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JANUARY : 2018

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With 2017 behind us we are each faced with the hopes, dreams, and goals that come with the new year. For some, a new year promises new life in your home, for others it is the first new year without a loved one. For others, it will be a year of change in job or location, while it will look much the same as it has as in years past for many. I always struggle a little with the new year and the idea of making resolutions. Maybe this is because I don’t usually Interim Pastor do very well with the quick sprints that resolutions tend to be. Most of these resolutions seem to revolve around making ourselves better, or reengaging in a commitment we have long failed to fulfill, such as being better parents, or applying ourselves a little more at work. Sure, sometimes it’s good to recommit ourselves to certain things as we backslide, forget, or just get too busy. What I often find true in myself is that growth doesn’t come in the commitment to change some grand thing all at once, but in the slow and long journey of the day-to-day monotony of life. That may sound bad or even a little boring, but even in nature we find that trees which grow fast and tall don’t last very long. But the ones that grow millimeter by millimeter seem to stand for centuries.

Darren McClintock

This is the type of growth I long for...the kind of change that stands the test of every wind, storm, and temptation. This isn’t an overnight growth, but one that drastically changes me at the core. The kind of growth that only the Spirit can bring about in a person. What kind of growth are we looking for though? All growth should have some purpose, an end, something to strive for. Is our growth to just be better people? How do we decide what areas we should seek growth in? As I look at the coming year what I desire for myself, my family, and my Church is that our growth be purposeful growth. Not to just be healthier (although there is certainly value there), but a kingdom-minded growth. Ephesians 5:15–16 charges us, “Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil.” What a reminder for us! Coming out of the advent season as we celebrate the coming of Christ and look forward to His return, we must recognize that His day is drawing near. Are we pursuing change, growth, and action that will help us make the best use of our time in light of that return? If He were coming tomorrow, what would you do different? What actions would you take with your life? What about a year? As a Church body moving into a new year, I pray that we are faithful to pursue these types of things above all else!!

God bless & have a happy New year!




God’s Beautiful Design

Sundays 5:30 PM – Hospitality Suite – Taught by David Mann Using Matt Chandler’s video series “A Beautiful Design,” we’ll take an in-depth look at a biblical understanding of God’s intentional design for manhood and for womanhood. ADULT EQUIPPING CLASS

Equipped to Counsel

Tuesdays 6:00 PM – the Summit – Taught by Jeff & Cara Lederer Our class will train followers of Jesus to live and and to counsel the Gospel of Christ and His Word to people, especially those living amidst suffering and problems of life. WOMEN’S EQUIPPING CLASS

The Book of Matthew

Tuesdays 9:10 AM – Hospitality Suite – Taught by Pam Ramsey Who is the promised Messiah, the King who will sit on the throne of David? What is His kingdom? This class will bring us face-to-face with the long-awaited Jewish Messiah. WOMEN’S EQUIPPING CLASS

The Book of Daniel

Tuesdays 1:00 PM – Hospitality Suite – Taught by June McGovern God has filled the book of Daniel with truths that call us all to trust the Sovereign who rules over all things. You’ll grow and be strengthened by our time together. WOMEN’S EQUIPPING CLASS

Biblical Womanhood

Tuesdays 9:10 AM – Parlor – Taught by Cindy Carlson Walk alongside other women and be encouraged as we focus on what our Creator has revealed about being the woman He has designed us to be for His glory. MEN’S EQUIPPING CLASS

Finally. The Armor of God.

(Begins February 7) Wednesdays 6:00 PM – Hospitality Suite – Taught by David Mann We’ll look into Ephesians 6, where God gives us a proper perspective on the battles of this world and the weapons He has given us to fight and win the war for His glory. ADULT GROUNDING CLASS

Christianity 101

Sundays 9:00 AM – Room C10 – Taught by Doug Faulkner We’ll look at the basics of what the Bible teaches about God, Man, Salvation, Church, Prayer, the Holy Spirit, Prayer, finding God’s will and more in this interactive class. ADULT EQUIPPING CLASS

Financial Peace University

(Begins February 11 ) Sundays 6:00 PM – Crown Room – Taught by Chad & Heather Shade Learn to control your money and prepare for the future as Dave Ramsey presents practical, achievable, life-changing principals in this nine session video series.






Introducing our 2018 Elder Board







please keep these men in your prayers as they seek god in the leadership of our church




Opportunity Awaits… by Aaron Scharenberg, M.A., LCPC

The clock keeps ticking!

Sometimes I feel like I’m ready for a break, yet time doesn’t slow down or stop for me. Sometimes I get tired of waiting and want time to speed things up, yet time doesn’t speed up for me. Time just keeps ticking. In scripture (Colossians 4:5), it says to make the most of every opportunity. When I get distracted by whether time is going fast enough or not fast enough, I try to pause and look for the opportunity that is right before me. Opportunity knocks when I look for it. Often times I go through life missing the opportunities that are right before me. I miss them because I am focused on the wrong things. I am focused on myself or I am worried about something that could happen. When I stop and I look up and seek God in my life, I start to see things differently. Several years ago, I recall a time where I was unwinding after a long day. I walked out to get some fresh air and was thinking through the events of the day. Before I walked back in, I

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. — Matthew 6:33


stopped and looked up. When I did, I saw the most amazing sunset shining through the clouds. It was beautiful! I stood there in awe for about 20 minutes, as the colors shifted into different hues as the sun went down. As I walked back into my home, I felt lighter and I sensed God speaking to me. I heard His voice tell me that I often miss the beauty that He has for me because I get distracted with the things of this world and don’t take the time to look up and see what He has for me. Maybe you’ve done this, too. You’ve become distracted or focused on this world and your daily life. Maybe you’ve forgotten to look up and see the beauty that God has for you today. As we enter 2018, if you are discouraged, distracted, or have missed some opportunities that God has for you, don’t let any more time pass by. Stop focusing on the time that is passing and start focusing on the opportunities that are right there before you. Shift your focus from this world and start looking up! You may be amazed at the beauty right before you!

LYNN EBY : women

Please bring a can of soup to the church lobby the weekends of January 20-21, January 27-28 & February 3-4 for our annual “Souper Bowl� drive! Your donations will benefit those in our church family who are in need, as well as those who come to His Helping Hands for assistance. Thank you! Your generosity is greatly appreciated!!

Dr. Paul Goddard Missions Pastor

FIELD REPORTS ALL NATIONS “CARING FOR ORPHANS IN ZAMBIA ” What is it like to transition from the security and routine of living and working in Wichita to caring for orphans in a rural area of the African country of Zambia? Anita O’Connell, a member of our church, did just that in 2015, answering the Lord’s call to leave everything and to share the Gospel among tribal villages along the Zambezi River. She is serving as a missionary with All Nations, an international church-planting, and community development organization based in Kansas City. Her team works in Northern Zambia ministering to orphans, widows, and vulnerable families by combining medical care with evangelism. Additionally, they preach at local churches, teach good health practices, and start discipleship groups with the vision to spark a church planting movement.


Below is a recent report from Anita. As you will read, her life is very different than working for one of the best-known companies in Wichita. She first felt the “call of the Lord” as part of a short-term missions’ trip to Kenya. Dear Central: Oh my, where does the time go? I apologize for not sending out a newsletter sooner.   Since returning from Mufulira in the copper belt, I have been busy getting back into the swing of things in the village. Our team had a retreat, a week of planning and focusing on team building. Our team has moved out to the villages full time, with some hesitation from some of the team members; it was good to have the retreat and voice any and all concerns.  I, however, have kept my little flat in town, since I am one of the main drivers now, and I need to transport one of the house-mamas each week to Livingstone for her days off with family and to shop for the children’s home.  

The fritter bakery is still going strong! Praise God!! Judith is really working hard at her business; she saved her money, and has purchased iron sheets for her house and even enlarged her mud house. Her husband still works seasonal jobs, so both of them together are able to support their family. Memory, one of our team members, has a Bible study with Judith and a few of the ladies that live close by.

2018 SHORT-TERM MISSIONS TRIPS Six short-term missions trips are planned for this coming summer. For details, contact: Paul ( or Silvia (goddards@ccc. org) or 316.688.4400.

I continue to check in with the ladies in Dumbwa to see how that Bible study is going, and it is still going strong! I am so proud of them. This group was my first Bible study I had over a year ago! God is so good! This past August we had a visit from Social Welfare at the children’s home. At that time the founders of Love’s Door Orphanage had just left for the states for a four month furlough, so I was the one to meet them. There were quite a few things for us to do to bring the home up to standard and for all the documentation to be in order. I am pleased to say, with a lot of prayers and hard work, the items have all been accomplished. Please pray for the children’s home and kids, we are not out of the woods yet, since Social Welfare hasn’t been back for their follow up visit.   Well, I made it through another October, the hottest month of the year. I also found out that Livingstone is the hottest city to live in here in Zambia! Triple digits, with no relief in sight!! The rains have started as well, not too bad yet. We have started  having worship night in the villages. Every first Saturday of the month we will pick a village and have worship there. The last one was at “tobacco farm;” we had a big bonfire and sang and danced for the Lord. So much fun! This Saturday we will be in Komenyana, looking forward to that service.   Blessings, Anita O’Connell



ENLACE, June 9–16


Mission Caribe, June 16–23


Inn Ministries, June 30–July 7


Mission of Hope, Haiti July 7–14


CMFI/Missions of Hope, July 11–20


CMFI/Fuego Nuevo, August 4–11 (Please note the date change for this trip)

Application Dedline: January 15 Applications for all trips are located on the Mission’s section of the Central Christian Church website at


N ew Year. . .

New Opportunities to Serve “There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord.” I Corinthians 12:5

his helping hands


statistics thru 11.25.17 his helping hands

The holidays are over and it is time to start another year. His Helping Hands met many peoples’ needs throughout 2017 and we are preparing to serve many more during 2018. If you are looking for a place to serve on a consistent basis, please consider one of our volunteer opportunities. Every job is important and each one contributes to the bottom-line of the HHH ministry: sharing the love of Jesus with every client. HHH operates like a small community on our 15-acre property located at 1441 E. 37th St. N. and our Thrift Store located at 4858 S. Clifton in the Oaklawn area. Below are listed some of the ways in which you can volunteer:

is a ministry of Central Christian Church which helps people in need of food, clothing, household items and automobiles. At the time of distribution, we share the love of Christ with each individual.

Counseling and sharing the Gospel of Jesus with the clients. If you have the spiritual gift of evangelism or mercy, this would be a good opportunity for you to minister to hurting people.

Answering phones in the HHH office. The three main types of calls we receive are from those needing assistance, wanting to donate items, or wanting to know about volunteer opportunities.

71,825 246 household 38,049 cars/computers 45 / 23 clothing 354,820 volunteer hours 56,844

Checking in clients on the computer during distribution times.

Sorting and hanging clothing items.

Sorting and organizing household items, such as dishes, utensils, cups, towels, bedding, etc.

Helping with one of our four monthly food distributions.

Helping with warehouse work.

Helping donors unload items from their vehicles at the receiving door.

Helping clients load their vehicles with the items they are obtaining from HHH.

Working in one of the repair shops: Appliance, furniture or automobile.

Driving one of the HHH trucks to pick up furniture or appliances from donors’ homes.

Helping with product set-up and sales work at The Heavenly Treasures Gift Shop or The Oaklawn Thrift Store.

For recent stories and testimonies:

And, for women only: Mentoring one of the single moms as they go through the Fresh Hope program. ccc.hishelpinghands

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunties to help at HHH. If you, your family, or community group are interested in any of these volunteer positions, please contact us at 316.838.8528 to receive additional information. Thank you for your consideration and may God bless you throughout 2018!

people served people saved

fresh hope

empowers women to rise from a lifestyle of poverty. If you would like to make a donation or donate your time to assist with these vital ministries, please call 838-8528. graduations

538 434

self sustaining

12 10

CCC Sports & Recreation is excited to be hosting our 6th Upward Basketball® league this spring! For those who are not familiar with this league, it is designed to sports & recreation develop young athletes : TINA NICKEL mentally, athletically, spiritually and socially. We provide a positive environment in which athletes of all levels can grow. Teams practice one hour a week and play a one hour game on Saturday. Our first game will be March 3rd. The league is for boys & girls of all skill ability, Kindergarten (5-years-old) to 6th grade. REGISTRATION $65 early registration by January 7 $70 registration by January 26 Fees include jersey and practice shirt PLAYER EVALUATION Every prayer must attend ONE of the following player evaluations. Watch for dates to come. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! There are many different ways to help out! If you are interested in volunteering to be a greeter, coach, referee or prayer partner, please contact Tina Nickel for more information at 316.688.4400 or






CIY Believe






JUNE 18-21


JULY 16-20

Central christian academy High School Faculty Positions Open for the 2018–19 school year Part-time and/or Full-time positions for 9th grade only in the following subjects:

English • Science • Social Studies Mathematics • Bible • Fine Arts contact


Michael Hunter – Head of Schools • 316.688.1161


for (or from) the Holidays! Every year I hear from parents how hard it is to get in the swing of things after the holidays, whether you stayed home or are home again. Here are few of the things I have accumulated over time that may help. Keep a regular bedtime. Guard it even when things come up. Both you and your kids need rest. Foregoing church and other healthy times is not the answer. Eat healthy. Sure, a little treat isn’t too bad occasionally, but at this time of the year, treats become the norm and maybe even the largest part of our diets. Drink water, and eat like Daniel. Go outside. With the weather changes and time changes, dark is early to arrive. Be sure to catch a few sunrays whenever you can. It is good for you. Enforce the rules. Often when visitors and family have been around, it is easy to let things slide. Children are quick to push the boundaries when the structure fails. Keep strong and keep the peace of your home. Finally, Remember God. Don’t assume your kids are taking time for God even in the busyness of life. Do it as a family. Take advantage of those times when you are all captured, riding in the car, getting ready for bed, eating breakfast or dinner (even on the run), or whenever two or more of you are together. Love one another, love others, and live well. It is God’s plan for all of us. I love you.

Central Kids Volunteer Appreciation! This year for our HUGE volunteer appreciation event we will be playing multiple games and giving away lots of prizes! If you are on the Central Kids serving team, you will receive an invitation in the mail. Please RSVP by noon on January 10th and bring your family for fun, food, and prizes at 6:30pm in Central Court on January 12th. We can’t wait to see you!!

VICKI EJIBE children

Romans 8:37-39 No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Save the Date! Father & Daughter Valentine Night February 9th 6-8pm for all 4th & 5th Grade girls & their dads


our leadership board of elders Jim Andrew Bill Blasing Steve Brunk Jason Buckingham Tom Butz Mitch Herren Richard Ochs Myron Smith Gary Stamps


Change for change. Round up your spare change and help change lives with the love of Christ! If every giving family in our church were to round-up to the next dollar every time they swiped their cards, the result would be a $300,000 impact to help the church reach the world for Christ! See how at

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staff Aaron Beck Special Needs Gene Blythe Maintenance/Custodial Tori Dahilig Youth Paul Dohm His Helping Hands Lynn Eby Women Vicki Ejibe Children Paco Gonzales Facilities Kelly Guthrie Contributions Jeff Huhman Creative Arts/Technical Tracey Hunt Early Childhood Cheryl Hurley Guest Services Heidi Johnson Web / Graphics Design Jason Krieger Students Barb Marchand Executive Administration Brad Moser Safety/Security Tina Nickel Upper Elementary/Sports & Rec Derek Pletcher Communications Eddie Rivera Information Systems Janet Rochat Finance Aaron Scharenberg Counseling Center Debra Smith Graphics Design Michael Thorne Senior Adults Jennifer Torres Payroll/Human Resources

Want to know more about Central? This class is designed to help you determine your “next step.” It focuses on the vision and mission of Central Christian and what it means to be a follower of Jesus. If you are interested in membership, or would like to know more about Central, sign up today by calling Silvia at 688-4400 or visiting our website. Our next classes will be held in the Choir Room

Sunday, January 21st @ 12:00–3:30pm • Our Vision: To be a church after God’s own heart. • Our Mission: To lead people to think like Jesus, live like Jesus.


We are LIVE-STREAMING our worship services over the internet! Visit our website at and follow the link.

our church family

financial stats

Comforting those whose loved ones have passed on Todd & Megan Brumley & Family on the passing of Megan’s grandmother Adam, Lisa & Brittany Crowder on the passing of Adam’s grandfather Valerie Drake–Albert & Family on the passing of her husband, our Dr. Gerald Albert Nancy Ford & Family on the passing of her husband, our Jay Rolesta Forrest & Family on the passing of her father Celebrating the baptisms into new life in Christ Sophia Monjaras

Attendance: (Casa de Luz / Web Audience / HS Retreat) ”...and the people came...” (acts 2:46-47) November 11–12..........................................2,790 (107 / 529 / 0) November 18–19......................................... 2,745 (119 / 533 / 0) November 25–26..........................................2,677 (100 / 544 / 0) December 2–3.............................................2,908 (102 / 596 / 53) Central Christian has added 61 new members so far in 2017. General Budget: (Weekly Need / Donated Income) ”...and the people gave...” (malachi 3:10-12; ii corinthians 9:6-15) November 11–12................................$110,333.97 / $151,227.26 November 18–19..................................$116,023.33 / $88,028.81 November 25–26....................................$92,316.49 / $79,334.53 December 2–3.......................................4145,295.46 / $96,559.07 His Helping Hands: ”...they gave to anyone as he had need.” (acts 2:45) November 11–12............................................................ $3,796.75 November 18–19............................................................ $3,027.50 November 25–26............................................................ $1,197.00 December 2–3............................................................... $13,078.50

Please join us in serving the poor and homeless

Saturday, January 27 11:30am–1:00pm RiverWalk Church of Christ, 225 N. Waco • 316-264-9703

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New Year’s Holiday : Church office & building will be closed


CCA Kindergarten Exploration, 6:30pm, CR


Central Kids Volunteer Appreciation


Short term missions trips application deadline


Next Step, 12:00–3:00pm


CCA Middle School Preview Night, 6:30pm, YC


BBB, 11:30am, 225 N. Waco

27–28 Souper Bowl

february 2018 3–4

Souper Bowl


CCA Preschool Open House, 6:30pm, CR


IF: Wichita


Father & Daughter Valentine Night, for Gr 4-5 & their dads, 6:00pm


CCA Preschool–9th Grade Open House, 6:30pm, CR

march 2018 3

Upward Basketball first game


Daylight Savings Time begins : Spring ahead one hour

23–24 CIY Believe, for Gr 8, Kansas City 31

Resurrection Saturday

april 2018 1

Resurrection Sunday

may 2018 13

Mother’s Day


Worlds of Fun MS Trip, Kansas City

june 2018 9–16

Missions Trip : El Salvador

16–23 Missions Trip : Honduras

Our Mission: To lead people to think like Jesus, live like Jesus.

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