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The Confirmation of Darren McClintock JIM ANDREW |


I was recently studying Isaiah 46 and two verses stood out to me. Verses 9 and 10, “Remember the former things, things of long ago; I am God and there is no other; I am God and there is none like me. I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times what is still to come. I say my purpose will stand and I will do as I please.” Since I came back on the Board of Elders in 2017, I have seen God do exactly what those verses say. As we look back on the former things such as all the events of the past two years, I can see God’s Hand in everything. In 2017 as our former pastor made known that he was leaving, God moved on the hearts of a few elders to see if Darren McClintock would consider coming to CCC as our Discipleship Pastor. He then moved on Darren and Karen’s hearts to call them to that position from their ministry in another church. As Darren came back to CCC, he saw that there were many opportunities for him to work on. He worked on the challenges that were his highest priority and developed a vision and framework on which to build the discipleship ministry which he began to proceed to implement with the agreement of the elders. The time for our former pastor’s departure drew near and the elders had to decide on an interim pastor. The elders had watched Darren begin the implementation of his discipleship framework and were very impressed with the progress made. It was decided to ask Darren to take the position of Interim Pastor. He accepted and the elder board asked him to continue on with the course that was set. As Interim Pastor Darren as shown his leadership and passion for God’s Word. He has taken on issues and shown grace and mercy in their resolution. His preaching has been continually improving and through his teaching most weeks it has caused each of us to think about our own walk with Christ and what we need to change. A recent example for me personally was the week he spoke about Abram going to Egypt. I came away knowing I needed to take an inventory of my own life and where I turned to the world instead of God. In the meantime, the Search Committee had been working to find God’s man for Central Christian Church to serve as our next Lead Pastor. Over the months, listening to hundreds of sermons

and reviewing over 70 candidates, the committee made the recommendation of Darren McClintock to the elders on May 1, 2018. The Board of Elders unanimously approved and nominated Darren to be our next Lead Pastor. The congregation also agreed with this recommendation by a vote of YES 85% and NO 15% on the weekend of May 12-13, 2018. I can see what God said in those verses, “I am God and there is none like me. I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times what is to come. I say my purpose will stand and I will do as I please.” That is exactly what He has done for CCC in confirming our new Lead Pastor, Darren McClintock.

The first weekend in June, we are bringing the whole church together! On Saturday, June 2nd, there will be NO evening service. Instead, we invite you to join us for a chance to relax and connect with your church family. The CCC grounds, pavilion, and gym will be available for everyone to enjoy, so plan a picnic dinner and spend a wonderful evening with family and friends. (There are no planned activities, and NO food or drinks will be provided by the church. Limited playground/sports equipment will be available.) On Sunday, June 3rd, we will hold only one service at 10:00am. Come enjoy this day of celebration with those in our church family you may not get to see very often.

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June 2018 cc:journal