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n ministry news : ministries 8 Missions Care Ministries 688.4400 10 His Helping Hands Barb Marchand 619.4775 We desire to help create caring connections within the church 11 Benevolence and help others walk through challenging life events. Central Christian Academies 688.1161 12 Academies Central Christian Academy : Grades K-8 : Michael Hunter Headmaster Central Christian Academy Preschool : 2-5 Yrs : Judy Buckert Director 13 Children Joyful Noise Academy Daycare : 18 mos & walking : Pam Harrod Director 15 Women Central Christian Communications 688.4400

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Hospital, Homebound & Care Facility Ministries 688.4400

Barb Marchand 619.4775; Please keep us apprised of those who would like to be visited and/or brought communion while in the hospital or a care facility. Also, if you know of a Central member who is critically ill, homebound, in the hospital or a care facility, please let us know.

His Helping Hands 838.8528

1441 E. 37th St. N. Paul Dohm HHH Executive Director


Jeff Huhman Creative Arts/Technical Director

Prayer Ministries 688.4400

Emergency Prayer Request Line : Barb Marchand 619.4775

Radio Ministry

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n events : 5 “Gathered” New Service Times : December 30 & 31 5 Christmas Services : December 24 & 25 6 “He is Coming” Christmas Musical : December 10 & 11

The Three Times

Darren McClintock Interim Pastor

Moving into the holiday season is always a special time. There is just something about the feeling that we get from all the hustle and bustle, lights, decorations, songs, and special programs we watch. When I was growing up, one of my favorite Christmas stories was “The Christmas Carol” with Ebenezer Scrooge. If you’ve never seen it, you’ve probably seen some form of it with Mickey Mouse or Mr. Magoo. Another favorite is, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” One of the common threads that ties each of these stories together is the idea of the past, present, and future. Well, I believe Charles Dickens and Philip van Doren Stern, the authors of those stories, stumbled onto something that is very, very Biblical and something we need to be very mindful of during this season. Over the remainder of this month you will be hearing the word “Advent” a lot around the Church. Advent is simply a term that is defined as the “arrival of a notable person.” As the Church, we come to this season to think and celebrate the arrival of a VERY notable person—the Son of God, the Christ, the Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth. As we turn our attention to the coming of our Lord, we, like Ebenezer, should be mindful of the past, present, and the future. We look to the humble arrival of the King as a small baby. For centuries, the people of Israel had waited for their King and finally He arrived. Granted His arrival was in a much different form than they had anticipated. Because of this arrival, everything changed; even the way we mark the

years. So we look to the past and celebrate His arrival. But for us, however, our celebration should not stop there. Because of the arrival of our King, our present lives have much to celebrate. We get to celebrate a reconciliation to the Father, we celebrate being made alive in our King, we celebrate a clean conscience before the Father because of His work, we celebrate the Light of the Word. We are brought into His Kingdom and we have the wonderful privilege of experiencing that Kingdom coming forward in our lives. Now, we also look forward to the future for our King, the One who came, He is coming again! With eager anticipation we look to the advent of His return where all our hope rests. This time He will come not as a baby, but as a King and He will place His foot upon Zion and reign forevermore!! What a glorious day that will be!!! So as we celebrate the past, let's not forget the reality of what happened so many years ago and how it has affected your life today. And most certainly, do not forget to look forward and upward in eager anticipation for the advent of our King. We have much to celebrate during this season. For those who have experienced loss this year, our prayers are with you and we encourage you to look to your hope, look to His return for He will wipe every tear from your eyes!! From the McClintock family, may God bless you and keep you and may you keep your eyes fixed upon Him during this season. We love you! — The McClintock Family


A Message from Our Elders ROBERT NOLAND


Dear Church...

The changes we are seeing at Central Christian Church are part of working to better accomplish our work in God’s kingdom. I am sure you have noticed a few things that are different at Central in recent months. We have placed a renewed emphasis on digging deeper into God’s Word, corporately, individually and in our new community groups. And more discipleship opportunities are coming online all the time. This is all because the Elders have had a calling for some time to move us toward a better, more fully equipped body; able to go out in the world and make disciples.


In case you are wondering, the Elders determined early on in this process that we would preserve both of our Sunday worship styles—it was a paramount concern and one which we addressed before any other decisions regarding service times were made.

We have been working alongside Darren McClintock, our Interim Pastor, to make sure in corporate worship and prayer times, equipping classes and every small group; that we are truly getting into the study of what God’s Word says and how it applies to our lives and the world around us. It is an exciting time to see this regular movement toward a deeper, more thorough investment into the Scriptures.

By taking a step forward and moving to two services, the Elders believe we will foster a greater sense of community and unification of the Body as we saw in September with our combined Sunday service. On a more practical note, it will allow for a clearer equipping class schedule and a better, more efficient use of volunteers. It also provides an example of stewardship in the sense that we are using resources and our staff more wisely to accomplish all of these things. In the interest of clarification, the Saturday night service will not be changing.

The Elders have also looked at Sunday service times and how the schedule affects this renewed focus on in-depth study, solid equipping and unity within the Body.

Personally, I feel this will make church at Central feel less “managed’ or scheduled while ensuring we have the flexibility for thorough exposition of the Scripture from one week to the next.

With those things in mind—and after much discussion and prayer—the Elders have approved adjusting our regular Sunday service times starting after the New Year. We will have two services on Sunday. The 9:00 service will feature Peter Abood and his team and the 10:45 service Steve Brummer and his team. This change will allow more time for the preaching of the Word, more opportunity to interact with fellow members and visitors and the opportunity to interact between services. It also means we can focus on special events like baptisms and child dedication, among other things.

I can tell you that the Elders have taken this matter very seriously and examined this change for a number of months. In our discussions and prayers, we have seen the wisdom and benefit in making these changes and we are excited to see how the worship & teaching at Central will continue to flourish. Blessings, Robert Noland CCC Elder Board Chairman


Christmas Services Saturday, December 23 5:33pm

Sunday, December 24 10:00am

Christmas Eve, December 24 5:00pm & 11:00pm

December 10 and 11, 2017 at 7pm Central Christian Church Worship Center


Meet the Family : Our new Student Director

Jason Krieger

I was blessed to grow-up in a loving home

with a dad and mom who took my sister and me to church regularly. The Lord graciously moved in my life the middle of my junior year in high school and convicted me of sin in my heart. I was greatly blessed to meet two men my senior year of high school who discipled me and helped me understand what it meant to be a Christian. My college years were difficult after losing my mom to cancer, but by God’s grace, I was surrounded by Godly men who continued to sharpen me and show me what it truly meant to walk with Christ through trials and suffering. The Lord moved in my heart in those years and gave me a desire to serve. I volunteered as a Younglife leader to high school boys for four years, and served as a summer trip leader at an outdoor adventure company for four summers in Buena Vista, Colorado. My wife, Mallory, and I married in 2002 and moved from Abilene, TX to Fort Worth, TX where we became members of The Village Church. In 2005, we were called by God to go with a group of members from The Village to help plant Providence Church, in Frisco, TX. There I grew in my knowledge of scripture, God’s sovereignty and His goodness in my life as we walked through some hard trials together as a community

of believers. It was through this difficult time that the Lord gave me a deep love for the church and a passion to see the gospel lived out in all areas of our lives for His glory. My wife and I have four kids; Malakai, Elijah, Nathaniel, and Norah. I enjoy hiking with my family in Colorado, reading books, playing and coaching my sons in soccer, dates with my wife, exercise, drinking coffee, and eating bacon. Student ministry has always been a part of my walk with the Lord, and I am excited to partner with parents to disciple the next generation to be fully-devoted followers of Christ at Central Christian Church!

Students: This Christmas you and

your family are invited to join us in celebrating Advent. You can download a copy of Central’s Advent guide at, or pick up your Advent book in the church lobby.

Dr. Paul Goddard Missions Pastor

FIELD REPORTS AGAPE UNLIMITED “NO PLACE TO LAY THEIR HEADS ” Dr. Bill Becknell of Agape writes, “It was about 3:00am when I was awakened by people talking, doors slamming, and walking outside my window at the farm house. A mother with three children drove eight hours from Ukraine, arriving at the farm during a cold Russian rain. They had no place to live, no home, only a handful of clothes, and no food. This mother and her children had been abused and needed shelter. A fourth child was still in Ukraine with grandma. Agape was able to provide shelter for this family (including the grandma and oldest child who arrived later) over the last four months. A few weeks ago, the husband discovered their whereabouts at the farm but didn’t step foot on our property. After some deliberation, the mother decided she would reconcile with her husband if he would agree to enter a rehabilitation program. The story isn’t over yet, but we pray that a happier outcome is on the horizon. Please pray for this family! n

“A LIFE RESTORED ” Our Agape medical team in Moscow helped more than 400 patients last month at the state homeless center. Nine months ago, Agape agreed to provide seed money to rent an apartment for homeless people who are ready to start a new life. Radik came to the state homeless center in a wheelchair after he had injured his arm and both of his feet. Our medical staff helped him get bandages, x-rays and medical conclusions. They also shared the Gospel of Jesus with him. After a time, he agreed to go to the apartment. Now he is walking by himself without pain and his arm is healing quickly. Thank God! He has also found work has left the flat to start life on his own. He attends church regularly and we pray he grown in his faith! n

2018 SHORT-TERM MISSIONS TRIPS There are six short-term missions trips in the early planning stages for next summer. The destinations, ministry partners, and dates are as follows:



On October 16, 2017, Christianity was, in many ways, forced underground in Nepal. A bill that had been circling the branches of government in Nepal for three years was finally passed and ratified by the president. This bill allows for criminal action to be taken against evangelists. With only 1.2% of the population professing Christianity, already marginalized believers in Nepal will be further scrutinized. According to a Nepali Christian site, a section of the new law reads:




No one should be involved in or encourage conversion of religion.

EMBRACE “A STEP OF FAITH ” Recently, a woman we will call “Rose” came to EMBRACE seeking a pregnancy test. Her heart was in search of something else. She described herself as a Christian, but noted that “Jesus is just someone I can pray to when I’m in trouble.” Filled with compassion, an EMBRACE staff member asked if she could share her thoughts about Jesus. Rose nodded, so the woman told her of Jesus’ desire to be more than just “fire insurance.” He came to be our Savior—someone we could trust with our entire lives. The staff member then asked Rose if she wanted to take that step and make Jesus Lord of her life. Praise God! Rose said, “yes”!! n


While this new law is controversial, nonconversion laws are becoming common practice in that region of the world, following India and Pakistan’s adoption of similar laws. Will you please pray for our brothers and sisters in Nepal as they learn to navigate this difficult new terrain? n

No one should convert a person from one religion to another religion or profess their own religion and belief with similar intention by using or not using any means of attraction and by disturbing religion or belief of any ethnic groups or community that has been practiced since ancient times. If found guilty; there will be punishment of five years of imprisonment and penalty of 50,000 rupees (or around $500 US dollars). continued next column

EL SALVADOR : ENLACE, June 9–16 • HONDURAS : Mission Caribe, June 16–23 GUATEMALA : Inn Ministries, June 30–July 7 • HAITI : Mission of Hope, Haiti July 7–14 KENYA : CMFI/Missions of Hope, July 11–21 • MEXICO CITY : CMFI/Fuego Nuevo, July 22–29 For details, contact: Paul ( or Silvia ( or 316.688.4400.

Christmas at HHH “She will give birth to a Son, and you are to give Him the name Jesus, because He will save His people from their sins.” Matthew 1:21

his helping hands


statistics thru 8.26.17 his helping hands

is a ministry of Central Christian Church which helps people in need of food, clothing, household items and automobiles. At the time of distribution, we share the love of Christ with each individual. 65,342 235 household 35,441 cars/computers 42 / 23 clothing 302,840 volunteer hours 53,342 people served people saved

The Spirit of Christmas is alive and well at HHH again this year. Several activities will help us remember the “Reason for the Season” — Jesus Christ has come to earth to save us from our sins! Jesus was born to die…a sad thought from a human perspective, but a glorious revelation of God’s love for each one of us!! The Heavenly Treasures Gift Shop will conduct their annual Open House on Saturday, December 9th, from 1–5pm. The Gift Shop is located just inside the driveway as you enter the HHH campus at 1441 E. 37th Street North. There will be lots of Christmas items, cookies, hot beverages and good ol’ Christian fellowship, as well as an opportunity to do a little Christmas shopping and benefit the ministry of HHH at the same time. Please come and join us!

fresh hope

empowers women to rise from a lifestyle of poverty. If you would like to make a donation or donate your time to assist with these vital ministries, please call 838-8528. graduations

538 434

self sustaining

For recent stories and testimonies: ccc.hishelpinghands

12 10

Christmas with Jesus Christmas With Jesus, our annual toy distribution, will be conducted on Saturday, December 16th, with the doors opening at 8am. Last year we distributed over 21,000 new and used toys to several thousand children and we expect to do the same again this year. Please join us to help with this annual event. You will be blessed! Volunteers should arrive at HHH around 7am that morning to receive job assignments.

TOP: Some of you may not know this, but our own Pastor Lamp is well-known around the North Pole as one of Santa’s most endeared elves! MIDDLE: Santa (and donuts) always bring the dimples out! BOTTOM: New and nearlynew toys fill the HHH storage bins to the brim each Christmas!

Thank you for your donations to His Helping Hands, which makes our ministry possible. We pray that you will have a blessed Christmas Season!

Mountain of Food Shopping List Please bring donations to the Mountain of Food in the lobby through December 17th

Winter is coming. For those who enjoy the change of seasons, winter is welcomed with fires glowing in the fireplace, snuggly blankets and hot cocoa. Others wish we could go from Autumn to Spring in a heartbeat. Winter means the inconvenience of scraping windshields, shoveling walks, staying indoors instead of splashing about at the pool. But what if there was no fireplace? No blanket? No car? No house to come home to? Winter would not just be an inconvenience then, but a struggle resulting too often in tragedy. This month, would you take a moment to think about what you might need if you were to spend a night in the cold? A stocking hat, a sweatshirt, thick socks, gloves, blankets... these items and more could make a huge difference to someone facing the long months ahead. Please bring your donations to the box labeled “BBB” in the lobby next to the Mountain of Food through December 17th. And May God bless you.

Please join us in serving the poor and homeless

Saturday, December 23 11:30am–1:00pm RiverWalk Church of Christ, 225 N. Waco • 316-264-9703

q Peanut Butter & Jelly q Canned Fruit & Vegetables q Canned Tuna, Chicken & Salmon q Breakfast Cereal & Oatmeal q Cornbread Mix & Biscuit Mix q Spaghetti & Sauce q Rice & Pasta q Ramen Noodles q “Hearty” Soups q Cake or Brownie Mix & Icing q Flour & Sugar q Spices q Baking Soda & Baking Powder q Macaroni & Cheese q Gravy Mix q Pancake Mix & Syrup q Jell-O & Pudding Mix q Cooking Oil & Shortening q Crackers q Canned Juices q Pickles q Ketchup & Mustard q Mayonnaise q Toothpaste & Toothbrushes q Combs & Brushes q Shampoo & Cream Rinse q Lotion q Bar & Liquid Soaps q Dish Soaps & Laundry Detergent q Shaving Cream & Razors q Kleenex & Toilet Paper q Deodorant q Diapers & Wipes q Sanitary Napkins q Other personal items

Central christian academy High School Faculty Positions Open for the 2018–19 school year Part-time and/or Full-time positions for 9th grade only in the following subjects:

English • Science • Social Studies Mathematics • Bible • Fine Arts contact


Michael Hunter – Head of Schools • 316.688.1161

The Holidays with Central Kids! Break out your Bunny Slippers, put on your favorite PJ’s and join us for...

Pajama Jam!

This fun event is for all children age 2–grade 3 and takes place the weekend of December 30th–31st during each worship service. The kids will enjoy games, snacks and movies! Please make sure PJ’s are appropriate. Girls wearing nightgowns should wear shorts underneath. Children must wear shoes.

VICKI EJIBE children

Holiday Childcare Schedule

Each year around Christmas the nursery closes for a couple of weeks. We do this so our Facilities team can do some much needed deep cleaning in the nursery, and to allow our workers to spend some quality time with their own families. If you are part of a group that meets from December 18–January 1, please take note that there will not be child care offered during these dates. We will continue our excellent weekend worship service programming during the services on Saturday evenings @ 5:33, Sunday mornings @ 8:45, 10:00 & 11:30, and Sunday evening’s Casa de Luz service @ 5:00pm. We will only be closed for events outside of our regular worship services.

Check-In Volunteers Needed

One of the first interactions we have with new families at Central Christian is at the Central Kids Check-In Counter in the lobby. This counter gives us the opportunity to get important information from these families and to get to know them. Our goal is to make their experience in our “big” church feel as personal and welcoming as possible. We are in need of volunteers during the Saturday night service to help us make all our families feel like they have a home here at Central. If you would be willing to volunteer to serve these families once a month we could really use your help. Find out more by contacting us at 688-4400, or

AWANA Date Reminders & a Call for Volunteers


DEC 13

AWANA—Jesus’ Birthday Party

DEC 18–JAN 1

Nursery Closed except for weekend services

DEC 20 & 27

No AWANA / Christmas Break

JAN 12

Central Kids Volunteer Appreciation

We could also use more volunteers in our AWANA program on Wednesday nights. Please consider joining our team to help equip our children in the knowledge of Christ. • •

December 13 — Jesus’ Birthday Party December 20 & 27 — No AWANA / Christmas Break

Central Kids Volunteer Appreciation!

Our yearly volunteer appreciation event is just around the corner and with the “craziness” of the holidays, we want to make sure you get this date on your calendar! This event is for anyone who volunteers in any aspect of the Central Kids ministry. Be sure to reserve Friday, January 12th, 2018 for you and your family. There will be more details to come, and we promise this is one event you will not want to miss!


our leadership board of elders Robert Noland Chairman Mitch Herren Vice Chairman Dave McClintock Secretary Richard Ochs Treasurer Jim Andrew Jason Buckingham Bill Blasing Dave Kirkwood

pastors Peter Abood Choir/Worship Tom Black Administrative Steve Brummer Praise Band/Worship Dr. Paul Goddard Missions Ross Lamp Benevolence Jeff Lederer Groups Roger London Care/Outreach David Mann Teaching Darren McClintock Interim Edwin Ojedis Hispanic

Christmas Shopping?

Round those pennies up and help the Church reach the world for Christ! If every giving family in our church were to round-up to the next dollar every time they swiped their cards, the result would be a $300,000 impact to help the church reach the world for Christ! See how at

staff Aaron Beck Special Needs Gene Blythe Maintenance/Custodial Tori Dahilig Youth Paul Dohm His Helping Hands Lynn Eby Women Vicki Ejibe Children Paco Gonzales Facilities Kelly Guthrie Contributions “Griff” Promotion/Electronic Media Jeff Huhman Creative Arts/Technical Tracey Hunt Early Childhood Cheryl Hurley Guest Services Heidi Johnson Web / Graphics Design Jason Krieger Students Barb Marchand Executive Administration Brad Moser Safety/Security Tina Nickel Upper Elementary/Sports & Rec Derek Pletcher Communications Eddie Rivera Information Systems Janet Rochat Finance Aaron Scharenberg Counseling Center Debra Smith Graphics Design Michael Thorne Senior Adults Jennifer Torres Payroll/Human Resources

Want to know more about Central? This class is designed to help you determine your “next step.” It focuses on the vision and mission of Central Christian and what it means to be a follower of Jesus. If you are interested in membership, or would like to know more about Central, sign up today by calling Silvia at 688-4400 or visiting our website. Our next classes will be held in the Choir Room

Sunday, January 21st @ 12:00–3:30pm • Our Vision: To be a church after God’s own heart. • Our Mission: To lead people to think like Jesus, live like Jesus.


We are LIVE-STREAMING our worship services over the internet! Visit our website at and follow the link.

our church family Comforting those whose loved ones have passed on Sam & Edna Brewster on the passing of Edna’s mother Patty Lohr on the passing of her mother John & Helen Sherwood on the passing of John’s sister Janie Stecklein on the passing of her mother Celebrating the birth of each new life Jacob Elijah Scapa born October 10 @ 8 lbs to Brian & Melissa, and grandparents Rod & Sandy Peer and Ino & Kathy Scapa Julianne Ava Downs born October 13 @ 6 lbs, 4 oz to Robert & Shelley Natalie Joy Olsen born October 19 @ 8 lbs to Jeremy & Nicole Maverick Paul Moran born November 1 @ 9 lbs, 11 oz to Chris & Julie Celebrating the baptisms into new life in Christ Jonathan Hicks • Amanda Hodge • Julian Martinez • Sophia Monjaras Welcoming those who have joined us in membership Cheryl Acuna • Sharon Adams • Amy DeVries • Steven DeVries Wylma Graves • Kelly Guthrie • Christy Harmon • David Harrison Kay Harrison • Jonathan Hicks • Janie Leonard • Natali Martinez Frances Oare • Steven Oare • Patrick Penn • Talia Penn • Bobby Torres Jennifer Torres • Levi Unruh

LYNN EBY : women

financial stats Attendance: (Casa de Luz / Web Audience / MS Retreat) ”...and the people came...” (acts 2:46-47) October 7–8..................................................2,929 (120 / 601 / 0) October 14–15..............................................2,622 (110 / 358 / 0) October 21–22............................................2,736 (186 / 472 / 47) October 28–29..............................................2,732 (109 / 547 / 0) November 4–5................................................ 2,791 (93 / 450 / 0) Central Christian has added 60 new members so far in 2017. General Budget: (Weekly Need / Donated Income) ”...and the people gave...” (malachi 3:10-12; ii corinthians 9:6-15) October 7–8........................................$115,754.84 / $126,401.01 October 14–15....................................$114,619.63 / $124,626.64 October 21–22......................................$105,276.75 / $72,381.31 October 28–29....................................$116,096.07 / $123,713.22 November 4–5......................................$148,757.65 / $91,021.91 His Helping Hands: ”...they gave to anyone as he had need.” (acts 2:45) October 7–8.................................................................... $5,076.00 October 14–15................................................................ $3,880.76 October 21–22................................................................ $2,539.85 October 28–29................................................................ $2,855.50 November 4–5................................................................ $6,672.02

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Christmas Services

Christmas Eve December 24

5:00pm & 11:00pm

cc:calendar december 2017 Thru 17 Mountain of Food Drive Thru 17 BBB Clothing Drive 2–3

Advent Sermon Series Begins


HS Fall Retreat, Westminster Woods


Next Step, 11:30am–3:00pm, Choir Rm


Heavenly Treasures Open House, 1:00–5:00pm, 1441 E.37th St. N.

10–11 “He is Coming” Christmas Musical, 7:00pm, WC 13

AWANA Jesus’ Birthday Party


HHH Christmas with Jesus, 8:00am, 1441 E.37th St. N.




BBB, 11:30am, 225 N. Waco


Christmas Worship Services : Sat 5:33pm / Sun 10:00am, 5:00pm & 11:00pm / Casa de luz (Spanish service) – Sun 5:00pm

25–26 Christmas Holiday : Church office & building will be closed 27


30–31 Gathered : New Service Times Begin 30–31 Pajama Jam, for Age 2–Grade 3

january 2018 1–2

New Year’s Holiday : Church office & building will be closed


CCA Kindergarten Exploration, 6:30pm, CR


Central Kids Volunteer Appreciation

25 CCA Middle School Preview Night, 6:30pm, YC 21

Next Step, 12:00–3:00pm

february 2018 8

CCA Preschool Open House, 6:30pm, CR


IF: Wichita


CCA Preschool–9th Grade Open House, 6:30pm, CR

Our Mission: To lead people to think like Jesus, live like Jesus.

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December 2017 cc:journal