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1: Ducit Amor Patriae like Walter Day became the first true historians of the electronic gaming age. Through venues like Day’s Twin Galaxies4 national scoreboard for electronic gaming the history of some of gaming’s greatest achievements on not only arcade games but also pinball machines, console game systems and hand held systems. Without the thirty year effort of Walter Day5 and the entire team at Twin Galaxies much of the history of gaming might have been lost during the long night that fell upon the both worlds of pinball and the arcade. (Armchair Footnotes) 1 What we call “levels” today may also be called “game boards” for the sufficiently ancient patron of golden age gaming. 2 More controversial theories from noted cosmologists postulate that the cosmic silverball was in fact a slot machine. 3 Paleolithic gamer tags compared to what modern gamers think of today or what BBS gamers might use a few short years later. 4 Visit Twin Galaxies at 5 In March 2010, Walter Day announced his retirement from Twin Galaxies. His voice in gaming will be missed.

The Armchair Historians Guide (Excerpt)  
The Armchair Historians Guide (Excerpt)  

The Armchair Historian’s Guide is your pocket manifesto for observing, chronicling and even making the digital record books of achievement i...