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Letter from the Editor…… Well, we survived the Mayan end of the world to bring you the first issue of 2013….and what a helluva issue this one is! We get the distinct pleasure of covering one of the most significant band reunions of recent memory, and certainly the biggest in Portland’s history; the Dan Reed Network. Dan R, Blake, Brion, Melvin, and Dan P have come together for Blake’s annual Grand Ballroom show, and it was a memorable night for all, especially for our own SherryK and her daughter Ashley. But turn the page, I’ll let them tell their story. I am fortunate this month to be able to spend quality time with Jamie Nova of WITCHBURN and delve into the band’s history, success, dreams, and talk about their future. This is the part 1 of a 2 part series. You will be impressed with Jamie’s story and intellect. And we catch up with an old and dear friend - one of our founding DVa’s, Ms. Chantell Dawn. Our DVa has become an Angel and flown to the City of Angels. She takes time from her busy schedule to chat a little about what’s happening in her life! ENJOY, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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NOTE: the Mechanism show on Jan 12 is their Official CD RELEASE show! It’s a quiet month for many of our friend bands as we ring in the new year - after the holidays spent with family and friends, they gear up with new sets, music, shows, and date for the coming year. Look for our Rock Calendar to be full next month!

Also, CV NorthWest wants all our rockin’ friends to head over to iTunes and check out the new M!SS Crazy album, it’s AWESOME!!!

Ringing in


25 years ago, a young lady fell in love with the music of the Dan Reed Network, becoming a fan for life. Through the years, she has remained a huge fan of Dan's work, as well as kept up a close friendship with keyboardist Blake Sakamoto. Well, Karma has come full circle. 25 years ago, that young lady was actually pregnant, and this year, that lady and her wonderful daughter, both in the front row so many moons ago, are reunited with Dan, Blake, and the rest of the DRN for the New Year's Show at the Portland Grand Ballroom. Our own Sherry Keith and her daughter, Ashley, spent the last night of 2012 with some old and dear friends...

here were probably a great many people in the audience of the Portland Grand Ballroom who just did not grasp the magnitude of the moment other than their fortune at attending a show with outstanding music and to be able to ring in 2013. However, the Dan Reed Network REUNION show on New Year’s Eve was an event of monumental significance and the most exciting way for this lady and her mother to start off the New Year. It is significant because the original line up of the DRN – Dan Reed (vocals/piano), Blake Sakamoto (keyboards), Brion James (guitar), Melvin Brannon Jr (bass), and Den Pred (drums) – came together through the efforts of Bart Hafeman after more than 20 years! Social media ran rampant with stories of people traveling to Portland from all over the globe to take in the show one more time, a testament to the popularity of DRN from so many moon ago – die hard fans forgave those in attendance with no knowledge of the common, then divergent, and now common path once more tread by those five men.

Sherry Keith (CV NorthWest’s own Mystic Photographer) and myself were invited to the sound check the night before, and were able to witness what goes on “behind the scenes”; well, it was incredible to watch them gear the stage, set up sound and layout, and eventually get our own personal show. A part you don’t see is the buildup of the vibe, the camaraderie, and the jokes and interplay in the band during sound checks; they practice and rehearse, but you see their joy in playing together and they just take things lightheartedly. It was evident that Dan Reed is a master at prep, and you could see that when it came time to be serious he made sure everything

sounded perfect. We weren’t the only ones there, but the closeness and intimacy of a sound check is something many people don’t get to see, and really amped us up for the main event on 12/31. It’s not hard to describe the vibe of an audience with such diehard fans as DRN. As I looked around those people in attendance, I could see tears of joy and intense excitement during the performance; hearing the crowd sing along, seeing them dance with the groove, I knew this night would be one to remember for all who came. The band put their energy, their souls, their all into making the music sound as perfect as it did so many years ago; the resounding success of their efforts took the minds and hearts of their ardent fans back to a day and time that probably doesn’t exist today. Dan has an incredible voice, a talent for interacting with the audience, and his entire being draws you into his musical world; his lyrics have meaning to you, they resonate with you, and his soothing rock voice delivers the song with purpose and joy. Dan’s interplay with his fans is underscored by the fact that

during a heartfelt moment, Dan pulled a couple up on stage so the gentleman could PROPOSE to the young lady – disaster avoided when she said yes amid tears of joy, but such is the mood and ambience of a Dan Reed show. Dan is also vastly in touch with his motivations and message. An emotional part of the night was right before they performed the song “So Sorry”; Dan explained the meaning of the song to the crowd (it’s a sad tale of a 16 year old girl who gets pregnant and takes her life because the boyfriend and her family won’t accept her), and a wrenching story like that coupled with the emotion Dan shows when telling it is intense and eye-watering. The members of the band genuinely enjoyed being on stage together, like they belonged there, and they had great stage chemistry and presence that made you not want to miss a moment, a riff, or a beat from any of them. There were so many diehard fans that sang word for word, and some people even beat Dan to it! That goes to

show that that the Dan Reed Network was (and still is) by far one of the best and most popular bands to ever come out of Portland, OR. The energy, the interactions, the talent, and the presence of each member of this incredible quintet made everyone’s New Years a fun and eventful. I am positive that I’m not the only one that hopes the Dan Reed Network rocks the stage again. With a fan base like they have I’m surprised it took them 20 years to come together again, but who knows where life will take us. For me and Sherry (mom), it’s come full circle, much like the band, reuniting the two of us and the five of them after so long. Maybe after that successful performance at the reunion show they will have more surprises for us all in the future; if not, well, those of us at the Portland Grand Ballroom were lucky to witness a little of history and nostalgia. On a personal note, this was by far the most exciting and emotional show I myself have ever had the pleasure of attending. A huge thanks to Bart Hafeman for putting the entire show together for us all to share in, and Mystic Photography for capturing all the memorable moments from that night that I, and others, will never forget. - Ashley Lynn Burtis

CV NorthWest Magazine is grateful to the Dan Reed Network for allowing us to attend the show and do a story on the greatest band reunion in Portland’s history.

You know, sometimes it’s good just to be quiet and let the pictures do the talking...

In honor of his role in the DRN, and of his contributions to Hit Machine and Nu Wave Machine, CV NW proudly presents excerpts of our interview with Blake, originally published in the October issue.

CV NW: How long have you been playing music? BS: I've been playing music since I was 5 years old! CV NW: What first got you interested? BS: Like a lot of people from my era, it was the Beatles on “The Ed Sullivan Show"“ that was inspiring. CV NW: Who have you played with prior? BS: I played with the LA based Dear Mr. President (formerly Bang Bang) who signed to Atlantic Records and were produced by Mick Jones of Foreigner. I also did some work with Gary Mallabar (Steve Miller Band drummer) and Claude Schnell (Dio keyboardist) amongst others. CV NW: How did you first get together with the guys from the band? BS: I had met Dan Reed prior to moving to Los Angeles in 1986. I got a call from him in early '87 to possibly audition. I flew up to audition and met everybody in different places and never actually auditioned. CV NW: What do you hope to accomplish with your music? BS: I hope people feel the energy that I'm putting out and I hope that they are feeling something different that they could only experience from a live performance. CV NW: What do you want people to remember you by when you hang 'em up? BS: I hope people remember me for my reasonable playing skills and through music I was able to help out others. CV NW: Where is the craziest place you've played? BS: The craziest place I've played is always New York City! We have had some die hard friends and supporters!!! CV NW: Where is the coolest play you've played? BS: The old Wembley Stadium! It's where they had "Live Aid"and so many huge concerts! CV NW: Do you have a favorite song? Which one rings closest to your heart? BS: "Tamin the Wild Nights"! CV NW: If you could play onstage with one artist, who would that be? BS: Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson

In His Own Words: Blake tells the story of how DRN got back together after 25 years! I co-produce Portland's Grand Ball with Bart Hafeman, who also sings for Hit Machine. During our planning for the inaugural Portland's Grand Ball back in 2011, Bart and I had asked Dan Reed to be a special guest performer when he was up in Portland that summer. He initially agreed but then thought that he really needed the time off as he had been touring non-stop all year. He did tell us that he would like to make it to our event in 2012. Bart is a very optimistic person and thought that the 2012 event would be a great time to put the Dan Reed Network back together! Knowing a little of the busy schedule each of the band members, I thought that it was going to be a challenge. But I also told Bart that if anyone could do it I thought he could. So, one by one he contacted everyone. Dan Reed lives in Prague, and he wasn't quite sold on it because he is busy with his solo work and some of the material we did in DRN doesn't quite fit his current thought process and vibe. However, upon some reflection, he too thought that the timing was good, and if it were ever to happen this is as good a time as any. Brion James, our guitarist has been happily living in Honduras for several years. He teaches music in the local schools and has a bee farm and a thriving honey business. Previously he had enjoyed considerable success as a writer/producer for the singer-songwriter Babyface. When Bart called him, this time he didn't say “no thank you� like he has when previously asked. Melvin Brannon is a very busy session and touring bassist around the Los Angeles area. New Year's Eve could pose a problem because he currently tours with Booker T. and the MGs and they were scheduled to play that night. It took him several months to find a suitable replacement for that evening which made it possible to get the night free and make the reunion complete. Dan Pred had not played drums for the better part of 13 years with the exception of four Dan Reed Network songs at his wedding in May 2010, and after those songs he was totally spent. When word began to circulate in the DRN camp that we might be able to get back together I let Dan know very early on in 2012 to give him enough time to get back into drumming shape. As the year progressed and it was getting closer, he locked himself in a studio and practiced like he used to. By November he was ready to go again. With all of the participants in place there was a question of how much rehearsal we were going to have together. If everyone would be in town on December 28th, that would leave us with two days to play together. I was pleasantly surprised that we just started playing songs at rehearsal like we had never stopped. Everything that was special about the Dan Reed Network was still there! Could we do this in front of an audience who had come from all over the world and every part of the United States to see us? I created the "VIP Rehearsal Show"on December 30th to give us a less stressful opportunity to play in front of our fans before New Year's Eve. It was basically an open practice. This was very helpful to our stage crew who were mostly our original touring personnel. We did an amazing warm up set and were ready to go! So here we are! December 31 2012 is the 25th anniversary of the video shoot for "Ritual"which was the lead-off single from our debut album which came out in 1988. It seemed like the right time for everyone and we all had a blast. At this point we've all agreed to get together again sometime! Hopefully the schedules will work out again! It would be a shame not to be able to share the music of the Dan Reed Network with more people.

Anyone who has shopped for a new car has looked at its window sticker — if for no other reason than to check the price. But the window sticker also offers other information that can be useful to buyers. This article will help you navigate the sea of text and numbers on a new car's window sticker. The sample sticker above comes from a 2013 Ford Focus ST and highlights 10 key areas of interest. Keep in mind that the layout of a window sticker can change depending on the automaker, but the information on what the industry calls the Monroney Label is required by law to be the same across all manufacturers.

1. Model Information This is where you will find the basic model information for the vehicle. The section is usually located in the top left or right corner. It tells you the engine and transmission combination, exterior and interior color, the year and trim level of the vehicle. Checking this part of the sticker is the best way to quickly ensure that the car in front of you has the engine and color configuration you're looking for.

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show with Hell’s Belles, the all-female AC/DC tribute band that I was fronting. That fateful night was the first time I had seen her play and the first time she heard me sing. It was in that moment that the chemistry for Witchburn began to formulate and Mischa knew that the voice she had been searching for to complete her vision actually did exist. She approached me after the show, told me about her ideas and asked if I would be interested in working on this project and writing some original music with her. I said “ABSOLUTELY!!” We began writing together later that week in October of 2006, and haven’t stopped since. The lineup has changed a little bit over the years since then, but from the beginning it has always been Mischa and I along with Jacy, as a guitar player even before he played bass in Witchburn. When our original bass player left, he traded guitar for bass, which was his first love anyway. Dana Sims had been a friend of ours and had watched the proWitchburn has officially arrived; gress of the band for years before he joined the tabbed in Metalholic’s Top 25 women in Hard Rock & Metal, the band is being rec- ranks in 2009.

ognized for their skill, power, and ability to, well, ROCK! CV NorthWest spends some downtime with Jamie Nova in this 2 part series. This issue, the birth and evolution of Witchburn... CV NW: How did Witchburn start, who was the catalyst behind the forming of the band, and how did you all meet? Mischa Kianne had the idea and inspiration for years before the band ever began. She knew that she wanted to create something that was passionate, down-tuned, and captured the essence of the influence she took from growing up in the desert listening to bands like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Kyuss. She had a catalogue of riffs written and along with a pile of lyrical ideas, and in her head, she could hear the sound of the right voice to bring these ideas to life; the question was... did that voice exist? Well, the band that both she and Jacy were in at the time played a

CV NW: Where did the name “Witchburn” come from? The name “Witchburn” is basically a metaphor for what we consider to be our own kind of rebellion against the sort of mentality that existed during the burning times and the witch trials. To judge someone's soul and decide that they must be so evil that they ought to be burned at the stake, based on characteristics or behaviors that were simply viewed as different from those of the majority of society, is ignorant and ludicrous. We've all been considered misfits and outcasts in some sense or another throughout our lives, and dealt with the kinds of pre-conceived notions and presumptuous judgments that go along with having a love for heavy metal music, wearing a lot of black and maybe being a little bit rowdy at times... and likewise, dealt with being treated quite differently because of it. So when we say Witchburn... it's a reference to our own purging and cleansing by fire, a catharsis if you will, after a lifetime of being treated as less, symbolically burned at the stake by society, because we're "different". This is our way of turning that around, letting the flames empower us and refusing to change just because we may not fit in just the way society wants us to. Regardless of whether or not they want to burn us for being ourselves, we'll still stand up and be counted for who we are. We would rather die with pride than suffer living a lie. This is a concept that everyone relates to in some way or another. Even within the band, each of us relates to it in a unique way, individually... it's about holding true to who you are as an individual and standing up for what you believe, knowing that everyone has their own different beliefs, and everyone deserves respect as a human being.

Sabbath. Mischa has always been inspired by Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Kyuss and The Cult as well as guitar players like Randy Rhoads, Buzz Osbourne and Slash. Jacy came from a more punk rock background, growing up on stuff like Subhumans, Sex Pistols and Circle Jerks, but was also into bands like Bad Brains and Faith No More, as well as Kyuss and Black Sabbath. Dana's influences come from the likes of Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, The Wildhearts, Backyard Babies and musicians like Tommy Lee, Terry Bozzio, John Bonham, Phil Rudd and Dregen. With all these different influences, we CV NW: What or Who is your major influence come together and create a sound of our own that in music? is even further inspired by all kinds of nonWell, we all have very different influences musical elements. Things like the smell of smoke as far as music goes. Individually, I love Ronnie in the air while we're sitting by a fire outside James Dio, Bon Scott, Robert Plant, Ann Wilson, drinking wine, and the memories all of that might stir. We just want to create music that is honest, Patsy Cline, Janis Joplin of course, and Black

passionate and soulful with a message that speaks CV NW: Have you always wanted to play music, to people and moves them, and this world offers or were there other interests when you were boundless sources of inspiration for us to draw younger? from. We all started playing music or singing at a CV NW: What do each of you bring that you feel very young age and I think each of us individually pretty much knew this was what we wanted to complements the others? do from the beginning of the journey we started The thing that is wonderful about Witchwith music. Of course there were other interests burn is that we all have different strengths and we along the way. I started singing in church at like 2 all bring years old, and something difthen got into ferent and painting, unique into the snowboarding music as well and even dabas the business bled in WWE aspects of the style wrestling band. Mischa for a while. and I are the Mischa did main songgymnastics writers, but and cheerleadevery song ing when she comes togethwas young, er differently. but had also Sometimes it started playing starts with violin at age 3, Mischa having and then guiall the music put together and I then sketch out tar around age 11; she locked herself away in her the lyrics to express the emotion we feel in that bedroom trying to learn how to play it for most of music. There are times that Jacy will come to the junior high school. Jacy was into skateboards and table with riff ideas and he and Mischa will craft BMX racing, but had started playing guitar at 9 it out, then she and I will write lyrics together. years old then switched to bass at 12. Dana startThere are other times that Mischa will have the ed playing drums when he was 5 years old and entire song near completion with words and mu- played his first show with a band at age 13. All of sic when she and I get together, then then Jacy us would agree that music is our first love. and I will make small contributions both riff wise and lyric wise to fill in any missing puzzle pieces CV NW: What was that “epiphany” moment and Dana will throw in his input in arrangements. when you decided “yeah, I’m gonna rock”? There is no formula for writing a song, each one As far as knowing that we were going to is written differently and each one its own unique rock something epic together as Witchburn, from entity. No two songs are ever written the same way. Dana is the main brain behind the business the first moment that Mischa and I started writing together, with the energy that was in the room and side of things. He handles keeping the books in order, making sure contracts and agreements are the lightning flashing between us, we knew. We sound, and on the musical side of things, he holds not only believed, but we honestly just knew that the sound of Witchburn was going to be a powerdown that slow and steady beat. ful force to be reckoned with.

CV NW: When and where was your first show, and how did you feel getting ready to head onstage? Our first show as Witchburn was at El Corazon in Seattle on June 29th, 2007. We were opening for 3 Inches of Blood, Akimbo, Hellpromise, and I Am The Thorn. We had taken 8 months, from the time the band first started, to write, rehearse, and get show ready, before ever stepping onto a stage with our music. We were ready and confident, excited to finally show the world what we had been working hard to create.

no shows scheduled that weekend and I was at home relaxing in my pajamas on the day of the show when I received a call from Jacy. He said, “Hey, do you want to open for Slipknot tonight?” he was very casual about it, so I just laughed and said "Sure, yeah... right." I thought he was joking, because he is always joking around... he then explained that he was serious and that we actually needed to be there in a few hours. So, we ended up opening for Slipknot in front of thousands at the last minute. The adrenaline rush of stepping out on that stage for the first time was something that I will never forget.

CV NW: What is the, or one of the, most memo- CV NW: Which of your personal songs really rable concerts to date? speaks volumes about and to you as a band? We have been so blessed to have played a plethora of memorable shows, from small intimate venues to amphitheaters in front of crowds of thousands, it is so hard to pick just a few. For me personally, it would have to be the first time that we played the White River Amphitheatre with Slipknot on Oct. 10, 2009. We actually had

Pretty much all of our songs express different elements of our message and shout about the truths we hold dear, but I would say that The Hunted is a great example of that kind of hardlearned truth. It's about awakening to truths within yourself, standing your ground, claiming yourself and remaining true to who you are, no matter what kind of slander or persecution comes against you. CVNW: What about your music do you think appeals to people? It is honest and passionate. It has that old school feel from back when music was really thought about and invested in... but the thing is, they can relate to the subject matter and emotion with him the music. People tell us often that our music helps inspire them to fight through dark times or rough things they are dealing with in their lives... a wide variety of things. Loss, illness, all kinds of heavy stuff. When someone tells us that our music does something to help them through something like that, and that it inspires them to find strength and move forward, it is the biggest compliment we could hope for.

Next Month: Jamie talks about their role in Metal’s hierarchy, their successes, and the future of Witchburn!

Back when CV NorthWest Magazine was starting, we put out an ad for promotional models, ladies who would attend our events as ambassadors for our Mag, our business partners, and our lifestyle events. Well, we NEVER thought someone as great as Chantell would answer the call. One of our Founding DVa's, Chantell's beauty and personality were everything we could hope for in a DVa. After attending several events, we lost her to her busy and successful modeling, acting, and as it turns out, singing endeavors! And now, she's moved on to LA to pursue her dreams in the City of Angels. Well, CV NorthWest caught up with Chantell and carved out some time in her busy new life to update us and let us know how she's doing!

What got you started in modeling? What sparked your interest? I had honestly never thought about modeling until one day I was shopping at a mall and someone approached me about doing some work (promoting and shooting) with him and his company. Of course I turned him down, thinking he was a scam artist. Six months later I was working at the same mall, and the same man approached me again with the same offer, not remembering he had talked with me previously. I informed him that he had in fact been turned down by me once before, and he proceeded to say that since he talked to me twice about it I should seriously consider it. Long story short we set up a shoot and I ended up posting the photos from the shoot on my Facebook page, making one of them my profile picture. An agent saw the photo and asked me to come in for a meeting, so I did and I was signed on the spot. :) About a year later I became a freelance artist and added acting, promoting, and singing to my resume. (I have sung all my life though in many various choirs, and in the shower.) ;) I have now been freelance for the last 2 1/2 years or so and I love it! Were there other interests before modeling? Growing up I always wanted to become a cosmetologist; doing hair, nails, and makeup. :) It has come in handy knowing a thing or two in this industry! Who, if anyone, inspires you when you work? My inspiration comes from so many people and places!! When I'm acting Audrey Hepburn is my idol and inspiration, and reading has really helped me with my acting as well. I've always been an avid reader; delving into other people's lives and views on the world is fascinating to me. Becoming other people while I'm acting is like a new exciting adventure every time. Most of all my fans, friends and family inspire me in everything I accomplish and strive for. They are the backbone of my

career and they push, encourage, and inspire me daily in so many ways. My surroundings also inspire me, especially if I'm in a beautiful location for a shoot or filming. I look for inspiration in everyone and everything (I even have a tattoo on my inner left wrist that says "Inspire", that I've had since my 18th birthday.) I try to inspire whoever I can, wherever I am. Do you try to emulate anyone well-known? I don't try to emulate anyone; I'm very much my own person and I take pride in that fact....However I definitely look up to many people, Audrey Hepburn being one, and I think Candace Swanepol is an amazing model and I've been often told that we have a similar look. In day to day life I suppose I try to emulate my mom, Deb. She's the most amazing woman I know and is so strong...she helps me to stay strong as well. She's one of my best friends and she's who I call if I need a good listener to talk to. What has been your biggest hurdle to success to date? My largest hurdle has probably been living in the small Portland was wonderful at first, but honestly there isn't a lot of paid work there, most people do trades or work for exposure...again, really helpful to start out, but once I got my footing I felt I had to spread my wings and move south. People pay for even portfolio building shoots and such, and even extra work in LA pays pretty darn well. We'll see how high I can soar here in time! What challenges are there in a general sense, common challenges that all aspiring models/ actresses have to overcome? Competition is the greatest challenge for probably everyone in the model/actor industry...there's always someone who's younger, skinnier, taller, blonder/more brunette/more everything. HaHa. Having confidence can set you apart and skyrocket your success, I've discovered. What do you think you bring to the table, talent wise, why do you think the camera loves you so much? I've been told many times that I'm a "chameleon", meaning I can portray many different looks and emotions. I emote well, and during a particular group shoot the photographer kept telling everyone "Give me Chantell faces!" meaning a variety of looks and angles he can choose from and work with. I think the camera "loves me" because I'm aware of my angles and no two shots are the same when I'm shooting; I love to move around and change things up to give variety. What, do you think, has been the main ingredient to your success? Confidence, charisma, and my love of the industry.

What are the top 3 accomplishments in the past year, in your opinion? My greatest accomplishment was definitely moving to LA! It has been a crazy adventure, and I've already learned a great deal about myself as an individual, as well as the ways of the world. I've only been in LA since November 14th and I have fallen in love. :) My second greatest accomplishment is probably being featured in Silkwood Boutique's 'Angel Status' display in the Pearl District downtown Portland. There's a giant 60"x80" photo of me hanging on the wall, and all proceeds go to charity when it's sold....something I'm very proud of! Accomplishment number three is costarring as the female lead in 'Stalwart' ( trailer at http://, a 40 minute (or so) short film written, directed and produced by Houston Hughes. I'm also going to add a fourth accomplishment: singing on several tracks on a CD that was recently released and will be available shortly on SoundCloud, Pandora, iTunes, and many other places. It was a collaboration project with many talented artists and producers and you can read more about it and purchase the CD at Allies/420561381330201?ref=ts&fref=ts. I do remember you danced in a cage at Club Sesso, Ron Jeremy’s place, is that right? How much fun was that? Ha Ha Ha Ha yes I did, I was clothed and it was an acting gig. It wasn't just a regular night out, I can assure you that. It was a lot of fun, I hadn't had the chance to become a cage dancer before; it's a good workout along with being fun!! Everyone I worked with that day was really respectful and professional. Acting definitely takes you to places you wouldn't usually visit! How has modeling changed you, if it has? I'm definitely more aware of my expressions, posture, and the way I generally carry myself since I began modeling. I have learned a lot about myself as far as self motivation and self worth, and my confidence is much greater because of that. How have you adapted and changed your approach and “look” over time, if you have? I haven't really changed my look, except continuing to grow my hair out (and I still am!). Until a couple weeks ago I actually didn't even dye my hair, and hadn't for over four years...I added very natural looking highlights not because of modeling or acting, but because of my recent life changes and move...I figured with such a great change in life I might as well change my hair a little also, for fun; and I love it! My hair was highlighted by the very talented Richard Saulino of Fred Segal Salon in Santa Monica, and I highly recommend him! (

Talk about your acting projects – SNAPPED and STALWART I believe? Snapped was so much fun to work on, the writer/producer/director is actually a friend I graduated high school with, and everyone else involved was fun and the finished film was really fun (it came out on Halloween of 2012 - Stalwart was awesome as well, Houston and Dylan made it a fun project to be a part of, and I feel that it improved my acting skills and abilities. You can view my acting reel at and if you go to you can view more of my work if you click on my favorites. :) Let’s talk about Angel Status – what can you tell us about that? I love Angel Status!! :) It's a clothing, art, etc. company and 51% of all proceeds go to different charities ( I love it, being able to help the world one charity at a time. I've been able to volunteer at the Black United Fund with Angel Status' founder, Troy Jensen, and we had a lot of fun doing it. I've shot for the company a few times now at a few different locations, and for several different charities. It's a great company, I highly recommend the lightweight hoodies; they're comfortable and cute and they come with a glass water bottle for hot and cold liquids. What prompted the move to Venice, CA? The sunny weather, the industry pays a lot more in LA, and just for a change in life in general...I grew up in Oregon and had lived there my entire life, so I felt it was time to spread my wings and soar to bigger and better things. :) I initially moved to Venice November 14th, and recently moved to Santa Monica and plan on staying in my current location for quite some time. You have a “regular” job now, to help with the house, but are ready to take on the world, yes? I am sooooo ready to take on the world!! That's why I moved to LA! :) I want to travel everywhere, see everything, and meet everyone, and if I can make it in the industry down here those goals will be so much easier to accomplish. I like my "regular" job at the restaurant for now, but I definitely would prefer to do industry work full time as soon as possible. What’s in the works for Chantell for 2013? I'll be submitting to casting agencies and directors and such in the next few weeks now that I'm settling in and getting my bearings in LA. Once signed I'll be working as much as possible through whichever company, and I'll of course be working my freelance jobs still as well. It's very gratifying and empowering to know that I can book gigs on my own, and every time I do so it gives me a little rush. Continuing to discover myself and exploring LA will be a lot of fun in 2013 as well. I have a really good feeling about everything for the coming year, and beyond! :) See Chantell @ Vancouver, WA

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It's easier to get pulled over than you think. All you need to do is commit one of the five violations we've listed below. For even faster results, try combining two infractions at once. Many drivers find this very effective. Actually, the real reason for this list is to stop you from being pulled over by the police. By seeing driving behavior from the traffic cop's point of view, you can avoid encounters with the law. A little extra awareness could help you keep points off your driving record and keep down the cost of your car insurance. This list shows you the things to watch out for if you want to avoid unwanted contact with the boys (and girls) in blue.

Speeding. This was on everyone's list, and the reason is simple. The faster you go, the longer it takes to react to an unexpected situation, whether it's a pedestrian stepping into the street or another car making an unexpected lane change, says Detective William Bustos, officer in charge of the Los Angeles Police Department's traffic detectives. Braking distances also increase as speed builds, and it takes about 120 feet for a vehicle to stop when it's traveling 60 mph. Speeding is common in Bustos' jurisdiction, the San Fernando Valley, which has 230 square miles of mostly wide, straight streets. As recently as the early 2000s, the area attracted frequent street races that played like scenes out of The Fast and the Furious and its sequels. People are driving faster than they did in the past; "People seem impatient; their commutes are longer than ever before," experts say. CHP officers write tickets, particularly for speeding, in an attempt to control the "mileage death rate" — the number of people who die per freeway mile. That's a sobering thought. Alex Carroll, author of Beat the Cops, which has sold more than 250,000 copies, offers an opinion on how far over the speed limit a driver can go without being pulled over: 5-7 mph "easy," he says. The officers interviewed for this story confirmed that there's a "buffer," but added that the decision to cut a speeder some slack is up to the officer's discretion.

Illegal cell phone use. Distracted driving, usually because of texting or talking on a mobile phone, is high on the list of ticket bait developed by our experts. Although just a few states ban all cell phone use in cars, more than 30 have banned texting behind the wheel. "People think, 'I'll just make a quick call,' or 'This text will only take a second,'" Bustos says. "But you have to drive as if your life depended on it — because it does." Sgt. Jeff Wiles, who heads the Santa Monica Police Department's traffic division and patrols the city on a BMW motorcycle, says illegal cell phone use is common — and responsible for a lot of trouble. "The really horrific stories about texting make the news," he says, "But we see accidents and even just fender-benders from it every day."

Hazardous driving. This is a catch-all category for common violations that each of our experts noted. Wiles ticks off his favorites without hesitation: stop sign and stoplight violations, improper lane changes, illegal U-turns, failures to yield and unsafe speeds. CHP officer McElroy says he sees people who apparently have forgotten they're driving cars: They're busy shaving, eating and even changing clothes. And what exactly is the violation you're committing when you're changing clothes in a car? "Unsafe speed," he says. "There is no safe speed for pulling a shirt off over your head while driving."

Following too closely and improper lane changes. This one was a tie. Both of these violations are forms of hazardous driving that our police sources specifically called out. McElroy says that on the freeways of Los Angeles, following too closely can easily cause accidents by shortening a driver's reaction time. Combine that with cell phone use or texting and it is a recipe for disaster, he says. An improper lane change means cutting someone off or changing lanes without looking first, Bustos says. Failure to signal can also be added to this ticket, he says, but it usually doesn't initiate the traffic stop — partly because the failure to signal is so common.

Equipment violations. Everyone knows the movie scene where a cop smashes a taillight to justify a traffic stop. But in real life, there's little need for that, our experts say. People commit a multitude of code violations all on their own. Leading the list are heavily tinted windows, burned-out headlights, broken windshields, expired tags, the lack of a front license plate (in California and some other states) and loud exhaust modifications.

A Traffic Cop Critic's List Police officers aren't the only ones keeping track of what gets drivers in trouble. The executive director of the National Motorists Association listed some attention-getting moves that the police experts didn't mention, including: 

   

Cruising in the left lane of a multilane highway instead of using it only to pass slower traffic on the right. Driving more slowly than the normal traffic flow. Peeling out from a stoplight or stop sign, and squealing tires in general. Racking up lots of unpaid parking or traffic violations. These are things that make your car stand out and catch an officer's eye. The ED adds that plastering the back of your car with offensive bumper stickers and decals will definitely draw unwelcome attention. Another expert adds, "This is particularly so if your sticker conflicts with the cop's views or is a rival of his favorite sports team." (hmm, I guess I shouldn’t have my Yankees sticker in Boston).

Watch Your Mouth Traffic stops often have a tipping point. Because officers have legal discretion in what they can cite you for, saying or doing the wrong thing can compound your problems. A traffic cop might add extra violations if the motorist is belligerent. Act like a jerk and "They'll write you up for everything else they can." Say that a police officer uses this time-honored opening line: "Do you know why I stopped you?" Take a minute before you answer, Carroll says. If you admit guilt or name a specific speed that you were driving, your fate is sealed. Instead, respond courteously but remain vague, he advises. However, "If you have clearly done something wrong, and you sit there and you're evasive with the cops, it's not necessarily in your best interest," he says.

Copyright© 2012 Reprinted with Permission.

1) Do you know if there is a significant different in quality of gasoline among the gas companies? First let me say I did not have a definitive answer for this question, I did a little research and I think the correct answer has something to do with how we define quality? If you define quality by how or where the base product comes from and how it is refined I would say not so much. But if your question has to do with what is done to the product when say Shell or Chevron gets it then the answer would be there are some differences. From the little research I did I would say detergents are the most common. Detergents clean the fuel system which can only make the system work better. But to the difference of 10% between 2 stations in basically the same area? I have no reasonable answer, ethanol content can make that kind of difference. For sure with the price of fuel I know where I would not go. 2) If I leave my car out in my driveway in the natural cold, it seems to get less mpg than if I leave it in the garage, I would say yes it could for a number of reasons. First the car itself; the computer systems in the car are temperature dependent - the engine uses temp sensors to compute when the system is either on a fixed program or the computer is constantly adjusting systems to control performance and emissions. Now, some of the sensors must come up to temp just to work we get our best mileage possible when the system is warmed and in closed computer control. Also we as people need to be comfortable so we warm things up more before we move, run the heater on high, defrost the windows, seat heaters on high all these thing use more energy even the engine oil moves slower cold so I would say in a covered garage would better all around. 3) I have a 2003 Mazda MPV (120K miles). On a cold start, I notice blue smoke and the smell of burning oil, The most common cause of blue smoke when first started is valve seals. The valve intake and exhaust are in place on top of the cylinders. The valves let the air fuel mixture in and after it does its job the exhaust valves let the burned mixture (exhaust) out. The valves are constantly lubricated by engine oil and a seal on the valve stem keeps excessive amounts from the valve. As an engine gets older the seals do not seal quite as well and the valve guides get a little worn. What happens next is you shut the engine off and let it sit overnight, the oil runs down the valve guide and sits on the valve or in the intake port. When the engine is first started cold it gets a little gulp of oil which when burned makes blue smoke so there you have your exhaust smoke cold. When the engine is hot there is less oil present at the valve and the smoke you might see is most likely burned in the catalytic converter. As far as do I have something to worry about? Well personally if there no other symptoms, fouled plugs, excessive oil consumption or failed emissions test I would not worry to much as sometimes this can be a costly repair.

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