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1: Ducit Amor Patriae oppressive point systems of the past irrelevant. Cue synthetic orchestra and fade to commercial. For even the most passionate, rational devotee of gaming there is a moment of brief pause. It is typified by that arcade moment in Namco’s Galaga or Seibu Kaihatsu’s Raiden when as a drizzle of missiles slowly turns into a violent storm you briefly wonder if you are on the right side of history. It is that tiniest moment of reflection when faced with the growing murmurs across the community of gamers you briefly consider “Could the Jean-Lucs be right?” Could the era of competitive gaming based on collecting points be an artifact of less evolved, less refined 20th century tastes in gaming? Is keeping score passé?

With Apologies to the 24th Century Perhaps one of the most over used aphorisms in use today is George Santayana’s aphorism on repetitive consequences. Often paraphrased, the kernel of the common expression is “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Nearly a century later a philosopher gamer from the fabled lost arcade of Kallipolis might just as easily remark “those who did not experience

The Armchair Historians Guide (Excerpt)  
The Armchair Historians Guide (Excerpt)  

The Armchair Historian’s Guide is your pocket manifesto for observing, chronicling and even making the digital record books of achievement i...