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Those Darlings

CAN COOK Food-obsessed chic heroines. By Felwa Alhudaithy, C’est Ma Vie

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn released a new book, “Audrey At Home: Memories of My Mother's Kitchen.” Well technically her son Luca Dotti did.

The marvelous thing about the book is that it tells the story of his mother's life through food and recipes — specifically, her recipes. The book, which the author calls “a kitchen table biography,” offers an intimate look at Hepburn’s life and passions. But at its heart, it is a traditional family cookbook with recipes passed down through generations, collected from friends and compiled as a fitting tribute to a loving mother by her son. Every evening, she had a little chocolate. Needless to say I started my Audrey tradition and I’m currently eating a piece of chocolate every day to keep those sad thoughts away. Web:

Audrey Hepburn

Sophie Dahl

A devoted home cook, she wrote “Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights,” that was turned into a five episode TV show.

The model turned writer, is as Chandler Bing once said, “a hoot!” Sophie writes in a way that I aspire to write one day; effortless, charming, romantic and full of wits, the old fashioned kind, the kind that you find in an Agatha Christie short story. The English rose first caught my eyes after watching her show. I fell in love with her persona, her way of thinking, and her easy and delicious cooking. Her ill-fated show only lasted one season, however her books and now


Luca Dotti

her online website house more recipes than ever. I recently tried her Summer Pasta and had my own spin on an Italian classic. Web:

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