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We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls. -Anaïs Nin, The Diary of Anaïs Nin

By Felwa Alhudaithy

There was a time not long ago when travel was considered a luxury, a time when people took it to heart to wear their best, to introduce themselves by what they bring from far off places. It would be an adventure in itself to travel like Elizabeth Taylor during the Burton years.

It would be joyful to jet set with huge trunks of Louis Vuitton, to go to the Far East and bring green tea. It would be marvelous to be a character in one of Agatha Christie’s novels and spend winters in Egypt exploring the city, buying every miniature pharaoh in sight. Touring new lands is an integral part of growing up. It makes the man, it makes the woman and it even makes the child.


I was recently blessed to visit Tokyo. I have to admit that I’m fresh off the holiday wagon, but even through the sleep-deprived holiday blues, I’m content in my pursuit of happiness. Although walking through the Sakura filled parks of Japan was a vision from a dream I’ve had for as long as I remember, it was eating sushi from the most adorable chefs that got me weak in the stomach.


I remember reading this quote for the very first time in high school. I felt that my journey, wherever it may lead me, would always be a part of a bigger picture. Whenever I feel a rut coming, I urge myself to seek new lands, to meet new people, to hear their stories, to explore their wisdom, if only to widen my horizons, if only to have fun.

Saudi Arabia  
Saudi Arabia  

DR Issue 29 - July 2015