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This month we are issuing a community-wide invitation to a forum on financial stewardship. Details are forth-coming, so watch your bulletin or our website for updates.

zx Find out what the Bible says about dept, money management, stewardship, wealth accumulation and financial peace. zx Learn how to be financially independent with God’s blessing on your life and your finances. zx Learn how social security and medicare operate and how to maximize your benefit. zx Learn how to turn your IRA or 401(k) into a tax-free retirement. zx Find out if you need a will or trust from an attorney. zx Learn how to leave a legacy for your Church. zx Discover what happens if you do not have a medical power of attorney. zx Learn how to get out of debt. zx Learn how to get rid of bad credit and to acquire good credit. zx Take advantage of the opportunity to have your own personal financial consultant to produce a Christian financial independence plan for you.


April 2018 cc:journal  
April 2018 cc:journal