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Mass Craft

and the obstruction both suffer 1d6 lethal damage for every 5 ft. of movement that they were prevenActivation Time: 1 full action ted from taking. Additionally, if the obstruction is Distance: Personal another character then they also become sprawled. Area: 15 ft. line Alternatively, you may use this power to throw an Duration: Instant object with a weight of up to 50 + (50 Ă— the numEffect: You hurl out a series of explosive biotic ber of Biotics feats that you possess) lbs., moving impacts. All characters within the area suffer 1d4 the object in the same way as an affected character. lethal damage and must make a Reflex save (DC equal to the damage inflicted + 10) or become sprawled. Characters under the effects of the bar- Warp Activation Time: 1 full action rier power ignore these effects and are moved 5 ft. Distance: Short range directly away from you, in addition to reducing the Area: 5 ft. radius damage reduction of their barrier. Duration: Instant Effect: You bombard the target with rapidly shifSingularity ting mass effect fields, shredding them apart. The Activation Time: 1 full action target suffers 1d6 lethal damage, ignoring damage Distance: Short range reduction that is not provided by a barrier power. Area: 5 ft. sphere Additionally, this damage is also inflicted upon any Duration: 1 round armor that the target is wearing. Effect: You create an intense mass effect field that draws in your enemies. This power targets a square instead of a specific character. Characters within the area are paralyzed, and each round are moved 5 ft. toward the center square. If they cannot be placed in the center square then they move to the AI Hacking Activation Time: 1 full action next nearest one. Distance: Short range Duration: 1 round Stasis Effect: You hack the neural net of a Construct, Activation Time: 1 full action using your Electronics check to set the DC of a ReDistance: Short range solve (Wis) check. If the target fails the check, then Duration: 1 round for the duration of the power their Disposition beEffect: You temporarily immobilize the target comes Helpful toward you and your team-mates with a mass effect field. The target must pass a For- and Adversarial to everyone else. titude saving throw (DC 10 + your Charisma modifier) or be paralyzed until your next Initiative count. Whilst under the effects of this power the target Combat Drone Activation Time: 1 full action cannot be harmed in any way, and when the power Distance: Short range ends the target becomes sprawled. Duration: 3 rounds No character may be affected by this power more Effect: You create a short lived small-sized than once per scene. Construct that acts on your Initiative count. It has a Defense score equal to your ranks in Electronics, Throw and it cannot be targeted with Stand-off, Taunt or Activation Time: 1 full action Trip actions. Its movement is restricted to a free 5 Distance: Short range ft. step. Each round it Taunts and attacks the neaDuration: Instant rest target within 30 ft. using your Electronics (Int) Effect: You shove the target backwards with bone bonus for both checks. A successful attack makes jarring force. The target is moved 10 ft. directly away the target stagger 5 ft. in a random direction and from you and becomes sprawled. If the target meets leaves them stunned for 1 round. The Construct has an obstruction before they finish moving, then they 5 points of damage reduction that function identi-


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Mass Craft Core V1.0  
Mass Craft Core V1.0  

Adaptation of the Mass Effect setting to the Mastercraft rules created by Crafty Games. Writing Mark Newman; Fleet Combat system created b...