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Christmas 2011

volume 2, no. 6

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dear friends,

craft yourself a merry little Christmas

Christmastime is the very best season for crafting, don’t you think? With all those gifts to wrap and give, trees to decorate, and stockings to stuff, you could whip yourself into a crafting frenzy! To get you started, we’ve packed this issue full of great little projects that will make this Christmas the craftiest ever. There are plenty of ideas from gifts to wreaths to stockings to countdowns to the big day. You’ll find just the inspiration to get you motivated. Grab your scissors and glue, thread your needle and get ready to craft yourself a merry little Christmas!

with love,

p.s. I’m very fortunate to have such a sweet & talented p. friend in Pam Keravuori. She designed the sampler (opposite) and hand-scripted project titles throughout this issue. How lovely indeed!












14 .................... christmas brooches 22 ....................... a pom pom wreath 28 ..............................cute elf tags 32 ............................candy bouquets 38 ............................jewelbox decor 46 ...... kitschy christmas totems 50 ............................a feather tree 58 .................. embroidered sachets 64 ............... a folksy advent tree 72 ..............a woven cuff stocking 80 .................. easy bird ornaments 84 ............................ a gift garland


88 ............... a Miniature christmas 92 .................a stitched gift book 96 ...................... Mistletoe sampler 98 ................... a north pole treat 104 ............... Leafy advent wreath 108 ..................... a starry garland 114 ...................... nutcracker suite 118 .................... a pretty stocking 124 ...............spicetin shadowboxes


fri ends Mary Engelbreit

Heidi Grace Kress

Mary Engelbreit estimates that she has completed more than 5,000 illustrations since beginning her professional career. Her art springs from real life. And real life, she is quick to point out, just keeps happening. With the help of her staff, Mary goes to great lengths to make certain her artwork is reproduced as faithfully to her original work as possible.

Heidi Grace Kress is a playful artist who loves to create a variety of goods including original art, scrapbooking and paper crafting collections, gifts, and most recently children’s clothing. Heidi is thrilled to present her new company called Clever, which promotes and sells Heidi’s handmade goods. Her family—her husband, Ryan, and three charming muses, Reagan, Ireland, and Paisley—are her main sources of inspiration. While the family keeps her on her toes, the trade-off is an arsenal of unique concepts, funny stories, and great adventures that she loves to incorporate into her art. Heidi loves nothing more than to spend time with her family, and it is those times that feed her energy source and drive her zest for life, as well as nurture her creative spirit. They love to be together doing anything, from playing in bed on Saturday mornings, exploring at the nearby beach, or visiting local parks and trails. Heidi loves to create in all media, but her favorite is simply a blank piece of paper and a black drawing pen.

Today, Mary Engelbreit Studios and The Mary Engelbreit Online Store are headquartered in Mary’s hometown, St. Louis, Missouri. Thousands of national and international retailers sell Mary Engelbreit products. It’s an amazing degree of success for any company, but even more remarkable considering that it all began with a single-minded young girl who decided at age 11 that she was going to be an artist. And while Mary Engelbreit Studios has grown into a global licensing and retail business, that same girl still sits at its core, grown up now, but drawing her pictures with the same sense of wonder, imagination, and enthusiasm.

Katie Runnels

Matthew Mead

Katie’s interest and love of arts and crafts began with her mother’s example as a painter and creative homemaker. The various handicrafts of her mother, grandmothers and aunts, not always appreciated while growing up, are now some of her most beloved treasures. Katie works in several different media including paint, textiles, found-object sculpture, ceramics and collage, much the same as the women in her family before her. Katie received an MFA in Painting from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2004. That same year she co-created shopSCAD along with best friend and current director, Amy Zurcher, as a unique gallery/boutique venue exclusively for the art and design of SCAD students, faculty and alumni. Katie’s artwork has been exhibited in the U.S. and internationally, while her crafts and handiwork have appeared on design blogs and in magazines, most notably Better Homes and Gardens, Craft Stylish, Design*Sponge, Decor8, and Poppytalk. She now curates the blog and online shop The Constant Gatherer, where her design ideas, artwork, and inspirations are catalogued and periodically sold. She is currently concentrated on her most prized creation, a baby boy, due to her and husband, Jon, sometime in mid-December 2011.

Matthew Mead is a stylist, writer, author, photographer, lifestyle editor, and noted style expert. The former style editor of Country Home Magazine and co-editor in chief of Flea Market Style Magazine (2010), Matthew is the official food photographer for the Associated Press and is a regular contributor to Better Homes and Gardens and Victoria Magazine. Matthew has also written eight books and produced countless magazine spreads and ad campaigns for noted companies such as Pottery Barn, Dove Chocolate, Target, and Stonewall Kitchen. Matthew is known for seasonal style— decorating beautiful spaces with vintage finds, nature’s offerings, and what is at hand; guiding others to entertain with ease in a stylish way; and inspiring home owners to create beautiful food and living spaces which they can proudly share with family and friends. Matthew started his own quarterly magazine HOLIDAY WITH MATTHEW MEAD, which you can order at his site www. and a new product line of home goods and accessories at

fri ends Koralee Teichroeb

Tracey Fisher

Creating has always been a part of Koralee Teichroeb’s life. As a young girl, she spent hours around her grandma’s kitchen table with her button jar and a pot of glue.

After a career in corporate and broadcast television, Tracey Fisher returned to the world of crafting, as she raised her two young girls. Armed with an inspirational “Betz White cupcake”, a whole world of crafting and blogs opened up to her. She took sewing classes and knitting classes and made little projects for family and friends. She knitted cupcake hats and viking helmets for teachers’ babies, made sock monkeys for friends and sewed up zippered pouches and purses for gifts.

Today, Koralee’s world is dusted with everything from glitter to cake sprinkles. You can usually find her in the kitchen with her camera, as her creative side has now found the JOY of baking. As an avid blogger, she loves to share her passion for creating through her lovely photography. Whether she is creating fairy cakes to eat or pretty boxes to put them in, it is all about sharing the JOY with those around her. Visit Koralee at her blog:

These days, instead of her daughters following in her footsteps, she has found that it is she following theirs. With their Etsy shops, blogs and Tumblr accounts, she now finds both her teenage daughters are her creative mentors. With the help of her girls, Tracey has opened up an Etsy shop and started a blog, in their names, where she crafts to her heart’s content and writes up a storm about crafting, motherhood and her next chapter. You can read all about her adventures in crafting at www.helanaandali.

Catherine Thursby

Sally Keller

Born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Catherine Thursby has always been influenced by the artful town in which she lives. Surrounded by artists, scholars, free spirits and a liberal household, it was no wonder that she grew up wanting to become involved in the arts in some capacity. Catherine studied fine arts and metalsmithing at Eastern Michigan University. It was then that she started making little art dolls on the side, which were sold in galleries across the country. After getting married and having 2 children, she limited her work to a couple of home shows and art fairs.

Sally is a fun loving homeschooling mom of 4 who likes to sing, play the guitar and the cello, and is completely addicted to her husband and anything fabric or paper!!

In the fall of 2004, Catherine followed a life long dream and open a shop called Red SHoes. Red SHoes is located in a small house right in downtown Ann Arbor. It features Catherine’s studio and artwork, vintage goods and a little bit of retail product. When she’s not busy running around chasing her teenage son, or her wild 8 year old daughter, she can be found working away in her studio, creating colorful things made from an active imagination, recycled materials, paper, paint, fabric and glue.

She’s inspired by a sweet melody she can’t get out of her head; her husband; a blue, cloudless sky; the smell of lavender; a cottage-style kitchen table with white paint peeling off of it; the soft feel of cotton; a wraparound porch with a tin star on it; the cello; a rubber stamp; some red ink and a black journaling marker; buttons andlace; swirls; the sound of her children peeking into her room while she’s sleeping in the morning, then giggling and running away; a soft, worn, vintage quilt—and being made in the image of the Creator and creating all day long! To read more about her self-proclaimed crazy OUTLOUD life, check out her blog at:

fri ends Jone Hallmark J Once upon a time, Jone Hallmark was a professional ballerina living in Switzerland. After a long search for what she really wanted to be when she grows up, Jone found that felt, wire, paper, glue and string make her very happy - the “simple things” in life. She loves Alice in Wonderland (oh yeah, and mushrooms) and dragonflies. She is drawn to anything with polkadots and looks forward to the next time she can head to the southwestern part of France for a workshop with the Pantry Violets. Jone lives in Santa Fe, NM, with her hubby of 25 years, their 16-year-old son, two cats (Pearl and Marble) and two dogs (Kipper and Jack) She spends every Wednesday morning stitching and drinking chai with friends in the garden at the Teahouse and once a month meets with her creative friends to make BIG messes on every possible flat surface. See what Jone is up to by visiting her blog,

Molly Knox Molly Knox has always had Anthropologie taste on a Target budget. From an early age she found ways to use whatever she had around to create what she imagined. As a little girl, her parents often took her along on trips to antique stores, flea markets and garage sales, fostering a love of old things and inspiring her to create beautiful surroundings on a small budget. Today, she loves transforming not-so-pretty objects into something special and inspiring. She believes that there isn’t much a little paint, glitter, or fabric can’t fix. She prides herself on turning the simple into the sublime, and her family and friends often tell her she can make “something from nothing”. Molly is a 4th-generation Florida native, living in Tampa with her husband Doug, daughter Lilly and their West Highland Terrier Ellie Belle. She teaches pre-school part-time where she has a blast acting silly, teaching crafts, and watching her students grow. On her off days she is a stayat-home mom who loves playing, reading and crafting with Lilly and creating vintage-inspired crafts and décor. Molly finds that her day is not complete if she hasn’t created or dreamed of creating. You can read more about Molly on her blog


cherie wilson

Jerusalem Greer

Cherie Wilson has had a heart for teaching art and being a Mama for as long as she can remember. For the last 10 years, she has been serving women locally and through her blog ministry with a unique voice for the healing power of HeARTart; helping others connect to their faith; and encouraging them to ponder and respond to their own lives moment by moment.

Jerusalem Greer comes from a long line of creative and resourceful women who always managed do a whole lot with just a little. She credits her mother for pulling up her carpet when she was little, so that she could glue-atwill without fear for her current successes in craftiness.

Cherie believes that, within each soul, there is an opportunity to experience an abundantly creative life, if we allow it. We do this by being authentic to ourselves and others; by being generous, intentional, and often lavishly random; and always open to life’s smallest most beautiful details. Cherie admits that her greatest creations she cannot take full credit for. Her 4 very capable and beautiful daughters, Katie, Cassie, Carly and Anna along with her generous husband, Mike, and their funny Standard Poodle, Trueman. You can visit Cherie at

Jerusalem draws her inspiration from most things vintage, Nora Ephron movies, great books and the wide world of creative bloggers. Jerusalem has been married to her sweet man of 14 years, has 2 amazingly creative and very messy boys, 3 chickens, 1 dog, 1 hamster, 1 toad and 1 hedgehog. She is currently working on her first book, a collection of recipes, stories and crafts inspired by her faith. Jerusalem seeks to create art that is happy, authentic, nostalgic and most of all encouraging. You can find Jerusalem blogging most days at www.

fri ends Hope Ellington

Pat Wehmeier

Hope Ellington is a mixed-media artist. She graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Apparel Merchandising. Recently, Hope spoke with her esteemed sewing professor Karla Kunoff and commented that she never used her degree. Professor Kunoff disagreed, for it was while studying at Indiana University that Hope developed her love for vintage textiles and sewing.

Pat Wehmeier has been a mixed-media artist since she was a child. She earned an MFA from the School of the Art Institute and made quilts of various materials, including paper and canvas, for twenty five years. About twelve years ago, she rediscovered a passion for creating dollhouse miniatures.

Hope is married to Jeff and the mother of two children, Lindsey, 19, and Lincoln, 14. She is a hockey mom, avid gardener and intense lover of antiques. Hope loves restoring her 1850’s farmhouse filling it with period antiques and vintage collections. Some of Hope’s collections include white ironstone, McCoy flower pots, and anything related to Abraham Lincoln. You can find Hope mostly in her craft studio or around her small Bloomington Indiana farm tending the gardens and her newly created flock of chickens. To learn more about Hope please visit her blog Thoughts of Whimsy at www.

Pat discovered that making dollhouse miniatures allows her to combine found materials, paint, clay, paper and fabric in creative and whimsical ways. She finds that people of all ages can relate to miniature works of art. In addition to making miniatures, Pat also collects vintage dollhouses, furniture and accessories from the 30s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s that she finds in her extensive travels. She’s always on the lookout for a hidden treasure. To share her love and knowledge of vintage dollhouse items with others, she recently started her own website: She sells at miniature shows and teaches classes in creating unique miniatures. She also rescues, repairs and transforms tiny furniture, bringing new life to otherwise abandoned pieces. Pat lives in a Tudor cottage outside of Chicago with her sweet (and patient) husband Bill, two creative teenage sons and and 13 14 dollhouses.


Lynda Kanase It doesn’t hurt to have a day job as a graphic designer in the paper-crafting industry when one of your passions is crafting. And when she’s not designing or crafting, Lynda Kanase is often hunting at estate sales. She says it is a lot of fun to be able to combine her passions. Looking back, she’s crafted with upcycled objects for most of her life but never thought of it as a specific genre until now. Part of being a designer is to take certain items {photos, words, logos} and create a visually pleasing message {advertising, magazines, packaging}. In a similar way, Lynda’s crafting inspiration comes from finding vintage objects and creating something visually pleasing. She enjoys using a common object in an uncommon way to create something unexpected. And when she’s not designing or crafting or estate sale hunting, she can be found sharing her crafty ideas and vintage treasures on her blog,

Rebecca Ringquist Rebecca Ringquist is a Brooklyn-based visual artist. Her drawings on paper and stitched drawings on fabric explore issues of identity through thinly veiled metaphors utilizing old fashioned imagery and double entendres. In 2005, Rebecca was awarded an Illinois Arts Council Fellowship. Her work has been exhibited at the Hyde Park Art Center, The California Polytechnic University, ARC Gallery, Fraction Workspace, Northern Illinois University, The Textile Art Center in Brooklyn, and is currently represented by the Packer Schopf Gallery in Chicago. In 2010, Ringquist started Dropcloth Samplers, a handmade embroidery design business, after the success of selling her original prints at Squam Art Workshops. The samplers have been featured on numerous craft blogs in the last year and a half. Ringquist earned her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the Fiber and Material Studies department where she subsequently taught for seven years. Next year she’ll be back at Squam, as well as teaching at a handful of other workshops around the country. Please visit her blog at to learn more.


inspired ideas Christmas 2011

volume 2, no. 6

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you love to make things In fact, you are always making something. It’s what makes you happiest. You are most inspired by ideas that are fresh, approaches that are ingenious, & designs that are lovely. Welcome! You are home.

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PREVIEW: Christmas 2011 Inspired Ideas  

Craft yourself a merry little Christmas...lots of sweet little projects to make this Christmas extra wonderful

PREVIEW: Christmas 2011 Inspired Ideas  

Craft yourself a merry little Christmas...lots of sweet little projects to make this Christmas extra wonderful