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Pursuing the heart of God David Welsh senior pastor

When you need courage, strength & hope in life, where do you turn?

The final week of Jesus’ life certainly holds the attention of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Most theologians agree Jesus began his earthly ministry at about thirty years of age. He taught, assembled his disciples, performed miracles and conducted his ministry for three-and-a-half years. Yet, the Gospel writers devote one-half to one-third of their words just to the last week of Christ. The time between Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday offers a staggering amount of information and detail, and rightly so. Jesus came to die for our sins. That was his mission, his priority for coming to earth. He is the only way to heaven, our only hope of salvation. It makes sense Matthew & company would focus on this short period of time. However, the Wednesday of that week is silent. We are offered no details of anything that happened that day. He stayed in Bethany outside of Jerusalem. On Tuesday, he preached woes on the temple and taught in the courts. Thursday, he ate the Last Supper with his disciples and was arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane. But Wednesday is an open day in the Bible. What did he do? Your doctor arranges a risky surgery in order to save your life. What do you do the day before? You have a job interview on Thursday that could change your life. How do you prepare for it on Wednesday? Your child is leaving for their freshman year at an out-of-state college. What do you do the day before they depart? Your mother or father is under hospice care. You are told they will probably be gone in the next 24 hours. How do you spend that time? Maybe the same way Jesus spent his Wednesday. Those three-plus years of ministry must have passed quickly for Jesus. The following night Judas will betray him and thus begin a series of illegal trials that lead to his death. So what does he do the day before? I like to think Jesus did what he always did. Spend time with his disciples and those who loved him. Told his friends how much they meant to him. Took some alone time for prayer and to be with his Father. Being with God and those we love gives us the courage, strength and hope to face any trial in life…even death.

“For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures…” (1 Corinthians 15:3, 4)


This month, we are celebrating the reason for our hope as followers of Christ: the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus which paid the ransom of our captivity and ushered us to the throne of God as sons and daughters. This message series from Matthew 27 & 28 is called “Insiders” and will focus on various individuals who experienced the “inside story” of Christ’s trial, crucifixion and resurrection. What did they know? Why did they react the way they did? Who is to blame? What does it mean to me? Sometimes you have to get inside a story to fully understand why it matters. 4

Open House Tuesday, April 4 7:00 pm Michael Hunter CCA Headmaster

Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders

Crown Room Central Christian Church

One of the best things you as a parent can do is to provide your children with an education based on the principles of Christ. If you are interested in partnering with us in the pursuit of excellence for your child, I would like to invite you to check us out! Central Christian Academy is accepting applications for the 2017–2018 school year!

We invite you to join us for an Open House where you will have an opportunity to learn more about our school, tour our facilities, and get a sense of the excitement and energy that creates the CCA Experience!

Central Christian Academy Re-enrollment fee for current families: $200



Enrollment for Central Christian Church members & NEW families: $300 registration fee Grant applications for active CCC members are available and may be received directly from the CCC office. To apply, go to and click on Admissions.

5 Info: Contact Carrie Jones, Director of Admissions: 688-1161 •

April 13–16 C3 Youth Center THURSDAY | APRIL 13 | 6–8 Family Night with activities for children

FRIDAY | APRIL 14 | 10–6 FRIDAY | APRIL 14 | 6–8* Special tour for the Hispanic audience with a Spanish-speaking guide

SATURDAY | APRIL 15 | 10–8 SUNDAY | APRIL 16 | 8–1

Walk the path of Jesus’ last week on earth...

Secret Church 17: Scripture and Authority in an age of skepticism Friday, April 21, 2017 :: 5:30 pm - 11:30 pm EDT C3 Youth Center To register: click on the secret church icon at Cost: $7 before April 17 :: $10 after Registrations accepted at the door, but workbook not guaranteed. An optional meal will be provided when ordered by April 17. Cost TBD

MIDDLE SCHOOL SUMMER CAMP For incoming 6th-8th graders July 30–August 4 Colorado Cost: $127 ($50 due at registration) This summer our students will head out to Colorado for high adventure with Cross Bearing Adventures. Students love this trip as they spend the week living out of cabins, building friendships, learning about Jesus, and engaging in high energy activities (which includes a ropes course, rock climbing, rappelling, white water rafting, and hiking up a 14,000 foot mountain)! Not a fan of heights? Afraid of adventure? No problem. We never force anyone to do anything they are unsure about. We want everyone to have an experience of a lifetime! So, make plans now to join us!





high school


for current 8th – 12th graders

july 10–15

Registrations will be open after the first of the year. For questions pleaseFor contact Kyleinformation, Fleet at 688-4400. C3 Youth Journey more contact Kyle FleetTogether. at

316.688.4400 or

HIGH SCHOOL SUMMER CONFERENCE For incoming 9th–12th graders July 10–15 Nebraska Cost: $250 ($50 due at registration)

Christ In Youth (CIY)Move is a 5-day high school youth gathering designed to amplify the call of Christ on students’ lives to become kingdom workers. Located on the University of Nebraska campus in Lincoln, MOVE will provide a High School experience where students will be challenged through interactive worship sets, preaching, small group discussions, sports, games, fun, and community building. Students at MOVE not only learn and worship together – they spend time with their church youth groups, discovering ways that God will use them to impact the world!

students :



on a Decade of Youth Ministry

I’ve been a part of the youth ministry here at CCC for over a decade now. I’ve walked with families, journeyed with students, taught a thousand lessons, hit many kids in the face with dodgeballs (sorry guys), and have eaten more pizza in my life than any single person ever should. I’ve noticed a lot of changes in youth ministry as well. But as I reflect on all these changes I realize some things never seem to change. Here are a few…

Often, showing up is enough. Like everyone, students crave relationships and it may be surprising to know that a 2015 case study found that 67% of students ages 14-18 desire to be connected to adults. Our presence alone has a subtle way of reminding students that despite how they often feel, despite the narratives forced onto them by much of society, despite even their own desires which sometimes get the best of them, they are not on their own. I sat with a couple of junior girls the other day and listened to them brag about their leader, how patient she has been with them over the years, and how thankful they are that she has stuck around. Students crave meaningful relationships with adults. Students still want to be challenged. This one may also come as a surprise to many adults but

after studying 250 of the nation’s healthiest student ministries, the Fuller Youth Institute discovered that adults who have relational heartiness with students can raise the learning bar and challenge them to think, act, and grow beyond what they thought they were capable of.

Students have a lot of questions and behind those questions they are trying to decide if we are truly bought into what we are selling. While many are put

off, intimidated, or even find themselves collapsing into cynicism about the up and coming generation, there are genuine questions behind the doubts many students possess. They are being pummeled from over 5,000 advertisements a day and are more curious if we truly believe what we teach, if our faith has an impact in this world, or if it is just the stamp we need to get into heaven someday. This means words still aren’t enough. The distinct marks of a life changed by Christ are actions and attitudes that reflect the hope of His resurrection lived out in the mess of the real world. It means students need less information dislodged from the lives of mature believers working out their salvation and more time shoulder-to-shoulder with adults and peers who are busy neighboring their neighbors, contributing to the community, and building for the kingdom.

On the weekend of May 6-7 the youth ministry will begin

recruiting adult leaders for the upcoming 2017/18 school year. You will find us in the lobby ready to have conversations about how you might be able to leverage your gifts to equip and empower students for a lifetime of walking with Jesus. We hope you will begin praying about such opportunities and that you’ll stop by for a chat.



ith the recent announcements of adding a high school to Central Christian Academy, many questions have been circulating about the scope of the project. We sat down with the CCA Headmaster, Michael Hunter, in an effort to get his take on the future of the academy and how the concept of adding a high school came to fruition.

CC : Journal z Can you give us a brief history of CCA and how it’s developed over the years? Michael Hunter z In the late 70’s, the church began to formulate a vision for starting the academy, and when the church moved east from downtown Wichita it was with the intent to build the school. The academy officially opened in 1982, serving Kindergarten through second grade with 33 students. It has since grown to serve Pre-K through eighth grade, and is now blessed with the privilege of serving over 600 students here at CCA. CC : Journal z Do you see the high school as a natural progression for CCA? Michael Hunter z Absolutely. The school staff, school committee, and the church elders have prayerfully approved this expansion, and we’re all confident that the Lord is moving us to continue with the development of the high school. Along with that, we’ve heard and seen a consistent desire from the families we’re serving that they want to see their children remain here through high school. We see this as an opportunity to advance the mission of CCA beyond eighth grade, maintaining the high level of quality that our families desire when it comes to their children’s education.


Q&A with CCA

CCA to Include High School in the Future

CC : Journal z What has the reaction to the announcement been like?

CC : Journal z Along with construction comes costs… how will funds be generated?

Michael Hunter z Overwhelmingly positive. It seems like everyone connected to the project is excited about the possibilities that are out there. We began with small focus groups during the initial exploration phase, and the level of favorability there was more than enough to encourage us to move forward. Parents and staff alike are excited about the potential of expanding, but everyone is grounded by the fact that it’s growth guided by the mission of the church and therefore ultimately by God’s grace.

Michael Hunter z Primarily through fundraising efforts, a capital campaign, and individual donors. One thing we want all of our families to know is that tuitions for our current student body will not be increased in a direct effort to generate money for the high school. Dollars for the elementary will remain with the elementary, the same with the middle school, etc. Nothing will change there. As we develop our plans for building the new sections of the school, we’ll be developing ways to fund the project.

CC : Journal z What’s the biggest advantage of adding the high school, long-term?

CC : Journal z Is there anything else you’d like to share with our church and school families?

Michael Hunter z We believe the biggest advantage is the consistent mission of CCA that is driven by a biblical world view, and how that can be applied to the quality Christian education we provide. Being able to maintain that from Pre-K through high school creates a foundation that allows our children to remain within a supportive and insular environment, while providing the opportunity to form appropriate identities at each level – elementary, middle school, and high school.

Michael Hunter z I’d like to reinforce that this amazing school, the parents, faculty, and staff are all successful because of the partnerships and longterm relationships that have formed as the school has grown over the years. It’s because of those relationships that CCA has developed into such a strong body, and we’re grateful and blessed because of them. As we explore the high school addition, we want our parents to know that we want them involved at every level and every step of the way. We want this school and everything that goes on here to glorify God and be a reflection of his love and grace, because ultimately this is His school, and our continued growth will be led by Him.

CC : Journal z Obviously space is major consideration… can you share some plans and timelines? Michael Hunter z This is very much still in the early stages of discussion, but there is the possibility that we’ll be able to accommodate ninth grade in 2018 utilizing our existing space. A multi-phased construction plan being considered right now includes adding a new gymnasium, science labs, a new media center, and of course additional classrooms. Nothing has been set in stone at this point, but these are all things being discussed.

If you would like to connect with Michael Hunter, email him at mhunter@ccalions.org11


Dr. Paul Goddard Missions Pastor

WHY SUMMER MISSIONS? This summer four teams, 50+ folks from Central Christian Church, will be serving with ministry partners in Latin America. These teams are currently engaged in a series of orientation and training sessions to prepare them for their respective cross-cultural experiences. Have you wondered, “is it worth it?” David McGee with our ministry partner, ENLACE, who will be hosting our missions’ team in El Salvador, has written an excellent response to this question. “Before you raise money for travel and project costs, and rally support from the church (family) or business, not to mention your entire group committing to a week away from work or other responsibilities, you want to be sure that the answer is ‘yes.’ Our short answer is YES! Our long answer is YES, with the right approach.” As David indicates there are three elements that all short-term serving trips should include: 1) Encouragement – The most important element of a short-term trip is for your team to “encourage” a local church and community. Ultimately, your goal is to leave the people you served with the sense that they have been supported and cheered on. Your team and community service should clearly support local church leaders as they lead social transformation and Gospel proclamation in their own community. 2) Fellowship – Building and restoring relationships should be at the heart of any viable service-oriented experience. Serving others in the world is an opportunity to bring the body of Christ together in an act of mutual respect and appreciation. A team that values and pursues authentic Christian fellowship truly joins Christ in the renewal of all things.

3) Learning – Short-term serving trips are opportunities to learn what the mission of the church is all about. We may have preconceived notions of what serving is, but there is always more to learn, see and experience in settings that are new and challenging. Beginning your journey with an open heart and mind, ready to give & serve, but also to receive and learn, you and your group will be well on your way to returning transformed. At CCC, our pre-trip preparation includes sharing such insights with our teams, learning specifics about our ministry partners and communities, promoting and practicing crosscultural awareness, preparing a personal testimony, plus familiarization with second language words and phrases. Ministry partners who host our summer missions’ teams tell us they have seen individuals, churches, and whole communities transformed by these serving trips. This is our vision as well. Please pray for our teams, especially while they travel and serve in June and July. continued on page 13

BLACK FOREST ACADEMY — GERMANY James & Jill Buettgenbach from our church are in year three of their service as dorm parents at Black Forest Academy (BFA), a Christian high school and boarding school located in southwestern Germany. Jill shares in her latest newsletter that they currently are responsible for “19 lovely dorm daughters.” She writes, “Loving these girls has been such a joy this year. Sure, they are teenagers and can cop some attitude, leave messes everywhere, and ‘forget’ to do things regularly, like homework, clearning their room, and chores. But they also give us great hugs, lots of laughter, and purpose in our days.”

children :



MISSIONS continued from page 12

Family Night at The Path Please join us on Family Night at The Path on Thursday, April 13th 6-8PM. This year The Path will again be in the C3 Youth Center. Central Kids will provide activities for the kids along with an enhanced trip through The Path that will be meaningful and enjoyable for the whole family.

Twice a year, Central Kids provides an evening ceremony for the whole family as we dedicate your precious small children to the Lord. If you are interested in dedicating your child, please sign up for one of our required classes: Sunday, April 9th at 10:15AM or Tuesday, April 11th at 6:30PM

ABOVE: The Buettgenbach’s dorm daughters. BELOW: Jill and her former student, Amanda DeGrado, who is studying abroad in Austria this semester, got to catch up over a meal in Germany recently.

The ceremony will take place Sunday, April 23rd at 5:00PM. Register online at or call the Central Kids office at 688-4400.

“SUMMER BOOK” IS HERE! Be sure to pick up our “Summer Book” to find out about all of the activities Central Christian has lined up for your family to enjoy during summer vacation. We offer quality events for to d d l e r s t h ro u g h high schoolers, with ever y thing from sports camps to just plain fun!



his helping hands :


Statistics Thru 2.25.17 People served 10,246 | People Saved 47 Household (cars/computers) 6,500 (9/6) Clothing 53,420 | Volunteer Hours 9,435 Fresh Hope Graduations/Self Sustaining 439/358


Needy or GREEDY One of the mottoes at His Helping Hands is that we are here to meet the need, not the greed. But that is tough to do, especially when we receive so many requests for items. We must rely on the Lord to help us discern good stewardship over the items and donations that have been entrusted to us.

“If one of you says to them, ‘Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,’ but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it?” James 2:16

HHH has many referral partners throughout the city of Wichita. These partners know the circumstances surrounding their clients’ needs and can refer them to us for help with furniture, appliances, household items, refurbished computers and automobiles. Knowing that someone is walking alongside a family gives us greater assurance that we are meeting true needs.

Jackie and the WPD HOT team with a client and his furry buddy.

For example, when Officer Nate, Officer Dave or Officer Lisa from the Wichita Police Department’s Homeless Outreach Team refers a client, we know that they are helping this individual move from homelessness to permanent housing. The real need has been identified and HHH provides assistance however we can. Plus, when we distribute the items to the client, we get to pray with them and share the love of Jesus Christ with them!

as much as they can to extend the grace of the Lord through the means of material benefit to the poor and needy of their communities. Jesus reached out to the poor, first of all, at the point of their immediate needs. Those who are hungry, despairing, confused, sick or possessed by spirits will not be persuaded by doctrines or indictments that the Kingdom of God promises a better life for them.

I recently read a devotional that stated, “Jesus made a virtue of caring for those who could not care for themselves, ‘as you did it unto one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did it to me.’ Matthew 25:40. These days when so many people are in obvious need, churches need to consider whether they are doing

They will be persuaded by deeds. This is why Christians have always taken the lead, community by community, in providing services for the poor and needy. Governments cannot give to the poor and needy what they really require, the dignity of a soul restored to God continued on page 19

His Helping Hands is a ministry of Central Christian Church to help people in need of food, clothing, household items including appliances, furniture, computers and automobiles. At the time of distribution, we share the love of Christ with each family. Please call 838-8528 to make a donation or to donate your time. Visit to read recent stories and testimonies.

Are you looking for a fun-loving, Christian environment to start a lifetime of learning for your child? Central Christian Academy Preschool is now enrolling new families for the 2017-2018 school year. Please contact Judy Buckert to schedule tours or for more information. 316-688-1161 




The phrase “The Three R’s,” referring to reading, writing and arithmetic has been around since St. Augustine wrote his classic work “Confessions, “written AD 397-401. Later, this idiom is widely quoted from a speech by Sir William Curtis, a member of England’s Parliament. But I would like offer from a self-help point of view, my own locution of 4 R’s. The first is RESTART. At times, life has its challenges and so we occasionally stumble and fall. But like the great Jerome Kern and Dorothy Fields song we must “pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again.” The alternative? A life of arduous, grueling struggles and misery. Unfortunately, some people follow this downward spiral. Eventually asking in the dark place of life, “Why go on living?” and replacing RESTART with terrible suicide. But as one expert described it, committing suicide is “like treating a cold with a nuclear bomb.” Obviously, the better alternative is RESTART. In mental health circles, the promotion of optimistic thinking as a skill to overcome adversity and gain a new perspective is a valuable method in a troubled world. This is called REFRAMING. One time I was counseling a young man who had been in prison and he was telling me of the hassles and periodic wrongdoings he suffered from fellow inmates. Nonetheless, he was able to keep peace and make many friends. In REFRAMING I offered, “It sounds like you are a good leader to me.” The client gained a new insight into who he really was. His thinking and identity was transformed from the darkness to the light—from a loser to a winner all because he REFRAMED in his own mind who he thought he was. Not a victim, but a capable leader. It’s very sad to see so many people unaltered and stuck because they do not take action steps


By Phil Ashley, lcmft

to find another RESULT. If you want a different outcome, it’s important to get on a different track. Between the years, 2002-2006 the Kansas City Royals lost 100 or more games 4 out of 5 seasons. They were considered one of the worst, if not the worst team in Major League Baseball. Fortunately, the team was willing to take steps to get a different RESULT and reverse course. Through 2015, under the leadership of General Manager, Dayton Moore, a native of Wichita by the way, the team improved its record six straight seasons. They won more games (270) that any other American League team and capped off the 2015 season by winning the World Series against the New York Mets in 5 games. You have to take action if you want a different RESULT. In the United States during the 17th century, the curriculum in the elementary schools of the New England colonies had a fourth R: RELIGION. Thus, my fourth R for your consideration to make change and improvement complete. Many years ago, I did a study in my Master’s program on the effects of RELIGION on family life. I found 18 scientific study resources. Sixteen of the eighteen studies showed a positive influence of RELIGION on family, whereas the other two studies showed it to be neutral in outcome. None showed a negative repercussion. A real faith in God can have transforming effect. The great musical genius Duke Ellington was a spiritual man. Without question, one of the reasons for his creativeness and positive outlook, even during an era of segregation and unfairness was RELIGION. Quoting legendary singer Tony Bennett, Duke confessed the “only book he ever read cover to cover was the Bible. And he believed it was the only book you really needed to read.” Thus, his life was full of optimism, generosity and love for others because of scripture.


Perhaps. But in truth, the 4 R’s may be your best choice for a life of balance, harmony and serenity. Try the 4 R’s.

SUNDAY, MAY 14 @ 6 pm (Doors open @ 5:15 pm) General Admission Tickets: $25 advance $23 advance group rate (10+) $30 at the door

Premium Admission Tickets: $39 advance $37 advance group rate (10+) $45 at the door

Über Fan Package: $75 advance only – Only 60 will be sold Each ticket includes: Reserved seat in front 3 rows $10 voucher for Tim Hawkins merchandise at the show Limited edition concert laminate Exclusive access Meet and Greet with Tim after the show for 60 Über Fans only!

All men 18 years & older are invited to join us for this monthly breakfast and teaching.



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Want to know more about Central? This class is designed to help you determine your “next step.” It focuses on the vision and mission of Central Christian and what it means to be a follower of Jesus. If you are interested in membership, or would like to know more about Central, sign up today by calling Silvia at 688-4400 or visiting our website. Our next classes will be held in the Choir Room

Sunday, May 7th @ 11:30am–3:00pm • Our Vision: To be a church after God’s own heart. • Our Mission: To lead people to think like Jesus, live like Jesus.

19 our church family

financial stats

Comforting those whose loved ones have passed on Attendance: (Casa de Luz / Web Audience / Trips & Missions) ”...and the people came...” (acts 2:46-47) Veronica Kwareh & Son / Reina Williams-Arana on the passing February 11-12.................................3,351 (125 / 536 / 0) of their brother February 18-19.................................3,231 (108 / 454 / 0) Edwin & Angie Ojedis & Family on the passing of Edwin’s father February 25-26...................................3,378 (80 / 513 / 0) Wayne & Joan Phillips on the passing of Joan’s sister March 4-5.........................................3,192 (109 / 409 / 0) Catherine Williams on the passing of her son Central Christian has added 11 new members so far in 2017. and the friends & family of our Joseph Ngugi General Budget Income: (General Fund / His Helping Hands) ”...and the people gave...” (malachi 3:10-12; ii corinthians 9:6-15) Celebrating the birth of each new life Weekly budgeted goal for fiscal year 2016-17.........$134,231.00 Blake Loyd Reddick born February 14 @ 7 lbs, 11 oz to February 11-12...........................$114,963.82 / $1,095.00 James & Kristen February 18-19...........................$123,478.82 / $1,675.00 Celebrating the baptisms into new life in Christ February 25-26...........................$102,820.07 / $2,715.00 March 4-5.................................$156,505.52 / $10,290.69 Evelyne Bryant • Ashley Kalocinski • Jayden Pease • Kolton Whisler Miranda Wolke Welcoming those who have joined us in membership Brian Hansen • Philip Harms • Erin Jones • LeRoy Lair • Jeff Methe Shellee Methe • Sharla Winfield NEEDY continued from page 14

and beginning to be transformed into the image of Jesus Christ.” If we give items to a person that is truly “needy”, then we have fulfilled Christ’s admonition to help those who are in need, thus serving Jesus Christ in the process. And if we give items to a person who is “greedy,” then we have the wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel with them so their soul can be restored to God and they can begin the transformation into the image of Jesus. Either way, God is glorified! Thank you for your prayers for the HHH ministry!!

Join us every 4th Saturday to serve our community’s poor and homeless

Saturday, April 22 11:30am–1:00pm RiverWalk Church of Christ 225 N. Waco For more info, contact: Coleen Barnes 316-264-9703

We are LIVE-STREAMING our worship services over the internet! Visit our website at and follow the link.

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The Path, Youth Center: 13 - Family Night, 6:00-8:00pm 14 - 10:00am-6:00pm 14 - Spanish Night, 6:00-8:00pm 15 - 10:00am-8:00pm 16 - 8:00am-1:00pm


Man Challenge, 7:00am, CT

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Secret Church


BBB, 11:30am, 225 N. Waco

23 Parent-Child Dedication Ceremony, 5:00pm

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Mother’s Day


Tim Hawkins Live, with special guest Kenn Kington, 6:00pm, WC


Man Challenge, 7:00am, CT


Summer Fun & Sun : Funny Farm Preschoolers, 9:30am, RAV


BBB, 11:30am, 225 N. Waco


Promotion Weekend, Incoming Gr 1-12


Memorial Day : Church office & building will be closed


World of Fun, Middle Schoolers


Summer Fun Days : Cosmic Bowling Gr 4 & 5, 12:00pm, The Alley

june 2017 4

Kick-Off BBQ, Incoming Gr 9-12, 6:00pm, PAV


Victory Soccer Camp, Ages 5-16

Our Mission: To lead people to think like Jesus, live like Jesus.

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