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Hi Everyone!!! You have absolutely no idea what it means to me your being here. Thank you ever so much for your call. Indeed no woman is an island, even me, so without you I am nothing. Thanks again. I come from very humble beginnings and my destination is even more humble. The Word says “He has shown thee oh man, what is good and what the Lord requires of thee, but to do justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with thy Lord.� Please join me this afternoon in my humble journey and be immensely blessed!!! Loving you xxx


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Welcome and house rules (Donald Brown – Compère) Prayerful poem (Isilo) Kaled (Solo) Millicent Stephenson (On Sax, be blessed) Nkosi ka Ndlovu (Son of the soil) Donald Brown introduces Mahali Selepe I Long To Know You Jesus You Are LORD Introducing the Band and Backing Vocals Pearl of Bethany Mahali’s Comment Simple Forgiveness Mahali’s Comment God of The Impossible featuring Higher Ground More To Come Vusa Cancele Project- Karabo Tabane and Donald Brown Donald Brown introduces the dancers U’Zambezi Performing Arts 15h40



Break! 20 Minutes

Donald Brown Welcome Back to second session Dignified featuring (Special Guest) Offertory Mahali’s Comment Morena A Bokwe Mahali introduces Charlotte Bramble Be Still featuring Charlotte Bramble Natasha Salvier (Poem) I recognise your tears Testimony by Kaled Rueban-Kantae

Four Days Late Closing Prayer

Meet Your Host

“Don’t take your talents to the grave, They were given to you for a reason.” Donald Brown Donald Brown is a self-taught scultor who later went on to graduated from Wolverhampton University. He has been plying his trade on a global scale reaching audiences of over one hundred million in one hundred and seventy countries via multiple television broadcasts. Dubbed as The Renaissance Man by his High School tutors, Donald has proven to be a true advocate of such an esteemed accolade. Donald incorporates the visual arts, via his sculptures and the performing arts through his acting and comedic demonstrations, to further enhance the presentation of his message.

Powerful His infectious energy, intellectual and philosophical insights, spontaneous crowd interaction and hilarious sense of humour, combine to make his presentations highly entertaining, thought provoking and deeply inspirational.

Thirty-Five Years Experience It all started out as a dream for eleven-year-old High School student, Donald Brown, who was born in Dudley and raised in Wolverhampton, England. Turning a muddy piece of clay into a masterpiece was his initial goal but in later years his dream evolved into the greater challenge of creating sculptures that had life-affirming and life-changing messages of empowerment, healing and inspiration.

Featuring Acts

Silvester Sibanda AKA. Isilo is an arts lobbyist, event manager, producer, director, singer, songwriter, voice coach and workshop leader. Isilo Music is all about exploring aspects of life , Wisdom , Freedom, Truth , Justice , Equality , Peace , Unity , Love, Respect and of course thorough entertainment. His powerful distinctive voice has led to the association of his name to a roaring LION. In many cultures the lion is the emblem of earthly power, strength, dignity, courage and royalty. His career has taken him through a number of different music styles, which has proven his versatility and has resulted in establishing himself as a well rounded and mature artist. Isilo is gifted with a voice that effortlessly travels across music landscape featuring traditional tunes mixed with afro-jazz tunes, accapella and poetry. “ GOD has blessed me with the talent and to Him alone I direct my praise!” Isilo

Natasha Salvier Meet this London based South African young soulful girl with phenomenal oratory skills. She represents the faceless, nameless droves of able young women out there who make our world turn. Enjoy her peaceful flowing words of courage and hope and the melodious mellow voice as she speaks life and strength into your wearied soul this afternoon. Ladies and gentlemen, Natasha “Natti” Salvier.

Kaled Rueban-Kantae is a well brewed solo artist from

Wolverhampton. He is reserved in personality, level-headed and God fearing man. He has a super voice with a massive range and a well toned dynamism which allows him to do a wide range of genre quite comfortably. He shares this experience with you this afternoon 100% that this will be your own watershed spot, he is in the business of regaining the Kingdom back for Christ. So this afternoon Christ will be given His rightful centre stage. “Not I, Kaled , but Christ be honored and exalted.” Be immensely blessed by his talent and moving testimony this afternoon.

Millicent Stephenson (Saxophonist) This unsigned Birmingham born female saxophonist has been playing inspirational saxophone for over 20 years. Her repertoire of Jazz, Funk and gospel numbers display a unique interpretation and refreshing colour dubbed as “gazz” by her fans. Millicent is currently writing original pieces for her debut album whilst also teaching music and sessioning. Millicent’s appearances includes: Black International Film Festival, (Bimingham), Music Video and Screen Awards (MVSA), the Association of Jamaican Nationals (Birmingham) UK Annual Gala Dinner, Artsfest, BBC Radio WM Kidney Kids Appeal Concert, Gospel Live Box at The Drum, New Testament Church of God Scottish Convention in Edinburgh. She was the support artiste for Courtney Fadlin, renowned saxophonist from Georgia USA ( and shared the stage with the legendary Andy Hamilton and performed with Soweto Kinch MOBO Award winner. Bookings can be made by emailing or phoning 07976 279736.

Nkosi Ka Ndlovu

A Zimbabwean-born-UK-based gospel musician,poet and songwriter, Nkosi Ka Ndlovu is an open minded, cheerful and fun loving person. Nkosi has a unique Brand of music, which is a mix of Afrojazz and traditional gospel and a few of English songs that showcase his compositional skills and creativity. Following the success of his debut album, Umusa- Grace in 2007, Nkosi released his 2nd, a 14 track album entitled Hamba Jonah in January 2010. This album is now available on iTunes and other major stores in the UK. Outside music, Mr. Ndlovu does some charity work for his former school Zidulini in Nkayi, Zimbabwe. Ndlovu would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and wish all of you the Lord’s blessings.

Higher Ground is a Gospel Acappella Group based in London UK. The

group is made up 6 of vocalists who have been involved in gospel music since the early days of their childhood in Zimbabwe, their music is vibrant,inspiring and entertaining . Most of their music is composed from their personal experience. They have been together since 2007 and in this short period they’ve made remarkable enroutes. They have recently launched their debut album- Testimony. They join Mahali Selepe today for perfect display of entertainment and inspiration. Blessings.

Charlotte Bramble is a 20 year old, rather young lady with an

exceptional heart on fire for the Lord. She’s endowed with a special voice and varied other qualities which she’s harnessed so well to touch the hearts of others. She comes from a family of three girls, born of a loving Montserrat parentage. Currently she is living in Rushden Northamptonshire. She is a psychology student at the University of Northampton. Since 2007 she’s been extensively involved in Youth Evangelism consequent to her ASI sponsored training at the ARISE institute in California, USA. Subsequent to her training in America she has travelled far and near, literally trotting the globe as it were, in the quest to share with others Jesus’ perfect Love. She has been involved in Youth Evangelism in the UK, South America, Continental Europe and Middle East and boy is she doing a fantastic job! Join her this afternoon as she shares a platform with Mahali, be blessed!

U’Zambezi Performing Arts are the UK based premier arts ensemble that specialise in art forms from Southern Africa.

The group’s membership is drawn from consultants, composers, songwriters, dance and music practitioners to tour and arts event managers. What brings them together is their love for what they do and are so very proud to share. Some member’s CVs and profiles include performing for such dignitaries as Nelson Mandela and Queen Elizabeth II amongst others. Also performing for good causes and prestigious venues like the JFK Centre in Washington DC, Opera de Paris, Ronnie Scotts in London and at the Brisbane City Hall in Australia.

Accompaniment Groove Control Live Mahali is accompanied this afternoon by Groove Control Live from London. The band consists of Steven McKenzie (MD)- Bass Stuart Simon- 1st Keyboard Anton Chisholm- 2nd Keyboard Jonathan Tuitt- Drums Martin Anderson- Guitar Junior Alli- Technician Groove Control bringing Live music back to life.... They are a versatile and well experienced band that has played for people like Mary Mary, Miss Dynamite inter alia. We hope you are moved by their sound and seasoned touch this afternoon.

Celestial Harmony Also accompanying Mahali is a sextet of 3 pairs of sisters from Leeds. They have been together for more than five years. They started at a seedling stage and over the years have matured into a force to reckon with in their genre of music. Their four, five even six part harmonies are a real treat to the ear. They will be your main entertainment with Mahali this afternoon, a real and rare blessing. So sit back, relax, tap that foot and clap them hands...even the trees will clap their hands today.

VUCA - (Vusa Cancele) is an initiative solely dedicated to the up bringing of Cancele. It’s members are passionate about Cancele. This association embarks on projects that will generate money and awareness about Cancele. By so doing, Cancele can be promoted and be put at center stage as an Adventist school providing exceptional education. Vusa is an Nguni word meaning to revive. Xhosa, Zulu, Ndebele and Swazi speaking people use this word in the greatest of intentions. Whenever they speak about vusa in the context of revival, they speak it with passion. In the same vein, all members and potential members of VUCA will be passionate about working for Cancele. These are voluntary members with a common aim of reviving Cancele. They work closely with the school’s administration and the Alumni to promote Cancele as an Education facility in South Africa and beyond borders.

All rights reserved. Copyright Mahali Selepe 2010

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