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Editor’s Note With Winter upon us in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s the perfect time for a little self-care. So this issue we feature the topic of Health and Wellbeing with each article designed to enhance your efforts in this all important area. Each of us find nurturing our minds, bodies and souls such a personal thing and there is such vastly different approaches across all walks of life, that I am so grateful that the inSpirit contributing team has such a real cross section of contributors with differing beliefs and approaches to their lives and spirituality that it can only be of great benefit to you, our reader. In celebrating the whispers of Winter, I myself find the inner stirrings of wanting to eat more healthily rising to the surface. Question is, can I use what is in the following pages and all around me to make a difference in my life with it? Or am I going to continue to be complacent about it. We’ll see come Spring, I guess. I’m sure that what this issue of inSpirit has to offer, will stir your own inner voice to highlight where your own health and wellbeing can be enhanced. From emotional healing and our inner worlds, to our physical health and nurturing the contributions in the following pages can provide you with much opportunity to fortify your health and wellbeing this Winter. This is our wish for you.


With love & gratitude,

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Living in Accordance With the Energy of Winter


The Gift of Shadow


Healing from the Heart


Dreams: The Grey Area

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The Gift of Shadow

Kye Crow revisits her own private journey into willingly acknowledging and healing her shadow self, bringing understanding to the joys awaiting for when you do… life and into the arms of another woman.

I have been with my partner Gill for almost twenty years and I give thanks for this relationship every day, but there was a time I felt so unworthy I did not believe I would ever experience the love that I share now. When we first met, I’d just come out of a very dysfunctional relationship that had left me really fragile. Even though I had previously dreamt of a beautiful man, surrounded by animals who told me he’d be waiting for me, and I would know where to find him. Even though a magical shaman had told me six months beforehand that a new relationship was coming and if I resisted, life would show me; the last thing on my mind was a new love. It seems incredible to think that I would resist the most beautiful gentle sensitive man, but I did. All I had experienced of love was betrayal and was terrified it would happen again, but the force bringing us together was so strong every time I resisted Gill, life delivered me straight back into his arms. In truth, I loved being with him, but I was still so full of fear. Every day I expected betrayal. Imagine my heartbreak when several months later he walked out of my

I fell deeper into darkness than I had ever been and for a while I didn’t think I would find my way out. I spent a lot of time on my own, sitting by a creek, strumming my three chords on my old guitar as I sung out my grief and slowly, step by step, day by day, beams of light began to pierce my darkness. When I began to venture out, I often bumped into Gill and his new love. There had been no communication between us and it wasn’t easy, but I didn’t run. I faced my pain and the more I did, the easier it got. Once, I found myself socialising in the same crowd. Unable to pretend that Gill and I had never shared love, I got up to leave. As I walked out, I came face to face with his new partner. She appeared very uncomfortable and was keen to move away, but before she did I looked into her eyes and said “Whatever is happening between you and Gill, lots of love”. I had to dive deep for the courage to face this situation, but I also needed to clear the air and acknowledge that I was moving on. I wasn’t choosing to stay stuck in the pain and I was OK.

As I walked away I began to feel the first tiny surges of joy. I still hurt but I had faced my shadow and embraced my pain from a loving and accepting aspect of myself. I had been willing to be vulnerable and I had been my best! After that I began to light up with so much love, I shone and I discovered a me I had never known before. I had always given the responsibility for my joy to others to hold. They had not cherished it and for the first time ever, my well-being was in safe hands. Mine! Even though the love I felt for Gill never left, I did not expect us to ever get back together. Too much pain had happened for that to occur, but when we met up unexpectedly several months later, it wasn’t just the magnetic pull between us that was too 3 strong to resist, we were visited by an angel and he had an important message for us. When I heard his words I willingly let go. “You have both faced your shadows and now you are ready to reunite in truth and love and together you will anchor new energies on our earth”. As the nights get longer and winter wraps her arms around us, we may find our own path in life winding through the shadowy heart of the forest and only when we let go of judgment of good or bad and welcome every experience as a teacher, do we discover, that some of our greatest gifts are held within the shadows. When we live in harmony with our Mother Earth we celebrate every phase of life. As the moon waxes and wanes, and the seasons come and go, we recognise that how we prepare the soil over winter determines what sprouts in spring.

Kye Crow is the Creatress of Wunjo Crow, a range of Goddess clothing that’s sprinkled with love and sewn with magic. Kye and her partner Gill live with over a 100 rescued animals and teach Sacred Journeys into the Animal Realms, the power of Love and how to live on planet earth as a sensitive. Contact Kye at: & Photo Credit: Argnesh Rose Visionary Digital Artist specialising in fantasy and totem portraiture –



Every season is filled with 4 its own majesty and unique energy that bring wholeness to life. My Cherokee ancestors called the sacred circle of life the medicine wheel. The medicine wheel expresses a powerful understanding of the forces around us and represents the cyclical nature of the seasons. It’s a symbolic representation of the balance of the universe, in which everything created has its appropriate place. It honors every aspect of being . . . our bodies, our spirit, and our heart. Most of us are no longer connected to the seasons as our ancestors were. We wake up in our heated and air-conditioned homes, drive to work in our climatecontrolled cars, and arrive at our offices in tall buildings that loom high above the earth. Generations ago, our bodies used to be more in harmony with the natural flow of the year. For most of us now, however, seasonal activities such as chopping firewood to keep warm in the winter, sowing seeds in spring to ensure a bountiful summer garden, and harvesting crops in the fall are not essential parts of our lives. Although we live in a time of plenty, by not participating in the seasons on a soul

level, we’re bereft of the natural waxing and waning of life. And often our body will give us a gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) reminder to connect more deeply to this powerful earth energy. If summer is the season of vast expansiveness and carefree days at the beach, winter is a warm blanket, a roaring fire, and steaming cup of tea. Traditionally, winter has been a time to pull inward. The bear hibernates in its den, and other animals burrow underground. Winter is a time for reflection. It’s a time to tend to your needs in a quiet and contemplative way. Unfortunately, in our modern society of go-go-go, most of us feel as though we don’t have time to respond to all the e-mails in our inbox, meet a friend for coffee, or even cook satisfying meals, let alone take time away from our “to do” list to live more in harmony with the slower tempo of winter. However, when we deny our soul the gentle ebb and flow of life and continue to push ourselves to do more-more-more, eventually our body has a way of finding its own way to hit the “pause button.” You might get sick, twist your ankle or become blue. We usually can find an explanation for these maladies: perhaps a co-worker sneezed nearby and then you fell ill, or maybe the sidewalk was slippery and you tripped while walking; however, underneath that, likely your body is giving you a big ‘ole kick in the rear to tell you “Hey, you’ve gotta make some changes!”? Mine certainly has…over and over again. I’m a recovering Do-It-Yourselfer. However, I’m not the kind of DIYer you’ll find lurking behind rows of paint or stacks of tile at a home improvement store, nor are you likely to find me fixing a leaky faucet or changing light fixtures. I’m a DIYer in the sense that I like to do everything myself,

from organizing documents in my office to chopping vegetables for a stew. For a long time, I had an aversion to hiring people to help me with things like cleaning and yard work, even when I’d worn myself thin and was in dire need of repose. Last winter, after spending nearly every waking hour at the computer, just two days before The Mystic Cookbook was due on my editor’s desk, my back went out. It was my body’s way of saying “You need to slow down! You need to spend some time resting, re-energizing, and pulling inward.” For many of us, one of the best ways to connect with the energy of winter and keep ourselves in balance is being willing to ask for help. Although asking for help doesn’t come easily to me, when I release my tight grasp on the reins, I’m often delighted to discover that not only does the world not come crashing down, but also everything begins to feel easier, more manageable, and even more enjoyable. Getting help— whether it’s hiring someone to clean, asking a friend for assistance finding a solution to a problem, or even taking your family out to dinner rather than cooking— can be an excellent start to getting yourself back in balance, especially during the winter months. Additionally, yoga, meditation, massage, baths, walks, spending time in nature, and chatting with friends are all wonderful ways to nourish your soul and nurture your body. However, many of us lead busy lives and don’t feel as though we necessarily have time for a long stroll in the woods. Perhaps the thought of driving in traffic to get to yoga stresses you out. Or maybe funds are tight and although a massage sounds divine, it might not be in your monthly budget at this time. But, you have to eat. It’s something you do everyday. Your mealtimes can be a wonderful way to treat yourself with love and respect. Since food is so central to all of life, the more you savor your meals, the more you actually begin to savor your life. Plus, it can be fun and delicious, and when you eat comfort food and fruits and vegetables that are in season, you connect more deeply with the

Living in Accordance with the Energy of Winter Meadow Linn taps into the ancient rhythms of nature’s cycles to enable you to make the most of the Winter’s energies to nurture and care for ourselves, with an ample dose of simple good cooking to further nourish body and soul… energy of winter. It’s not necessary to buy expensive products, spend hours toiling in the kitchen, or create elaborate banquets in order to nurture yourself with a good meal. Sometimes the simplest foods are the most nourishing. While writing and promoting The Mystic Cookbook, I’ve been feeling as though I’ve been caught in a whirlwind. The past two years have been amazing, but also they’ve been very full and at times overwhelming. Friends have gotten married, filed for divorced, and had babies, and I’ve hardly noticed. My dog has become a pudgy from lack of exercise and my garden is nothing but weeds. Sometimes my head spins out of control when I see my “to do” list, and all I want to do is crawl back into bed. However, remarkably I’ve remained pretty sane, as well as happy and joyful, throughout much of this intense time. I owe this, in large part to the fact that I rarely let myself get so busy that I skip a meal. Even when there’s an incessant pinging of incoming e-mails, the phone is ringing off the hook, and there’s stacks of

projects needing immediate attention, as much as possible I make time to sit down and treat myself to a delicious dinner. People often tell me that they don’t cook for themselves, only for friends and family. But, why should delicious, homemade meals just be reserved for others? I believe in the power of nourishing ourselves with the same love and care that we give to others. These meals are not only tasty, but also they’re infused with love and intention. When I’m short on time or energy, I might just eat a salad, fried eggs, or a sandwich, but I still make a point of arranging them artfully on a plate and sitting down to eat. For me, beauty, in addition to taste, is an important component of eating well. If you want to further take a break, you could even get take-out, but I encourage you to make time to remove it from the Styrofoam box and put it on a plate with care and attention. You might even consider lighting some candles and giving grace or

saying a blessing over your food. By nurturing yourself and savouring the little moments in your life, including the foods you eat, your life will be more enriched. As a result, you’ll be healthier, happier, and more balanced. Believe it or not, when you slow down and take the time to relish each delicious bite, your mood improves, your body better metabolizes your food, and you’re more open to hearing the whispers of our soul. By following the ebb and flow of the seasons, you’ll begin to feel increased harmony in all areas of your life. What actions can you take today to preempt your body from finding its own ways to get you to slow down? Allow yourself time for quietude. It’s easy to get caught up in the go-go-go of modern life but when you can, take time to cherish yourself with the spirit of winter.

Comforting Roasted Root Vegetables As we follow the cycle of life, every season has its own energy. Traditionally, the winter is the time to pull inward and nurture yourself. It’s a time to replenish your strength and take care of your own needs, which might very well mean getting some help with all the things on your “to do” list. In the meantime, what better way to nourish your body and soul than with a warm plate of roasted root vegetables! SERVES 6 500g (1lb.) gold potatoes (skin on), cut into bite-sized pieces 500g (1lb.) carrots, peeled and cut into bite-sized pieces 500g (1lb.) beets, peeled and cut into bite-sized pieces 500g (1lb.) parsnips, peeled and cut into bite-sized pieces 10-15 sage leaves, chopped 1 tsp. sea salt ½ tsp. coarse ground pepper ¼ cup olive oil Preheat the oven to 230ºC (450ºF). Line 2 baking pans (baking sheets) with baking paper (parchment paper).

This is a rustic dish; however, the more uniform you can make the size of the vegetables (about ½-1 inch sized pieces) the more evenly they will roast. Wash, peel, and cut the vegetables. Divide the cut vegetables evenly between the two baking sheets. Sprinkle with the sage, salt, and pepper. Drizzle the olive oil over the vegetables and toss together. I find that my hands are the best tools for this. Put in the oven and roast until the vegetables are cooked through and browned on the outside, about an hour. To help the vegetables brown evenly, I recommend rotating the pans from top to bottom halfway through and stirring the vegetables once or twice while they’re roasting.

Meadow Linn is a writer and a chef, living in California with her dog, cats and chicken. She believes that living well and eating well should be tasty and fun. Meadow has just co-authored her first cookbook with Denise Linn which is available now through Amazon. - Contact Meadow at: &



Healing from the Heart Sophie Cram shares her understanding of how working with a Healer can lead to personal empowerment, understanding and growth if the one seeking healing embraces the experience with an open mind and heart…

IN MY EXPERIENCE OVER THE YEARS WORKING AS A SPIRITUAL HEALER AND PSYCHIC MEDIUM, I HAVE OFTEN BEEN ASKED THIS QUESTION: “WHAT IS IT THAT YOU DO IN A HEALING?” In a healing I have learnt that we need to work with all aspects of our body. Imagine an onion and peeling off all the layers, I have found that healing works on the same principle. We need to break down the layers and allow ourselves to be open and be willing to go within to deal with issues that may be causing ‘Dis-Ease’ in our body, 6 thus creating physical complaints for us later. We are very good at pushing things aside so we don’t have to deal with them. This is why I believe in working on the Mind, Body and Soul, covering all the layers. However this is not always easy from a client’s point of view, it can often cause upset until it has been released. We must also treat the Chakras, the energy centres within our body, making sure they are all balanced, as this plays a huge part in our energy and physical body. If they are not in alignment and balanced, it can make you feel quite ungrounded. It all plays such an integral part in the healing process. I feel that a client should walk away from their healing feeling empowered. A healer’s role is to assist in this process, and it is ultimately up to the individual to be willing to help themselves to maximise their healing treatments. I have learnt that to maximise your experience during a healing, you need to have an open mind, as opposed to having a set expectation in order to achieve the best outcome. In the beginning of my healing journey back in 1994, I was randomly handed a flyer about alternate healing. At the time I tucked it away in my bag and went on with the rest of my day. Days later when going through my bag I came across the flyer, on reading it I saw it was about a healing modality called Reiki. Still unsure of what it was all about I looked into it further and decided to trust as it felt

so right for me. I went on to do my first level, then over the next year completed my second and third levels finally finishing off with my Masters, as well as learning other modalities to further develop my healing abilities. Hence here I am today! It has made me grow as a healer and person, teaching me to be in touch with my own feelings on such a deeper level, which I will always be very grateful for. During the first few years I had to do a lot of my own personal healing to help me to break down a lot of what I was holding on to without even knowing it. I had to break through my fears, I found this to be very confronting at times but it was worth it and is a process that all healers I know go through. My saying I often used at the time to help me if I was having a challenging day was “How do I expect to help others to heal if I am holding on to things myself.” To this day I still remind myself to always let go of things, as holding on does not serve any purpose but just sits in our energies and manifests. I also find that I always receive some form of healing when I am working on others, it is so rewarding on many levels. I have been so very blessed to have worked with some wonderful clients, building many treasured friendships. They continue to let me into their lives on such a personal and emotional level. A lot of tears and laughter have been shared and we have all grown from the experiences. I have also been very fortunate to have had some amazing encounters with Spirit throughout my treatments. Beautiful Angel energy often joins me and helps, I have had the honour of meeting my clients loved ones and Spirit Guides. These are a few reasons why I love and honour what I do, every healing is different and I feel truly blessed that I get to be a part of it.

Sophie Cram is a Healer who works with various modalities, including Reiki, Spiritual and Energy Healing, is a Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher. She is the founder of In Alignment Healing, facilitating workshops and healing sessions, offering her clients a safe space for healing that enables personal empowerment, understanding and growth. Contact Sophie at: 0422 122 795 & Artwork Credit – Nicolle Poll

Quick Colour Reference Chart POSITIVE



Engergetic, Alive Fulfilled In the flow Childlike Happiness

Sad Restricted Shaky Sick


Goddess Energy Sexual Peace / Love, Hippie

Busy, Restlessness Anxious, Vulnerable Stage Fright, Fear


Joy, like a flower Crisp, refreshed Can do anything, Power

Tired, Confused Hungy Sick 7





Peace, True mastery Jesus All seeing wisdom

Unstable, mixed emotions Jealousy, grief Unpredictable, hot tempered Green with envy

Balance, clarity Able to communicate with meaning Healing, Calm - External peace

Emotional but can’t define it Talking for the sake of talking Me Me Me

Clear seeing True Channel has no judgement Root of Spiritual understanding Integral

Wholeness Incorporates all Warm Encompasing

Often clouded with judgement Complex, fear of showing your true self. Fear Lack of trust in self & others

Dark Empty


Dreams: The Grey Area A Psychological and Metaphysical Interconnectedness Danielle Remaili articulate article explores the world of Dream Psychology, unveiling informative and intriguing inSights…




et us not forget to take into account the social, political and cultural differences across the globe. Does this suggest that the dreams of a native South African male aged 30 are strictly different in meaning from the average 30 year old male in New York City? Theorists, authors, philosophers and academics speak of ideas, concepts and theories surrounding this phenomenon of dreaming, however many fail to explore the extent to which our social, political, cultural and even spiritual backgrounds influence the dream state and what they mean to each of us. It then becomes a question of how the study of psychology and metaphysics are key elements in deciphering what dreams are, what they mean and how they affect our lives personally. What if Dream Psychology is the art of not finding a definitive explanation but rather the art of subjective analysis? Are we OK with analysing symbolically, philosophically and scientifically, our dreams, and not receiving the answer in black and white? Dr Ian Wallace, noted Dream Psychologist and author of the highly acclaimed book Top 100 Dreams says that “dreams don’t happen to you; you actually happen to your dreams”. His book covers the Top 100 Dreams he has collated and analysed however strongly insists that analysis trumps symbolic interpretation. His analysis of common dreams sets out

to inform readers and individuals that we all possess certain and sometimes similar fears in our waking state which, if disregarded in our waking life, are stored in our unconscious state (or dream state). This is comforting in a sense; not so much knowing our fears are stored for future reference, yet knowing that we are not alone in this struggle we call life. No matter our social or cultural backgrounds, our fears and desires all remain the same subconsciously, free from ego. Dr Ian Wallace urges us to use dream analysis as the subsequent method to symbolic interpretation and stresses that the meaning we make from our dreams are subjective and answer to our backgrounds, beliefs and desires. The only time we can ever nearly assume a concrete “guideline” to understanding your dreams, is when our common dreams are analysed and statistically, our feelings, ideas and individual opinions on what they mean, mirror each other. It’s your typical scientific experiment; finding commonalities allow for the hypothesis to become a theory. Dreaming we are nude in public for example most people agree that it is symbolic of their fear of exposing their true self for fear of judgement. So what about recurring dreams? Lynette Gordon, a highly regarded Metaphysical Dream expert agrees with Dr Ian Wallace in saying that we happen to our dreams and

shape the outcome. Events from our every day lives will seep through our dream state however this does not mean that it’s insignificant and that your dreams don’t have a life of their own. She explains that dreams talk to us and attempt to convey messages through the slightest event or object you recall. Recurring dreams are almost like a vault; stored dream memories that hang around until the vault is opened again one evening. Gordon urges that the setting of our recurring dreams is just as important as the action taking place; where we are and how we feel about the place is extremely significant in deriving meaning from our dreams. When things linger, they tend to want to communicate. So the art of attempting to decipher these dreams, taking into account

various methods such as psychology and metaphysics, is of more substance.

Dreams are powerful; they have created the most intriguing artworks, films, novels, poems and picture books of our time. Dreams are universal, and have existed since the dawn of man; even prominent amongst the animal kingdom. Dreams are personal, sacred and the only occurrence we have no complete control over (apart from taxes and death). We can defy gravity, surf tidal waves and survive, fall from buildings and become the superhero we wish to be. They can affect our moods when we wake, ruin the day, make us cry or make or break relationships because it feels so real. Common dreams are

indicative of our current social, political and cultural situation; they’re important to our current lifestyle and hence they’re important to us. How can we retrieve answers if we do not go looking for them? Take into account the psychological and the metaphysical, because after all, Dr Ian Wallace, Dream Psychologist, and Lynette Gordon, Metaphysical Expert, researcher and author believe it’s all subjective when we objectively accept our subjectivity as dreaming human beings. Whose to say that the nightmare of that 30 year old native South African male who dreamt of being chased by a robber wasn’t the same level of fear that 30 year old male in New York City felt when he was being chased by a Lion? Dreams are the grey area that allow us to connect!

Danielle Remaili uses her dreams as a source for creative writing and therapy for life. Co-Host/Researcher and Presenter of Ghosts of Oz on Alive 90.5fm, Danielle is also a Secondary English/Drama Teacher and Theatre School graduate. Contact Danielle at: or


SPACE CLEARING WORKSHOP! Learn how to clear your own energy and maintain a sacred harmonious space. Attract more flow and happiness into your life, you deserve it!

LIMITED PLACES AVAILABLE Laura Naomi specialises in Shamanic and energy healing, space clearing and psychic and emotional counseling.

nicola mcintosh


0413 606 630 Ph: 1300 887 581

A Wintry Journey into Self

By Brendan D. Murphy

Brendan D. Murphy presents an effective and proven way to manage your health and personal healing from traumas with demonstrated results…



s the autumn cool morphs into the chill of winter, some of us find ourselves with more reasons than just the cold to withdraw more into our own cosy little worlds and indulge our inner recluses just a little. Personal crisis, for instance, has a way of inviting us to introspect and self-assess. When that crisis stems from a close relationship this can be all the more so—since relationships have a way of bringing up unresolved personal issues that normally we would not see. But what do we do once we identify those scars and distortions?

Today we have more self-healing options than ever. The emergence of EFT (emotional freedom techniques), Psyche-K and Matrix Re-Imprinting means 10 that, for millions of people suffering from phobias, self-inhibiting beliefs or even major emotional and/or physical trauma, expensive and often ineffective traditional therapies can be eschewed in favour of more affordable and very often spectacularly successful “new” methods that can achieve better results in a fraction of the time. Created by Rob Williams in the late 1980s, Psyche-K utilizes the mind-body interface of muscle testing (kinesiology), as well as left-brain/right-brain integration techniques to trigger rapid and lasting psychological changes by selectively replacing self-limiting programs/beliefs running in the subconscious mind (so long as your higher self sees fit for such changes to occur). I consider it to be a powerful tool to accelerate the changes that the Regenetics Method (see inSpirit January, 2013) gradually manifests in the long-term. During a Psyche-K presentation many years ago, Williams took a woman from the audience who had volunteered to

be worked on. She was pathologically afraid of public speaking - so much so that Williams had to leave the stage to actually hear her explain what the issue was that she wanted to resolve (such was her fear of explaining it on stage). Williams then applied Psyche-K on stage for ten minutes and, when finished, asked her how she felt. Suddenly the “shrinking violet” was transformed into a virtual hurricane of oratory, almost taking over the stage for the next five minutes, until eventually Williams had to politely request that she return to her seat so he could resume his presentation. Not only that, but this woman went on to organise Toast Masters in her own community and thereafter became an award-winning public speaker!i

too. EEG readings of study participants’ brains taken through twelve energy psychology sessions show enhanced wavefrequency ratios and less dysfunction. Subjects’ brains which were treated simply with antidepressants showed no such improvements.iii It is true that many physical symptoms spontaneously improve or vanish through the use of EFT. Darkfield analysis of red blood cells has shown significantly decreased clumping of red blood cells immediately following the use of EFT.iv (See Figure 1.) The list of physical complaints that have reportedly been remedied or reduced with EFT is virtually endless: PMS, lupus, headaches, allergies, carpal tunnel syndrome, cancer, MS - you name it.v

For issues rooted more deeply in emotion (rather than at the mental level), EFT (developed in the 1990s by Gary Craig) and Matrix Re-Imprinting (which developed from EFT) may be more effective more of the time. EFT’s bread and butter involves repeatedly tapping a selection of acupoints whilst tuning in to the feelings (and even the colour/s and textures) sensed in the body that are stemming from a particular memory, unpleasant current emotion or old trauma. The idea is to decrease the intensity of the sensation down as close to zero (on a scale of zero to ten) as possible, zero being complete resolution and ten being maximum intensity.

This winter, why not give yourself the gift of healing and transformation?

In 2003 a scientific study by Steven Wells et al. detailed phenomenal success in using EFT to treat phobias of small animals such as snakes, spiders, bats and mice. Six months later, a follow-up study showed that subjects still had much reduced phobic reactions to the objects of their fear. (This study was later replicated.)ii Numerous studies in energy psychology have repeatedly shown its potency, evincing the ability not just to reduce or eliminate phobic responses but pain and anxiety

Source: D. Church, The Genie in Your Genes, p 235. i See Lipton, The Biology of Belief, Hay House,

FIGURE 1. Left: Red blood cell clumping before EFT. Right: Red cells evenly distributed after EFT


fifth ed. 2009, Addendum ii D. Church, The Genie in Your Genes, Energy Psychology Press, 2009, pp 223–5. iii Ibid., 228–32. iv Ibid., 234–5. v

Brendan is author of The Grand Illusion – Book 1, and a contributor to several magazines and websites. He is also a certified Psyche-K facilitator, DNA Potentiator, and has completed EFT levels 1 and 2. Follow/contact Brendan: or “The Grand Illusion (TGI)” on Facebook.

By Susanne Hartas

This powerful angel reminds us that we have the innate ability within our beings to heal ourselves and he can assist us in remembering our Divine Healer within. Raphael and his angels of healing will guide us as we journey within the jewel of our soul, where we know only our souls perfection to be our truth, and it is our souls’ desire that this truth be replicated in our conscious living. With this illumined knowledge of our perfection, we will

intuitively seek a lifestyle that is in rhythm with our souls’ song, for in following the light of our spirit we naturally seek energy that will feed our souls high vibration. The body will crave nourishing foods and healthy exercise, we will magnetize people and circumstances to our lives that bring only joy. The mind will seek peace within the quiet of silence and the spirit will dance with its’ freedom to just be. The energy of love and harmony will surround us, for we will reflect the very energy that is flowing within and through us. With Archangel Raphael’s help in remembering this gift and honoring ourselves, we in turn give this gift of healing to another. For as we become light filled beings, the angelic kingdom is able to shower their abundant love and healing light through us, so that Mother Earth and all living beings may receive more fully the blessed healing light.

Raphael’s message “The greatest gift you can give to yourselves and humanity Dear One’s, is to embrace and accept your gift as Divine healers. This sacred knowledge lies within the temple of your hearts, fearlessly turn the key and allow unconditional love and light to flow through you, so that all may be healed. With gratitude and blessings.”



Susanne Hartas is a Psychic Medium and Angel Intuitive. Please contact Susanne at:

Photo credit - © Corey Wolfe


In Alignment Healing

n Alignment I SOPHIE CRAM ealing H

SOPHIE CRAM - Spiritual & Energy Healing - Reiki Healing - Reiki Master & Teacher Appointments - 0422 122 795

Magical Clothing that RESONATES and lots more heartfelt sharings




ith the Winter Solstice approaching we celebrate the Dark Mother, She who resides in the Void. In your life time you may have sensed spirit beings, and connected with loved ones who have passed on, or even received messages from them. This knowing may help you to come to terms with your loss. Yet it is my experience that it can also serve as a hindrance in allowing ourselves and others to journey this bleak landscape we call the grieving process.

Some 19 years ago I had the life changing experience of losing my first baby whilst giving birth. Intuitively I felt something was going wrong, yet I was not expecting this. I always believed our spirit lives on, 12 yet being told by a well-meaning friend not to cry only days after losing my baby girl, because she is now an Angel made me angry. I had to feel the pain, I had to feel the rage, and hopelessness, and take my time to travel with the Dark Mother. Let her carve my soul deeper; let myself forgive in my own time. Because I fully understood then, grief is not about the person you lose, but about you. Is it about not seeing your child grow up, about not

holding someone ever again. It is searing, it is primal, it is messy and it cannot and should not be reasoned away or driven underground. Also when allowed into the light, this heart shattering experience becomes sacred. So how is it then we lost the ability to grieve together? How is it that at funerals people are praised because they were so “strong” and held it together? We are told to celebrate the life of a loved one, and shed tears without witnesses. How would it be if you invited to feel whatever is there, and were held in that without judgement? Whilst it might be hard to find someone who can offer this, you can stop judging yourself. We all grieve differently; there is no right or wrong way. So first and foremost if you are grieving, be infinitely gentle with yourself. Let go and let your tears flow, let your anger surface when you feel safe to do so. Write, dance, and scream. Seek the company of friends who can hold the space for you without the need to make you feel better while you journey the most intense phase of grief. If you are supporting someone who is grieving, please remember it is not your

job to make the pain go away, and you cannot. So just be there. Hold them, cry with them. Ask them what they need, how can you support them. Take the lead from them. Coming back to the sacredness of loss, setting up an altar, and calling on help from Guides and Angels can be very helpful. Rose Quartz is amazing at healing the heart. Creating a magical garden to sit in, planting a tree brings the Mother to your aid. Remember you are not alone. Your tears are sacred; your breaking heart is held by Divine Love and eventually will let more light in if you let it, even if you do not feel this yet. Argnesh Rose is a Digital Artist dedicated to revealing the Magic and Beauty hidden in all of us with her Sacred Portraits. She also does Totem Readings and Healings to reconnect us to lost soul fragments due to trauma. Connect to Argnesh through her facebook page or visit her website at: Give Them Wings Fantasy and Totem Portraits by Argnesh Rose &

Model: Lynette Grech, who recently lost her baby boy Bodhi. Visit Lynette’s page for support and remembrance at:

We welcome Faerie Bard Reilly McCarron to inSpirit Magazine, where she entrances the soul and engages our imagination by connecting us back to the wonders and meanings of the world of storytelling and folklore…

As a young woman I was gifted a book title which would change my life. “Women Who Run with the Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estés was a treasure trove of wisdom and beautiful, poetic insights which nourished my soul at a time when I was in danger of being lost at sea. One of the jewels from this beloved book is the idea of carrying a forest in your pocket. Whether in the dentist’s waiting room, on a crowded train, or at the office, the pocket forest (or ocean if you prefer) can be rolled out for miles around without anyone knowing that you can suddenly feel the earth beneath you, hear the birds and smell the fresh mountain air. Another invaluable prize found amidst this book of riches was the word ‘folklorist’, which rang with the clarity of vocational destiny, despite me having no idea what it meant at the time. In practical terms, becoming a folklorist has led me to the academic study of fairy tales, and ever deeper into the enchanted woods. Fairytales were once told for adults, and many wise, bawdy and gruesome elements have been forgotten in the mists of time or misplaced through cultural editing. The folklorist goes in search of ancient symbols, lost heroines and new interpretations, questing for illuminating insights.

In my early twenties, living alone in a cottage in the mountains with Bob Dylan, poetry and red wine, fears of losing my true self to the constraints of society were intrusive. Knowing that soon I’d be swept up by the necessities of mundane life, I made efforts to anchor my soul life with visions, dreams and promises. I envisaged my future self with a harp and a spinning wheel, and committed to being multilingual before the age of forty. At forty now, I still only speak a spattering of French but I do play the harp and have learnt to spin a yarn - in both senses. Do you know the story of “The Red Shoes”? Once upon a time a poor motherless girl handmade a pair of red shoes from scraps of material, and although they were crude she loved them so. One day a rich old woman whisked the girl away and offered her a life of finery, but the handmade red shoes were destroyed in favour of a more suitable pair. The girl was no longer allowed to run and skip and jump, but was made to read and sew and be proper. She secretly began to yearn for the freedom of her old life. When it came time for the girl to be christened, the old woman, who had poor eyesight, was tricked into buying a pair of fancy red shoes for the girl. These red shoes, however, only led her to trouble. If you’re interested in the end of the tale, it was published by Hans Christian Anderson in 1845, yet draws on an older tradition (as found in Women Who Run with the Wolves). The important fragment here is the handmade shoes which brought the girl such pleasure. The shoes are symbolic of a handmade life. A life which may not look like much to others, but holds great value for us. A life born of our own

creativity and imbued with rich meaning. Joseph Campbell, the eminent mythographer, called this ‘following your bliss’.



rowing up in the Dandenong Ranges outside of Melbourne, my childhood was filled with forest adventures. With family and friends, we explored winding pathways through the mountain ash, followed the call of lyrebirds, splashed through waterfalls, hid inside tree hollows, sang ‘coo-ee’ to strangers, made cubby houses from fallen bracken, learnt of death and decay, delighted in faerie sightings and connected with the ancient spirits of the land. While life has since taken me to many parts of this wonderful country, those forests still feel like home.

Along with researching fairy tales, playing music and spinning fleece, the enriching handmade life means many things for me. It means physical health (everything in moderation - including moderation), gentle walks and fresh air, feeling the rain on my skin and delighting in the roar of thunder, getting enough of 13 both solitude and intimacy, talking to the birds, watching a crackling fire, celebrating the seasons and daydreaming. What does it mean for you? Is it pottering in the garden, painting, letter writing, baking? Building boats, learning a language, helping someone in need, hugging a child? These things which bring us closer to the soul, which bring personal meaning into our lives, also bring nourishment. Our health and wellbeing is so important. It can be challenging to find peace and happiness amidst the turmoil of our modern world, yet we find it in small and simple pleasures. Seek out and savour those moments that bring a smile to your face and warm your heart. Your soul life is yours to craft, so be playful and adventurous. And remember, the forest, or ocean, or gypsy caravan filled with crystals and feathers and runes, is in your pocket to enjoy whenever you feel the need for some soul time.

Reilly McCarron is the creator and enchantress of ‘faerie bard’, weaving storytelling and folklore together with harp and song. She is a singer/songwriter, a Bard with the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD), an accredited member of the Australian Storytelling Guild (NSW) and has a Graduate Diploma in Australian Folklore with a particular interest in fairy tales. Contact Reilly at: / / Facebook: Faerie Bard

Gem~mer guides you to access the hidden recesses of your Soul, using Mermaid Magick to take you deeper than you have ever been before… We are but a mere reflection of ourselves. What we project outwardly is mirrored back to us day after day. Being a reflection of ourselves means we are solely responsible for creating our own existence, our own life experiences. We are a reflection of our true selves, mirrored into our lives; therefore if we seek change, change must come from within before it is reflected, before it is mirrored into being. You, me, we need to be the change that we wish to see in order to reflect those changes into existence, we need to remember who we are, we need to dive deep and discover the hidden gem that is our very own soul song, the rhythm of our 14 ancient hearts. Your soul song is the ancient knowledge of who you are. We are all born with one, it stays with us as we transform from soul spirit to physical body. Unfortunately as we grow many of us lose sight of our soul songs, we begin to forget them and all that makes us unique, forgetting who we truly are as we become conditioned by fears and ego. The good news is that it never truly goes away. Your soul song lays dormant under layers upon layers of ocean waters, trapped in netting somewhere in the depths of your soul and you can rediscover it by journeying into the depths of your inner ocean, under the surface, through the tumultuous waters and into the caverns where there is no light, into

the depths where you become the light by finding your inner beauty, your inner truth, your inner wisdom, your soul song. “As I gaze into the depths of my oceanic crystal ball, my mirror from the mermaids, I see my reflection and peer into the windows of my soul. Deeper and deeper my eyes penetrate, piercing my soul as they stare back at me, mirrored, reflected, deeper and deeper into my soul they go. My face changes, my lips unintentionally move, my features fill out in shades of grey as I glimpse the past lives once been. They frighten me a little, but deeper I must go until I reach a depth, deeper and deeper, a depth where all is still, a depth where I can begin to glimpse and acknowledge every pearl of wisdom, every piece of my being, every truth, every lie, every good, every bad. A depth where I can slowly ascend, working through ALL that I am with the knowledge that when I resurface from the darkest depths of my soul, the eyes looking back at me, the reflection in my Mermaid Mirror, the mirror image cast upon there, will be the beautiful goddess that I was born to be. My true goddess self, long since forgotten, will emerge once again in a wave of love and compassion for ALL.” Mermaids can guide us through our journeys of self-discovery, through our journeys to our most inner selves. They will offer us their energy and they will offer us their mirrors for Mermaid Mirrors are gateways to your soul, portals to your soul song. Mermaids and their mirrors will raise to the surface the wisdoms of the primordial source that is held deep

Gem~mer is an intuitive artisan of crystal and seashell jewels, talismans, amulets, connection and healing tools. A messenger for the mermaids, sea spirits and sea creature teachers, passionate about sharing her love and beautiful connection with all who wish to dive deep into the watery realms of ocean magic. Creatress and intuitive of Cryshell Magic, embracing and spreading ocean and mermaid magic. Contact Gem~mer at: &

within your soul, they will guide you in your journey through the darkest regions of your inner ocean so that you may truly accept and honour your being and all that you reflect. Mermaids and their mirrors will send you swimming to where ego binds your song, those hidden regions that hold the key to your truest, highest self. Mermaid Mirrors are doorways to the true essence of your soul, to the truth locked inside you, to your amazing and unique soul song and once discovered, your reflection of thy self will create the amazing existence, the amazing life experiences that you truly deserve. MERMAID MIRROR JOURNEYS: Scrying is the practise of obtaining visions within the reflective surface of your Mermaid Mirror. As you gaze upon a mermaid’s mirror, clear your mind and enter a meditative like state while holding the intention to look deeper within yourself. You can invoke any mermaid or ocean spirit to guide you to discovering your inner beauty, truth and wisdom, your soul’s song. You can use mantras to gain a meditative state too. Here’s an example – “Inner wisdom, inner truth, rise up for me to see.”

Mermaid Guides:

Sedna – Darkest Depths Yemaya - Emotional Nourishment Amphitrite - Wild Femininity, Life’s Purpose

Photo Credit: Argnesh Rose Visionary Digital Artist specialising in fantasy and totem portraiture –

Natasha Heard once again works her special kind of magick as she lovingly reminds us of our wild woman, moontime ways…

We are but creatures of the Earth, daughters of the Moon. When we tune into our cycle, our bodies and the moon, our wild woman within is activated, our intuition is switched on, our gut feelings are our trusted oracle and our spirit glows with Luna light. If your moon cycle is out of balance you can heal yourself by spending more time out under the moonlight each night, a short walk at night under the stars shall tune your body into the cycles of the moon and in turn, to your own menstrual cycle. If your body is still out of balance then minimize the use of lights at night inside your home except for nights when the moon is full. If you experience painful cramps try resting for the first day of your moon time bleed, pamper yourself, treat yourself like the goddess you are and take

long warm baths, be indulgent in healthful ways and give yourself lots of love. This is a precious time when we women are closest to spirit and are often gifted with prophetic dreams. Our womanly bleeding is a sacrifice to spirit that is akin to praying so keep your thoughts positive and loving, being thankful for all you have and all that will come your way. So what options and products do we wise woman have? To be kind to ourselves, lovingly honour our cycles and Mother Earth? I am a modern wild woman and I use cloth pads, I purchased them online for my 30th Birthday and they have been the best gift ever! Three years on and I have never looked back. These pads are worn the same way as sanitary napkins but not thrown away polluting our Earth, instead soaked in cold water and washed in the washing machine, then hung on the clothes line to dry and the soaking water is great fertiliser for the garden! Being kind to ourselves and kind to the Earth is also kind to our purses, saving money every month. I would like to share with you all a very special time when my daughter at the age of 12 years old became a woman, when she began her moon cycles. My mother and I organised a special little ceremony; we had a triple goddess ~ coming of age celebration! The three of us went out into the night under the moon, next

to a beautiful body of water and from grandmother to mother to daughter, one at a time we each placed our hands on our own sacral chakra area on the lower tummy and said “My Blood - My Womb – My Daughter” and then to my daughter we both placed our hands on her tummy and said “Your Blood – Your Womb – We bless you under the silvery moon… Blessed Be”. Then we gifted her some womanly gifts such as cloth pads and jewellery and 15 shared sparkling grape juice, lots of love and laughter. I know that this ceremony will stay with us all for the rest of our lives. But more importantly will stay with my daughter and she will always know her moontime is sacred and she is a goddess. MAGIC

As woman, we are continuously dancing with the moon. If we tune into our bodies we will hear the moon’s sweet song calling us to follow her; look up and connect to her; honour her by honouring ourselves. Our divine feminine menstrual cycle is strongly connected to the magical Luna cycle, as we both share a 28 day cyclic journey, from the gloriously full moon, shining brightly upon the earth then slowly withdrawing into the darkness through to dark moon, mysteriously vanishing for a few nights, then gently reappearing ready to begin the beautiful cycle all over again.

I would like to encourage all the mothers out there to celebrate when their daughters begin to bleed for the first time. It could be as simple as gathering likeminded friends or family to share stories of their first moontime or follow the ceremony we used. You could write out positive wishes for her future that she can keep forever, there are many ways to make this a magical time. It is such a beautiful, positive way to introduce girls to womanhood.

“Look up to the sky my Earthly daughters, pure in mind and hearts ~ Spirits entwined we sway and dance in a cycle that never parts ~ Grandmother Moon”.

Natasha Heard is a creatress of all things magical! A natural witch ~ her magical life and connection to the Earth flow into all her creations. Specialising in Wands, Sceptres and Staves; and creating with her horticulturalist husband Michael, Blessed Rune sets and Tree of Life Bind Rune Talismans. Her innate connection with all aspects of the natural world and passion for magic is what makes her a true creatress of powerful, magical tools. Natasha can be contacted at: Email: or / Facebook: Blessed Branches…magical tools by Natasha Heard. Photo Credit: Argnesh Rose Visionary Digital Artist specialising in fantasy and totem portraiture –

Self Care for the Winter season is a priority and Nicola McIntosh explores the wonders of our herbal helpers to keep your immune system strong and healthy till Spring arrives…

HERBS PLAY A BIG PART IN MANY PAGAN FAITHS AS THEY ALSO HELP US GET IN TOUCH WITH NATURE. WE NEED TO BECOME MORE ‘IN-TUNE’ WITH NATURE’S CYCLES AND OURSELVES TO START UNDERSTANDING OUR OWN INNER TEACHINGS. Herbal Medicine used to be knowledge that was passed down from generation to generation, but sadly little of this happens today. Being a Herbalist, I find this sad that so many people are unaware of the amazing qualities that herbs can bring to your life. It is not only fun to make your own creams and teas, but it also gives you a sense of ownership of your own health, instead of feeling you need to rely on external sources. Knowing how the body works, nutrition and herbal medicine allows you to make good decisions for the health of your physical body but also helps you get in tune with your physical self. Animals know what herbs and plants they need to eat when they are sick through instinct and intuition, something that many people in this day and age seem to have moved away from. Your body knows what it needs for healing a lot of the time, but some are so busy with their daily activities to truly listen to what their body is trying to tell them. Unfortunately many people go against what their body is saying. How many times have you reached for 16 a coffee when you are tired? Your body is literally telling you, you need to rest. You cannot get any clearer than that. You may be hurrying and hungry but don’t have time to eat right, so you grab some fast food only to find yourself hungry an hour later. Junk food is generally nutrient deficient, so you may as well

be eating cardboard. Then, because you haven’t supplied your body with the nutrients to make the energy it needed, it tells you that you are still hungry. Your sugar levels may now have dropped so you start craving sweets and eventually you may get tired, so you grab a coffee. It becomes a vicious cycle and eventually your health will fail, you will burnout or find yourself very depressed. So where do you start? What herbs are you drawn to? What herbs are around in this season? What kind of symptoms do you have? Or do you just want to learn more. Grab a herb book from the library or a book store and just pick one to learn about to start with. There are many simple ones like Chamomile, Peppermint, Rosemary or Sage that are commonly used and you can grow them yourself! Winter is a time for hibernation, taking care of yourself and getting your strength back to get ready for Spring. Winter is heavier, denser and slower. Therefore it is a time for you to relax, de-stress and look after yourself. Mentally it is a time to stop and reflect on how your life is going. What can you let go of to make room for new beginnings in Spring? Am I relaxed or am I carrying stress and what can I do to shed myself of this? This is the time to ask yourself, what can I do for me? Winter is a time for colds and flu, but you don’t have to succumb to these if you take care of yourself. Prevention is always the key for this season. Stress is one of the biggest factors in creating poor health. It affects your immune system. There are many things you can do to decrease your stress levels. You can meditate, exercise, take time out to read a book as well as use the following herbs:

CHAMOMILE: This is an amazing herb. It not only is a carminative for your digestive tract, it is also high in Magnesium. Magnesium is the mineral needed for your muscles to relax. If you are prone to cramps, you may be low in this mineral. If you crave chocolate all the time you also may need Magnesium! Or if you just need to calm down a bit due to a long and stressful day or if you are feeling anxiety, grab a cup of Chamomile. Just remember this is the RELAX herb. DANDELION ROOT TEA: You can grow your own or you can buy dandelion tea from the grocery store in the health food section. If you grow your own, make sure you have the right one Taraxacum Officinale (you can order this through the Mudbrick Cottage online and they ship it to you!). You can also use the leaves in salads. The leaves are mainly used as a diuretic. Dandelion Root tea is used as a coffee substitute. It has the benefit of helping with your Liver Detox Cycle. You can also buy it as tea bags in the health food section of your grocery store, just add your favourite type of milk and sweeten if desired. Dandelion Root is known as the LIVER tea.

PASSIONFLOWER: This is a sedative herb which is great to drink before bed if you find it hard getting off to sleep. If you don’t have the herb growing at your place and enjoying the passionfruit from it, you can usually find this in most sleep teas you get from the supermarket. Celestial Seasons - Sleepy Time tea is amazing! So remember SLEEP when you think of Passionflower.

YEP TEA: Yarrow, Elderflower and Peppermint: This is an old herbal remedy to help with the symptoms of cold and flu. You can get this one through Highland Herbs Tasmania and it is also tasty! GARLIC: Garlic is like natures Sudafed. If you have a lot of sinus congestion from a cold, garlic is fantastic for this. Generally take fresh garlic - about half a clove every 2-3hrs with some water. If you can’t stomach fresh garlic, you can use garlic capsules which are just as effective and you won’t lose any friends over it!

FOODS It is also good to eat soups and fresh vegetable juices or smoothies where you can. These types of foods are nutrient dense, but also very easily digested, taking more pressure off your body. OATS: Oats are a nutritive to the body. They are great for the Nervous System and help keep your blood sugar levels stable. There are many places where you can buy herbs, like The Herb Wholesalers where they sell to the general public, Highland Herbs, Austral Herbs, however you do need to be cautious that you don’t ‘self

Dates to remember -


August 1 / 2 (Southern Hemisphere)

Time to celebrate CHANGE. Herbs / Plants associated with Imbolc are evergreens and Willow trees, Rosemary, Angelica, Basil, Benzoin, Dandelion, Myrrh, Clover and Dill. Head to our website for ritual information on Imbolc! prescribe’. Only try herbs that you know are safe like the ones mentioned in this article or in a general herb book sold in book stores. Herbs are very powerful and as with anything you need to use in moderation. You might prefer making your own soaps and moisturisers, but whatever you do, just have fun and let your intuition guide you!


ECHINACEA: This is a widely used herb. Echinacea is more of a preventative herb. Echinacea stimulates your Immune System. It takes seven days for your new white cells to increase once taking Echinacea, therefore if you start taking it only when you get a cold, you will need to wait the seven days for it to really take effect, thus why you need to be taking it prior to getting a cold.

Nicola is an Artist, Herbalist and Pagan. As she is learning to walk the Shamans Path she is ever learning and evolving, acquiring knowledge from many faiths and origins. She has a special affinity with Celtic lore and everything Faery. Her connection to Nature and Spirit is what drives her to grow and motivates her to teach. Please contact Nicola at: /



Greek/Roman Goddess of Good Health Hygeia is classically represented holding a large serpent in her arms and her name is the source of the word ‘hygiene’.

Hygeia beckons you in when you ask for her help. To meditate with her will give you answers and healing to help with your emotional, spiritual, mental and physical self. She reminds you that they are all connected and thus should be treated holistically. If you are experiencing pain from a relationship, your heart centre will be affected. If you are tired, look at where you may be hurting somewhere emotionally or physically. Have you brought in pain from another lifetime? Whatever your ailment, you can ask Hygeia for answers. She may show you the area you need to work on, she may help clear energy or cut chords that are stealing your energy, or may cleanse your aura. Hygeia is known also for her cleanliness. Her message is one of health, but also of prevention of dis-ease. She asks you to look around at your environment. Is your house or room cluttered or in dis-array? Energy gets stuck in your external environment as well as your internal environment if you have not cleansed. If

you feel stuck in your personal life, you may want to start with cleansing your external environment. Have you ever felt so much better after a spring clean or just smudging your house? Remember ‘as above, so below, as within, so without’. Your external environment is a reflection of your internal environment. If you don’t understand what you need to fix you inside, start by doing things you can change on the outside. Know that whatever healing occurs when in Hygeia’s presence, it is a gift to you that you then need to take action on. Your healing is part of your own journey and therefore sometimes only you can heal yourself. Hygeia can show you the way if you choose to follow. She reminds that healing and health can come in many forms and what you put out to the world is what you will get back. It is like a mirror. See the gift of what is around you. Feel how your spirits lift when your animal comes to greet you, feel how alive you are when the sun hits your face when you go outdoors. Feel how your melancholy lifts when you watch something funny. Find the things in your life that give you this joy and when you are feeling blue, use these as your medicine. Take ownership of your health, ask for help and take action. Photo credit for Hygeia - Flickr (Colros)




In this fascinating series of freeing the binds of past life vows, Julia Inglis brings understanding as to how The Warrior’s Oath taken in previous times can affect your current life, and most importantly, how you can release this binding. VOW: THE WARRIOR’S OATH Binding: Fear of attack, HyperVigilance, Inability to be ‘off guard’ and relax, Disregard for your own safety, Exhaustion, Blindly following outside authority, Controlling behaviour, Inability to connect to and express your feminine aspects. Blessing: Ability to create community, Trust in the Earth and her cycles, Seeing both sides of situations and events, Ability to become an advocate for change – to speak and act for those who cannot. A vow that still runs very deeply within

18 many men and women in their present

lives is The Warrior’s Oath. Like most of the Sacred Vows and Contracts we have made in past lives, the Oath of the Warrior is in many aspects noble and beautiful. The Warrior is Protector and their oath is to protect and fight to the death. Very often laying down their own lives in service to family, tribe, armies and leaders. The Warrior feels it is their role in life to be a fortress of protection to the people that they love. In the mind of the Warrior, if you are alive and well, then they are fulfilling their purpose. But if you ask their loved ones how this feels to them, they would say they feel unloved, controlled and almost as if they are being held captive. This is because the Warrior sees

the outside world as a constant threat to the safety of the fortress and while their aim may be to create peace and safety within the compound of their love, they themselves are restless and constantly busy keeping up an air of hyper-vigilance. Another painful repercussion of living the Warrior life is that we can become cut off from our own authority, having had to carry out the violent orders of leaders and rulers in past lives. We may also fear going into battle again because we have a memory of losing control in the fight and committing violent crimes. Very often the Warrior’s Oath carries shame and regret into the next incarnations – shame for the acts we have committed or regret that in the past we could not honour our oath to lay our lives down for those we loved and may have seen our tribes and loved ones killed before us in war. Recently I saw a beautiful midwife who had waited until her 40s to have her only child and recognised that she carried a deep fear that somehow her child would be taken away or that perhaps she was not allowed to keep her. When we journeyed in Swan Blessing, she saw a past life where she was a powerful huntress and warrior who had taken the Warrior’s Oath and in doing so, had also promised to never have children. She realised that she was actually living her first incarnation as a


mother. By releasing herself from these promises she regained deep trust in the safety of her child and embraced the knowing that she was allowed to have her own child and still carry her strong medicine of the wild and athletic huntress. She is now embracing her life without the bindings of the Warrior’s Oath and its taboos. She has become a powerful advocate for Shamanic Midwifery and at the same time experiencing the bliss and trust of being Mother. By clearing the bindings of the Warrior’s Oath, we can for the first time, begin to feel a sense of safety and trust in our world. Instead of obsessing about the ‘evils’ of the world, we can find positive ways to harvest the gifts of the Warrior. By embracing the path of the Peaceful Warrior we can become powerful advocates for change. Instead of constantly defending and fighting against, we can work in loving service for causes that empower and nurture the Earth and all of her inhabitants. In the slow turning months of Winter, observe nature and her ability to know when to act and when to rest. Conserve and focus your energy and when you choose to act, don’t let fear be the driver, let trust be your guide and know that what you can do is always enough. Be happy and proud of the fact that you care, and that in your small way, you are playing a vital part in a deep wave of change.

Melbourne, VIC: July / Sydney NSW: August


Sydney Workshop: Swan Blessing – Clearing Past Life Vows: Enchanting the Dreamer

$160 for 1.5hours

Sydney Workshop: Swan Blessing Stories – Desire Books, Manly

Clearing Past Life Vows and Awakening Wise Medicine Please book with Julia: 0421 249 183

Julia Inglis & Tony Esta are wife and husband creators of Sacred Familiar. They offer The Swan Blessing permanently from their home in Sherbrooke Forest and Tree of Life in Melbourne, VIC, as well as touring NSW & QLD. They are currently compiling a book ‘Releasing the Ties That Bind’ sharing Swan Blessing Past Life stories from healers, artists and mystics from all over Australia. Julia and Tony can be contacted via Sacred Familiar: Web: / Phone: 0421 249 183 Artwork: Serpentarium by Patricia Ariel -

Replenishing energy is essential for vitality and wellbeing. Winter often reminds us of this as it is naturally a time for withdrawing. Keeping your energy reserves stored is important any time of the year, and even more so now as nature is conserving its energy also.

Contemporary Shaman Laura Naomi, explains the importance of how to use the energy of Winter to journey into our inner worlds, and by doing so how we can heal ourselves and restore our life force back to its natural balance… In shamanism there are specific animals associated with Winter. The wolf for example signifies; shadow, companionship and journeying. The Raven represents rebirth, the cycle of life, death and change. Often we fear the unknown; we fear the shadows and areas of life, which reflect those uncharted areas of the self, that don’t make sense to us. A lot of the time this is where our personal power sits and some of the brightest parts of ourselves are locked away and shrouded in an illusion of darkness. The energy of Winter gives us the prospect to embrace those parts of ourselves we keep hidden.

When journeying into our inner worlds (which can be connected to outer worlds), we need to feel at ease and safe whilst doing so. We also need to be specific in our reasons and purpose. In my own experience, journeying naturally nourishes one’s energy, sustains it and often energy is retrieved from other times (acting as anchors). Much of our energy is stored in other times, this is what is called energy and soul fragmentation and journeying is often used to venture into various spiritual landscapes. Much of our essence, personal power, magic and beauty are tied up in other times for a number of reasons – loss of a family member or relationship, accidents, major illnesses or various types of traumas and abuse. It is essential to have support and love while moving through these pains. Healing is a process and when reached at its core, we have the potential to release emotion and dispel energetic charge. This allows an influx of life force to return to one’s Spirit. We are no longer attached to this experience as part of our identity. It is seen as an experience along our path in life and wisdom and empowerment can be restored. Sometimes there are layers and it takes time for the core to

be exposed so great care and patience is required. A lot of journey-type healing is delicate and the information gathered can be multi-layered and have intangible meaning. Our ego mind wants to make sense of these spiritual events so projects its beliefs into the experiences rather than allowing it to unfold naturally. Spirit is articulate. It speaks with a beautiful simplicity that causes the mind to stop in its tracks because it’s used to making an hors d’oeuvre into a lavish banquet for the Knights and the Round Table and Merlin if he’s lucky. Being able to let go is part of the discovery of what healing has to offer. Letting go is about releasing our grip on the fear that freezes us in position and in many cases it is fear of fear itself. Remember when we are children we fear the dark until someone turns the light on and the shadows suddenly seem insignificant and eventually disappear. This is what we can accomplish by learning 19 to sit with ourselves as we journey and sense into these mysterious places. Illuminating the unexplored aspects of ourselves gives us room to move and expand and the only way we do this is by taking a big leap of faith called courage. It may seem quite scary because it’s the unknown yet this is the only way we grow and remember the depth of who we are. Winter is a beautiful phase to walk the landscapes within and express the findings through creative outlets as this helps in the integration process. SHAMANISM

Inner Sanctuary

As we learn about journeying, connection to spirit guides and power animals is attained, although for some people, it is something that happens naturally. Our spirit guides can assist us in these healings and soul findings and ramble with us on our ever-emerging spiritual path. And remember that in life, guides can come in many different forms and often what or who we least expect.

Laura Naomi is a Contemporary Shaman, which blends the unique modalities of Zen practices, Shamanic and energy healing, space clearing and psychic and emotional counselling. She guides individuals, groups, corporations and businesses and is passionate about creating more awareness around energy and the spiritual world; how it affects us and how to harness this power to create a more harmonious lifestyle. Web: / Email: / Phone: 1300 887 581

Some advice from the animals and the fae Feel the magick of the ancients transcend the veil to stir the memories of your own soul self… Listen to the messages from our beloved animals and fae, as Billie Dean reconnects us with the alchemy and true power of the Hearth and Winter…

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clean the home, de-clutter and to space clear. Forget the image of cats, owls and ancient wizards in cluttered towers. Cats and dogs know that clutter holds energy and they don’t want to live in a toxic energetic environment from scattered junk, the stress and tension of every day living, the news and other violent television. They suggest daily space clearing. Make it an hearth magick ritual.


s the wheel turned into winter, I looked at the fading yellow and red landscape of autumn, and was grateful for a warm fire. 20 The hearth in ancient times was central to every family, and hearth magick is at its most potent in winter. At a time when the energies of change still buffet us, selfnurturing is vital. And curling up in front of the fire with both human and animal family is one of the most nurturing things I can think of. Fire represents warmth, alchemical change, a gathering place, and a place for taking inner journeys through the process of storytelling or guided meditations. The ancient ones would scry or divine through what they saw in the flames. Fire ceremonies have been held to transmute negative energy for centuries. In ancient times the hearth was considered a portal to another world. Fire cleanses and activates on the etheric level and represents passion for living on the physical. So every winter, my spirit leaps with gratitude for the ancient tasks of gathering kindling, setting the fire, and keeping the home warm and cosy. Understanding hearth magick helps put a different take on the so-called menial household chores. The animals all understand hearth magick and they constantly tell their people to

Animals urge us to create a warm, cosy, physically and energetically clean environment with bright, high frequency colours to lift our vibration. In winter, because of the long nights and homes closed up against the cold, it is more important than ever to keep the home energetically clear and our spirits bright. Other advice I’m receiving from the animals and the fae at this time, is all about remembering to take “pleasure” in life in a body. This is self-love, which is the foundation for living in grace. It’s about nurturing and nourishing and finding contentment in the moments. In winter we have an abundant of possibilities for beautiful moments. Winter is a time for cosy. Nurturing might mean long, lavender baths, browsing bookstores on cold, rainy weekends, or sitting in cafes with a hot chocolate. It might mean reading in the sunlight with the cats, long walks with the dog along the beach or in the snow, or taking care of your body with yoga or dance. It’s a time for gatherings around the fire, sharing the long nights with hot cocoa, pumpkin soup, nourishing vege stews and home–baked breads. It’s a time for finishing projects, stories, listening to the voice of spirit and taking pause. This winter it’s crucial we make some personal changes to help the health of the planet. It’s crucial we shed the last coat

of old programming, limited thinking and conditioning; that we clean up our inner selves. The energies are aligned with us for this now. IT’S TIME FOR NEW STORIES. Stories of hope and change, possibility and magick. At winter solstice we always celebrate the longest night of the year. We have a ritual when we turn off all the lights and sit in darkness for a moment. It’s an acknowledgement of the dark night of the soul. An elder, usually myself or my husband, lights a candle and from there we light all other candles and proclaim the return of the light. Because the light always returns. And this can be celebrated on many levels and be a powerful celebration and statement for new beginnings. WINTER FOR SOME IS ABOUT SURVIVAL. And it is a time my heart reaches out to the homeless – in pounds, shelters, on the streets, and at the slaughter houses. Alone, without family or fire, they need us to step up for them, and squeeze them into our hearts, hearths and homes. And that’s when the deepest, brightest hearth magick happens. To give peace to an animal who has lived in fear, is a great service to oneself and to the planet, because peace is a powerful thought-form and frequency. And it ripples out. There is something deeply rewarding about providing a home for an animal in need, or even just knowing that through your positive personal choices, you are contributing to the healing of the planet by lessening the suffering of others. Cats, like fires, transmute negative energy. Their purr is healing. Many carry spiritual wisdom from Egypt or from the stars. Their message to us is to create sunny places in winter because the sun’s rays are vital to us, giving us energy, information and upgrading our DNA. This is why cats curl up in the sun.

Cats also urge people to lift their personal frequency with the help of bright, uplifting colours. They will work on helping you slow down your inner restlessness and “noise”. A cat will often suggest things like sunrooms and the colour buttercup yellow, tea ceremonies, yoga, meditation and social high tea gatherings -- quiet, informal social occasions with tea and cake! (Well one cat did and it was fabulous advice for his person who was socially alone.) Cats are excellent healers. My Burmese cat Binah would insist on sitting on client’s laps whenever I did tarot consultations. They always walked off feeling fabulous. “It’s

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Binah magick,” I’d say, knowing she made alchemical change within them, purring quietly as she sat there. Dogs on the other hand heal in different ways. Their job is to encourage their people into generating joy endorphins through movement, being outside in nature and living in the moment. Dogs just want to have fun. And they want us to have fun too. Often their advice is to dance outside,

to run and play on the beach or in the park. It’s hard to feel depressed when you look at a dog’s clear trusting eyes, radiating love and joy. Dogs urge us to hearth magick in creating love in every room. They urge us to follow our heart and be bold with bright colour and song. They want us to understand that our homes need to resonate with high frequency and be a personal sanctuary of self-nurturing. Most importantly dogs teach us to stay in the moment with our thinking, and relish the simple pleasures of life. The moments are the magick and hearth magick is our foundation for living. The fae tell us to make our homes sparkle!! So that we can. Make this winter count and shine on every level.

Billie Dean is the founder of the Deep Peace Trust, a not for profit charity working towards global peace for all species through helping animals and creating social change through the arts. Billie is a writer, the author of Secret Animal Business and other books, and a screenwriter with Wild Pure Heart Productions, and an internationally recognized animal shaman, who pioneered the New Shamanism and runs transformational workshops and seminars. She lives with her human and large rescued animal family in country NSW. Contact Billie at:, &


They’re doing energy work. When we do the same, we emit a more relaxed, peaceful frequency of contentment.

Healing Through the Mind-Body Connection A healthy soul is a happy soul. This, of course, doesn’t mean that souls with physical, mental or emotional ailments are not happy. It does, however, imply that souls suffering from physical, mental, or emotional ailments or illnesses may have some underlying distress or unhappiness that deserves some attention. Louise Hay talks of this very thing in her book, Heal Your Body A-Z. She talks about her own experience with cancer of the vagina, how her background of rape and physical abuse at a young age could have been the causing factor of the manifestation of the cancer, of how she healed herself through a process, starting with clearing old patterns. Old patterns, thoughts, and behaviours that are so deeply a part of one’s soul may be the root cause of many mental and physical ailments. Anger, resentment, and fear are all emotions that do a great job of festering and eventually erupting, both physically and mentally. There are many ways to recognise and overcome these thought patterns that create so much disruption. The following guideline is simply that – a guideline to be able to recognise patterns. Always consult a trusted medical physician with any ailments and illnesses, and with the recent surge in holistic healthcare, there may even be a holistic specialist that can be consulted.


emotion to be FELT. Holding it back or stuffing it down is what leads to the patterns and behaviours, and illness. Acknowledge the feeling. Spend some time with it. Get to know it. Understand why it is surfacing and from where. If it is anger – Is the anger really directed toward the person or situation? Or is the person or situation reminding you of something from the past and THAT is what is triggering it? Recognise the source. Self-Care. There are many ways to practice self-care. A few simple ways are sea salt baths, meditation, yoga, massage, dancing, sufficient rest and healthy eating habits. Enlist help. Find a trusted friend to talk regularly with. Hire a life coach. Go to counselling. Find healthy outlets that give the repressed emotions and feelings a way out, without hurting anyone, including yourself. LOVE yourself. imperfection.



For every perfection and

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” ~World Health Organization, 1948

Trust your gut. If your body is telling you that something just isn’t right, trust that feeling.

Virginia Blank is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, and life-long Intuitive and Medium. She uses her intuition in all of her services by tuning into the energetic vibrations of her clients and focusing on what their soul desires.

Check-in with yourself on a regular basis. This could be daily, weekly, or monthly. When a negative emotion arises, stop and allow that

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inSpirit Magazine Winter 2013  

With winter upon us in the Southern hemisphere, it’s the perfect time for a little self-care. So this issue we feature the topic of Health...

inSpirit Magazine Winter 2013  

With winter upon us in the Southern hemisphere, it’s the perfect time for a little self-care. So this issue we feature the topic of Health...