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Gov. Quinn

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UHLF Event

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7th Annual Awards Dinner Honoring

Gov. Quinn

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Pg.14, UHLF 44th Annual Fundraising Dinner Pg.12, Pg.16, Social Update / EAD & NAAMA Community Info HAND in HAND for a Brighter Future


ABPA & Gov. Quinn On November 14, 2012, The Arab-American Business & Professional Association (ABPA) 7th Annual Awards Dinner took place at Chicago Sheraton Hotel & Towel. Many middle-eastern business people showed strength and pride to our community in attending to this event. The event began with special performed by the singer Beena David. The host of the evening was Rashad Darwish kept the event entertaining for all ABPA’s guests. Throughout dinner the President of ABPA Talat M .Othman personated the award to Illinois Governor Pat Quinn. Governor Quinn was quite impressed with the Arab American Business & Professional Association event. He was very gracious in talking about the smooth execution of the program, warmth of the guests, variety of high level businesses executives , professionals, Chicago’s leading civic organizations, diplomats, heads of International Airlines, clergy, a former Iraqi Minister, judge, … etc. The cross section of support the association has been illuminating for him. He saw a serious, generous, and capable membership. He was touched by the warmth and personalization of his introduction; he was very appreciative of the Outstanding Public Ser-

vice Sculptured Award (inspired by the Samarkand Tree of Life) which he said will be placed in his offices. The Governor was warm and generous with his time and accommodating the many who wanted to talk and take a photo with him. He praised ABPA as the Arab American business organization that can be helpful to his program of economic development and encouraged ABPA to organize a Trade Mission/ Del-

egation to the affluent Countries of the Gulf- having met some of their business people who came to Illinois. It was obvious that the guests enjoyed the Governor’s presentation, encouraging words of support for the Arab American Community, his vision for making Illinois a prosperous and caring State for all his people. Towards the end of the night, Etihad Airways tickets auction where performed and raffles took place thereafter.

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Left to Right: Levent Selvili, Fatih Yildiz

Left to Right: Gov. Quinn & President of ABPA Talat Othman


Hyatt Magazine/ Issue 7

Gov. Quinn on stage at the ABPA Dinner.

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The Origin of Christmas The origin of Christmas differs as the precise date of the birth and historicity of Jesus are much debated. Christmas, literally meaning the Mass of Christ, is a traditional holiday in the Christian calendar. The festival of Christmas takes place on December 25th every year to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is also celebrated as a secular holiday throughout the world, including countries with small Christian populations like India. Various theories of the origin of Christmas exist that give a clear insight into the celebration of Christmas. Date of Christmas: Christmas is celebrated on December 25th in all Christian churches including Eastern Rite, Roman & Protestant. Since most Eastern Orthodox churches have not accepted either the Gregorian calendar or the Revised Julian Calendar reforms, December 25th will fall on the civil date of January 7 for the years from 1900 to 2099. It is believed that the nativity was set on December 25th by a Roman bishop around the third century A.D. The Roots of Christmas: Christmas is from Christes Maesse, which means Christ Mass. It is referred that during the 4th century, the celebration of Christ's birth on December 25 was gradually adopted by most Eastern churches. In Jerusalem, opposition to Christmas lasted longer as according to them the exact date of birth of Jesus Christ is unknown. It is said that December 17th - 24th was the period of Saturnalia, a well-known festival in pagan, Rome. December 25th was the birthday of Mithra, the Iranian god of light. This day was adopted by the church as Christmas to counteract the effects of these festivals. The Acceptation: Though the true origin of Christmas is filled with controversy and compromise, today, Christmas has turned out to be one of the most popular festival that fills joy, happiness and love in people's life. The festival of Christmas has absorbed various customs and traditions of world and December 25th has emerged as the most important day for Christians, irrespective of its roots. It is taken as a day that reflects the power, glory and salvation of Jesus Christ and his message of hope to the world. Various Theories of The origin of Christmas: As the origin of Christmas has been a debatable issue, various theories have been suggested, supporting the date of December 25th as the birth of Jesus.


Hyatt Magazine/ Issue 7

The following are few of theories: Roman festival of Saturnalia: It is an appropriation by early Christians of a day on which the birth of several pagan gods, Osiris, Jupiter, and Plutus, or the ancient deified leader Nimrod, was celebrated. It is an appropriation of the Roman festival of the birth of Unconquered Sun, celebrated on the day after the winter solstice, or the Roman festival of Saturnalia. Jewish Festival of Lights: It derives from the tradition that Jesus was born during the Jewish Festival of Lights that falls on 25th December. Date of Good Friday: The date of Christmas is based on the date of Good Friday, the day Jesus died. Since the exact date of Jesus' death is not stated in the Gospels, early Christians sought to calculate it, and arrived at either March 25 or April 6. Then, wishing to calculate Jesus' birthday, they followed the ancient idea that Old Testament prophets died either an anniversary of their birth or of their conception. In Jesus' case, they reasoned that he died on an anniversary of the Incarnation so the date of his birth would have been nine months after the date of Good Friday-either December 25 or January 6. The date of 25th December became popular.

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Actor Nour El Sherif The Ambassador Theodore Kattouf

The National Arab American Medical Association - NAAMA and Egyptian Abroad for Development - EAD were hand in hand to work to a brighter future. NAAMA and EAD benefit dinner occurred in November 16th, 2012 at the Carlisle. The doors opened at 6 pm, where many members and volunteers of NAAMA and EAD welcoming the attendees. All Syrians, Egyptian, and many other culture join together to make a difference and supporting one another. As the event was about to start, people were patiently waiting in silence. Question comes to our minds, why where they silence? They were waiting for their special guest speakers to arrive. Not only our community was attending this event, but the legendary actor from Egypt, Nour El Sherif or his original name is Mohamed Gaber and President & CEO of Amideast Ambassador Theodore Kattouf. Doors opened and everyone stood up clapping for the Ambassador Theodore Kattouf and Actor Nour El Sherif. As they entered in the banquet, they lightened everyone with a smile. Presentation by Egyptian Cancer Network, Sereen Foundation at dinner time, and Dr. Yaser Maksoud started to show and urged our community in bringing strength and heart towards the children of Egypt and Syria. Many children are in need of help through this rough time with the conflict in overseas. Although, many great speaker within that night, the most touched our heart was Abu Hakam. Abu Hakam is a father of a lost son “Hakam� who lost his life to the tragedy in Syria. Hakam was a young volunteered in helping the children and wanted to bring a brighter future for Syria.


President of NAAMA Dr. Amjad

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Left to Right: Dalia, Kareem, Mohammad

Hyatt Magazine/ Issue 7

President of EAD Islam

Abu Hakam

UHLF Event the , 2012, h t 1 1 r e mb UHLF) On Nove d Fund ( n a L ly er o ing Dinn United H is a r d n u F n. ual 44th Ann the Hilton Oak Law t g a took place LF holds fundraisin UH stine Each year s in Pale t n e d u t s rt the event to suppo m p 7 t A m ege. to go coll massive crowd fro ith y addistarted w ommunit c s n ia in ho t eastern w our Pales le d id m any t the tion to m nd area. A d la o g a ic h C the Unite reside in m o r f s e assag start, me und by speakers M F d Mahmoud Holy Lan , .) .C M ara( eq zen Iijb ent of UHLF),Rafe id es A. Abur Zahra (pr d e m m a Moh Jaber and utive Director). xec mishan (E

What we do:

Chartered in the United States, the UHLF is committed to the humanitarian ideals of survival, self-help, equal opportunity and education. It provides for the needs of Palestinian orphans, widows, handicapped, injured and unskilled.

The main guest speaker was Dr. Zakaria Al-Qaq (Al-Quds University Vice-President), traveled from Palestine to Chicago to let our Palestinian community in Chicago know the greatness of stu-

Mohammed A. Aburmishan Dr. Zakaria

Singer Maher Halabi Left to Right: President of UHLF Mahmoud, Imab, Najeh

Who we are:

Founded in 1968 the United Holy Land Fund is a 501 non-profit , non-political, tax-exempt, humanitarian organization dedicated to assisting the Palestinian people who have been directly affected by the continuing strife in the region. The UHLF is in full compliance of the rules and regulations of the United States Government that governs charitable institutions. 14

Hyatt Magazine/ Issue 7

Your Support / our growing commitments: With your support, the UHLF will continue its mission to meet the humanitarian, social and educational needs of the Palestinian people. Your generosity particularly during times of crisis has increased our capability to help a larger number of needy people, execute more programs, and include more humanitarian institutions in our assistance programs.

dent’s education and what it bring to Palestine. The Education is the key to successes and together we can make a difference to build a great education for Palestinian future. Before the end of the night, UHLF raised a little over $80,000 for the students in Palestine. All net proceed will go to UHLF Educational Scholarship Grant Program. At the event ended with the singer Maher Halabi performing Palestinian songs. To find your picture from the event sign up at Hyatt magazine website.

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Social Update

Community Info

WRITE - ON Students 

Chicago, November; In conjunction with NATIONAL ENGINEERS WEEKTM, Arab-American Association of Engineers and Architects (AAAEA) is hosting a student essay competition in area schools. The contest, known as the “Engineer Poster- Essay Competition,” will require third through eighth grade students to write a 200 - 500 word essay on an engineer living or deceased who has an impact on their lives or the world around them. The competition is open to students in all schools in the Chicagoland area, however only one entry from three of the following grades; third and fourth; fifth and sixth; and seventh and eighth will be permitted from each school. Essays and posters may be submitted by a team of up to three students. The students writing the winning selections will receive prizes courtesy of local engineering societies and companies and will be feted at the annual Engineers Week - Chicago Dinner/Banquet scheduled for Friday, February 22, 2013. This program has been developed by engineers to provide much needed technological education to the students.  Structural engineer Bob Johnson (a volunteer to several engineering outreach programs) states “Few if any schools are providing education in applied science (read engineering). This program is an opportunity to understand the impact engineering has had on the student lives”. There is no cost to participate in the contest. Entries must be received prior to January 31, 2013. Contact Jamal Grainawi at 312803-6516 for contest specifics. Visit the  AAAEA  website: for the Entry Form and contest rules.    CONTACT: Jamal Grainawi (312) 803-6516 email: Dr. Soliman Khudeira (312) 744-9605 email:

Salon 88 : 708-633-4664 708-439-7016 To place a FREE Social update send us an email. 16

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