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JUL/AUG 2015

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We were very blessed by the stunning photographs that were sent to us for the cover competition we held on Facebook in May and June. In this issue of Brides Essence you can see all the photos that were submitted for our cover competition. We look the beautiful Morrells Boutique Estate with a stunning french ambiance. We show you how to avoid being a BrideZilla and ways to enjoy the days leading up to your wedding. Tips on how to have a happy marriage are included in this issue as well We also see how Body Stress Release Therapy can really help you relax your body during stressful times such as your wedding planning. We would love to hear from you, if you have any ideas or stories you would like to share with our readers, please email Enjoy this issue

Vash and Taryn “Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man. The man said, “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman,’ for she was taken out of man.” That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.” Genesis 2:22-24

Jul/Aug 2015 Brides Essence Magazine


Contents Our Message..............................................................................1 Contributors................................................................................3 Our Photogragrapher competition.........................................4 A touch of French beauty Morrells Boutique Estate............16 Body Stress Release..................................................................24 How to: The perfect Gel Nails.................................................26 Pylones Gifts (SHOP NOW)......................................................27 La-Bella Vita..............................................................................28 To be or not to be ‘Bride-Zilla’.................................................31 Howto: Get a phenominal tan...............................................34 Pylones Gifts (SHOP NOW)......................................................35 How to: Have a happy marriage...........................................37 Tre Life Bride: Cisca & Daniel..................................................44 True Life Bride: Kira & Andre....................................................46 True Life Bride: Stephanie & Migeul........................................48 Whimsical by Nature (2015 Red Carpet Fashion show)......50

Cover Picture Winner of Photographer competition Supplied and taken by Sean Mills Photography Facebook Website Email

for your perfect wedding


2 nights stay at the gorgeous Morrells Boutique Estate

Competitions WIN: A two nights stay at Morrells Boutique Estate .............23

JUL/AUG 2015

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Brides - Issue 20

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Vashti Derrick is the co-owner of Brides Essence. Vash is also the designer. She has been a designer for the last 16 years and really enjoys putting the magazine together. If you have anything you would like us to feature mail us on hello@ We would love to hear from you. Visit

Vashti Derrrick

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Grant Derrick is a contributor of Brides Essence magazine. He writes articles and book reviews for Brides Essence. Having almost 30 years experience in the electronics and IT industry (yes, he was there before Bill Gates). Grant’s current day job is in sales and marketing.

Taryn-Zoë believes life and love should always be a celebration! What better way to celebrate than to assist people with the start of their life journey as a married couple. Although weddings have not been a part of her career, what started as a brides maid’s task has exploded into an unofficial portfolio of wedding co-ordination allowing Taryn to keep her finger firmly on the pulse of all things wedding. She is passionate about God and helping others around her. Taryn-Zoë is now part of the Brides Essence family. Visit Taryn Zoë Gurr

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Jul/Aug 2015 Brides Essence Magazine


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Brides Essence held a competition for all photographers in South Africa to submit a photograph they felt deserved to be on the cover of our next issue. We asked fans to like the photograph they wanted to see on the cover. The photo with the most likes was to be the cover picture. As photographers shared their pictures more likes flooded in. The last 2 weeks of the competition began to heat

up as photographs got more likes and the poles grew. We decided to publish all the photographs in this feature. Browse the next few pages and see our talented photographers. If you would like to get in touch with them simply click on their email address and write them a note. We will do another competition like this in 2 issues time, so keep your eyes open. Like our facebook page to stay tuned.

Supplied and taken by Wageedah Ebrahim Facebook


Brides - Issue 20

Supplied and taken by Sunkissed Studio Photography Facebook Email Website

Jul/Aug 2015 Brides Essence Magazine


Supplied and taken by Ashley Craig Brandt Photography Facebook



Brides - Issue 20

Supplied and taken by Jade SorensenPhotography Facebook Email

Jul/Aug 2015 Brides Essence Magazine


Supplied and taken by Sean Mills Photography Facebook Website Email


Brides - Issue 20

Supplied and taken by Tania Cilliers Email Facebook

Jul/Aug 2015 Brides Essence Magazine


Supplied and taken by Shezaad Ally Photography Facebook Website


Brides - Issue 20

Supplied and taken by Awie Greyling from 228 Photography Website Facebook

Jul/Aug 2015 2015 Brides Brides Essence Essence Magazine Magazine Jul/Aug

11 11

Supplied and taken by Neverending Magic Facebook Website Email


Brides - Issue 20

Supplied and taken by Pierre Joubert Website Email

Jul/Aug 2015 2015 Brides Brides Essence Essence Magazine Magazine Jul/Aug

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Supplied and taken by Leoa's Photography Email Website


Brides - Issue 20

Supplied and taken by Caminey K Photography Facebook Website Email Jul/Aug 2015 Brides Essence Magazine


Supplied and taken by TTL Photography Facebook Website Email


Brides - Issue 20

Event & Logo Mats For all occasions or Businesses

Whether you wed at church, in a forest or field, why not have that red carpet feel? For all your event matting requirements in a stunning variety of colours. To add to your special memories, have you considered a custom made wedding mat or wall hanging. We can do full colour jet printed mats, flocked embossed insignia and names on a variety of carpeting and materials in a range of colours to suite your decor. Contact me to discover the kaleidoscope of options we have on offer. Contact Grant 082 702 4231 and be surprised at what we can add to your special day‌

A touch of French beauty

Morrells Boutique Estate

Escape to French Provençal in Northcliff. With its many tucked away areas, makes it ideal for exclusive special events, private dining, weddings, conferences and much more‌ Indulge at one of our two beautifully appointed guest houses, surrounded with old world elegant charm of a bygone era. Delectable dining and pamper parlour makes it the ideal getaway, business sleep over or a delight for the discerning traveller, your home away from home. 18

Brides - Issue 20

Luxury is where crystal, stone and velvet meet. Dining in La Maison complete with cigar bar and piano or the barn with its open wooden trusses which leads on to our French inspired Bistro makes for an exceptional experience. The owner Bernice Morrell is passionate about concept decor, with a floral department that has graced the covers of glossies. Ribbon, favours, vintage jewellery and much more in our delightful little French Shoppe.

Jul/Aug 2015 Brides Essence Magazine



Brides - Issue 20

Jul/Aug 2015 Brides Essence Magazine


Morrells Boutique Estate: +27 11 476 9495 Morrells Boutique Estate Cnr Weltevreden & Scott Street, Northcliff Email: Facebook Page 22

Brides - Issue 20

WIN Stand a chance to WIN a 2 nights stay at the gorgeous Morrells Boutique Estate including Breakfast, Dinner and a head & neck massage spa treatment. A complimentary bottle of Bobs your Uncle wine will also be provided. To enter simply answer the question below and email the answer to Don’t forget to include your name and contact details.

Q: Where is Morrells Boutique Estate situated ? Terms & Conditions apply

1. This competition is not valid for employees or relatives at Morrells Boutique Estate or Brides Essence Magazine. 3: Only entrants with the correct answer will qualify for the Prize. The draw will take place on 28th August 2015. 4: The Prize is valid until April 2016. 5: Winners will be notified via email. 7: The Prize does not include flights or transfers to and from Morrells Boutique Estate. 8: The prize excludes all beverages, phone calls, room service and any other personal expenses incurred by the winner. 9: The prize cannot be transferred to another party or exchanged for cash. The Prize may not be taken in peak season, or in conjunction with any other special offers. 10: Morrells Boutique Estate reserves the right to cancel a booking and re-schedule. This prize cannot be taken in peak season. Jul/Aug 2015 Brides Essence Magazine


Body Stress


“Our bodies are designed to deal with some stress, but the overload becomes locked in” Every day we face an onslaught of mental/emotional, mechanical and chemical stress. Our bodies are designed to deal with some stress, but the overload becomes locked in, undermining health and well-being. Body stress is a powerful factor in everyone’s life – from the very young to 24

Brides - Issue 20

© New Revelation Photography

You’ve set the date – but we all know that planning a wedding as a bride can be so very stressful! You want your day to turn out just perfectly. You plan everything in the finest detail, but there are days that your head feels like it’s about to explode, your shoulders and neck are in constant spasm, your lower back aches, you’re struggling to sleep at night and you feel groggy, unable to think clearly.

© New Revelation Photography

the elderly. It undermines health and well-being in a variety of ways and may underlie many health problems. Body Stress Release assists the body in its inbuilt ability to maintain and heal itself. It is a gentle procedure, where areas of body stress are located, using the body as a biofeedback monitor. Light, precise stimulation encourages the body to release stored tensions, which usually manifest as backache, headaches, postural distortions, fatigue and other mysterious aches and pains. Releasing is rapid, but if stress has been stored for a long time, more releases may be required over a period of time. We encourage you to plan in advance for at least three recommended Body Stress Release sessions before your wedding day to experience the full benefits. Your Body Stress Release practitioner will guide you through the process.

© New Revelation Photography

Carlswald Health Centre,115 Milford Road, Carlswald, Midrand, Gauteng For Appointments: +27 83 651 2211

Kathy Heapy M.B.S.R.A. (SA)

Body Stress Release Practitioner

‘Having been a migraine and headache sufferer for most of my life - and after trying absolutely everything to find a solution to end the many hours of discomfort, despair and pain, I decided to try Body Stress Release - choosing to address the cause rather than the effect. As I have always had a yearning to work with people in a healing capacity, after only two sessions, and much deliberation, I applied for the training course held at the BSR Academy in Rondevlei on the Garden Route in the Cape. Once I accepted, I resigned from a 20 year career in the travel industry – and so my unforgettable lifechanging journey began. In the process I have learnt that the wisdom of the body is a gentle force to be reckoned with, that healing is a process, that our magnificent physical structures deserve to be honoured and respected and that it is our own personal responsibility to take care of this self-healing entity, our most valuable asset. As a Body Stress Release Practitioner, I daily assist folk with compassion and a sincere belief that BSR can offer hope in their world.’

Jul/Aug 2015 Brides Essence Magazine



The perfect

Gel nails

Long-lasting love! The next generation of essence nail polishes is here! The special nail polish formula provides nails with an incredibly long-lasting manicure and an amazing gel shine. The innovative colour technology offers intensive colour combined with perfect coverage.


Simply apply The Gel Nail Polish Base Coat and let it dry completely.


Available from Clicks, Dis-Chem or select Edgars stores Prices from R24,95

We give this product a thumbs up!!! 26

Brides - Issue 20


Then apply The Gel Nail Polish in the colour of your choice and let this dry well, too.


For a perfect finish, all you need now is a coat of The Gel Nail Polish Top Coat -and you’re done!

The nail style is easy to remove using conventional nail polish remover.

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Atomiser Flairy GlassesCase Voyage

Hand Mirror Click on item to order



Wallet Voyage Jul/Aug 2015 Brides Essence Magazine


La-Bella Vita La-Bella Vita provides many services to Brides such as; Wedding & event planning, dĂŠcor styling, on the day coordination, hairstyling, make-up & wedding cakes.


Brides - Issue 20

Photographs supplied by La-Bella Vita

Contact Person: Megan Email: Cell: 082 579 2043 Landline: 021 556 3940 Jul/Aug 2015 Brides Essence Magazine



Brides - Issue 20

To Be or not to be

Photo from

‘Bride-Zilla’ Getting married can be a very stressful event, where opinions bounce from every member of your bridal party, to your mother and mother in law who give their 2 cents worth. Brides please remember that this is YOUR big day. The only other person who should be allowed to give ideas should be your fiancé as this is his big day to. Many mothers including mother in laws try to give too much advice and opinions in what is being planned for the wedding. It is understandable, as this is also a big event for them as well. When dealing with your mothers and inlaws let them know what you want in a firm but not nasty way., You should also sit your bridal party down and say that you appreciate everything they are trying to do to help but you would really like for them to be supportive and not try and change things arround. In saying that, this does NOT excuse brides from being rude and demanding or becoming a ‘BridesZilla’. when you become angry and frustrated I suggest you take time out. It’s NOT pleasant for your bridal party to be around you if you behave in a terrible manner with temper tantrums and sudden burst of anger. You don’t want to begin your marriage by having to apologise to your husband, bridal party, friends and family for your bad behavior. Jul/Aug 2015 Brides Essence Magazine


Here are some ideas to help you manage your stress: 1: Have a budget ready Sit down with your fiancé and workout a budget you can afford. You don’t have to spend huge amounts of money. Also don’t get into huge amounts of debt 2: Choose a good wedding planner Some wedding venues have a wedding planner included in their bridal packages,, and some don’t. Having a wedding planner is worth every penny. You need to trust your wedding planner, look at references and chat to other brides. Your wedding planner is going to help you.. 3: Have all your ideas on paper: Give your wedding planner your ideas and also give a few other options incase something is not available. Changing your mind too often will create a lot of stress for your and your wedding planner, so try to stick to the original plan as far as possible 4: Choose a florist When you choosing a florist, tell them what your floral budget is and ask what they can do within that budget. Then ask if it is possible to use certain colours you are looking for. 5: Pinterest RULES Don’t assume that you are going to be able to find everything you’ve seen on Pinterest. Some flowers you may want are only available overseas. Look for local pictures and remember you need to be realistic. 6: Choose your wedding dress This is the most important part of a brides big day, how she looks and is remembered on that day. This doesn’t mean that you need to spend ridiculous amounts of money. Look around, there are many wedding couture shops that have wedding dresses to match many different types of wedding budgets and body types. 7: Choose a Maid-of honour You maid of honour is someone who is there to help you, calm you down take you mind off the stress and be the person who listens. 32

Brides - Issue 20

They are also there to support you and possible be your voice when you feel you just cant talk. 8: Don’t take everything personally You are going to have many ideas thrown your way. Take them say thank you, and let the person know that you may or may not use the ideas but thank them for thinking of you. 9: Take time out NB You should take a few weekend breaks to relax. Try not to make every conversation you have about your wedding, you may start pushing friends away if that’s all you talk about it. 10: Choose a good photographer My suggestion is that you use a

photographer you don’t know or you have seen their work from another wedding they have shot. Ladies please don’t use friend as you photographers. A: they also want to enjoy your wedding and be apart of your special day. B: You may not be happy with their work, and won’t have the heart to tell them. I have seen too many unhappy brides when it comes to the photography. Your wedding day is going to special, so enjoy every moment even the time leading up to the wedding. Embrace the change and remember that you husband to be chose you the way you are don’t change. Be calm and relax. If you have any other advise that would be beneficial to other brides out there, let us know. Jul/Aug 2015 Brides Essence Magazine


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The new anti-aging pHenomenal Solution, this is brand new in SA with cutting edge bronzing formulation, contains Erythrulase, high-end peptides with superior anti-oxidants and antiaging properties. As with all Vita Liberata products there is zero odour, the product


Brides - Issue 20

dries instantly on the skin, has the most remarkable colour finish and our unique 72 hour moisture lock ensures the tans fade as a natural tan would, with no flaking or snakeskin inherent with chemical tans, which dehydrate the skin due to high levels of toxins, alcohol & parabens. This innovative anti-age spray tan contains HyH2O technology to fight assigns of aging including fine lines, wrinkles and dryness. The newly improved base of this solution allows for a much more intense and even tanning process. A balanced combination of extracts (White Tea, Aloe Vera, Sodium Hyaluronate, Erythrulose and Coffee extract) allows for an un-surpassed level of improved face and colour payoff. High-end peptides (Tripeptide and Terapeptide), with superior antiaging benefits, have been added to the solution to create and advanced skin treatment. Incorporating Odour Remove technology for zero smell, Moisture Locking for 72 hours hydration and certifies organic botanicals for intense skin conditioning, the solution dries instantly on your skin for the most comfortable tanning experience , develops to a natural golden tan, and fades away perfectly after 4-7 days.

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Espresso Mug

Jul/Aug 2015 Brides Essence Magazine


Function co-ordination, Floral design, DĂŠcor and Draping


Brides - Issue 20

A happy


By Jill Gurr

Marriage is a wonderful covenant instituted by God. It should be the most fulfilling, exciting and challenging relationship you experience in your entire life. When you marry, you generally expect that your marriage will be happy, but sometimes living with the person you believe is the love of your life turns out to be quite a bit more difficult than you expect. Here are some suggestions to help you meet the

challenges that life as a married couple brings.


Love is a verb – it is something you do, not just an emotion that you feel. Your emotions can be very unreliable as they are subject to many variables, eg. hormones, circumstances, etc. so you cannot afford

Jul/Aug 2015 Brides Essence Magazine


to rely on having “that loving feeling” all the time. The important thing is to decide that you will nurture love for your spouse – no matter what. The problem with many relationships is that each person has expectations of their spouse (many of which are never verbalized at all) and when their expectations are not met, they begin to keep score and they show love according to their spouse’s performance in meeting their expectations. This is conditional love. If you think “Well he doesn’t deserve a delicious home-cooked meal because he didn’t wash my car”, you are not loving unconditionally. Marriage was instituted by God for the benefit of both parties and the kind of love He expects us to demonstrate in this covenant union is unconditional love which is also a sacrificial love – a love that makes our partner’s happiness and wellbeing more important than your own.


Brides - Issue 20

WORK AT COMMUNICATING Communication is vital to a fulfilling relationship. You need to make an effort to communicate with one another because there are so many distractions that draw us away from real heart to heart talking nowadays. If at all possible, make a date with one another at least once a week where you have at least an hour to concentrate on talking to each other looking into each other’s eyes. This means NO other distractions like television, computer games, smart phones, etc. The proliferation of electronic devices has fooled us into thinking that we are spending time together, when actually we are not paying any attention to one another while we watch TV/play a game/message someone on our smartphone, etc. A large component of communication is being willing to LISTEN to one another. Often when you are “communicating”, while your

partner is talking to you, you spend the time planning your answer instead of hearing your partner’s heart. Once your partner has figured this out, they will withdraw from communicating with you, because they feel they cannot trust you to hear them. Intimacy grows in a medium of trust, where your partner is able to share their thoughts and feelings with you, without the danger of being ignored or having their feelings and ideas used as ammunition against them when there is a disagreement between you. Communication is all about hearing one another’s heart – make this your goal. ACCEPT YOUR PARTNER THE WAY THEY ARE . After all there must have been something that made you think that your partner was worth marrying at the time. In fact, just taking time to think about what attracted you to one another should help to rekindle the spark and the romance in your relationship. If your partner is not keen

to do this as part of your communication time, make the effort to write them a love letter (NOT an SMS) detailing the qualities that you found attractive and the things that you appreciate about them. Some people get married with the idea that they will change or reform their partner once they are married. This is really counter-productive and is definitely not an act of love. It is never a good idea to marry someone that you intend to change. It is really unnecessary for you to point out your partner’s faults and mistakes, they are usually more aware of them than you are. It is not your job to change anyone, nor is it possible for you to do this, only God is in the business of transforming people. AFFIRMATION IS VITAL. We live in a world where the focus is on the negative – just think about the news (if you watch/ read it)….how much good news do you hear? If there is any, it is usually something Jul/Aug 2015 Brides Essence Magazine


about an animal being born at the zoo, not about people. In the workplace, it is usually dog-eat-dog and there is very little encouragement for a job well done. You need to focus on your spouse’s good qualities and to let him/her know that you notice them and appreciate them. Never think that your partner is so confident (or bigheaded) that they don’t need affirmation. Often the seemingly most confident people are those who need affirmation the most. Their self confidence is often a cover or defence mechanism to protect their fragile self esteem. The way that you speak TO one another can also reinforce negative perceptions. Why is it that we think it is OK to be rude and abrupt to our life partner in a way that we never would with a shop assistant who we may not see again? We affirm one another in the way that we speak TO one another by making the effort to be courteous and gentle with


Brides - Issue 20

one another. It is never OK to shout at your partner (unless they are about to run over your child with their car – even then “STOP” should suffice). It is never acceptable to attack your partner’s character because you are angry with them – be angry at and attack the problem, not your partner (the person). SEE YOURSELVES AS A TEAM. If you do this, you will not find yourselves competing with one another and will be supportive of one another in every area of life. The members of a team never focus on each other’s weaknesses, they always focus on their strengths. (Think about your favourite rugby team – they never point out their team mate’s mistakes when talking about the game.) Life is not easy in the 21st century and knowing that there is someone who will always back you up and stand up for you is a thought that is encouraging. It is very

important that each member of the team is very supportive of the other – it does not take long for team members to discover one another’s weaknesses and character flaws. Unregenerate human nature loves to point out the faults and failings of others (it makes us feel better about our own shortcomings.) One of the greatest human needs after safety and provision of food and shelter is the need to belong or to feel part of a group. Marriage is supposed to meet this need because in society you are seen as a couple, but when criticism and negative perceptions of one another are the norm, this need will not be met, in fact, either one or both spouses will feel inferior (not good enough) or rejected. Often this is a way of reinforcing negative selfperceptions that go back to our childhood when we were told that we were not good enough or would never amount to anything. We need to encourage one another’s good qualities and verbally

affirm one another, not only in private, but also in public. Never make jokes at your partner’s expense, especially not in front of friends and relatives. Always speak positively and lovingly of one another when talking to others about your partner, especially if you are getting negative feedback from the other party. This kind of thing often happens with: 1. mothers who think the man their daughter married is really not good enough for her or friends who “only want the best for you” and are certain that your husband is not the best – don’t reinforce this negativity, confirm the fact that you believe that God put you together and you will do great things as a team in God’s kingdom. It usually will not take them long to get the message that you will not be influenced by them. 2. Teenagers who think they have a right to judge their parents and use their Jul/Aug 2015 Brides Essence Magazine


judgment as a form of manipulation – don’t ever be tempted to indulge in character assassination of your spouse with your children – all it will teach them is that manipulation does work. Always support your partner’s decisions regarding your children, even if you think they are harsh or wrong – that kind of thing should be sorted out in private when the children are not present. AN ATTITUDE OF FORGIVENESS IS VITAL. By virtue of the fact that we are all human beings, we are fallible and make mistakes regularly. In your marriage it is essential to be willing to forgive your partner for all their faults, mistakes and failings, after all, I am sure you would like/expect the same treatment from your partner. Being willing to forgive your partner does not mean that you condone their mistakes and shortcomings, but that you help them to work at overcoming them. You can be a catalyst for positive change in your partner’s life as well as your own if you 42

Brides - Issue 20

are willing to forgive, but not ignore their shortcomings. In other words, there is a time when your communication should confront areas that are problems in your relationship in order to resolve them amicably. The problem is that tackling issues in your relationship may be seen by your partner as an attack on them. If you approach the issue with an attitude of forgiveness instead of judgement, you should get a more reasonable response. The important thing is to remember that you should attack the problem, not the person who has the problem. If you are unable to resolve issues on your own, it is a good idea to find an impartial couple to mentor your and to share your difficulties and frustrations. Sometimes just having another person present makes it less threatening when you are discussing issues. Every marriage has its challenges, remembering and applying the points above will help you through the rough times. They will also make the good times better.

PROMENADE ENSEMBLE MUSIC FOR ALL SPECIAL OCCASIONS Based in Johannesburg & established in 1984 this group of fulltime professional musicians has developed an extensive repertoire of Classics, Evergreen, Pop & Rock, South American, Viennese, French Café & many more. Our arrangements are of the highest quality. Mainly a string quartet, Promenade can perform as well as a solo violin, duo or trio. Highly acclaimed & recommended by the hundreds of clients we have performed for. Special requests are taken into consideration whenever possible. Special packages with professional photography. A sound system is provided for larger functions.

Call Maria on +2782 4528538

As one of Cape Town’s leading wedding photographers, Jan Theron’s unique style compliments his clients’ personalities. Weddings should be relaxed and stress-free. Jan’s work is precise and is balanced by a well-developed sense of fun. He is dedicated to capturing the actual moments, ambience, happiness, essence and sense of hope and fun for tomorrow’s memories and generations to come. Jan received his degree in Arts and Photography from Stellenbosch University and has crafted a reputation for reliability, creativity and flexibility as one of the top award winning photographers in the industry. Jan has covered over 1000 weddings in South Africa, United Kingdom and Greece.

Tel: 021 976 4695 l Cell: 083 230 4797 l

Where ever, when ever, what ever,

I’ll be there with the solution for your hair. 43

Stories. That’s what I love! I believe that documenting one’s legacy is an honor and privilege. I will tell the story of your wedding day to your children with these photographs. Documenting social interaction between those close to you and helping to create a family history will be my privilege. Contact Riekert on 082 556 7427 |

Travelling hairstylist for special occasions. Specialising in: • Bridal • Day/Evening events • Matric balls • School Dances • Fashion Shows • Special occasions

Contact Lana Joubert 076 868 6292

Jul/Aug 2015 Brides Essence Magazine


Š Lilac Photography


Cisca 44

Brides - Issue 20

Date of Wedding: 2/12/2014 Bride and Groom names: Daniel and Cisca de Kock Venue: Cascade Country Manor Wedding dress: Special occasions Wedding Shoes: Forever New Hair & Make-up: Make up by Madonna Wedding stationery: By Invitation Only Flowers: Nature’s Project Photographer: Lilac Photography Cake: Wades Cakes What was your memorable moment on your special day? There are so many. From the moment my father saw me for the first time, to the moment I saw my future husband for the first time. The most memorable moments are the moments that we had just to ourselves, during the photo shoot and getting ready to be pronounced Mr and Mrs de Kock. What advice do you have for other brides getting married? Remember that this is your special day. The only people that you need to satisfy is yourself and your future husband. Forget about the small things. There is always a possibility that something can go wrong, but you will laugh about it in years to come. Its your day to shine and to sparkle.

Jul/Aug 2015 Brides Essence Magazine


© Fiona Clair


Kira 46

Brides - Issue 20

Date of Wedding: 2/14/2015 Bride and Groom names: Kira and Andre Venue: Clouds Estate Wedding dress: Hendrik Vermeulen Hair & Make-up: Laura Halgreen Wedding stationery: Little Works Caterers: Food Fantatics Flowers: Annah Photographer: Fiona Clair Cake: Florentines What was your memorable moment on your special day? Finally reaching the end of the aisle and placing my hand in my husbands hands... After not seeing him since the previous day... I was home! What advice do you have for other brides getting married? Finally reaching the end of the aisle and placing my hand in my husbands hands... After not seeing him since the previous day... I was home!

Jul/Aug 2015 Brides Essence Magazine


Š Conway Photography


Stephanie Miguel 48

Brides - Issue 20

Date of Wedding: 28/3/2015 Bride and Groom names: Stephanie & Miguel Lopes Venue: Eagles Cry Wedding dress: Sposabella Hair & Make-up: Nixon Makeup Wedding stationery: Wedding Stationery Design Flowers: Gail Cuttler Photographer: Conway Photography Cake: Kouklas Cakes What was your memorable moment on your special day? There were so many memorable moments that it is hard to choose just one! I would have to say walking down the aisle was probably the one that stands out the most to me. I walked down the aisle to ‘Unchained Melody’ by the Righteous Brothers which was my one of my Late Father’s favourite songs. As I was walking down the aisle a dragonfly landed on my bouquet & I took this as a sign from Heaven that my Dad was with me in spirit. My fiancé’s reaction as I walked down the aisle was priceless, all that emotion and excitement showing on his face was too precious. What advice do you have for other brides getting married? My advice for future brides would be to start planning early. Popular wedding vendors get booked up well in advance and I would recommend getting all your main suppliers booked as soon as possible after you have your confirmed wedding date to avoid disappointment. Some more advice would be to remain calm and relaxed if any ‘disasters’ happen on your wedding day – it is most likely that nobody even noticed. Also, take a few moments during the big day to soak in all that is going on around you, it goes so quickly that you have to make time to appreciate everything, big or small.

Jul/Aug 2015 Brides Essence Magazine


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The 8th of May saw the fall collections of renowned fashion designers; Stefania Morland, Craig Port, Bo & Luca, Joanna Hedley with BeachCult, Diesel eyewear, KarenFay jewellery and Augustine’s Bisquit inspired collection, come together and grace the runway at the Red Carpet Fashion Show 2015. Held at the gorgeous venue, Cassia, on Nitida Wine Farm, it lent itself to the enchantment of this year’s soirée, surrounded by glass concertina doors that seamlessly spilled out onto the lake, enveloped by lush, green vineyards and rolling hills. Cassia was equipped with a gigantic fireplace with its toasty touch to a somewhat chilled autumn evening. An ideal engagement for a glass of Bisquit and a tasty Mediterranean Delicacies snack! Cassia’s Head Chef, 50

Brides - Issue 20

Florent Hameau, whipped up gourmet canapés infusing the fresh flavours of the Mediterranean with the finesse of French gastronomy, with an ideal accompaniment to the complimentary Nitida Methode Cap Classique upon arrival. The montage of arts, from beautiful ballet ensembles to live music performances by Nash and The Marilynz added layers of entertainment and atmosphere leading up to and during the show. Hair and beauty partners Kerastase and Nimue spoiled guests with generous gifts, along with Prestige coffee table collectables, making sure everyone got a piece of magic to take home with them, whilst FoxBox added an extra dash of glamour for those who were up for an express mani.

Jul/Aug 2015 Brides Essence Magazine



Brides - Issue 20

Jul/Aug 2015 Brides Essence Magazine



Brides - Issue 20

Jul/Aug 2015 Brides Essence Magazine



Brides - Issue 20

Jul/Aug 2015 Brides Essence Magazine



Brides - Issue 20

Jul/Aug 2015 Brides Essence Magazine


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Brides Essence Issue 20 Jul-Aug 2015  

What a truly fabulous issue. With such stunning photography, we were very blessed to have these gorgeous bridal pictures sent in for our cov...

Brides Essence Issue 20 Jul-Aug 2015  

What a truly fabulous issue. With such stunning photography, we were very blessed to have these gorgeous bridal pictures sent in for our cov...