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Jewellery & Watches Fall 2012

Georg Jensen remains the quintessential Danish luxury lifestyle brand. Melding natural materials, organic forms and visionary talent, its jewellery, watches and home collections occupy a unique place in the world’s imagination. Georg Jensen’s early work was driven by attention to detail, quality and exquisite craftsmanship. One hundred years later, those same values anchor its reputation for timeless, gorgeous pieces.

fusion rings in 18 karat gold set with brilliant cut diamonds


let you write your own love story. In the 1960s the world embraced a sense of unity and people everywhere felt free to share their desires and passions with each other. This openness and deep commitment inspired Georg Jensen to create Fusion, a symbol of trust and undying love. Visit and create your own Fusion masterpiece.

fusion pendants in 18 karat gold set with brilliant cut diamonds

fusion bangles AND rings in 18 karat gold set with brilliant cut diamonds

fusion rings in 18 karat gold set with brilliant cut diamonds The fusion cuffs are custom MADE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY


The refined elegance of nature’s organic forms and the cutting edge of contemporary design are combined to create the legendary Magic collection, crafted from the finest precious metals, iridescent diamonds and lustrous pearls - with Georg Jensen’s signature artisanal touch.

Magic rings in 18 Karat gold set with brilliant cut diamonds

Say I love you, Happy Birthday, or simply Thinking of you with the perfect piece of Magic. Whether celebrating the joy of your first child or the happiness you experience together each day, Magic makes every moment unforgettable.

Magic rings in 18 Karat gold set with brilliant cut diamonds

Magic sautoirs in 18 Karat gold with pearls and set with brilliant cut diamonds

Magic ring AND earhoops in 18 Karat gold with pearls and set with brilliant cut diamonds

alliance Alliance elegantly wraps around the female form, and its undulating, simplistic form belies the complexity of its design. Woven from a single strand of gold, single and double thread bangles appear as if floating around the wrist, and the gently surging form of earrings adds maximum impact to any look.

alliance bangles and earrings in 18 karat gold

TITLE Regitze

The Regitze Collection is in every way iconic. The beauty of Luptat etue faccum quipsusto euis Regitze ero liesodip not elis onlyamet in itspraesecte bold design and organic, feminine nostie eliquat nulput ilisim alit aliquisl il diam form, min but also in its ability to upgrade anyduisit look vent in anlum instant. inim dolutatem iriustie commodo lorerit ad tet aditNonsed dolesed dolorer cipsuscipis nostio doloborper aut lum nim vullamconsed erit prat, susto dolobore magnim dit wisit at ad tat lummy nulputet eros nim zzriliq uissequatisi tet inibh ex eu feum zzrit adionse quipsus cilisi blan ullandiam dolor sum volore tat.

Regitze bracelet AND earhooks in 18 karat gold

regitze bangles in 18 karat gold set with brilliant cut diamonds

Regitze bangle AND rings in sterling silver set with gemstones


The Sphere Collection embodies the curiosity, hopes and aspirations of the divine and mysterious crystal ball. Seamlessly blending styles and materials, Sphere creates infinite possibilities of personal expression.

sphere necklace and BANGLES in sterling silver set with gemstones and pearls

INFINITY The continuous fluidity of the ribbon-like symbol is decorative and fascinating in its symbolism. The gently undulating links of statement pieces, such as a collier necklace and bangle, represent eternal possibilities and reflect upon the past while looking firmly towards the future. The covetable collection of statement pieces and day-to-night styles makes it a popular and striking choice.

infinity necklace and bangle in sterling silver

MAKE A STATEMENT Playful, chic and infinitely eye-catching, the gentle curves and whimsical lines of each ring transforms the motifs into diminutive works of art, adding a luxurious touch of beauty to the wearer.

flower with gemstone, heart, butterfly and moonlight grapes ring in sterling silver


In the early 1900’s Georg Jensen turned to the art of the ancient Italian Masters for inspiration. Here he found a recurring motif of grapes, the elegance of which spoke to him and served as the inspiration for what would become one of the most iconic and easily recognisable jewellery designs of today.

Moonlight Grapes pendant AND earhooks in sterling silver

TIME Georg Jensen watches combine refined Danish design and authentic craftsmanship with fine Swiss watchmaking. All excesses are stripped away, leaving behind a design that represents the very essence of elegance. Liberate yourself from the conventions of time and measure life by experiences rather than minutes.

koppel lady Time is invisible, infinite and intimate: It knows no numbers. Koppel’s clean and understated design is instantly recognisable for its numberless dial and Swiss Made quality. The watch perfectly complements the wearer’s personality, allowing freedom of expression.

koppel watches in steel with mother-of-pearl DIAL SET with brilliant cut diamonds

Everyday luxury These elegant watches perfectly complement the contours of the female wrist. Offered with a black or white dial and with a sleek steel link bracelet or a coloured butter-soft calfskin strap, the design references Henning Koppel’s eponymous watch from 1978. This versatile timepiece is both elegant and functional, making it the perfect choice for everyday luxury.

koppel watches in steel with calfskin or steel bracelet

VIVIANNA The purity and seasonal transformations of the Nordic landscape inspired and fascinated the designer Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe since early childhood. This beauty is captured in her watch designs, including the reflective mirror face, which is a signature trademark of Vivianna’s work. The iconic watch pays tribute to the values of Georg Jensen: Danish design, craftsmanship and quality.

Vivianna Bangle Liberate yourself from the conventions of time: Live in the Here and Now. With its numberless dial, Vivianna’s iconic open-ended design escapes the confinements of time. The reflective mirror face of this perfectly proportioned timepiece reminds the wearer to live in the moment.

Vivianna bangle watches in steel set with brilliant cut diamonds

Vivianna Oval The Vivianna Oval watch is a lasting tribute to the celebrated silversmith Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe. The shape of the watch resembles a lake at night, illuminated by the moon’s mystical silver and blue hues. Its mother-of-pearl and diamond-embellished dial are reminiscent of a starry night; the placement of the twelve diamonds reflects the pattern of stars as they flicker across the galaxy.

Vivianna Oval watch with mother-of-pearl dial set with brilliant cut diamonds concave watches in steel

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GJ Jewellery_Watches Fall 2012  

GJ Jewellery_Watches Catalogue Fall 2012

GJ Jewellery_Watches Fall 2012  

GJ Jewellery_Watches Catalogue Fall 2012