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AUGUST : 2018

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by Jennifer Hernandez, lcmft

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n events : 5 The WELL Women’s Conference : September 14–15

8 Father–Son Nerf Battle :

Grades 4 & 5, August 31

14 Convoy of Hope : August 4 16 Passion Worship Night : October 9

eternal wells

Each year August brings with it the promise of excessive heat, days at the pool and kids reaching their peak summer boredom. We also begin to think about that fateful day when kids, teens, and young adults head back to school. We begin to think about school supplies, new clothes, books, and all that goes with it. Ultimately, we go to school to learn. We learn the basic foundations that we have deemed important to be successful in our lives. When we are in elementary school we long for the days of middle school, then we long for the days of high school, and then college; only to enter our careers and move on to the next thing. We can easily make the assumption that learning is largely done in our young days but truth be told, we should be a people who never stop learning.

darren mcclintock Lead Pastor

As it says in job 11:7

Can you find out the deep things of God? Can you find out the limit of the Almighty? The clear answer is, “No, absolutely not!” However, we don’t use this as an excuse to stop pursuing those deep things. The beauty of our God is that the longer we are believers the more we begin to see who God is, how He works, moves, and provides and the more we will truly know His character. This process will go on for eternity...we will never plumb the riches and depth of our God. While this seems daunting in some ways, think of Him as the ocean. When I first saw the ocean, I was mesmerized. Its power, its beauty, the sound, the smell...I wanted more. I wanted to see more, to know more. So I went snorkeling off the Florida coast and I saw what was just under the surface and my wonder grew driving me to go scuba diving in the Dominican Republic. There I was driven deeper in my awe of this massive body of water with all of its hidden secrets. It never felt like duty to pursue more, it never felt like effort to want more. This is how we should be with our Lord. Every new insight, every corrected misunderstanding should drive us to greater depths. So as many of us turn our eyes to school, I would say never stop learning! Teachers: continue to display the glories of our God. Students: begin, even now, to plumb His depths of which you will never reach the bottom, even after an eternity of trying. n


Join us this month for Pastor Darren’s new sermon series 4

Women’s Director :




sharpening IRON

Calling All Men! Men’s Sharpening Groups exist to provide an arena for men to both identify and lock arms with fellow brothers in Christ. As men, we are called to be spiritual leaders, and we need the community of other leaders to spur us on to walk in a manner worthy of our calling. On the first and third Thursday night of every month, we are going to huddle up and band together under the banner of our victorious King Jesus! Groups Pastor :


this month, we will meet Thursday, August 2 & 16 @ 7pm in the hospitality suite

All men 18 years & older are invited to join us for this breakfast & teaching.


Cadre is our Summertime study where we watch and discuss messages from the Together for the Gospel conference. Some of today’s best preachers focus us on some of today’s most important topics so that we might grow in our Biblical understanding and our practical application of God’s truth. Entrance to our basement Teaching Pastor :


meeting room is by the CCC loading dock on the north side of the building. Hope you can join us for our last two sessions on August 1st & 8th!





JUNE 6 / 13 / 20 / 27 / JULY 11 / 18 / 25 / AUG 1 / 8 Men & women are also invited to hear these teachings Sundays @ 5:30pm in the Hospitality Suite.


9 Video Messages from the T4G Conference 1 HR Videos / 1 HR Unpacking and Applying



Weekends in Central Kids While adults are offered church service and discipleship classes each week, children get both of these things in one setting, depending on their age. Nursery children get story and craft times leading them in God’s Word in one general location. Preschool kids meet in a large group in the Crown Room and then dismiss to classrooms for their small group time. Lower Elementary kids go to Central Court to engage in three different areas of their meeting time: large group, small group, and fellowship. Kids in Upper Elementary have both the lobby and classroom in The Summit. Each of these areas is unique and geared toward the age of the student. Journey (our special needs ministry) meets in preschool age rooms, but uses curriculum and activities that the students love and learn from. Every division by age of children’s ministry is highly needed and well loved by the kids who attend. There are so many ways in which to serve in Children’s Ministry, whether it is working behind the puppet screen, reading a story, helping little fingers craft a piece of art, or guiding young minds through the Word of God. If you desire to build relationships with the littlest in our church, the kids need you...and you need them. Join us! Please call Vicki Ejibe at 316-688-4400.

4th & 5th Grade


Nerf Battle!

Friday, August 31 6:00 –8:00pm Central Court

cost: $5

Dinner will be served.

A great event that brings fathers and sons together in a fun way! If your child needs a “Dad Substitute” for the evening, or if you are a guy who would like to come shoot nerfs with a boy, please call Vicki Ejibe or Tina Nickel by August 27th at 316.688.4400.

VICKI EJIBE children

Promotion Weekend

Just A Reminder: Nursery and Preschool children will promote to their next class the first weekend of August.

Registration: August 4–26

August is AWANA sign-up month! AWANA is a club where Bible memorization takes place and relationships with God and each other can grow. You may register online at or at the Children’s Check-in Kiosk in the lobby. Cost is $40 per child.

Leader Training: Wednesday, August 29

We need adult leaders guide our children through this awesome program. Leaders do have to pay for their kids, but they will have an opportunity to get a book at no cost so they can memorize verses alongside their small group. A background check is required for all leaders. We will provide a leader training class on Wednesday, August 29th at 6:30pm in Central Court. We hope to see you there!

Calendar August 4–5 Promotion Weekend for Nursery & Preschool August 4–26 AWANA Registration $40 August 29 AWANA Leader Training 6:30pm, Central Ct August 31 Father & Son NERF! For grades 4–5 6–8pm Youth Center $5 each

1st AWANA Night: Wednesday, September 5

As the children begin their first night of AWANA, their parents will gather to find out what is new and different in this year’s program.

Save the Date for this New Central Kids Event Adventure Island is a Grade K–3 Father-Son event September 7th, 6–8pm We’ll begin in Central Court (use Chapel entrance) $5 per participant (Dinner will be served) Register online at by Noon Sept 6th

For information on volunteering with Central Kids or to register for AWANA, please go to




Releasing what you can’t control A wise man once said : “Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.” What a loaded statement! I believe that what Mr. Charles Swindoll was trying to convey in these words pertains to the attitude a person carries. In fact, our universe rarely gives us control over things that are outside of us, things we therapists call “externals.” Many times symptoms of anxiety or depression may heighten when we place excess focus on these little gremlins. When counseling, I have found that a great majority of my caseload consists of clients who share one common denominator. Can you guess what that is? I would say that probably a strong 70% or more enter therapy with hopes of this one thing. You’re getting closer. The answer to this question is that a large portion of my work revolves around a person entering


therapy to change someone else. What I often explain to these individuals, whether it be a husband and wife, a parent and child, or two roommates sharing spaces, is that if they aren’t able to change a person who loves and cares for them, what makes them confident that I can? The truth of the matter is that therapy is most effective when a person’s realm of focus shifts from things that are outside of their control (for instance, other people) to the things that are within: themselves. Ideally, reminding myself of this pearl of truth would suffice in bringing my energy back to what I can change. Realistically, it is much harder than that. Listed on the next page are some practical tips that I offer my clients who are in trying circumstances focused on the behaviors, philosophies, needs and feelings of other people.

Make a two-column list with the heading reading “Controllables” and “Uncontrollables” then jot down each idea that comes to mind that fits either category for the situation you are in. Recognize that the only column you have any say in is the one that you can control.

Create a mantra and repeat it often to refocus your efforts back on what is yours to carry. A favorite of mine reads “Let ___ be ___.” In the blanks you will insert a person’s name (be it your own or someone else’s) as you “give permission” to that person to be who they are with the level of awareness they currently have. It also gives you permission to be who you are and respond how you need to without the guilt or shame that is sometimes associated when we disagree with another individual.

Evaluate your own expectations regarding the situation at hand. If another person’s behaviors are driving you mad, get curious! By increasing your internal awareness of how your values are being challenged, you will be better able to determine whether you are projecting how you would behave/ react onto them, making the situation one that is self-defeating. What I mean is, we tend to hope that others will respond to us the way we would to them. If and when we assume this and they fail to meet this expectation, our frustration and annoyance increases leading us to resent them for not being what we needed.

When you need a chair, get a chair and not a table. Often times we turn to people who we think have the emotional capacity to be what we need them to be when quite frankly, they aren’t the best fit for the job. Just like we wouldn’t expect a chair to turn into a table or vice versa, we shouldn’t expect one person to have the qualities of another, including ourselves. If you need someone who is emotionally intelligent, seek that out in a wise member of your support group.

Lastly, pray. This one should be a given. When we pray for an individual who is hurting us or our circumstances, we release ourselves from the power they have over our emotionality. A prayer that I love reads, “I release ___ to God and ___ releases me to God.” I was taught to say this slowly and mindfully a minimum of 20 times until it resonates with my spirit. Don’t worry if you have to repeat this process more than once.

As you can see, an important life lesson is to learn how to let things you cannot control go. Release them, release yourself and find your freedom. Good luck! n

by Jennifer Hernandez LCMFT


Dr. Paul Goddard Missions Pastor

LANGUAGE OF LOVE ENGLISH LANGUAGE INSTITUTE CHINA Not many scholars or linguists who are familiar with the “romance” languages would say that English is the most beautiful or melodic of these languages; however, it is widely considered among the most practical. In fact, it has become the “lingua franca” or trade (commercial) language in much of the world. For many in countries where there is little or no Gospel witness, learning English has literally meant acquiring a “heavenly” language of love.

What and Who is ELIC? The short answer is that English Language Institute/China (ELIC) is a non-profit organization that sends believers to teach English in Asian and Middle Eastern Universities. But there’s more to it. The numbers alone are remarkable. Since sending the first group of eight teachers to China in 1982, ELIC has sent more than 12,000 teachers to Asia and the Middle East, advancing the education of more than a million students. This ministry partner has expanded from its original emphasis on China to serve in 15 countries throughout Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. ELIC is a family of men and women who have taken up the challenge of making a difference in the lives of students in Asia and other (often creative access) countries, one relationship at a time. These teachers are bearers of hope and truth, sharing and living out the good news. Because of a history of quality and integrity in

academics, ELIC teachers are highly respected and sought after by Asian & Middle Eastern universities.

Partners with ELIC Central Christian (CCC) has partnered for a number of years with ELIC, supporting Emily Barham and another University instructor, Tarah Colvin serving in China. Within the past 30 days the Missions Leadership Team approved a one-time grant of $6,000 to assist ELIC to send teams to teach English and live out the good news in camps of Syrian refugees in the Middle East. There are an estimated five million refugees in this region. As one expert for the World Bank wrote, “The impact of the Syrian civil war on the education sector cannot be overstated. School infrastructure has been devastated, teacher-flight is widespread, and students are at risk of being targeted on their way to school. The short- and long-term effects of these lost years of education will play a significant role, not only in constraining continued on page 18


Central Christian Academy K-9 Enrolling for 2018-19 Apply Today!

Employment Opportunities Director of Development Robotics Instructor West Wichita Transportation Driver Classroom Paraprofessional Contact: Michael Hunter Head of Schools / 316.688.1161


his helping hands

Convoy of Hope


ytd statistics thru 7.7.18 his helping hands

is a ministry of Central Christian Church which helps people in need of food, clothing, household items and automobiles. At the time of distribution, we share the love of Christ with each individual. 44,928 98 household 21,273 vehicles/computers 14/4 clothing 226,340 volunteer hours 35,878 people served people saved

fresh hope

empowers women to rise from a lifestyle of poverty. If you would like to make a donation or donate your time to assist with these vital ministries, please call 838-8528. total graduations

614 499

total self sustaining

For recent stories and testimonies: ccc.hishelpinghands

14 1212

Join us SATURDAY, AUGUST 4 Beginning at 7 am

South Location: Bethel Life Center – 3777 S. Meridian North Location: McAdams Park – 1329 E. 13th St. N.

On Saturday, August 4th, the staff and volunteers of His Helping Hands (HHH) will be assisting with the Convoy of Hope (COH) event in Wichita. This is the sixth year for COH and those of us who have served in the past like to refer to this power-packed morning as “HHH on steroids”! During the event, we distribute school supplies, backpacks, new shoes and groceries to the client-families who attend. Important services are also provided including haircuts, breast cancer awareness and screenings, hearing tests, vision tests, school physicals, dental screenings and immunizations. This year COH is preparing to serve 16,000 people at two locations in the Wichita area. The entire COH event is designed so that the volunteers can share God’s love to the people who come for free items and services. The final stop for those going through the process is the Connections/Prayer Tent. There, volunteer prayer warriors love on each individual or family. They pray for their specific needs, just like the prayer warriors do every week at HHH. The Gospel message is shared with those who have never heard it or responded to it before. During past COH events, hundreds of people have made a first time profession of faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

We ought therefore to show hospitality to such people so that we may work together for the truth. 3 John 1:8

The purpose of the Connections/Prayer Tent also includes connecting people to other helpful resources in our community. Last year, a young family came through the Connections Tent at McAdams Park at the end of the day. They were homeless, jobless and hopeless. The prayer warriors ministered to this family in word, but they also showed them love in action. One of the pastors invited the family to their church services and committed to walking alongside them while they got back on their feet. Another prayer warrior, who owns a temporary employment agency, offered the father a job on the following Monday morning. The family had been living in their vehicle, so another church offered to pay for a motel room for a week. This family left the Connections Tent with new hope for the future all in the name of Jesus Christ! The Convoy of Hope event will be conducted at two locations again this year; the south location at Bethel Life Center, 3777 S. Meridian, and the north location at McAdams Park, 1329 E. 13th Street N. We will begin at 7:00am and wrap-up around 2:00pm. The HHH team will be serving in the Connections/Prayer Tent at the north location, but you are invited to serve at either location. The COH event is not about one church or one organization or one group of people, but it is all about the Church of Jesus, which is comprised of people, working together to help others in His Name. If you would like to participate in this amazing day, please call Paul Dohm at 425.0639. We’d love to have you join us! n

To be a part of this powerful event, call Paul Dohm 316.425.0639

OCTOBER 9 @ 7 PM Doors open at 6 pm TICKETS $25 College Students $20 General Admission

Friends & Family 4-Pack Deluxe



Deluxe tickets include early entry for best seats and pre-show Q&A with the artists

EXCLUSIVE CHURCH PRE-SALE! USE PROMO CODE: CHURCH Discounted tickets have limited availability

I am so excited for the PASSION WORSHIP NIGHT TOUR which Central Christian Church is hosting October 9th. Not only will it be an amazing night of worship led by the Passion Band and feature guest Travis Greene, we will also be welcoming a dear friend, Louis Giglio, back to share his wisdom and love of the Lord with us. Louie was here in 2006 with Chris Tomlin on the “Indescribable Tour.” If you were at that event, you already know what a powerful speaker Louie is, so you will want to make sure you are front and center for this one! Make plans now to attend!!

Guest Services Director :


I hope to see you there. — Cheryl


our leadership board of elders Jim Andrew Chairman Mitch Herren Vice Chairman Gary Stamps Secretary Richard Ochs Treasurer Bill Blasing Steve Brunk Jason Buckingham Tom Butz Myron Smith

pastors Darren McClintock Lead Peter Abood Choir/Worship Tom Black Administrative Steve Brummer Praise Band/Worship Dr. Paul Goddard Missions Jeff Lederer Groups Roger London Benevolence David Mann Teaching Edwin Ojedis Hispanic Michael Thorne Senior Adults

Please join us in serving the poor and homeless

Saturday, August 25 11:30am–1:00pm RiverWalk Church of Christ, 225 N. Waco

staff • 316-264-9703


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mailbag from the

Family, Dear Central beautiful much for the Thank you so my of y in memor plant you sent e ar u Yo s. Corlis father, Loren ft us and your gi to ily m fa truly ral ne fu s ence at hi and your pres d an e m to much meant so very u. yo Mark. We love y sson & Famil Lu, Mark Po

Central Christian 2900 N. Rock Road Wich ita, KS 67226

MISSIONS continued from page 12

the future of the Syrian economy and society, but on the peace and stability of the region.” (Safaa El-Kogali) Through education, ELIC has built relationships in this region which have resulted in fellowshis in Middle Eastern countries reaping a spiritual harvest. In 2015, the ELIC family in China began a program to send believing university students and graduates to teach English to the children and families in these refugee camps in the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) Region. The recent grant from CCC’s MLT is to support the recruitment and training of (Chinese) language instructors to serve in this war-torn region. continued on page 19

our church family Comforting those whose loved ones have passed on Sue Bellina & Family on the passing of her husband, Rich EJ & Vicki Ejibe & Family on the passing of Vicki’s sister Ruth Pena on the passing of her husband, Art and the friends and family of our Norma Gamble, Helen Kruse and Lyndell Shoemaker Celebrating the union of husband & wife Ellen David & Brock Peniston married July 7, 2018 Hayley Domitrovic & Joel Kaufman married July 7, 2018 Celebrating the birth of each new life Elise Harper Bartel born May 18, 2018 at 8 lbs, 1 oz to Lance & Kim Colton Reid Wilcoxen born June 23, 2018 at 8 lbs, 13 oz to Clint & Alexann Celebrating the baptisms into new life in Christ Cooper Brown • Brittany Lamm • Reagan Reed • Sara Smith Lilian Webber

We Care... Hospital, Homebound & Care Facility Ministries

financial stats Attendance: (Casa de Luz / Web Audience) ”...and the people came...” (acts 2:46-47) June 9–10...........................................................2,237 (106 / 337) June 16–17.........................................................2,321 (103 / 324) June 23–24.........................................................2,085 (105 / 317) June 30–July 1......................................................2,120 (71 / 407) July 7–8.................................................................2,115 (90 / 403) Central Christian has added 59 new members so far in 2018. General Budget: (Donated Income) ”...and the people gave...” (malachi 3:10-12; ii corinthians 9:6-15) June 9–10..................................................................... $87,894.63 June 16–17................................................................... $83,097.43 June 23–24................................................................... $65,708.59 June 30–July 1............................................................$134,468.78 July 7–8......................................................................... $67,350.95 His Helping Hands: ”...they gave to anyone as he had need.” (acts 2:45) June 9–10....................................................................... $4,352.00 June 16–17..................................................................... $4,172.00 June 23–24..................................................................... $3,556.00 June 30–July 1................................................................ $1,578.50 July 7–8........................................................................... $2,415.00

Barb Marchand 619.4775; Please keep us apprised of those who would like to be visited and/or brought communion while in the hospital or a care facility. Also, if you know of a Central member who is critically ill, homebound, in the hospital or a care facility, please let us know.

This eye-opening film tackles one of the most haunting mysteries of our time by addressing UFO sightings, Roswell, alien abductions, government cover-ups, etc. The truth will surprise you!

Join us for Bible Science Fellowship Thursday, August 9 7:00pm in the Crown Room Contact:

Teachers Needed in 2019 If you are a college graduate and believe that the Lord may be calling you to serve Him outside the U.S., you may want to explore opportunities to teach with ELIC. They provide excellent pre-field training and support including helping to obtain a professional certificate in TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) from Wheaton College. Also, there are opportunities for summer teaching for those already in public or private schools, as well as college students who can serve on a summer internship or service. Where might you be called to share your language of love?” n



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cc:calendar august 1

Cadre Men’s Basement Series, 8:00pm


Men’s Sharpening Group, 7:00pm, HS


Convoy of Hope, 7:00am, Bethel Life Center, 3777 S. Meridian, McAdams Park, 1329 E. 13th St. N.


Why Church? sermon series continues


Promotion Weekend for Nursery & Preschool kids


AWANA Registration


Missions Trip : Mexico


Cadre Men’s Basement Series, 8:00pm

JUNE 6 / 13 / 20 / 27 / JULY 25 / AUG 1Bible / 8 Science Fellowship, 9 11 / 18 /Mid-Kansas

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9 Video Messages from the T4G Conference 1 HR Videos / 1 HR Unpacking and Applying


7:00pm, CR


Men’s Sharpening Group, 7:00pm, HS


Man Challenge, 7:00am, MPR


BBB, 11:30am, 225 N. Waco


AWANA Leader Training Class, 6:30pm, CT


Father & Son Nerf Battle, Gr 4–5, 6:00–8:00pm, CT

september 3

Labor Day Holiday : Church building & office will be closed


AWANA 1st Night


Men’s Sharpening Group, 7:00pm, HS


Adventure Island: Gr K-3 Father-Son event, 6:00pm, CT


Mid-Kansas Bible Science Fellowship, 7:00pm, CR

14–15 The WELL Women’s Conference with Annie Downs 15

Man Challenge, 7:00am, MPR


Men’s Sharpening Group, 7:00pm, HS


BBB, 11:30am, 225 N. Waco

october 4

Men’s Sharpening Group, 7:00pm, HS


Passion Tour, 7:00pm, WC


Men’s Sharpening Group, 7:00pm, HS


Man Challenge, 7:00am, MPR


BBB, 11:30am, 225 N. Waco Our Mission: To lead people to think like Jesus, live like Jesus.

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