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The World We Live In On occasion we are all treated to the great and wonderful things God does through others on the news. Like, parents painting the bathrooms at a school in Texas over the weekend with positive messages. What a surprise it turned out to be for the students there. Imagine, every time you go to the restroom you are reminded how inspiring, beautiful, smart, and kind you are. These students had no idea this was happening and I am so encouraged these kids get to see their worth and value in a tangible way. Now, more and more, we hear about the evil in the world that our kids are exposed to. It is vile and shouldn’t happen. I am not going to debate the cause or the reason we should make changes, but I do want you to know how Central Kids is different than many environments your kids may find themselves in through sports and activities, childcare, or just hanging at a friend’s house. Central Kids goes to extreme lengths to never leave a child on his or her own with one person. EVERY person involved with kids has been vetted with a background check and training. There are policies in place for potty time and diaper changes. Our rooms have cameras and they are always open to be seen by any supervisor. And our staff, and sometimes volunteers, gather for prayer before any event or engagement of the area. Your children are safe when they are here. Now, true we still have accidents but they are the accidents that exist in any normal childhood. Running, pushing, and licking markers sometimes leave hurts and “ow-ies” but they are the owies we all grow up with and won’t change who we are. In addition to play time, are you aware your children of all ages receive a Bible lesson? There are activities involved, too. Many hours go into choosing and preparing the activities. Occasionally there is a child that does not want to participate, but even that child is encouraged to “stay in the game” until it is over so they are exposed to the goodness of God’s Word in varying ways. The mission of Central Kids is to partner with parents to raise next generation disciples. We are not here to tell you what to do, but we are willing to provide support and to help with your needs. Please always communicate with us and request any resources we might have if you have a need. Also, won’t you get involved in our ministry? The children need to be loved on by parents and others who have the desire to serve God, and help families become disciples and disciple makers. Call Vicki Ejibe at 316-688-4400 to come on board.

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Parent-Child Dedication On Sunday, April 8th we will host our Parent-Child Dedication during the 9:00 & 10:45am services. Please come prepared to encourage, support, and pray for each participating family. This is an opportunity for them to commit themselves to God’s leading over their families, become involved in the church as a family, and reach out for the support that every family wants and desires through prayer. AWANA AWANA final meetings will be May 2 for clubs and May 9 for awards.


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April 2018 cc:journal