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Derek McClintock

Interim Pastor

Samantha, Isaac, Ethan, Karen & Darren

As we turn the corner to fall . . . ...most of us begin to turn our thoughts toward Thanksgiving, Christmas, family, food, gifts, and busyness. As a result, we are launched into the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. With this being the reality in our own family we understand the challenge of trying to turn your attention to the things that really matter in our lives. The cool air, the decorations, the smells, and the shift of rhythms in our lives bring a feeling of expectation, excitement, and joy that we seem to miss at other times of the year. While this is true for most, there are others that may, for the first time, find these things are reminders of the sting of loss that was felt in years past. For either person, focusing on the blessings we are surrounded by seems like the right thing to do. So, we turn our attention to the thoughts of living in a country of freedom, having friends, the family that we are surrounded by, new lives started in birth, marriage, or independence. We focus our thankfulness upon our homes, food, cars, provisions, churches, health, and so much more. While all these things are important, especially in this time of Thanksgiving, let us not forget “where” our focus should be throughout the year and especially during this time. For the believer, the focus should not be on our thankfulness on anything here in the world. While those things are great and Scripture says they are good gifts from the Father, our focus should really be somewhere else. The “elsewhere” is upon things that will not fade away. 2 Corinthians 4:17-18 says, “For this slight and momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison, as we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen continued on page 18



is often considered an awkward subject for a pastor to talk about, but I’m not sure it should be. Giving is clearly a concept that runs through the Scriptures. If we don’t talk about it, we miss an opportunity to discover the joy it brings. The Old Testament institutes tithing as an obligatory act of worship by God’s people. Israelite tithes supported the landless tribe of Levi and the priesthood of God. They also served the giver’s family and the nation’s disadvantaged. This command of God was often abused or ignored; and as is the case with all visible acts of worship, self-righteousness cropped up among the Israelites who did tithe. Through the fulfilling work of the Messiah, New Testament believers are no longer obligated to perform the specifics of the Law. Tithing is never mentioned by any of the New Testament writers as a compulsory behavior of the church, but generous giving is emphatically expected.  Without prescribing an amount or even a specific percentage, how then should we give? Biblically, we know that our giving should be proportional. As God blesses us, we should first set aside a portion to serve God’s purposes. We are to avoid offering God our leftovers. For many believers, a tenth (or tithe) of their gross income proves to be a viable benchmark. Of course, some cannot consistently afford to tithe in this way, but in the case of a financially blessed believer, a tenth could be considered far too  little. Ultimately, the question should not be how much should I have to give, but how much do I have to keep? Above all else, we must exhibit a proper attitude in giving; acknowledging that God is the true owner of everything. Christians are to avoid stinginess, even as they display a compassionate heart. A cheerful, sacrificial, and worshipful spirit of giving should permeate our church. Financial generosity is not a legalistic obligation but an expression of our worship and love.

God’s revelation, as a practice of faithful followers of God. In the New Testament, we are called to give our lives as a “living sacrifice.” This means we no longer offer, as the children of Israel did, a blood sacrifice for our sins. Jesus is the perfect and final sacrifice which satisfies God’s wrath against sin. Instead, we offer ourselves, our bodies, as the sacrifices. Giving of our money is one very demonstrative way we do this. What I typically tell people who are not giving is to find a percentage that works for them and work their way up. We’ve been saved by God’s grace, we ought to push upward as we can and be people of generosity toward God.

2) Tithing reflects a commitment to God’s local work. There are often opportunities to give generous gifts, both in special projects at our church or to charities or Christian organizations, but giving faithfully on a consistent basis to our church is a profound statement. You are saying, “I’m all in” with this expression of Christ’s body. You are committed through thick and thin. You are saying, “I’m with this church. I’m standing by them.” If you only give when prompted, or when you feel good, or when there is a special fundraising drive, you’re not really committed. You’re saying you’ll be there when you feel like it or when your emotional itch has been scratched. Your inconsistent giving communicates that you are not interested in being as committed to the Lord’s work locally as Christ is to you. Real sacrifice, real obedience, real  commitment  involves long-term, consistent, faithful giving. And, on a more pragmatic note: we need regular, consistent givers to fund the Lord’s work. Sure, you should not give only because the church needs money on a regular basis. You should give from grace, out of pure joy in your Savior.

1) Tithing reflects a minimum level of sacrifice. Giving

By no means is this a one-sided proposition. As a church, we are consistently evaluating the funds we receive and the expenses to which we have committed to perform the ministry that God has for us. This year we have seen a decrease in giving to the church. As you may know, we are committed to stewardship of each dollar received, living within our means and not taking on debt. We are working hard to reduce expenses and avoid affecting the ministry to which God has called us. We believe that CCC is God’s expression of His body called to do His work at 29th & Rock through equipping and evangelizing. Giving to Central is giving to God and His goals for His Church.

was required under the Old Testament law, but that’s not the first time it was introduced in the Scriptures. Long before Moses, Abraham tithed a portion of his war spoils to Melchezidek, King of Salem (Genesis 14:16). So, giving was seen, even in the earliest days of

The Bible teaches that we are to invest in the kingdom of God. We live in a country that was built on the principle of capitalism, and the fundamental idea of capitalism is this: delayed gratification. Instead of taking the money we make and spending it all now,

And I’m not simply talking about giving of time or giving to worthy charities (which you should do). I’m talking about giving consistently, faithfully, cheerfully to our church. For Christians, tithing is important. Here are three compelling reasons why:

we save it and invest it. This allows our capital to go to work for us, expanding our wealth. The most important investment we can ever make is in the kingdom of God, because it has eternal returns. These returns are not just for us but also for our family, our children, our grandchildren. Every generation of Christians must invest in the things of TOM BLACK God for the sake of the next generation. Administrative This follows Jesus’ admonition in Matthew Pastor 6:33: “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”

3) A life of consistent, sacrificial giving results in spiritual blessings. I can’t say with any biblical authority that you’ll be rich if you give faithfully and consistently. Some of the most faithful givers I’ve known have struggled financially, so there is no one-to-one correlation. And you shouldn’t give to get anyway. We should give because we have already gotten Christ. But, I will say that you will never look back at a life of consistent tithing and wish you hadn’t committed to this practice. You’ll never say on your deathbed, “I should have given less to my local, biblebelieving church.” I believe you will say, however, “I’ve seen God provide for my needs over and over again.” The most important blessing of faithful, consistent giving is spiritual. There is a joy in giving God your money. There is a wonderful sense of release and trust. Giving sacrificially is a form of worship. I honestly believe that if you invest in the kingdom of God, you won’t lose anything in the final analysis. Tithe from the top, and learn to do that as early as you can in life. If your child gets a dollar allowance, make sure that the first ten cents goes into the collection plate on Sunday, so the child learns the principle early. If you want to know how serious you are about investing in God’s kingdom, look at your checkbook. It is an objective, concrete record of where your treasure is and where your heart is.

Search Committee Report


The Search Committee continues to meet regularly. In between meetings the members are reviewing resumes, applications, sermons, notes received from the congregation and networking with trusted sources. The committee members sincerely seek your diligent prayers as we seek to narrow the field of candidates and discern who God is calling to Central Christian Church.


Jesus replied... MICHAEL HUNTER :

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your mind. This is the first and greatest second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.”

CCA Head of Schools

The above Scripture is one of the most famous and memorized passages in the Bible. As Christians, we are commanded to love God first, and out of our love for Him, we are also commanded to love others as much as we love ourselves. Through these words, Jesus shows us God’s perfect plan for living in relationship with one another. Within a family, church, school, or workplace, we are to live out our love for God and those around us. For over 35 years, Central C hr istian Academy has understood the importance of putting relationships first. This includes our relationship with Jesus Christ and godly relationships with others. As a parent of two boys here at CCA as well as serving the Lord as the head of schools, I am blessed to witness the importance of godly relationships lived out daily in the lives of our families. CCA is intentional about our mission to partner with the Christian home and local church in raising young disciples who seek to obey the commandment in Matthew 22. As we continue to seek the Lord’s direction for CCA in the areas of spiritual development, academic

Central Christian Academy High School Preview Night 6

Hear our heart for high school students

with all your soul and with commandment. And the Matthew 22:37-39

achievement, stronger relationships, and with our high school expansion, my prayer is for each of us to make the relational priorities that Jesus emphasizes in Scripture a personal priority. To our Central Christian Church family, we are blessed to partner with you in training up young men and women to love God and others. If the ministry of CCA can assist in educating your child or grandchild, we would appreciate the chance to serve you.

Thursday, November 9th @ 6:30 pm in the Youth Center Receive enrollment information 316.688.1161



The Art of Play By Jennifer Hernandez lCmFT

Cartwheels. Dance sessions. Batting cages. Solitaire. Wrestling with siblings or friends. We all know how to play! What other forms of play can you think of? Do you recall the last time you set some time aside to play? I mean, really play. I’m not talking about a sport or competition, for bragging rights or with pressures to succeed. I’m talking really playing; as in, the only agenda there is is to have fun and experience joy! As a marriage and family therapist, I get the opportunity to observe different children playing and interacting without the expectation of there being a “winner” or “loser” in the matter. I see their interactions with toys and dolls and the marvelous ways they create a new and dimensional world with objects through the use of their imagination. It leaves me wondering why more of us don’t partake in this joyful act. To define the word play, let’s use Dictionary Lite. It reads: “Play is an exercise or activity for amusement or recreation; fun or jest, as opposed to seriousness.” “Opposed to seriousness.” I love this phrase because I think it accurately represents the message I would like to drive home. As we grow older, the sense of seriousness in our personality tends to grow, too. We become so focused on our careers, our families, our decision making, how these decisions impact those in our circle of influence and


many, many other important areas of life that we may have a tendency to forget about the inner child that lives within all of us and has a strong desire to play. This inner child doesn’t just want to play; he or she needs to play. According to Goldstein, (2012) research shows that playing without a particular goal other than itself is tremendously helpful in the following: 1) Reducing fear, anxiety, stress, irritability 2) Creating joy, intimacy, self-esteem and mastery not based on other’s loss of esteem 3) Improving emotional flexibility and openness 4) Increasing calmness, resilience and adaptability and ability to deal with surprise and change 5) Healing emotional pain 6) Improving cardiovascular fitness 7) Improving emotional intelligence These are just some of the benefits reaped through play. Others include mastering new skills, learning and developing interpersonal cues, increasing emotional connections with others, and many more. Not to mention, playing feels great and can be easy to do! continued on page 9

When thinking of what constitutes play for you, ask yourself the following questions: What do I enjoy doing? How can I incorporate my body through movement and creativity? Am I content playing alone or would I enjoy this more with others, and specifically, who? And more importantly, how can I carve out time to protect myself from the burnout of the daily stressors through play? God did not design us to simply exist in this world and forget about the fruit of the Spirit which includes Joy. He wants us to revel in His Creation and find creative ways to enjoy what He has made for us! My guess is that you already have lots of ideas on what you can do to celebrate your life through play. My encouragement to you today is to find 5 to 10 minutes to follow through on that idea and give yourself permission to play, no questions asked! Thanks for reading!

Praise the Lord! Praise God in his sanctuary; praise him in his mighty heavens. Praise him for his acts of power; praise him for his surpassing greatness. Praise him with the sounding of the trumpet, praise him with the harp and lyre, praise him with tambourine and dancing, praise him with the strings and flute, praise him with the clash of cymbals, praise him with resounding cymbals. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Psalm 150:1-6

Christmas traditions...most families

have a least one. Heading out to the field to pick the perfect tree, blessing the neighbors with a Christmas carol serenade, that secret recipe grandma always made, gathering the family together...all make Christmas just that much more special.

Since 1993, the Central Christian Worship Arts Team has enjoyed their own tradition...blessing our community with a wonderful evening of Christmas joy! This year on Sunday, December 10th and Monday, December 11th, we will present “The King of Christmas,� a glorious celebration of Jesus coming to Earth. We worship a mighty King and His coming to Earth was a spectacular event heralded by angels, and visited by shepherds and Magi. He is the King of kings and we celebrate who He is during this Christmas season. We hope you will make this celebration a Christmas tradition with your friends and family. May God bless you all.

December 10 and 11, 2017 at 7pm Central Christian Church Worship Center

Dr. Paul Goddard Missions Pastor



ENLACE, pronounced (en-la-se), means “link” in Spanish. This is the name of the ministry we partner with in El Salvador. They specialize in equipping local churches in that country to transform communities. They are effective because they believe in more than just handing people money. They believe that the church is so much more than a building. 1 Corinthians 3:9 says, “For we are God’s fellow workers. You are God’s field, God’s building”. Alongside teams like ours, they serve in poor communities and promote working together in love, because this is what Jesus did. They emphasize that at the heart of sustainable living are sustainable relationships. Our Enlace leader, Franco, said something to us on the first day that stuck with me for the rest of that week. He told us, “To pray that God would open our eyes and hearts as we enter the week, and to be ready for what God is going to do.”

We were soon going to find out why this was so powerful. Our team of 11 stayed in a small rural community called Metalío. We quickly learned that, despite El Salvador being the smallest country in Central America, it is not lacking in beauty; especially in the hearts of the Salvadoreños we met. Enlace, as an organization, had already formed a relationship with the people in Metalío and with the church in this community. We had the pleasure to meet, live, and work with these wonderful people for a week. Enlace works on many sustainable projects in poor communities, and our part in assisting them was to build “latrines.” At first, funny enough, we were doing more

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me.” Isaiah 6:8 We have several possible destinations in the works for 2018: EL SALVADOR, MEXICO, GUATEMALA, HONDURAS, HAITI & KENYA.


Watch for news as it unfolds!

watching than building. We were told by Enlace staff, that it was okay to feel like we weren’t doing enough. One of the real reasons we were there was to simply “be there”— to love and hang out with the families, to “love on” the community in their homes and schools. This is where the real fun happened anyway, as we listened to their stories, played soccer or “Mika” (like the game tag) with the kids, or shared a meal together. I will say though by the end of the week, we were covered in concrete, dirt, and sweat at the finish of our working days. Which was not so bad when we could take a dip in the ocean, if we wanted! It was such an amazing feeling to see the fruition of our labor on the last days as the latrines were starting to come together. It made it all worth it to hear the precious thanks and see the tears of happiness coming from the families of Metalío. It was priceless. I came to understand why “Enlace” was such a special word; we had all become linked—linked through our experiences, sweat and tears, and through the big things God did that week in little Metalío. We left with hearts and minds forever changed. God met us there. One of the reasons a trip like this is unique is because we were somewhat out of our element. No wi-fi, far from the big city, a language barrier for some, and a lot of our every day distractions set aside. Yes, we were on a mission’s trip, where the intent is to do “Gods work”. What I took away and learned most was that we can do God’s work every day. “Missions” is a mindset. We can live everyday as if we are on a mission. It’s a matter of opening ourselves to God daily. Like Franco said, “Open your minds and hearts…” You might just be surprised how near God really is. We serve a God full of surprises! I’m so grateful for this trip and to have gone with such an incredible team. A Special thanks to the Valdes, Ojedis, and Rodriguez families. Dios les Bendiga.


1: We loved spending time with these precious children! 2: Brenda Valdes with children from a local school. 3: OUR TEAM (L-R) Joaquin Rodriguez, Adiel Valdes, Francisco Rodriguez, Brenda Valdes, Lorenzo Valdes, Edwin Ojedis, a local lady, Monica Lewis, Sara Rodriguez, Grace Rodriguez, Sydney Ojedis, & Angie Ojedis. 4: Ocean view from Metalio.

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Your the M gift to th persec artyrs dir e Voice of their uted Chris ectly bene makin families. tians and fits T hank g the dif You are you! ference. Voice

Thank you so much for your prayers and gifts in support of our ministry with CRU at K-State and Wichita State. We are so encouraged by you! We are grateful for the role you play in serving the kingdom and sending out missionaries! Kansas

of th

e Ma


My summer at home (Wichita) has flown by so quickly! In just a few days, I will take off for Beijing and begin my 10th year. I began to attend Central Christian’s Twentysomething group when I was in college. Not long after, it was Pathways and now, 5:33! I am always thankful for how CCC fills me up to go and share His love! Words cannot adequately express how grateful I am to you for your support year after year. Thank you for allowing me to live this life following Him and sharing His light with whomever He puts in my path. I love this China life and seeing His faithful hand at every turn. Thank you for your prayers (they are felt) and ongoing encouragement. You are in my prayers. God bless you! China

As another school year fast approaches, please accept my deepest appreciation of your support for our ministry Ou at East High. The depth of need for the good news of tim r sum Jesus is so apparent each time I walk its halls, and Gr e her mer it is due to generous supporters like you that allow pra atefu e is min for yers l for goin istry for that ministry to continue as an ever-present us! and you grea light and salt there. Young Life – Wichita t. sup r por t We just wanted to say Thank you to the Missions Leadership Team and all of Central! We have been Alb ania humbled and amazed by your generosity, support and encouragement. We feel so blessed to be backed by such a great church! Thank you! God Bless you!! Malaysia

I would like to thank you very much for your continued and faithful support of our various ministry projects! Your monthly gifts have provided so much support and room for God to expand our ministry! Thank you so much for continuing to partner with us. India Thank You for your prayers, financial support and the opportunity to serve on the mission’s trips in Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico and Guatemala. 2017 Short-term Missions Teams Thank you! It has been a full year since we changed our name, and we couldn’t be happier with the results… Pray that God would send those that need to hear the truth about life. Thanks for your support! EMBRACE – Wichita

Thank you for your faithful support and for helping with funds to reach those devastated in Haiti by Hurricane Matthew. God is faithful to love those in need. Haiti

Central Kids Mission Giving This month, Central Kids VICKI EJIBE is sharing with children other kids...foster kids. Did you know that most kids who are emergently placed show up with nothing, or a trash bag with a few things that might not even fit them? This is a tragedy, so during this month when we celebrate being thankful for all we have and experience from God, we will be bringing essential items to these kids, along with some toys to bring a smile to their faces. Here are some of the items we need: Backpacks (these are now on clearance, stock up as you can!) Clothing (including underwear and pajamas) Shoes Toothbrushes / Toothpaste Hair care / Skin care Toys Please choose items your own child would like. We ask that you not bring used items. Only new items will be accepted. Also, don’t forget the older kids! You may drop off your donated items at any Central Kids area before November 19th. Thank you for your generosity!!


Give Thanks

With a Grateful Heart!

his helping hands


statistics thru 8.26.17

“Let them give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for mankind. Psalm 107:21

Over the span of a year, the ministry of His Helping Hands, Inc. helps many families in the Wichita community in many different ways. Some of these families, and also those who partner with us in helping the needy, send us very meaningful thank you notes which really should go to you, our donors and supporters. A few of them are listed below:

is a ministry of Central Christian Church which helps people in need of food, clothing, household items and automobiles. At the time of distribution, we share the love of Christ with each individual.

After receiving some food items, a client wrote: “I want to say thank you! It’s been a very rough, long season my family has been walking through. A lot of discouragement for all of us. Your kindness last week, receiving me with a gentle personality and a love offering of food to bless my youngest daughter and me was a kindness deeply appreciated and helpful. Thank you for blessing us and others in the community and being so loving about it. Society assumes people are lazy, not knowing what is going on. It is a gift to see God’s love be different. Bless all of you!”

56,614 213 household 30,131 cars/computers 38 / 20 clothing 285,960 volunteer hours 46,061

After a family member passed away and HHH picked up their donated items, we received the following note: “Our family wants to thank you so much for what you did! We are so grateful to you all for picking up our loved one’s donations at Catholic Care and especially on such short notice! God bless you all!”

fresh hope

A social service worker picked up some bedding for a client and sent this note: “I just wanted to say thank you for the bedding set including sheets and pillows. The family I gave it to was so appreciative of this gift. Keep looking up.”

his helping hands

people served people saved

empowers women to rise from a lifestyle of poverty. If you would like to make a donation or donate your time to assist with these vital ministries, please call 838-8528. graduations

517 415

self sustaining

For recent stories and testimonies: ccc.hishelpinghands


CoreNorth Capital Planning has been conducting coat drives for HHH over the past few years. They do most of the work but yet they still sent us the following note: “Thank you for all you do for our community and for all of your help with our Coat Drive Event!” The HHH mobile food pantry partners with other churches in our community to provide food items for the families in some of the Wichita food deserts. One of these partner churches wrote: “Thank you, HHH, for allowing us to partner together to feed Wichita’s hungry and less fortunate. Nearly 100 families were fed because of you!” In this season of Thanksgiving, we have much to be thankful for. The opportunity to help others in the name of Jesus Christ is at the top of the list. We could not do this without your prayers and support. We are extremely thankful for the faithful prayer warriors and donors of His Helping Hands! May God bless you for your faithfulness and your desire to help others!

Tree of Angels

November 1–December 4

High School Fall Retreat December 1–3, 2017

Cost : $70 per student. Register online at For more information, contact Tori Dahilig, or Michelle Lamson, or call 316.688.4400.

Sponsoring a child from our “Tree of Angels” for Christmas has been a tradition here at Central for close to 20 years. Barb Marchand Again this year we offer this ministry opportunity to you and ask that you prayerfully consider being a part of our team. During the month of November, we will have a table set up in the lobby before and after services with the names of our “angels” available for “adoption.” You may also get them through the week by contacting Barb Marchand in the church office. At our tables you will find gift tags for children which will list their first name and age. In turn, you are asked to purchase a gift for this child (no more than $50 please) and WRAP your gift. Place the gift tag you picked up back on the gift to identify which child the gift is for and return it to the table in the lobby, or drop it off at the church office no later than December 4th. Simple as that!

All men 18 years & older are invited to join us for our monthly breakfast & teaching.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 21 7AM IN CENTRAL COURT Please join us every 4th Saturday in serving our community’s poor and homeless

Saturday, November 25 11:30am–1:00pm RiverWalk Church of Christ 225 N. Waco 316-264-9703

Most importantly, we ask that you pray for your child and their family. Many of the children we present to you are from singleparent, low-income homes; some are orphans who live with extended family, or other caretakers. There are a variety of needs which we are not aware of, but God is, and while this gift may bring them that excitement every child anticipates on Christmas morning, even more so, it is our prayer these gifts will help them find the true joy that only comes from knowing our Savior, Jesus Christ. Many of these children come through the mentorship program with Youth Horizons and their gifts are given at a special Christmas party where the Gospel is presented to all in attendance. Others come through our ministry with His Helping Hands. Thank you in advance for helping make a difference in helping brighten the life of one of these children, and for showing them the love of Christ! Questions? Please contact Barb Marchand; 688-4400

our leadership board of elders Robert Noland Chairman Mitch Herren Vice Chairman Dave McClintock Secretary Richard Ochs Treasurer Jim Andrew Jason Buckingham Bill Blasing Dave Kirkwood

pastors Peter Abood Choir/Worship Tom Black Administrative Steve Brummer Praise Band/Worship Dr. Paul Goddard Missions Ross Lamp Benevolence Jeff Lederer Groups Roger London Care/Outreach David Mann Teaching Darren McClintock Interim Edwin Ojedis Hispanic

staff Aaron Beck Special Needs Gene Blythe Maintenance/Custodial Tori Dahilig Youth Paul Dohm His Helping Hands Lynn Eby Women Vicki Ejibe Children Paco Gonzales Facilities Kelly Guthrie Contributions “Griff ” Promotion/Electronic Media Jeff Huhman Creative Arts/Technical Tracey Hunt Early Childhood Cheryl Hurley Guest Services Heidi Johnson Web / Graphics Design Barb Marchand Executive Administration Brad Moser Safety/Security Tina Nickel Upper Elementary/Sports & Rec Derek Pletcher Communications Eddie Rivera Information Systems Janet Rochat Finance Aaron Scharenberg Counseling Center Debra Smith Graphics Design Michael Thorne Senior Adults Jennifer Torres Payroll/Human Resources

Want to know more about Central? This class is designed to help you determine your “next step.” It focuses on the vision and mission of Central Christian and what it means to be a follower of Jesus. If you are interested in membership, or would like to know more about Central, sign up today by calling Silvia at 688-4400 or visiting our website. Our next classes will be held in the Choir Room

Sunday, December 3rd @ 11:30am–3:00pm • Our Vision: To be a church after God’s own heart. • Our Mission: To lead people to think like Jesus, live like Jesus.

DARREN continued from page 3

are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal.” For most of the world the things that will be focused on to be thankful for are transient things. They may last for 20 years; they may last for a day. But health, money, friends, family, jobs, even our lives are transient things that will pass away. This is a reality that many have already seen to be true. So, for us as believers, we have an even an even greater source of thankfulness. Our source of thankfulness is in the work of Jesus our Savior who has not only established for us an inheritance in an eternal kingdom, but has provided a way to access that kingdom through His death and resurrection. Our citizenship there is not transient. It is grounded on the grace and mercy of God through Jesus and we are ensured that nothing will separate us from that. The place I have being prepared for me is eternal, the provision guaranteed to me is eternal, the joy guaranteed to me is eternal, the body guaranteed to me is eternal, the friendships that are guaranteed to me are eternal. Oh, the glorious grace of God this reality truly is a thing to be thankful for! So, let us turn our attention to these realities and be grateful to the core of our hearts for the hope we have in Jesus Christ which makes the things of this earth grow strangely dim. Karen, the kids, and I are so thankful for you our Church family, a family that will withstand the ages of eternity and we wish you the happiest of Thanksgivings!!



Interim Pastor

our church family Comforting those whose loved ones have passed on Phil & Toni Coker on the passing of Phil’s mother Virginia Nicholason the passing of her husband, our Jerry Melanie Pedersen & Family on the passing of her mother the friends & family of our Diane McLeod on her passing and the friends & family of our Milt Wilkinson on his passing Celebrating the birth of each new life Layten Roland born August 25 @ 5lbs, 7 oz to Matt & Majada and grandparents Sandy Ayers & Tanya Porter Gracelynn Maree Moran born September 19 @ 5lbs to Shyanne & Josh Celebrating the baptisms into new life in Christ Francis Martin • Jackson Nickel • Rylee Nickel • Jacob Sell

financial stats Attendance: (Casa de Luz / Web Audience) ”...and the people came...” (ACTS 2:46-47) September 9-10 ...................................................2,892 (85 / 504) September 16-17 .................................................2,953 (85 / 600) September 24 (One Service) ..................................2,885 (0 / 585) September 30-October 1 ...................................2,848 (127 / 495) Central Christian has added 36 new members so far in 2017. General Budget: (Weekly Need / Donated Income) ”...and the people gave...” (MALACHI 3:10-12; II CORINTHIANS 9:6-15) September 9-10 ...................................$123,182.70 / $94,701.12 September 16-17 ...............................$108,354.51 / $121,343.56 September 24 .........................................$99,374.79 / $66,367.15 September 30-October 1 ...................$131,077.66 / $102,344.43 His Helping Hands: ”...they gave to anyone as he had need.” (ACTS 2:45) September 9-10 ............................................................. $3,568.77 September 16-17 .............................................................. $515.00 September 24 ................................................................. $6,620.00 September 30-October 1 ............................................... $1,477.00

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mailbag from the ily, Christian fam l Dear Central g the beautifu ness in sendin I love). Your ul tf gh ou th r your hich Thank you fo the orchid (w ng ent, including ng to me duri em si ng es ra bl a ar al ch su flor en be ve ayers ha support and pr Many blessings, f. ie gr of e this tim Jean Spalding

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