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RENNKOMPRESSOR For nearly 40 years the RENNKOMPRESSOR has been the most popular and internationally known pump, also seen as the legitimate father of professional floor pumps – perfect for shop and home use. The current version proudly wears the original SKS orange finishing. As a concession to modern technology, the RENNKOMPRESSOR is now available with 4 different valve heads, which guarantees a prompt and perfect connection to all valve types. URBAN | ROAD | MTB

RENNKOMPRESSOR | 650 mm | max pressure 230 psi/16 bar | steel barrel | CODE: SKS1142

BANDIT Ultra light plastic pump with telescopic function and dust protection. Duo Head for all valve types. Including fastening clips. URBAN | MTB

BANDIT | black-matt | max pressure 87 psi/6 bar | 83 g | plastic tube | CODE: SKS1141


SUPERSHORT This very light, compact and high quality pump with telescopic function is only 16.4cm short. The detachable aluminium pipe transforms itself at lightning speed into an ergonomic T-Grip. Thanks to the clamping lever, the reversible valve head can easily be connected to all valve types. Comes with specially designed fastening clip. SUPERSHORT | All valves | 164 mm | max pressure 90 psi/6 Bar | 103 g | CODE: SKS1200

T-grip and telescopic function

INFUSION TT Light telescopic pump with T-grip. - Telescopic function. - Multi valve head connection


INFUSION TT | All valves | 255 mm | max pressure 85 psi/6 Bar | 112 g | CODE: SKS120

T-grip and telescopic function Mounting Clip

AIRCHAMP PRO A further development of an SKS classic. The AIRCHAMP PRO is a CO2 inflator offering easy single-hand operation with excellent inflation mechanism. The lock prevents unintended triggering. The reversible valve allows use with Presta/Schrader/Dunlop valve connections. AIRCHAMP PRO is suitable for both 16g unthreaded and threaded cartridges. Includes mount for under bottle cage and a 16g CO2 cartridge. AIRCHAMP PRO | 155 mm | 100 g incl. cartridge | CODE: SKS129


X-BLADE II The high-quality 2-component dirtboard for the rear wheel of mountain and trekking bikes. Whether you ride 26”, 27.5”, 28” or 29”, we have the right size for you. Thanks to the quick-release mounting, the dirtboard can be fitted to almost any seat post and optimally adjusted to the wheel using the 2-joint technology. X-BLADE II | 228 g | 26” & 27.5” | CODE: SKS1453 X-BLADEII | 239 g | 28” & 700C/29” | CODE: SKS1454 MAX SEATPOST | 35mm MAX SEATPOST | 35mm

X-BLADE For ambitious mountain and trekking bikers. High performance dual compound plastic. Optimised dirt protection due to adjustable front spoiler and extra-long rear spoiler. 2 joints for optimised adjustment to all frames (Custom Fit Design) Easy quick-release fastening by pre-adjusted powerstrap. X-BLADE | 205 g | 26” | CODE: SKS145 X-BLADE | 205 g | 700C & 29” | CODE: SKS1450

X-TRA-DRY The top seller among quick-release mud guards. Extremely lightweight. Shock-resistant high performance plastic. Easy quick-release fastening by powerstrap for all seatposts. Pre-adjustment. X-TRA DRY | 140 g | CODE: SKS147


SHOCKBLADE Virtually unbreakable high-quality dual compound plastic. Optimised dirt protection. Easy quick-release-fastening, hidden chuck cone adapter which is fitted once during first assembly. SHOCKBLADE | 115 g | 26” | CODE: SKS146 SHOCKBLADE | 115 g | 29” | CODE: SKS1451



Light mudguard with rubber fastening for downtube mounting. - Fits all regular frame tubes. - Including foamed rubber to avoid scratches and twisting.

Innovative mudguard with rubber fastening for downtube mounting, matching to X-Blade. Adjustable soft rubber cable-spacers - ideal to adapt to almost any tube profile.

MUD-X | 70 g | CODE: SKS148

- - - -

Dual compound - softspoiler Robust rubber fastening. Fits all frames. For bikes from 24” to 28”.

X-BLADE | 99 g | 24”-28” | CODE: SKS1480


DASHBOARD Ultra light snap-on front mudguard with cool, stealthy appearance. The DASHBOARD is compatible with most suspension forks. DASHBOARD | 104 g | CODE: SKS1481

HIGHTREK 26” SET Snap-on mudguard. - Set for front and rear. - For 26” - tyres including universal fastening and frame clip. - For tubes from 28 to 35mm Ø HIGHTREK 26” SET | 195 g | CODE: SKS150

DASHBLADE The simple quick-release fastening with power strap enables a tight connection to all seat posts and many frames. The DASHBLADE features angular adjustment for the perfect coverage. Due to its cool, stealthy design DASHBLADE and DASHBOARD are a matching pair. DASHBLADE | 178 g | CODE: SKS1482

VELO 42 URBAN No matter where you are, in the city, the woods or the fields, the SKS VELO 42 URBAN is the ideal companion to keep you dirtfree and dry. The 28” mudguard set can be mounted to frame tubes of 25 to 35mm diameter. VELO 42 URBAN | 140 g | CODE: SKS1483


BEAVERTAIL XL SET Especially for all mountain bike with extra fat tyres. Optimised dirt protection. Also suitable for suspension forks. Robust steel brackets for safe and easy mounting. BEAVERTAIL XL SET | 300 g | CODE: SKS1492

CHROMOPLASTICS Mudguard set for front and rear - Traditional and unmistakable decorative stripes - 3.4mm stainless steel stays - Bolts and nuts from stainless steel - Front fork crown fitting, sliding bridge and fixed bridges all stainless steel - Including stainless steel assembly kit - Security fastening ‘Secu Clip’ CHROMOPLASTICS | 300 g | 700 x 20-28 | black | CODE: SKS153 CHROMOPLASTICS | 300 g | 700 x 28-37 | black | CODE: SKS154 CHROMOPLASTICS | 300 g | 700 x 38-45 | black | CODE: SKS155 CHROMOPLASTICS | 300 g | 26 x 1.6 - 2.3 | black | CODE: SKS156

RACEBLADE XL SET Raceblade version specially for fitness, street and touring bikes with wider tyres. - Extremely light and aerodynamic - Optimal spray protection - Tool-free mounting within seconds RACEBLADE XL SET | 265 g | 700 x 25-32 | black | CODE: SKS152

RACEBLADE SET The world’s first quick-release fender for racing bikes. - Fits tyres 700 x 18 - 23 - Extremely light and aerodynamic - Optimal spray protection - Tool-free mounting within seconds RACEBLADE SET | 250 g | chrome | CODE: SKS1520


RACEBLADE LONG Our extra long RACEBLADE LONG protects you, whether you’re riding your racing bike in a warm summer rain or on solitary winter trips. The end of each fender extends to below the hub axle. This length ensures that you, and also the cyclist behind you, are spared from splashing. The RACEBLADE LONG can easily be mounted on almost any racing bike and perfectly adapted to the radius of the wheel by adjusting the length of the stays. The clip connections ensure that the RACEBLADE LONG can be removed very quickly from the racing bike when not needed. RACEBLADE LONG | FF: 510 + ZS: 150mm | FR: 810 + ZS: 150mm | 461 g | CODE: SKS1522