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VISIONARY MOHAMMED ASHI In a region where few designers achieve international critical acclaim, Mohammed Ashi led the pack as the first Saudi to attain success with his avant-garde approach to tailoring. By Felwa Alhudaithy

With nods from the likes of Anna Wintour, and an eye for making the most beautiful collections, we can safely say Ashi Studio is well on it’s way to solidifying its status as a renowned atelier alongside Oscar de la Renta and Dior, if it hadn’t already. We sat down with the visionary himself to see the human side of the studio.

Have you always had a passion for fashion?

I have been passionate about art, design and drawing since I was 5 years old and I attended my first fashion show when I was 12. I started working on my silhouette and style of Ashi studio since fashion school. I was obsessed with creating a silhouette with a modern touch but was influenced by the old schools of couture such as Charles F Worth. I always enjoyed the cutting and tailoring process and the details involved in it. So I already had everything in mind set for my first collection due to previous experimental experiences and the influence of old couture houses.

What did you study and did it help you as a designer?

I studied Fashion Design at the prestigious fashion school, Esmod International. Surely my school enhanced my techniques and my vision for design. My biggest challenge was to create a silhouette that became an Ashi Studio Signature, which is recognized today by our clients worldwide. 22 DESTINATION RIYADH SEPTEMBER 2015

Saudi Arabia  
Saudi Arabia  

DR Issue 31 - September 2015