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The Armchair Historian’s Guide

1: Ducit Amor Patriae Nobody cares any more.


ll too often one can ďŹ nd these words scattered across the blogosphere, hidden in the prose of fan-pages and the editorials in video gaming publications and even in creeping into general conversation among the trendiest gamers. When spoken aloud, the words are usually couched in modulated, well practiced tones that would make even the most egregiously self-righteous season one episodes of a twenty fourth century science ďŹ ction series proud. No one cares about points in modern games anymore and certainly no one cares about keeping score. All that remains is the obligatory smug lecture from a spry gentleman in a red tunic about how humanity has evolved beyond its petty needs for the old 20th century ideals of competition and how the modern gaming economies of the future have made the


The Armchair Historians Guide (Excerpt)  
The Armchair Historians Guide (Excerpt)  

The Armchair Historian’s Guide is your pocket manifesto for observing, chronicling and even making the digital record books of achievement i...