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Finding Purpose in By Alison Asher LSCSW

I drove down the street one day in

if he was hungry. He was so grateful, and he proceeded to tell us that he was desperate, had no housing, no job and didn’t know where to go. I could not have prepared myself for what happened next. He took off his sunglasses and his eyes were closed. He told us he was born in Mexico, and had contracted a disease which caused him to become blind when he was a little boy. He even showed me the insides of his eyes which were discolored to “prove” it to me. He had been standing there day after day, hundreds of cars had passed him, and no one had stopped to help. My law enforcement partner officer and I made some phone calls, connected him with resources, and got him a ride to a place that could provide housing for him.

I went back to my office, and I decided that if he was there the next day, I would go to the nearby convenience store and buy him a hotdog (yes, a hotdog). After all, I was certain he had to be hungry after standing there day after day. And, well, if he was standing on the corner, only to take advantage of people, then I decided I would only be out a dollar and some change, so it was worth the “risk” to me.

Why do I tell this story, you might ask? I tell this story to those who have ever questioned their purpose in life, even to those who have wondered why they are at this point in their life. I also wrote this for those that feel like they have nothing to offer, because my friend, you do. I don’t even know how I ended up on that street all of those years ago when I met my blind friend, it was definitely not a street I traveled often, but it was no surprise to God. He had a plan for me. And my plan that day didn’t have anything to do with the degree I had, or the place I was employed at. It simply consisted of taking a homeless man a hotdog, because God needed me to. God reminds us

downtown Wichita several years ago, and I saw a man wearing dark sunglasses, holding a sign, asking for help. That’s not too uncommon nowadays, and something we all see on a regular basis. I was working with a law enforcement agency at that time and was educated about the possibility of that person trying to take advantage of the kindhearted, which wouldn’t have been unusual and certainly not surprising. Still, I couldn’t get this man off of my heart. I drove by the same spot, a few days later, and he was there again, holding the same sign. I drove on by, with a heaviness in my heart, and I felt God whispering in my ear to do something... anything! But, I kept driving.

The next day, I told my law enforcement partner my “plan,” and told him that was something I felt I was led to do, so he accompanied me to the convenience store that day. We walked up to this man (hotdog in hand) and asked him



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