38, Square Mineral Necklace from Queen of Hearts $22.95, Clear Quartz Bracelet from Domaine Designs. On ashley: Cream Knit Sweater Dress from Calico $89, Handmade Knit Shawl by Lucille Rose from Queen of Hearts $88.

On TYRENE: Just Female Teal Sweater Dress from Shoppe Pioneer $138, Salmon Maxi Skirt from Queen of Hearts $89.

Gift Guide

Beauty G IF TS





1. Natural perfume sampler set from providence perfume co. $68 / 2. Botanical toner from infinity apothecary $12 / 3. Chinese mint + rose lip tint from emerging energy $22 / 4. trushine gel enamel kit from jamberry independent consultant $120 / 5. Avocado & lime lip balm from Curious Nature apothecary $12 / 6. The ultimate gift of “The best skin ever� from clinical esthetician & Rodan + Fields Consultant $144 / 7. jamberry nail wraps from jamberry independent consultant $15 per sheet / 8. rose oil makeup remover from infinity apothecary $14



8 7

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Book Worm 1


1. Sew fab: sewing and Style for young fashionistas by The Cookie Creative $20 / 2. You look like that girl: a child actor stops pretending and finally grows up by lisa jakub $16 / 3. How to stay in touch e-book by Chrystina noel $ Pay what you wish / 4. she makes it work: a biy guide to thrive in your hustle by katie corcoran Approx $12.89 / 5. Light: The Visible Spectrum and Beyond by megan watzke and kimberly arcand $29 / 6. a year of daily calm by msmindbody $17





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Bling Queen 1



1. anchor knuckle ring by ravel studio $22 / 2. sage leaf and labradorite pendant by davine jewelry $90 / 3. vega ring handpiece by lembas $58 / 4. rose sparkle surly ceramic necklace with Green Rhinestone Chain from surlyramics $48 / 5. akiva bib necklace from lembas $118 / 6. astraea fringe tunic from lembas $478 / 7. bethe rope necklace from noonday collection $40


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Fashionista 2



1. the tassel clutch from ellie kai $140 / 2. “over achiever� short sleeve tee from descriptive apparel $26 / 3. silk party skirt (custom colors available) from seams couture $195 / 4. black + gold leather convertible clutch from xo monica lee $179 / 5. gigi cape from cabi online $129 / 6. western clutch from shoppe pionner $28




Feel Good g i fts

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1. She’s the first tote by she’s the first $20 / 2. acupressure bracelet for nausea by inner gate $65 / 3. Spa room natura natural wood ultrasonic diffuser from 1am beauty $80 / 4. ghee from farm to gold $12 / 5. 90 minute initial acupuncture treatment from zenkai acupuncture $100 / 6. gamm theatre 3 play gift certifcates from the sandra feinstein-gamm theatre $294




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For the Home 1



1. art print from giraffes and robots $30 / 2. sydney hale bourbon + brown sugar 14 oz candle from calico $30 / 3. MANMAN, tobacco + red saffron 10 oz Hand-Poured Soy Candle from rayne home decor $20 / 4. custom illustrated recipe from first pancake studio $150 / 5. 2016 interior + Architectural Calendar by Lydia Marie Elizabeth $30



Treat Yo Self g i fts

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1. personal styling, gift certificate, from JM stylist $120 / 2. eye makeover from american apothecary skin $55 / 3. the gift of public speaking from action performance + leadership $40 / 4. perfect fit bra fitting from peach $100 / 5. gorgeous skin consultation from viriditas beautiful skin therapies $60 / 6. holiday pin-up pair up! from providence pin-up $550 / 7. suite bonus from suite tart $50 / 8. $100 off certain packages from vintage girl studios / 9. package of four, one hour coaching sessions from encore executive and professional coaching $400

7 6

$75 Gift Certificate, only $50! Our award winning salon specializes in barbering, color, extensions & more on the West Side of PVD! code: LPBONUS

Buy a PINUP or HOLLYWOOD photo session for you and a friend and get a $250 print credit. Just need one? Recieve a $100 print credit! code: LPPINUP

8 Receive $100 off the Sapphire, Rhinestone & Pearl session Gift Certificate between 11/15/15 thru 2/14/16. Must mention Lady Project Holiday gift guide


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Under $25 1



1. handmade greeting cards from chrystina noel $6 / 2. custom confetti from the confetti bar $25 / 3. Three piece travel tin gift set (choose any 3) from rayne home decor $22 / 4. boston marathon train roll poster from union jack creative $18 / 5. get it girl print from the lovely it girl $19 / 6. box of truffles from laughing gull chocolates $9

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Lady Project Holiday Guide 2015  

Tips and gift ideas from Lady Project members around the country to make your holiday sparkle + shine!

Lady Project Holiday Guide 2015  

Tips and gift ideas from Lady Project members around the country to make your holiday sparkle + shine!